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Aeon Valefor
Aeon Valefor 8 oy oldin
Got tired of crappy videos lately, unsub.
Cyrus Igono
Cyrus Igono Yil oldin
cool videos, looking forward to the others
Fidgetoid Yil oldin
Nice ideea
André Raposo
André Raposo 2 yil oldin
check out my vid sub to my channel I will too!
hamam touqan
hamam touqan 2 yil oldin
dear you are doing a great work here, can u make a review over Status Audio HD one headphones. thanks
Ali Masoomi
Ali Masoomi 2 yil oldin
Teacher Robin
Teacher Robin 2 yil oldin
Brilliant view based monetization brother ....
That ArtGirl
That ArtGirl 2 yil oldin
Hello +UnboxTherapy! I'm a new subscriber to you and you seem pretty legit. So I have learned that you do giveaways and you seem to be truthful to them rather than other scammers on UZvid. Well I was just here to say that I will enter these giveaways in chance to get myself a phone because i'm already 14 and not having a phone is pretty painful. I've seen 4 year olds with phones and it drives me crazy. Just please know that I really want a phone and i'm probably not going to get one till i'm 18 or so. A phone would actually be a great holiday gift for me since my parents can't afford one. Thanks :)
Jack Dunmore
Jack Dunmore 2 yil oldin
Hey Lew, you godda unbox this, www.amazon.com/3in1-IPhone-Charger-Sprint-Industries/dp/B01F64OK3M/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
gurrew 2 yil oldin
Hey Lew! Couldn't you do a review on some gaming hedsets? For best sound, Build quality etc?
Rameez Hassan
Rameez Hassan 2 yil oldin
hey Lewis!! i saw you in UZvid rewind
Day2DayJa 2 yil oldin
Why so much Apple product review? Does apple sponsor this channel?
TheBlueDuke 2 yil oldin
Lew is in the rewind! :D
Parrot Kick
Parrot Kick 2 yil oldin
Gratz on making rewind!
Zackary Schlegel
Zackary Schlegel 2 yil oldin
Hey congrats on making it into the UZvid rewind! You got a Solo!
Fred Man
Fred Man 2 yil oldin
do the jimu
succthedank 2 yil oldin
he in the youtub rewind
Matt Nicholson
Matt Nicholson 2 yil oldin
not one of his vids will load for me. i dont have a problem with anyone else though. is anyone else experiencing this?
Ian Gue
Ian Gue 2 yil oldin
Please review moment lenses for iPhone 7 plus! :D Preferably the Superfish and Wide Angle! :D or all of them.. :D
Yannis Leivaditis
Yannis Leivaditis 2 yil oldin
Antonio Leverett
Antonio Leverett 2 yil oldin
I need a new iphone
Antonio Leverett
Antonio Leverett 2 yil oldin
Verizon iPhone 6s plus Gold ?
Antonio Leverett
Antonio Leverett 2 yil oldin
I'm stuck with the iPhone 4
Tavaris 2 yil oldin
do an unboxing video on thee posh icon s510
Meysam Rahbar
Meysam Rahbar 2 yil oldin
hey Lew , could you unbox a zenfone 3 delux, pls.
Ryan Doray
Ryan Doray 2 yil oldin
make a video on top 25 technology gift ideas for Christmas
Droneva 2 yil oldin
Hey! I seen a few of your drone unboxings and speaking of drone unboxings can you show us the eachine wizard x220? Thanks anyway! ;)
Jo1 Olo
Jo1 Olo 2 yil oldin
please create a second channel for your apple product junk content. kthx!
Vinayak Gopakumar
Vinayak Gopakumar 2 yil oldin
hey man i started a Channel inspired by you pls subscribe me back uzvid.com/show-UCjSuaE0lM9LDfEkRkgkuADg a huge fan of our work
Fadi Abuali
Fadi Abuali 2 yil oldin
Hello :) you may have to check the $149 iPhone case ( PERI Duo ) with speaker on it <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< please make a review. You can find it on amazon
Marquis Davis
Marquis Davis 2 yil oldin
Pls help me gain subs
Narada Rathnayake
Narada Rathnayake 2 yil oldin
hey Lew, do a OnePlus 3T review
M. A. Technologies
M. A. Technologies 2 yil oldin
unbox doctor who 10h sonic screwdriver universal remote.
Ryan Hayes
Ryan Hayes 2 yil oldin
I would like to see the new asus zenfone 3 laser unboxing!
Srujan Patil
Srujan Patil 2 yil oldin
I support Aids Awareness Program Lew Sir , Support Red Campaign....
notsiGM 2 yil oldin
damn you tube auto unsubscribed me
Brad Lenaghan
Brad Lenaghan 2 yil oldin
You should do a review on the vinci smart hearable headphones! Jack will think its a good idea LOL
Fayes Yoosuf
Fayes Yoosuf 2 yil oldin
lew ....lew......lululuululuuuu......(o_0).. happy with ur UNBOX THERAPY treatment...... when will be the new video on ""MORE TOP 5"...
DK Drawings
DK Drawings 2 yil oldin
Hy i am artist from Europe Croatia. My dream is to see my drawing (fan art ýour face and logo) in your intro and tell your fans go subscribe this guy. His channel link is in description xd . But dont forget your few seconds "shotout" can change my life.
OSTester News 1
OSTester News 1 2 yil oldin
Wow, I used to love watching your videos, but recently I have not been impressed. You used to do things to entertain us, but now you just do things for subs. I miss the old Unbox Therapy. Please bring back the old channel where you had fun and didn't do sponsors.
Slo Pos
Slo Pos 2 yil oldin
Does Lewis have to use a special chair to sit upright without a backbone?
Jay Y
Jay Y 2 yil oldin
Another Apple shill being paid by Cupertino. Please go die in a fire.
harun mugo
harun mugo 2 yil oldin
hei their,how can i get one original iphone in kenya africa because we got many artificial iphones.
Abhiram Adabala
Abhiram Adabala 2 yil oldin
cmon need better content need better tech for my life
collin little
collin little 2 yil oldin
U need to do a vid on the jbl xtreme
Connor Bullock
Connor Bullock 2 yil oldin
Do a review on a LampChamp. It screws into a light socket and has 2 USB ports and another light socket so you can still have light!
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki 2 yil oldin
WHEN WILL YOU POST SOME INTERESTING TECH? wth maann the crap your posting is too boring
Ben Dangor
Ben Dangor 2 yil oldin
What's your email?
Tony Cimello
Tony Cimello 2 yil oldin
I'd love to see a review of crazybaby Air - especially when compared to the $40 Apple killers you reviewed already.
Learn Smart
Learn Smart 2 yil oldin
unbox google home .
Kubz Khan
Kubz Khan 2 yil oldin
Are you millionaire or something how do you afford all this shit you part time gigalo ps cool videos man keep it up
Adrian Muller
Adrian Muller 2 yil oldin
What keyboard do you use mainly?
NimblyBimbly 2 yil oldin
What's your favorite music service?
I have probably spent a good hour watching videos on Unbox therapy. That being said its hard to choose a favorite when it comes to a cell phone... I know that when is comes to phones they tend to break the bank, and when you try to stay within a reasonable budget they may or may not have the quality you need. So for everyone that has gone though the process of finding a budget phone that will last what would anyone suggest? A little input would be greatly appreciated... I've gone through 3 phones now and sadly they all fail to meet expectations.
Alex Anthony
Alex Anthony 2 yil oldin
Could you feature me on your next video? I am trying to grow subscribers, views and likes!
Desi boys
Desi boys 2 yil oldin
fromwhere u got these all stufs
Ashwin Chand Production
Can You Send Me Some Gadgets For Your Biggest Fan :D
james krupa
james krupa 2 yil oldin
Can you recommend a pair of open back headphones with the largest soundstage possible, something that will really shock me, for a decent price?(for music)
hasyim al rosyid
hasyim al rosyid 2 yil oldin
Kepada yang terhormat Unbox Therepy. Saya ingin meminta satu buah hp merek apa saja yang penting sudah cangih, kalo boleh tapi saya asli orang indonesia, 0813 6764 1020 , saya akan sangat berterimakasih jika doa saya di kabulkan
Gabriel Gardner
Gabriel Gardner 2 yil oldin
Can u unbox this? www.amazon.com/Azulle-Quantum-Access-Windows-storage/dp/B00X4O6GRK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1479695580&sr=8-2&keywords=Azulle+Quantum
David Robinson
David Robinson 2 yil oldin
I bet you're so freaking rich
Lori Haley
Lori Haley 2 yil oldin
This gaming Granny found your UZvid site a while ago. THANK THE 'TECH GODS' FOR YOU! I always check with you before I buy. Was wondering what your choice is for a good gaming wifi headset. Is there a vid I missed? Thank you for the "naked" product reviews! Cheers.
Someone 2 yil oldin
unbox the Lenovo Yoga Book
OOPS! 2 yil oldin
Great Channa... I like you all activates
deep hazarika
deep hazarika 2 yil oldin
Hey, are you not unboxing the latest Apple book? No, I am not talking about the McBook!! 😂😂
H G Scotsman
H G Scotsman 2 yil oldin
your new glasses, where did you get them from ?? Paul
Loïc Lemoine
Loïc Lemoine 2 yil oldin
Lew, could you make a playlist of your own favourite songs? Or if there is one already, where could I find it?
Mansoor Khalid
Mansoor Khalid 2 yil oldin
@UnboxTherapy Helo Lewis I'm @Mansoor__Shah From Pakistan ... saw this video...uzvid.com/show-UCrKMg0KuUXAvAHJKOoVDZHQ … Confirm is it you or some fraudster
oshawott98 2 yil oldin
Please make a video about Samsung galaxy note 7
Lucifer the Devil
Lucifer the Devil 2 yil oldin
sir try Xiaomi phones
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt 2 yil oldin
Gregory Patmore
Gregory Patmore 2 yil oldin
Lewis need some help. i need a pair of overhead Bluetooth headphones for heavy sweating in the gym. I've tried the powerbeats - they sucked and died. i've tried bose QC3 - they didnt like being sweated on... they died. I've tried AfterShokz trekz titanium but not managed to block the world out with them. Besides they are more my on bike or WFH headphones. I tried a pair of Jaybirds, they came loose under sweating. I had a cheap pair of Goji over ears which were pretty dang good but i lost them in a cab. since then they have been decomm'd. Recently tried my commuting over ear Phillips SHB3165 ear phones. Loud enough but due to the leather cups once you get your sweat on they start slip sliding a bit. I tend to do intense long duration cardio in the gym WattBikes sometimes with simulated altitude. This means my sweat begins pour of my skin like a stream hoping to become a waterfall. Please please oh please can you suggest or test a range of buds to help guide my decision. Keep up the good work.
Tejas Tilak
Tejas Tilak 2 yil oldin
Suggest me some awesome music Lew! I'm in love with your song selection. <3
shelton picardo
shelton picardo 2 yil oldin
what is u r income
ShayanN02 2 yil oldin
alsoplz subscribe
Fat2Mad 2 yil oldin
OMG. I just found this on kickstarter. The antistatic version is an awesome idea for every PC enthusiast. www.kickstarter.com/projects/885698542/dusty-brush-the-new-way-to-clean-0?ref=video I hope I will see it soon on UnboxTherapy.
SuperSkip64 2 yil oldin
I've looked everywhere but I can't find a video on good mics to use for youtube videos. A mic that can be mounted off camera on a pole. I really like the Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone XLR, but I don't know if that will work in that kind of setup or if thats just for close to mouth podcasting? Anybody have any suggestions?
John Fuller
John Fuller 2 yil oldin
LUE, review the SteelSeries Artics heatset. PLEASE!!! steelseries.com/
Video Specialization
This is probably my favorite unboxing channel. This guy is so entertaining
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
trump sucks
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
trump sucks
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
trump sicks
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
tTT Gingrichchhhh
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
Samy Awwad
Samy Awwad 2 yil oldin
new vid , ..
Tech and Goods
Tech and Goods 2 yil oldin
You should also review new indian currency, because there is a nano gps chip installed in the notes. :p
Petter Bruland
Petter Bruland 2 yil oldin
Do you have anything scheduled for the MS Hololens? ....something that seems almost too good to be true. At least at such a crazy price point.
Cisy Yang
Cisy Yang 2 yil oldin
Dear, Ugreen offers an awesome gadget, Charging Dock for Apple Watch [MFI Certified] (With 2 USB Charging Ports) www.amazon.com/dp/B01LEV47B6/, wonder if you would like to share in your channel? This helps to charge your Apple Watch directly, no need to connect your charging cable or charger before use, all included into this product already. Also sent email for more details. Hope you can give some feedback. Regards. Cisy
Goomatus 2 yil oldin
Lewis, please calm your tits. You shout wayyyy too much now days. Tone it down.
R.S.V.S 2 yil oldin
how do you get the products for review for 1,063 videos...!
Austin 2 yil oldin
Are you serious about you guys hiring?
Danille Verster
Danille Verster 2 yil oldin
Get a Launchpad to Unbox xD
DanKorCZ 2 yil oldin
Check this out and make a video on it please www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4K-2-Ultra-HD-1080P-Sports-WiFi-Cam-Action-Camera-DV-HDMI-Video-Recorder-16MP-/222171248551?hash=item33ba7037a7:g:W8MAAOSwV0RXvraK
Derick Coleman
Derick Coleman 2 yil oldin
If you could get your hands some OSSIC X 3D Audio Headphones and give us a review that would be awesome. I'm wondering if they are as good as they are claiming.