$1000 Earphones! (Shure SE846 Unboxing & Test)

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Pricing & Availability
Shure SE846 (US) - amzn.to/25HIlBx
Shure SE846 (UK) - amzn.to/1pH3THo
Shure SE846 (CA) - amzn.to/1mgZhXj
Wu-Tang Hoodies - amzn.to/1UCe3HJ
Welcome to my Shure SE846 unboxing. Here are some detailed specs from the manufacturer.
Key Features
Quad Hi-Definition MicroDrivers for extended high-end clarity.
Patent-pending design includes a groundbreaking low-pass filter for a True Subwoofer performance.
Adjustable sound signatures including balanced, warm or bright.
Sound Isolating design blocking up to 37 dB of ambient noise.
Detachable cable with Wireform Fit for unmatched personalization and comfort.
Enables long product life.
Crystal-clear housing allows a view of the precision-engineered, laser-etched components of the interior.
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24-Iyn, 2014



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 14 807
Bleach 3 kun oldin
It literally looks like testicles
Now your remove your cap
EYE of - RA
EYE of - RA 7 kun oldin
How do these stack up with today's buds?
Stepanenko Viktor
Stepanenko Viktor 7 kun oldin
total shit
MaxxPlay 6 kun oldin
Kamau Wilson
Kamau Wilson 8 kun oldin
Thank you ,for the video...
Anthony DiPizzio
Anthony DiPizzio 16 kun oldin
So you were laughing hysterically, but in the vid you were not laughing at all. Hmm. 2nd point: why would you throw them down on the table twice? Thats how much respect you have for $1000 earphones? Smh
KEK KEK 15 kun oldin
is this a bait , or are you asshurt?
Daniel Polanco
Daniel Polanco 16 kun oldin
Try out the 64 audio’s 13 driver IEM!
LoHoVi 17 kun oldin
this was the first video i saw from this channel löl
X88B88 18 kun oldin
Back when lou was boring and run of the mill!!
Ivan Daza
Ivan Daza 20 kun oldin
Have you tried testing the KZ ZSN?
Jerry McCrimmons
Jerry McCrimmons 20 kun oldin
Update. They’re still $999
diamond 23 kun oldin
fetus lew omg
Joshua Sante
Joshua Sante 24 kun oldin
Why is it so expensive?
anthony ioane
anthony ioane 5 kun oldin
The parts in the earphones and manufacturing costs and R&D costs.
Dominic Guevara
Dominic Guevara 24 kun oldin
Thinking about getting some, I know you can get custom molds for them through sensaphonics, do you have experience with the custom molds for the se 846?
Alex Chan
Alex Chan 25 kun oldin
it is shurely damn good hands down able to be almost be on par with, 64 audio, JH audio, and ultimate ears.
Mr EncounteR
Mr EncounteR 27 kun oldin
Like if 2k19
Jose kundeed
Jose kundeed 29 kun oldin
Don't worry Chinese will make this for 30 then I buy
Abzz Ahm
Abzz Ahm Oy oldin
Wonder what airpods user think I'm broke now
Ashario Oy oldin
One more thing added to my lifes wishlist lol
Da Blade Appi
Da Blade Appi Oy oldin
Do a review on Meizu LIVE Quad-Driver Earphones
10TH Religion
10TH Religion Oy oldin
Took me 6 months to down payment and in all honesty they are with it if you are a music producer !!!!!!!
cats rule
cats rule Oy oldin
I'm listing to it on my 4$ screwed up earbuds so it is crapply bassey.
maheep bhatia
maheep bhatia Oy oldin
Dude can you.plz gift me this box ❤️
Rica Naypa
Rica Naypa Oy oldin
I want to try it just once XD
lovdusk Oy oldin
ew who want that
lovdusk Oy oldin
ew who want that
Daniel Beavers
In my opinion this is how $250 earbuds should be!!!! Earbuds and headphones are the biggest RIP off! They are so so so!!!!!! Over priced. They make a pair for $10 then sale them for $400. Carazy!!!!!!
Daniel Beavers
You can get the same case at wal mart for $2 it will be in school supplies under pencil case. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Charters
Hmmm looks like $500 earbuds or less and $500 in accessories to me😂
Hack shark
Hack shark Oy oldin
Lew look so different then
Arthur Callahan
A lot of people seem to forget these are built for people working in the audio side of things. I mean basketball players buy overpriced shoes all the time for the same reason. To use for their profession.
pee pies
pee pies Oy oldin
The treble on these are absolute pants. I would only recommend these for people that like electronic music, for rock they're awful, they lack detail.
Xtron FeniX
Xtron FeniX Oy oldin
You didn't even use the earphones
take this airpod users
Angry Irishman
Lew is so calm in this one...
Obi Dave Kenobe
I bought a pair iem's from KZ IEM for $60. They use five miniture balanced armature drivers per side. Granted their from china but have excellent bass definition, frequency and clearity!
Obi Dave Kenobe
+Arthur Callahan it depends, $60 is pretty normal. I found mine on eBay from a US seller
Arthur Callahan
Im guessing you have the as10. But dont those usually go for $45?
Badar Shinan
Badar Shinan Oy oldin
why was this recommended to me in 2019?????
Oh yeah yeah
alisha Mohammed
Hi bro real me 2 pro mobile low move option under
LocalWeeb Oy oldin
Then airpods comes out
Mitchell Ahrens
this is for full flexing on airpod users
Edgar XX
Edgar XX Oy oldin
Who else came back to this video? 2019
Mihai Marius
Mihai Marius Oy oldin
I'm watching this listening to Shure SE 846 CL. Own them for about 3 years and they work flawless. Also bought for them a Bluetooth cable adapter also from Shure and it's absolutely magical. The perfect match. I'm impressed even now after all these years! The sound hasn't changed at all,on the contrary, it got better. Great job Shure!!! 👌👌👌
JosiahBurrito Oy oldin
Deepak Nagpal
Deepak Nagpal Oy oldin
Where is your cap
Isaac Quipse
Isaac Quipse Oy oldin
Arthur Callahan
the zsn sounds terrible compared to the other products kz has made tho
Devilz DandruFF
Can you hear Tom Brady audible at the line of scrimmage with these?
Aman Thakur
Aman Thakur Oy oldin
ali abbas
ali abbas Oy oldin
2019 who watching thing give me like
Daniel Avram
Daniel Avram Oy oldin
For Shure they are damn expensive.
mattia lembo luscari
But Then... You see the Isine 10 and 20 walking on the stage And be like: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Oy oldin
I'm hearing his voice through 10$ earphone
Air Pods
Air Pods Oy oldin
Just buy this thing and it’s shurely crazy boom rich bass sound well done 👍
The Cook
The Cook Oy oldin
Still smell like broke air pod users?
The Cook
The Cook 10 soat oldin
Rosebie Benting nice grammar m8
Mído Byn
Mído Byn Oy oldin
I'm a music listener & an electronic music lover my dream is to buy this earphones
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 2 oy oldin
My $170 bgvp dm6 smoke these
Mathy Obreque
Mathy Obreque 2 oy oldin
People only talk about the price, but men, SHURE IS really another level, they are a PROFESIONAL MUSIC/SOUND ARMY so, be Smart, and dont Talk about the price
Youngan Thuggin
Youngan Thuggin 2 oy oldin
When he said he couldn’t stop laughing and smiling I was like that me when I’m high 😂
frank paver
frank paver 2 oy oldin
thanks for the review mat!
Susan S.
Susan S. 2 oy oldin
How can I be Shure? Where I stand with you...la la la
Butterbaum 2 oy oldin
back then u wehre way nicer
D Sak
D Sak 2 oy oldin
Continuous Hardwired cables always sound better than multiple connections in a sound cable. They should have designed a hardwired cable of suitable quality for a pair of $1000 earbuds. If bought I’d suggest the end user to have them hardwired by a professional.
Sarmad Abrar
Sarmad Abrar 2 oy oldin
I would rather buy a speaker for that much money or an iPhone x
Asian Jesus
Asian Jesus 2 oy oldin
This is why Apple remove a headphone jack?
Hadi 6867
Hadi 6867 2 oy oldin
What is the music in the background in the beginning of the video
Krishnan M
Krishnan M 2 oy oldin
The accessories are overwhelming
wir bro
wir bro 2 oy oldin
Thanks for makin this video... A grand worth of headset without a bluetooth capability?
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 2 oy oldin
I buy the China Samsung yearbuds 10 pack for 12 dollars and work beautifully so yeah no thanks
Paul Gregorovich
Paul Gregorovich 2 oy oldin
Connell Fitzgerald
Broke ass boy get some AirPods
Meer Nahro
Meer Nahro 2 oy oldin
I miss the older Lew
Hasanli Turan
Hasanli Turan 2 oy oldin
Looking at these videos, how the channel improved over time.
EmirHazeem146 YT
EmirHazeem146 YT 2 oy oldin
$1000=1 years 1$=10 years
Ryan Knight
Ryan Knight 2 oy oldin
The case looks like a 3rd graders pencil box
Jesse Coonen
Jesse Coonen 2 oy oldin
Just a heads up, you have the earphones swapped and put inside your ear backwards.
Svante Löfroth
Svante Löfroth 2 oy oldin
Apple 2019: We are all created different and we want to take advantage of that. Let me introduce you to Earcanal id
Pat Lark
Pat Lark Oy oldin
hmm, you might be on to something lol get a patent on the idea and pitch it to apple. if you become rich, all i want is 5% on what you make lol
Shahriar Firoz
Shahriar Firoz 2 oy oldin
For a person like me, who keeps losing earphones... 🙏
Vikas Shelke
Vikas Shelke 2 oy oldin
Bought 1000 dollar earphones, since last 3months. Bass is flattering at higher volumes. No sign of treble. Earphones feel awesome. Sound quality is not that great. Better earphones available 1/3price.
Bert Flavio
Bert Flavio 2 oy oldin
Definitely need these in my life. I previously owned the Shure 535PTH and those are till this day THE BEST audio experience I have ever had.
CodeNinja 2 oy oldin
Back when he doesn’t scream when he found something nice
How can I by this hadephone in india
viscool ig
viscool ig 2 oy oldin
Watching in 2018, old unbox therapy was really boring, lol
Furious AceTM
Furious AceTM 2 oy oldin
Try the 20$ kz-zsn in ear monitor.
Bruno Pinho
Bruno Pinho 2 oy oldin
achei meio feinho o fone... parece um coco amassado...
Norbz Lopez
Norbz Lopez 2 oy oldin
What was your sound source?what music were you listening too?you just blabbed about nothing dude.
Alokesh Bora
Alokesh Bora 2 oy oldin
Your videos are so much better when you're not shouting and getting super hyper
Loading 2 oy oldin
I prefer bose sound sport wireless
Rabbi Trompetenschleim
All these people saying to spend 1000 dollar you have to be ultra rich and i just buy them. kinda sad
Daniel J.
Daniel J. 3 oy oldin
It makes sense for a professional musician but if you're not there are more affordable ear buds that sound pretty amazing.
diamond prince
diamond prince 3 oy oldin
Should I buy a 1000$ ear phone and use it on a 100$ phone or buy a 1000$ phone and use a 100$ ear phone
Flutter Yuuki
Flutter Yuuki 3 oy oldin
I gonna say this product not for me... Toooooooo poor
JASON.S 3 oy oldin
Egg head Lew
Pipy LongStockings
Well I don’t have to eat for I week I guess
Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii 3 oy oldin
He raves about the $1K earbuds, yet at 08:56 tosses them onto the hard table.
klucohor 3 oy oldin
They might have meant something when they came out 5 years ago but now $200 chinese IEMs easily match the sound quality
alien 3 oy oldin
U buy it or u give to someone a 2nd hand earphone!
Adnan Saad
Adnan Saad 3 oy oldin
To Bill Gates these earbuds are like 15$ earbuds you find at target like skull candy
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 3 oy oldin
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 3 oy oldin
Plz can any one tell me the name of the background music in this vedio plz its a kind request
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