$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

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"What kind of pajamas are you rockin'?"
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27-May, 2018

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Gracie R
Gracie R 3 soat oldin
I ship Zach and Steven so baddd #Stach
I Want To Drink Myself
No homo
Jurgen Kranenburg
Jurgen Kranenburg 5 soat oldin
try a waterbed
Melty Boi
Melty Boi 6 soat oldin
Juan Sebastian Castrillon
Cringiest Intro ever
Warped Reality
Warped Reality 12 soat oldin
are they gay!? they look so cute together!
Anjelica Verlin
Anjelica Verlin 19 soat oldin
I have the eight sleep mattress and I’m having horrible back pain with it idk why I have horrible fibromyalgia but with my old bed I never had back pain like this
Anton Kornel
Anton Kornel 19 soat oldin
Gay video wtffff
Anjelica Verlin
Anjelica Verlin 19 soat oldin
I have the eight mattress but I can’t have the topper that measures everything because I can feel the wires and it hurts my back
Jhdh Djjfbf
Jhdh Djjfbf 20 soat oldin
Fbey acting gay
Dead Philix
Dead Philix 21 soat oldin
If there's someone out there that has actually more than £1k for a bed then you need help..
ShadowGHST Gaming
My bed is my favourite place and it’s not even that comfortable...if I slept in those beds I’d probably never wake up.
Oblivion Kun oldin
No homo tho
k2r2m03ry Kun oldin
5:29 tell me he didn't just make an awesome pun, sensors "emBEDded" haha this is too much
Focus_CRAYZ Kun oldin
I feel like on buzzfeeds application list they ask if u are a liberal or conservative and ask if u agree with gay marriage and if u say conservative and u don’t agree with it u don’t get the job
Focus_CRAYZ Kun oldin
Is Zach gay?? If so u can tell for sure
Tennyson Douglas
Great beds no bull ads anyone
WD AT 2 kun oldin
Zach is so gay
Chris Moreno
Chris Moreno 2 kun oldin
oh yeah, they're gay
Zoom b
Zoom b 2 kun oldin
Do $1 surgery vs $900000
ANJ social
ANJ social 2 kun oldin
I hate that zach guy
Amethyst Violet
Amethyst Violet 3 kun oldin
I actually move alot when I sleep so really that's not when I'm most inactive.
uR dADdY
uR dADdY 3 kun oldin
Reply shipnames for zach and steven:)
aledoes roleplayz
aledoes roleplayz 3 kun oldin
Now I know how todoroki sleeps
oscar saavedra
oscar saavedra 3 kun oldin
People from California are weird af!
Kriz Blessings
Kriz Blessings 3 kun oldin
ZACK you need that hammic!
Abdou Bokazini
Abdou Bokazini 3 kun oldin
Im in bed now... HOW CONVENIENT
Crafty Fruit
Crafty Fruit 3 kun oldin
2:46 you can just smell the lie in his voice
Klair DIY’s
Klair DIY’s 3 kun oldin
I am Sarai M
Jenna 3 kun oldin
Save the horses! They’re life is worth more than the bed.
Marella Hormoz
Marella Hormoz 3 kun oldin
Is It me or all of them looked the same?.....
Cauê Prado
Cauê Prado 4 kun oldin
South America's Fact: Here in Brazil I can buy a hammock with the same quality at this one paying about $15, 10x cheapper than an organic cotton kingsize hammock in Miami
HydraBoss120 4 kun oldin
AmiTakeuchi 4 kun oldin
Zach is cringey. Blech.
directing chair
directing chair 4 kun oldin
before when lil tay said 'This bed cost more than a lamborgini' nah no bed costs that much "WORTH IT - LIFESTYLE" $150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed
Ulti Sav
Ulti Sav 4 kun oldin
There so fuckin gay like if u think that to^_^
Rainbowglimpse 4 kun oldin
The thumbnail totally looked like Andrew.
G 135
G 135 4 kun oldin
I really hate that white guy he is really fucking annoying
Kennedy Martinez
Kennedy Martinez 4 kun oldin
that seems a little sus
nellie n
nellie n 5 kun oldin
Omg I ship them
bennet krupke
bennet krupke 5 kun oldin
5:49 clurb
MetalTea Box
MetalTea Box 5 kun oldin
unicornfarts rainbow
Never going to make my bed
David TV
David TV 5 kun oldin
That was awesome!
Amy igbo
Amy igbo 5 kun oldin
Why do I feel like Zach was trying to seduce Stephen? LOL
RETARDIS 6 kun oldin
I want a bed-jumping job.
Lauren Webb
Lauren Webb 6 kun oldin
I ship them! #stack
Reno Alkonga
Reno Alkonga 6 kun oldin
$150 for a hammock? The local market has hammocks for the equivalent of $10! Have one from a few years back and they're still great
Nancy Massi
Nancy Massi 6 kun oldin
Loved Steven cuddling Zach
Player 2421
Player 2421 6 kun oldin
I miss ben
Strapherxd 6 kun oldin
disliked because of the floss
Irene Rafil
Irene Rafil 6 kun oldin
I wonder if Zac bought a new bed?
Rebecka R's
Rebecka R's 7 kun oldin
Swedes are best :3
Dave Uy
Dave Uy 7 kun oldin
Dont worry hes wearing underwear
Zoe Richards
Zoe Richards 7 kun oldin
Musicisforall 8 kun oldin
Are they gay? No offense
FireTruck 23
FireTruck 23 8 kun oldin
*And here I am,regretting myself from buying a $6 burger*
Norman Jackson
Norman Jackson 8 kun oldin
Noor Almajali
Noor Almajali 6 kun oldin
are you a Muslim?
Noor Almajali
Noor Almajali 6 kun oldin
are you amuslim?
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 8 kun oldin
Watched a Purple ad b4 this Not disappointed XD Edit: in the middle of the vid an OriginalMattressFactory ad 😂
thomp 8 kun oldin
There are IKEA beds for €60 tho
Kimberly Marshall
Kimberly Marshall 8 kun oldin
My dog woke up at 9:05. Thanks for that 😂
Sydney Rowe
Sydney Rowe 8 kun oldin
Cuddler to cuddler, I got you Zach. Come here, I’ll give ya a snuggle!
John Michael McAwesome
don't care never spending $159,000 on any single thing in my life
John Michael McAwesome
$150 for a hammock what the hell is it made of
Diamantes1997 9 kun oldin
9:07 did he just say that IKEA is fancy? WTF man
King Jem
King Jem 9 kun oldin
I swear the white guy is gay and he likes the Asian boy don’t @ me
junglejawa 9 kun oldin
5:28 “ImBEDded” hehehe
Ben Poehler
Ben Poehler 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one actually laying in a hästens bed?? Although mine is nowhere near as expensive Edit: I live in Sweden
Kotmax 9 kun oldin
That's gay
Syd Hammond
Syd Hammond 9 kun oldin
I made a new word *plagiarism*
Fract lord
Fract lord 9 kun oldin
Tyson Messina
Tyson Messina 9 kun oldin
These guys need Jesus Christ
Sbayo9 9 kun oldin
what a joke this bed
Void Exile
Void Exile 9 kun oldin
Lilah Grace
Lilah Grace 9 kun oldin
NGL I'm jealous of both of them. Cause I want to both cuddle a.d be cuddled by Steven. He's too precious, he needs someone hugging him all the time, and I volunteer.
Random Weirdo
Random Weirdo 9 kun oldin
I slept in a hammock for a night and woke up about 10 times in the night and took about 30 mins to find the right spot again
Nancy Cheng
Nancy Cheng 9 kun oldin
Gremlin’s Stuff
Gremlin’s Stuff 9 kun oldin
Who got a bed ad for this video
NoodleDaddy 9 kun oldin
two bros chillin in a cool bed 2 feet apart cause they're comfortable in their sexualities
Maxwell Lee
Maxwell Lee 9 kun oldin
Stephens eyes are scarred for life
the gaming bros
the gaming bros 9 kun oldin
He's playing with himself and he's trying to hide it
Rukhsar Sanjaree
Rukhsar Sanjaree 10 kun oldin
Keith and baby Keith
KIYA ART 10 kun oldin
the gayness is overflowing
Bilal Saleem
Bilal Saleem 10 kun oldin
Im in bed while watching this
Stray Stay
Stray Stay 10 kun oldin
"i just got yelled at for stretching"
woozy 2 kun oldin
Stray Stay "twoteen"
Declan Scott
Declan Scott 10 kun oldin
Why are these guys so queer
Sumeda De Silva
Sumeda De Silva 11 kun oldin
I ship it
Barack O. Llama
Barack O. Llama 11 kun oldin
Omg I got a Purple bed add at the beginning of this😂😂😂
TheDevilBakes 11 kun oldin
12:57 This is so damn cute
Hayley Mitchell
Hayley Mitchell 11 kun oldin
Here is another option- go to Kmart or Walmart if you are in America and buy a cheap beanbag and that's it. Let me just say they are very comfortable!
benolenovo6 the gamer
This is really the gayest thing I ever seen
The Pink Hamster's Wheel
Im Allergic to dust mites
RAMN_Genson 12 kun oldin
0:02 ali a intro plays
Cincy Red
Cincy Red 12 kun oldin
Maybe I'll sleep better if I lay diagonally on my bed 🤔
Xx Wolfy xX
Xx Wolfy xX 12 kun oldin
Get you a man who looks at you the way steven looks at zach ♡
Kimberly Cornett
Kimberly Cornett 12 kun oldin
I wanna lay in bed with Zach :(
Norberto Mercado
Norberto Mercado 12 kun oldin
They gay asf 😂
P Heart
P Heart 12 kun oldin
Ive got a solid horsehair mattress. Couldnt go back to springs.
IRON HEAD 12 kun oldin
I thought when you were lazy is when you are mist inactive
skythemurder4 13 kun oldin
Are these guys gay?😂