$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

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“Who is Lennox and why is he so special?”
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13-May, 2018

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Fikrlar 13 376
That pig place is the same place Logan paul went too XD
Me and Floors
Me and Floors 5 soat oldin
And my dog was 2500 AUD...
haruhiista 6 soat oldin
Sub 2 pewds
brandon gordon
brandon gordon 8 soat oldin
PIGS all day 😂
MLG Gaming
MLG Gaming 13 soat oldin
2:09 more like *PewDiePie*
That Person
That Person 15 soat oldin
I would have to adopt all of them! 🤗
Unknown player
Unknown player 18 soat oldin
Do you know the best pet *your pet phone*
Ghost Xactx
Ghost Xactx 18 soat oldin
Did he buy a pet
Guppies & Me
Guppies & Me Kun oldin
There is no such thing as a mini pig
Woofie Does Art
Woofie Does Art Kun oldin
i want a dog,no matter how much it costs
Stella Conlon
Stella Conlon 2 kun oldin
My cats and dog are best friends haha
TheVoltron11 65
TheVoltron11 65 2 kun oldin
Um, I will now regret eating bacon...........
MrWaffles3_ YT
MrWaffles3_ YT 2 kun oldin
6:48 I wish I had friends like that
Eva Pike
Eva Pike 2 kun oldin
9:12 your welcome
Aine Whelan
Aine Whelan 2 kun oldin
I have a free pet A rock,what 😅I didn’t say that😅
Mia Menjhart
Mia Menjhart 2 kun oldin
There SOOOO cute
iSaI L0pEZ
iSaI L0pEZ 3 kun oldin
Shrek Quotes Donkey: oh this is another one of does onion things isn't. ... Shrek/Blind Mouse: This is the part where you run away! Donkey: Hey, come back there. ... Donkey: Can I say something to you? ... Shrek: If that was me, you'd be dead. Shrek: sometimes, things are more than they appear. ... Donkey: I like that boulder.
John Vang
John Vang 3 kun oldin
My goldfish is the most expensive pet ever he costs 1 million
Ducky. Chan_
Ducky. Chan_ 3 kun oldin
Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
There is no difference but just more fucking clean. I have a Purple Pet rock,I called him kevin. Its sad that he got in a car crash... He was worth 10 quintillion$....
Jhennifer Alves
Jhennifer Alves 4 kun oldin
Adote não compre
Michele Pan
Michele Pan 4 kun oldin
9:16 I dare you to click it
Skynate07 YT
Skynate07 YT 4 kun oldin
*13 thousand PETA supporters disliked this video*
danallen36492 4 kun oldin
What if Jesus Christ had a pet pig
danallen36492 4 kun oldin
Its gonna be a gangroadtrop not gangbangfuckbang
ItsPureLogic 4 kun oldin
Bork Bork
Liliana Bautista
Liliana Bautista 5 kun oldin
Claudia Li
Claudia Li 5 kun oldin
u can get a fish for like 5 dollars tops (cheapest pet)
Ryan Scherer
Ryan Scherer 5 kun oldin
asian invasion at pet co CALL THE ARMY
Alice 101
Alice 101 5 kun oldin
If you love animals please follow @allyizzy_animals on instagram you won’t regret it, they post great content
yako souvik
yako souvik 5 kun oldin
When she said Mia my friend said Khalifa
Mike Nguyen447
Mike Nguyen447 5 kun oldin
My pet A+ is the best
S.E.E. 5 kun oldin
I got my cats for free. They were strays, we fostered them until they could find a forever home. They never left our home. ♡♡♡ I love my little snuggle buddy. Cuddling one of them while watching this. Please adopt!
Pre_law Games
Pre_law Games 5 kun oldin
I know this is irelavent but... She said That her wife is happy or excited when she gets home...Is she Lesbian
Brandon Jendrusik
Brandon Jendrusik 6 kun oldin
You can't put a price on animals... so one animal shouldn't have a higher value than another
TheSuperDiamond 6 kun oldin
Hey u went near where I live in Oregon
maram _
maram _ 6 kun oldin
do some more about animals plz💘
Harmony Warrior
Harmony Warrior 6 kun oldin
When the alpaca sneeze i was eating and spit my food out
funny and useful hack
stop! a good friend cannot be purchased. no matter what price it is good friend matter's alot
Skulls Hemsworth
Skulls Hemsworth 7 kun oldin
;') its like so loving I got a touched heart rn
Skulls Hemsworth
Skulls Hemsworth 7 kun oldin
they said ya food NASTY
DrunkShooter 7 kun oldin
Why pay for it? If you want a dog and see a abandoned one on the street take him home
Avril Quinn
Avril Quinn 7 kun oldin
i have 5 alpacas lol
jumeirah marcial
jumeirah marcial 7 kun oldin
I wish I can have a cat but too expensive and I am allergic to pets😭😭😭😭😭
Elizandrito Morales
Lay them on me 5:39
Kavan Nakai
Kavan Nakai 8 kun oldin
"stevenn, you have a guard pig!!"
Flarn Anger
Flarn Anger 8 kun oldin
Did they buy the pigs or not!!
Cookie Cookie
Cookie Cookie 8 kun oldin
My cats manipulate me in the cutest ways like when I eat chicken then meow like there crying I have four British short hairs and one domestic black cat. I’ll show your the names from oldest to youngest! Daisy,bow bow domestic black cat, teddy,pipper and pip puppets baby! Xox love this channel and just comment if you wanna know my cats a bit more I’ll be more happy than ever
alikubaisi9 8 kun oldin
why no one likes rabbits?!?!?
Epic Savage
Epic Savage 9 kun oldin
I just realized she’s gay but it doesn’t matter
Zac Swade
Zac Swade 9 kun oldin
this vido made me cry
chuck pereda
chuck pereda 9 kun oldin
Who is she and why is she so damn cool?
SirFelix47 9 kun oldin
Good for them They found lots of llamas in Fatal Fields How lucky
harupi gaming
harupi gaming 9 kun oldin
I have a digital look like a dragon pet
Spray 10 kun oldin
He's Asian and he said we're trying😂😂
cameron k
cameron k 10 kun oldin
Thats disgusting
Voltort 6 kun oldin
cameron k oh ok
cameron k
cameron k 6 kun oldin
+Voltort to decide the value of living things
Voltort 6 kun oldin
What is
Ethan Mojo
Ethan Mojo 10 kun oldin
8:13 Asian squat
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes 10 kun oldin
They are so beautiful I kinda want a bunch of mini pigs and just have a picnic with them
MrPaul Gt
MrPaul Gt 10 kun oldin
I though the thumbnail Is like wolf - dog hybird i know It makes no sense but It does looks like It.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 10 kun oldin
The pig he was petting was in heat thats y she was standing still
Ana Beilic
Ana Beilic 10 kun oldin
I think I'm starting to ship these two😂
Valeria Molina
Valeria Molina 10 kun oldin
10:34 my heart ❤️
Jake Kim
Jake Kim 11 kun oldin
Is niki gay
chris blackledge
chris blackledge 11 kun oldin
the cat at the beginning is soooo cutttteeede😍💓
The Unfair
The Unfair 11 kun oldin
That's one expensive way to buy food.
Toes Man
Toes Man 11 kun oldin
I'll get a pet pig cuz if I get tired of it I could just kill it and make bacon
BOI _ BRUH 11 kun oldin
Idc if aggresive animals dies
fatima huq
fatima huq 11 kun oldin
Omfg I want a alpac pet so bad.
Rigaea X
Rigaea X 11 kun oldin
Glenn Lassiter
Glenn Lassiter 12 kun oldin
She has a wife, yikes
Voltort 6 kun oldin
Glenn Lassiter yikes
fan art police and FBI
$100 child versus $1000000 child
Harvey Morris
Harvey Morris 12 kun oldin
I hate this video you don’t conpare pets by price
Pralay Aryan
Pralay Aryan 12 kun oldin
800 USD for a pig?
sophia franceska Barrameda
j a c k s f i l m s
Xxxttacocat Oreo
Xxxttacocat Oreo 13 kun oldin
Went I grow up I will gave 5 cats and 3 dogs also 4 pigs I will do it I will believe un my self
Leo Schuman
Leo Schuman 13 kun oldin
9:42 the alpaca in the background 🦙 🦙🦙
Leo Schuman
Leo Schuman 13 kun oldin
Damn peg! the legend
Steven Bradl
Steven Bradl 13 kun oldin
Nikki's personality isn't for me..
Crasous 13 kun oldin
merrell twinner
merrell twinner 13 kun oldin
Best option: Adopt pets
DogPlaysGames 13 kun oldin
*Now I want to visit my dog at my grandmas house*
DogPlaysGames 13 kun oldin
Do a $1 dollar surgery V.S $100,000 surgery Credits To Smosh
Nerd Pepe
Nerd Pepe 13 kun oldin
Where's andrew
Stratosphere OneSoulzz
I dislike video
Julian Ravenel
Julian Ravenel 14 kun oldin
Mini pigs don't exist. They are actually underfed
Cristina Fisher
Cristina Fisher 14 kun oldin
I want them all...
Maia Crowley
Maia Crowley 15 kun oldin
Don't shop adopt.
Because Because
Because Because 15 kun oldin
Is that a chicken lol
Melis Leon
Melis Leon 15 kun oldin
What's the point of buying an expensive pet if his attitude is not worth it
Le blog du voyageur
Le blog du voyageur 15 kun oldin
Salut les amis, je possède un blog traitant du voyage et j'ai écrit un article sur New York. site: wordpress.com/view/leblogdesvoyageursedesvlogers.wordpress.com
Le blog du voyageur
Le blog du voyageur 15 kun oldin
Nous entrons dans de la géopolitique spatiale
nicky Li
nicky Li 16 kun oldin
Now I feel bad eating bacon
Kalindra Mizuel
Kalindra Mizuel 16 kun oldin
I want to adopt a dog or a cat but I can’t help but afraid I might become a careless owner to them, I’m also scared my temper will also affect them T^T
DJ Transaction
DJ Transaction 16 kun oldin
Is this video serrious? The best pets are the ones that love the owner and the owner loves the pet. This has zero price.
Puma Bro
Puma Bro 16 kun oldin
Silver Addiction25
Silver Addiction25 17 kun oldin
Now I want a pig
Phobos 17 kun oldin
the moment he said he will wants a cat and a dog i instantly thought of food
Wkz 17 kun oldin
The world became too soft
Panda Bear panda
Panda Bear panda 17 kun oldin
I think that's were Logan got his pig
Kawaii chan /potato
Kawaii chan /potato 17 kun oldin
I had to learn about alpaca in school today
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