$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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"Cookies are an anytime food, so, no big deal."
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Pam Weekes
Connie McDonald
Umber Ahmad



23-Sen, 2018



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BuzzFeedVideo 7 oy oldin
Description:Get 20% OFF Worth It hats when you buy any Worth It t-shirt! Use code SEASON5 at checkout! Don't miss this limited time offer, SHOP NOW: bzfd.it/shopworthit
Estelle Käsner
Estelle Käsner 2 oy oldin
Arham Mehta
Arham Mehta 2 oy oldin
Hey in the last destination y did u bleep the location. 8:45
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul 4 oy oldin
Buzzfeed, can u please do a biriyani & paisam (an indian desert ) video in Worth it India episode.
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul 4 oy oldin
Anyone else multitasking while watching this vid? When I meant multitasking, I meant eating a cookie while watching this vid & looking at the comment sections below.
Queen B
Queen B 5 soat oldin
uygur♡♡♡♡♡ much love from a Turkish gal ♡♡♡
Jim Coughlan
Jim Coughlan 17 soat oldin
They’re biscuits not cookies
Bill B.
Bill B. 2 kun oldin
I think they need more Rie. She is an absolute doll. =)
Aiden Wang
Aiden Wang 2 kun oldin
Spends 900 dollars on plane flight for a 90 dollar cookie...
Carlos negron
Carlos negron 4 kun oldin
This episode tho lml 7:46-8:01
Luke Newey
Luke Newey 4 kun oldin
Never seen a chinky struggle to eat a cookie more
David Nainggolan
David Nainggolan 4 kun oldin
Oooooe jefrey!!
MrJeffery 5 kun oldin
Guessing it will be a caviar cookie Hmm it wasnt
Valeria Ramador
Valeria Ramador 6 kun oldin
A tiny cookie for a dollar?!!!!!
PoO pI
PoO pI 6 kun oldin
But but I thought Steven was innocent But he is literally just overreacting on every 'Worth It' videos :v
brother tamiya
brother tamiya 7 kun oldin
Others : "so weak" Adam : 😂👌
xuixxdxti s c
xuixxdxti s c 7 kun oldin
Fume 8 kun oldin
Ill just get 1$ mcdonalds cookies
Amanda Tran
Amanda Tran 9 kun oldin
I remember watch the very first few episodes of Worth It and watching Adam watch them eat and not getting to eat anything and it always made me feel bad, but now he gets to chow down too and i’m happy
Aanshvi Kakadia
Aanshvi Kakadia 9 kun oldin
for some reason i ship mathew and steven......I love them together!
nope !?!
nope !?! 9 kun oldin
Where's the cookie fact?
AirsoftBros 123
AirsoftBros 123 10 kun oldin
What donuts are they eating at 4:20
Barrett 10 kun oldin
You’re not supposed to feel bad about eating a cookie.
Soham Dambalkar
Soham Dambalkar 12 kun oldin
Mahzedahr is a Hindi word
plousho 12 kun oldin
Steven- "Can I feed you" XD
AhRin Ashley Perocho
sad no cookie fact.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 14 kun oldin
12:36 *mOsT pReCiOuS mOmEnT eVeR*
Gianna Velasquez
Gianna Velasquez 14 kun oldin
Why is no one commenting on how cute Adam is when he was laughing because he made a mistake in buying drinkable yogurt instead of milk? I love you Adam!! ♥️
Ryūjinexe 15 kun oldin
4:10 is when you are eating out in public with your nana and she still views you as a 7 y/o.
Elisa sunflower
Elisa sunflower 16 kun oldin
Andrew: Breaks of the tail Steven: you murder!! Me:🙄
Raheen Kazi
Raheen Kazi 16 kun oldin
So the 1st shop keeper person wasn't saying the store name properly!!!!
TheDarklove420 16 kun oldin
Mazaydar basically means Tasty in Urdu.
Ebenezer14 17 kun oldin
Why am I subscribed?
Dear FutureMe
Dear FutureMe 17 kun oldin
WinglessSoulTM 17 kun oldin
1,000,000 Yan = 0.0000000001 Dollar
Gwen Clemens
Gwen Clemens 18 kun oldin
weird flex but ok
BeeHoneySweet 18 kun oldin
Japan - please don't ever change. Please continue to appreciate the essence of everything.
Eviie Cos
Eviie Cos 20 kun oldin
Shane went from being a spoopy boi to a voice over boi
derpy fox art
derpy fox art 20 kun oldin
adam is a good boi
xd Savory
xd Savory 21 kun oldin
Imagine if the Cookie Monster was there
Darnell Bygrave
Darnell Bygrave 21 kun oldin
"I don't understand French" 😂
FMZQ2 21 kun oldin
d r i n k a b l e y o g u r t
Pouchey2 21 kun oldin
I've only just realised that the voiceover is Shane 😂
Emily Mogardian Dexter
It pains me to see them ruin the $90 cookie 😩😖😢💔
P&P Productions - Gacha
4:56 ... I feel bad for that last name... Because i can tell she got bullied from that surname
Dieppe Raid Documentary
The elves have betrayed Santa
Dieppe Raid Documentary
I’m Arabian and I think drinkable yogurt is delicious so I think Adam made a good mistake, just sayin’.
Ella Harris
Ella Harris 23 kun oldin
I swear they just bring rid ( amazing chef ) to japan just to be a translator?!?
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen 24 kun oldin
AJ Grieve
AJ Grieve 24 kun oldin
"you can see the rocky mountains as they spill out into the Pacific" I KNOW HES TALKING ABOUT THE TEXTURE OF THE COOKIE BUT THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS ARE IN COLORADO
Mr.Legenddd 25 kun oldin
I don’t know.... Subway cookies are pretty good...
Team W
Team W 14 kun oldin
Mr.Legenddd dude subway cookies are one of my go to cookies there cheap and they taste so good 😂😂
RM _Azeract YT
RM _Azeract YT 25 kun oldin
I'm watching people ear😑😑😑😑
juzthatone11 26 kun oldin
Not interested in the expensive cookie. Too much hand manipulation.
Maryam Jawad
Maryam Jawad 26 kun oldin
Mazehtar means yummy delicious etc
Manahil Shaikh
Manahil Shaikh 27 kun oldin
Manahil Shaikh
Manahil Shaikh 27 kun oldin
I don’t like cookies 🍪😕 I just think they r toooooo sweet😣 will the society accept me?🙁
Manahil Shaikh
Manahil Shaikh 27 kun oldin
I just love how they r more focussed on the drink while tasting the food than the actual thing which they come to at the end or after judging the drink😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Bannister
Elizabeth Bannister 27 kun oldin
It takes 2 to 3 hours to decorate. They are 90$??? What are they paying their artists?
Kobe Huynh
Kobe Huynh 27 kun oldin
So wait is there any thing special to the last cookie or am I just paying $90 for just a lot of icing that was made into art onto a normal ass cookie
ChiknAlfrdo21 27 kun oldin
*when a person can draw better on a cookie than you can with paper*
Darin Grimes
Darin Grimes 28 kun oldin
I love this show but Steven is way too touchy feely and needy of best friend reassurance. It is obnoxious
iNot V2
iNot V2 28 kun oldin
The camera man just upsets me idk why lol
Dolphin Go Boop
Dolphin Go Boop 29 kun oldin
You know you have a sad life when you can’t even afford the dollar options 😔
kpop obsess
kpop obsess 29 kun oldin
I am Pakistani ,our language is urdu I felt proud when I saw that the name of her bakery was "mazedar"
cerealutuber 29 kun oldin
Why does Andrew remind me of Sebastian Stan????
du1roger Oy oldin
The levain cookies are really good, not to mention famous. You can also get them at WDW(Walt Disney World) at polite pig or some place like that. You guys should go to the disney parks and eat. It doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t really need to be a certain food, or a worth it, just have Steven, Andrew, and the world’s cutest cinnamon buns, of course. Edit: sorry, the ones in Disney world are Gideon’s bakehouse.
iLove _Slime!!!
I feel like Andrew and Steven switched roles...
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely Oy oldin
Stephen....just get none dairy options......period.
Adam got another rooster home!!
imbabe Oy oldin
I wish there was a love button for this!
Morgana Pendragon
I'm with Andrew here.nNver seen the appeal of eating raw cookie dough or cake batter.
milan magar
milan magar Oy oldin
Once you start to bake it,you'll never eat it.It's all load of butter,oil and sugar with a little flour and 💯% diabetes
Romessa Nadeem
Am I the only one that's shook at Shane doing the voice over?
deprofundis Oy oldin
I wanted to see Andrew find another cat.
bitch shut the fuck up
Is Steven Korean or Japanese?
deprofundis Oy oldin
Neither... Chinese Malaysian.
Chelsy Lynn lifestyle
Did you go to Japan just for cookies? Lol next level
Cem Spicer
Cem Spicer Oy oldin
I live about a half hour outside NYC and these guys have been to the city more than I have lol
Zain Akbar
Zain Akbar Oy oldin
mashed potato episode...maybe??
my favorite channel :)
ULTRA BlueDrawing
Website cookies equals FREE cookies???
caitlyn o'neil
can you do cupcakes next??!
Kullerva Oy oldin
Shortbread is God's perfect cookie. :)
deprofundis Oy oldin
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
That Japanese cookie sure looks stunningly beautiful, a jewel of all cookie creations but it's just way too much for a cookie...although they would be wonderful at a very specific event like a wedding/christening.
Connoisseur Currents
Is Adam a Taurus?
thelarelare Oy oldin
a very wise person once said '' Asian people SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKK ''
Justin Why.
Justin Why. Oy oldin
Dr-B-enz Oy oldin
If earth is flat, then why are her eyebrows like this 1:34, and not like this ___
Jozef Oy oldin
Subway wins
ItsLucas Oy oldin
$1 Coochie Vs. $90 Coochie
Who else thought about the movie “Ratatouille” while watching them taste the food....
Nishtha Contractor
I mean what happened to Andrew after went Japan 🙂
gintamaa madaraa
Art cookie
BenLas Oy oldin
chunky dunker
chunky dunker Oy oldin
At 11:20, Steven's piece of the cookie looks like a tiny horse
danibeans Oy oldin
$1 for that small cookie is still kinda expensive
Asad Rafi
Asad Rafi Oy oldin
Proud to be Pakistani (for those of you who don't know Urdu is the language of Pakistani people)
Saje Hanlon
Saje Hanlon Oy oldin
Tokyo Andrew is real life Phineas Flynn
Eliana :D
Eliana :D Oy oldin
The fact that Adam was the only one that ate the peanut chocolate at levain made me sad. That cookie is my childhood
Zakria Israr
Zakria Israr Oy oldin
3 Guys 1 Cookie
Mysterious Eternity
90$ Diabetes
Zachary Cansdale
That cake looked sooooo good.
Brandy Zoch
Brandy Zoch Oy oldin
omg, what was with Andrew's face when steven said Rie was their very best friend? lmao
Nhi N
Nhi N 8 kun oldin
Brandy Zoch which minute?
At 10:28 she says "I want to say something but,"
Shifa Anwar
Shifa Anwar Oy oldin
Is that girl in mazadar bakery a muslim and a Pakistani??btw i am a muslim and a pakistani..
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