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5-Yan, 2019




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Fikrlar 13 455
DarKStonez 9 soat oldin
Why do i hate randolph so much
LAWOS JOSHUA LUKA 9 soat oldin
1:33 wtf did he say????
breach crash
breach crash 10 soat oldin
Ksi and callux did it better
Mr get trolled
Mr get trolled 11 soat oldin
React to im a hoe
DareDevil 2.0
DareDevil 2.0 11 soat oldin
Why is KSI so thicc
DareDevil 2.0
DareDevil 2.0 11 soat oldin
I feel like this is gonna get to the point Of abuse
blu3 cuber
blu3 cuber 14 soat oldin
If its one punch man dis vid only last few sec
SAM! 17 soat oldin
Everyone’s hating on Randolph, but I think Jj and him have good chemistry and I find them entertaining to watch.
Evan Poon
Evan Poon 19 soat oldin
Lol that was the Georgia Dome
Heikkivanderrijt 19 soat oldin
Even Rudolph hits harder than joe
Rouhan Ghulam
Rouhan Ghulam 22 soat oldin
Black man being aggressive against white fat man .
Goose Music
Goose Music Kun oldin
Jj has an ego problem
khalil boii
khalil boii Kun oldin
this fat fuck again?
gabriel linus
gabriel linus Kun oldin
10:04 was the funniest part of the video 😂😂 Reminded me of that scene in Infinity War after Mantis says "Kick names, take ass"
The Exploding Cow
Don’t hate on Randolph people
Jared Merklinger
11:34 WOAHHHHH that weather forecast is my local forecast danggggg 😂
Ethan 10
Ethan 10 Kun oldin
You should of dkne this with harry
Oliver Scallon
Oliver Scallon Kun oldin
For some reason I read randolphs’ Hoodie as “Clinically blind”
Unity 107
Unity 107 Kun oldin
When ksi screams and leans into the mic
Toons First
Toons First Kun oldin
7:29-7:31. Just listen carefully. They both moan😂😂
Mömmustrákur Kun oldin
whats that beat 0:42
GroatMan Kun oldin
Ok i need an explenation. Why in this vid Randolph gets hate but on others he is ok
HybridSwifty Kun oldin
Randolph cannot replace deji! Like if you remember old ksi and deji
DrAg jmacc2016
DrAg jmacc2016 Kun oldin
Whoa the hate to Randolph is unreal haha
Nicholas Persaud
These two do not work together
safiyah shah
safiyah shah Kun oldin
Idk why But I acc hate Randolph. No explanation needed.
Holly Cleary
Holly Cleary Kun oldin
Today in class my teacher was moaning at some kids about math and then he said don’t be spending to much time on stupid fortnite and bo4 he also said look at ksi and deji they make millions of £s and they’re very successful I quietly said to my mate deji and ksi are bi*****
Panda Fx
Panda Fx Kun oldin
Who else seen that empty Jack bottle behind?
Stanley _ Official
Stanley _ Official 2 kun oldin
Big Chungus in real life!
something random
The meme is dead
Zorvurb 2 kun oldin
Randolph is epic
Nupator YT
Nupator YT 2 kun oldin
Riym 733
Riym 733 2 kun oldin
I died when the priest dropped the baby
Slayin 2 kun oldin
randolph is a fat cunt and he can piss off
something random
He can but does he want to
Lesak's Fire
Lesak's Fire 2 kun oldin
u should make ur beerus verse the outro again its fire 🔥
Land Molani
Land Molani 2 kun oldin
This video should be called punching tf out of Randolph
dr-3is3nfaust 2 kun oldin
I like randolph rly
The Ridiculous YouTuber
Big chungus and KSK doing a reaction video! FINALLY!
JJBOOM 10 2 kun oldin
NotoriousBAT 2 kun oldin
richard alarid
richard alarid 2 kun oldin
I’m from Albuquerque lol let’s go news
xd addi
xd addi 2 kun oldin
Lol in the description it says Shoutout to Rudolph
Lukedan99 2 kun oldin
Who else clicked on this vid just to see Randolph get punched 😂
Chloe Linton
Chloe Linton 2 kun oldin
Baby hits head Randolph: LETS GOO
Chloe Linton
Chloe Linton 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who finds this kind of funny
Knuckloy PlaysRoblox
In the last punch inside off me i was like rip randolph
Judy x
Judy x 2 kun oldin
itsRyyMill 3 kun oldin
Randolph talks too much the nause
Anant Sai
Anant Sai 3 kun oldin
Remember when ksi did this with callux 3 years ago?
Internet troll
Internet troll 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Randolf look like a fat Russell brand?
JoMaMa YT 3 kun oldin
Anybody else notice the PORNHUB music when Randolph said KSI was gonna out some more hip into it?
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 3 kun oldin
11:00 it was the georgia dome being imploded. LOL
JammyMonkey 3 kun oldin
I’m just saying people don’t have sex with their parents in Nottingham
jordan forgham
jordan forgham 3 kun oldin
5:57 it's pretty weird In Nottingham
Holla_base YT Fan
Holla_base YT Fan 3 kun oldin
How many subscribers can an egg Get?
Adam Holland
Adam Holland 3 kun oldin
I only watched this to see Randolph get punched
Potato BooBoo
Potato BooBoo 3 kun oldin
0:32 😶 3:06 LMAO
max tucker
max tucker 3 kun oldin
y he say da instead of ya
Bessie Dabull
Bessie Dabull 3 kun oldin
Randolph punches like a fly
PureRebel 4 kun oldin
Can u spell Randolph right jj? 😂
xd Locus
xd Locus 4 kun oldin
Fuck KSI Logan is so much better. Like IF u agre
Azocheee 2 kun oldin
Shut the fuck up you little cunt. Not only you are a Logan fan but you also use "like if u agree". Are u seriously autistic or something
xd Locus
xd Locus 4 kun oldin
Fuck You KSI
music addict
music addict 4 kun oldin
Randolph is just cringe in a nut shell
Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller 4 kun oldin
All you pricks who want to diss them you can fuck off
Soulaymane Sehli
Soulaymane Sehli 4 kun oldin
anyone now what brand is JJ's shirt?
Dji Films
Dji Films 4 kun oldin
9.49 why no one likes randolph
Isaac Mcdowell
Isaac Mcdowell 4 kun oldin
Do it with Simon
Xen1te 4 kun oldin
randolph needs to go back to being behind the camera, never in it
Thomas Chung
Thomas Chung 4 kun oldin
Does anyone else realise that in the description it says Rudolph
Moses Brown
Moses Brown 4 kun oldin
The first one practically made me cry
Talkin’ Teeth
Talkin’ Teeth 4 kun oldin
Anyone else from Pittsburgh? O just me
Xen1te 4 kun oldin
randolph fucking ugly
Toha 4 kun oldin
Lol Idk why I just got hyped and punched my hand that hurt
Orlando Blanco
Orlando Blanco 4 kun oldin
ksi should trie madden
Dombojam 99
Dombojam 99 4 kun oldin
Idk y everyone hates Randolph
Ritik Khilnani
Ritik Khilnani 4 kun oldin
The title needs to be, "KSI KILLS CAMERA MAN?!"
Synk_ Adam
Synk_ Adam 4 kun oldin
Leave Randolph alone Man U guys are ganging upon on him he did not do anythig
Searsy1304 4 kun oldin
Randolph is so fucking awkward around his “friend”
Searsy1304 4 kun oldin
Do it without the gloves you pussies, you can barely feel it in the arm, at least to a gut punch or something
ASTROAMP1 4 kun oldin
please just get rid of Randolph.
Zinedine Henry
Zinedine Henry 4 kun oldin
TomMRob 4 kun oldin
I have those gloves
Justin.Y’s Son
Justin.Y’s Son 4 kun oldin
If punch them anyways Jk I love them guys
Josh Plays Xbox
Josh Plays Xbox 4 kun oldin
What jj hears: KSIOlajidebtHD What i hear: KSilajigffdvshrgzHD
Caleb Randolph
Caleb Randolph 4 kun oldin
I like Randolph tbh
abrahamtheman852 Aemro
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson 4 kun oldin
poor randolph
MONKEYrudders09 YT
MONKEYrudders09 YT 4 kun oldin
How come in almost every 10 video's ksi has a new pair off head sets
Casper Gundersen
Casper Gundersen 4 kun oldin
Randolph ruined your song Beerus
Stephen G
Stephen G 4 kun oldin
Russell Brand has put on a few pounds 😂😂
Olwethu Dlamini
Olwethu Dlamini 4 kun oldin
Where did the explosion happen
Gaming Lord
Gaming Lord 5 kun oldin
Next video: my new brother...😂😭😂☯️🅱️💀🈵️📈📈
Kamal Elrashid
Kamal Elrashid 5 kun oldin
I feel like Rudolph was just there to promote his channel and KSI took advantage of that. Dude acted like a prick
AnisTube HD
AnisTube HD 5 kun oldin
Hi, I've recently created a channel. I will start uploading on a consistent basis. If you're pretty bored, have a look @ my channel. Perhaps if you like what you see you could drop a subscription. Many Thanks.
Newest Trends
Newest Trends 5 kun oldin
Fuck you, you gay fat son of a prostitute bitch ass fool randolph. That doesnt make sense but fuck it, and fuck you, you fat twat.
Loonzy 5 kun oldin
0:43 KSI’s mind *Did you back me when I got jumped you bitch
iZash Gaming
iZash Gaming 5 kun oldin
Haha he said 'shout-out to Rudolph' in the description instead of Randolph 😂😂
tudor motroc
tudor motroc 5 kun oldin
Some fights for next boxing event: FaZe Banks vs Jake Paul AnEsonGib vs Joe Weller Randolph vs Deji Logan Paul vs KSI II Racka vs FaZe sensei JMX vs W2s
6928 Savage
6928 Savage 5 kun oldin
what boxing skills
Colton Brion
Colton Brion 5 kun oldin
3:20 R.I.P to my mans
Eric Marowa
Eric Marowa 5 kun oldin
10:08 the awkwardness on their faces.
2 yil oldin
10 kun oldin
13 kun oldin
I Got Roasted.
7 kun oldin