Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make UZvid videos now. I am also a happy unicorn that believes in one love. Join me on my adventures!!
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SANTOSH SINHA 7 oy oldin
Your Channel is great ! I SUBSCRIBED it already ! please support me by subscribing my channel .Thank You.
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Your channel is great I have subscribed you :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.
Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.
CCGtv Yil oldin
I just checked out your video, nice content, stay blessed !!!
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor Yil oldin
"Liking your feed :)"
WatchMeFail 2 yil oldin
O S V S L 2 yil oldin
HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh man this is just like the video I did last week on my channel.
Maleena Martin
Maleena Martin 4 yil oldin
what people really do at home alone
Cierra Shoulders
Cierra Shoulders 4 yil oldin
superwoman is awesome
Can you make a vid called Types of Sneezes?
Stevie productions
Stevie productions 4 yil oldin
+niggasjit why do u hate her she did nothing to u bitch
lilsah13 4 yil oldin
Hey Superwoman, my girlfriend also loves super heroes and things of that nature, so umm would you mind telling me where you shop so I can get some clothes for her? Please. Please up vote so she can see this.
Vineet 4 yil oldin
Hey Superwoman, ur like the funniest person I've ever seen/known!!! Why don't you go onto Britain's Got Talent as a really funny comedian? If u did, I'd DEFINITELY vote 4 u!!!!
Nur Lyana
Nur Lyana 4 yil oldin
Avik Ganguly
Avik Ganguly 4 yil oldin
TO ALL SUPERWOMAN FANS OUT THERE!!! *Or SUPERWOMAN IF SHE SEES THIS* How do i find events that Superwoman is doing in Canada? I am going on vacation to Canada this summer and want to bring back my superwoman her own picture/gift/autograph from the OG Superwoman. it will be our two year anniversary and we have watched this channel every dayon the bus ride to school for a long time now and it would mean a lot if anyone could help a boy turn into a superman. Any help is appreciated!!!! TROLL ME ALL YOU WANT! ONE LOVE <3
surfer gurl
surfer gurl 4 yil oldin
video request : all about mean girls the movie
Vicky T
Vicky T 4 yil oldin
Hey Superwoman!!! Can you do a video of 'How to React if your relatives always have negative comments on you' Hahahaha
Riley Adams
Riley Adams 4 yil oldin
types of babysitters!!!
Nici Y
Nici Y 4 yil oldin
omg superwoman ilysm! when are you next coming to London xx ily
Maya Benuzzi
Maya Benuzzi 4 yil oldin
do your parents looking at so you think you can dance!
Maya Benuzzi
Maya Benuzzi 4 yil oldin
plz do types of people at restaurants/ types of neighbours!!!
Alea Motwane
Alea Motwane 4 yil oldin
has she made a video today???
Abhishek Bilkan Aind
Share your opinions on "Trypophobia Challenge". :D
Alea Motwane
Alea Motwane 4 yil oldin
cud u pls do a vid on a day in the life of lilly singh AKA superwoman or a vid on types of.......
Pelachoupinette 4 yil oldin
Did you know you were a worldwide superstar? :D Because you have a fan here in Madagascar. Am I the one? hahaha I don't know. Peace ^^
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel 4 yil oldin
Sahara Mist
Sahara Mist 4 yil oldin
You are inspiring. Thank you for making videos that help me to smile and laugh.
Micah Berrios
Micah Berrios 4 yil oldin
Hai superwoman i just wanted to say that you are awesome and I admire you so much. You are my role model and I love you. :33
LianaRosado 4 yil oldin
valentine v-daygirl
Could you do types of annoying teachers?
Alea Motwane
Alea Motwane 4 yil oldin
video request: a day in the life of lilly
Vincent Immanuel
Vincent Immanuel 4 yil oldin
video request: parent fight and your involvement as a child idea from : My Parents reacting to my instagram picture when the dad figure was with Madhuri Dixi part and your moms reaction by hitting herself ( which is the funniest part) Thanks :)
Darsh Jain
Darsh Jain 4 yil oldin
pls do a video on desi servants vs servants .superwoman pls
nada abdalla
nada abdalla 4 yil oldin
PEOPLE on the last dAY OF SCHOOL!! (popular;geeks;nerds...TEACHERS!)
nada abdalla
nada abdalla 4 yil oldin
how abt a vid abt shopping for a swimsuit (bikini) with black parents vs. shopping with a bikini with white parents??
Glam Beats
Glam Beats 4 yil oldin
make my kids do this part 2 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Stephanie Louise
Stephanie Louise 4 yil oldin
You're finally in Australia!! Any chance you're coming to brisbane?! :D
simply ag chick
simply ag chick 4 yil oldin
Ana Beth
Ana Beth 4 yil oldin
you should make a video about types of relatives!
Cynthia M
Cynthia M 4 yil oldin
Hey superwoman, I need help on what games to play on UZvid. Can you give me ideas? Plz no romance.
moonlightqueen 4 yil oldin
Love ya superwoman ;) ur hilarious
andrew garcia
andrew garcia 4 yil oldin
kids on the last day of school u shoul do tht one :) :) ;)
Ro is Me
Ro is Me 4 yil oldin
iisuperwomanii you are my lovely princess <3 I love you , Lilly ^_^
Katrina T
Katrina T 4 yil oldin
Can i just say i love you! You are my favourite You tuber ever! Please never stop! you are amazing at this and should keep that talent alive! >.<
heyitsmeep_ 4 yil oldin
Jade Darby
Jade Darby 4 yil oldin
Lily, I watched your speech live! YOU ARE AMAZING!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Me and my brother were screaming at the top of our lungs in our living room! You are awesome! One love superwoman always!
HUSKYGOAT180 4 yil oldin
what video makers do u suggest =/
Amna Mirza
Amna Mirza 4 yil oldin
Hey superwoman can u post a video on "questions relatives ask when u go back to home countries" and by home countries i mean middle eastern countries
Hawa Yawe
Hawa Yawe 4 yil oldin
superwoman,could u sing blue eyes if ur the ultimate rapper rap in guj if i could u can let's rap together as one with yo yo honey singh
Naomi S
Naomi S 4 yil oldin
SO GLAD YOU'RE IN SYDNEY! I hope you have the greatest time, and stop by all the beaches! :)