$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

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"What kind of pajamas are you rockin'?"
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27-May, 2018

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Janet Dillingham
Janet Dillingham 20 daqiqa oldin
A Sleep Number bed with a great gel topper is my favorite bed.
Simone A.
Simone A. Kun oldin
I got a mattress ad right before this
Ravi Prakash
Ravi Prakash Kun oldin
rpgroop@gmail.com Please send 100$ PayPal account
Jan Kenneth Janipin
Just when i watch the intro 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😲😲
Gaming Hub
Gaming Hub Kun oldin
Even with my porsche macan i still feel broke
Jesper Jansson
Jesper Jansson 2 kun oldin
hästens means the horse`s in swedish
Adhya K
Adhya K 2 kun oldin
Super soft beds aren't necessarily good for you're spine
Nikki Castellanos
Nikki Castellanos 2 kun oldin
When Steven is flustered (beginning of the video) his accent comes out. Lol 😂😂
britters220 2 kun oldin
www.enbrel.com for ankylosing, my cousin has it and is in remission from this medication. Hope you find relief.
Alexa Ryan
Alexa Ryan 2 kun oldin
Wheres the normal bed
ElectricDragon Playz
Genevieve McCalla
Genevieve McCalla 4 kun oldin
Seller Guy: This bed is $159,000 Me: So I get a choice between a house and a bed? Seller dude: Yea, pretty much. Me: I'LL TAKE THE BED!
John Boy Cleatus
John Boy Cleatus 4 kun oldin
Ryan Avila coke head for sure, twitch game strong
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 5 kun oldin
I don´t wanna se that weirdo, disgusting
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 5 kun oldin
what a weirdo
Estella Yuan
Estella Yuan 5 kun oldin
I guess you can say they were Sleeping on the job
Brianna Hills
Brianna Hills 5 kun oldin
Hi guys, message Jeff Buckley on +12486338457 to make legit money
Cass N Gacha
Cass N Gacha 5 kun oldin
4:44 show this to your parents and see what happens (to be honest if i did they wouldn't care because they would still make me change it)
Stephen Fehr
Stephen Fehr 5 kun oldin
I have a 1 thousand dollar bed
Sloburner69 _
Sloburner69 _ 6 kun oldin
Mythic Dragon
Mythic Dragon 6 kun oldin
I identify with Zach very deeply, I also have an invisible illness and everything he says resonates so deeply with me.
Tchai Jean Baptiste
Us West Indies don't sleep in hammocks, we use beds thank you very much.🙄 We take naps sometimes, for those of us that either have one inside or outside.
Constantin Habsburg-Lothringen
This was so gay haha
joycee 준희
joycee 준희 8 kun oldin
mafermononoke 8 kun oldin
Hammocks are the best! Where I live every single house has at least a pair of hammock wallmounts per bedroom and everyone has at least one hammock.
Nohsen GAMING 9 kun oldin
I love your rip-OFF champion(Chinese)
Dahl R'Jay
Dahl R'Jay 9 kun oldin
$150 is more expensive than an air bed from Walmart, but okay. 👀
Akshay Jain
Akshay Jain 9 kun oldin
BensinTheKid 10 kun oldin
Ha gayyyyy
qbanz 10 kun oldin
that white dude is aggressively gay...
David dee
David dee 10 kun oldin
"We look great, we feel great,... let's get in the bed together"
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols 12 kun oldin
How gay are these guys lmao
Tycho 13 kun oldin
Ni🅱️🅱️a u gay
Andres Kaiser
Andres Kaiser 13 kun oldin
"out at the clurb"
Carol Bedrosian
Carol Bedrosian 13 kun oldin
As a Swede, I particularly appreciated this line at 13:18: “All my life I thought that Swedish people were beautiful, but now it turns out that they just sleep better…” :)
OtakuLory 13 kun oldin
I saw way too much of Zack today
Zylicto :D
Zylicto :D 13 kun oldin
try 7 dollar marinara sauce vs 120 marinara sauce
Karla Larios
Karla Larios 14 kun oldin
My bed is always cold ;-;
Abby The Lemon
Abby The Lemon 14 kun oldin
And that is why I never make my bed it’s clean
Joel Kunowsky
Joel Kunowsky 14 kun oldin
The beginning was fucking gay I want to kill myself now
Gacha Viridis
Gacha Viridis 14 kun oldin
Jayden Khaddage
Jayden Khaddage 14 kun oldin
Jayden Khaddage
Jayden Khaddage 14 kun oldin
I liked my self :3
Gabriel lyons
Gabriel lyons 15 kun oldin
This is gay
hZh appamtix
hZh appamtix 15 kun oldin
Not too be a hater but this is really gay
TheWeirdPotato 15 kun oldin
Haha gay. I cant talk though.
Nerdy Idol
Nerdy Idol 15 kun oldin
Zach is officially *me* around guys
football guy 101
football guy 101 16 kun oldin
Tell me I rock your body right - best quote of 2018 😂
The Mango Professor
The Mango Professor 16 kun oldin
The swedes always makes the best Furniture!
No One
No One 17 kun oldin
this make people fucking poor
Charge Rim2
Charge Rim2 17 kun oldin
this is nice
Arianejoy Gauuan
Arianejoy Gauuan 17 kun oldin
$150 for a hammock!! Wow. Ours cost less than $10
Tomas Tocornal
Tomas Tocornal 18 kun oldin
hear from 12:02 to 12:10 with eyes closed.... lol
JJ pappas
JJ pappas 19 kun oldin
He’s very gay and he doesn’t hide it at all
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 19 kun oldin
Most expensive couches
Moto Monkey
Moto Monkey 19 kun oldin
Ha gay
Isabella Letona
Isabella Letona 20 kun oldin
"You grabbed my nut."
Iarestar XD
Iarestar XD 20 kun oldin
I am from sweden... And bedtime fucking rocks!!
Riley V
Riley V 20 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with it if they are but are they gay
Kxng Will
Kxng Will 20 kun oldin
Isn't that the dude from Try guys
Lacinta Shae
Lacinta Shae 7 kun oldin
the white guy is 😂
Sky 21 kun oldin
12:36 it’s sad I could never get that bed because I’m allergic to horses hair and it’s too much money lol
MoonlightKitty 469
MoonlightKitty 469 21 kun oldin
Zachy!!! Yay!
ZUHA ZIYAD 21 kun oldin
Was he naked
wp: winterspaper
wp: winterspaper 21 kun oldin
*the swedens are here to help you*
tiny toad
tiny toad 21 kun oldin
Lol I'm in bed RN
grabsak 22 kun oldin
Dam Man I Can Honestly Say I Feel Your Pain. I've Had AS Since I Was 12 I'm 29 Now. Oh Man I Feel For You Bro That Sucks Hopefully You'll Get The Proper Treatment.
Venom-Agario 22 kun oldin
“We jump the f##k out of that bed” LOL
xd Bruthas
xd Bruthas 22 kun oldin
DoodleDoop 22 kun oldin
a hammock costs like $2 from where i live wtf
Twin Crib
Twin Crib 23 kun oldin
“For science”
Deepankar Jadhav
Deepankar Jadhav 23 kun oldin
Damn....I was getting those gay chills all throughout the episode from zatch....Steven you better watch out
iiWickedRabbit 23 kun oldin
at the end of the day, it's just a bed
Caleb Blom
Caleb Blom 23 kun oldin
Zack is so fucking gay, it’s gross!!!
Gentjan Hyseni
Gentjan Hyseni 24 kun oldin
This is *porn*
isaac warren
isaac warren 24 kun oldin
i sleep in a hammock
fwidas 24 kun oldin
i did not expect that opening
Karin Allen
Karin Allen 25 kun oldin
Who else thinks Zach, who's lost all sense of boundaries with the Try Guys, was just messing with Steven on purpose?
Redardo 25 kun oldin
It feels a little gay :D
Bunnyello 25 kun oldin
Damn, you couldve become The Thing.
Jillian Triesatlife
Jillian Triesatlife 25 kun oldin
That last guy was handsome
Katie Cameron
Katie Cameron 26 kun oldin
Two bruhs chilling in a nice bed, snuggled up together bc they got a good bed.
Moms Blanket
Moms Blanket 26 kun oldin
He slept with him😱
Lizzy Ray
Lizzy Ray 26 kun oldin
4:26 to save my spot
G L 26 kun oldin
Wow, they are very compatible w each other if that make sense
Kaito Kun [Ancient of Gods,Son of Kronos]
And my grandma says make the bed that’s why I get bites all over my body
miniRUSKI 27 kun oldin
Are they gay
Vivian Garms
Vivian Garms 27 kun oldin
OMFG I SHIP!!!!!!😍😍😍
Allen Lee
Allen Lee 28 kun oldin
Who really sleeps naked in their bed?
Leon Jamal
Leon Jamal 28 kun oldin
These guys are for sure gay.
SVT 28 kun oldin
Give me anything and I’ll sleep on it
Crafty Chris
Crafty Chris 28 kun oldin
Giving a jew striped Pj’s? Nice one Sweden
Cle Quez
Cle Quez 28 kun oldin
Gluten free.
Person that's not a people person
Them cuddling eachother was the cutest thing
Nishant Creations
Nishant Creations 28 kun oldin
Hit like if you're feeling sleepy
Grace Nagel
Grace Nagel 29 kun oldin
I love sleeping in my hammock!
Dj skillz Nyan
Dj skillz Nyan 29 kun oldin
You hade to pick the gayest
BlueMiner Gamer
BlueMiner Gamer 29 kun oldin
This video makes my bed feel like a 1$ Bed 😢😂
Richard Xiong
Richard Xiong 29 kun oldin
3:39 “it’s working” intensifies
Unyt 29 kun oldin
Simple is best
Random Videos
Random Videos 29 kun oldin
i no joke got a bed ad while watching this
twitch iz6dope
i have a bed for 7,800$ - 8,000$ not even joking