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Animated music video parody of the movie "Jurassic Park 3"
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Alan Grant and Billy are tricked into visiting to Isla Sorna by Mr and Mrs Kirby where they meet a singing Spinosaurus, a T-Rex, a raptor family, pteranodons, and of course Cooper, a professional who can handle himself ...or so Udesky claimed.
►Script, Song, Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny
►Vocals and Co-Producer: WDi_40

Alan Grant:
Still digging up bones, sifting through the dirt,
Specialize in raptors, the way they hurt.
Ellie moved on for kids and a family,
I hate babies, they make me feel insanity.
Lecturing investors is bad enough,
I do it for the cash, but the crowd is rough.
"Would you return to Jurassic?" That’s all they ever ask,
No force on earth or heaven could get me to go back.
Except money, obviously. Everybody needs money.
Smelly apes just breached our territory,
We need to go kill them all.
We’ll wait and ambush, and then we’ll rush,
Snap their necks after they fall.
Wanted to greet humans visiting,
They shot me, it’s so rude,
So I’ll use them for food,
I’m starving.
I will fight a T-Rex, wrestle him.
I star in this thriller,
Most effective killer,
So I ask...
Am I hybrid, or natural?
Question that I ponder, cause I’m so much stronger, than the rest.
Am I hybrid, or natural?
Hunting down the humans, cause they hit my huge fin, with their plane.
Am I natural?
Or hybrid dino.
Am I natural?
Or hybrid dino.
Alan Grant:
Kirby lied about the nature of this mission,
Pop him in the nose for his dishonest decision.
Billy stole some eggs so I tell him that he’s scum,
Pteranodons turn him into prehistoric chum.
Escape in a boat, meet the Spino in the water,
He’s hungrier than hell and he’s ready for a slaughter.
Mr Kirby finds redemption, lures the beast away,
Then I shoot it with a flare and save the day.
Let’s work together to go end those humans,
They’re trying to run off with our eggs.
Maybe they’ll fry em, and I would cry,
So we must bite em, so they die.
Now that I have tasted human beings,
I can’t get enough cause,
Their meat isn’t tough,
It is so sweet.
Track em down before the raptors do,
Defeated a T-Rex,
Audience was upset,
By his death.
Paul Kirby:
This is your fault, and the guy you were banging,
Eric’s lost, Ben’s dead and hanging.
You need to stop yelling, can’t you see?
When the tricycloplots get ya, don’t come cryin’ to me.
Sneak through the mist, you’ll never hear me coming,
Use my giant wings to catch yo b***h a** running.
Let some of you escape, but you must pay the price,
Take Billy with my homies as a sacrifice.

(c) 2018 LHUGUENY




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Alteori 4 oy oldin
Freaking AWESOME!!! 😍😍
PumpkinHead Finn
PumpkinHead Finn Soat oldin
Alteori ikr
Hampa Orejitas
Hampa Orejitas 5 kun oldin
Alteori :
Kelly Alva
Kelly Alva 6 kun oldin
Love jurassic park 3
Hugo Rodríguez
Hugo Rodríguez 11 kun oldin
Yeşim Yurttaş
Yeşim Yurttaş 15 kun oldin
golden fredy dm
golden fredy dm Kun oldin
3:42. Owen
Ann Rush
Ann Rush Kun oldin
I swear I saw that raptor skeleton giving a thumbs up when Grant said “Except money,obviously,everybody needs money!”
A Weeabo Girl
A Weeabo Girl 2 kun oldin
It's always that black people who die first
26Evan Zhang
26Evan Zhang 3 kun oldin
woah! published on the day i went to New York City as summer vacation!!!!!! this will be in my memories forever!!!
Sam L.
Sam L. 3 kun oldin
i hated it it was terible
StickyPlaysL 4 kun oldin
why is paul kirby much cooler in this than the movie :/
Kozakura Shiro
Kozakura Shiro 4 kun oldin
spino is natural
Kermit the frog Meme
I hated the movie the T. rex should have won not the spino
Eltio Vegitto
Eltio Vegitto 4 kun oldin
The spibosaurus is hybrid
harold lontoh
harold lontoh 6 kun oldin
oh my look the spino is angri
stormfly the deadly nadder (robot)
I automatically auto tune to this song
harold lontoh
harold lontoh 6 kun oldin
Alex Vinson
Alex Vinson 6 kun oldin
still digging up bones searching through the dirt specialising on raptors the way they hurt ellie moved on for kids and family I hate babies they make me feel insanity lecturing investors are bad enough id do it for the cash but the crowd is rough "Would you return to Jurassic?'' That's all they ever ask nothing on this earth or heaven can get me to go back except money obviously everybody needs money Smelly apes just breached our territory we need to go kill them all we'll wait an ambush and then we'll rush snap their necks after they fall Wanted to greet humans visiting they shot me it's so rude so i'll use them for food im starving I will fight a t-rex wrestle him I star in this thriller most effective killer so I ask am I hybrid or natural? question that I ponder cause im so much stronger than the rest Am I hi hybrid or natural? hunting down the humans cause they hit my huge fin with their plane am I natural?or hybrid dino am I naturanl or hybrid dino?
Fafid Caden
Fafid Caden 6 kun oldin
Brittany Vela
Brittany Vela 6 kun oldin
make a slendytubbies 3 musical
Anyelo Jara
Anyelo Jara 6 kun oldin
Me lo guardas:-D
badly animatided
badly animatided 7 kun oldin
I love it
javier tovar
javier tovar 9 kun oldin
hibry #caquita
Yadira Aidee Acosta Reynoso
Soy híbrido o natural
Yadira Aidee Acosta Reynoso
Quería. Saludar a los visitantes humanos
Tom Daly
Tom Daly 10 kun oldin
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 10 kun oldin
Cool songs.
olonoo o
olonoo o 10 kun oldin
Good work
JohnnyloxgameP 11 kun oldin
esto si esta chevere :v
Tyee Pike
Tyee Pike 11 kun oldin
I love this song, especially since you can hear the sorrow in the Spinosaur's lines. Just listen to the chorus & the dinosaur's tone & you'll be able to hear the sadness in his voice.
MetalGamerShow Edition
1:27 LOL you should see Udesky run
Ruben Saravia
Ruben Saravia 13 kun oldin
Owen grady in jurrasic park 3😁
paulo Felipe De sousa
Igna Velasquez
Igna Velasquez 13 kun oldin
i am hybrid or natural?
Riki Boy
Riki Boy 13 kun oldin
and thats why you should never hurt a spinosaurus
Riki Boy
Riki Boy 13 kun oldin
the spinosaurus is not a hybrid
Eli Limon
Eli Limon 14 kun oldin
Dino T-Rex put up a good fight on Spinosaurus because it's bigger and stronger
cs j
cs j 14 kun oldin
R.i.p. T rex
cs j
cs j 14 kun oldin
Love it👍👍👍👍👍👍😹😹😹
isabella corrales
isabella corrales 15 kun oldin
hacer un the mucical de capitan tsubasasa
Амилия кот
Амилия кот 15 kun oldin
3:41 Owen Grady! ❤
Chase Alvarez
Chase Alvarez 16 kun oldin
What the original song?
luis alfredo hernandez perez
owen aparece
God_dog123 Felix
God_dog123 Felix 16 kun oldin
Breakdaceing dino spinosaurur
Rosa Mejia
Rosa Mejia 16 kun oldin
SCP X 17 kun oldin
A spinosaurus is a natural dinosaur
Wolfgang Trying to find Nicole
Nicole are you here? I've been looking all around UZvid LoL please be here.. other people please like this comment so it goes to the top so I can find Nicole if your name is Nicole don't think it's not you I'm gonna try to reply to everyone if they say there name is nicole
DragonHunter ForYou
DragonHunter ForYou 17 kun oldin
Teach me how to animate like this
1:45 wuat
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 18 kun oldin
Like. Raptor❤ voice
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 18 kun oldin
Love t rex ❤❤😗😍🌹
Jacare Sinistrão
Jacare Sinistrão 18 kun oldin
like spino voice
Chance Price
Chance Price 18 kun oldin
I saw Owen Grady
Param Vala
Param Vala 18 kun oldin
Better than the movie
CT-7567 captain rex
CT-7567 captain rex 18 kun oldin
The jurrasic world one is bit better
Mir shamir
Mir shamir 18 kun oldin
Spinosaurus is so cool is this song
Rafael Sousa
Rafael Sousa 18 kun oldin
Very good
Jacare Sinistrão
Jacare Sinistrão 19 kun oldin
Blue Raptor 2006
Blue Raptor 2006 20 kun oldin
Pausen el minuto 1:26 XDD
Rosario Sammarco
Rosario Sammarco 20 kun oldin
go go go go go
Раяна Мадаева
Nada Hamid Rasheed
Nada Hamid Rasheed 20 kun oldin
Vennie Decosto
Vennie Decosto 20 kun oldin
You are actually a hybrid because in the past your a fish eater. but still so cool!!!
Mily Kawaii
Mily Kawaii 21 kun oldin
En el minuto 3:42 se ve a owen grady
Les Ballinger
Les Ballinger 21 kun oldin
a spinosurus is natarle
Wade 21 kun oldin
What is the original song? I have no idea. ;-;
Syncopated Beat
Syncopated Beat 21 kun oldin
"Am I hybrid or natural" I'm actually wondering the same about ME XD if you look at me maybe you can tell?
Logan Liljegren
Logan Liljegren 22 kun oldin
All the hybrids sound simmaler😸
Indominick rex
Indominick rex 22 kun oldin
the trex should have won because he bite down on the neck on the spino, and since the trex has the strongest bite force it would have crushed the neck of the spino, also i loved how russman is the Pteranodons voice
Julia Smith
Julia Smith 22 kun oldin
good video. Thanks a bunch. :)
Alejandro morales bayuelos craft gamer 789 pro gato
Howen en el minuto 3:41
Pikachu122 22 kun oldin
Better then the movie
union de los lopez y otros
En el minuto 4:07 aparece Owen
Fox Jerome
Fox Jerome 22 kun oldin
The raptor bone is giving the bird
dominic hernandez
dominic hernandez 23 kun oldin
Luis Baca
Luis Baca 23 kun oldin
It’s a Masterpiece
Carin Lidén
Carin Lidén 23 kun oldin
The green raptor is a boy
Mary Felipe de Sousa
Sebastian Galuszka
Sebastian Galuszka 23 kun oldin
The Predator
The Predator 24 kun oldin
Please make The Predator the musical
Erik Harris
Erik Harris 24 kun oldin
alterio was in this
Erik Harris
Erik Harris 24 kun oldin
also owen is in the end
Erik Harris
Erik Harris 24 kun oldin
Jonah Kazama
Jonah Kazama 24 kun oldin
The Singing Spinosaurus "Jurassic Park 3 The Musical"
tutoriales,cosas y juegos Kathy tu amiga
Like si no pudiste ver la primera canción que uso el de parque jurassico
Manuel Piñeiro
Manuel Piñeiro 24 kun oldin
A mí me gustó la 3
Manuel Piñeiro
Manuel Piñeiro 24 kun oldin
Like cual música te gustó de Jurassic park 1 2 y 3 y Jurassic world
Oskar Sajkiewicz
Oskar Sajkiewicz 24 kun oldin
Cuse I'm so much stronger than a rest
Oskar Sajkiewicz
Oskar Sajkiewicz 24 kun oldin
Cuse I'm so much stronger
Oskar Sajkiewicz
Oskar Sajkiewicz 24 kun oldin
Fuse I'm so much stronger
Patricia Rogers
Patricia Rogers 24 kun oldin
I'm a natural or hybrid Dino :D
max scour
max scour 24 kun oldin
Bu şarkıyı bir kere izledim daldım
dominic hernandez
dominic hernandez 25 kun oldin
Sorry spino I don't know if u r a hybrid or natural
Ameenah James
Ameenah James 25 kun oldin
I like how one of the soldiers were Owen Brady/Chris Prat from Jurassic world
Why did you make the black guy back up from shooting the SPINOSAURUS
kocourekluky Tomasova
Love dino
DARK-KING XD 25 kun oldin
Jeevan Gill
Jeevan Gill 25 kun oldin
Is the spine stronger than indominus rex
Fabian Arcila20
Fabian Arcila20 26 kun oldin
is beautiful
I like how the plane says Spinorammer
Samirah Ali
Samirah Ali 26 kun oldin
The spinosaurs is the best
Gabriela Lara
Gabriela Lara 26 kun oldin
Spino is big then t rex
Maria Barbosa
Maria Barbosa 26 kun oldin
Maria Barbosa
Maria Barbosa 26 kun oldin