“Bonding” with Grandma

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GG ✅
GG ✅ 7 oy oldin
Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!
AFD MKD vlogs
AFD MKD vlogs 7 kun oldin
GG ✅ /#\_/
BagellPower23 26 kun oldin
wanna know something about my ganpapies everyone say they saved a bunch of Indiens when war of liberation (not yours, ours) happened only problem their both DEAD
Nik McIvor
Nik McIvor Oy oldin
GG ✅ L O L
Thomp YT
Thomp YT 2 oy oldin
How come you have 252 subs?! HELP ME UZvid ;(
Childish Kek Frog
How cold does it get fellas?
Kevin Montes
Kevin Montes 7 soat oldin
My grandparents were in Mexico
Thomas 1o7
Thomas 1o7 Kun oldin
I feel your pain man
Spilling the Tea
Good job Shon
يوسف الياسري
No there dead
the sternest
the sternest 2 kun oldin
My grandma didnt burn cookies beacouse of two reasons One im the one whos making cookies in the family and i don't burn them Some reason two
j j
j j 2 kun oldin
My G pa died in 2012 . He was such a calm guy
Trainosaurous Rex
Trainosaurous Rex 3 kun oldin
Wanna hear something awkward? My grandma (mums mum) is 54.......my dad is 53...
crystal clodsss
crystal clodsss 3 kun oldin
My great gramma is still alive
Handsome Prince
Handsome Prince 3 kun oldin
Idk any grandma that was more kind than her
Zen gaming 345
Zen gaming 345 4 kun oldin
Waiting for Alex Clarke’s grandma to comment.
Puppy Love
Puppy Love 4 kun oldin
Omg I love phantom of the opera
LucaTV And Style
LucaTV And Style 5 kun oldin
Alex I might of seen u I went to the Wisconsin fair!!!
KhatAllin 5 kun oldin
my grandpa is turning 91 soon
MarvelFan.IMissYou Stan
Woooow... Your career isn’t as glamorous as I thought it was
AFD MKD vlogs
AFD MKD vlogs 7 kun oldin
MarvelFan.IMissYou Stan nbjbugubbh
Spectre1122 11 kun oldin
I love me grandma but I just cant, i am going crazy
m7md for games
m7md for games 11 kun oldin
Very amazing how grandma can feed you from the other side of the country
Cristian Kaihewalu
Cristian Kaihewalu 12 kun oldin
I am going to my grandma's house today to spend the night
DitoTube 13 kun oldin
Mine are all dead they died before i was born
Moonstar79 13 kun oldin
Rice? You bought *rice*? And didn't give any to me?
gamingwithcupcakes 13 kun oldin
Both of my grandparents died before I was before on my mom and dads side
Rodney Diggs
Rodney Diggs 14 kun oldin
this is cool
dino dirt
dino dirt 15 kun oldin
your videos feels like a cartoon
Martha Osorio
Martha Osorio 15 kun oldin
My grandma's are dead
XbloX TV
XbloX TV 17 kun oldin
my bday song to my grandm😆 happy bday to you! and your gonna die soon hope god will spare you happy bday to you ~ happy death day to you~~~ (jk i love my grandma)
insert_name_here __
insert_name_here __ 18 kun oldin
1:04 infinity war reference
Forever Family Fun
Forever Family Fun 19 kun oldin
Awe...this was a super sweet video :)
Janet Akwah-Frempong
I never met my grandma when I was born she died of stroke in ghana😨😢😰😩😵😱
Murkin_ Toons
Murkin_ Toons 21 kun oldin
My grandfather is dead.... but at least he is in a better place unlike....here
Stories with erica
Stories with erica 21 kun oldin
Alex when did your grandmom pass away mine passed away at like I don't know 5? 6? 7? One of those
micahtrm craft
micahtrm craft 21 kun oldin
I live in Fargo
josephyzpan 21 kun oldin
But what if your grandparents are on the other side of the world?
Scared Pancake45
Scared Pancake45 22 kun oldin
Who else got triggered when alex said he didnt want to jus eat rice
Furf 23 kun oldin
hi alex, love your videos! you make me laugh!
David Gennaro Louis Massa
Astrolock 24 kun oldin
I have Asian Grandparents, we don't have cookies, WE. HAVE. ASIAN FOOOOOOD!!!!!!
Gelila Mitiku
Gelila Mitiku 25 kun oldin
so sweet!
Obsidian Man
Obsidian Man 26 kun oldin
Devil watches this vid and says Alex’s grandma your going to heaven because Alex loves you to much
BEN MOUA 26 kun oldin
So I miss the SHOW AT THE STATE FAIR I’m there every year That’s just sad.
Victorydelia Buenrostro
My grandma dod not make me cookies she bought the cookies
Candice Perry
Candice Perry 28 kun oldin
At least you bond with your grandma when she was alive
Sparkplugcosplay 29 kun oldin
Ironic. My grandmother just passed but it helps me remember how she popped my when she found out i had gotten my first tattoo😏 thanks man
Olivia Bitle
Olivia Bitle Oy oldin
Alex:The only thing you need to know about my grandma is she's dead Olivia: Oh my go- what uhhhh
Lovie Kabongo
Lovie Kabongo Oy oldin
All of you are losers
Z2pooky Oy oldin
He went to Wisconsin state Fair and I didn't see him... 😤😤😤🤬
Jimmy Punch
Jimmy Punch Oy oldin
Grandma is pushing up the daisys
Frog Oy oldin
R.I.P Grandma ??? - ???
Roberto Jaimes
I'm sorry
Roberto Jaimes
About your grandma
Whatever Calderon 305
This was cool
Latasha Hall
Latasha Hall Oy oldin
I missed my grandma too, I got one grandma she's trying to get better
Rosy345 Oy oldin
I actually watched this beside my grandma xD
My grandma died in March
Nik McIvor
Nik McIvor Oy oldin
It’s Alex Clark
Hunter Cridebring
For Christmas my grandparents are coming to my house I’m So excited!!!!
Manuel Toney
Manuel Toney Oy oldin
Grandmas are the best, and to everyone i hope you have a good grandma too and when they are gone remember them well. And you dont have to feel bad smack talking about your family after their dead, alot of people do it. Its how we remember them fondly.
Jessica Pacheco
Broooo i keep missing your performances!! But next year im going!
MBear D
MBear D Oy oldin
Moar grandma please
Gertrude’s Lifestyle
I’m sorry, but this is REALLLY MEAN!!
Y-P-One Oy oldin
Your grandma is just like my and you have animated her amazin!!!!
Super Happy Fun Timez
The fact that you are going to Fargo North Dakota made me cry because I was the be who requested it and NO ONE ever comes to North Dakota for their tour and it literally made me cry knowing that you were really coming to where I live. I love you so much Alex and I am so happy that you came
jesse blake
jesse blake Oy oldin
I want to honor you for making this, to show theres still good people in the world is an amazing thing.
EmmaL 54
EmmaL 54 Oy oldin
She was the best Mimi ever
Connor Hernandez
My gandmom is 54
RedPlayz Oy oldin
My grandfather died of cancer when I was 10
Фанат Аниме
Ну ты и придурок🙄
Darkviper 1
Darkviper 1 Oy oldin
Josue Trejo
Josue Trejo Oy oldin
I don't like my grandparents
Nitara Pavick
Nitara Pavick Oy oldin
iam so mad my mom sent me away from milwauke to go to live with my dad for the summer MY BFF GOT TOGO BUT NOT ME I EVEN HAD A TICKET
Susie D
Susie D Oy oldin
I never had a grandma as both of them died long before I was born. So this makes me wish I really did have one :(
jesse blake
jesse blake Oy oldin
my grandma acts just like that
Julian Levy
Julian Levy Oy oldin
I live be in Florida!!!
Polly M
Polly M Oy oldin
Awwww so sweet!!!!!! Im talking 'bout your grandma
Human Zombie
Human Zombie Oy oldin
My grandpa is exactly like your grandma he gave me Mony he loved me a a lot and he still love me but he is really sad because he can't see me anymore he tell me jokes actually he had a nokya and my mom had an huwaway and I didn't had a phone so I was everytime crying for my mom to give me her phone to play games she didn't give me all the time and my grandpa he one time said take my phone and play with it and yeah I told my mom to just give me for like 1hour not forever her phone so yeah my grandpa said take my phone and play with it I was like grandpa it's nokya I can't really play games with it he loved me so much and I love him too and I am so glad that he is still alive and still love me 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Lavena Archuleta
W-wait I-is you grandma. D-d-d-dead?
Komikorp shorts
RIP my grandpa also just like ur grandma
Th3 Fr0g
Th3 Fr0g Oy oldin
My grandma lives in California, mainly speaks mandarin, and makes the best food! Sadly I don't even know her phone number or anything.
Th3 Fr0g
Th3 Fr0g Oy oldin
I live in texas FYI
The Last Gamer
I can’t say I love you... My grandpa died before I was born😢
NOOB TuBe Oy oldin
Uou messed up on Wisconsin I know because I was born in minnisota
CTop2 Lofton
CTop2 Lofton Oy oldin
Omg I'm so sorry for you your grandma is dead
Juan Jr Gonzalez
$$ we stopped boobs
Gram Gram,can u get me a pizza?
Elizabeth Park
Michael games
Michael games Oy oldin
Get your gf pregnant
Rowan Martin
Rowan Martin Oy oldin
joseph Vance
joseph Vance Oy oldin
I dont hae a grandpa ):
Mar Niclos
Mar Niclos 2 oy oldin
Your gran-gran was amazing 😉😊
Ginger Biscuit
Ginger Biscuit 2 oy oldin
My grandad bought me an electric guitar and I love it
Breanna Roberts
Breanna Roberts 2 oy oldin
These stories remind me of my grandmas (my dads mom,my moms mom,and my great grandma)
Lolomonkey 2 oy oldin
I lost both my grandma and my grandpa and I will always remember her (sigh)(crying)
Domyplayz MC
Domyplayz MC 2 oy oldin
Your grandma sounds like an amazing person
Toxic Clover
Toxic Clover 2 oy oldin
alex, alex can you here me, its your grandma, why did you draw me like louis from family guy
thatsnitmykittay lol
You are one of my fave youtubers but really you really are going to hell
Ajay Shivsankar
Ajay Shivsankar 2 oy oldin
R.I.P Alex's grama😥
ImaDogeBoi Forlife
Hiiiiiiiiiiii Alex aka alexander
Abbie Sketches
Abbie Sketches 2 oy oldin
Grandma's are the best 👵 They are awesome
Brendan Chen
Brendan Chen 2 oy oldin
Uh my grandma didn’t make cookies...
Tigress 2 oy oldin
My dad's parents and my mom's dad died before I got to meet them.😥
I_I Pineapple26
I_I Pineapple26 2 oy oldin
My great-grandma's still alive...and I'm only 7
Elixi Collector
Elixi Collector 2 oy oldin
Well mine is merrid 10 times
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