$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

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"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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7-Okt, 2018

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Raif Juneal Bantugon
Raif Juneal Bantugon 36 daqiqa oldin
6:59 ready fire!
fikri latib
fikri latib 2 soat oldin
really malaysia is the first??
SCGunDog 2 soat oldin
Mr. Mitsuo Ito looks like he's ready to jump through your TV and punch you if you don't play Sega Saturn
James Miller
James Miller 3 soat oldin
The omurice dude cracked me up, he's great
XxTigerxX88 3 soat oldin
Kichi kichi hair is dope
Mr. President
Mr. President 3 soat oldin
The 2 $ is a bad ass with eggs
Nicolas Rodrigues dos Santos
1:04 The moment Rie clap her hands!
Golden Frog I Dont Know Why
Well I used to eat rice with ketchup and my younger bro used to eat ketchup with almost every meal that has cooked meat besides soup
simplegirl265 11 soat oldin
Kichi Kichi looks like the kinda guy that everybody aspires to be... happy and exciting
Anne Sofie Reinholt Gjelstrup 5B Vestskolen
00:04 that girl in the background like: “why are they saying egg?”🥚😂
park jimin san
park jimin san 14 soat oldin
i love eggs, guess i have to go to japan now bye mom bye dad lol
UnlivedHope 14 soat oldin
In greece we have orange eggs and i think we don't even put anything spicy in the chicken's food 😂
Joseph Sheffield
Joseph Sheffield 18 soat oldin
Ketchup on eggs is delicious
el giee deee
el giee deee 21 soat oldin
You want eggs right?? Try BALUT here in the Philippines 👍
RodiBay 21 soat oldin
Kichi kichi is 100% on drugs
League Of Anime
League Of Anime 23 soat oldin
Aoife 23 soat oldin
the kichi kichi chef is the official sadness cure and gudetama is my spirit animal
Sid Kun oldin
Why am i watching this when all i can afford is 4 packets of instant noodles a day. Now im hungry and its only mid day.
Owen Lai
Owen Lai Kun oldin
0:56 Annie in the back lmao
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Kun oldin
imagine if kichi kichi san and hobi met
Mikayla Powell
Mikayla Powell Kun oldin
It's like eating tide pods! NO STEVEN NOOOOOO!!!!! I love that so much.
Flicker Kun oldin
He looks like jackie chan in a sideview 6:10
Adrian Renoj
Adrian Renoj Kun oldin
The girl in he background 0:59
Myeah Malalis
Myeah Malalis Kun oldin
Glitter Fart
Glitter Fart Kun oldin
18:14 The "I did it dad" face
pawddle Kun oldin
I wanna eat the omurcie!!!!! Give me that:)
Parker Edwards
Parker Edwards Kun oldin
He had one moment to say gude-budae and he didn’t smh
Taylor Ashford
Taylor Ashford Kun oldin
So you could eat raw cookie dough then ? 😭😍
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson Kun oldin
didn't buzz feed do a video with the guy from kichi kichi before?
Mr_Juan Pablo
Mr_Juan Pablo Kun oldin
Chinese Stan lee
Isabella Solis
Isabella Solis Kun oldin
adam’s cute little smile when he picked up the yolk was the best part about this episode
Mark Calvelo
Mark Calvelo Kun oldin
If you look at evolution, pretty sure chicken was first.
FireSScope Kun oldin
MotoKichi is a pretty cool person, i would love to meet him one day if i go to kyoto
Mark Calvelo
Mark Calvelo Kun oldin
Santiago Kun oldin
Kichi Kichi chef is straight out of jojo's bizzare adventure
LizzVy208 Kun oldin
Kichi Kichi san is pure joy! If anyone hates on him.... *Fight me*
PUBG Elites
PUBG Elites Kun oldin
That omurice guy is a typical anime guy
KezYT Kun oldin
Kichi Kichi San reminds me of Soma....
Taslim Rockzyou
Taslim Rockzyou Kun oldin
How many times have they went to kichi kichi already?
Just A P39N
Just A P39N Kun oldin
I swear if anything bad happens to Kichi Kichi-San, I'd be sad for a whole month.
Jeff kyles
Jeff kyles Kun oldin
7:00 digimon world 2 ?
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Kun oldin
NAH NAH doofa
NAH NAH doofa Kun oldin
I guess singapore when they said Malaysia and I just threw my phone into the trash can
Justin Frankco
Justin Frankco Kun oldin
Ketchup or kecap(sweet soy-sauce)
Elite Pineapple
Elite Pineapple Kun oldin
More More *MORE*
Lord Wizrak
Lord Wizrak Kun oldin
Malaysian here... Never expected to have been the highest consumer of eggs.
Akiha Amber
Akiha Amber Kun oldin
I've NEVER been so jealous of people eating 😭😭😭😭
Alexis Lockey
Alexis Lockey 2 kun oldin
I personally don't like eggs but it does look good I will admit that
Sainath Ingale
Sainath Ingale 2 kun oldin
Dude I eat 10 eggs everyday so 350 is like nothing 🤣
Fat Unikornz
Fat Unikornz 2 kun oldin
The camera guy is the cutest thing ever I wish u guys would put his insta on here 🙁💜💜 Oh ya his name is Adam 😋
adsada sadsdas
adsada sadsdas 2 kun oldin
Jamison Courtney
Jamison Courtney 2 kun oldin
7:44 like watching a flower blossom.
Leonard Voon
Leonard Voon 2 kun oldin
Steven, I can finish that tamago in one bite ( the first one)
CuriousEyes 2 kun oldin
Hey! I know that omelette guy!
AnsonPlayPixel :PPP
Does Andrew remember the omurice guy
Nerdy Mattress
Nerdy Mattress 3 kun oldin
Hope Gordon Ramsay try this Like if you agree
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah 3 kun oldin
why is that girl in the background at 0:52 looking so confused? lol
423adriana 3 kun oldin
unpopular opinions: the egg in #2 looks frickin' gross. *fight me.*
Yoru Shingetsu
Yoru Shingetsu 3 kun oldin
Malaysia eat more eggs?Damn,telur
2da No
2da No 3 kun oldin
Can I take that cute white boy home with me next? After he eats all of those eggs, I'll rub his feet for him so he can relax.
Casual Yoyo
Casual Yoyo 3 kun oldin
How about getting the expensive eggs, going back to kichi kichi and asking the chef if he will prepare them for you, and give him the rest of the eggs? He would be so happy!
Blue_Angel 3 kun oldin
This guy with the purple hair was born to be a chef.
ShamsulPlayz 3 kun oldin
0:36 that why in Malaysia we have so many chicken
DIAMOND 45 3 kun oldin
AfricanShaq 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one that would clap reian(idk how to spell her name)
ur mom gay
ur mom gay 3 kun oldin
0:52 there's just a women staring at them like "wtf are they doing?"
CoralBunny ii
CoralBunny ii 3 kun oldin
Yeah Malaysia is in the top 3 because we eat hard boiled eggs with nasi lemak 😂🇲🇾
Izuko Gaen
Izuko Gaen 3 kun oldin
Kichi kichi needs an anime
bean man
bean man 4 kun oldin
camille islas
camille islas 4 kun oldin
L U L 4 kun oldin
"Idatakimasu" *Itadakimasu* 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Made Laksmiani
Made Laksmiani 4 kun oldin
did kichi san remember andrew? he taught him to make his signature omelette tho
psychotic wafflez
psychotic wafflez 4 kun oldin
Who else realized that Annie was in the back ground at 0:52
Lorenzo Aquino
Lorenzo Aquino 4 kun oldin
Real life shokugeki no soma lol 6:17
KFC game
KFC game 4 kun oldin
The scene before intro when steven says tamago , the woman behind it was like tf why thr hell he saying eggs
Jason willoughby
Jason willoughby 4 kun oldin
The way Kichi Kichi chef describes food if he described a cardboard box that way I would eat it.
Eryana Sangel
Eryana Sangel 4 kun oldin
This is honestly my favorite episode of Worth It!
Donger 4 kun oldin
This is the good side of buzzfeed
BakingShorts 4 kun oldin
It makes me so happy when they feed Adam lol
# M.I.D
# M.I.D 4 kun oldin
Any malaysia heree 🇲🇾
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez 4 kun oldin
OMG!! I just notice that Goku son "Gohan" means rice 😍😍😄😄😂😂😂
christine chatsatourian
As a person that can’t stand the taste of eggs I got really triggered by the last dish
Patrina McBride
Patrina McBride 4 kun oldin
Adam actually SMILED! OMG he's in heaven!
Lydia Fiorella
Lydia Fiorella 4 kun oldin
Adam 😂💞
butter milk
butter milk 4 kun oldin
Crisha Mae
Crisha Mae 4 kun oldin
14:55 the easiest method to separate the yolk
Crisha Mae
Crisha Mae 4 kun oldin
7:55 woah!
Crisha Mae
Crisha Mae 4 kun oldin
Inday Balandan
Inday Balandan 4 kun oldin
2:18 poor man in a wheel chair :c
_amira diana
_amira diana 4 kun oldin
Steven, pls bring andrew to M'sia and teach him to eat our unique foods !!
Vy-ssi Lucillaria
Vy-ssi Lucillaria 4 kun oldin
That is egg-pensive!
Genie Williams
Genie Williams 4 kun oldin
The Kichi Kichi chef just makes me happy inside. The definition of charming in my opinion
Farrah Wakefield
Farrah Wakefield 4 kun oldin
That's it - Kichi Kichi San is on my bucket list when I travel to Japan!
Nick Kwak
Nick Kwak 5 kun oldin
Two vids worth it egg and worth it eggs
Fiery Rhombus
Fiery Rhombus 5 kun oldin
Wait wait, the 89$ egg contains 10 eggs right?? So if you divide 89$ with 10,you should get the price for 1 egg, and that is 8.9$
jillian 5 kun oldin
I love Rie! She's so funny!!💛
loghatv 5 kun oldin
I like when rie does crossovers
Keren C
Keren C 5 kun oldin
I love Andrew so much 😂
Nativeaboriginal 5 kun oldin