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7-Okt, 2018

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igor svakurac
igor svakurac 16 soat oldin
your avatar looks so much like Fry from Futurama
YTemeraldGamming 0312
YTemeraldGamming 0312 16 soat oldin
{\___/} ( X _ X ) (>⚰️
Marley Guhan
Marley Guhan 19 soat oldin
{\___/} ( 0 . 0 ) (>
jared curtis
jared curtis 22 soat oldin
{\___/} ( °~° ) />📖
Jared Linger
Jared Linger Kun oldin
Congratulations jazza
SV Random
SV Random Kun oldin
Anna have red hair xD
Rlly? Basic
Rlly? Basic Kun oldin
Family friendly content
Dino Girl
Dino Girl Kun oldin
The Holy Spirit of kosmos
You remind me of lazarbeam
Coco lps
Coco lps Kun oldin
nr. 2 scary so scary
Savannah Editzz
Savannah Editzz Kun oldin
{\_/} (0.o) (>🍩 Want a donut? U U
Rob Vargas
Rob Vargas Kun oldin
Why is he so scared of stickers?I have no joke like a room made of stickers:P
Amazing Panda Bear
Amazing Panda Bear 2 kun oldin
Who else thinks he should do more of these and make them a series
Mai Xuan Nguyen
Mai Xuan Nguyen 2 kun oldin
3:54 matches your nose
Toucan Express!
Toucan Express! 2 kun oldin
papigucci69 4
papigucci69 4 2 kun oldin
This fellows name is..................................paul
Kia NaNaNa
Kia NaNaNa 2 kun oldin
'G'day ladies and gentlemen...' Allways as lovely to hear! ❤
Jaxon Rock
Jaxon Rock 2 kun oldin
Captain peggy
Jaxon Rock
Jaxon Rock 2 kun oldin
I’m a dick
Jaxon Rock
Jaxon Rock 2 kun oldin
light fury night fury
Your my brothers fav youtuber btw.
Atreus 3 kun oldin
Frank no not frank peter no! Pu
super slimer dragon
This is so family friendly channel im a kid of corse but I love this channel
Sheila Macaraig
Sheila Macaraig 3 kun oldin
Before this video started i got an ad for elsa and anna at disneyland ...... am i okay?
Xammax 3 kun oldin
I vandalized a Who Was Dr.Suess book with sticky notes and turned him into a demon. *Don't ask*
Mariah Francois
Mariah Francois 3 kun oldin
You're married wahhhhhh really
Yeshua Padilla
Yeshua Padilla 4 kun oldin
I don't have copics :(
AlexIsNotFrench 4 kun oldin
8:11 *He lost the opportunity to say "marvel-ous"*
SpRITE????!!! Aka The Kit Kat Kitty
Paul’s voice sounds an awful lot likes Stewie from family guy. 🧐
Cerees65 4 kun oldin
CAPTAIN PEGGY *flashbacks to the first captain america movie*
Lps Pip
Lps Pip 4 kun oldin
Cate Raderer
Cate Raderer 4 kun oldin
Captain Angelica Captain Eliza AND CAPTAIN PEGGY
R&A animations R&A animations
Me:And now we have...... Person on the other side of the computer:paul. Me:ummmm... Person:Paul.. Me:Frank. Person:PAUL! Me:Now we have frank the tank engine. Person:*Screaming at their computer*PAUL!!! Me:...ummmmm...no it was paul!Now we have paul the tank engine! Person:FINALLY!
James Javier
James Javier 5 kun oldin
You actually named cap as peggy 😂
Benjamin Berecz
Benjamin Berecz 5 kun oldin
Captain Peggy kinda looks like a male stripper XD
Evan Staley
Evan Staley 5 kun oldin
Missed opportunity with no eyepatch on captain Peggy..
Darkrai ダークライLovespokemon
Thanos Is -Crying Because Dis-
KK1900 5 kun oldin
and PeGgy
Caz Monk
Caz Monk 5 kun oldin
Obnoxious but consistent
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson 6 kun oldin
It looks like the human had some diarrhea because I saw a spill behind him
Kai Chan
Kai Chan 6 kun oldin
pittakionophobia the fear of stickers/sticky substances
Chasity Lambrecht
Chasity Lambrecht 6 kun oldin
He says coloring book weird...he adds an extra syllable...it’s weird..
Moto Psycho
Moto Psycho 6 kun oldin
Draw with Jazza or Draw with Jizza 🤣
Sticking It To The Man
Sticking It To The Man
Sticking It To The Man
J Ja Jaz Jazz Jazza Jazz Jaz Ja J
Trinity 6 kun oldin
You and Colleen Ballinger have Pittakionophobia. It is rare, but not as exclusive as you might think.
THE BANANA NINJA 6 kun oldin
Jolly rogers with the cruches is the jackass symbol
Wendy’s 7 kun oldin
8:14 no, that was MARVEL-ous!
annie bellie
annie bellie 7 kun oldin
why does "paul" look like hitler?
Space Mr cuddles
Space Mr cuddles 7 kun oldin
Hey jazza l.i love u so much....well not in that way but u know what I mean,u made me what I am today and I can’t possibility thank u enough , I may not be important to anyone but u made me ignore that and to love myself, I love art like u but u shaped me.... thank Josiah :)
Space Mr cuddles
Space Mr cuddles 7 kun oldin
Roxy foxy kiss Foebdu
Quang Lê
Quang Lê 8 kun oldin
My new favourite channel
Brooklyn Boyce
Brooklyn Boyce 8 kun oldin
Kids.....dont watch this
Microphone the deercat
5:56 ''ooh that is a face!'' yknow most ppl can see right? xD
Animal Studios
Animal Studios 8 kun oldin
did anyone else notice Paul licking his teeth?
Wow Poops
Wow Poops 8 kun oldin
The best corrupted drawing is Captain America's :)
Random Gurl
Random Gurl 8 kun oldin
Cat is yourself Cat will for Cat me see Cat is and Cat catch to Cat will try Cat them to Cat try supposed Cat is your Cat is what Cat a hates do Cat them loves can’t Cat i is you Cat is i think Cat is what you Cat If Read the thing backwards and read each sentence’s last word
dofda3 .87
dofda3 .87 9 kun oldin
sstiks 0:24 😂💔
Alexis Mitchell
Alexis Mitchell 9 kun oldin
It’s February 2019 and I still haven’t seen “Frozen” yet. My kids say it’s good... I don’t believe them.
Cheyanne Ingle
Cheyanne Ingle 9 kun oldin
Sculpt a banana
black unigalax_playz
You really are something jazza, you really are something...
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore 9 kun oldin
I feel like you missed making a good PEGGY carter joke
Angel Ma
Angel Ma 9 kun oldin
Logan Paul blurred the dead body better than you blurred the middle finger.
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 9 kun oldin
Am a 9 year old kid so why am I watching this because my my childhood is ruined already XD
Hannah Long
Hannah Long 10 kun oldin
I have a reason to be scared right?
Trainwreck 509
Trainwreck 509 10 kun oldin
8:05 paul is hitler confirmed
Coco Parkinson
Coco Parkinson 10 kun oldin
Stickers annoy me
AEJ's Cookies
AEJ's Cookies 11 kun oldin
It’s Thomas the tank engine
Makalya Hamilton
Makalya Hamilton 11 kun oldin
"coloring in book " no it's just a coloring book PLEASE JAZZA
Squid Sunday
Squid Sunday 11 kun oldin
Yim yum time for crab
ClayPlayz 11 kun oldin
Do more of these
Can’t cat Gacha
Can’t cat Gacha 11 kun oldin
You sound like Alex (craftedRL from pals)
Anton Alinea
Anton Alinea 11 kun oldin
U should have made captin america communist блять
thebossnanobot 1
thebossnanobot 1 12 kun oldin
Coloring in books😂😂😂
LoganWolf 480
LoganWolf 480 12 kun oldin
"Coloring in book"
Alexa Madrid
Alexa Madrid 12 kun oldin
The one that is you,his name is Christoph
Glory Alia
Glory Alia 12 kun oldin
*Don't forget, kid friendly channel.*
SANwich Vegita
SANwich Vegita 12 kun oldin
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is dunno He doesnt know anything one like is a knowledge
A M 12 kun oldin
5:43 elsa 7:59 thomas 10:49 the other one 10:52 all of them My favorit is this one 12:46
Denisa C
Denisa C 12 kun oldin
I’m just relieved that u didn’t chose Spider-Man for this video!😅
Emilio Batuhan
Emilio Batuhan 13 kun oldin
OMG i'm weirded out
Isabella /\ _ /\
Isabella /\ _ /\ 13 kun oldin
1:11 ... me ...lol
Caio Nobrega Zanotto
Soooo Paul looks like a pedo
im lesbian
im lesbian 13 kun oldin
{\__/} (0 3 0) ( ) -👌 • • im gay
Login Soliman
Login Soliman 13 kun oldin
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! He's Paul not frank!
xcutekaix 11
xcutekaix 11 13 kun oldin
Paul looks like Hitler
Beast!Wirt 13 kun oldin
jazza has pittakionophobia
Galaxy_ Wolf
Galaxy_ Wolf 13 kun oldin
Jazza: I have a slight sticker phobia Me: I never knew that was a thing
hector de guzman
hector de guzman 13 kun oldin
Your so awsome its so bloody creept and i love it
PietyTSM 13 kun oldin
You monster
x x
x x 14 kun oldin
you betrayed us! How could you spell the word 'colouring' so Un-Australian-like
Blob Brothers
Blob Brothers 14 kun oldin
a while there i thought nobody knew what thomas the tank engine was
יהודי كافر
יהודי كافر 14 kun oldin
Paul the tank engine looks like hitler
squishy kittie
squishy kittie 14 kun oldin
Coloring IN book wow you silly
Collin Hammond
Collin Hammond 14 kun oldin
If any one watch The CW Flash then is just me or does he look like “ The Thinker”
Pearl Waite
Pearl Waite 14 kun oldin
{\___/} ( 0 . 0 ) (>o.o
Pearl Waite
Pearl Waite 14 kun oldin
@Light The Foxy You can't even repliy anymore! lol
Lilac -chan
Lilac -chan 14 kun oldin
{\_/} (^~^) >❤️
Shulk is trash in smash bros ultimate lol
Thomas And Friends Was My CHILDHOOD!! :P
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