“Bonding” with Grandma

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You know my family, now you need to meet my grandma. How do you bond with your grandmas and grandpas? Burnt cookies anyone?
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6-Iyn, 2018

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GG ✅
GG ✅ 11 kun oldin
Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!
Kid Khaadi
Kid Khaadi Kun oldin
itsAlexClark Get ready for alot of unexpected rain
Kid Khaadi
Kid Khaadi Kun oldin
Super Boy
Super Boy 3 kun oldin
Come to Houston Texas
Ela Díaz
Ela Díaz 3 kun oldin
GG ✅ is
Tay Loving
Tay Loving 4 kun oldin
GG ✅ im starting out on yt so if you wanna check my content out thats cool :/
Cameron Nardone
Cameron Nardone Soat oldin
I...I'm so sorry, but I love how close you were to talk smack about her, always keep a smile, and you will make others smile. Keep on smiling...please.
SeanTEM Soat oldin
Me:terrible things happen when bonding with grandma and grandpa
poop Phoebemar
poop Phoebemar 4 soat oldin
LOVE the thumbnail!
DerpFish Gaming
DerpFish Gaming 5 soat oldin
Mine too
Ismael Leyton
Ismael Leyton 7 soat oldin
Good for you. The best things my grandma do was. Let me sleep at her house. When my parents left for 1 day
Ismael Leyton
Ismael Leyton 7 soat oldin
She never give me money or food she hated me
Ismael Leyton
Ismael Leyton 7 soat oldin
And almost kill my mom
Kari Waller
Kari Waller 8 soat oldin
alex i love the video!
OdeTo MESHE 9 soat oldin
My grandmas gone but she was so nice! I’m sure yours was too!!
James Cooper
James Cooper 9 soat oldin
1:03 is that an infinity reference I see
King PERVY bOT 6657299 GOD MODEL 3103464
how is your neighbor mrs nra?
Smol street boy
Smol street boy 11 soat oldin
I'm going to hell 😂😂😂
Food Person
Food Person 11 soat oldin
I saw that infinity war reference
Supersharkgem 12 soat oldin
How did you like the state fair?
Ken Harris
Ken Harris 13 soat oldin
this is so sweet awwwwwwwwwwwwww
cuber 14 soat oldin
why is there a freaking jibo in the background 2:31
thebeamissupream 14 soat oldin
Witch state fair cuz I live I wisconsin
Adeline Huff
Adeline Huff 15 soat oldin
My Grammie doesn't spoil me!
Diamond EpicnessBlaze
Diamond EpicnessBlaze 16 soat oldin
My grandma and Grandpa are more then half across the world .
Danny Plays
Danny Plays 16 soat oldin
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones 16 soat oldin
My grands favorites one kid over the other she favored my aunt and not my mom that's why she favores my cousin and not me in other words f*ck my grandma
AT 210
AT 210 17 soat oldin
Your grandmom sounds to be like my grandmom but mine is still alive.
Zsanine Turner
Zsanine Turner 17 soat oldin
my grandma was like that as well
Stew Pid
Stew Pid 17 soat oldin
I hated the last part because my grandpa died :(
King Punchwood
King Punchwood 18 soat oldin
My grand parents hmm Fathers side. Grandma Dead Grandpa Dead Mother’s side Grandma Dead Grandpa Mentally unstable I got to meet the old man three times, and I regretted it.
Roblox Person
Roblox Person 19 soat oldin
Ok my grandma I love her but my grandad like one time we went to a Zoo and it wasn’t as much if u were under 6 and I was 12 SO He MADE WE GEt DOWN ON MY NEEs and say I was 6
Xander Massallo
Xander Massallo 21 soat oldin
I'm going to hell- we all meet u there😂
Cool Gamer701
Cool Gamer701 23 soat oldin
1:03 infinity war
Ea Claudio
Ea Claudio 23 soat oldin
How dare you insult rice
Yes Its me
Yes Its me Kun oldin
Looks like you had an iPhone x way back then, you are so lucky
Fabi channel
Fabi channel Kun oldin
Granny? XD
Well at least she was a nice person.
Kamryn Singleton
I'm going to hell -Alex Clark 2018
Mr.ducky BOI!!
Mr.ducky BOI!! Kun oldin
Nice John deer
Cassuttus Tshirt
Wisconsin State Fair was your first Grandma attended performance? Ha, that's where I grew up and still live! I wish I could have attended the more current Wisconsin show =(
Emery Duran
Emery Duran Kun oldin
1:04 INFINITY WAR REFERENCE! The part where Doctor Strange opens a portal for Star Lord/Peter Quill! Yeah, I’ve seen EVERY Marvel movie
The three broken musicians
My grandpa died on the night of the super blue blood moon
Mr. gameing
Mr. gameing Kun oldin
All my grandmother and grandfather are dead
Daron Webb
Daron Webb Kun oldin
Starbucks Pug
Starbucks Pug Kun oldin
My grandpa is in Africa
AwesomeCupcake Kun oldin
I didn’t have no money 😂😂😂
Myles Cyr
Myles Cyr Kun oldin
By by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by abt by
Emoji girl Gamer
U live in Florida? 😱
Will Legend
Will Legend Kun oldin
My grandma died yesterday 😥
Terriq Small
Terriq Small Kun oldin
R.I.P Alex’s grandma
high five the skylander dragonfly YT
Once when i was out with my grandma and we were walking i was like 2 and she had my buggie i wasnt in it luckily because it fell in a river :| YAY
Corin Withers
Corin Withers Kun oldin
My great grandmother is still around
Syrus Angi
Syrus Angi Kun oldin
My grandparents are dead. I only met one of my grandmas and I didn't see her that much unfortunately
Cat Jones
Cat Jones Kun oldin
You should go to Beloit Wisconsin! That’s where I live I watch if you go there
Justin Scarf
Justin Scarf Kun oldin
wait your grandma has that red hair? Mine too!
kitten wolvesxd
kitten wolvesxd Kun oldin
I love the video but it made me throwup You see i have a stomach bug and all the sweets in the video kinda made me eat lots of...sweets..?
HILLNICK Kun oldin
Mrs stampy cat the Janitor's 1st child
My aunt gives me money. I love her I really love her.
Are you Alex Clark from Wisconsin
ADuck YT
ADuck YT 2 kun oldin
I live in Wisconsin 😊
urban Kirar
urban Kirar 2 kun oldin
Grandmas and grandpas are the best!!!
EvaZWolf 2 kun oldin
Lucile 1002
Lucile 1002 2 kun oldin
My grandma is dead and I loved her 💔💔
Leslye Hernandez
Leslye Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Do more videos about your grandma
MRADVENTURER 10 2 kun oldin
hey alex, i get what you did at 5:03 XD the onley place you can get a decent item for 1$ is dollar tree!
Donovan Hernandez
Donovan Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Wish I coudlve talked to my grandpa once he talked another language so it was hard then one day he passed away we didn't even go to his funeral it was too far away.
Esse Kaftanski
Esse Kaftanski 2 kun oldin
I live in Wisconsin!!!
Esse Kaftanski
Esse Kaftanski 2 kun oldin
Btw your my fav youtuber Alex
FireRED Gabriel theseira
I love my grandma she always makes good food and i always help her when she needs me
mirza muaz
mirza muaz 2 kun oldin
I wish I had a grandma like that.
it's Dan and jake dudes
I hate you almost made me cry
Anais Jenkins
Anais Jenkins 2 kun oldin
p.s. he chose to die at the hospital
Anais Jenkins
Anais Jenkins 2 kun oldin
My mother’s moms brother died on Good Friday 2018 in February we had to go to a far place and stay there for about a week and we went to his wife’s house almost every day
Ryaphloshion Guy
Ryaphloshion Guy 2 kun oldin
*O W*
XI Gamer
XI Gamer 2 kun oldin
Today we were with my grandma and I love her I'm about to be her height and I kissed her like 7642 times until we left
Sophia Gongola
Sophia Gongola 2 kun oldin
want me to bring you cheese at the fair? XD
xboxbros 259
xboxbros 259 2 kun oldin
I live in Wisconsin AND ALL WE EAT IS CHEESE
Medi Oman
Medi Oman 2 kun oldin
Why your grandma has for husband
Medi Oman
Medi Oman 2 kun oldin
White wire grandma has for husbands
HeRSHEY god 2 kun oldin
All of grandparents died 😭😭😭
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 2 kun oldin
Have you seen criss angel
Cecilia Robles
Cecilia Robles 2 kun oldin
I remember bonding with uncle
Barbare Ptskialadze
my grandma is not around but the last day of her life may 17th i did not iven know she was felling bad but i just told jer i love you soo much the sadest thing that hase ever happened to me and also my birthday is may 19 i staid in my room crying i could not belive i would never see her again it felt like a nigjtmear but now when i think of her i see her in heven looking after me and i smile knowvimg she is in a beter plase
Zgamer420 _
Zgamer420 _ 2 kun oldin
My grandpa died 2 weeks ago 😭 I wish I could talk to him one more time
Sean Kerrigan
Sean Kerrigan 2 kun oldin
My gran has Alzheimer's
Inoue  Tokiko
Inoue Tokiko 2 kun oldin
Can you please, make more videos with your uncle/aunt?
Camden Middler
Camden Middler 2 kun oldin
im 9
UnicornLove5596 2 kun oldin
Ya no, I hate my grandmother But Im glad you love yours dearly, and everyone else who loves their grandmother
Carter Matusiak
Carter Matusiak 2 kun oldin
rip grandma
LittleKittenZone 2 kun oldin
My grandma complains about EVERYTHING😧
TheGaming Egg
TheGaming Egg 2 kun oldin
Sounds like an awesome human being
konstantinos averis kountouras
rip grandma
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann 3 kun oldin
My one grandpa died when I was 1 but he was funny, and my one grandma died this February, but I hope they’re both doing well and I hope I’ll see them again
Firman N
Firman N 3 kun oldin
I don't even emberrased, you should proud that she can drive and pick you up
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann 3 kun oldin
You bonded with your grandmother...GOOD!
Inah So
Inah So 3 kun oldin
Hbihhuuguhvghvhsjiiokk. Hbhh ob b b hbh b g fgcfyacvrsfycbv. Jg gullgu glj hguyrstrxuttearySfsqcvwchgfluygyufjgugvgjvjgvjgcvhchf huxueEutezs Uguulgcgfkxhfkuxfxytkdtrzfyddt
Gay Charizard
Gay Charizard 3 kun oldin
my granparents dont like me soooo
Zplus Galaxy
Zplus Galaxy 3 kun oldin
What's wrong in eating rice? I eat rice breakfast, lunch and dinner I'm offended
Magik_man 3 kun oldin
my grandparents are dead but the one that's living we don't speak of
Experienced XP Gecias
Kuirah, you know if you don't win . . . *BLAST 'EM WITH YER BLUE EYES AGAIN!?*
Neon The Gamer
Neon The Gamer 3 kun oldin
Who knows she might me making a smack video about you on BooTube
My grandma is awesome. She would make fudge every year for christmas.
Vaultdweller117 3 kun oldin
Yay im in Wisconsin I'll try and see you!!
Nebula 360
Nebula 360 3 kun oldin
The one thing you need to know about my grandma, is, that SHES DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! Quote Alex Clarke.
walk Drak
walk Drak 3 kun oldin
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 3 kun oldin
thank you very much for the subtitles! 👏👏👏
Chris J Films
Chris J Films 3 kun oldin
My First Kiss
Yil oldin