$9 Fish Vs. $140 Fish

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“Courtside with a bad fish.”
*Correction: At 10:10 and 10:20 it should say "Ti-Leaf" not "Tea Leaf."
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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Pacific Hagfish
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Jeremy Shigenkane
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8-Apr, 2018

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BuzzFeedVideo 7 oy oldin
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Goldenkitten1 3 oy oldin
Wait, the head and especially the collar have some of the best meat on the fish, why is the guy all like "You don't eat that"?
Goran Zdraveski
Goran Zdraveski 4 oy oldin
Guys for real u need to come to Europe...any country ull see soo many different types of food and different from country to country easily maybe 10 seasons lol
Hiroshi Shimizu
Hiroshi Shimizu 4 oy oldin
BuzzFeedVideo can you guys do loco moco
juuzousuzuya 929
juuzousuzuya 929 5 oy oldin
Jessica Swing B E G O N E T H O T
Marwan Charara
Marwan Charara 5 oy oldin
Please do a lobster episode!
You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin
The last chef seems so chill to hang around.
Ozzy Hooper
Ozzy Hooper Kun oldin
Do worth it lobster
nanao-hime Kun oldin
The french accent is SO THICC .....
kou 2 kun oldin
Did Steven ever get married?
PoorKid'sCar rolla
PoorKid'sCar rolla 3 kun oldin
Here in the Philippines “Poke” is the best meat that smells like fish to eat and it’s exclusive for men.
Lucas Ferguson
Lucas Ferguson 4 kun oldin
T L 4 kun oldin
That $$$ Onaga fish reminds me of the stuffed ‘inihaw(grilled) na bangus’ in the Philippines. Mind blowing. Worth It guys should try it!
T L 4 kun oldin
What? Halo-halo was mentioned here (MW’s dessert with coconut tapioca) Worth It should go to the Philippines already and try the real halo-halo!
Krizzia Tan
Krizzia Tan 5 kun oldin
6:55 oh my god i literally thought he was placing a spider on top my heart JUMPED
SCGunDog 5 kun oldin
That French dude's passion for his food is absolutely insane. I'd go to Hawaii just to eat his food or listen to him talk about his cooking stories
AB B 6 kun oldin
Baked Cheese
Tanjid Azad
Tanjid Azad 6 kun oldin
Crunchy Unicorn Gaming
I wish someone loved me as much I love fish
crazeechickee11 6 kun oldin
I had the fortune of living in Hawaii one summer and I ate probably half my body weight in poke. I'm so glad they got to try it and are getting the word out there about how INCREDIBLE Hawaiian cuisine is!
Skygame 476
Skygame 476 8 kun oldin
I am filipino and i love halo halo 🍨🍧 🇵🇭🇵🇭 thums up this comment if your filipino i have proof that i am filipino i will spike filipino gustokong kumain ng isda lalona salmon🍣🐟🐟
trinh phương
trinh phương 9 kun oldin
Adammmmm talk more pls
parthdaarcanine 11 kun oldin
I want a life like this
parthdaarcanine 11 kun oldin
The first one was raw
Herk Baterna
Herk Baterna 12 kun oldin
140 dollars not worth it. too expensive.
Total Uncool
Total Uncool 14 kun oldin
When you are broke what are you gonna do?$1 vs$0.50 gummy hahahaha😅
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 15 kun oldin
Fish is my least favorite food,how do you like fish so much
AA Gabriel
AA Gabriel 15 kun oldin
By fish do you mean vagina?
Summerof Shargiyah
Summerof Shargiyah 16 kun oldin
Im not a sea food person and I didn’t like the raw fish ! But the other two restaurants made my mouth water itssss so delicious!!!!
Jungkookie :3
Jungkookie :3 16 kun oldin
Steven: Mochi *Thinks about jimin*
darkk exe
darkk exe 17 kun oldin
Mizzo where you at???
Michael Weston
Michael Weston 17 kun oldin
these guys are so freakin gay
Daryll Wajendra
Daryll Wajendra 18 kun oldin
comments 1%: Food 99% Adam
LegendaryGamer Gaming and More
Do town house
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley 19 kun oldin
Did he give Adam his cinnamon rolls?!?!
J P 19 kun oldin
Ugh they need to get rid of Adam in these series, he never shows any sort of emotion even when eating amazing food and is so monotone. You can even tell that Steven finds the dude weird. Offputing
Cockka Cockk
Cockka Cockk 20 kun oldin
Poké Bowl is the winner ! it's just like the "Nasi Lemak" you can eat as breakfast, lunch and even dinner
1337fraggzb00N 20 kun oldin
Next episode: $1 child prostitute Vs. $10 child prostitute. Thailand Special.
ZTiesto 22 kun oldin
Are Andrew and Adam dating?
Xeon 22 kun oldin
7:00 i feel like that portion size is so ridiculously small
TotalWakko 22 kun oldin
The last guy loves to say *Provence* .
Nikolas Olbeter
Nikolas Olbeter 22 kun oldin
Oh my fing god those are my favorite deserts too !!!
CrazyGirl03 24 kun oldin
I'm sorry but nothing made me salivate harder than that poke. Maybe because I'm poor.
Claudel Paul Mondo Nzeutcheb Jr.
do an episode on grilled chesse
Se Chan
Se Chan 25 kun oldin
Oh hey I live near that area (the Ahi Assassins location):D
Tirta Amerta
Tirta Amerta 25 kun oldin
I think Adam talked his longest sentences here among all buzzfeed videos 😆❤ wasn't it?
DaShi1sOut KPopMultifandom
FiSh! (In HaWaIi) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kurt Pugh
Kurt Pugh 27 kun oldin
That bag of bones looks like the best thing I have ever seen!
Valeria Alexandra Quiles
You should do a worth it episode about mofongo in Puerto Rico!! You wont regret it! You can bring awareness of the island to the masses and share our delicious culture with the world!
William Cossey
William Cossey 29 kun oldin
Is it me or are the food getting cheaper? 🤔
Danni Liu
Danni Liu 29 kun oldin
The puns kill me.
Lucky Robot
Lucky Robot 29 kun oldin
Every time steven eats... Its like hes having sex
THE XSEED 29 kun oldin
Just a couple of haolees eating poke. They should went to Foodland, they got good poke too
Luke Moore
Luke Moore 29 kun oldin
the voice crack at 6:18💀💀
Flamming Games
When they went to the bakery i immediatly thought, MALASADA!
we are no less
Gordon Ramsey would be triggered by the first place !
Lou Anne
Lou Anne Oy oldin
Le mec a fait une croûte de sel avec une petite sauce provençale
Norfolk250 Oy oldin
The one episode that I’m actually envious of. UGHHHHH! (sigh)
Augustus Deal
Augustus Deal Oy oldin
Andrew seems a bit to happy And gets all Steven's jokes What's wrong with him?
Nathan Guzman
Nathan Guzman Oy oldin
“Fish Dish Bish”
Cyz Roblox Gaming And More!
Can we go to Ha we we now?
Karen Maehara
Karen Maehara Oy oldin
I love you guys and this series but there’s just one smaaall thing that bothers me....when y’all like cheers with your food? When you do that with chopsticks it makes me cringe a ting bit because in japan there’s like a handful of chopsticks rules and one of them is to never pick up the same piece of food or be touching the same piece of food with two pairs of chopsticks. That’s because we only do that during funeral services after cremation when family members use chopsticks together to move bones from the plate to the urn. So if y’all read this comment I would greatly appreciate if you took it to heart that for some people seeing the food cheers with chopsticks can be upsetting. Thanks and I can’t wait for more seasons forever and ever!
Fatma Afify
Fatma Afify Oy oldin
ممكن حد يدينى سبب يخليهم ياكلوا السمك نى🙆
Lindsey Preston
More commentary from CamGuy pls
Amirpouya Ghasemi
"courtside with a bad fish" 😂😂 andrew is bad and boujee
Erdrick68 Oy oldin
For some terrible reason I had forgotten about checking for new worth it videos between seasons 3 and 4 and now that this video is making me so happy, I'm also so sad that I didn't have this in my life for a while. Also, I have to go to Hawaii and eat that French-Hawaiian fish.
Pro Squad
Pro Squad Oy oldin
At 11.49 it talks about tea like this if you like tea also im the only person who like this cometed
Sandeepa Konagama
The front is his side and the back is my side. Yeah they are happy alright!
fuji apple
fuji apple Oy oldin
J_ Kaye
J_ Kaye Oy oldin
7:22 "Local honey..." "Hot honey..." What's with Andrew and honey??
I live in Honolulu, Hawaii
Ice Bear 25
Ice Bear 25 Oy oldin
7:19 that sound tho(the glasses colliding)
Ice Bear 25
Ice Bear 25 Oy oldin
3:27 *Steven thinking about life*
Ella Gibson
Ella Gibson Oy oldin
That last dish is the same one from Kiki’s Delivery Service!
Timotius Yap
Timotius Yap Oy oldin
Bears eats salmon..not tuna..haha
The Alament
The Alament Oy oldin
ADAM SAID A WHOLE sentence wow I’m yelling in my head. Edit: a paragraph. wtf. Love
Isabella Villano
There's also a really good poké place in New Haven, CT (it's my ultimate comfort and I order the poké burritos way too much)
nope Oy oldin
You know I really didn’t like Steven when this show first started but as time has gone on he’s gotten so much cooler. I feel like he was just awkward and now he’s kind of grown into his own person.
John Carb 150
John Carb 150 Oy oldin
Pukeng ina mo
Erica McBride
Erica McBride Oy oldin
Ti leaf... Not tea.... Do your research buzzfeed.
Sótano Filmz
Sótano Filmz Oy oldin
Fish Dish Bish Some one put that on a shirt.
scare crow
scare crow Oy oldin
crabshark22 Oy oldin
2:40 song? anyone?
Strange Lights
Andrew is not quite husky enough to be a bear.
CRAZEH247 Oy oldin
6:27 The front is his side, the back is my side ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Matthew Canavan
Binge watching, to hit every show after jumping around a little. You scaled new heights with this fish episode. Excellent.
bito hoshizaki
Adam is just perfect
Benjamin Tang
Benjamin Tang Oy oldin
That French dude is boss
GalaxY Steve
GalaxY Steve Oy oldin
Gabriel Torres
You shoud do an episode in Puerto rico
Kawaii Nguyen
Kawaii Nguyen Oy oldin
2:40 when Andrew ain't know how to use chopsticks
Ishtiaque Ahmed
KelseyMckay Oy oldin
"One fish, two fish---screw fish, eat dessert" ❤
jojo nator
jojo nator Oy oldin
A expensive fish without gold caviar and truffles? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?
SnyperD1aper 21
I’m samoan
_Roseeee Oy oldin
This is the most I’ve ever seen Adam speak and I love it 😂🤗
Carrie Sanchez
Marlyn Iohb
Marlyn Iohb Oy oldin
Hey that the island that I was born on.
My grandparents are fillipino ancestors, so I love halo halo!!
6:17 voice creck
Ragan Lacy
Ragan Lacy Oy oldin
Red ocean dragon 😂😂😂
Brave Warrior Mixer Lovatic
Chef: .... Philippines halo halo! Me: EEEEEEYYYYY!!!
*fish dish bish*
Thanh Xuân
Thanh Xuân Oy oldin
Andrew knows he's hot 😄
Lee Jones
Lee Jones Oy oldin
Blonde Asians