‘Overrated’ Cowboys can’t compete with Rams or Saints - Matt Hasselbeck | NFL Countdown

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Charles Woodson, Matt Hasselbeck, Randy Moss and Rex Ryan of Sunday NFL Countdown discuss the Dallas Cowboys' 24-22 playoff win vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Woodson and Moss are impressed with Dak Prescott and the Cowboys' defense, but Hasselbeck does not see Dallas matching up with the Los Angeles Rams or New Orleans Saints in the NFC divisional round because the Cowboys are "an overrated team."
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6-Yan, 2019

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 663
Kras 4
Kras 4 2 kun oldin
I guess the conehead knew what he was talking about. Haha !!! "We Dem Boyz" back in Arlington watching the Rams/Saints compete for a trip to the Super Bowl.
Peter G
Peter G 3 kun oldin
Rams win, my Rams ran all over them overrated Cowboys.
Yount Freshly
Yount Freshly 3 kun oldin
overrated cowboys good riddance
Yount Freshly
Yount Freshly 3 kun oldin
woodson should not be betting or acting like he is so sure. matt hasselbsck is on the money
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Where are all these sorry ass cowboys fans at now??? You damn right the cowboys are overrated. They’ve been overrated for 20+ years. Matt spoke the truth. Rams whooped the shit out of the cowboys yesterday.
James Strickland
James Strickland 3 kun oldin
Drew Antidormi
Drew Antidormi 4 kun oldin
Cowgirls showed who they’re. Enough said. They got their asses handed to them. Couch time
FEAR The Walking Don
I agree with bald dude Matt. I predict Rams 30 Cowboys 22.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 4 kun oldin
Zeke had 47 yards on 20 carries , convince yet?
King Thirst
King Thirst 4 kun oldin
Hasselback was right, whoops 🤔
Dum Smirker
Dum Smirker 4 kun oldin
Exactly. The Boys suck.
bstlybengali 4 kun oldin
yea cowboys didnt stand a chance really. hasselbeck knows what hes talking about.
Transparent38 4 kun oldin
How bout them cowboys
my kids father
my kids father 4 kun oldin
Looks like Hasselbeck went from a hater to Nastradamus. Silly Dallas fans.
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
my kids father What do you expect from moronic Dallas fans. They think they are going to the Super Bowl every year 😆😆😆
HnB Alex
HnB Alex 4 kun oldin
cowboys in the coffin again tonight 😂
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 4 kun oldin
Hassle was right cowboys trash
Tamika Jackson Super Fan. Goo Cowboys Nation
Courtney Ellis
Courtney Ellis 4 kun oldin
Keep talking, just keeeeeeeep talking!!
Joshua and Paige hello
Didn't the Cowboys beat the saints a month ago.
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Joshua and Paige hello And the cowboys got their ass whooped yesterday by the rams. Guess Matt was right about the cowboys being overrated 😆😆😆
Nickolas Scott
Nickolas Scott 4 kun oldin
This is the best team we've had since we won the super bowl that's a fact
68Camaro RS/SS
68Camaro RS/SS 3 kun oldin
Nickolas Scott Yikes not good...this is your best? Shit
brodysdaddy 5 kun oldin
I only have two things to say: We want the ball And we're going to score
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
brodysdaddy I’ll add cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1996 ... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
eddie Garcia
eddie Garcia 5 kun oldin
You mad ,just cuz you have no hair lol ( save a hair )
Miss,Wynel Wiggins
Miss,Wynel Wiggins 5 kun oldin
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Miss,Wynel Wiggins Because they know the cowboys are ass. How did you like the ass whooping the rams gave your cowboys yesterday???
Denis Colomb Jr
Denis Colomb Jr 5 kun oldin
Always funny..... in the end the seeding usually works out to the end teams playing. We forget that while the Saints were controlled by the Cowboys their offense had a similiar fate with the Saints defense. The score was 13 to 10.... a close game. In the end it will be Saints and Rams...with the edge going to home field advantage. The toughest game for the Saints will be this week against Philie... and the Rams will take care of Dallas.
Rebecca Walseth
Rebecca Walseth 5 kun oldin
, ,1. All right that was the abortion
Bstylz Tapia
Bstylz Tapia 5 kun oldin
Another Hater lol!!Nutn New
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson 5 kun oldin
There's cowboys haters everywhere even in ESPN studios! there's also cowboy fans everywhere you're going to see that this Saturday in LA
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Kyle Peterson You eating crow yet???
marco salgado
marco salgado 5 kun oldin
Hasselbeck keeping it 💯 these commentators like riding waves and saying sh*t people want to hear instead of the truth
Jimmy Bocanegra
Jimmy Bocanegra 5 kun oldin
Anything can happen fuk the haters and dude probably things hair is over rated also
Juan M Lopez Gee
Juan M Lopez Gee 6 kun oldin
May Elohim be with America's team The Dallas Cowboys,let's go Boys Dak Zek Cooper Beasley Gallop Austin Brown!!
Juan M Lopez Gee
Juan M Lopez Gee 2 kun oldin
+JEFFREY it's all good!! We still got 5 Superbowl rings,I hope LA Rams win the Superbowl God Bless Them they got an exellent team.DC4L1FE!!
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Juan M Lopez Gee How that work out for you yesterday? LoL overrated ass cowboys got bodied
ommppatient 6 kun oldin
Matt Hasselbeck is lame.
Billy Spalding
Billy Spalding 6 kun oldin
Defense wins championship and guess who has best DEFENSE left in playoffs?? Yep "HOW ABOUT THOSE COWBOYS "!!!!!
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Billy Spalding What were you saying about the cowboys defense again? Rams were running it down “the best defense left in the playoffs” throat yesterday weren’t they??? 😆😆😆😆
Jessica Ivy
Jessica Ivy 6 kun oldin
Cowboys will beat the Rams this Saturday ... Zeke is the best running back in the NFL... Dak is hungry and wants to be great he is playing his best football of his career this last 7 out of 8 games he has made the big plays... And hands down the best defense in the playoffs right now
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 4 kun oldin
Take this L cowboys trash
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 kun oldin
How bout now
Solar Dizzle
Solar Dizzle 6 kun oldin
So....let me get this straight? Just because the cowboys beat the saints the first time that means they want to play them again because they believe they can beat the saints in their dome? If anything the Saints should be the last team the cowboys would want to play because now you are gonna get saints playing way harder like it’s their super bowl.
increase Brown
increase Brown 6 kun oldin
I think cowboy's could win against the rams. If we can beat the saints hard! We can beat the rams all the way!
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 kun oldin
Rpr187 6 kun oldin
Let’s go Rams !!!
Ryan Lepior
Ryan Lepior 6 kun oldin
Pretty sure cowboys shut the saints out in the first half and beat them
chauncy cjong
chauncy cjong 6 kun oldin
Sounds like Matt Hasselbeck is hating because his former team feathers got plucked.
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
chauncy cjong Or matt is telling the truth? Oh, look at that. The rams whooped the shit out of the overrated cowboys. 😆😆😆😆
Michael  D
Michael D 6 kun oldin
Gotta love these ex players (mostly qb's) talk all this shit .Matt was nothing as a qb or his brother for that matter.Why would it be such an UPSET to beat the Rams ??? Not the same without Kupp and Cowboy's are 8-1 in there last 9 games . Just saying !!!!
Joey Pineira
Joey Pineira 6 kun oldin
Mat fukn hassleback hating ass sorry fuck shut him up woodson !!! Shit his ass up sayn they alredy did it haha eat dirt matt
jp4revolt 6 kun oldin
Hassleback was garbage QB
Geo Quiroz
Geo Quiroz 6 kun oldin
didnt they beat the saints dumb dumb
Denny Lee
Denny Lee 6 kun oldin
I absolutely love the look on Hasselcracks face when this video started and they were praising the cowboys. Sooooooo Salty
Matthew Herrera
Matthew Herrera 7 kun oldin
There’s always that one cowboy hater.... if they hating then we doing something right
68Camaro RS/SS
68Camaro RS/SS 3 kun oldin
Matthew Herrera Uhhh you guys lost like I said you would...see what happens when you play a good team LOL
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Matthew Herrera Yeah, you guys lost to the rams and have been losing for 20+ years. Please keep doing what you consider “right” 😁😁😁
Gioatx88 7 kun oldin
Gioatx88 3 kun oldin
+JEFFREY as a matter of fact. Good game rams
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Gioatx88 Rams just whooped the overrated cowboys. You eating crow yet??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Rajohn Foushee
Rajohn Foushee 7 kun oldin
Hassleback is a HATER, he never has anything positive to say about the Cowboys. His commentary always seems to comeback to bite him in the ass to. So, when they prove his ass wrong again what will he say then.
James Mines
James Mines 7 kun oldin
Fuck them cow girls luck was on there side yes im a hater
James Mines
James Mines 7 kun oldin
U are smoking crack the Ram well kick there ass look out u well see
Michael  D
Michael D 6 kun oldin
Stfu and go watch your Mickey Mouse videos Idiot ...
ProtectandServe180 7 kun oldin
alfred belford
alfred belford 7 kun oldin
take your mini dana white ass on
Walt Wear
Walt Wear 7 kun oldin
Hasselbeck needs to go home to his wife and kids....... oh and get some milk sucker !! Cowboys on one !! Go Cowboys !!
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Walt Wear Rams whooped the overrated ass cowboys. Matt was right 😆😆😆😆
CJ BOLAINES 7 kun oldin
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 kun oldin
In the stands
MrAmbassador11 7 kun oldin
Who has said that the Cowboys are a powerhouse? I haven't heard anyone say that Dallas is going to the Super Bowl. All we have been hearing all season long is how great the Saints and Rams are. In other words, for someone to say Dallas is overrated, means that that person does not want to give them any credit for being in the playoffs.
francisco garcia
francisco garcia 7 kun oldin
Matt hasslepick6 out of everyone saying we are overrated 😂😂😂. Boi don’t be salty that we beat the seachickens
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen 7 kun oldin
As if the saints db's can cover the cowboys wr lmfao cooper and Gallup will toast the aints db's
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 kun oldin
I guess we'll never know.... U know, since the Rams smoked them boys tonight.... But maybe the rams cam beat the saints db's.... U know this time around since they got they're asses handed to them last time. But hey you never know.
Barry McDaniel
Barry McDaniel 7 kun oldin
Great now they will at least go to the super bowl. Guess Matt didn't learn not to run his mouth after saying we want the ball and we're gonna win after winning the cointoss in the playoff game
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez 7 kun oldin
Stop it Matt, your getting the Cowboy cheerleaders (fans) all worked up...lol
Chris Ullmer
Chris Ullmer 7 kun oldin
Except the "overrated" Cowboys beat the Saints soooo if that's not competing please tell me what is?
Dr. Jules
Dr. Jules 7 kun oldin
Bitter ex Seahawk. Every team has flaws and what have the Rams done. Zero yet
AdolphSaxOfficial 7 kun oldin
"wE WAnt tHE bALl aNd WE're GOnNa scOrE." Lmao this guy..
Richard gonzales
Richard gonzales 7 kun oldin
ashleytx79 7 kun oldin
Codeen Castillo
Codeen Castillo 7 kun oldin
Give the cowboys credit for winning a damm playoff game.. whenever another team wins a playoff game are the fans moping around all sad , NO... Stop hating and yes ima celebrate likes its the fucking Super Bowl bitches..😎😎
Chris Wise
Chris Wise 7 kun oldin
Matt Hasselbeck u bum
Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson 7 kun oldin
How does Hassellbum have a job
Charles Spencer
Charles Spencer 7 kun oldin
Matt hasselback talking if they stopped Dallas they had the game lol only one problem they didn't stop dak
PLNB0019 7 kun oldin
Does anyone remember that the Dallas saints game was 3 points. Why does everyone keep saying Dallas beat the Saints into submission. “Beat down”. Are you kidding me??
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
PLNB0019 Cowboys fans are delusional that’s why. They haven’t won shit for 20+ years but think they are going to the super bowl every year. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Jef Scot
Jef Scot 7 kun oldin
Hasselbeck is an idiot! How can a team start the season 3 and 5 and finish the regular season 10 and 6 and win their division be overrated? Consistency? They have won the last 8 out of 9 games? Every show needs a dumbass and Hasselbeck is NFL Countdown"s DUMBASS!
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Jef Scot Rams just exposed the overrated cowboys. Whooped the shit out of them too. You eating crow yet because Matt was right.
Gilbert Escobedo
Gilbert Escobedo 7 kun oldin
cant compete? damn didnt the cowboys beat the saints!
OutlawStarkiller 7 kun oldin
Overrated? How does going from 3-5 to division champs and a playoff win make you underrated? The cowboys have earned every single win they've had during this run.
Papergator914 7 kun oldin
This dude said overrated!!! More like overly hated!!!
B Reynolds Sr
B Reynolds Sr 7 kun oldin
They said the same thing about Seattle, and guess what, we got a W.
Jade Kentron
Jade Kentron 7 kun oldin
Tell Mr. Clean to stfu!!!!! The Cowboys will be fine. Quit hating.
elijah5791 8 kun oldin
Football pundits are all brain dead idiots. “The way you beat this team is you hit ‘em in the mouth and be more physical.” Yeah, no kidding. Thanks for the brilliant formula that literally any team could beat any other team with! How do the Cowboys beat the Saints? Hit em in the mouth and be more physical. How do the Saints beat the Cowboys? Hit em in the mouth and be more physical. Friggin brilliant! Idiots.
sam olivarez
sam olivarez 8 kun oldin
“We want the ball and we’re gonna score”
sam olivarez
sam olivarez 8 kun oldin
The the way this potato talks about the Cowboys is almost like he played qb for the Seahawks before.
king David
king David 8 kun oldin
Cowboys will beat the rams
Edward Bobik
Edward Bobik 8 kun oldin
He is as smart as he is good looking 🙃
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 8 kun oldin
212 touchdowns - 153 interceptions an lost a Superbowl Matt your trash!
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 8 kun oldin
Matt's a salty bitch. Just cause we knocked his old team out
Dominic Obryan
Dominic Obryan 8 kun oldin
Just Watch
68Camaro RS/SS
68Camaro RS/SS 3 kun oldin
Dominic Obryan I did! LOL
wanker2us 8 kun oldin
GO COWBOYS...they beat the saints once they could do it again...
Jacob Southall
Jacob Southall 8 kun oldin
Cowboys vs eagles nfc championship
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
Jacob Southall Hows that working out for you??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Titan Omega
Titan Omega 8 kun oldin
matt keep that same energy
mxercr250 8 kun oldin
Matt Hasselcocksucker is a never-was !!! What a dumb ass
JEFFREY 3 kun oldin
mxercr250 Like cowboys have room to talk. Haven’t done shit since 1996 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
nick Tx
nick Tx 8 kun oldin
Your not going past 8-8, your not getting in the playoffs, your not beating the saints, your not winning the division, your not getting past the first round. 🖕🏼 nothing but haters
Dylan Jackson
Dylan Jackson 8 kun oldin
“We want the ball and we’re gonna score” headass💀💀💀💀
Edwin D
Edwin D 8 kun oldin
Ive seen it so many times where the Cowboys do enough to comfort their fans and give them this idea and confidence that they are going places only to throw it all away. Year after year. They are a talented team but fall apart at the worst times.
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen 8 kun oldin
This idiot is the same guy who the saints were going to blow out the cowboys before the game at AT&T stadium lmfao he likes to keep making a fool of himself that or he is still bitter about the cowboys defense dominating the Seahawks running game and eliminating the Seahawks, personally I think it's both
Nicholas Pullen
Nicholas Pullen 8 kun oldin
How can they be overrated for the saints win they beat the saints?
Fernando Pereira PT
Hasselhorse... get a life.. your just salty because the Boys beat ur team fair and square 💪🏽
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 8 kun oldin
Stfu hasselback! And listen to the two Hall Of Famers talk!
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 8 kun oldin
I think Moss was about to slap some sense into Hassleback, did u see the way he looked at him when Hassleback starting talking, shut up white boy and here is 1 for opening ur mouth!!
Tommie Jenkins
Tommie Jenkins 8 kun oldin
This dude not see cowboys beat the saints already😂😂
Ghostdini Da Great
Ghostdini Da Great 8 kun oldin
Hasslebeck or however u spell his gay ass last name (idgaf)... Didn’t he win the coin toss and say “We want the ball and we’re gonna score”???? And then he threw a pick 6????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shit ya bald dumb ass up bruh🤣🤣🤣
yamaha superbike
yamaha superbike 8 kun oldin
Haters. God bless em.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 kun oldin
May as well not
Harvey Ayala
Harvey Ayala 8 kun oldin
Hasleback just mad we beat his old team haha
Jimmy Greer
Jimmy Greer 8 kun oldin
Eat a dick you faggot!!! The Cowboys have flaws? Not like the Rams, Chiefs, Saints and others. The Cowboys can't match up with the Rams or Saints? They already beat the Saints and the Rams couldn't beat the Eagles, Saints or Bears and Dallas went 3-0 on those teams.
Jimmy Juarez
Jimmy Juarez 8 kun oldin
They made him sound so stupid lol...