‘Chef’ Thinks That Cold Water Boils Faster Than Hot Water | Hell's Kitchen

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To quote Gordon: “What?!”
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.




1-May, 2018



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Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook 2 kun oldin
My gf just said the same idiotic shit and that's why I'm here
Dwi Kusuma
Dwi Kusuma 5 kun oldin
I had same reaction as chef gordon
Czapla 6 kun oldin
0:43 this guy have the exact same voice as murdoc from Gorillaz xD
Sohan Daivik
Sohan Daivik 13 kun oldin
cold water increases temperature faster than hot water increases its temperature to a certain point till where it becomes 'hot water' and then it just boils at the same rate as got water...but hot water is obviously better to use.
TidalWavesLion 15 kun oldin
My mother and my school's cooking classes were wrong! I had to learn this from my father and he's not a professional.
Toxic 17 kun oldin
NA Education
Android Ap
Android Ap 19 kun oldin
Certainly not, but hot water can freeze faster than cold water.
GrimDeath 8
GrimDeath 8 20 kun oldin
I honestly question how they even passed science class
Marcello Mercuri
Marcello Mercuri 21 kun oldin
I’ve heard that too. She’s not the only one.
Paper Please
Paper Please 21 kun oldin
Dumbass misinterpreted the mpemba effect
Gonzales Frederic
Gonzales Frederic 24 kun oldin
Hot water freezes faster than cold water, but indeed hot water boils faster than cold water. Amazing fact, it was a Tanzanian cook that found out that hot water freezes faster than cold water. By hot, understand warm. Not seething.
the first season was boring and poor
literal trash
literal trash Oy oldin
Sam Fischer
Sam Fischer Oy oldin
OK just to clear it up Hot water freezes faster then cold water.... Maybe he mixed something up?
Gordon Schnick
My experience is water takes the same time to boil, regardless of the temperature.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady Oy oldin
Me - Umm, okay Veda. Enough internet for today. The last thing you want to do is fail in Science. Trust me. Also me - I might fail in all the subjects, but nothing will stop me from staying up all night and watching Gordon's videos.
That Jeff dude can’t keep his mouth shut huh
Chris de
Chris de Oy oldin
I wish scientists were allowed to bitch slap stupidity out of people.
Thot Slayer Thomas
I’m disappointed to be a human being
John David
John David Oy oldin
Gordon was like *WHAAAAT?*
Canadian Racing League
I've had arguments over this with sous chefs and made them start with a pot of hot and a pot of cold. They never argued again.
Stupidty aufYT
Most american statement ever.
Cubbies34 Oy oldin
It’s true. Cold water also boils faster than boiling water
M.G Adventures
"whAt" 2:50
Sensei Yeet
Sensei Yeet Oy oldin
She is stupid
Owen McPhee-Keath
I guess sound reaches you faster if you are farther away too.
deathendz Oy oldin
Stanley Yelnats
shifllamo momoka
memer: **makes a sarcastic joke** stupid people: um aCTUALLy
Rohan Sandhu
Rohan Sandhu Oy oldin
2:50 Bruh.
kyle Thall
kyle Thall Oy oldin
Luke warm water does boil faster than hot water.... its molecular science
K- -G
K- -G Oy oldin
He clearly did not study chemistry and if he did he didn’t touch entropy or rates of reaction at all😴
KenC Oy oldin
lol i thought asians were smart
Konrad Cavebear
Cold water starts heating up faster than hot. Hot water won't be effected if the stove is colder than it
Isaac Huege de Serville
You forgot to preheat the water.
Jordan Wheeler
I was always taught that cold water boiled faster and that NEVER made sense to me and I don’t understand how me dad still believes it I was probably 7 and he says this and I look at him weird and he acts like IM the bonkers one. Christ.
Pablo gomez
Pablo gomez Oy oldin
Till I watched this video, I’ve always poured cold water for boiling,🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Our Club
Our Club Oy oldin
But... Where's the lamb sauce?
Dave Sprike
Dave Sprike Oy oldin
However the opposite is True. Hot water freezes faster than cold water and the phenomenon is called Mpemba effect
James Hatfield
Tomek Allen
Tomek Allen 2 oy oldin
Boiling water freezes faster than cold water so suck on that n00bs
Bonfire5th 2 oy oldin
Great awnser lol
Karl Zimmer
Karl Zimmer 2 oy oldin
"Cold water boils faster." WHAT! A chef should know that is incorrect. Basic physics! "You cannot change the laws of physics, warm water takes less time to boil!!"
Bruce Brock
Bruce Brock 2 oy oldin
That lady neda.to.shut the.f928 up wow the dude is ok
Anthony Warrick
Anthony Warrick 2 oy oldin
Hot water freezes faster than cold ..that’s where the confusion comes from people are jut conflating the two
Ri Ed
Ri Ed 2 oy oldin
Cold water boils faster because hot water is used to the heat, so it takes a long time to get it to boil. Cold water is shocked by the heat so it's quicker, about 50 percent.
D'onte Graves
D'onte Graves Oy oldin
So water at a temperature of 200ºF will begin to boil slower than water at 40ºF? That sounds...fairly stupid.
Pat2296 2 oy oldin
That has nothing to do with cooking. A child or a moron would know hot water gets hotter faster than cold. A chef who literally cannot boil water. Wow.
Samal Sachin
Samal Sachin 2 oy oldin
Kaian凯安 2 oy oldin
I don't know how Gordon does it. Working with people who are that delusional and ignorant would make me want to chargrill my soul
Typical Variety
Typical Variety 2 oy oldin
What kind of human being thot, would think that *COLD* *WATER* can *BOILS*
Top Kek
Top Kek 2 oy oldin
Ayyyy chef Mike is back
Anonymous 2 oy oldin
that asian chef at 2:14 tried to look like she was gonna do something AHAHAHAHHAHA
Jordan Austin
Jordan Austin 2 oy oldin
Idk why that female sous chef (?) started getting up in that guys face, like stop acting all tough ahahhahahah
Tez .W
Tez .W 3 oy oldin
Both my ma & sis tryd gangin up me sayin this! I laughed & thought of this
White nigga
White nigga 3 oy oldin
Raw water cooks faster than cooked water
H@ker! 3 oy oldin
The HOT water is FREEZING faster. Not the cold boiling faster.
therapy188 4 oy oldin
Anyone else notice how that female chef was bullying that guy and how everyone was about to destroy him for defending himself?
Extreme Trash
Extreme Trash 4 oy oldin
Surely this isnt true
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang 4 oy oldin
That is as bad as microwaving a salad
BreakfastGun 4 oy oldin
1985: We're gonna have flying cars in 2015! 2018: Cold water boils faster than hot water.
tatsuo71 4 oy oldin
When I cook rice, I use hot water so that it will cook faster. My girlfriend at the time didn’t believe me because she thought the rice cooker is on a timer.
Kate Juri Castañeda
Wendy: I thought cold water was supposed tp boil faster than hot water Ramsey: whaaaat? Help I’m crying 😂😂😂😂
Gurprem Singh
Gurprem Singh 4 oy oldin
She's not completely wrong, the rate of increase in temperature is higher in cold water due to temperature difference but that doesn't mean it will take less time.
RVGENomini 4 oy oldin
Did you know that the inside of your microwave is fucking made out of metal?
Robert Paris209
Robert Paris209 4 oy oldin
Mega Bucks
Mega Bucks 4 oy oldin
Lol cold water boil faster
Rachewett A
Rachewett A 5 oy oldin
What? Lmao at his look of disbelief.
jovan tan
jovan tan 5 oy oldin
I mean, cold water heats up faster, but it reaches boiling point at a later point than hot water.
James Field
James Field 5 oy oldin
I find wet water heats faster than dried water
modeltrainteen95 5 oy oldin
Michael won this year yes
Raymond Aranda
Raymond Aranda 5 oy oldin
Hot water freezes quicker tho.....
Smiley 5 oy oldin
I've actually heard that before touted as fact by pros. Cold water will heat up faster but slow to the same speed as hot eventually, at which point it takes just as long to boil. Since the hot water skipped that step, it reaches boiling first.
Aws Al Kindi
Aws Al Kindi 5 oy oldin
Wait wat
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu 5 oy oldin
Cold water doesn't boil faster than hot water.
Michael Yates
Michael Yates 5 oy oldin
Hot water freezes faster than cold water
Wasteland Wonderer
I met a girl in highschool who told me that as a correct answer on a physics exercise. I was really confused, I kinda believed her due to her certainty about that, but by the end of the class the teacher made sure I never ever again believed that kind of nonsense.
Unbelievaball 5 oy oldin
Think he's getting confused with the Mpemba Effect.
perochialjoe 5 oy oldin
I thought I'd reach space faster by starting underwater.
mlee_wood 5 oy oldin
You have to start at the earth's core to get there fastest
Victor Espino
Victor Espino 5 oy oldin
Tom Ellison
Tom Ellison 5 oy oldin
You know what boils even faster than hot water? Boiling water.
tomhrio 5 oy oldin
water should be served at 0 kelvin or its overcooked
Heintzchel 5 oy oldin
*Ramsey takes sip of cold water* "ITS RAAAAWWWWW!"
Mad Max
Mad Max 5 oy oldin
Don't understand how these people get on the show, oh wait....
grumerguy 5 oy oldin
Matthew Panaro
Matthew Panaro 5 oy oldin
However hot water freezes faster than cold water.
Eyeout 5 oy oldin
Her face is like a pot of cold water.
Brethren of Yeshua
That has to be a woman that would think that. Just to guess let me see if I'm right.
savagedragon79 5 oy oldin
Hot water does freeze faster than cold water though.
MilesBellas 5 oy oldin
Hot water from the tap isn't hygienic......people are advised not to drink it.
Ashley Y
Ashley Y 5 oy oldin
The way they treat eachother is disgusting and barbaric. Never work in a kitchen.
SpaghettiToaster 3 oy oldin
You mean never work in reality TV?
Klaus_Klavier 5 oy oldin
Cold water boiling faster is actually an old wives tale, how she didn’t learn otherwise is beyond me
Paul Chamberlin
Paul Chamberlin 5 oy oldin
Wow some people on this show r just morons lol...
frithis lord
frithis lord 5 oy oldin
No one can be THAT Stupid
john doe
john doe 5 oy oldin
Cold water does boil faster, google it
JiveAt5 5 oy oldin
Cold water does boil faster the hot water, but you do not add cold water to already boiling water that is just pure and uncut stupidity.
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 5 oy oldin
You can’t leave us on this cliffhanger. Where’s part 2?
NPChe Guevara
NPChe Guevara 5 oy oldin
You can thank public schools they literally teach this
Liuhuayue 5 oy oldin
It took a while to get to the punchline.
Alex Carreon
Alex Carreon 5 oy oldin
It's true. Cold water does freeze faster as well as hot water boiling faster. Thermodyanics people.
Xaiborg 5 oy oldin
I think he got this mixed up with the whole "always thaw frozen meat in cold water" thing.
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