10 Insane Old Time Remedies

Good Mythical Morning
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People used to come up with some pretty ridiculous cures for illnesses. GMM 439!
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7-May, 2014



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Kyra Hepworth
Kyra Hepworth 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else always wonder what’s in those mugs??
Himawari 2 oy oldin
Rhett's old grandpa voice somehow sounds believable hahaha
Nerdo 2 oy oldin
I know a remedy, rub some bacon on it.
MICHAEL PSYCH0 3 oy oldin
Bring this character back for at least one episode I am laughing so hard.
James Testerman
James Testerman 3 oy oldin
The worst pep talk ever that is sad
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 4 oy oldin
This one had me laughing: *"The grey worms breathing under wood or stones having many feet, and when they be touched do they cluster together like pork 'n pickles. These pierce through with a bodkin, or like thing, and then put it to the tooth that acheth, awayeth the pain."*
Just Jennie
Just Jennie 5 oy oldin
Love Coach Rhett's pep talk! My husband is a collegiate football videographer and there is so.much truth to this!💓
Jaleel Amador
Jaleel Amador 5 oy oldin
4 years later and "Tincture is a prize!" Still gets me! 😂😂😂 im dying
Watching almost five years later. That old GMM intro hit me hard.
illusion z
illusion z 6 oy oldin
Science asylum shoutout
Kimberley W
Kimberley W 6 oy oldin
They should bring back old medicine man!
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G 7 oy oldin
That voice impersonation by Rhett is so entertaining. ^_^...
Laramie Heflin
Laramie Heflin 7 oy oldin
I got to point out that you looked liked a bearded willy Wonka n sounded like the wizard from willow lol I love this show
The Life of Valley
Link has gone through a lot of hairstyles
- Platypus -
- Platypus - 7 oy oldin
They both kept getting confused and forgetting his tincture was the prize
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 8 oy oldin
I thought Rhetts voice was funny.
Brea Abdullah
Brea Abdullah 8 oy oldin
Ken Mendoza
Ken Mendoza 9 oy oldin
Link's hair looks a little bit puffier in this video. Idk why.
Yankeefan352 9 oy oldin
Rhett's character is hilarious in this
Dorian Davis
Dorian Davis 9 oy oldin
This one is a gem
jimbobbyrnes 9 oy oldin
and this is why people don't believe in science.... the liars and cheats.
Samantha Chang
Samantha Chang 10 oy oldin
Rhett if you ever need specs, get those they really suit you HAHA
Tauntinq 10 oy oldin
He said fortnite
shannon crowe
shannon crowe 11 oy oldin
Love your shirt Link :)
Tatyana W-P
Tatyana W-P 11 oy oldin
Rhett sounds like Jiminey(?) Cricket 😆😆😆
fruity.pink.grape 11 oy oldin
I love this voice that Rhett has
Julian Walker
Julian Walker 11 oy oldin
OK, I got 7 out of 10. I wrote the book. Is there something in there for memory? Worms, rotten fruit, mud, anything?
amy macdonald
amy macdonald 11 oy oldin
I am getting cotton candy Randy vibes....
TheFlyingMage Yil oldin
Bring the old man Rhett back! It's a great character. Let him give some advices to younglings or something.
Blah Blahsen
Blah Blahsen Yil oldin
tincture is anything that dissolves in alcohol that has been filtered and preserved in said alcohol, such as green dragon or herbal tonics. literally booze and stuff that breaks down in booze.
moviegoerdude Yil oldin
OMG I love Rhett's old timey guy, i could listen to him all day
John Doe
John Doe Yil oldin
I have hemorrhoids so I knew that particular remedy was false. Imagine running pond water and vinegar over an open cut but on your butthole, there ya go.
jason carrera
jason carrera Yil oldin
“Good old Julian” lol had me dying 😂
chris tyree
chris tyree Yil oldin
Bring back Old Man Rhett!
ProNinja8778 Roblox
I read this one cure and it is to smell smlording cow poo to cure tuberculosis and I was lagging like crazy
Garrett Lewis
Garrett Lewis Yil oldin
Lily Koehler
Lily Koehler Yil oldin
If the tinquture was a prize and Link lost Rhett should've drank the whole thing.
Access to advanced health care? Ehhh, not in America. Gimme the leeches.
Sons of Venom
Sons of Venom Yil oldin
Rhett looks like a bad Oxhorn.
Maren Hatch
Maren Hatch Yil oldin
Ishan Sankhe
Ishan Sankhe Yil oldin
Link is rocking that Breaking Bad shirt
dgrm76 Yil oldin
I have afriend who got a brown recluse bite on her thumb. The doctors were going to amputate it the next Monday. Her grandma got a baby cow, and for 3 days (before the surgery), kept her thumb in the cows poop!!! The doctors were shocked because it worked!!!
Jerod Wilson
Jerod Wilson Yil oldin
Absolutely my favorite episode.
Happy Animations
Well no wonder why the plague started! they fed their children rotten rats!
Nethercore 99
Nethercore 99 Yil oldin
(•_•) /
Midi Out
Midi Out Yil oldin
5:10 if you want to know why Ret will always have a beard
Sandy Telfer
Sandy Telfer Yil oldin
love that voice
Abby Jollay
Abby Jollay Yil oldin
Tincture is a prize
Pigeon Girl
Pigeon Girl Yil oldin
More like reme-dies 😉
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo Yil oldin
I cannot express to you how badly this one makes me laugh: *"The grey worms breathing under wood or stones having many feet, and when they be touched do they cluster together like pork 'n pickles. These pierce through with a bodkin, or like thing, and then put it to the tooth that acheth, awayeth the pain."* Like I'm crying over here, and I've watched this many times.
pebbers77 3 oy oldin
Zoe's Zoo One of my top 5 episodes
rose 636
rose 636 Yil oldin
Bubonic plague was named after the bubo aka the pus filled blisters from the plague
rose 636
rose 636 Yil oldin
I just learned about bubonic plague so i should know this
Lars S
Lars S Yil oldin
I thought you will do test it on the show :(
Goth Yil oldin
I have a sprain in my hand maybe I can use that remadie to treat sprains
Maurizia Cruz
Maurizia Cruz Yil oldin
Remedies #2 please!!! 👍🏽🌴😂
Joy Sandy
Joy Sandy Yil oldin
Because elks dont have seizures...
Mav Yil oldin
rhett in this character makes me feel like he's links grandfather.
Hypatia4242 Yil oldin
I study epilepsy and have never heard the elk's foot thing. I'm going to have to play this game with my colleagues (or make them watch the episode).
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. Yil oldin
I just came from another video and Link had the same shirt.
Benjamin Brady
Benjamin Brady Yil oldin
#scienceasylum I love old GMM by the way!
Haven Alsup
Haven Alsup Yil oldin
I have no hospital
James  Fox
James Fox Yil oldin
what was that spaz on the wheel of mythicality 😂😂
emily long
emily long Yil oldin
anyone feel like earlier episodes of GMM in the studio are underlit?? I always think ita my screen brightness being way down but even if I turn it up it's still dark!
Anna B
Anna B Yil oldin
Link - tinc·ture ˈtiNG(k)(t)SHər/ noun 1. a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. "the remedies can be administered in the form of tinctures" synonyms: solution, suspension, infusion, elixir "tincture of iodine"
Reaperfoxy Foxyz
Wow just weird🤢
Bugg Soup
Bugg Soup Yil oldin
2017 anybody?
James Kirk
James Kirk Yil oldin
We win the feeling of self satisfaction
sam bccl
sam bccl Yil oldin
My grandma used to eat a whole raw onion and wash it down with vinegar whenever she had an upset stomach.
Maggie Quitter
Maggie Quitter Yil oldin
the rooster in the intro looks like rhett
Arianna Myrie
Arianna Myrie Yil oldin
Loving Link's shirt!
Emery Benoit GM 2019
I found an actual old journal at a church yard sale, proven to be from the late 1800s, probably started in the 1870s. It has pages of old wierd remedies, like holding an open wound over the smoke of sugar to treat infection and speed up healing, or to apply a "poultice" containing saltpeter and horseradish, among other things, to an aching tooth. There are pages of this, along with family history of the Wing-Wheeler-Kinney family of New England, and knitting patterns, complete with samples attached to the pages with old rusted sewing pins.
AdamJF327 Yil oldin
Anna Taymond
Anna Taymond Yil oldin
"Just try to do something not wrong for once! You're letting everyone down! You're an embarrassment!" Nice pep talk Rhett
Iris Hanlin
Iris Hanlin Yil oldin
The only reason I know what a tincture is is because of ESO. :p
Neon Storm
Neon Storm Yil oldin
Michael Bullard
Michael Bullard 2 yil oldin
Rhett is the tallest leprechaun in the world.
Timbo Rouse
Timbo Rouse 2 yil oldin
best episode ever. and that music thoooo
Ali Selman
Ali Selman 2 yil oldin
This is my favorite freaken episode 😹Rhett, please do this character again!
Bailey Penny
Bailey Penny 2 yil oldin
With those glasses on, Rhett looks like Ian from the CUPodcast
Sarah Singh
Sarah Singh 2 yil oldin
The King James Version always gets me 😂
Noodle Arms
Noodle Arms 2 yil oldin
Rhett looked so dapper in his outfit
montaissolatvian 2 yil oldin
i almost didnt watch the episode because of rhetts voice
Willow Bough
Willow Bough 2 yil oldin
I'd like to see that beard thing used as a wig tbh...
Mel Carter
Mel Carter 2 yil oldin
8:45 Those are slaters, not worms! Pill bugs.
sofia kaasgaard
sofia kaasgaard 2 yil oldin
Old man Rhett reminds me of John Lennon when he had a beard and the round glasses.
John Edelmann
John Edelmann 2 yil oldin
Why rub a tincture on your eyeballs? Rub some bacon on it instead!
Denise DeMatos
Denise DeMatos 2 yil oldin
I love his voice 😂
Alle Demelo
Alle Demelo 2 yil oldin
My favourite episode yet.
Emerald Kelsi
Emerald Kelsi 2 yil oldin
Link's laugh at 5:32 LMAO
Wawfful 2 yil oldin
ah the old intro the old hair i miss it all
Yeet Sksk
Yeet Sksk 2 yil oldin
HangryDonut not really love the intro/outro and the new hair
ADHD Taco 2 yil oldin
I want to see Link say" I, AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS." XD
Cecelia Lewin
Cecelia Lewin 2 yil oldin
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 2 yil oldin
The Evil Banana shut up
Camila Costa
Camila Costa 2 yil oldin
Johnathan Stearns
Johnathan Stearns 2 yil oldin
that dude at the end tho
YOWHAZGOOD 2 yil oldin
old man rhett all the time. please.
PipingMaritimer 2 yil oldin
"Tincture is a prize!" I lol'd. I never LOL
Crystal lovesGhosts
Hey, I'm from Plymouth Michigan! That's awesome ☺️
Em Zora
Em Zora 2 yil oldin
Rhett became Morty.
rediiusodas 2 yil oldin
Old man Rhett reminds me of old man McGucket lmao
Redfierykitteh yes
Nastassja Hall
Nastassja Hall 2 yil oldin
Me too
Fat Kid Friendly
Fat Kid Friendly 2 yil oldin
I know I'm late in watching this but ...... Rhett looks and sounds like the Onceler from the movie the Lorax
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