‘The Sopranos’ Cast Reunites For 20th Anniversary: Full Interview | TODAY

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Watch our exclusive 47-minute interview with the cast of “The Sopranos” including Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt, John Ventimiglia and others as they reflect on the impact the long-running show had on American television.
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‘The Sopranos’ Cast Reunites For 20th Anniversary: Full Interview | TODAY



11-Yan, 2019



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Mikael Jensen
Mikael Jensen 2 soat oldin
It's sad that James Gandolfini is dead.. even sadder to see that a country has progressed so slowly the past decades that a bunch of people on a tv show PRAYS to a fairy tale character for him..
ColombianTank 3 soat oldin
This is gold
heavyweight Boxing Fan
we're is Bobby bacala, and Johnny macaroni
Help Me Get 100 Subscribers
Not the same without T.
Ian Marius
Ian Marius 10 soat oldin
wish I was there holding my Sopranos dvd box and a pen. Thank you guys for the best tv show ever
April Hk
April Hk Kun oldin
Where is Johnny Sack?
kirk lynch
kirk lynch Kun oldin
AJ didn't even get to talk.
Swiss Sky
Swiss Sky Kun oldin
Thank you so much
SteBrazier2K9 2 kun oldin
Melfi and Silvio are the most different from their actors.
John B
John B 2 kun oldin
Lorraine bracco is such a wonderful personality
gpg20s 2 kun oldin
Paulie Walnuts name is now just Nuts.
George 2 kun oldin
Artie looks like he’s still gettin over Adriana
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 2 kun oldin
It’s been 20 years?? Holy sh1t.
Mike Whipkey
Mike Whipkey 3 kun oldin
Surprisingly Artie is one of my favorite characters on the show..
Rd Bc
Rd Bc 3 kun oldin
This should of been 3 hours long
NikKast1981 3 kun oldin
20 years later i still don't understand why we never learned what happened with the Russian they hunted in the forest.....Did he live? If he did why no payback from the Russians? I was expecting to see the continuation of that until the end of the series, nada...
BlejaAnd 3 kun oldin
not gonna lie I almost cried when Dominic started talking about James towards the end
SvanfortS 2 kun oldin
Minger Harrier
Minger Harrier 3 kun oldin
"He's not white, he's italian" If you go to italy and say that to a italian guy he probably get upset
Andrew 3 kun oldin
Pauly still has on his white shoes!
Boston girl313
Boston girl313 4 kun oldin
I just finished binge watching all 6 seasons again, after I had seen it when it was originally shown before. This was and will always be one of my fave mob series. I agree that every single character played by all the brilliant actors were spot on! Everyone was perfect in their respective roles. So unforgettable and just simply AMAZING!!! I cried when James Gandolfini died. My favorites of all were the characters of Tony S, Pauli, Carmela and Chris M. But I love every single character. ❤️❤️❤️
R 4 kun oldin
Michael Imperioli became Kevin Kline at some point
Erik Killmonger
Erik Killmonger 4 kun oldin
That Lorraine Bracco is a pistol.
Lillogambino 4 kun oldin
melfi's still got that bedroom voice. that's what i'm talking about
Lillogambino 4 kun oldin
hesh takes it back to the pyramids
Dennis Bowen
Dennis Bowen 4 kun oldin
@ 40:00
Cullen Mott
Cullen Mott 4 kun oldin
Wow this is a really wonderful retrospective. Great insight into an American classic. A lot of heart.
JojoDukeCity SM0K3SUM
Should've got a better interviewer
Slash 5 kun oldin
This made me cry
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 5 kun oldin
I wanna bang Melfi
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson 5 kun oldin
thumbnail = what millionaires look like
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson 5 kun oldin
2019 the Sopranos ( the movie ) coming soon !!!!!!!!!
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 5 kun oldin
Where is Drea DMatteo
JENINENCE 6 kun oldin
Just finished it today and i feel kinda sad that it’s finished 🥺
Levente Czelnai
Levente Czelnai 6 kun oldin
Meadow is hot.
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 6 kun oldin
The daughter is fine asf
gostate 2014
gostate 2014 6 kun oldin
How has John Ventimiglia not found a role-playing Hunter S Thompson yet?
kenneth warren
kenneth warren 6 kun oldin
muthafuxkin paulie walnuts
GOODFELLA 6 kun oldin
Imagine the host says tell it it to us one more time babe. "Just when we thought we were out for 20 years" they pull us back in".
Conscious One79
Conscious One79 6 kun oldin
Italians arent white?
el panchito9090
el panchito9090 6 kun oldin
I wish Frank Vincent A.K.A PHIL LEOTARDO was here James Gandolfini and mikey palmice
Scott Hall
Scott Hall 6 kun oldin
Charmaine tho 🤤🤤🤤🤤
rich lopez
rich lopez 7 kun oldin
Love how meadow and AJ sit next to mom Carmela
Diablo Hellson
Diablo Hellson 7 kun oldin
These people are so raw so real and alive it's rare to see this now days it's interesting
Alan Santiago
Alan Santiago 7 kun oldin
I never wanted any character to die more then Janice 😂
CoshReport 7 kun oldin
Melfi's wild
My Kids Games
My Kids Games 7 kun oldin
GSF4life14 7 kun oldin
Carmela didn’t age at all
Vincent Martin
Vincent Martin 7 kun oldin
Is that Silvio? Or the lead singer of guns and roses?
hyena89 5 kun oldin
He's part of Bruce Springsteen and the E- Street band. That's what he's known for.
S G 7 kun oldin
Mmmmm meadow meadow still cute as f**k
Rob 7
Rob 7 7 kun oldin
Horrible to see Tony Sirico age so much.
Вячеслав Барабанов
( To write the text, I used a translator). It's hard for me to understand what they are saying, I just want to say thank you to all these people for creating such a wonderful film. James Gandolfini thank you, fans in Russia remember you.
King Tutt
King Tutt 8 kun oldin
RIP Nancy Marchand. Livia Soprano was legendary.
Chris Seymour
Chris Seymour 8 kun oldin
Why is paulys voice so high now lol
Amanda B
Amanda B 8 kun oldin
One of the greatest shows of all time. Wish Adriana, Janice, Bobby, etc were there.
Vincent Martin
Vincent Martin 8 kun oldin
Where’s tony?
John Paixao
John Paixao 8 kun oldin
“Pine Barrens” is an overrated episode. It was great but not like that.
lou zebarr
lou zebarr 8 kun oldin
Thank you for this wonderful show, I enjoyed it so much, I must confess that when I watched the last episode ,(Made in America ) I cried of sadness , feeling I was not going to see these actors anymore. it really broke my heart when on the show Meadow could not make it on time to be with his father before the end . may God bless the lives of all of you.
MGTOCRETES 8 kun oldin
Where is adreana
Lian Meunier
Lian Meunier 8 kun oldin
Did anyone else cringe
Tim Purcell
Tim Purcell 8 kun oldin
Artie bucco was my favorite character by far he was hilarious ,love me some Johnny sac to.cheers all sopranos fans
Cornelius Duggan
Cornelius Duggan 8 kun oldin
Greatest show and cast of all time looking forward to prequel movie. God bless Jim Gandolfini.
Ruth McFadden
Ruth McFadden 9 kun oldin
That was a great 46mins watch! Best tv series to ever be produced. Every time it’s aired I have to watch it all again it’s that brilliant a watch. God rest James Gandolfini
What's sad is Christopher predicted Tonys heart attack.
Craig Nedoff
Craig Nedoff 9 kun oldin
Sopranos,GoT, Breaking Bad, best 3 series on TV in the past 20 years,imho
Dead Bread Depression 2
This Artie doesn't look as much fun. It looks like he's gonna get whacked at any moment.
Power Rodri De La Cruz
Samuel J. Diamonds
Samuel J. Diamonds 9 kun oldin
I still see Chris has a camel nose.
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 9 kun oldin
give it up for arty tony's only true friend in the show
Zoey Yoreman
Zoey Yoreman 9 kun oldin
Johnny Depp looks so different now
silent phantom
silent phantom 10 kun oldin
Whatever happened to paulie and feech la manna? Did paulie end up joining New York? And for all we know feech just went back to prison
Nikola Todorovski TV
Did anyone notice that every time Jamie Lynn Sigler is talking ,she is holding up as much as she can and it's hair away of starting to cry ? You can see in her eyes the amount of sadness she keeping inside her. Person with such a great and kind heart.
iera 10 kun oldin
0:43 She hypnotised me in the series and she did it today
pentoria 10 kun oldin
My eyes looked for Jhon Gandalfini. Rest in Peace
Sopranos had the best cast in the history of television
About A Girl
About A Girl 3 kun oldin
Mad Men?
No Johnny sack or beautiful Adriana
King Boss
King Boss 10 kun oldin
Best show of al time!!!
Mohamed Nya
Mohamed Nya 10 kun oldin
wheres adriana
Drew Leibowiz
Drew Leibowiz 11 kun oldin
"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in"
Watcher on the Wall
Watcher on the Wall 11 kun oldin
Sooooo, now white and Italian are different?
Stacee Jasper
Stacee Jasper 7 kun oldin
Yes. Italians are not white anglos. They're Mediterranean
Moody Hyadd
Moody Hyadd 11 kun oldin
Mercy Charmaine is banging like a Crip or Blood!
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 11 kun oldin
I cried when Dominic C. got emotional. He seems like a wonderful person.
Ash Schulz
Ash Schulz 4 kun oldin
HAL 9000 it was at that moment that I realised each time they reminisced on scenes I felt like I was there (when clearly I wasn’t), I guess when you watch the series from start to finish yearly you know it so well that you might as well have been there. I don’t think there could ever be another show like the sopranos.
Ernie Mada
Ernie Mada 11 kun oldin
Ralph Ciffereto was the best added character!!
Çağıl Ilgaz Karadaş
Joe Pantaliano is an amazing actor
Nelson Chubby
Nelson Chubby 12 kun oldin
Watching The Sopranos for the first time all the way through as I type this and I'm on Season 6 Episode 1. This show is incredible! Every actor exudes perfection in this flawless show and the plot lines, wardrobe and blood and gore effects adds immense depth into the world of The Sopranos! This show changed television forever...RIP Frank Vincent & James Gondolfini.
Graham Gallagher
Graham Gallagher 12 kun oldin
Love Blues Everyday
Love Blues Everyday 12 kun oldin
No mention of Nancy Marchand ????? Did I miss something??
13:12 sounds like someone didn't oil their door
+Nikola Todorovski TV Lmao
Nikola Todorovski TV
hahhahahahaha you had me in tears
jobje Rabbeljee
jobje Rabbeljee 12 kun oldin
Still wonder how they did not put in Joey Diaz
jobje Rabbeljee
jobje Rabbeljee 12 kun oldin
Pure art. The choreography of these dinners, for one, classic composition, brilliant game of shadow. So yeah, casting is paramount and makes it so productive just by contrast, echo, the suits, you name it
Dani McD
Dani McD 12 kun oldin
Yeah I'm gonna cry , that beginning.
mammu 12 kun oldin
"What do you remember about Gandolfini" Chianese: All I know is he never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Motorsport Virtual
Motorsport Virtual 12 kun oldin
the best series ever ..., will always be alive!
i like to watch videos
Paulie😂😂😂😂u got that edi falco is amazing
Johnathan Jaco
Johnathan Jaco 13 kun oldin
Dominic had so many great one liners. "New arrival?" "Eh keep walkin fella" lmfao
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 13 kun oldin
Group of legends that brought us 1 of the best ever tv series will never get a good series like that again. RIP JAMES GANDOLFINI
Veda Starr
Veda Starr 13 kun oldin
I still watch. Seen the whole complete seasons many times.. They'll never grow old.RIP James/Tony. Also where was Adriana?
john price
john price 13 kun oldin
One of the worst interviews I have ever seen. Its an embarrassment.
ihatework 420
ihatework 420 13 kun oldin
No Beansie? How dare they. Also they should have had the orange cat that kept staring at Chris's picture, Paulie's agitation would be worth it. Don't forget Benny, he's due another beating, it's been awhile.
thebaddog410 13 kun oldin
Best show ever. They couldn't have picked a better cast. Everyone involved camera men, editing, direction, the writers. Pure genius ! RIP JG and thanks.
Gilles Camilleri
Gilles Camilleri 13 kun oldin
Where is ralphie?
daniel turetahi
daniel turetahi 13 kun oldin
20 years man I feel old lol
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