$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

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"This is truly the best donut I have ever had."
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Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
Ryan Ososky
Teresa Larsen



12-Mar, 2017

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SomethingRelevant YT
SomethingRelevant YT 11 soat oldin
I live 5 minutes away from the first one dollar donut place and I have them all the time. SPOILER ALERT they are really good
Chubby Pikachu
Chubby Pikachu 13 soat oldin
That ending cut with Steven was uncomfortable..
JeFee Kun oldin
5 dollar donut 95 dollars of gold
dun dununun
dun dununun Kun oldin
them is some bougie donuts
FAKE_ CLAN Kun oldin
Doughnuts what are you gonna go eat donuts is it because you have donuts
Matthew Gupta
Matthew Gupta Kun oldin
Why does Adam always have headphones on
saskiapanter 2 kun oldin
I guess you mean Oliebollen. It's not really the same as donuts. I tought the jewish Germans brought it to the USA
Xx SebbeBard xX
Xx SebbeBard xX 3 kun oldin
Steven and Andrew go super complicated with flavors while Adam is just it’s good
I S A B E L L A 3 kun oldin
“Mmm” “W-Why haha did you moan when I said-“ “I was agreeing!” “When I said that hahahah.”
Keren C
Keren C 3 kun oldin
"It's like manslaughter. " Literally choked on my food from laughing too much! 😂😂
No One
No One 4 kun oldin
Now the glazed and black and white donut is becoming more popular
GangBoss 4 kun oldin
Gibson's Donuts in Memphis have the best donuts in the USA
Anastasia Shanahan
Anastasia Shanahan 4 kun oldin
hmmmmm blinkies...blinks...blackpink fan????????????????
violets ray
violets ray 5 kun oldin
" a nutty flavour" 5:00
Zaima Hossain
Zaima Hossain 5 kun oldin
“Like gold came out of my butt !!!!!!!!!!”
Ja Wa
Ja Wa 6 kun oldin
2:43 Andrews face 😂
Christicus 101
Christicus 101 7 kun oldin
Look i just gotta say from my memory i have never ever heard them say that they recommend the most expensive
Adil Naser
Adil Naser 7 kun oldin
Just go to xriy cream
MegaTiger2006 8 kun oldin
I want you guys to come to Michigan and try Marges doughnuts. The beat one is the Maple-bacon
Soumili Biswas
Soumili Biswas 8 kun oldin
Adam is so quiet and sweet and cute. Adm he says nothing other than "it's good!" 😂😂
Octo Geek
Octo Geek 8 kun oldin
A donut is a donut ENOUGH SAID
A certain anime lover
Right after you eat a golden donut, you say" They sell chicken sandwiches here right?"
Total Uncool
Total Uncool 10 kun oldin
Every subscriber adds 1% to the 0/1000% for ADAM gets to eat with Andrew and the other dude and not eat leftovers like it's just sad😕😕
Lyanne de Jong
Lyanne de Jong 11 kun oldin
3:46 it's called a oliebol
Sparkle Rain
Sparkle Rain 11 kun oldin
Keith made a mistake quitting worth it
ζΤ ϟ ΖΞRO 13 kun oldin
:/ when I’m allergic to egg and then I watch people eat it :l
Laynea TheButterfly
Laynea TheButterfly 13 kun oldin
DONUTFACT!!! It is acctually spelled Doughnut! It because of Dunking Donuts people spell it wrong.
Loan Lam
Loan Lam 14 kun oldin
Andrew: "I like it when a name of something is just literally what it is." Steven: "It's like manslaughter." ....like WHAT but I literally busted out laughing while SMH at the same time!
Natendo 14 kun oldin
I like that Adam almost always says "It's good..." XD
Nesrin Onay
Nesrin Onay 15 kun oldin
8:59 meme this! Exa: wife: hey sweetie how was the football match? Man: it felt so good i wanna do that again!
Dash 15 kun oldin
i would rather buy 100 1$ donuts
Azy Allusia
Azy Allusia 15 kun oldin
I almost watch all videos (up to s5) and still can't help but always smile widely when it's adam turn to trying the food😆 I found it cute😆I mean like his personality also how he simply said it's good. and that's it.
Rigel Trance
Rigel Trance 17 kun oldin
When Adam says it's good, IT'S REALLY GOOD. Why am I binge watching worth it episodes??
Byron Johan Rios
Byron Johan Rios 21 kun oldin
Andrew drinks tap water: this is truly the best water ever. I can truly taste those h20 molecules
Camila Tomitake
Camila Tomitake 21 kun oldin
Adam ❤️
Natasha TASH MAhAL
Natasha TASH MAhAL 22 kun oldin
Andrew❤, call me.😍😍😎 Lmao. ❤😍😍🤔🤓☺😶🙄🙂... No seriously tho. Lol. P.S. Doughnuts is one of my favourite foods. So YOU guys just made my week with this videoooo!!!☺☺😁😃Yay ! Also, you won me over Andrew, even more now, with this yummyy!!, delicious, & amazing, doughnut😋😋😋😍😍😍😋😋😍😋 documentaryy!!🍩❤ You guys are the bestttttt omg!!!🤣🤣😍😍😍😍🤣🤣😂❤❤❤🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩❤❤❤❤❤
The Insane Gamer
The Insane Gamer 22 kun oldin
That lady sound like Frieza
Nizomiddin Nasritdinov
Sell the gold
TexasBulldog74 22 kun oldin
poor adam gets the sloppy seconds every time after its all slobered on haha
Markese Moore
Markese Moore 22 kun oldin
6:08 has to be in the top ten funniest worth it moments
chewy 15004
chewy 15004 23 kun oldin
Jonny has a donut, This donut is 1$ Jonny put gold on his donut, Now his donut is 100$ Jonny eats the donut jonny:"MMMMMMMMmmmmm tastes like..............a regular donut the gold doesnt do anything
Demon King
Demon King 24 kun oldin
4:08 I thought you guys were the golden boys
Tama gangster
Tama gangster 24 kun oldin
Adam isn't quite he just cancelled his voice out
Genevieve McCalla
Genevieve McCalla 26 kun oldin
That ending was lovely.
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 26 kun oldin
how much money is my golden poop worth good sir?
bhargavi jaladanki
bhargavi jaladanki 27 kun oldin
donut synonyms for cancer....
Afriyie Amoako
Afriyie Amoako 27 kun oldin
so where’s krispy kreme...?
Alice Devilsdaughter
All the super expensive foodthings are ALWAYS MADE WITH GOLD... 🤣
pokemonix 69
pokemonix 69 29 kun oldin
Phoenix GamingTV
Phoenix GamingTV 29 kun oldin
The white guy is really selfish in each episode
sky sander
sky sander 29 kun oldin
Steven moaning is the funniest thing I've seen in the last 3 years
Seb Gauthier
Seb Gauthier Oy oldin
HEY! they are just role-playing Tywin Lannister don't hate on them for eating gold to do so! ;)
Bowen Liu
Bowen Liu Oy oldin
Quote: "It's good". Guess who.
Rafat Shareef
Rafat Shareef Oy oldin
Why is there never music when Adam tries it? He is the best person in the series!
Kaleb Zhu
Kaleb Zhu Oy oldin
The woman wearing the Team Blinkies shirt was was wearing a shirt with script printed in Comic Sans.....
Gina Mthembu
Gina Mthembu Oy oldin
Adam is Bae yall
J. V.
J. V. Oy oldin
EVERY food with gold on top, can NEVER be the most worth it at it´s price point. And a Handmade Donut for 1$... I think it wins against every other food.
Dark Puzzle
Dark Puzzle Oy oldin
Wait, who films when Adam tries some of the food?
Vedant kale
Vedant kale Oy oldin
The moment they start going up the places, it suddenly starts becoming so snobby and uncomfortable. The first shops are the best ones.
.m. Oy oldin
brioche donut looks like an unwiped anus
Joanna fine as hell
Anna Meyer
Anna Meyer Oy oldin
I love that they pooped gold! That literally makes it WORTH IT! What an experience!
Bryant Lee
Bryant Lee Oy oldin
Damn now im hungry again
Andrew Santram
The final place was worth it, simply cause adam got his chicken sandwich
Latoof Oy oldin
am I the only one who was hoping to see the golden poo?
Ride Red
Ride Red Oy oldin
Oily cocks
Poorvaja Hatake
I want to try that golden donut ;;~;;
ShaChimmy ya
ShaChimmy ya Oy oldin
damn.. gold leaf is like a scam you know
BlinkAnEye 123
candlelit dinner
i'm shook seeing andrew finger a donut wow
Vishnu Mohan
Vishnu Mohan Oy oldin
" It's like manslaughter ", Steven Next day: FBI open up
c ryogenesis
c ryogenesis Oy oldin
it's captain america and bucky barnes
AI Totem
AI Totem Oy oldin
I can't believe they don't make their own hazelnut chocolate for the last donut shop.. How weird to take everything to the "next level" but still use a generic ingredient like that.
Tana Murphy
Tana Murphy Oy oldin
I will take the 1.00 doughnut
Nur Raihanah
Nur Raihanah Oy oldin
Eat gold donut and you will feel rich until you poop - _-" hmmmmm
Toony Darlanne
Spoiler:They were taking into the hospital for eating too much gold
Jenny Penticoff
Adam looks and acts exactly like my baby daddy
Psycho ღ
Psycho ღ Oy oldin
*when you don:t see Krispy Cream* WHAT THE FU-
Alex Lenh
Alex Lenh Oy oldin
1:36 is it weird that the coffee is more expensive than the donut
Joey Paglia
Joey Paglia Oy oldin
No One
No One Oy oldin
XghostgamerxKILLER X
You wanna try it ? Just buy a 1$ donut 🍩 then add gold.
Clacco Oy oldin
I’m glad Adam got his chicken sandwich
Mikaela Min
Mikaela Min Oy oldin
the last thou HAHAHAHA
zhinka Oy oldin
STOIC UKRAINIAN MAN< love ya child!
Ziggy Oy oldin
Krispey kreem is still my favorite
grant Nanna
grant Nanna Oy oldin
Is Adam working on sound balancing in the background all the time? In a few videos Adam is fiddling with something in his lap...
Michael Du
Michael Du Oy oldin
"Like ... gold came out of my BUTT!" *:O*
Jake Lehoullier
Andrew looks at Adam like prey lol
Helm Stoneblade
Almost every $$$ food, has either gold, truffles or caviar and in some cases all three.....so predictable.....so boring.....
reallypoopy Oy oldin
the Japan series is pretty good in that regard. Thet don't have gold, truffles or caviar.
Samy Malhotra
Samy Malhotra Oy oldin
Everyone is executive chef u r chef am chef buzz feed is executive chef But am not getting a donut 😏
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen Oy oldin
Gacha Oxean
Gacha Oxean Oy oldin
This made me hungry.
Imogen Harris
Imogen Harris Oy oldin
Did anyone else see Adam mouthing stuff at us 3:20
rainbow pink
rainbow pink Oy oldin
dangit now i want donuts
datcoolenzo Oy oldin
11:03 haha funny wait lUHA
AMC Squad
AMC Squad Oy oldin
3:46 did anyone else laugh at what he said “oilycocks”
-Lamees Lasheen-
Get your 1$ donut 🍩 get your 6$ pack of gold sheets.... BOOM
Vanessa Chan
Vanessa Chan Oy oldin
Andrew is so intelligent with his vocabulary that I kinda feel turned on 👀
HotRodX Oy oldin
Finally I see an episode of this where I have what theyre eating! Not gonna food tease me this time you bastards!!! I got a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and they are amazing!!!!!!!!