$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

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"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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7-Okt, 2018



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Poe Nah Kae
Poe Nah Kae 37 daqiqa oldin
I actually smashed her :)
Ipickle Yumyam
Ipickle Yumyam Soat oldin
The sons name was hikaru.... who else watched ouran academy host club
soo_yaa 2 soat oldin
lol nichol in the background
Egg with 10,000 subscribers?
Tasty works with Buzz Feed?
DodjersBoy 6 soat oldin
steven is a dickhead in person
Itamarboi 7 soat oldin
the kichi chef boi is too ebic
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish 8 soat oldin
Damn you know its good if adam smiles
Moo Joouice
Moo Joouice 8 soat oldin
"It's like eating tide pods" "Steven nooooo"
DantheCan 9 soat oldin
I feel sad when I watch this the first guy is like the Japanese version of Stan Lee
hanis sofea
hanis sofea 13 soat oldin
Eyy Malaysia
archie lauchlan
archie lauchlan 15 soat oldin
I really watched a video of men eating eggs
Jjj Vol
Jjj Vol 15 soat oldin
Kimchi kimchi is like salmonella
Wolf Jayphyr
Wolf Jayphyr 16 soat oldin
0:53 look at the girl ni the back she’s like ‘I want that!’
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 20 soat oldin
If I ever go to Japan I want to go to kichi kichi!
Victoria W. G
Victoria W. G 20 soat oldin
Is it just me but doesn’t Adam looks starving every episode? 😂
Scalyfoot 21 soat oldin
disliking because this is buzzfeed
rapMonster:-P Kun oldin
She reminds me of Rie from Tasty
Joebucken Kun oldin
I’m happy that for the most expensive egg, it was legit. I thought it would’ve been like “scrambled eggs with caviar, gold flakes, and truffle oil” like most episodes they’ve done on this series.
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer Kun oldin
18:26 why is that man wearing a mask?
Jarrett Glesner
Jarrett Glesner Kun oldin
The girl at 0:58 😂
cherry red
cherry red Kun oldin
4:40 i cackled
Moto Monday
Moto Monday Kun oldin
i struggle to justify paying for double meat at chipotle...
MrTwbrien Kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the omurice segment?
Jessica Dieter
Jessica Dieter Kun oldin
I thought I was the only one who eats ketchup on my rice 😁
Rowan Reed
Rowan Reed Kun oldin
Watching this knowing I don’t eat eggs lol
Janelle Meap
Janelle Meap Kun oldin
Are there any eggs were made in South Korea?
Candyz Kun oldin
Hears tamago Me: Gudeetama tama gudeetama tama😂🥔🍳
Tyrel Luna
Tyrel Luna Kun oldin
The Kichi Kichi Chef is like that cool uncle we all wanted to hang out with
Yuki la serpe
Yuki la serpe Kun oldin
Only seing this i started itching, i'm intollerant to eggs, it get worse if they are raw... I love raw eggs, those are high quality eggs T.T i miss eating raw eggs
dammit i realized i watch too much anime
아미LiNa Kun oldin
And that's when he laughs.....end of the story !
Om Upadhyay
Om Upadhyay Kun oldin
You don't say "itadakimas" after every bite
real one
real one Kun oldin
Lol why is Annie hiding in the back with an umbrella
CurryBoy Kun oldin
Where is the first egg in japan?
vhuang1219 Kun oldin
0:52-1:00 Annie at the back like "......?"
Yas Yas
Yas Yas 2 kun oldin
Miriam Law
Miriam Law 2 kun oldin
*world record egg has joined the chat*
Dude Imnotloyal
Dude Imnotloyal 2 kun oldin
A tray of egg is never enough. Would not even last a week -a fellow Malaysian
eilen sing
eilen sing 2 kun oldin
Scum Boi
Scum Boi 2 kun oldin
0:44 i’ve watch this video like four times in the past month and I haven’t noticed that random lady standing in the background!!
Scum Boi
Scum Boi 2 kun oldin
*0:55** fat fingered it*
M3TRX_ Noble
M3TRX_ Noble 2 kun oldin
Is it bad that i couldn't watch this without thinking of Shokugeki no Soma(food wars)😂
Jacob Sun
Jacob Sun 2 kun oldin
i think stevens shirt is inside out
tayyfvck 2 kun oldin
I love Adams reactions to everything, he’s so precious
Humanoid is me
Humanoid is me 2 kun oldin
so cringe lmao no hate though :)
Andy Du
Andy Du 2 kun oldin
"Like caviar" Wtf my poor butt.
ThePeoplesChamp 2 kun oldin
Let me guess $89 egg has truffle on it.
T.T yaoi child
T.T yaoi child 2 kun oldin
18:16 😂😂😂😂 adams little smile
Hani Honey
Hani Honey 3 kun oldin
Is buzzfeed and tasty are same production?
BotMe 3 kun oldin
6:40 galaxy hair
MK Unicorn
MK Unicorn 3 kun oldin
0:57 that judgmental woman in the back lol
Beatlefreak 3 kun oldin
When are you gonna do an episode in China
MatsuLoveLust 3 kun oldin
Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler 3 kun oldin
The kichi Kichi chef was great!! He was really energetic about the food was amazing. 🤩
Confettio xx
Confettio xx 3 kun oldin
ɳσƭ ૨αყ.
ɳσƭ ૨αყ. 3 kun oldin
17:42 Let's ruin everyone's lunch by saying that.
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson 3 kun oldin
7:55 impressive
Jia Ning Ji
Jia Ning Ji 3 kun oldin
24$ for rice and an egg fk my life.
omegagamer clarence
Hahahah the girl just stared at them and the girl said guilty
Jben Trustbusters
Jben Trustbusters 3 kun oldin
Wait gohan is rice
Da Princess
Da Princess 3 kun oldin
who else here loves eggs with ketchup and rice? 🙆 only me?
AloyIsPro 3 kun oldin
I should have came here during my trip to Osaka fp
stop 3 kun oldin
Japanese stan lee
0:50 look at the girl in the back
Gacha Kiwi
Gacha Kiwi 4 kun oldin
I love ketchup on eggs idk why!
Fanaticalplel Warstartarea
That chef with the dyed hair really puts his energy and love into his food, the way he interacts his customer is nice he just doesn’t shove the dish in your face and say in a fake cheery tone enjoy he actually has real energy.
Mystic potato
Mystic potato 4 kun oldin
gohan means rice....
Raegan VanArsdale
Raegan VanArsdale 4 kun oldin
0:51 who is the lady in the back just staring? Is that someone they know or just a weird random stranger?😂😂😂
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 4 kun oldin
Omg the kichi kichi chefs hair is amazing!!!
jbtrimar 4 kun oldin
Rie is the best!!! I love her in every video
louie kim
louie kim 4 kun oldin
I live in Malaysia and i never see anyone eating egg
Miss Madness
Miss Madness 4 kun oldin
i wanna c gordan Ramsey eat this!
Ω9 CONQ3RER 4 kun oldin
Oh Adam....so sweet......so innocent
Anh Huỳnh Kim Nguyễn
The kichi kichi guy is so sweet honestly. And he and his restaurant gives me major Howl’s moving castle vibe for some reason.
Silentchaos4 4 kun oldin
"Your happiness, my happiness. " What a great guy. Doing what he loves for 20 years, making people happy. That's a well lived life.
Shadowthe #LONEWOLF
OMG! I’m asian and just recently had omu rice
Michelle Dumasig
Michelle Dumasig 4 kun oldin
Is that Rie?
steamed_ bunz
steamed_ bunz 4 kun oldin
Is it just me, or Adam is a softie
Luna Mora
Luna Mora 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or chef Kichi Kichi reminds me of j-hope
Tyler Tanaka
Tyler Tanaka 5 kun oldin
18:15 Adam smiled!!!
sneekypanda 5 kun oldin
The Kichi Kichi Chef brings me so much joy
haiman arifin
haiman arifin 5 kun oldin
i m malaysia
Shut up Tanya
Shut up Tanya 5 kun oldin
I wanna go to Kichi Kichi now.
Call_Me_Raven_ King
That kichi kichi chef is so passionate
Fidan Zavutatze
Fidan Zavutatze 5 kun oldin
“Steven NO”
Karl Victorino
Karl Victorino 5 kun oldin
4:26 missed opportunity to say _"gude-boote"_
GompNut 5 kun oldin
You can eat raw eggs in Norway too.
Obama Bin Ladin
Obama Bin Ladin 5 kun oldin
heeeeh why does every person talk about Japans orange eggs We exist too ;;
Wolf 098
Wolf 098 5 kun oldin
Andrew also made this with that chef. Also side note, when he said he's absorbing your aura, I just imagined him absorbing chakra, like from Naruto.
Yetinator 5 kun oldin
Its eggsalent
Barry Bee
Barry Bee 5 kun oldin
I think Japan is so wholesome. They always try to be the best. Not everything is, but they still try.
V Nguyen
V Nguyen 5 kun oldin
I need some of the Kichi Kichi guy's happiness and joy in my life
YoKiDoki RobloxTv/More
Ridy?.... FIYAAAAAAAA!!!
yuyun yuliendanie
yuyun yuliendanie 5 kun oldin
17:00 my indonesian ass can’t even 🤮 idc how expensive it is i KNOW DAM WELL that ain’t taste good at all
vanessa lux!!
vanessa lux!! 5 kun oldin
That kichi kichi chef kinda reminds me of jhope???? Like how happy and energetic he is ☺️
Sophia Ishanee
Sophia Ishanee 5 kun oldin
Finally, something to be proud of as a Malaysian. We eat eggs for dessert
bongo the psychopath
i wish there will be a Adam shots montage video
Dylan Wheeler19
Dylan Wheeler19 5 kun oldin
Buys $10000 eggs, uses $1 rice and soy sauce
Kostas Vo
Kostas Vo 5 kun oldin
Not gonna lie but they make me feel uncomfortable... They are so cold and their jokes never land
Anis South
Anis South 5 kun oldin
That woman in the background during 0.58 she goals
Absolute Burst
Absolute Burst 5 kun oldin
Omurice chef is really awesome and always enjoying in work....
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