$1000 Earphones! (Shure SE846 Unboxing & Test)

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Shure SE846 (US) - amzn.to/25HIlBx
Shure SE846 (UK) - amzn.to/1pH3THo
Shure SE846 (CA) - amzn.to/1mgZhXj
Wu-Tang Hoodies - amzn.to/1UCe3HJ
Welcome to my Shure SE846 unboxing. Here are some detailed specs from the manufacturer.
Key Features
Quad Hi-Definition MicroDrivers for extended high-end clarity.
Patent-pending design includes a groundbreaking low-pass filter for a True Subwoofer performance.
Adjustable sound signatures including balanced, warm or bright.
Sound Isolating design blocking up to 37 dB of ambient noise.
Detachable cable with Wireform Fit for unmatched personalization and comfort.
Enables long product life.
Crystal-clear housing allows a view of the precision-engineered, laser-etched components of the interior.
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24-Iyn, 2014

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Adrian Geloso
Adrian Geloso 2 kun oldin
This is why Apple remove a headphone jack?
Hadi 6867
Hadi 6867 3 kun oldin
What is the music in the background in the beginning of the video
Krishnan M
Krishnan M 4 kun oldin
The accessories are overwhelming
wir bro
wir bro 5 kun oldin
Thanks for makin this video... A grand worth of headset without a bluetooth capability?
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 7 kun oldin
I buy the China Samsung yearbuds 10 pack for 12 dollars and work beautifully so yeah no thanks
Paul Gregorovich
Paul Gregorovich 8 kun oldin
Connell Fitzgerald
Connell Fitzgerald 8 kun oldin
Broke ass boy get some AirPods
Meer Nahro
Meer Nahro 9 kun oldin
I miss the older Lew
Hasanli Turan
Hasanli Turan 10 kun oldin
Looking at these videos, how the channel improved over time.
EmirHazeem146 YT
EmirHazeem146 YT 10 kun oldin
$1000=1 years 1$=10 years
Ryan Knight
Ryan Knight 11 kun oldin
The case looks like a 3rd graders pencil box
Jesse Coonen
Jesse Coonen 11 kun oldin
Just a heads up, you have the earphones swapped and put inside your ear backwards.
Svante Löfroth
Svante Löfroth 12 kun oldin
Apple 2019: We are all created different and we want to take advantage of that. Let me introduce you to Earcanal id
Shahriar Firoz
Shahriar Firoz 12 kun oldin
For a person like me, who keeps losing earphones... 🙏
Vikas Shelke
Vikas Shelke 13 kun oldin
Bought 1000 dollar earphones, since last 3months. Bass is flattering at higher volumes. No sign of treble. Earphones feel awesome. Sound quality is not that great. Better earphones available 1/3price.
Bert Flavio
Bert Flavio 13 kun oldin
Definitely need these in my life. I previously owned the Shure 535PTH and those are till this day THE BEST audio experience I have ever had.
CodeNinja 13 kun oldin
Back when he doesn’t scream when he found something nice
SUBHANKAR GHOSH 13 kun oldin
How can I by this hadephone in india
viscool ig
viscool ig 15 kun oldin
Watching in 2018, old unbox therapy was really boring, lol
Furious AceTM
Furious AceTM 16 kun oldin
Try the 20$ kz-zsn in ear monitor.
Bruno Pinho
Bruno Pinho 17 kun oldin
achei meio feinho o fone... parece um coco amassado...
Norbz Lopez
Norbz Lopez 17 kun oldin
What was your sound source?what music were you listening too?you just blabbed about nothing dude.
Alokesh Bora
Alokesh Bora 17 kun oldin
Your videos are so much better when you're not shouting and getting super hyper
Loading 18 kun oldin
I prefer bose sound sport wireless
Rabbi Trompetenschleim
All these people saying to spend 1000 dollar you have to be ultra rich and i just buy them. kinda sad
Daniel 22 kun oldin
It makes sense for a professional musician but if you're not there are more affordable ear buds that sound pretty amazing.
diamond prince
diamond prince 22 kun oldin
Should I buy a 1000$ ear phone and use it on a 100$ phone or buy a 1000$ phone and use a 100$ ear phone
Flutteryuuki Gaming and Anime
I gonna say this product not for me... Toooooooo poor
JASON.S 28 kun oldin
Egg head Lew
Pipy LongStockings
Pipy LongStockings 29 kun oldin
Well I don’t have to eat for I week I guess
Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii 29 kun oldin
He raves about the $1K earbuds, yet at 08:56 tosses them onto the hard table.
klucohor Oy oldin
They might have meant something when they came out 5 years ago but now $200 chinese IEMs easily match the sound quality
Mr215Alive Oy oldin
Ugly ass wire
Karan soni
Karan soni Oy oldin
U buy it or u give to someone a 2nd hand earphone!
Adnan Saad
Adnan Saad Oy oldin
To Bill Gates these earbuds are like 15$ earbuds you find at target like skull candy
technical room
technical room
Plz can any one tell me the name of the background music in this vedio plz its a kind request
bass boosted songs
u shouid rather buy a big 20 inch subwoofer from jbl and then you will know what bass is
Sagar Niturkar
December 18????
Babyflasche Babyflasche
I am listening to him with my 1$ earphone.
Houston Attakai
Akg n5005
Josua Doering
Josua Doering Oy oldin
Hey Lew, could you review some inears from KZ? It would be the complete opposite. They are incredibly cheap and instead of being cheap they sound amazing. Try the ZS10 maybe.
Abraham Wences
Who else is high watching this
Diggity Nigga
Diggity Nigga 21 kun oldin
Abraham Wences I’m drunk...but that’s totally different 😂
jorge godines
jorge godines Oy oldin
I have 3 of this.. They are crappy.. He makes you think they will give you bionical human eardrums .
NuVizion732 Oy oldin
Does Lou have a notch on his head?
rick4electric Oy oldin
What??? They're not BLUETOOTH? Fuck That!!!
Kodi _
Kodi _ Oy oldin
No no no dis is not ut
ب قلبي هجرني من
They are amazing mainly for their's price,
ب قلبي هجرني من
It is stupid to mount physical filters to change EQ instead use EQ if it is needed.
Easha Khan
Easha Khan Oy oldin
8:00 and they should be...
Emilio Arroyo
Emilio Arroyo Oy oldin
best earphones or headphones ever? I want to buy one and I dont know wich
Jafte Cenjoy
Jafte Cenjoy Oy oldin
These aren't for listening to your tablet, or for plugging into your game controller. For those that don't know, these are personal in ear monitors for live musicians, mainly. I guess you " could" use the for everyday listening, but these are for music production, mainly.
Yuvadey Kosal
Yuvadey Kosal Oy oldin
im first
Romero Micheaux
I have had these for three years now. I have had no physical problems with them. I have lost a few filters, but overall they are great earbuds. I used them with my iPod and then graduated to my high def HiBy6 player and FLAC files. I use to have issues with earbuds staying in my ear but the white earbud tips EATFL1-6 Triple Flange Sleeves, they don't fall out of my ear. I run with these earbuds and workout with them. I have had to replace the cable between the earbuds that go in your ears to the listening device itself a few times, but they are about 30-40 bucks. Anyways. The ear tips keep the sweat out, and sweat doesn't loosen the eartips either. There is also a Bluetooth cable that comes with this product now I think. I just found out about it, and bought them. They also work really well. You just the earbuds take the buds off the cable and place it on the blue tooth cable. The Bluetooth connection is also fast, so you don't have to wait forever to get a connection. I use it for anything in the house that has Bluetooth, computer, tv, phone, etc. The range of the Bluetooth connection appears to be about 30 feet before it breaks up. There is also a mic on the blue tooth device where you can have a clear conversation without any issues. The only Cons I have is that it is pricy and being afraid of losing it but if you are a music head and have to have your music just perfect. They are great.
leennux Oy oldin
It's really cool how he was so calm here and he's more energetic now. He indeed evolved lol
qwe Oy oldin
Sry ??I m good with my $2 earphones
Daniel Iordache
You look "strange" without a cap :)
Billy Fee
Billy Fee Oy oldin
2014 XD
marcos baratelli
Man, the beats pro (which are made for professional musiccians) are 600 dollars cheaper
Hi Im APOP Oy oldin
Lew's personality is sooo different compared to now. He's composed and calm, whereas to today, his personality is energetic, random and all over the place. (I like it tho)
gagomobes pakshet
any audiophiles here
Salvador Iriarte
Lalit Chauhan
Lalit Chauhan Oy oldin
Itte me scooty leke Tere moood pe raund dunga bhosadii ke😅😄😄😄😄
David Laird
David Laird Oy oldin
Tells you how great they are then proceeds to throw them down on the desk!
Lewis Clark
Lewis Clark Oy oldin
No one is buying these
Make a new video on this product
W M Oy oldin
You need a degree in audiology and a magnifying glass just to set them up.
saad merhari
saad merhari Oy oldin
Literally watching this is with my 10 dollar EarPods to test them out, holy crap the sound quality is nice for the price xD
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht Oy oldin
lol is that a notch in his head. He should have done a patent for that before anyone.
steve wittwer
steve wittwer Oy oldin
Theres probably $100 wasted on useless packaging. Wasted resources. Probably end up as landfill.
Rey Ortega
Rey Ortega Oy oldin
Pump up the bass on earbuds! No joke.. Lol wow homeboy you got jokes!
RalphLans Oy oldin
did you try with flac files?
crazy life
crazy life Oy oldin
Watching this in 10$ earphone
Jude Ryans
Jude Ryans Oy oldin
Are they not stage in ear monitors
Alexandri Oy oldin
I think I will stick to power beats thank you.
ipone87 Bane
ipone87 Bane Oy oldin
Better than B&O ?
Tfue Oy oldin
I thought this video was made on April fools
Aindre Reece-Sheerin
Have you tested the likes of Ultimate Ears In Ear Monitors please?
See Cō
See Cō Oy oldin
Will you let me have these ?
Garrett Runyon
SimoG Channel
SimoG Channel Oy oldin
2018 ?
Kendrick Calderon
Why is this im my recommendation hmm 2018?
joker Darker
joker Darker Oy oldin
for 160/200(new) you can get sennheiser Monitor HD25 m2's(i think) or AKG's for under 150 are fucking amazing quality n function n some Shure headphones are under 200 n well worth the money .... n all parts are replaceable ,,,unless you're a wealthy donkey who will pay stupid money...........n i bet those earbuds won't last a year ,,,,,,,
Jeff Nunya
Jeff Nunya Oy oldin
Amazing, lew gets 5% commissions of $1,000 with his amazon link and surprisingly he loves the earbuds!
Shubham Bharti
Sennhiser user hit like
this is old tho
JafarovMehdi TO
im subscriber
JafarovMehdi TO
egghead :D :) . like like like
Kyle Creates
Kyle Creates Oy oldin
Buys $1000 in-ear monitors. Uses to play gameboy emulators
eTrust dev
eTrust dev Oy oldin
2 minutes for open !! - novice
turtle lover
turtle lover 2 oy oldin
4 years later, Lewis you have changed ALOT 8l
Stefano Edgard
Stefano Edgard 2 oy oldin
Dont buy 1000$ earphones for eveyday use. Id rather buy 100$ ones with decent quality. Its gg if you lose those earphones
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar 2 oy oldin
It should come with a health insurance
rajkumar shelake
rajkumar shelake 2 oy oldin
Instead of buying this headphone donate it to the person who can't hear anything He will be able to buy 👂 And could be able to listen everything...
Watch Learn
Watch Learn 2 oy oldin
Buddy you look lost without you Hat ..... something of you is missing 😋😋😋😋
Salty Boi
Salty Boi 2 oy oldin
Watching on beats studio 3
Woken up by my Self
If nobody knows bout them then I can’t flex wit them so...... NOPE
Mirajudheen Mohamed
Oh 🎏🔥🔥🔥
Kh Biren
Kh Biren 2 oy oldin