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I hope you enjoy watching my $2 Kylie Lip Kits Real vs Fake Comparison!
Check out my Real vs fake KYSHADOW comparison here: uzvid.com/video/video-Qjxtharf_AA.html
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4-Okt, 2016

$2 KYLIE LIP KITSREAL VS FAKEKING KDOLCE KTRUE BROWN KSWATCHESFAKE MAKEUPFIRST IMPRESSONSREVIEWMAKEUP HAULILUVETTETANYA ARGUELLESHOW TO SPOT A FAKEBEAUTY VIDEOKYLIE JENNERKYLIE COSMETICSKING KYLIEreallipfakekyliejennerdolcekitstruebrownvs fake KYSHADOWkingkylie lip kitmakeupcandy kliquid lipstickkoko kebayfake kylie cosmeticshow to spotbeauty22ali expressKylie Lip Kitsposie kskyliemary jo klip kit



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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khloe the movie maker and slime maker Garcia
The fake one has glue Kylie siad that
Chelsea Martin
Chelsea Martin 2 oy oldin
She does her makeup better than me because I have no clue what I’m doing 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Kerri Beirne
Kerri Beirne 2 oy oldin
I'm really in WOW of how you get those lipliners and lipsticks on so lined up perfectly on your lips. Hell, it takes me 5 times just to get my lip liner placed exactly right on my lips lol. You go girl. Thank you for the video.
coline the one who motivates
Yourgeirgeous girl
ur bitch
ur bitch 2 oy oldin
Who said black girls can’t wear green lipstick?🤷🏾‍♀️💋
Mmtz Mohamed
Mmtz Mohamed 3 oy oldin
All my lipsticks are fake so
Moonlight - Come Have Fun With Me!
Your so dam gorgeous😍
Sarah Tanya Official
Thank you!
XxNehaxX 4 oy oldin
How can u tell which it’s fake and real, the white teeth is FAKE,The black teeth is REAL,
Discodino plays
Discodino plays 6 oy oldin
Love your makeup, it’s actually so nice 😍🤩🤩
Sarah Tanya Official
girl talk girl girl
Oh wait she is
girl talk girl girl
Finally someone who doesn't compare
Kirsten Hoppins
Kirsten Hoppins 6 oy oldin
She's ugly
Sarah Tanya Official
Luckily I'm not define by peoples opinion on my outward appearance.
diy decor
diy decor 7 oy oldin
Please stop .. you are sniffing lead 🤢
Abigael Walker
Abigael Walker 7 oy oldin
Is make up look wierd
Myah Gundersen
Myah Gundersen 7 oy oldin
Your very close my friend.
Sarah Tanya Official
Accurate observation.
Juliana Milano
Juliana Milano 7 oy oldin
girl. how did you not learn ur lesson... the views arent worth it
Jana Ahmed
Jana Ahmed 8 oy oldin
why are u soooo close to the camera?😂
Adrianna Devonne
Adrianna Devonne 8 oy oldin
(sorry to be rude )but wtf is on your face
Adrianna Devonne
Adrianna Devonne 6 oy oldin
Sarah Tanya Official sorry if I was rude
Sarah Tanya Official
Gina Chua
Gina Chua 8 oy oldin
E. P
E. P 8 oy oldin
I love her makeup its so WOW i just can't describe it can I please have at least 5 likes because it is my birthday 😄🦄💐🍉🎂🎉🎊🎀🎁
Ovayo Ntebe
Ovayo Ntebe 8 oy oldin
What's with the makeup though sis😮
Sarah Tanya Official
I was trying something for the first time :)
IAMTHE REAL ARI 8 oy oldin
Sasha Carvalho
Sasha Carvalho 8 oy oldin
It’s so funny how she’s trying on Kylie Jenner’s makeup but playing RIRIs song in the background 😂😂😂
jasmine hayes
jasmine hayes 8 oy oldin
I don't like ur make up that much its ok
Mylife Aseva
Mylife Aseva 8 oy oldin
Likes to win slime
Mylife Aseva
Mylife Aseva 8 oy oldin
BTS_Anime Freak
BTS_Anime Freak 9 oy oldin
I love your eyeshadow
It'sCharlene TV
It'sCharlene TV 9 oy oldin
Ur eyebrow😂and eyeshadow😂Lmao.I hate it😂
katey doglover
katey doglover 9 oy oldin
87% (angels): back of haters she is pretty whit that makeup 7%(18 -17 year old teen):i cant believe MY mom bought this lip stik for me 10%(care about looks maybe not car about the looks):she pretty 4%(loves her voice):be a singer you voice is amazing 2%(not funny joksters):you like like a drama Queen jk
katey doglover
katey doglover 9 oy oldin
Sarah Tanya Official :0 i got noticed :0 :D
Sarah Tanya Official
Pretty accurate assessment lol!
ItsJayJeh &TehKrew
Why would a fake website make a fake Kylie Jenner lipstick when they know people will have there mouth closed for a while!
Sikai Wu
Sikai Wu 9 oy oldin
Your eyes look beautiful well kinda
Riinboo 9 oy oldin
Who's Kylie Jenner?
brxxklyn 10 oy oldin
Your doing tooooo much
Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 10 oy oldin
0:04 omg cringe eww
Mary Rachel
Mary Rachel 9 oy oldin
Kayla Nguyen THX but pls don't call me liked Rachel BC I'm Rachel not liked Rachel...
Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 9 oy oldin
liked Rachel Lol that's ok💖
Mary Rachel
Mary Rachel 9 oy oldin
Kayla Nguyen OMG I'm so sorry Kayla cause I thought your a guy then I realized that your girl sorry
Mary Rachel
Mary Rachel 9 oy oldin
Kayla Nguyen I didn't mean to
Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 9 oy oldin
liked Rachel Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings😅
a d v i l
a d v i l 10 oy oldin
cake face to its finest
Charisse Tato
Charisse Tato 10 oy oldin
close up
Sleepy Suga
Sleepy Suga 10 oy oldin
There is Glue in it that's why
Munchkin 343
Munchkin 343 10 oy oldin
So much makeup put some Brakes on
ķylegh Colombe
ķylegh Colombe 10 oy oldin
Her face looks gold and that lip stick doesn't match
Violet Blue
Violet Blue 10 oy oldin
Her makeup is way too expensive for the product. All chemicals. She should use stuff that is good for our lips. The Kardashian’s care about 1 thing, themselves and money. Which of course is fine, good for them, but I’m not buying a lipstick I can get from another company that has things in it that aren’t toxic.
eng lady
eng lady 10 oy oldin
uuuuummmm whats up with ur face ew soz
XVorTeX178 10 oy oldin
Not being rude but when the light shines on your face it makes you look like one of those things from Charlie and the chocolate factory
Whoooa 10 oy oldin
You like creepy as fuck. That scared the living shit out of me.. Stop using makeup bitch
Katie Archibald
Katie Archibald 10 oy oldin
Ahhhh I am scared
Raquel Lucas
Raquel Lucas 10 oy oldin
she got me really confused
Vivian Sanchez
Vivian Sanchez 10 oy oldin
Ok I’m just wondering why are her natural lips gray 🤦🏾‍♀️💀🧐
Ashley Aquino
Ashley Aquino 10 oy oldin
The fake ones are made out of glue and it makes people’s lips almost stick
Honkadoodle : /
Honkadoodle : / 10 oy oldin
Y is her skin orange? 😂
Ensi Quak
Ensi Quak 9 oy oldin
Amelia Shipley and,why are you soo racist?
Milly Krystal
Milly Krystal 10 oy oldin
Amelia Shipley that's just her ligting
ItsAva 10 oy oldin
She said that the fluffy one was fake but then immediately said that the fluffy one was real... GIRL
Liz Cruz
Liz Cruz 10 oy oldin
Her makeup scares me
THE BEAST101 10 oy oldin
Just saying you said the one fake one was the one with the fluffy tip and when you swached them you said the opposite.
Lindsay Lucas
Lindsay Lucas 10 oy oldin
The fake one has glue and gasoline. That may be one of the reasons your lips were tingling
ishani tanushrie
ishani tanushrie 10 oy oldin
Omg don't ware so much make up
Georgie The Queen
Georgie The Queen 10 oy oldin
Not being rude but your eye shadow..... erm.... CALM IT F*CKING DOWN!
yas min
yas min 10 oy oldin
Caitlynn Jesse
Caitlynn Jesse 10 oy oldin
The fake one has glue in it
Rasha Monem
Rasha Monem 10 oy oldin
you are all fake
ItzMeh _Lulu
ItzMeh _Lulu 10 oy oldin
My whole life has been a lie
Aubre Rogers
Aubre Rogers 10 oy oldin
Not to be rude you talk to much and you say the same thing
Cheezus Christ
Cheezus Christ 10 oy oldin
aliiien are real
Amigurumi By Holly
Amigurumi By Holly 10 oy oldin
Why are her lips so bloody big
Amigurumi By Holly
Amigurumi By Holly 10 oy oldin
Please change your eyeshadow it's really bad🤕
Nadia Valentina
Nadia Valentina 11 oy oldin
wow the makeup
Nadia Valentina
Nadia Valentina 11 oy oldin
dat makeup doe
ToxicPrototype X
ToxicPrototype X 11 oy oldin
my lips r sticky and i dont have fake things i dont even wear cosmetic s
ItsYallGirl 11 oy oldin
To much makeup
Moreen Siy
Moreen Siy 11 oy oldin
Her makeup is toooo heavy
Tong Do
Tong Do 11 oy oldin
can you put fake on one side and real on the other side next time? I kinda got confused because you mixed it up a few times
Aaron S
Aaron S 11 oy oldin
This woman has some crazy make up but I love it because it shows creativity and originality she is different just because she doesn’t look like all u fucking basic snatched whores doesn’t mean u need to be rude to this amazing woman
Alina 11 oy oldin
She's pretty, but the eye makeup isn't really what I'd personally say looks good, but damn if she thinks it's nice then it's her life and her choice to wear it
KirztenGaming 11 oy oldin
Damn,How Much Time Did You Do Your Make Up At!!
Kinga K
Kinga K 11 oy oldin
Damm ur make-up is pop-in and fresh Dammm
najiiahchannel williams
She uglyyyy 😷😷😷
biggest uwu
biggest uwu 10 oy oldin
Najiiah Williams then stop calling people ugly
najiiahchannel williams
I don’t care leave me alone stop talking to me
biggest uwu
biggest uwu 10 oy oldin
Najiiah Williams you don’t even know what I look like lmao.
biggest uwu
biggest uwu 10 oy oldin
Najiiah Williams are you sure about that?
najiiahchannel williams
Shit you ugly to
FanFiction Tv
FanFiction Tv 11 oy oldin
I think ur beautiful and all...but i think u got a bit crazy with ur make up 😂😂 but still ilysm
xchoijax 11 oy oldin
Gurlllll i love your lips 💖
Atiqah and Wani
Atiqah and Wani 11 oy oldin
The makeup is so crazy
Emily Kawaii
Emily Kawaii 11 oy oldin
Some fake ones have glue in it that's why its sticky
Bhawna Singh
Bhawna Singh 11 oy oldin
you have very big lips and they doesn't look good
Sarah Tanya Official
Lol thank you
Asu Kazi
Asu Kazi 11 oy oldin
It’s not Kylie Jenner’s fault it is basically your fault for going on the wrong website!! And you guys are blaming her
Sarah Tanya Official
Uhm I don't think you watched the video correctly.
Ashley Jauregui
Ashley Jauregui 11 oy oldin
Omg she’s so ugly 🤮👩🏿
Isabel Masterson
Isabel Masterson 11 oy oldin
God some people need to just know when to shut up. EVERBODY IS GORGEOUS
Sarah Tanya Official
Why thank you :)
Aliyah Martinez
Aliyah Martinez 11 oy oldin
The camera is way close up
Regina Cobb
Regina Cobb 11 oy oldin
How do we know which one your putting on is fake or real like??? Stop making videos just stop
Regina Cobb
Regina Cobb 11 oy oldin
Sarah Tanya Official So turn off the commenting option, it’s a suggestion for next time because it was confusing.
Sarah Tanya Official
Stop commenting just stop.
Jessica 11 oy oldin
No!! dont use fake makeup on your body at all!! they're cheap but have been know to use a lot of really poisonous stuff!!
Alexis Brooks
Alexis Brooks 11 oy oldin
Wow lots of makeup but I am not hating
kate elizabeth
kate elizabeth 11 oy oldin
Nessie Smith
Nessie Smith 11 oy oldin
Pretty makeup
Sarah Tanya Official
Thank you!
Kelsay And Emma
Kelsay And Emma 11 oy oldin
Your really pretty 😀😍
Rihanna J
Rihanna J 11 oy oldin
The fake ones have GLUE AND GASOLINE IN THEM
Jaya chauhan
Jaya chauhan 11 oy oldin
dude ur makeup is like soo perfect m gone mad like ur a pro dude tht eye makeup like howwwww soo perfect howew
Shanniya Walker
Shanniya Walker 11 oy oldin
Im loving your eyeshadow and lipstick ❤❤😘😘
AvA'sgymnastics journey gymnastics
No offence but you were to much makeup
Ashley Kings
Ashley Kings 11 oy oldin
AvA'sgymnastics journey gymnastics so what
ky Gracie boyd
ky Gracie boyd 11 oy oldin
Girl i love your makeup your cut crease is bomb!!!! 😍😭❤️
biggest uwu
biggest uwu 11 oy oldin
ANGEAL ALFONSO how was she racist?
Ashley Kings
Ashley Kings 11 oy oldin
audrey timbol
audrey timbol 11 oy oldin
carlee Ann
carlee Ann 11 oy oldin
Her makeup looks so cool I love it
Hannah’s Vlogs
Hannah’s Vlogs 11 oy oldin
Geez I love her make up
Sk8er gurl 55
Sk8er gurl 55 11 oy oldin
It's really zoomed in but for this tipe of video it perfectly great
Eric and Kella
Eric and Kella 11 oy oldin
I have been trying to find the answer to this question and can get no response from customer support. On Kylies website all the stock photos of the different lip kits show “Kylie Jenner “ printed at the bottom of every liquid lipstick bottle above where it say matte lipstick or whatever. The only exception to this is the shades “boujee” and “high maintenance “ where there is no “Kylie Jenner “ printed in this area. Question 1, why don’t those two shades have it? And question 2, why do almost all the posts/videos showing the difference between real and fake lip kits , including this one, have their real one without this print? Why do nearly all the stock photos show “Kylie Jenner “ printed on every bottle, if it’s not there on the ones you actually receive? I’ve been trying to find real lip kits on Mercari, and for the longest time assumed if that wasn’t printed on them they were fake. But then I noticed many beauty guru videos show real ones without it too.
sᴀʀᴀᴅᴀ ᴜᴄʜɪʜᴀ
Im new to this channel and i have three words..... Its the bestttt. New subscriber
elaura moody
elaura moody 11 oy oldin
Wow it's messed up how people scam you like that 🤯
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