10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s

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How many have you seen?
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10-Avg, 2017



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Michael Amour
Michael Amour 44 daqiqa oldin
Crash, brilliant film.
conan barrett
conan barrett Soat oldin
um that list sucked, rocknrolla open range valhalla rising enemy at the gates road to perdition pineapple express shoot em up day breakers the boondock saints war sex drive
LocustReign 13 soat oldin
Moon - A great movie. One was always waiting for Gerdy (spelling?)to become a killingmachine. The Fall - Wtf did i just watch? Mary and Max - So depressing i went on Prozac.
Dominic Doiron
Dominic Doiron 16 soat oldin
King Arthur legend of the sword
Kim Flores
Kim Flores 3 kun oldin
uuuhhhhhh Life Aquatic doesnt have much (if any) CGI thats meant to look real, its model animation!
robotpanda77 6 kun oldin
wtf was bob dillon a woman and a black guy at one point? Dumb arthouse shit. Oh lets make a movie about the life of Elvis and cast a chinese woman to play him because that makes sense.
Cho Aniki
Cho Aniki 8 kun oldin
Bunraku with Josh Hartnett was a super strange and cheesy flick, but it was supposed to be. The cinematography and writing is overly exaggerated to give the feel of a traditional Bunraku playwright(Japanese puppet show), but it incorporates the cheesiness of 70s and 80s martial arts flicks(Yuen Wo Ping,Sammo Hung, Shaw Brothers, Akira Kurosawa,Sonny Chiba,Et cetera...). I think the Bunraku movie was pretty amazing, considering that it is a cinematic film playing out like a self-aware stage play.
14 Aspen Drive
14 Aspen Drive 8 kun oldin
Dont compare life aquatic with ANCHORMAN WTF?
Joonas Sergin
Joonas Sergin 8 kun oldin
Why the 90's techno in the background???
gadgetsage 10 kun oldin
Ugh "The Fountain" - I wanted to like it, but it just dragged and repeated itself, I found it pompous and over-reaching
Nova Sky
Nova Sky 11 kun oldin
Brick - the best indie noir detective movie nobody saw. Casshern - the best Japanese zen existential action movie since the matrix R-point and Gaurd post 506 both great Under suspicion - the best Morgan freeman Geene hackman film you missed
PairedPrototype 12 kun oldin
Unlike the top comment... I really like to know the name of the song used :D So if anyone is able to tell me, that'd be fantastic :)
Take Notice
Take Notice 12 kun oldin
Only movie I saw was Valhalla Rising.. and it was fucking awful.
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 13 kun oldin
Requiem for a dream. Came out in 2000 but a must watch
TheCrankydragon 12 kun oldin
I don't think Requiem is underrated...
Michael Myers Baraka
They are not underrated they suck
Victor Ribeiro Roda
Victor Ribeiro Roda 13 kun oldin
The Fall is already a classic, no doubt
Superapearmy 15 kun oldin
Only watched because I saw the thumbnail of Valhalla Rising
joannawie 15 kun oldin
No, no, not everything, you say. The Fountain is (sorry) a true fountain of melodramatic kitsch.
Patrick Wentz
Patrick Wentz 15 kun oldin
In Bruges, The life Aquatic and the Guard were all quite excellent. Solid list.
Tony Yeyo
Tony Yeyo 16 kun oldin
Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer is the most underrated film of the past almost two decades
Nugmaster224 17 kun oldin
Cube is underrated
Karthika Anand
Karthika Anand 17 kun oldin
Grey and Valhalla greats.
TS Silver
TS Silver 18 kun oldin
pretty good video, shame they had to record the dialogue nextd to a rave
Aidan Hall
Aidan Hall 18 kun oldin
The Prestige
Jan Verbanck
Jan Verbanck 18 kun oldin
The plot of Moon is just so surprising...
Jay Jayjay
Jay Jayjay 19 kun oldin
Real talented!
Barcafan zeko123
Barcafan zeko123 19 kun oldin
Memories of murder
C.C. Ryder
C.C. Ryder 20 kun oldin
Bravo! I found 'Margaret' to be a nice find as well
snowyalice 20 kun oldin
I might be the only person who hates 'In Bruges'.
Joe Lunchbox
Joe Lunchbox 17 kun oldin
Yes, yes you are..
gorryman 21 kun oldin
WordsAreLikeRivers 22 kun oldin
How do you talk about the Guardian and not mention Don Cheadle?
Man, I couldnt get into Valhalla Rising and I like Refn films. Maybe I’ll try a rewatch 👍
Aidan Dun
Aidan Dun 23 kun oldin
anyone else fucking rave to that background music
somebaldguy 23 kun oldin
I never go by critic reviews. Audience scores are where it's at.
daweedian84 24 kun oldin
Children of Men
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 24 kun oldin
Seven Psychopaths was a fantastic watch also.
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 24 kun oldin
The Fountain was magical. Gorgeous. Heart moving. must see.
Jim Hyman
Jim Hyman 25 kun oldin
Good call on In Bruges. I would also add a brilliant comedy and parody of musical biopics, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. It was well received by critics, but a box office bomb. It does turn up occasionally on cable, unlike pretty much every film in this list, so perhaps it's not quite underrated enough.
beckyetz 25 kun oldin
What We do in the Shadows! Genius twisted humor--right and wrong on so many levels.
Phillip Traslavina
Phillip Traslavina 25 kun oldin
Pans labyrinth
Churr bol
Churr bol 26 kun oldin
Loved Valhalla Rising
Chirag Dubey
Chirag Dubey 26 kun oldin
Where can i download the fall movie?
turfshifter 27 kun oldin
Most of these films are not underrated. The fall is unspeakably bad.
sifis flisk
sifis flisk 28 kun oldin
Mr nobody Cloud atlas Predestination The offer
Caesar 29 kun oldin
The Grey came out in 2011... but it is a great and criminally underrated movie.
Rusty Kilt
Rusty Kilt Oy oldin
Have to agree with your choices having seen them all. THE GREY is particularly nerve racking.
macker33 Oy oldin
In bruges is awesome.
iamiavan Oy oldin
Funny Games. Seems nobody knows about it.
Kaiser X
Kaiser X Oy oldin
Better Luck Tommorow should be here.
Muriel W
Muriel W Oy oldin
I’m glad to see Valhalla Rising, what an intense film. Not every film deserves words, sometimes it’s a waste to hear them. For your Mads Mikelsen fix, watch Polar on Netflix, surprisingly good.
vannia das
vannia das Oy oldin
Great list
Grant Walker
Grant Walker Oy oldin
Brick Candy
Grant Walker
Grant Walker Oy oldin
Layer Cake
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow Oy oldin
Absolutely love seeing The Fall and the pie maker here
Nodge X
Nodge X Oy oldin
Great list, except The Grey, which I thought was rubbish.
Tom McLaughlin
Ew The Fall? That mastermess? Really? Beyond disappointing list.
italy0666 Oy oldin
Seen 8/10, can't speak for the other 2 but as for the 8...... I'm still waiting for ! to be an UNDERRATED movie............ this list is full of shit movies that are not that obscure, just all of them are shit...........
Toe Bradley
Toe Bradley Oy oldin
conan mcclanahan
Great list! Agree with every selection... and luckily, had viewed more than half of them already. Can't wait to try Mary and Max. Rewatch The Guard for the 30th time. And actually sit down for The Grey, in which you perfectly surmised my reason for not watching it in the first place! You win, Two Internets!
MrTokedo Oy oldin
Not sure if the movie Phone Booth (2002) counts as an underrated film. Its a great movie with superb acting, I gained a lot of respect for Colin Farrell as an actor after watching it.
Zach Nelson
Zach Nelson Oy oldin
Harshe times Christian Bale
automaticchic Oy oldin
I do miss thr 2000's y'know...
Chal P
Chal P Oy oldin
None of these movies were underrated. Ugh
Paul Rietveld
Paul Rietveld Oy oldin
Honestly I thought there will be blood was an extremely overrated movie. Great acting but stupidly slow and a terrible ending
Sherif El Kadi
Valhalla Rising !!! Study indeed ...
Roger Hack
Roger Hack Oy oldin
You sound like a "i like these films so should you and if you disagree you're fucking stupid" little bitch.
keshav kumar
keshav kumar Oy oldin
The fountain ...... Absolute Gold.
lordad Oy oldin
I have seen 3 of your Top 10 : Moon , The Guard , in Brugges..... Moon and TheGuard were okay. Id say above average. In Brugges however was really great. I loved it
Krazy H
Krazy H Oy oldin
That music was terrible
timber_beast Oy oldin
Thumbs down to anything Wes Anderson Thumbs up to anything Brendan Gleason
Schenkmytro Oy oldin
Nice song
Tiny Oy oldin
Cool, have seen half of these and can say they are brilliant!! From your pics I've seen already I will definitely watch the one I haven't!!!! Always great to get turned on too truly AWSOME films!! CHEERS!!😎👍 👍👍
King jr Productions
Drive and the place beyond the pines are very underrated gems
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis Oy oldin
The rest all great
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis Oy oldin
I hated the life aquatic
stukopbs Oy oldin
Kill list Cheap thrills Dagon The visit Cemetery man Outcast Shadow hours Dog soldiers Exorcist 3
Fraser Hooper
Fraser Hooper 12 kun oldin
Cemetery Man is awesome!
Christian Spittle
The Fall is one of my favourite films and nobody as ever heard of it. I even bought it on blu ray even though I never got round to buying a player 🤷🏻‍♂️ I did not expect to find it on this list! Nice one 👍🏻
skank hunt 69
skank hunt 69 Oy oldin
What a shit list. These films are garbage
fuck Oy oldin
valhalla rising was very boring to me.. Nice images but all they do is walk around.. ugh ^^
Kyle Johnston
Kyle Johnston Oy oldin
I had no problem getting through Valhalla rising
qbikrubik Oy oldin
I looove the Fountain
C Mitchell
C Mitchell Oy oldin
Perfume: the story of a murderer is a sleeper. its a 12/10.
Jai Chhabra
Jai Chhabra Oy oldin
For the clips not your speech
Akshay Pawar
Akshay Pawar Oy oldin
Pierrick Calvez
Valhalla Rising has something of Dark Souls. Savage, mute, raw beauty.
TFMPEPE Oy oldin
They're all great
paru babov
paru babov Oy oldin
which track is playing in the back ??
thepro08 Oy oldin
could watch this with the horrible noise in the background....... respect the fukin viewers why stupid background when someone is talking....
Neil Raouf
Neil Raouf Oy oldin
Scotch Beef
Scotch Beef Oy oldin
that music is driving me insane man cant watch any more
Doty Oy oldin
Valhalla rising was awesome
Christopher Saunders
What is with this Blade-esque shitty Vampire Blood Club music?!
phantom phatima
Basically the took moon and remade it as the Martian
Constanza Navarro
That background music is the most annoying and unnecessary thing ever. STOP IT!
peter haitch
peter haitch Oy oldin
So glad the fountain was in there , but I expected to see cloud atlas as well , good work though
Random Oy oldin
So glad Moon, In Bruges & The Grey made this list 🙌🏻
Fábio Silvestre
Excelente lista. Ótimos filmes e bons argumentos.
Carmela Lorenz Mendoza
Moon was awesome...
Dexterror 2 oy oldin
Moon was pretty boring to be honest, actually most these movies are
mayur magadalwar
mayur magadalwar 2 oy oldin
road to perdition
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