‘The Sopranos’ Cast Reunites For 20th Anniversary: Full Interview | TODAY

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Watch our exclusive 47-minute interview with the cast of “The Sopranos” including Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli, Steven Van Zandt, John Ventimiglia and others as they reflect on the impact the long-running show had on American television.
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‘The Sopranos’ Cast Reunites For 20th Anniversary: Full Interview | TODAY



11-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 6 197
Alligator Soat oldin
Greatest show the world has ever seen, god bless this cast
Samantha goldie
Samantha goldie Soat oldin
Where is Bobby?
wildman443 Soat oldin
Love this. If it was 20 hours of them just talking I'd be in. Had me smiling the whole time.
Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Cunningham 2 soat oldin
Why didn't you guys clone Tony
Joseph Galatolo
Joseph Galatolo 2 soat oldin
Rob U
Rob U 3 soat oldin
This brings back so many memories of the good ole days not too many shows out there that compare to the legacy of the sopranos.R.I.P. James Gandolfini. Aka Tony soprano
Daniel De Oliveira
Daniel De Oliveira 3 soat oldin
The jew guy looking like lord Rothschild over here
Kelley Maguire
Kelley Maguire 3 soat oldin
Some people are so far behind in the race they actually think they are leading.
bluebirdrage 4 soat oldin
Thank you for reminding me that tom i have an appointement with my psychologist!
OG WEASEL 4 soat oldin
Colton! If you are watching this then remember.... you was only 4 years old when this show started!! And you just finished watching it this week!
Daniel De Oliveira
Daniel De Oliveira 4 soat oldin
I expected to see Silvio Dante leave this set on a 1800s Romanian gypsie horsedraw carriage
larry Zeldin
larry Zeldin 4 soat oldin
Anyone notice tony sirico aka Paulie Walnuts is wearing those same white sneakers/shoes that he always wore in the show. I Remeber the episode when him and tony went on the Lam and they showed Paulie packing two pairs of the same exact sneakers in the same color and he’s wearing them here again lol I love it. What are those shoes? They seem to go good with everything.Track Suits or slacks or briefs.
Kelley Maguire
Kelley Maguire 4 soat oldin
2CB1 4 soat oldin
Paulie is a G all day every day
2CB1 4 soat oldin
Amazing show. Amazing ppl .cant wait for an evening with the sopranos in sydney Australia in February
Gerard OHalloran
Gerard OHalloran 4 soat oldin
Greatest show made in my opinion I’m a great mob fan but the show wasn’t all about the glamour of crime it showed day to day real life Of mobsters and there families both criminal and home life Still miss James Gandolfini true legend gone but will never be forgotten The whole cast of the series were all brilliant especially Edie Falco
StyrbjornStarke 5 soat oldin
Imperioli just doesnt age, his hair only turns grey.
Noreth Suarez Pérez
Ohh James... 😔😔😔
Artur H
Artur H 6 soat oldin
21:25 Season 1, Episode 6. 4 minutes before ending.
BxGirl Blazin'
BxGirl Blazin' 6 soat oldin
I hated meadow and Carmella so much.
BxGirl Blazin'
BxGirl Blazin' 6 soat oldin
Why have a reunion when the main character is dead?
Michael Ortega
Michael Ortega 6 soat oldin
pauly is still in character
3jcourt 6 soat oldin
They are just like they were on the show. and since when are Italians not white guys? What specific race are we??
I.T.L Roc
I.T.L Roc 5 soat oldin
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 6 soat oldin
Whaapss Whapito
Whaapss Whapito 6 soat oldin
I guess Tony never made it to be a Varsity athlete 😢 RIP
tweedy151 7 soat oldin
Charmaine Bucco looking as gorgeous as ever ...
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano 7 soat oldin
I love you all
donny foster
donny foster 7 soat oldin
The PC police hated The Sopranos. And I loved it. RIP to this genre. We’ll never see it again.
I Don't Like That Shit
How I miss this show!
Paul FromBrighton
Paul FromBrighton 7 soat oldin
James Gandolfini is such a huge loss, but what a part to leave us with.
kevin james
kevin james 7 soat oldin
Only big man is not the
Haydn Po
Haydn Po 8 soat oldin
No Johnny Sac? Brilliant character. Good chemistry with Tony.
Haydn Po
Haydn Po 8 soat oldin
Junior was the comedy relief. He could have had a show of his own.
Haydn Po
Haydn Po 8 soat oldin
Have you seen Lorriane Bracco young? She looked like Sophia Loren.
Young monaco
Young monaco 8 soat oldin
It’s crazy how like all these guys have barley gotten any acting work since.
mamamar 8 soat oldin
Good god Lorraine Bracco is annoying af
joe chrow
joe chrow 8 soat oldin
Sopranos was a GREAT GREAT show...1 of best ever..Only 2 things i did not like.. The therapy sessions during the shows became VERY boring and seemed to be used as just a "filler" for part of the shows...As the shows went on i would find myself fast forwarding the therapy sessions...And Tony became so unlikeable his character started to annoy me VERY much..
zackurban 9 soat oldin
I just finished the sopranos today . What a show . I'm already nostalgic 3 hours after . There will never be such a show like the sopranos . And the characters chemistry .. i just wish James Gandolfini was there with them telling stories about how he began with them in the show . RIP james Gandolfini you will be missed .
josh berkin
josh berkin 4 soat oldin
I plan on finishing it today as well. Episode 19 season6b!
Y2kSd4 9 soat oldin
Silvio is soooo FAAAAATTTT.
Sally Feschuk
Sally Feschuk 9 soat oldin
Wish I'd invested the time to watch when it was still running. Watched the HBO marathon. Fell in love with James Gandolfini
MDKVideo 9 soat oldin
Great cast and great show!
Seish's Mom
Seish's Mom 10 soat oldin
Uncle Jun was my fav!
big deezle
big deezle 10 soat oldin
I’m in awe of these Legendary cast members
Jim H
Jim H 10 soat oldin
Lorraine Bracco seems like that cool mom who let you get drunk at 14
Can't be touched
Can't be touched 12 soat oldin
I love how they gave respect to James at the beginning RIP BIG MAN
MmanukillaK 13 soat oldin
Manuk, Psychonaut
Manuk, Psychonaut 7 soat oldin
Mammando la mia minchia
Almighty Fonics
Almighty Fonics 14 soat oldin
I’m glad I watched this show just 2 years ago when I was 14 , one of the best decisions I ever made
Frank Srok
Frank Srok 14 soat oldin
Only the Good die young.
TP Services
TP Services 14 soat oldin
The Sopranos and NYPD Blue are the 2 greatest shows ever created. Never be another.
John Lunyamila
John Lunyamila 14 soat oldin
Adraina couldn't make it because there weren't enough room for her.
drethekiller 14 soat oldin
What a shame Bobby Baccala isn't in the interview. He was great in the last 2 seasons!
Kristian Karac
Kristian Karac 15 soat oldin
I will make my son watch this show when hes older .
سًـآُرح آلَجَوُفُ
I appreciate these wonderful people but the absence of James Gandolfini is what we missed
Lawman 16 soat oldin
Paulie looks very ill God bless him
blackham7 17 soat oldin
Was Tony Soprano depressed?
卓俊廷 17 soat oldin
Where is Silvio's neck....??
blackham7 17 soat oldin
Wow dr melfi really let herself go, did she swallow a whale?
Captain Melvin Seahorse
Best show ever!
John Fisher
John Fisher 18 soat oldin
Its been 11 years since it stopped & they all look older, apart from Edie's horrific surgery.
Bolum Carr
Bolum Carr 18 soat oldin
Lol, Italian American's that think every Italian looks Mediterranean are like Africa Americans who think all Africans are black, the level of ignorance of the American burger is staggering. 🤣😂
Ryan T
Ryan T 18 soat oldin
Watch at 34:01 as Paulie counts Silvo's 3 things with his fingers. Very sweet.
Why So Serious?
Why So Serious? 18 soat oldin
I hated that and found her annoying psychologist in the show, now I hate her and find her annoying in real life...
Platt 18 soat oldin
Best show ever made! Gangster
Josh B
Josh B 18 soat oldin
Best show ever....😫"mr Tony" Netflix needs to put all the episodes up ..
OKG2000 18 soat oldin
looks like ill be on a Sopranos Marathon after this
Asteroid Arts
Asteroid Arts 18 soat oldin
Why does Chris look older than all of the rest when he’s the youngest?🤣
denzhukoff 3 soat oldin
Tough thug life... )
OKG2000 18 soat oldin
Aj and Carmella look the same
OKG2000 18 soat oldin
Paulie has still got it
Ben Depeel
Ben Depeel 19 soat oldin
I found this in my suggestions as soon as I seen it was from the today show I hit the thumbs down
luap rekad
luap rekad 20 soat oldin
Gandolfini was and still is the best creation in t.v
luap rekad
luap rekad 20 soat oldin
The first series was on another planet from anything I have seen..the way it was acted and the direction..one liners..brilliant
Sean Devine
Sean Devine 21 soat oldin
There are good shows sure, but the Sopranos was and is the greatest
paul smith
paul smith 21 soat oldin
Is the Doctor a bit annoying here. Paulie too. Loves to chatter like in the show but whay a show this was.
Thiago Henrique
Thiago Henrique 21 soat oldin
R.I.P. James Gandolfini a singular talent.
Scotty 2 Hotty
Scotty 2 Hotty 22 soat oldin
Uncle jun “tell me there a broad outside wanting to tongue my balls.
darren bay
darren bay 22 soat oldin
rip james gandolfini, he never did have the makings of a varsity athlete
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck 23 soat oldin
Edie Falco looks fantastic after all these years!!
Dean M
Dean M 23 soat oldin
Before Game of Thrones, before Deadwood.. there was The Sopranos. I remember watching it and being conflicted because I wanted to root for Tony even though he was a murderous criminal. That's how good the writing and the acting was. I don't think there will ever be a show like this again. A true treasure. RIP James Gandolfino.
Stephen Bourtin
Stephen Bourtin 23 soat oldin
How much plastic surgery in one room?
al g
al g Kun oldin
Paulie still got on d white loafers
al g
al g Kun oldin
Meadow could always get it
Dog Train
Dog Train Kun oldin
He was forgetting all their names
Green Goddess
Green Goddess Kun oldin
who else is going back to watch an episode?
Occupy Edge
Occupy Edge Kun oldin
Makes me sad seeing Pauley in that state man :(
Ferdinando G.
Ferdinando G. Kun oldin
Lorraine Bracco is a very nice and funny woman ..l like so much
This video should have 500 quintillian views
CC Orleans
CC Orleans Kun oldin
No garlic no Onion no fish list Week all Week. I watching Shark Week all Week megaldoniean.
CoolMan Caravan
CoolMan Caravan Kun oldin
Uncle June's in the muff. Handing on by a thread. He's a hot-house flower, that's his problem.
Stars Are Angels
College for me is the best TV episode I've ever seen
super steve
super steve Kun oldin
look ....its the Eidy Falco show.
christ1313 Kun oldin
Charmane is mad hot!!!!
Петр Шаимович
Lorraine Bracco bad girl )))
I_LIVE_PAIN Kun oldin
R.I.P Jimmy, one of the best ever. Beyond words how good he was in this show.
Daniel Fiore
Daniel Fiore Kun oldin
I came here for Adrianna... But had to stay.
Carlos Fanini
Carlos Fanini Kun oldin
What was the best scene for you guys? My favorite scene was the last episode of season one when Junior Soprano becomes the Boss. That sh*t gave me the chills.
Carlos Fanini
Carlos Fanini Kun oldin
Just saw this. Man, The Sopranos, amazing show. Great actors and awesome cast. I always wanted to see a movie about this before James Gandolfini died. Without Tony it wouldn't be the same.