“Bonding” with Grandma

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You know my family, now you need to meet my grandma. How do you bond with your grandmas and grandpas? Burnt cookies anyone?
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6-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 201
GG ✅
GG ✅ 2 oy oldin
Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!
XD XD 15 kun oldin
*rhino charger* no he isn’t that is a emoji at then end of his name
Miles Longhurst
Miles Longhurst 17 kun oldin
You mean Alaska, dude.
Miles Longhurst
Miles Longhurst 17 kun oldin
GG ✅ I lived in north dakota
boston beagle007
boston beagle007 22 kun oldin
I was in fargo yesterday lol
Sydnie H
Sydnie H Oy oldin
GG ✅ ME!!
Ky'a Jackson
Ky'a Jackson 8 soat oldin
My family had the same kind of thing but we didn't pass a pizza. We passed around "The Jackson Family $20" LOLOL
The Wolf AI
The Wolf AI 12 soat oldin
Spend time with family my uncle died age 29
Dance queens
Dance queens 16 soat oldin
You have jimbo
deathfireball28 DB
deathfireball28 DB 17 soat oldin
My grandma, who we called, "Lala," was an amazing grandma! She used to be a nurse and she was very fun and would play board games with us, take us to the movies, come to our plays, sports games, and school concerts. But sadly she was on of the unlucky people that got hit with the worst disease in the world, cancer. It was very sad watching her be in pain, as it grew each day and she couldn't do anything about it.
John and Mike
John and Mike Kun oldin
My grandma is like that
tameer khan
tameer khan Kun oldin
I never got cookie my grandma passed away before i was born
Slimen Mazari
Slimen Mazari Kun oldin
I only got to see my grandma once then she died .😭😭😭
XxFire starXx
XxFire starXx 2 kun oldin
His videos are so fun to watch
АлексП 3 kun oldin
You don't loved your granny i think... Watch your video again, with thinking how was her felt!
Evelia Media
Evelia Media 4 kun oldin
My grandmy si died
Kristen Cundiff
Kristen Cundiff 4 kun oldin
I freaking love this 😭❤️
Cindy Brady
Cindy Brady 4 kun oldin
My grandparents live in Fargo North Dakota
L. Lawliet
L. Lawliet 5 kun oldin
"im going to hell"
Kesha Ross
Kesha Ross 5 kun oldin
Love it
Jacob 13
Jacob 13 5 kun oldin
Did she take you to see Shrek the musical?
Carolina Galvin
Carolina Galvin 5 kun oldin
Skye Games
Skye Games 5 kun oldin
I don’t have a grandma she died before my birth :(
Skye Games
Skye Games 5 kun oldin
And I don’t have a grandpa he also died before my birth :(
ml01039985 5 kun oldin
My gramma dose not make Cookies
FoxGaming158 5 kun oldin
My grandma died just 2 months ago, and I wasn’t really sad. You see me and my grandma had the kind of relationship Alex and his did. She was the best.
TheNinjaBoyGamingDoesntDoGaming ThisIsACreativeName
My grandma doesn’t make cookies
Sarah_is_lit 6 kun oldin
The cookies my grandma makes is non baked cookies so they can't burn. You can only mess it up by boiling it too much or adding too much of an ingredient.
K b
K b 6 kun oldin
You had it lucky, Alex, Burt cookies aren't bad, my grandma never made me cookie, I would've picked Burt over none. 😢
charlotte alford
charlotte alford 7 kun oldin
thank you Alex momentarily i have a great grandma who is expected to die very soon this story made me laugh and i appreciate that
Terrence The Wolf
Terrence The Wolf 7 kun oldin
My grandma isnt included in my life. Im eleven and ive only seen her three or four times thus year.
Stewie 1264
Stewie 1264 21 soat oldin
Terrence The Wolf that sucks. I know how it feels
Max Moonlight
Max Moonlight 7 kun oldin
I saw the new phantom of the opera it's awesome
Benjamin phantom 1022
Same thing
Alexander Bubbel
Alexander Bubbel 8 kun oldin
Alex is your real name Alexander if so mine is also Alexander
Lilly Shy The Rock
Lilly Shy The Rock 8 kun oldin
5:22 hahahaha if someone says anything nice to my grandpa he'd always say "Yeah right" or "Don't be nice to me!" but he's a good grandpa
Catelyn Hale
Catelyn Hale 8 kun oldin
i thought the title said doing it with grandma 😂
I am Ashley
I am Ashley 8 kun oldin
My grandma is cooming today
cring girl
cring girl 9 kun oldin
Ik this video might be a little old (cuz im always sooooo god dam late)my grandma tyres soooooo hard to spoil me because she spoiled my 2 other brothers but she never can and NEVER will. P.s. please dont hate comment me
leann s
leann s 9 kun oldin
Anyone else think of Gibb's from NCIS?
Light//RezTech 9 kun oldin
Heard they give out free ipods in hell
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson 7 kun oldin
Its Every Day Gaming
All my grad parents died and i was barly able to meat them
Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown 10 kun oldin
I'm sorry for your loss you grandmother sounds like a great woman
HusseinPlayz 523
HusseinPlayz 523 10 kun oldin
I have no grandparents except for one my grandma
Jason Walls
Jason Walls 10 kun oldin
Alex are you going to change your sisters voice back how it was
Charles Mcclung
Charles Mcclung 10 kun oldin
Maybe she is watching you from the heavens
Mmx Boy
Mmx Boy 10 kun oldin
valerie tv
valerie tv 11 kun oldin
My grama died a month ago, it's very hard for me😔😭
Commander Spice
Commander Spice 11 kun oldin
Like most other grammas
lilly wolf
lilly wolf 11 kun oldin
me:*broke hungry *....*calls grandma* grandma:hi baby how are you me:I'm okay how are you I really miss you grandma:I'm good baby did you need something? me: no but... granny:yes? me:I'm kinda hungry grandma:...... *granny knocking at my door with the entire BJ's* me:I love you granny
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 11 kun oldin
Im going to hell alsosee you there😈😈😈
Allyson Warner
Allyson Warner 11 kun oldin
Grumble Dore
Grumble Dore 12 kun oldin
My Great Grand Mother is still with me... but she lives far away...
Karina _Sayler
Karina _Sayler 12 kun oldin
MOST GRANDMA'S let me tell you a story about my grandma you can cry cuz I will ok here we go My grandma just yells at me, and yells at the dogs she adopts, I cry, but she's gotten better at not yelling but she still yells at me and my sister. She never spoils us only on Christmas tho. SO Alex your lucky😢
Let's Go Glaceon
Let's Go Glaceon 12 kun oldin
Sorry for your loss Alex
KittyDIY Vlogs
KittyDIY Vlogs 12 kun oldin
My grand parents are dead soo how do I show them love and I live in Canada and they moved to London 4 years ago
Gazoomba 12 kun oldin
Im sorry about your grandma
Jensann Blaber
Jensann Blaber 12 kun oldin
I visit my gran every Friday and stay the night
Azoli Friz
Azoli Friz 12 kun oldin
W....wait I lived in Florida I wish I could have known but hm I promise I will DEF come to watch your show and I love your UZvid channel
SGG Joss
SGG Joss 13 kun oldin
i love rice
Chuckyda Parrot!75
Chuckyda Parrot!75 13 kun oldin
This is LITT:)
joel 20001
joel 20001 13 kun oldin
Why do you talk about your grandmother like that
deantea wright
deantea wright 13 kun oldin
Boyfriend vs girlfriend incredible.
KatherineSings101 13 kun oldin
AtomicDodo 13 kun oldin
My grandparents both live in different states
ZonkedHickory 28
ZonkedHickory 28 13 kun oldin
Mine passed away😢
Mel Videos
Mel Videos 13 kun oldin
Mel Rose
Mel Rose 13 kun oldin
I’m from Wisconsin! And for the first time ever I’m not watching these a year later so I’ll actually be able to see youuuu!!!! 💛
Happy Mittens
Happy Mittens 13 kun oldin
You had a great grandma
Itz minon
Itz minon 13 kun oldin
I live in wisconsin
luka king
luka king 14 kun oldin
My granma is the best😎
Kirby Lover
Kirby Lover 14 kun oldin
Wait, Fargo? I was just there recently! Dang it I missed you. Glad North Dakota is getting some recognition tho, nobody talks about us 😂 (probably cuz there is nothing to talk about)
Xerusume 14 kun oldin
Title reads: Bonding with Grandma Thumbnail reads: Molested by Grandma
Guillermo Streiger
Guillermo Streiger 14 kun oldin
Can I have some pizza?
SuperJunior Jayden
SuperJunior Jayden 14 kun oldin
my grandparents don't want me over their housd
Imorgan Slogoman
Imorgan Slogoman 14 kun oldin
Well ALEX I love my grandma ☺
Pedram Mardany
Pedram Mardany 14 kun oldin
Thank you for that
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 14 kun oldin
Why do you have a Jibo in your background?
Dame tu Cosita
Dame tu Cosita 14 kun oldin
So was it... fathers mother, or mothers mother grandma?
EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]
My grandma just died last month She sounded familiar to yours. Shes in a better place now.
Zac Calleia
Zac Calleia 15 kun oldin
My granmas 102
EVAN PETER'S LOVER 15 kun oldin
My grandparents hate me wow this is sad
Robot 15 kun oldin
My Grandma did not make cookies
Clare Omfg
Clare Omfg 15 kun oldin
Parker V
Parker V 15 kun oldin
hahahahahahaha lolololololololololol
sandste 15 kun oldin
What about the Iowa State fair?
Kenneth S.
Kenneth S. 15 kun oldin
My grandma died this past month and this really made me laugh and feel a bit better so thanks Alex.
Jamesie Ambroise
Jamesie Ambroise 15 kun oldin
I live in florida :)
Digits of Aban
Digits of Aban 15 kun oldin
this is lot of stress😋😋😋
John Smith
John Smith 15 kun oldin
My grandparents died before I got to know them properly so probably got no chance of telling them that I love them at this point
Moon Foxy6777
Moon Foxy6777 15 kun oldin
PlanetNoob 15 kun oldin
i live in florida
Orin King
Orin King 15 kun oldin
me and my grandpa do the same thing
Nessa D
Nessa D 15 kun oldin
But my grandparents are old and racist tho
the Wildyarp
the Wildyarp 15 kun oldin
Love you're program bro. Also you sound like Seinfeld! Anybody ever tell ya that...if bee movie was playing I wouldn't be able to tell who was talking u or the movie.
the bom bom
the bom bom 15 kun oldin
wheres bonding with GD grand pa pa
Drone Wars
Drone Wars 15 kun oldin
Grandmas are the best arent they?
DON _ALD 16 kun oldin
Reppin Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰 🇪 Dope ass videos my g
Maximo Meghnagi
Maximo Meghnagi 16 kun oldin
I’m so sorry that she died
Game Mania
Game Mania 16 kun oldin
Dude you were cruel to your grandma
Game Mania
Game Mania 16 kun oldin
Dude you were cruel to your grandma
Julani Tuffour
Julani Tuffour 16 kun oldin
My grandma is Dead
rockpoper101 16 kun oldin
My grandpa makes the cookies they are the best in my opinion
Dream alil Dream
Dream alil Dream 16 kun oldin
Ya my grandma spoils me too
Daniel ProGGamer
Daniel ProGGamer 16 kun oldin
Why do you sound so happy i would be sad af if my grandma died...
Deaththunder 96
Deaththunder 96 16 kun oldin
The Wisconsin State fair is happening now. O: so your there?
Emma kennedy
Emma kennedy 17 kun oldin
Oh my god 🙏🏻😱
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