1 Month With The Samsung Galaxy Watch (REVIEW)

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Here is pandas full review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) after 1 month of use!
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23-Sen, 2018

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Ronald Solomon
Ronald Solomon 7 soat oldin
Great review, clear and easy to understand.
B Floyd
B Floyd 4 kun oldin
U need to wear the watch tighter to get a better reading from the heart rate aensor. Lose bands give bas readings
Tanner Bagley
Tanner Bagley 5 kun oldin
All day long my Samsung Galaxy watch gives bogus notifications of my sleep quality. I can't turn these unwanted notifications off.
Livinghighandwise 7 kun oldin
The fact that it forces you to use Bixby means I won't buy this watch.. Hopefully the kill that POS off in it's next generation of phones and watches.
Autopack 8 kun oldin
Has anybody tried using Endomondo / skype on galaxy watch? and can you really swim in it?
Bill Ow
Bill Ow 8 kun oldin
Thanks for the information. I was looking for a band like that. Thanks again
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan 9 kun oldin
You need to stop biting the flesh off the side of your thumbs. It's disgusting, looks hideous and can result in a severe infection. Wearing gloves while reviewing would save us from the stomach churning image of your scabby ripped flesh thumbs.
Francisco Carrillo
Francisco Carrillo 11 kun oldin
Bixby is not very good at giving information, but what bixby does that other AIs don't is that you can fully control your device with you voice. Bixby is not bad at all, is just that is focused in other things, in this case, like I said, control things. Bixby is very underrated because the people don't know what bixby is capable of just because they don't expect something like controlling things, so they just don't know it's capabilities. An example of this is: "hey bixby, post my last photo on instagram with this description: (description) and with this filter: (filter). As it also works very well with third party apps
Constantin Amundsen
Constantin Amundsen 13 kun oldin
I dont think anyone gets the pint of bixby. It is a personal assistant and is in many ways more advanced thant siri or google. It assists you with everyday phone tasks but it is not meant to google things for you!
Dr. Siracha
Dr. Siracha 3 soat oldin
Dude I tried really hard to make Bixby work. I calibrate it it many many many times to get used to my voice in my pronunciation, but google assistant was just way better I dictating voice to text. And most people out of a million people agree
Oneminuteunboxings 14 kun oldin
I can buy this one for 100 Euros more than the S3, which one would you buy?
Jiska Rühlmann
Jiska Rühlmann 17 kun oldin
768 GB ram? Thats nice, finally watch that overpowers my pc 🙏
Thank you samsung 🙏🙏🙏
David Nicholson
David Nicholson 18 kun oldin
Great review mate. Best on UZvid. Keep it up.
Zeca Galhao
Zeca Galhao 19 kun oldin
Angela Hayes
Angela Hayes 19 kun oldin
I currently have S3 and I have pretty been satisfied with it's function. Thanks for your review over the s4. I think I will stick with my s3 for now. I agree with accuracy on the heart rate monitor. Compared to the s3 vs s4, the heart rate monitor needs some improvement. Thnx
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez 19 kun oldin
Can you read snapchat messages in this watch??
marinersgurl1 5 kun oldin
Conor Sweeney
Conor Sweeney 19 kun oldin
What colour is the metal strap carbon black or just black it has 2 options on Amazon
SOULSafeProductionZ 20 kun oldin
Hey... Where did you get your watch band? That's pretty sweet!
MellowSoul 20 kun oldin
Anyone else thought they got a snap at 9:45? Hahaha
Chris Marzarella
Chris Marzarella 21 kun oldin
I just got this today. I love it, but no-go on google apps kind of annoyed me, but whatever. I do not like Bixby. It's a shit bag. Overall the which is great, but Bixby and no support for Gaps sucks.
Edgar Sillas
Edgar Sillas 21 kun oldin
For real! Bixby is horrible! Google is wayyyyy better
MonosBeats 21 kun oldin
Watched on another video that you can access waterproofmode from the quick settings menu. Ergo. Misinformation here
MonosBeats 21 kun oldin
+PandasCanEatYourTech i exited the video and found another when you said it as a negative
apparently you completely spaced out during my demonstration on how to add it to your quick settings at 3:13 -_-
thai phan
thai phan 22 kun oldin
S3 frontier...does not have a clicking sound on the bezel....just bought the galaxy watch and it looks awesome...
Matthew Kent
Matthew Kent 22 kun oldin
Woah, 768gb of ram?!
ms3er 23 kun oldin
Bixby on the watch isn't really Bixby....to me it's just just their previous Samsung Voice helper that was crap. Thankfully for me it still does a decent job of voice/dictation texting.
Roman Gram
Roman Gram 23 kun oldin
Hi I'm new to smart watches, and I was wandering if you can answer question? Once I purchase one of these watches all I haf to do is sync it to my Samsung phone? I use smart talk service and my phone is a Samsung android thanks if any one can help
His n Her integra
His n Her integra 24 kun oldin
I have the samsung galaxy note S8 and i dont even use Bixby. I honestly dislike the app myself i lean towards Google more.
Scott Cutshall
Scott Cutshall 25 kun oldin
Rookie Question... Why do you need a Water Lock Mode if the watch is waterproof?
Carolina Ortega
Carolina Ortega 2 kun oldin
Water lock mode is mostly made for the screen to lock. I watched another review where they say its mainly if you don't want to accidentally open up other apps by accident while your swimming or in general.
Josh Graham
Josh Graham 26 kun oldin
You seem to be right handed so why is your watch on your right hand...
Why Does it matter which hand I use to wear my watch? :)
Michael Brownlee
Michael Brownlee 27 kun oldin
I love talking to my watch.....
Patrick Saunders
Patrick Saunders 29 kun oldin
Thanks for a great video.! Btw I reported some haters 😁.
yaisit2 Oy oldin
The watch runs on Tizen, not Android, hence Google Assistant is not available for it
Never said it ran on android :) I complained that it didn't use android and that I missed having it! Thanks for watching!
Zed Rameses
Zed Rameses Oy oldin
I ask Bixby to turn on WiFi and then turn off Data, go to the home screen then lock the phone every time I arrive at home all under one customized command "WiFi Mode" and vise versa also when I leave home with the customized command "Mobile Mode". Those kinds of phone operations cannot be done by Google Assistant. I think of Bixby as an auxiliary to the Google Assistant. I use them both for different things.
Bowe Oy oldin
I have Gear S3, S7 phone using Samsung Pay but I can't get it to work or even find it on the watch! any thoughts?
Chris Oy oldin
Love my watch but one is forced to use the default texting application that comes with the phone in order to see on the watch.
L1K30N3 Oy oldin
768 GB RAM ^^ Hardcore :D
L1K30N3 Oy oldin
good review btw
latuman Oy oldin
Is the MST omission a problem for specific countries or something? I've never seen a card reader without NFC for the last 5 years at least so I can't figure out why this would be a problem. I got a debit card in 2001 and have never even used the magnetic strip on it; it's chip all the way (MST uses the magnetic strip technology) and my Visa has had NFC too for the last five years or more.
Adam Geist
Adam Geist Oy oldin
I like the review but "water lock" has nothing to do with waterproofing your watch
James Barker
James Barker Oy oldin
I returned mine for 4 reasons: 1. Spotify doesn't function properly on it. It plays the last track played spontaneously immediately after a call or any other use of the speaker. There is loads of info about this on line but no fix. 2. Samsung Pay is only supported by a handful of banks in UK....and not mine (Halifax). 3. The Samsung music app doesn't support FLAC files. This might not matter to a lot of people but Android supports this format and all my music is ripped to it. 4. Bixby is unreliable. I was really disappointed because I like the watch but decent music functionality and contactless payment are 2 things I particularly wanted.
James Barker
James Barker 9 kun oldin
+Esmeralda Escobar I agree. I made my decision purely because the Galaxy Watch doesn't do what I want it to. I was disappointed as I liked it's look and other functionality.
Esmeralda Escobar
Esmeralda Escobar 9 kun oldin
I guess it depends what you use the watch for. I use mine for working out, tracking my sleep and getting text notifications when im away from my phone. I know its expensive but I get a lot of compliments in my rose gold one.
James Barker
James Barker 28 kun oldin
I've since bought Ticwatch Pro, which runs on Wear OS. It isn't quite as slick as the Samsung Watch but looks great and does everything I want it to. I recommend it.
JPR69 Oy oldin
thick boi
Jamel Aldridge
Rather then just insulting the guy. It's not going to get anywhere. It's one thing to listen to someone's opinion or preference and another to try for yourself and see if you like it. And if you don't like it then disregard this video and ignore it. But insulting him is not going to solve anything. This is what he likes. Why even be on this post? As for me I was hoping for him to give me some good reasons why I should consider the Samsung Gear...not very strong ones. How's the customer service if I have problems with this watch?
Keith French
Keith French Oy oldin
Can you access apps like Facebook, Spotify and gmail from the phone?
Robert Moore
Robert Moore Oy oldin
The fact is that you are trap in to Samsung eco system. You will be force to use bixby and Samsung email and calendar which is a piece a crap. If you use Outlook your out of luck.
Robert Moore as for bixby and the other Samsung apps yes. But my Outlook worked just fine without issue
Ravisankar Ganapathy
Thanks for your review. I own a Samsung Gear Sport watch since April 2018. I bought my watch specifically for sports tracking but the product disappointed me terribly. The heart rate tracking brings most of the glitch in Samsung watches. The measurement comes to a halt for no apparent reasons during workouts and loose tracking. I was told that the issue was not with hardware but the software (Tizan). That's a real crappy OS i ever saw when it comes to fitness tracking. I wish to know whether or not the issue taken care in Tizan 4.0? or Samsung continues to sleep over it? Can we use this watch for Sports? Thank you.
Erik 12 soat oldin
The issue is still there. I have had mine in for repair once, but to no avail. It basically looses tracking of your HR most of the time when your not sitting perfectly still. Mine also seem to have an issue with the pressure-sensor, meaning that it will record regular walking as stairs... I will probably return it and get a Garmin instead, sinced the repaired stuff didn't last for more than two weeks (repaired both HR and the pressure-sensor, HR didn't really improve, pressure-sensor is weird again now).
GerdesDK Oy oldin
The waterlock mode has the funtion that you can't use your touch screen so you dont accidently press some settings without knowing. It has nothing to do with the watch waterproofness
Christina Loyolacabral
Thank you for the review, my son just bought me one yesterday for an early Christmas present. I have never owned a smartwatch before. And I absolutely love it !
Mephisto Man
Mephisto Man Oy oldin
Shame this watch sucked it needs better hr rate sensor I sold my n9 and sgw and purchased ipx and iw4 happy I’m back on apple although the n9 was a beast of a phone
Christopher urias
This watch dose not have 768GB OF RAM
Christopher urias
+PandasCanEatYourTechat 8:36 it says on screen GB WHEN It should say MB other then this good review 768MEGABITES NOT GIGABYTE
Christopher urias of course it does you silly Willy
Christopher urias
And your left handed
Sereno Pittman
That because you don't know what you're doing
Trudy Dsouza
Trudy Dsouza Oy oldin
This was a good review. Just bought mine after watching this video. 😁
Chris Wells
Chris Wells Oy oldin
Has anyone tested if you can install Skype on this watch, just to do basic voice calls?
Ayy, James's stream making a cameo😂
Damn straight man
gotta support my cowchop boys
Geoffrey Stephens
Samsung needs to get rid of Bixby.
Lee Cortez
Lee Cortez Oy oldin
What an ugly fuck so glad I dont have orange hair...😂😂😂
S. Diaz
S. Diaz Oy oldin
Don't charge your tech every night. You're damaging the battery. Only charge as need.
R GAMING Oy oldin
Bixby is the retarded sister of Alexa
Zurkster Oy oldin
Cheers for the review. I purchase this watch only yesterday and have to say I love the watch so far. I previously had a Sony Smartwatch 2 and then a 3, but both pale by comparison to the Samsung Galaxy watch. Like you I'm disappointed by the lack of built in features. A stopwatch not included by default in a flagship smartwatch makes no sense. The range of clock faces is almost overwhelming. I found the heart sensor is reasonably accurate, if the strap holds the watch snugly against the wrist.
CJ Oy oldin
Damn that would be well over and mainframe server level of ram if true @8:41 yet in actuality I think he ment to say MB not GB
MFizzle777 Oy oldin
The Gear S3 FRONTIER is just as waterproof as the Galaxy Watch. I always shower in mine and other go swimming in theirs. I always get 3 days easy from my FRONTIER even with quite a few calls.
Tim S
Tim S Oy oldin
What 768 GB ram🧐🙃 wow that's al lot 😂
JD Allen
JD Allen Oy oldin
Man, the first video that actually cut the crap and gave an honest review with real world examples. This video finally made up my mind to go S3 Frontier. Thanks and enjoy the like/sub; you earned it!
thank you kindly!!
Dogfartface Oy oldin
TY for this mate.
Santiago Cabezas
Santiago Cabezas 2 oy oldin
Guys I want to buy a new smartwatch and I'm in between the Ticwatch Pro and the Galaxy Whatch, I like the GW more so far, but what drive me off is the lack of apps for it and if there is app they are not so good, and what I like about the TWP is the integration with google, please help, which one you guys recommend?
JonOf Sparta
JonOf Sparta 2 oy oldin
Amazing review! May I know if this is compatible with Mate 20 Pro? I've asked Huawei they said it will work since the phone is an Android. While Samsung tells me. I won't be able to reply with the notifications that I will get. I want the watch so I don't have to always take the phone out of my bag. Not because I'm lazy... Because I don't want to get people's attention with a latest phone and I might get robbed. With the Galaxy watch We can reply easily or make a call to someone for a quick chat or update that you're on your way home and don't want to pull out your phone.
Nick M
Nick M 2 oy oldin
can u browse the web?
6plus6 Legend
6plus6 Legend 2 oy oldin
beautiful review.. I really like the Original Xiaomi Mi band 3 Smart Watch because of the very long battery life. from banggood bit.ly/Xiaomi_band_3
Marc Arthur le Kaiser Camilien
Water lock mode is actually easy to get to: just hold the home/power button for 3 seconds, and it'll pop up along with the power off option.
REG nedi
REG nedi 2 oy oldin
@pandascaneatyourtech you can use HERE we go map app on your wrist watch.
Lindsay Glover
Lindsay Glover 2 oy oldin
Have you ever had a watch without LTE? I'd love to spend less money on a watch for the Bluetooth one, but I've heard you practically have to have your phone in your pocket for it to connect. I work retail and we have to keep our phones in lockers way in the back, so I don't want it disconnecting while I'm working up front at the register.
Coca Cola
Coca Cola 2 oy oldin
+Lindsay Glover let us know what you get!;)
Lindsay Glover
Lindsay Glover 2 oy oldin
+djohnson267 not just the band, the whole look of the sport compared to the nicer watch faces/bezels I'm not really into. But if it comes down to it money wise I'll keep it in mind!
djohnson267 2 oy oldin
+Lindsay Glover check etsy for bands you could make it look pretty good. Lots of shops making nice bands there.
Lindsay Glover
Lindsay Glover 2 oy oldin
+djohnson267 I wanted that one before the nicer looking ones came out! I do prefer one that looks like a nice watch. I'm gonna play with a few at a best buy before I make my decision to see size.
djohnson267 2 oy oldin
+Lindsay Glover get the sport, it's a good option and smaller for a female wrist. The gear is pretty large. Sport is also cheaper.
David Merriman
David Merriman 2 oy oldin
Great video until the totally worn out "peace" gesture at the end. It's an automatic IDIOT tag.
David Merriman
David Merriman 2 oy oldin
I didnt say anything about you stopping, no need to get all worked up and over dramatic. A bra to better conceal your floppy man tits would be in good taste though.
I've been doing it for over 9 years now. I don't think i'll be stopping just because one person on the internet called me an idiot for it. Thank you for your criticism ;)
thezerogforce 2 oy oldin
if i only want it for running is it good ?
Angharad 2 oy oldin
This was on my shopping list. Then today I read this. Sorry I can't trust you Samsung! www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/24/apple-samsung-fined-for-slowing-down-phones
rofasset 2 oy oldin
Nice video and super nice blink 182 sticker on the Phone 😍😍😍❤
The Legend
The Legend 2 oy oldin
Best watch ever !!!!
J 2thaZee
J 2thaZee 2 oy oldin
Negative: that metal band. Killed the look of the watch with that band. 🤮
Gerrard Shuttleworth
Major issue with Floor Count, and steps.
my journey
my journey 2 oy oldin
You didnt talk about the daily briefing, did it work on yours ? Because on mine, it doesn't. Thank you
my journey
my journey 2 oy oldin
+slapnuts thank you, you're right, it works since yesterday
slapnuts 2 oy oldin
I get morning and night briefing, believe it has to do with setting up your normal sleep times
nonshatter7 2 oy oldin
Great review. You have all the hallmarks of a good tech reviewer. Balanced opinions and you speak as if you are telling an interesting story. Good stuff.
Erick M
Erick M 2 oy oldin
12:28 this made me chuckle :P 92 is the high end of normal 60-100, and when exercising people can easily get up into a 130 and up range.
Jose Carmona
Jose Carmona 2 oy oldin
great review!
Magid El-Mahdaly
Magid El-Mahdaly 3 oy oldin
Can I use voice recorder application in the watch to record the voice directly by the watch??
Christian Estrada
Yes you can, it's very useful. You can even open it by activating bixby and saying "voice note" or "voice memo" and it will start recording after a (spoken and written) prompt, "please say the message you would like recorded in your memo."
Dominico Mucci
Dominico Mucci 3 oy oldin
Day battery is horrendous. It means you go away for one day or stay overnight somewhere your watch is shafted. I dont know how you can think that's a good battery...
Joe T
Joe T 3 oy oldin
Agree bixby sucks !! But is an awesome watch besides that
mrnyc220 3 oy oldin
I dig what your doing , no big production , your in your bed room and its a real opinion, I respect that
Vince Friel
Vince Friel Oy oldin
Mali Momic
Mali Momic 3 oy oldin
With my galaxy watch I work in the garden cut woods digging work with figs olives axing. That’s my test I will see if watch survives one month
hgonz14 3 oy oldin
If you select the swimming exercise it automatically goes into water mode which is really the only time you will need it.
Don't go to the hospital if you have 92 bpm... They'll just send you back home lol
T. Reinholdtsen
T. Reinholdtsen 3 oy oldin
Did you get to test the GPS function? So many users claim the GPS on the new Samsung Galaxy watch is incredible inacurate and really not worth the money. Anyone?
Hate 166
Hate 166 3 oy oldin
shave your hair, on your head, not your beard, you'll probably get 10x more ladies.
Hate 166
Hate 166 3 oy oldin
oh, well if you have someone never mind me xD
dingo dango haha my gf prefers my long hair. I had a mowhawk for about a year and before that always had spiky short hair :)
stormaje 3 oy oldin
Hi there, nice review. Do you know how long it takes to charge from dead to full; both the 46mm and 42mm? Thanks!
Balto D
Balto D 3 oy oldin
Mine won't charge unless I turn it off. This isn't normal correct? If I put it on the docking station with it on, the docking stations LED blinks red...
YOZOY YOZOY 3 oy oldin
nice watch but without google maps and google pay it is useless to me.
kyle lescano
kyle lescano 3 oy oldin
Lmao 92 beats per minutes isn't even close to the hospital
Elton Jake Panlasigui
how many days is the battery life?
Barefoot Everywhere World Awakening
My gear store has Google maps.
Shahin- Samsung N9 128 GB
How does it work with LTE?
Singularity Gaming
Singularity Gaming 13 kun oldin
+tdreamgmail Not that I am aware of unfortunately, and I have had the watch a few months now.
tdreamgmail 13 kun oldin
Can it be used as a hotspot?
Singularity Gaming
Got LTE edition from T-Mobile. The SIM comes preinstalled and your carrier enables it. Your number is connected to the watch, so you can receive and respond to texts, calls, etc. The watch can do all this by itself without the phone on the LTE edition. You also have data connections as well so you can look at emails and notifications and the like.
Ian Wyatt
Ian Wyatt 3 oy oldin
I thought the watch was waterproof all the time!!?? the waterproof lock function is to lock the screen under water to prevent unwanted screen swiping!!
Damien Quach
Damien Quach 3 oy oldin
Yeah it is always waterproof.
fernando salazar
fernando salazar 3 oy oldin
Can pandas eat my cathoid Ray tube tv, which weighs like 80 pounds
samantha Wendling
Great review, really appreciate all the details. 😀👍
Reginald Maltu
Reginald Maltu 3 oy oldin
hello nice review! just want to ask... i dont know if ita just with the setting. but when im receiving notification for facebook messenger... i can only see who messaged me but i cannot see the message... and the watch is instructing me to check the content on my phone. hope someone can help me. i dont have probleme with whatsapp and text messages just with the fb messenger. thank you
marinersgurl1 5 kun oldin
I cant see snapchat message content or Facebook messages, it says see phone. It also b.v disconnects from my phone at the gym, I keep my phone in locker and wear my watch. Sometimes it disconnects and then I dont get my heartrate info during my workout. The range is not very far.