10 Massively Underrated Movies From The 2000s

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10-Avg, 2017

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mayur magadalwar
mayur magadalwar 23 soat oldin
road to perdition
Ryan Santa Ana
Ryan Santa Ana 3 kun oldin
My wife and I constantly fight over my love of The Fountain!
iriyabran 3 kun oldin
Would be nice if people stopped hating on The Fountain it's a beautiful movie and everyone who's fallen victim to cancer would deeply appreciate it.
tylerman39 4 kun oldin
Troy especially the directors cut is severely underrated
andrewstohr 6 kun oldin
Life Aquatica is a horrible movie.
Wesley Carter
Wesley Carter 6 kun oldin
Valhalla Rising is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I'm not the type to walk out of or not finish a movie. I did finish Valhalla Rising, but God it was miserable.
Lucas Foix
Lucas Foix 6 kun oldin
Equilibrium!! My favorite dystopian movie.
Pam Bennett
Pam Bennett 7 kun oldin
In Bruges rules
Артем Скраф
The Cell and the Fall both amazing!
paul duffy
paul duffy 7 kun oldin
i like the video but the rave music is shit
Johnny W
Johnny W 8 kun oldin
The Libertine
J Lindien
J Lindien 8 kun oldin
Valhalla Rising was so boring i slept through it.
linglingstar 8 kun oldin
whats up with that techno music in the back ground
Oliver Trout
Oliver Trout 9 kun oldin
can u please include the titles of movies and shows you show clips of, it drives me insane when I recognize a shot from something but can’t recall the title
Phone One
Phone One 13 kun oldin
OK niggerz try " these final hours" auz film some filmz hit harder after u have kids try "the lovely bones "also
Ivana Rogic
Ivana Rogic 13 kun oldin
Emanuel Anic
Emanuel Anic 13 kun oldin
ljubavi moja
LUNES 14 kun oldin
The Fall, I watched it, thank you
The Yes Guy
The Yes Guy 15 kun oldin
Where's Ed Norton's 25th Hour.??? 0:27
jerome williams
jerome williams 15 kun oldin
the prestige -Christian Bale - Hugh Jackman -Michael Caine
David Scott
David Scott 16 kun oldin
Sin City
David Bowman
David Bowman 16 kun oldin
Most of those movies sucked!
Eric Miller
Eric Miller 20 kun oldin
The Guard was the shit. Cheadle and Gleason.
Lindybeige 22 kun oldin
The strange thing is that I think I have seen almost all of them, and yet none has left any strong memories of 'wow - that was great'. Moon had a massive plot flaw in it but it started well (very reminiscent of Silent Running), The Guard was somewhat gentle with the IRA, In Bruges was fresh so I would recommend that, The Fall seemed to put all its energy into making pretty images, and I think I saw Mary and Max and The Fountain, and The Life Aquatic, but none stayed with me. I might give The Grey a chance, and possibly Valhalla Rising (although that looks a bit grim).
ganjangman1 22 kun oldin
"moon" is so underrated. It inspired many movie makers, in fact.
Cullen Mitchell
Cullen Mitchell 22 kun oldin
What about Poseidon from 2006?
jerome williams
jerome williams 15 kun oldin
i feel like you spelled it wrong
Ivan A. Medina
Ivan A. Medina 23 kun oldin
Valhalla Rising? Underrated? Yeah, right.........it was total bulls***!.
Elder Mountain Dreaming
rapid clip flashes, even faster music, and a hyper speaker with an even faster constant pace. before i realized it my heart was beating 3x times faster than normal, and I stopped watching the video at approximately 6:16 before i blew up
Zoe Porphyrogenita
Zoe Porphyrogenita 25 kun oldin
All of Bill Murray’s movies are bizarre and, uhh, quaint. (In case this went unnoticed.)
The Potato
The Potato 28 kun oldin
I'm not sure. I've watched some of these, they're too... artistic... I know most of you are professional film critics but give me something that the public would love. not how professional that movie was made.
Uncouth Behavior
Uncouth Behavior 28 kun oldin
svxnger 28 kun oldin
whats with the techno
protey117 29 kun oldin
A nice review, but the guy is rushing too much, kinda choo-choo-train - I mean I have a feeling that hte speaker is in a great hurrry, like he is about to miss his train o plane.. & the music irratatvely takes on the nerves. Why to be in such a hurry? Chill down a bit, man! :D
WelfareChrist Oy oldin
THE FALL IS A CLASSIC. Thanks for putting it at #1.
Sneewitchen1 Oy oldin
The Fall is a MASTERPIECE!
Stefan H
Stefan H Oy oldin
Valhalla Rising is just overwhelmingly boring... one of the few movies I actually considered not watching til the end. It has 1 or 2 good fight scenes and that's it. The rest of the movie you're just waiting for something exciting to happen... and it never does. The Grey was way overexposed if you ask me. I saw commercials for it everywhere when it came out. It looked good but was decent at most. The ending was just... flat. I remember being left with "was that it? whaaaat..?". I haven't seen the other films so I can't comment on those, but from the looks of it... it seems like we have very different taste in movies :p
Shingai Mu
Shingai Mu Oy oldin
Way Of The Gun
Danilo Vukov
Danilo Vukov Oy oldin
anybody knows what's that goa trance track in the background, that sounds like astral projection?
Cally Seal
Cally Seal Oy oldin
Omg. Thank you for putting The Fall at #1!! I loved it, the beauty if it made me cry. This is a wonderful concept. I've seen and loved all but three of the movies and, of those, I've heard great things. Brilliant, please keep them coming!
j bing
j bing Oy oldin
Moon, Valhalla Rising, the Grey...good films.
John Hess
John Hess Oy oldin
I'd have to give a tip of the cap to 2001's "Amelie" from the creators of "Delicatessen."
Yannis Piastopoulos
"Mud" was for me one of the most memorable
Pam Bennett
Pam Bennett 7 kun oldin
Yannis Piastopoulos Mud was a groundbreaking film for me. Matthew Mcconaughy’s best performance of all time
MEGART Oy oldin
anyone know what film the shot at 18 seconds is from
Jan Ismael Cledera
Man from Earth is underrated too
yerlee4 Oy oldin
Shit list. There's a reason they didn't do too well
Eric Hart
Eric Hart Oy oldin
Thank you
Tom B
Tom B Oy oldin
Hmmm, your review is probably much better than the movies. Thks
Julian P
Julian P Oy oldin
The Fall is a masterpiece.
Torrey Barrows
Valhalla Rising was terrible. I wish I could get the two hours I wasted back. There's virtually no dialouge and hence very little story and character development. Please don't watch this movie if you're looking to be entertained. I also found The Grey to be very disappointing. it was long and dull and they end the movie right before the big fight scene. The fact that these movies were recommended makes me really loose faith in WhatCulture.
Private Author
Moon took loneliness to a new level in a manner I have not seen in film in many years.
Gabriel Sierra
Children of Men; An underrated classic!
Never use that background music again
Gabriel Oy oldin
Mikkelson is a great actor, but Valhalla rising is one of the baddest movies I've ever seen
JohntechFL Oy oldin
Moon and Vahalla Rising were 2 of my most fav unknown movies.
GLJohn Stewart
Dredd is underrated. I wish it got a sequel but we will never get one.
GLJohn Stewart
I love Moon. I watched it on Netflix. It is great. Life Aquatic is great too. Another that I watched on Netflix.
norokelt Oy oldin
Oh man, hell yeah, GREY is absolute hammer ♥
norokelt Oy oldin
Marry and Max is great movie seen it, worth watching, if you like psychology or emotions
Not Available
Not Available Oy oldin
Great recommendations
Swen Oyme
Swen Oyme Oy oldin
I Love moon! It's so well done!
EpicFunbomb Oy oldin
Song name?
Aaron Bader
Aaron Bader Oy oldin
The Life Aquatic is not only the most underrated Wes Anderson movie, but one the most underrated and underappreciated EVER. Every line of the movie is pure gold and the music is as good as it gets. SO SO AMAZING.
The NIONX Oy oldin
The fall was amazing. I saw it when it first came out. I'd also put Take Shelter on that list. Another amazing movie that didn't cast the credit it deserved. Oh, and Sunshine. God was that a good movie
Jared Miller
Jared Miller Oy oldin
The Fall ... shite.
Lajk Lajk
Lajk Lajk Oy oldin
cem jam
cem jam Oy oldin
The Escapist Shrink The Road The Sunset Limited
Peter Van Den Bosch
Moon was the best of them all, a real masterpiece.
Zack Halverson
Big Fish
Dokter Besin
Dokter Besin Oy oldin
dafuq is this techno music playing in the background. great list tho
Atiria Martin
Atiria Martin Oy oldin
Mr nobody!!
Karen Sellers
Karen Sellers Oy oldin
I thought the life aquatic was horrible. Didn't get it at all. The others look great tho. I love chocolate cake!
Matvo86 Oy oldin
When a movie is not accessible, it deserves to be underrated. Most people don't want to watch movies with the "Yeah, its flawed, but..." feeling.
C Bell
C Bell Oy oldin
Kind of amazing that Rotten Tomatoes has a 53 score for life aquatic. I guess at the time Wes Anderson didnt have the clout he has now? Cause seems like its pretty loved
C Bell
C Bell Oy oldin
Moon is underrated and Avatar was part of what made 09 a great year for scifi? Damn man, making it really hard to take this list seriously right off the bat. Moon is a cult classic that everybody loves (how it could be called "underrated" by anybody is pretty hard to understand...) and Avatar is an unadulterated, pure, steaming massively expensive shit. Perhaps the poster boy of overrated movies that didnt age well at all and instantly revealed which critics were braindead partisan hacks.
Billy Caldwell
Little Big House
sadly I was unable to find any of these long enough to get to see them
CarpIXOYE Oy oldin
Cloud Atlas 2012
Nick Jones
Nick Jones Oy oldin
Sunshine brilant film !
The grey for me till this day, is Liam neesons best work as an actor. The movie had me emotionally invested from the start.
daveice20 Oy oldin
Stars Wars: The Attack of The Clones
Narcos Maximus
i saw them all they were all so good
chillinator Oy oldin
I've seen and liked all of these. I rarely watch movies more than once (especially lately) - but some of these I've watched several times: Moon, The Guard, In Bruges, and The Fall. It's *REALLY* a shame that The Guard grossed so little - it's easily in my Top 10 movies - it's a great film.
Daniel Crowley
What movie was Mark Kermode talking about at the start?
Trevor Wagner
Trevor Wagner Oy oldin
The New World. Criminally underrated. No movie captures the very essence of empathy better
Pancake Goddess
The background music is what plays when you're having an anxiety attack lmao
Casual Agent
Casual Agent Oy oldin
The Secret in their Eyes, wow, amazing Argentinian movie, the lady is beautiful (plays a lawyer I think)
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
The Fountain.. what a masterpiece. What a soundtrack. What a beautiful story.
digapygmy70 Oy oldin
I met a guy named Sam Bell, and I was dying to tell him "I'm Sam Bell too" but nobody has seen that fucking movie
D Oy oldin
Jesus, worst background music ever.
What is the film that clip at 18 secs from
dmosill Oy oldin
I came back just to give you a thumbs down for Valhalla Rising. The first 20 mins were freaking awesome! Then it got really slow, boring and just weird. The boat scene was horrible, you could tell they were not even moving at all and it lasted waaaaay to long. Do yourself a favor and watch the 1st 20 mins and the last 15 and thank me later lol.
Chris_P_nuts Oy oldin
S Dew
S Dew Oy oldin
a woman playing bob dylan is not a compliment is it..
Ian Riddell
Ian Riddell Oy oldin
The Fall and The Fountain, without question two of the most awe-inspiring cinematic experiences I have ever seen. I disagree, however, with the suggestion that The Fountain is unfocused. The exercise in making this film, I think, was challenging the correlation between multiple simultaneous story lines, each of which informs the main theme of searching for eternal life in contrasting yet identical narratives. Each narrative plays an essential role in supporting and informing the grand conflict, but at the same time, each is seeded by the necessity of the grand conflict. It's truly a mind-bending experience you just have to see for yourself.
dinosoid2000 Oy oldin
Love Life Aquatic! By far my favorite Wes Anderson movie! In Bruges is pretty hilarious too.
Jacob West
Jacob West Oy oldin
The Guard is a classic
Paul Martinek
Paul Martinek Oy oldin
Cand handle this terrible bgmusic.
Caspa Cz
Caspa Cz Oy oldin
Rob Mitchel
Rob Mitchel 2 oy oldin
I love life aquatic- watching it on mushrooms is the way to watch it though
TheOnemanmoshpit 2 oy oldin
Isn't it funny how every decade has a name 80s 90s etc. But the 2010s get called the 2000s it must be the first decade to last 20 years