$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

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“Who is Lennox and why is he so special?”
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13-May, 2018

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Dole crash Poudin
Dole crash Poudin 2 soat oldin
9m subscriber jacksfilms impersnoeters vs. 70m subscriber jacksfilms impersonators
Dole crash Poudin
Dole crash Poudin 2 soat oldin
Me me big boy
Jordan A. Hutagalung
The cat at the intro was like "im gonna kill you"
Gupta Deva
Gupta Deva Kun oldin
now thats refeshing
Rafid kabir
Rafid kabir Kun oldin
Whadu hek ?
Davey Vooren
Davey Vooren Kun oldin
Am i the only one who knows that the pig lady is a pornstar?
yendi seckers
yendi seckers 2 kun oldin
Did you keep them
Faisal Salem
Faisal Salem 2 kun oldin
pigs are gross
American Raymond
American Raymond 2 kun oldin
My lunch price can to buy a cat
U r an fagit
U r an fagit 2 kun oldin
2:48 *thatswhatshesaid*
Eleanor Sinfield
Eleanor Sinfield 2 kun oldin
£800 to £2500!!!!!! You can get them for £300!!
Ned d
Ned d 3 kun oldin
Nikis cat
Ned d
Ned d 3 kun oldin
Omg what kind of cat was that so cute
BlackBlizz259 3 kun oldin
moodi a
moodi a 3 kun oldin
We shouldn't allowed to have pets even dogs because dogs and all other animals should be free
Person 3 kun oldin
2:48 that’s what she said
YARN-dere 3 kun oldin
Of course, it's Buzzfeed or Jewfeed!! You can tell as they'll hire anyone as long as they're not White!
Charley Alicorn
Charley Alicorn 3 kun oldin
No kill shelters are terrible kill shelters put the animal in a better place if they won’t get adopted so they are not depressed
Chiara Archie
Chiara Archie 4 kun oldin
I actually started crying when I saw the mini pigs 🐷 ❤️❤️and started crying at the shelter and at the lamas I freaking love animals 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chiara Archie
Chiara Archie 4 kun oldin
I mean alpacas 😅😇❤️
Featherbrush 4 kun oldin
Jason Gruber
Jason Gruber 4 kun oldin
HALEY MARIE 4 kun oldin
I live in Oregon!!!
Pablo Avila
Pablo Avila 4 kun oldin
that last "pet" is not a pet
Khol54 Nelson
Khol54 Nelson 4 kun oldin
Fucking Liberals
A Troll
A Troll 4 kun oldin
Alexander Li
Alexander Li 4 kun oldin
Alpaca is sooooooooo mesmerizing.
Paige Carissa
Paige Carissa 4 kun oldin
That chubby alpaca was so hilarious 😂
Shahin Hossain
Shahin Hossain 4 kun oldin
4$ human slave vs 1200$ human slave
L W 4 kun oldin
The mini pig chick. She do. Look it up.
12 sec ad?
Jack Conley
Jack Conley 5 kun oldin
You should have gotten boxy brown
Mika Benitez
Mika Benitez 5 kun oldin
*FUR* -ENDS?! (Friends) Okay, I’m leaving *meow* . That pun was *purr* -fect. I hope you stay *paw* -sitive during this pun adventure. I can’t think of anymore so, yeah... But that *pig* -nic was so cool. The al- *paw* - *cat* was so cute. Nope that sucks...
jason guo
jason guo 5 kun oldin
13:39 SAVAGE
Liam Ramos
Liam Ramos 5 kun oldin
That alpaca is like a cat
FuzzyRich ___
FuzzyRich ___ 6 kun oldin
This is fucked up
Elizabet Quina
Elizabet Quina 6 kun oldin
I loved how the old man said “buddies” it was too cute!!
COUNTDODO 6 kun oldin
THOSE ALPACAS tho And the VIEW OF the mountains
ally zafieri
ally zafieri 6 kun oldin
Pets!! I love all of my 8 pets!!!
fire meme22
fire meme22 7 kun oldin
andian midnight is emo
Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks 7 kun oldin
17$ for a cat but 800$ for a pig wtf is life
Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks 7 kun oldin
17$ for a cat?
Shelby Seidel
Shelby Seidel 7 kun oldin
Fix your pets people. There are plenty of animals in shelter, if you want another.
Masteralex 2552
Masteralex 2552 7 kun oldin
My 1$ sacrifice to Satan vs my 10 million sacrifice to Satan
Lindsay Contreras
Lindsay Contreras 8 kun oldin
idk why but i think Alex my favorite.
Cold one With the boys
You had a chance to have a picnic and you didnt
AlwaysHangry 9 kun oldin
1:28 Alex compared to the tiny piglet is so cute😂 The size difference is hilarious
ya boi ya boi
ya boi ya boi 9 kun oldin
Cats are trash pets......dogs are loyal and superior 👌🏽👌🏽
Arthur Juu
Arthur Juu 9 kun oldin
Wobby 9 kun oldin
i dont see spider-pig. he must be off fighting crime
Wobby 9 kun oldin
4:18 someone is in the car that wasn't before....
Wobby 9 kun oldin
2:58 THOSE EYES!!!
Mr. Salt
Mr. Salt 9 kun oldin
I used to have pet roosters and hens
Ethan Dang
Ethan Dang 9 kun oldin
Wait a dog was $25?
Jayden Romero
Jayden Romero 9 kun oldin
With all the Asians and pets I thought it was a normal worth it episode
Daniel Woodward
Daniel Woodward 9 kun oldin
living thing vs living thing
reble girl
reble girl 9 kun oldin
I looked one in the eye I'm attached
CutePyshco 9 kun oldin
My cat does a meow when he wants something that sounds like mama or mom
Totally Original Bleach
This is literally what Jacksfilms predicted
Jurik Ferdes
Jurik Ferdes 10 kun oldin
Pearl Bingbing
Nayeli Mende
Nayeli Mende 10 kun oldin
Lennox Acoffc
Lennox Acoffc 10 kun oldin
My name is Lennox and I was tripping I was like what do you want
Dimi Beliks
Dimi Beliks 10 kun oldin
1:50 Amazing :D
Unpopular Lovely
Unpopular Lovely 10 kun oldin
*You have a guard pig!* That’s what I want in life.
YeshuaJesusisking V
YeshuaJesusisking V 11 kun oldin
Mini pigs don’t exist. They are undernourished to give them their size than later they are adopted and adopters dump them because they grow up to be regular size.
Drew Nix
Drew Nix 11 kun oldin
May I have every single animal shown in this video
Vogri 11 kun oldin
17$ pet would still be just as loveable
Richard Lim
Richard Lim 11 kun oldin
Alpaca looks great. But what's the point of keeping an alpaca. What servitude do they perform? Example: dog/cat = companion. Horse/camel = riding/cargo. Pig = food or companion (i guess).
FreshPrince ofRP
FreshPrince ofRP 11 kun oldin
That pig lady was more plastic than person. Gross
Nathanael 11 kun oldin
"To us he's priceless" "But we have him listed at this clearly defined price"
FORTNITE F#cking rare
Someone has made a type of pig that is genetically modified and it is a race that they call micro pig there prop Cost 1,500 dollar if you can try buy one that would be nice.
luca baptist
luca baptist 12 kun oldin
Do a worth it gaming setup
Cyberstore ::
Cyberstore :: 12 kun oldin
That cat called mia, thats the one wengie bought
TBNR_ MO 12 kun oldin
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem 12 kun oldin
Julissa Gomez
Julissa Gomez 12 kun oldin
Horses are more expensive and used for therapy
Your Granny A Tranny
God bless these animals, they are gods creatures too
some interesting stuff
I really appreciate pets But an alpacca is too much
Tynikoler Trelman
Tynikoler Trelman 12 kun oldin
I don’t hate many people, but I fucking hate niki
Moldy Friends
Moldy Friends 13 kun oldin
Thats so dOg
Bobby Monahan
Bobby Monahan 13 kun oldin
3:43 nice cat.mp3
Belizaire Fam
Belizaire Fam 13 kun oldin
3:40 rejected
SandStormer123 13 kun oldin
How about a video on how you cant put a price on a pet and buzzfeed should leave the internet
Lok Yiming
Lok Yiming 13 kun oldin
If u buy a very expensive pet u can say it is ur bank
Floyd Wheatley
Floyd Wheatley 13 kun oldin
i cried when i went to a dog shelter all the dogs were so nice ;-;
Laimonas Milašius
Laimonas Milašius 13 kun oldin
pignic :P
Funny Vids
Funny Vids 13 kun oldin
Puns with pig 1=pick 2picknick
Clifford Leonard
Clifford Leonard 13 kun oldin
The Asian jokes inc
Libby Rae
Libby Rae 13 kun oldin
I could not go through this not buying the dog and the cat and the mini pig and the alpaca
Megaplasma1 13 kun oldin
If the alpaca is so priceless to you why sell it
Garad Yidam
Garad Yidam 13 kun oldin
How do I get a job like this BuzzFeed ?
Lux Gamer
Lux Gamer 13 kun oldin
6:48 fist bump
Undead_Ninja_Cat 14 kun oldin
jacksfilms already did this uzvid.com/video/video-ketCUtFpzNo.html
Madhuri Sharma
Madhuri Sharma 14 kun oldin
there is ner a value of a pet
PasificPaintHD 14 kun oldin
I am dying by the Alpacas cuteness! XD
Raj Magar
Raj Magar 14 kun oldin
Dogs are so cheap in America, In UK it cost about £300 in average.
Jad Jaber
Jad Jaber 14 kun oldin
No one is gonna talk about the fact that less pets die then humans in God Bless America everyday....
TheOneCleanHippy 14 kun oldin
How does a girl who works on a pig farm have big, gross fake lips like that?
Helios Lung
Helios Lung 14 kun oldin
i would've chosen the pigs
Sam E Baines
Sam E Baines 14 kun oldin
Adopt for free
you should have done savannah cats. they are worth more then alpaca's on their normal selves