$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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"Cookies are an anytime food, so, no big deal."
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Pam Weekes
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23-Sen, 2018

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liliane ingabire
liliane ingabire 23 kun oldin
BuzzFeedVideo ji
Sexy Skulls
Sexy Skulls 26 kun oldin
T1ny T1m
T1ny T1m 29 kun oldin
something was off with the camera around 8:10
Alicia Bell
Alicia Bell 29 kun oldin
Only if you let them have some serious vacation time! 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔
Bubblz_dancr 19 soat oldin
The best parts of worth it videos for me have got to be Rie and Andrew's laugh. Wholesome.
L Wali
L Wali Kun oldin
What a bullshitter - the definition of Mah Ze Dar is tasty. Okay? Just tasty. NOT “to describe the magic and the essence that something comes from”
Yetzinq Velázquez
Yetzinq Velázquez 2 kun oldin
12:37 lol he thought she was being serious😂😂😍😍
Everett Kehl
Everett Kehl 2 kun oldin
Do they live in Japan because they go there A Ton
Harry Dowd
Harry Dowd 2 kun oldin
That girls eyebrows go higher than most planes
Aurora Valente
Aurora Valente 2 kun oldin
Omg the first ones eyebrows😂😂
lusantooos 3 kun oldin
come to brazilll do a season here it would be awesome
Lily Downey-Yamada
Lily Downey-Yamada 3 kun oldin
1dollar cookie is cheap where I live
Brooke Logan
Brooke Logan 3 kun oldin
Talking about 4 pm cookies and I literally just ate a 4 pm cookie
fuji apple
fuji apple 4 kun oldin
Maxim Wallace
Maxim Wallace 4 kun oldin
I was surprised to hear shane in this, but I love him, so it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless
Christian Roach
Christian Roach 5 kun oldin
This is the first super expensive item that seems like they put 90 dollars of effort into it.
Lionofash 6 kun oldin
I like how they chose their nostalgic flavours as well
Audrey Pham
Audrey Pham 6 kun oldin
Andrew: "Why do you think that is?" Rie: "Cookie?"
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres 6 kun oldin
Asian person loses to white person speaking in a Asian language
YurBoiNathan 6 kun oldin
That is hell of a cookie.
joy dumbuya
joy dumbuya 6 kun oldin
I haven’t watched it yet but it’s about cookies 🍪 and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve cookies
aliza mushtaq1038
aliza mushtaq1038 7 kun oldin
its mazedar which means dilicious
Alex AltEgo
Alex AltEgo 7 kun oldin
I’m like not even a minute into this but those brows....
Ci Silver
Ci Silver 7 kun oldin
Now I want a cookie!!!
Andreea Giurgiu
Andreea Giurgiu 8 kun oldin
I'll bet Andrew is all dominant in bed
Athena Glover
Athena Glover 8 kun oldin
I love what the first girl said we dont want to nobody came and gell tbey cant aford it
J-Hope’s Snake Like Dancing
12:24 Cuteness overload!~ ♡
Namjoon is aneducatedsexybraingenius
Every time that my mom tells me only to eat one cookie a day, I'm going to show her this video!! 😏
Christian Robey
Christian Robey 9 kun oldin
Adam, Steven and Andrew need to break off the company like the Try Guys did and make their own company... Just saying.
.m. 9 kun oldin
rie's quite beautiful
Amy 9 kun oldin
As a British person, I am offended that Americans think shortbread counts as a cookie. NO.
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean 9 kun oldin
I'm all for that espresso with cookies. Coffee over milk any day
Maya Narayan
Maya Narayan 9 kun oldin
when i first heard ma ze i thought they were speaking hebrew. Ma Ze means 'what is it'
RoyaL Fusion
RoyaL Fusion 10 kun oldin
Does anybody even notice that guys patch of missing or shaved hair?
ThatOneSaltyBean 10 kun oldin
Not kidding, when they said, "four o' clock cookie" I looked at the clock and it was 4:01 😂😂😂
Angela Morales
Angela Morales 10 kun oldin
- can i feed u? - no. we all felt steven there
Amy Duan
Amy Duan 11 kun oldin
Looks like "biskut raya" or Eid Biscuits in Malaysia.
Ina Ric
Ina Ric 11 kun oldin
ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ
garbage bin
garbage bin 11 kun oldin
"Can I feed you?" "No"
cord wilson
cord wilson 11 kun oldin
The 4:00p.m cookie hits the spot
RogueEvasion 12 kun oldin
Sharlyn Glodove
Sharlyn Glodove 12 kun oldin
I'm eating oreo cookies while watching this
The Weirdo
The Weirdo 12 kun oldin
No no no thatthat's pure torture
Kaylyn Marie Dunn
Kaylyn Marie Dunn 12 kun oldin
Is that Shane's voice?
Cole Crystal
Cole Crystal 12 kun oldin
Shave that mustache 🙈
Allah Knows Best
Allah Knows Best 12 kun oldin
Best cookie I ever had was a Gaia cookie from the now closed vegetarian restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Huge meal-sized cookie comprised of beautifully made batter laced with walnuts, raisins, dates, cherries, chocolate chips, coconut and probably a few other things. It was like the everything bagel of cookies.
Luis Zurita
Luis Zurita 12 kun oldin
Dam Andrew is holding.......
Alvin 13 kun oldin
What does a chef use to lock his kitchen? . . . . . . . . Cook-keys ( cookies )🍪
Hafsa Khan
Hafsa Khan 13 kun oldin
you stupids mah ze dar is an Urdu word which means "delicious".... not french....!!!
DeepHwiWink _11
DeepHwiWink _11 13 kun oldin
The best cookie is MRS. FIELDS
kabayin 13 kun oldin
xDDD adam smile is so cute
shawnam1023 14 kun oldin
My first word was cookie 🍪 (Now I want cookies hhhh)
Hannah Mullane
Hannah Mullane 14 kun oldin
Oh hi Shane lol
S.M.Qaseem Karim
S.M.Qaseem Karim 14 kun oldin
Hit like for pakistani bakery
cube5000 14 kun oldin
The yogurt😂
Smokepumpp 14 kun oldin
McDonald’s cookies >>>>>
Ghost Post
Ghost Post 14 kun oldin
This must be Cookie Monsters favorite episode of worth it
puchculi 15 kun oldin
everything tastes better the more butter you add ;)
SCYTH X 15 kun oldin
as a pakistani , mazehdar really made me smile
rainbowloveyh 15 kun oldin
I'm glad that Andrew choose mazeder 😀 that look so good
rainbowloveyh 15 kun oldin
Andrew: "What do you think that is" Rie: "cookie" hahaha 😂😂😂 I was thinking the Same, what else it could be, and its priced 90$ omg why so expensive. seems like everything there's so expensive lol
Alpaca z
Alpaca z 16 kun oldin
Adam x Annie
Gamergirl4AyaBrea 16 kun oldin
I love Stephen he's so adorable
Rebekah W
Rebekah W 16 kun oldin
.......and.. the yoghurt + cookies
WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651
Fuuuuuuuuukkk i want one
Kesara Clark
Kesara Clark 16 kun oldin
90 dollar cookies?! I only eat 50 cent cookies..
Ali Imran
Ali Imran 16 kun oldin
Mazedar actually means Tasty. Got it? Tasty 😂
Salty Parabola
Salty Parabola 17 kun oldin
I grew up in NYC but there were never too many places that I could afford to go to. Sometimes when they film episodes of this show I look up the prices of the other menu items to see if I can afford it but I usually cannot or I’m afraid it won’t actually be worth it. On one special occasion I did go to red rooster after watching the episode of worth it about fried chicken. The food was delicious and I was satisfied trying it just one time. I can’t tell if it was worth its price but that’s simply because I don’t really have much to compare it too. I was so excited that they filmed the cookie episode in NYC because I was hoping they would go to Levain Bakery. I was actually exposed to their cookies by a friend when I was younger who took me there and bought a cookie for me. For months after that trip I dreamed of eating one of their cookies again. I was finally able to go with my mother and it was just as good as I remembered. I only go every couple of months because it’s expensive for a cookie, but it’s absolutely worth it. They’re warm and fresh and I can never finish it in one sitting, I always take it home with me. Its flavor is so rich and thick that it’s best if you drink it with milk. This is the one time that I can officially recommend something at being worth it at its price point on this show.
Salty Parabola
Salty Parabola 16 kun oldin
serena brown nothing is that simple. If it was I would’ve done it by now
serena brown
serena brown 16 kun oldin
Better your life and you'll be able to afford better restaurants and everything else..simple really!
Aeron Josh
Aeron Josh 17 kun oldin
if I were to buy that $90 cookie, id just look at it then eat it until its just right before it goes bad
serena brown
serena brown 16 kun oldin
that makes alot of sense...a stale overpriced cookie..
Luna Jae
Luna Jae 17 kun oldin
I ship them
Tanishah Nisha
Tanishah Nisha 18 kun oldin
Protect Adam please!
Alyssa Armil Alberto
Rieeeee ❤️❤️
Priscilla Natasha
Priscilla Natasha 18 kun oldin
Sushi Covers
Sushi Covers 18 kun oldin
carol 18 kun oldin
1$ cookie vs 4$ vs 90$!? That a huge jump in price 😲
• Risianna •
• Risianna • 18 kun oldin
Is that Shane...?
• Risianna •
• Risianna • 18 kun oldin
"Can I feed you?" "...no."
Xavier Villaluz
Xavier Villaluz 19 kun oldin
wtttf i wouldnt even want to eat that last one its too beautiful
the mighty man
the mighty man 19 kun oldin
Why not those danish butter cookies?
Sarah Michael
Sarah Michael 19 kun oldin
Ok but have you tried the raspberry macadamia nut cookie from subway?
Gābbīē W
Gābbīē W 19 kun oldin
Her eye brows went up so faar lol
USA-Soccer Freestylers
I love Shane doing the voice over
Alex 19 kun oldin
Wait 1 cookie for a dollar is to expensive for one cookie tbh
Pancha Gamba
Pancha Gamba 19 kun oldin
No. It’s levain.
Jordan Switzer
Jordan Switzer 20 kun oldin
andrew really out here looking like phineas
Khadijah Saeed
Khadijah Saeed 20 kun oldin
Its mazedaar not mahzedaar. Btw it means tasty or delicious
oh no kms
oh no kms 20 kun oldin
the first baker’s voice is so soothing i could listen to her for hours
Destiny Simonton
Destiny Simonton 20 kun oldin
bro i saw rie and i was like "YO THAT'S THE GIRL FROM THE TASTY CHANNEL!"
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch
They make such a cute couple!
Mariah Vandiver
Mariah Vandiver 20 kun oldin
That is not, at all, what cognitive dissonance means.
Phoenix Prime
Phoenix Prime 20 kun oldin
It reminds me of something my mom would make....oh? why is that? .....Cookie?... omg. im DYING hahah..seriously though, those were some lovely lookin cookies
the ZARSH 20 kun oldin
the last cookie related to the egg worth it
that one person
that one person 20 kun oldin
Next up: 1$ water vs 3$ water
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 20 kun oldin
Rie "Mah-Ze-Dhar" is not french 😂. It is a word in Urdu Language, which mean "Delicious".
Natalie Mayo
Natalie Mayo 16 kun oldin
The lady said that lol
The Junior
The Junior 19 kun oldin
She was talking about je ne sais quoi.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 20 kun oldin
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 20 kun oldin
Aye! Pakistan 💚🇵🇰
rac hel
rac hel 20 kun oldin
Tbh that first cookie was v expensive for the size like that thing is the size of a damn cracker
Nayeli Ruiz
Nayeli Ruiz 20 kun oldin
i love cookies they are the best
Jade Felty
Jade Felty 21 kun oldin
That chocolate cake at the beginning looks amazing
Lanny mua
Lanny mua 21 kun oldin
NEW CHANNEL!!! check out my fall makeup video uzvid.com/video/video-u72Ip2fEZ8A.html&t=25s
Piñata Productions
Piñata Productions 21 kun oldin
I love levain bakery
Aditi J
Aditi J 21 kun oldin
why am i so hungry after watching this video??? wow i want a cookie so bad now
Zaihan Yusof
Zaihan Yusof 21 kun oldin
Rie so cuteeee