$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

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“Who is Lennox and why is he so special?”
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13-May, 2018

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xLinkje 2 soat oldin
Is Se lesbian?!
Berenice Lopez
Berenice Lopez 9 soat oldin
“Ah, my children”
Kitty Reese Bts
Kitty Reese Bts 10 soat oldin
That sneeze tho😂
Larissa Kensington
Larissa Kensington 16 soat oldin
My dog costs $370 (it was a gift) he's so cute but old now hahahah
savannah gardner
savannah gardner 22 soat oldin
"Today we're going to be trying some pets"
SugoiAsano Kun oldin
Damn. Am I gonna have to make a trip and blow 1.2K on a mini pig? heck yeah
Ophiuchus Oversoul
I guess I should be upset that I have yet to meet an affectionate pig. Iv been around a lot of pigs and the ones Iv met were as the video mentioned 'cat like' ... but not for the same reasons as cats. Its because their only motivation is food. They are very smart, they can learn any trick, they are visually adorable, but do they love and cuddle like a dog or cat? No. You have to be willing to accept them on their own merits the same as if you fall in love with a snake or turtle. Dont get a pet pig expecting it to be dog like or come running because it wants to play and sit near you. It will come running, sniff you up good for food, then if nothing chew worthy is to be found, it will wander around nearby in search of tasty things to put into its mouth.
lisachandraYT Kun oldin
i dont buy pigs because i heard they eat own poop..
Jan Kenneth Janipin
Nikki has a wife 😲
Watermelon Gamer
I have a Cat Fact My Cat doesn’t meow
Tiffany Keepers
Tiffany Keepers 2 kun oldin
Best Friends Utah is where I got my blue heeler 2 1/2 years ago and she was 5 months old when I adopted her. She was returned 3 times for being a chewer, not house trained but really for just being a puppy. She was abused with a rope toy but now is a confident, rope toy loving babe. She saved my life in 2017 when I had a blood clot in my lung and she laid over the top of me and cried, whined and growled all things she doesn't normally do. I was taken to the hospital and here I am today telling her story on how lucky I am to have found my soulmate pet. ❤
TF2GURU 2 kun oldin
Michael Margono
Michael Margono 2 kun oldin
can i make bacon from the mini pig
سيف رائد
سيف رائد 4 kun oldin
This niki is annoying af
Dark 4 kun oldin
That pig lady does not look like she would keep those many pigs in her backyard or whatever
Gummy Corn
Gummy Corn 4 kun oldin
*Are those real eyelashes?* *No, you put fake eyelashes on them.* That’s normal.
dooM _paTch
dooM _paTch 4 kun oldin
How will they take the last animal home with a plane ??
Pouya Oskouie
Pouya Oskouie 4 kun oldin
the alpaca looks like one of my fur jackets
Pouya Oskouie
Pouya Oskouie 4 kun oldin
GEEZUS, 800 dollars for some pork stew
Sizam Wielki
Sizam Wielki 5 kun oldin
Nice vid 👍 😁 👍
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne 5 kun oldin
omg ZACH is in the outro card!!
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne 5 kun oldin
11:59 he's standing so close to his buddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so cuuuute!!!
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne 5 kun oldin
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne 5 kun oldin
8:52 steven's little insecure "do you not watch worth it?" made me hurt he's such a sweet boi
btrim1974 6 kun oldin
Why would you want to buy a pet from a no kill shelter? If rather save a pets life and go to the shelter where they kill the animals to save the poor animal
Paige L.
Paige L. 6 kun oldin
I mean. The champion of diverse price range animals is horses for sure. I have met horses that were $20 and ones that were $120,000. But the big racehorses can go into the multi millions.
HANE Mhmd  Alhmod
HANE Mhmd Alhmod 6 kun oldin
That's what she said 🌚
Azriel Imran
Azriel Imran 7 kun oldin
What breed is her cat
Chica Maloley
Chica Maloley 7 kun oldin
4100 dogs and cats are killed a day in America, aww how sad, but guess what millions of fame animals are killed a day in America too
kurtis large
kurtis large 7 kun oldin
7:32 it looks like the pig is lip syncing what the fella in the grey hair is saying
igor carvalho
igor carvalho 7 kun oldin
Is niki lesbian???
Forever_ Blonde
Forever_ Blonde 8 kun oldin
*peaceful music plays* *steven holds out food for Lennox* *ACHOOOOO*
MaxToTheMax 6 kun oldin
It wasn't steven who gave the food with his hand. it was Alex
Islom Mashanlo
Islom Mashanlo 9 kun oldin
3:27 pause it lmao
Accelr8 9 kun oldin
12:31 you can tell she never says that to him a lot cause he didn't notice her saying it
Kalvina Ruud
Kalvina Ruud 9 kun oldin
Why would anyone dislike this video? Maybe the girl presenter is a little excitable, I don’t know I’m baffled. Great video guys. 👍🏻
Mama Cow
Mama Cow 9 kun oldin
For once on worth it I can’t choose, all are amazing and deserve the love and care and happiness.
Pearl Mackay
Pearl Mackay 9 kun oldin
1:20 dam that dog a savage
Karlene Howard
Karlene Howard 9 kun oldin
Lennox is beautiful, although I wouldn't consider him the best. Obviously I can't examine his wool structure and crimp from a camera, but color wise he's nothing too special. That being said, with his coloration he does have the ability to make beautiful babies, and it sounds like he has.
Shafaq Khan Khan
Shafaq Khan Khan 10 kun oldin
I hate pigs
Etta 10 kun oldin
0:58 PLEASE SUPPORT "KILL" SHELTERS!!! These shelters have to take every animal that comes through the doors, so they need members of the community to give them homes! If no one adopts from them, and they have too many pets, that's when they have to put them down. Please stop this stigma. They do not enjoy killing animals. It's up to citizens whether animals get euthanized or not. Not the shelter.
Jason Lawson
Jason Lawson 10 kun oldin
I like pets
strqnger 11 kun oldin
Pets shouldn't be bought.
N1ce 11 kun oldin
These alpacas have the same hairstyles as Neymar
Ayu Ratna
Ayu Ratna 11 kun oldin
I like cat
ICE BEAR 25 GAMIN 11 kun oldin
That Alpaca has a nice texture and a little bit of spice which is pretty nice and they are really tender looking. Jk
ICE BEAR 25 GAMIN 11 kun oldin
9:40 Look it's a Shih tzu!
Tyler Naidoo
Tyler Naidoo 11 kun oldin
You should do sushi.👍
It’s ya boi Alexis Ramirez
Lenyx is my nephews name
Mark ledesma
Mark ledesma 11 kun oldin
it would be cool to own an alcapa perhaps a baby as it will be cheaper but u will need at least a small yard so it can roam around and it looks very gentle.
John Magar
John Magar 11 kun oldin
i dont like your girlfriend how did you like her
alex 11 kun oldin
cuteness is over 9000000000 10:35
Elfman Strauss
Elfman Strauss 11 kun oldin
I only keep no legged creatures
Katie Calabasas
Katie Calabasas 12 kun oldin
Ugh now I need two more cats. And a pig. And an alpaca. Two alpacas.
Ainiewainy 12 kun oldin
I didn't shop or adopt. I saved 5 kittens off the street. Mommy was gone, poor things were dumped in a bunch of hay. Still have 3 of the 5. They're amazing!
Dark Viper
Dark Viper 12 kun oldin
This episode is asians only
Sumainah Samad
Sumainah Samad 12 kun oldin
I WANT THE ALPACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Davidgaming 326
Davidgaming 326 12 kun oldin
I have a 2 cats and a dog and they get along just fine
Sunny Rainy
Sunny Rainy 12 kun oldin
PIGGIES!! I want one😍🐷🐽💕
SadieLady 116
SadieLady 116 12 kun oldin
It doesn’t depend on the price it depends on the pet.
Jeff Chad
Jeff Chad 12 kun oldin
I would like my last sneeze to be an alpaca sneeze
Sauce Onyou
Sauce Onyou 12 kun oldin
Lol what. There shouldn’t be a comparison on living animals regardless of the price. Kinda messed up
Elizabeth MacKinnon
Elizabeth MacKinnon 13 kun oldin
Awwwww they're all so cute!
mohamed Shayaan
mohamed Shayaan 13 kun oldin
Next episode of worth it; $100 human vs $100,000 human
Eunice Grace
Eunice Grace 13 kun oldin
Alpacas are cute!
Ivo aguirre/ Wassup mah names
The whole peppa pig fam is there
Rushna Begum
Rushna Begum 13 kun oldin
10:35 I want to kiss it.
Rushna Begum
Rushna Begum 13 kun oldin
Alpacas r sooooooo cute
Ben G
Ben G 13 kun oldin
What do you even do with Alpaca? At least you get a bacon from those mini pigs. lol
Denielizaak Magbitang
Meanwhile. Wengie:hey do you see mia See at pet shop Wengie:hey I see mia she's at LA
MarkDoesRandom Stuff
Abby The Lemon
Abby The Lemon 13 kun oldin
My pet rock is priceless literally
Skylar Rose
Skylar Rose 13 kun oldin
My cat Didn’t meow... Her mom died when she was a kitty so out of our window she learned how to talk from birds She made this cute waant she passed away a few weeks ago I miss her😞
Abigail Thompson
Abigail Thompson 13 kun oldin
I grew up with llamas and two alpacas. They are just how they are shown here! Very sweet, but they spook so easily.
The Elon Gamer
The Elon Gamer 13 kun oldin
Lennox is the Elon Musk of alpacas.
Justin DANK .
Justin DANK . 13 kun oldin
$25 for a dog??? it's $140 in the UK.
Eric Gardebled
Eric Gardebled 14 kun oldin
Does anyone need a video editor? Just let me know.
Ijada Arp
Ijada Arp 14 kun oldin
i love how she opens the door holding her cat like baby
thepooworks 14 kun oldin
7:27 so cuteeeee 13:39 lol
Xentality 14 kun oldin
Anyone going to eat bacon now
ThatsANeck 14 kun oldin
Oh my god they ripped off jacksfilms
Katie Yu
Katie Yu 14 kun oldin
6:52 they missed the perfect chance to say pignic
SpaghettiTheatre 14 kun oldin
I thought food review was enough
ew you ugly
ew you ugly 14 kun oldin
umar yasin
umar yasin 15 kun oldin
Is the camera man trying to immitate ADAM... not even close😒😏😏
GachaMovies 15 kun oldin
Can you do a boba or egg roll episode?
Roge Doge
Roge Doge 15 kun oldin
0:26 no dont eat them
Ron Mexico
Ron Mexico 15 kun oldin
Those are regular Vietnamese pot belly pigs. Which are absolutely incredible pets. However they're not mini pigs. All of which in this video are kept on strict diets. They're not mini pigs...So why you fucking lying!
potato BEAST
potato BEAST 16 kun oldin
Why aren’t most of the pigs pink like in Minecraft?
leothelion 1738
leothelion 1738 16 kun oldin
Y do people buy animals y not adopt a pet because u don’t buy people u adopt them
Sahran Rahman
Sahran Rahman 16 kun oldin
Hey its the llama from fortnite
Sheila Lewis-Lorum
Sheila Lewis-Lorum 16 kun oldin
Trying to figure out the random people in his back seat. 😂
Legend Of iHemo
Legend Of iHemo 17 kun oldin
*_My Pet Air Is Unbeatable_*
Twins Tv
Twins Tv 17 kun oldin
Is Nicky transgender
Puppy Pax
Puppy Pax 17 kun oldin
I love my doggo
FatalMLGpro 12123
FatalMLGpro 12123 18 kun oldin
It’s the acian crew
Quan Bui
Quan Bui 18 kun oldin
Did that lady say dogs and cow or dogs and cat??
Archie Bain
Archie Bain 18 kun oldin
I have a pet bearded dragon
gemma’s tea
gemma’s tea 19 kun oldin
What kind of cat does she have 😍
Amelie Godfrey
Amelie Godfrey 19 kun oldin
4:51 😂
Shadowswimmer :P
Shadowswimmer :P 19 kun oldin
money can’t buy even the BEST pets. stray cats are the sweetest and are actually grateful to you.
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