1 Month With The Samsung Galaxy Watch (REVIEW)

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Here is pandas full review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) after 1 month of use!
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23-Sen, 2018



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Linh Tran
Linh Tran Oy oldin
show the watch, we do not need to see you
Butta Luv
Butta Luv 11 kun oldin
+PandasCanEatYourTech He is right tho
Time-Lapser PRO
Time-Lapser PRO 12 kun oldin
+Brendo Cornell There's an on-screen numpad and you type like a flip phone.
HS SH 17 kun oldin
Hahah good point
Charles D' Gomes
u wanna see the watch? go to a store..... wtf u doing here?! this is a review explaining his experience with the watch
Brendo Cornell
+Bilbo Faggins No there isn't. You can dictate with bixby or draw letters with your finger as far as I'm aware.
feedup toherenback
feedup toherenback 7 soat oldin
Man you just ramble wayyyyyyyyyyy to much!
Dintr-un caine am hranit un om și-o paine
I can search on Google?
Tom Taplin
Tom Taplin Kun oldin
1-2 days battery life is not good for two reasons. One, watches are required regularly for use throughout the week and charging both your phone and watch doesn't make sense (you're better off just having a phone). Two, Samsung can't advertise 4-6 days when it knows that typical use will result in just 1-2 days. That's borderline false advertising in my eyes. I appreciate that 'smart' watches are still in their infancy, but just be honest that, like the battery life of most tech, it's not good.
Tom Taplin
Tom Taplin Kun oldin
*Water Resistant
adam add
adam add 5 kun oldin
You can add the water lock shortcut in the status bar on your wach. Problem solved.
Lawrence Maniatis
Lawrence Maniatis 6 kun oldin
Some people look good with beards You sir do not.
Lawrence Maniatis
Lawrence Maniatis 6 kun oldin
+PandasCanEatYourTech No Problemo On a serious note The watch is pretty solid Just bought mine over the weekend
Thanks for your constructive criticism :)
the eabster
the eabster 7 kun oldin
Has bixby got any better or faster with upgrades? looks like this video is done six months ago. Thanks
canny3d 8 kun oldin
there is a navigation app and it's a standalone, without having to go through your phone. Works well after the last update. Just like google maps. It's called Navigator - Voice Navigation.
Chris Singer
Chris Singer 10 kun oldin
Well I had the watch, which was the bluetooth version and sent it back as it was too reliant on the phone. Just took delivery of the LTE version so should be less reliant on the phone. Yes it does make calls independent of the phone. However you end up having message notifications, which is great. No Messenger or WhatsApp. Facebook notifications direct you to your phone as does Instagram. It's a good looking piece of kit but to be honest it's an expensive gimmick and this one will be going back, which is a shame. Whether my expectations are too high I dont know but I really don't think this is worth the money. If your going to be directed to use your phone this defeats the object , which is to be a stand alone device independent of it's big brother. Sorry but I don't understand the hype, very disappointing in my opinion.
gelaigurl 7 kun oldin
Chris Singer I use FB Messenger on my watch. No issues receiving notifications and replying.
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah 11 kun oldin
Great review, thanks
Time-Lapser PRO
Time-Lapser PRO 12 kun oldin
BTW All the waterlock mode does is lock the touchscreen and bezel to prevent accidental touches.
Time-Lapser PRO
Time-Lapser PRO 10 kun oldin
+Rikky Prahara Yeah. It's just so if your watch turned on or something it didn't press anything by accident.
Rikky Prahara
Rikky Prahara 10 kun oldin
So is it ok if i go to swim without switching it on?
Attila 13 kun oldin
I also have the Galaxy Note9 Should I get the Samsung Watch? Edit: I have it
Alp Cihan Parlar
Alp Cihan Parlar 15 kun oldin
Saldırın Türkler
Earl Wilkinson
Earl Wilkinson 16 kun oldin
Can you tell me how to manually set the time on Galaxy S 3 classic?
Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers 22 kun oldin
I ended up getting a garmin fenix 5s, miles better
Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers 22 kun oldin
The hr sensor is also crap, trying to take a hr measurement after a run, often would not take it, said clean the sensor, when it was totally fine.
Rob 21 kun oldin
I agree, the hr sensor doesn't work when you need it This watch is shit when you are looking for a sport watch.
Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers 22 kun oldin
I am not an apple guy by any account and hate apple, but have to admit the apple watch is a try smart watch, heaps of apps, far more memory. The Gear store is a joke, lacks apps and games, etc.
Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers 22 kun oldin
The watch is rubbish, had one, GPS is hopeless and slow to connect, and at times would not connect. Cycling GPS was very laggy, auto pause when I stopped would still say I was doing .5km an hour and take a minute or 2 before it would show zero, biking hr was hopeless. Was good with GPS for awhile, but finally got rid of it, as it would day GPS connected, and when I checked after a ride showed no map, and when it did was .3 km out in a 6km ride. Even once or twice I lost any hr tracking. To many issues, stay away and get a garmin fenix 5 or Fitbit ionic is much better
Felipe N A
Felipe N A 2 kun oldin
Said no one
Damyon Finch
Damyon Finch 27 kun oldin
None of your "gripes" were small, this watch is "geared" toward first time users. If you're a Samsung user with all your shit set up in Google, this is NOT for you. If you know nothing of smart watches, and you have money, then this, is a good learning tool. Again, not for anything Google. Using Samsung proprietary software is still... why?
Damyon Finch
Damyon Finch 27 kun oldin
So let's clear, most things won't work, unless you use Samsung Apps.
David English
David English 28 kun oldin
Where did you get that band?
GamerNerd0115 29 kun oldin
Great review. You got a sub boss!
Chris Devine
Chris Devine Oy oldin
Why do Americans pronounce Huawei like that? Wahwei?
Mario Reyes
Mario Reyes 24 kun oldin
Not only Americans there are a lot of words that most of the people mispronounce, like Ikea, Hyundai, Nike, Disney etc
Brendo Cornell
Do you think they should have dropped the battery size slightly to make the watch a little slimmer?
Brendo Cornell
Also you certainly shouldn't be going to the hospital if your heart rate is 92 bpm lol
Daniel Copeland
I was under the impression that the Galaxy Watch would come with blood pressure testing ability... Is that not the case? It's a pretty big reason why I wanted to buy one rather than the Apple watch.
Serge Pshichenko
8:38 768GB of RAM... you mean MB
Cold Fury
Cold Fury Oy oldin
I have trouble to navigate while on bike this could have been arrested buy if it had Google Maps zzzzzz Also why u don't buy the black one if you don't like silver zzz
Gordon Jeffrey
768 GB RAM 😱😱😱. If only this wasn't a typo 👍
768GB RAM 😂😂😂 (8:37)
Mark F
Mark F Oy oldin
Good no nonsense review. Can you explain the differences between the LTE and Bluetooth versions. Like features you can't use if you don't have the LTE opposed to just the Bluetooth. And are certain features tied to the phone.
Duncan Firth
Duncan Firth Oy oldin
can you initiate a facebook message? i heard that it can receive facebook messages, and then reply but not start a new message. Is that true? ALso i heard there is a third party map, direction navigator. Do you know how well that third party app works?
Richard Rosenthal
There is a free samsung app called "here we go" which is a map and navigation program. It works very much like "waze"
Aleksej Stankovic
Download free app called HereWeGo its better than google map and its all free.
Philip Hood
Philip Hood Oy oldin
I loved the watch but the fitness mode was inaccurate so I returned it and bought a Fitbit.
Polat Arıcı
Polat Arıcı Oy oldin
Duvar saati gibi görünüyor. Ne kadar kaba.
Tommi Oy oldin
Siri can't do half, what bixby can. You can control almost everything on your phone with bixby, siri usually says "sorry, i can't do that".... but there's no perfect voice assistant yet, any of them.
matt22blaster Oy oldin
Thanks for the video. I've had the s3 frontier for a year and I've been so disappointed bc of s voice. Voice control was the main reason I bought a smart watch and it's useless. To highlight it's uselessness, I basically bought an $300 watch I wear daily, and I still haven't broken the habit of pulling out my phone to check the time. I was considering this one until you reminded me there's no way samsung will take any strides forward when it comes to voice control. Thanks for the heads up. I'll get another samsung watch when they allow Google Assistant.
Fred Ferkel
Fred Ferkel Oy oldin
dude. just measure your heartrate with your fingertips. then you'll know which app to trust.
trstnhn Oy oldin
This or apple watch 4 guys?
MattD Oy oldin
Battery sucks ass.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Oy oldin
They should dump bixby and put google on it
EternalTrick Oy oldin
I don't think they should dump bixby I think they need to put bixby 2.0 on it because bixby on the watch is a joke compared to on the s9 and note 9. I have seen a video that all samsung did was slap s voice on the galaxy watch and call it bixby that is why it is so bad because they did nothing to improve it.
Crafting King33
8:37 its megabytes not gigabytes dont know if you missed that in editing but just a friendly heads up😊
Zura Sekhniashvili
100% true about Bixby. Which watch do you suggest which has google assistent?
EternalTrick Oy oldin
Do you know all samsung did was slap S voice on there and call it bixby. Bixby on the galaxy watch is nowhere near as good as on the phone.
DJ E-Vybez : sounds of music
Thanks for great review
randykite Oy oldin
So are you saying this watch is useless to a Google Calendar user?
Mikayel Միքայել
Applewatch is a most overrated peace of garbage in the tec world right after the mac and followed by iPhone
dirtrider88 Oy oldin
three questions. can the watch be used on either wrist (upsidedown)? does it work with any android phone and does it work better with Samsung phones? also, does it have 4gb of storage or memory because you said it has 768bg (obviously a wrong number) of ram which is exactly what memory is?
Michael Galindo
"At 92 you should be going to the hospital." :-) LOL
Torsten Jentzen
Be aware that this watch can ONLY directly ANSWER to messages in WhatsApp, Line or Messenger. So someone needs to send you something first. There is no WhatsApp-App or any other messenger app in the Samsung app store. Only tons and tons of (costly) watch faces. And don't expect to see the attached photos in messages. You will only see an icon that a photo is attached. I can not even imagine why I need to have this watch with an eSim if it is useless as stand alone device.
Edward Lazo
Edward Lazo 2 oy oldin
Would you tell me the range of Bluetooth pls.
Tyrese Gould Jacinto
Can you use the call feature without the phone in the area like running or jogging? If so, how?
4 gigs of storage. But once u start it up it takes up 2 gigs
+trstnhn stfu
trstnhn Oy oldin
First time getting an electronic device? Well, welcome... even though you're about 2 decades too late.
Mauricio2417 2 oy oldin
Can you use Google Assistant on the watch? I personally don't like Bixby too
Mark Wallace
Mark Wallace 2 oy oldin
What did you learn about this when you watched the video?
Tony_yeung 2 oy oldin
This watch would be perfect if it runs wear os :/
James Bach
James Bach 2 oy oldin
My watch says it's a 69ca. Is it a gear sport s3?
AM G42111
AM G42111 2 oy oldin
Soon as you said using this with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mate your own business love your video
Gotta respect that "uberhaxornova" cameo lol, great review though.
Ronald Solomon
Ronald Solomon 2 oy oldin
Great review, clear and easy to understand.
B Floyd
B Floyd 2 oy oldin
U need to wear the watch tighter to get a better reading from the heart rate aensor. Lose bands give bas readings
Tanner Bagley
Tanner Bagley 2 oy oldin
All day long my Samsung Galaxy watch gives bogus notifications of my sleep quality. I can't turn these unwanted notifications off.
The fact that it forces you to use Bixby means I won't buy this watch.. Hopefully the kill that POS off in it's next generation of phones and watches.
Autopack 2 oy oldin
Has anybody tried using Endomondo / skype on galaxy watch? and can you really swim in it?
Bill Ow
Bill Ow 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the information. I was looking for a band like that. Thanks again
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan 2 oy oldin
You need to stop biting the flesh off the side of your thumbs. It's disgusting, looks hideous and can result in a severe infection. Wearing gloves while reviewing would save us from the stomach churning image of your scabby ripped flesh thumbs.
Francisco Carrillo
Bixby is not very good at giving information, but what bixby does that other AIs don't is that you can fully control your device with you voice. Bixby is not bad at all, is just that is focused in other things, in this case, like I said, control things. Bixby is very underrated because the people don't know what bixby is capable of just because they don't expect something like controlling things, so they just don't know it's capabilities. An example of this is: "hey bixby, post my last photo on instagram with this description: (description) and with this filter: (filter). As it also works very well with third party apps
I can buy this one for 100 Euros more than the S3, which one would you buy?
Jiska Rühlmann
Jiska Rühlmann 2 oy oldin
768 GB ram? Thats nice, finally watch that overpowers my pc 🙏
Thank you samsung 🙏🙏🙏
David Nicholson
David Nicholson 2 oy oldin
Great review mate. Best on UZvid. Keep it up.
Zeca Galhao
Zeca Galhao 2 oy oldin
Angela Hayes
Angela Hayes 2 oy oldin
I currently have S3 and I have pretty been satisfied with it's function. Thanks for your review over the s4. I think I will stick with my s3 for now. I agree with accuracy on the heart rate monitor. Compared to the s3 vs s4, the heart rate monitor needs some improvement. Thnx
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez 2 oy oldin
Can you read snapchat messages in this watch??
marinersgurl1 2 oy oldin
Conor Sweeney
Conor Sweeney 2 oy oldin
What colour is the metal strap carbon black or just black it has 2 options on Amazon
Hey... Where did you get your watch band? That's pretty sweet!
MellowSoul 2 oy oldin
Anyone else thought they got a snap at 9:45? Hahaha
Chris Marzarella
Chris Marzarella 2 oy oldin
I just got this today. I love it, but no-go on google apps kind of annoyed me, but whatever. I do not like Bixby. It's a shit bag. Overall the which is great, but Bixby and no support for Gaps sucks.
Edgar Sillas
Edgar Sillas 2 oy oldin
For real! Bixby is horrible! Google is wayyyyy better
MonosBeats 2 oy oldin
Watched on another video that you can access waterproofmode from the quick settings menu. Ergo. Misinformation here
MonosBeats 2 oy oldin
+PandasCanEatYourTech i exited the video and found another when you said it as a negative
apparently you completely spaced out during my demonstration on how to add it to your quick settings at 3:13 -_-
thai phan
thai phan 3 oy oldin
S3 frontier...does not have a clicking sound on the bezel....just bought the galaxy watch and it looks awesome...
Matthew 3 oy oldin
Woah, 768gb of ram?!
ms3er 3 oy oldin
Bixby on the watch isn't really Bixby....to me it's just just their previous Samsung Voice helper that was crap. Thankfully for me it still does a decent job of voice/dictation texting.
Roman Gram
Roman Gram 3 oy oldin
Hi I'm new to smart watches, and I was wandering if you can answer question? Once I purchase one of these watches all I haf to do is sync it to my Samsung phone? I use smart talk service and my phone is a Samsung android thanks if any one can help
His n Her integra
I have the samsung galaxy note S8 and i dont even use Bixby. I honestly dislike the app myself i lean towards Google more.
Scott Cutshall
Scott Cutshall 3 oy oldin
Rookie Question... Why do you need a Water Lock Mode if the watch is waterproof?
Carolina Ortega
Carolina Ortega 2 oy oldin
Water lock mode is mostly made for the screen to lock. I watched another review where they say its mainly if you don't want to accidentally open up other apps by accident while your swimming or in general.
Josh Graham
Josh Graham 3 oy oldin
You seem to be right handed so why is your watch on your right hand...
Why Does it matter which hand I use to wear my watch? :)
Michael Brownlee
Michael Brownlee 3 oy oldin
I love talking to my watch.....
Patrick Saunders
Patrick Saunders 3 oy oldin
Thanks for a great video.! Btw I reported some haters 😁.
yaisit2 3 oy oldin
The watch runs on Tizen, not Android, hence Google Assistant is not available for it
Never said it ran on android :) I complained that it didn't use android and that I missed having it! Thanks for watching!
Zed Rameses
Zed Rameses 3 oy oldin
I ask Bixby to turn on WiFi and then turn off Data, go to the home screen then lock the phone every time I arrive at home all under one customized command "WiFi Mode" and vise versa also when I leave home with the customized command "Mobile Mode". Those kinds of phone operations cannot be done by Google Assistant. I think of Bixby as an auxiliary to the Google Assistant. I use them both for different things.
Bowe 3 oy oldin
I have Gear S3, S7 phone using Samsung Pay but I can't get it to work or even find it on the watch! any thoughts?
Chris 3 oy oldin
Love my watch but one is forced to use the default texting application that comes with the phone in order to see on the watch.
L1K30N3 3 oy oldin
768 GB RAM ^^ Hardcore :D
L1K30N3 3 oy oldin
good review btw
latuman 3 oy oldin
Is the MST omission a problem for specific countries or something? I've never seen a card reader without NFC for the last 5 years at least so I can't figure out why this would be a problem. I got a debit card in 2001 and have never even used the magnetic strip on it; it's chip all the way (MST uses the magnetic strip technology) and my Visa has had NFC too for the last five years or more.
Adam Geist
Adam Geist 3 oy oldin
I like the review but "water lock" has nothing to do with waterproofing your watch
James Barker
James Barker 3 oy oldin
I returned mine for 4 reasons: 1. Spotify doesn't function properly on it. It plays the last track played spontaneously immediately after a call or any other use of the speaker. There is loads of info about this on line but no fix. 2. Samsung Pay is only supported by a handful of banks in UK....and not mine (Halifax). 3. The Samsung music app doesn't support FLAC files. This might not matter to a lot of people but Android supports this format and all my music is ripped to it. 4. Bixby is unreliable. I was really disappointed because I like the watch but decent music functionality and contactless payment are 2 things I particularly wanted.
James Barker
James Barker 2 oy oldin
+Esmeralda Escobar I agree. I made my decision purely because the Galaxy Watch doesn't do what I want it to. I was disappointed as I liked it's look and other functionality.
Esmeralda Escobar
I guess it depends what you use the watch for. I use mine for working out, tracking my sleep and getting text notifications when im away from my phone. I know its expensive but I get a lot of compliments in my rose gold one.
James Barker
James Barker 3 oy oldin
I've since bought Ticwatch Pro, which runs on Wear OS. It isn't quite as slick as the Samsung Watch but looks great and does everything I want it to. I recommend it.
JPR69 3 oy oldin
thick boi
Jamel Aldridge
Jamel Aldridge 3 oy oldin
Rather then just insulting the guy. It's not going to get anywhere. It's one thing to listen to someone's opinion or preference and another to try for yourself and see if you like it. And if you don't like it then disregard this video and ignore it. But insulting him is not going to solve anything. This is what he likes. Why even be on this post? As for me I was hoping for him to give me some good reasons why I should consider the Samsung Gear...not very strong ones. How's the customer service if I have problems with this watch?
Keith French
Keith French 3 oy oldin
Can you access apps like Facebook, Spotify and gmail from the phone?
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 3 oy oldin
The fact is that you are trap in to Samsung eco system. You will be force to use bixby and Samsung email and calendar which is a piece a crap. If you use Outlook your out of luck.
Robert Moore as for bixby and the other Samsung apps yes. But my Outlook worked just fine without issue
Ravisankar Ganapathy
Thanks for your review. I own a Samsung Gear Sport watch since April 2018. I bought my watch specifically for sports tracking but the product disappointed me terribly. The heart rate tracking brings most of the glitch in Samsung watches. The measurement comes to a halt for no apparent reasons during workouts and loose tracking. I was told that the issue was not with hardware but the software (Tizan). That's a real crappy OS i ever saw when it comes to fitness tracking. I wish to know whether or not the issue taken care in Tizan 4.0? or Samsung continues to sleep over it? Can we use this watch for Sports? Thank you.
Erik 2 oy oldin
The issue is still there. I have had mine in for repair once, but to no avail. It basically looses tracking of your HR most of the time when your not sitting perfectly still. Mine also seem to have an issue with the pressure-sensor, meaning that it will record regular walking as stairs... I will probably return it and get a Garmin instead, sinced the repaired stuff didn't last for more than two weeks (repaired both HR and the pressure-sensor, HR didn't really improve, pressure-sensor is weird again now).
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