$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

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"What kind of pajamas are you rockin'?"
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27-May, 2018

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Moises Alonzo
Moises Alonzo Kun oldin
Anyone else get an 8 Sleep ad while watching this?
Jai Garg
Jai Garg 2 kun oldin
R u kidding me dude while watching the 8 sleep bed I got the advertisment of that 8 sleep bed
Chris Witmer
Chris Witmer 2 kun oldin
They talk about having two sided temperature control as this amazing new thing. My grandparents had a heating blanket that did the exact same thing .
Lyn Rios
Lyn Rios 3 kun oldin
$150 for a hammock? wtf lmaoooo nope, I buy them from the indigenous for way less and they are beautiful and comfy
chloe zhen
chloe zhen 3 kun oldin
not trying to be rude but Steven Lemon that is what Zach said
Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
The intro tho... So h0t. Jk,me no homo bitches.
Aleksandra 3 kun oldin
My uncle has a hästens mattress, he cared about that bed more than his marriage
Laser Tazer
Laser Tazer 4 kun oldin
If I had that bed my life would be complete.
sebastjans gricis
sebastjans gricis 6 kun oldin
They are gey.
Spash Gilbert
Spash Gilbert 6 kun oldin
3:16 " Steven can u rock me ? " THATS WHAT HE SAID 😂
Nyan Gorilla
Nyan Gorilla 6 kun oldin
Zach is so hairy
Niilo Mehtonen
Niilo Mehtonen 6 kun oldin
Couldn’t this gay mf act normal and not be sexual all the fucking time making everyone uncomfortable.
Mo n
Mo n 7 kun oldin
Chimchi chimcha
GIB3 Alphonso
GIB3 Alphonso 7 kun oldin
where's adam?
Geizka Amalia
Geizka Amalia 7 kun oldin
12.20 they're jumping on a cloud
DTVE G 7 kun oldin
At 12:02 -12:10 i tried doing that on my bed and the my iPad shot UP iN THE AIR AND LANDED ON MY FACE
박규민 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one imagining the editor editing zach's thing in the intro in the office where everybody could see?
Wigo Production
Wigo Production 9 kun oldin
wait, you guys stole the pyjays????
Simone Pagnotta
Simone Pagnotta 9 kun oldin
Selorm would have looked better in that initial shot. Just saying.
mcbrite 9 kun oldin
You people are fucking insane! - I like it!
LegoDashR 10 kun oldin
I got two mattress advertisements while watching this video lol
Scott Armstrong
Scott Armstrong 10 kun oldin
At the beginning I realized how truly hairy Zach is. His shoulder hair is linger than my head hair...
Darius Z
Darius Z 10 kun oldin
Darius Z
Darius Z 10 kun oldin
playing homos bed with ur friend front of the camera
Uneventfull 10 kun oldin
Who else got a purple mattress ad before the video
KaineRaid 10 kun oldin
Who is sitting on a bed while watching this?
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 10 kun oldin
A person doesn't know how good something is for sleep without trying it for a few days, not just a few minutes or a couple of hours.
Animeshib 10 kun oldin
I would love to lay in bed with Steve..
Tani Blanco
Tani Blanco 11 kun oldin
Zack is gay
Andy King
Andy King 11 kun oldin
Soy boy
potato 223
potato 223 11 kun oldin
I just realized they are both gay for each other
Ari O. Ramirez
Ari O. Ramirez 12 kun oldin
I got a purple mattress ad before this video started
Febreze 13 kun oldin
LOL 25 mins later it takes me 30 mins to fall asleep
Dilara dogan
Dilara dogan 13 kun oldin
so much hair
Odd Eleven
Odd Eleven 13 kun oldin
I've got long hair. Zach still has more hair than me.
its PIXEL fromYT/PH
its PIXEL fromYT/PH 13 kun oldin
$150? Here in Philippines that cost only for $2-3
Ari O. Ramirez
Ari O. Ramirez 11 kun oldin
Yep and some you can just make ar home
Andrew Zheng
Andrew Zheng 14 kun oldin
IzzyData 15 kun oldin
This bed cost as much as my house...
The Real Slim Shady
The Real Slim Shady 15 kun oldin
Only 8 people in the world can make it because of the patent restricting other retailers not because of the way it’s built trying to make it sound like it’s built majorly different to any other mattress’s It’s not a revolutionary product probably 10000000% mark up
ałana vera!
ałana vera! 15 kun oldin
why is it that the ads i get are only about mattresses?
DragonPlayz123 16 kun oldin
Are they if the f***ing back of a car?????!!!!!! I always thought he was driving!!! This is such a mindfrick.
Die nervigsten Personen
Azerite Gaming
Azerite Gaming 16 kun oldin
Can I get an odd no. of likes for nothing?
Hit or Miss
Hit or Miss 17 kun oldin
Of course I got a bed ad before the video
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tang 18 kun oldin
Ava's wold 😇
Ava's wold 😇 19 kun oldin
No I’m mad 😡 horse hair !!!!!! Sooo unhappy ☹️ I love horses 🐴 soo cute but that is soooo cruel
jenna bobenna
jenna bobenna 19 kun oldin
i got a bed ad in the middle of this
SomeRandomGuy 19 kun oldin
Planes should have stretching areas. So then people like Zach can’t have the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis worsening
Sunny Wolf
Sunny Wolf 19 kun oldin
Lol I saw a bed ad before this
the spooky bois
the spooky bois 20 kun oldin
The sweetest smile from Zach when Steven reminds him about the cuddles.
Joebro63_ Marybro63
Joebro63_ Marybro63 20 kun oldin
Not Ftuo YT
Not Ftuo YT 20 kun oldin
Who’s getting bed and blanket ads while watching this?
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera 20 kun oldin
The intro made me hate this video and I didn’t watch the rest
YasQueen 20 kun oldin
The Jewish guy sounds like me with crush
Ahmari Miller
Ahmari Miller 20 kun oldin
literally lying in bed while watching this and now my bed feels so uncomfortable
Leilani Darling
Leilani Darling 20 kun oldin
Quadra Quentine
Quadra Quentine 21 kun oldin
I just got ad about purple bed
When I saw that title I’m like t t that’s only worth one house 😟
Kabir Palamadai
Kabir Palamadai 22 kun oldin
I don't think Steven likes Zach...
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 22 kun oldin
Buzzfeed is running out of ideas
Ass 23 kun oldin
Mikheil Ghvinianidze
I do not want warm my bad. I want to cool it down. Freeze it!
Saikat Barman
Saikat Barman 23 kun oldin
Man I love your energy... Love the videos you guys make
Euder Araujo
Euder Araujo 23 kun oldin
Gay XD
Reagan Ellis
Reagan Ellis 24 kun oldin
11:39 close your eyes and listen
Venetia Astrop
Venetia Astrop 25 kun oldin
I forgot the try guys are LIKE THAT
KittenKaladi 25 kun oldin
Zach, I get anxiety right before sleep too!
Mr.Dillpickel 26 kun oldin
10:29 BOOTY
Crisp 26 kun oldin
John Lacrovik
John Lacrovik 27 kun oldin
That guy is so fucking gay. He keeps trying to touch that asian dude.
Mason Lamb
Mason Lamb 28 kun oldin
Sleep country, Canada! Why buy a mattress when you have a couch! *ting*
Daniel Y Chow
Daniel Y Chow 28 kun oldin
They stole the PJs though...
ah 83
ah 83 28 kun oldin
Zak is gay
Alex Lu
Alex Lu 28 kun oldin
who just keeps on getting nectar mattress ads?
Midzeno 29 kun oldin
Ngl, anyone but stephen and Andrew is fucking wrong
Xen1te 29 kun oldin
just remembered that zach doesnt work for buzzfeed anymore... so sad
Caitlin Dowell
When you get a mattress ad before this. Sorcery.
Rachael Leah
Rachael Leah Oy oldin
Honestly not surprised by Zach in the beginning
Egg L
Egg L Oy oldin
A bed is more than my bank account
Linda Moo
Linda Moo Oy oldin
There’s a boat in the background 402
Linda Moo
Linda Moo Oy oldin
Who saw it?
Krähe Oy oldin
I got a bed ad :/
Grace Kalonji
Grace Kalonji Oy oldin
Sorry I have a weird feeling but they are a perfect couple ( no offense)😂
bobspineable Oy oldin
I wish I knew what was happening before watching this in public.
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Elizabeth Oy oldin
What is Stevens instagram?
Zach has a long scar(?) under his neck? 12:52
F H 2 kun oldin
Childhood car accident.
Sielsm Oy oldin
0:05 um why did I expect that?
Weeron Notochi
12:02 I'll just leave that there..
cheesy bean777
7:42 anyone see zack took off his pants
Junk rat main Nerf this jeff
Purple sould be on this list
KamaRu Productions
I wish to see their reaction on the Purple Matress..
Als_ Kabe
Als_ Kabe Oy oldin
I have a hästen bed
Dodie Rose
Dodie Rose Oy oldin
*bone man*
Sam Sajor
Sam Sajor Oy oldin
zach: it's kising my b... me: butt! zach: body! me: oh. A wee bit too used to the Try Guys remarks xD
Abi Rowles
Abi Rowles Oy oldin
Okay, but like, as a college student, i feel like a hammock would be a good investment. It's way cheaper, but still comfy. (And doesn't take up as much space)
flashback Mary
hehe i got Mattress add before this
Butter Ball
Butter Ball Oy oldin
Mythical Matrix
two bros chillin in a cool bed 2 feet apart cause they're kinda gay...
KLK lias
KLK lias Oy oldin
DAMN that was gay as fk
Charlie Cornwell
Zach is hairy
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