$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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"Cookies are an anytime food, so, no big deal."
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Pam Weekes
Connie McDonald
Umber Ahmad



23-Sen, 2018

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BuzzFeedVideo 4 oy oldin
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Arham Mehta
Arham Mehta 13 soat oldin
Hey in the last destination y did u bleep the location. 8:45
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul Oy oldin
Buzzfeed, can u please do a biriyani & paisam (an indian desert ) video in Worth it India episode.
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul Oy oldin
Anyone else multitasking while watching this vid? When I meant multitasking, I meant eating a cookie while watching this vid & looking at the comment sections below.
West_Nebraska_Dude 8 soat oldin
At 3:51 Andrew has 1 grain of sugar on the tip of his nose from smelling his cookie … Adorable
Darrien Edwards
Darrien Edwards 19 soat oldin
Annie and Adam😍
Miguel Varela
Miguel Varela 20 soat oldin
They get like an average of 6-7 mil views per worth it video.
Miguel Varela
Miguel Varela 20 soat oldin
I’m never eating a fancy cookie. It’s just not the same. You can eat a few normal cheap cookies but when you’re eating something like that it just feels like you can’t ruin such a perfect creation.
Maximilian's Butler
Can I have a cookie please
Bela D
Bela D 2 kun oldin
I thought this was going to be all chocolate chip cookies
Janelle Marie Ibarbia
Adam laughing is the best thing
Zeno 3 kun oldin
Please do fudge
Zeno 3 kun oldin
mehdi krak
mehdi krak 4 kun oldin
support my music
Qurratulann Mudassar
Mazay Dar yeah our Urdu hits
XD_Gamer Z
XD_Gamer Z 4 kun oldin
See, these guys are the opposite of me idc wut it looks like i just stuff it in my mouth.....
Yellow Bby
Yellow Bby 4 kun oldin
Im eating cookies from my aunt ksksksksk
Sean Robesky
Sean Robesky 5 kun oldin
these are not the things to watch while high
I’m Shrek
I’m Shrek 6 kun oldin
It’s so *_thicc_*
Ste phen
Ste phen 6 kun oldin
that rooster one is too complicated for a cookie
The Commenter
The Commenter 7 kun oldin
Where you at truffle?
Hanzala nadeem
Hanzala nadeem 8 kun oldin
I speak Urdu and Maz he dar means delicious..I love worth it
efaltia // XARA
efaltia // XARA 8 kun oldin
Antolpo should also make like, the food model version of the cookies too. They're so lovable like, I want to adopt them and display them around the house alskfjalskfjlkjas
Isek Zendert
Isek Zendert 9 kun oldin
Guys make comparing for Falafel
Isek Zendert
Isek Zendert 9 kun oldin
we need a whole Episode about Adam! the mysterious Guy
Abhishek Khapre
Abhishek Khapre 9 kun oldin
Rie looks like smiling titan from attack on Titan.
Rainomnade 9 kun oldin
watching you guys' makes me want to fly to NY rn
MHHBeast Games
MHHBeast Games 9 kun oldin
1 Dolla For COOKIE? Oh hell naw
TON4COOKI 9 kun oldin
Can i SHIP Anne and Adam?
Amber Faux
Amber Faux 9 kun oldin
I hear a Shane lol
Super Stupid Mario
Super Stupid Mario 10 kun oldin
0:14 Adam Ruins Everything. 😂
Ayush katiya
Ayush katiya 11 kun oldin
I love you Steven! Love from India
Cattrix999 11 kun oldin
I'm an artist and there is no way I could eat that cookie. I would let it dry out thoroughly and mount it in a dust tight shadow box to display. Food can be artistic prepared and arranged but this is Art made with edible ingredients. I just could not eat it.
James Guildford
James Guildford 11 kun oldin
what's there names
Jo 11 kun oldin
Omg camera man
Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone 11 kun oldin
my favourite was the fat cookie... which makes you fat... but its totally worth it... get it "Worth It"?.... i should stop.
AIRxMehThePotato 12 kun oldin
0:36 Adam is just drinking yogurt in the background
Mina Harrison
Mina Harrison 13 kun oldin
Rie is adorable though
Nida Ahmad
Nida Ahmad 14 kun oldin
the awkward moment at 4:09.... Adam's the best
Sadra Adalaty
Sadra Adalaty 15 kun oldin
Imagine giving 90 dollars to the homeless 🙏
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear 16 kun oldin
Why is nobody commenting about the EYEBROWS of the woman?
Brick Collision Animation
Try those Indian/Pakistan foods I heard they were good I have even eaten them sometimes
Heyy It's Mia
Heyy It's Mia 17 kun oldin
Ive always wondered who pays for this series/food? Do they get it for free or does Buzzfeed pay
Carol Hastings
Carol Hastings 18 kun oldin
shane... is that you??
Jade Lariviere
Jade Lariviere 19 kun oldin
Charlie Alegranti
Charlie Alegranti 19 kun oldin
Was that Shane narrating the last cookie???
Sarah Soonalafo
Sarah Soonalafo 19 kun oldin
Bird box moment
Much Yas
Much Yas 19 kun oldin
adam is cute
Noah Durling
Noah Durling 19 kun oldin
8:44 looks up Antolpo
kishkitty__ 19 kun oldin
Shane talking about Japanese cookies like he talking about cars is my new kink
Noah Durling
Noah Durling 19 kun oldin
les be honest the levain girls are lesbo
Noah Durling
Noah Durling 20 kun oldin
Ok I think that worth it is getting better as the season progresses and doesnt seem as boring
Noah Durling
Noah Durling 20 kun oldin
Who is this new girl with adam. LAME