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Animated music video parody of the movie "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom"
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Claire convinces Owen Grady to go back to Isla Nublar to rescue Blue and the rest of the dinosaur population. However, they are unaware that the Indoraptor has been eagerly awaiting them back at Lockwood Estate for a surprise party!
►Script, Song, T-Rex, Indoraptor & Owen Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny
►Blue Vocals and Animation: WDi_40

Owen Grady:
What could go wrong with a drink with my ex?
Expected reminiscing, maybe makeup s**.
Instead she convinced me to find Blue and bring her back,
How could I say no? After all I’m like her dad.
Get on a plane with Claire’s interns,
One is a p***y, the other is a nerd.
After stopping to say hi to Little Foot’s mom,
Go searching for Blue, let's hope she stays calm.
It fell apart, the park,
But you came back, to find and save me.
'Til they shot, my neck
With a dart, it made me crazy.
They put me down, to get my DNA, DNA,
So they could clone themselves a new hybrid egg, hybrid egg,
They better make sure that it don’t escape, don’t escape...
Indoraptor (Chorus):
I’ll kill a-a-all of the humans,
They’ll all scream as I start to chew them.
Watch your back, I’ll attack, and I’ll snap every bone in your body, body.
I’ll kill a-a-all of the humans,
And I’ll sneak up, henchmen I’ll ruin.
Human flesh, tastes the best, when it’s fresh, don’t you hide, cause I’ll find you, find you.
Kill them all, kill them all...
Owen Grady:
Double crossed by Ken, left to burn up in the lava,
But I’m so d****ed up, almost fry inside this sauna.
Face off with a carno, ’til Rexy saves the day,
Roll off a cliff and splash into the bay.
Drive a truck to the ship, hide like a stowaway,
Blue needs blood, so we climb in Rexy’s cage.
Off to Lockwood’s estate, we’re gonna shut this thing down,
And protect this little clone to the beat of roaring sounds.
Now that I’m free, I’ll eat any goons that dare attack me,
I’ll scratch and I’ll claw this hybrid, he ain’t a pack mate.
But there’s a part of you that’s just like me, just like me,
Because we share some of our DNA, DNA,
But still I won’t allow you to go slay my homeys.
Don’t you dare stuff my a** in a cage,
Or I’ll get claustrophobic and I’ll start to rage.
Haven’t eaten since the Carnotaur on the island,
Hungry for Mills, I hope I find him.
Might just be h*** from the cyanide,
Carnivorous thoughts I cannot hide.
Wanna run free, explore and sing,
Prove to Mufasa that I’m the king.

(c) 2018 LHUGUENY




8-Iyl, 2018

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Charlie The Raptor
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Nick En Dirty
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Charlie The Raptor 😭😭😭😭
Yuleni Zaragoza
Yuleni Zaragoza 3 oy oldin
echo blue owen where r they hello (echoing) delta blue echo im here blue blue hi blue. owen my name is heh heh..... yuly but they call me yulien
Vanh Moua
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Yellow Raptor boi Apatosaurus is more smaller and Brachiosaurus neck is uptraight
Mariadosc65 Socorro
ImMeWithASideOfSalt 24 daqiqa oldin
this sucks
the jurassi world // Jurassic park
Eso qué ?????
Mr Pixkle Pickle
Mr Pixkle Pickle 2 soat oldin
What's the song called of this musical
Arrow The Wolf
Arrow The Wolf 6 soat oldin
During the movie: Mom: watch Blue die trying to save them Me: .... End of movie: Mom: *cry* Me: Mom Blue is alive chill!
Riley Hammitt
Riley Hammitt 11 soat oldin
This song is my favorite in the series but the movie isnt the first jurassic world is and I don't know why everyone hates Jp3 I loved it they had to make something stronger than the t-rex
Heli Palacios
Heli Palacios 13 soat oldin
Ameplays AMEPLAYS 17 soat oldin
Ameplays AMEPLAYS 17 soat oldin
Blue sounds like me the t-rex sounds like my bro and the indorapter sounds like my dad
zoneka 2
zoneka 2 19 soat oldin
Im venom
Muhammad Luthfi mumtaz
Indoraptor #1
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3:24 SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!
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The indoraptor has a good voice
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저는 인도랩터가 좋았요
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인도랩터 와블루싸울는과재미있어서요
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Daddy and his wife were in town
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I like The dinosaur 🎥
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i lovet and My dad buyt me the dvd
Diegodzilla 915
Diegodzilla 915 Kun oldin
Esta obra maestra debería este en vevo :v xd
Dinosapiens : el mundo de los dinosaurios
:v A mí me gusta mucho
Luke Ritzel
Luke Ritzel Kun oldin
I love this movie and this song!
The Elite Plushies
Felecia Smith
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DJ DOG 2 kun oldin
I was singing this in my class I got trouble because the bad things
spino raptor*evolving soon!*
I swear if blue dies in jw3.ima kill universal
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Too... Catchy...Cant Stop listening... Oh and Lhugeny The indoraptor sounds a little like the imdominus
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3:33 do you see the tricerotops
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James Adams 2 kun oldin
Awsome Lhugueny its fucking awsome mate please make more never stop
Jacob LikesTurtlez123
When the Indoraptor bit off the guys arm I thought of fuckin pennywise
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Jacob Wikström 2 kun oldin
Sir Gremblo
Sir Gremblo 2 kun oldin
This is so fucking bad.
Mizuu 17
Mizuu 17 2 kun oldin
I eat all of the dinos tfu
estevao Morais Kleim pereira
Ameplays AMEPLAYS 2 kun oldin
1. Dont shoot a dinasour witch is blue dont take its DNA 2. Dont shoot a herbivore and take its DNA 3. Dont Annoy a T-Rex dont take its dna 4.dint Annoy Carnivores dont take its DNA 5. Dont Annoy omnivores dont taks its DNA Like if you agree ima like my own because no one will
Kim Washam
Kim Washam 2 kun oldin
Gustavo Oliveira
Gustavo Oliveira 2 kun oldin
i love jurassic world or park
Gustavo Oliveira
Gustavo Oliveira 2 kun oldin
i love jurassic world o r park
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esta cancion me recuerda a la epoca de los dinosaurios
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The best vidio the year by lhungueny
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Emilio 🍉🍌🍎🥐🍞🥪🤣😄😋
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gogziilla 2511 crack
Le doy 1879
gogziilla 2511 crack
Y me gustó mucho la película
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Yo vi la película de jurassic woldk
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antonio eagle
antonio eagle 3 kun oldin
I love dinosaur
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antonio eagle 3 kun oldin
Coolest song
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Roblox Man 3 kun oldin
The t rex is a girl
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_Guys I'm A Fangirl..._ _Of The Replay Button_
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but T-rex was female
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Screw mufasa!!!
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rip indoraptor and bongo
Eva Casa
Eva Casa 4 kun oldin
rip#indorator to the triceratops
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T rex is girl too
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Revenge of the sith please.And phantom menace teen titans go to the movies and return of the Jedi.Also reanimate Jurrasic park and make Thor ragnorok avengers justice league.Please make all those requested musicals.
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I'm blue for howleen and for christman
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Anyelo Jara
Anyelo Jara 5 kun oldin
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Hey project zorgo is still watching you and still trying to delete your channel the will do that forever
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The prosecution on this is Amazing! 🔥 👔 Check out my Amazing work! 🏠 uzvid.com/video/video-MDvF5UP6_po.html
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Kristin Thurston 6 kun oldin
My favourite song
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Jessica Roth 6 kun oldin
The second time blue is singing she looks like she is having a singing battle with the indoraptor
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But mommy Where’s my jams?
She attac
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hmmmmm t-rex + every dino=fail
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Ha dos hidridos en las dos jwfk jw
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its awesome and my new ringsound
Hungry Beaver
Hungry Beaver 6 kun oldin
Who else remembers when the Dino’s looked derpy but now look at them
Ricardo Huante
Ricardo Huante 6 kun oldin
In the movie they had a gun and when they pointed it at the indoraptor to attack something what would happend if they did it to the indoraptor would it attack itself
つん つん
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What a celebration begin to go to
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Everything is singing
WimpyKid Gaming
WimpyKid Gaming 6 kun oldin
I love all the songs
Gato BroForce
Gato BroForce 7 kun oldin
Jurassic world 3 por favor!!!
Sandra Salazar
Sandra Salazar 7 kun oldin
this part cracked me up : one is a pussy the others a nerd
derpy b dragons
derpy b dragons 7 kun oldin
Stupid stupid lhungy
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I love jrassic world it is very cool.
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Great drawings!!!! Read more JK. But P.S. Indoraptor didn't have any thumbs...
Blue Tiger vlogs
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Die bitch
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Lol so good jwfk movie was awesome jw was so bad the musicale ill give a 5/10 the jwfk was a 10/10 so awesome they need to make a third Jurassic world and call it "where do we go from here"and you should make a musical about it,l love dinosaurs
DJ DOG 8 kun oldin
Wow this movie came out on my birthday so we went to the movies and watched it. P.S.S the movie is so sad at the end
Pawit Moomklang
Pawit Moomklang 8 kun oldin
What? type of this song?🤔
Eli Limon
Eli Limon 8 kun oldin
Do you know the IndoRaptor can walk on two legs or four
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Deepayon Chowdhury 8 kun oldin
2:36 look closely at the stage It says Untied States of ‘Murica¡!!!!!
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u already. know
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I love the beats 🦖👍👍
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The two JWs and JP3 are the best musicals.
Le meilleur Loup
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Musique PLEASE ! 😢😄
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eres el mejor blue
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Fuck this sida mhaut
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I loved this movie, it was good
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Im the kinggggg Í LOVE REXY
100 subscribers with no videos
At 2:21 the soldier dude was so frickin confused