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フセインHussein 2 soat oldin
متابعك من العراق 🇮🇶😘😘👑👑
フセインHussein 2 soat oldin
I'm from Iraq 🇮🇶
LifeOfBD 3 soat oldin
Wonder how many times he filmed himself speaking with all those different shirts
Z Talks
Z Talks 8 soat oldin
Sir, Kerala (place in india), is facing huge flood now. Can you please stand with us, Can you please talk about us in your channel. It can help many.
Bryan McCauley
Bryan McCauley 8 soat oldin
I've got 15 subs
Varun Manthapuri
Varun Manthapuri 13 soat oldin
Kudos Casey! But that awesome 10 Million TShirt Change Edit :D! Smooth af!
SwaanieRaan 16 soat oldin
I was 9, but yeah cool
Lennon Tedesco
Lennon Tedesco 18 soat oldin
A decade ago I was 4 not 6
SeanPK Kelley
SeanPK Kelley 20 soat oldin
Where is Van?###
Thai Lady Massage
Just reached the 100 k. My dream ever to have the 10 million.... Well done Casey. Love from Thailand...
Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster Kun oldin
Congrats on 10 mil!! I’m just patiently sitting here with 160 subscribers waiting to hit 200!
tigre2299 Kun oldin
Manny Ademolu
Manny Ademolu Kun oldin
Madddd! Casey is on 10 mill. Yesss my G!!! Been on this journey with you.
mustang Cobra 1990
Congrats brother!
vitold prince
vitold prince Kun oldin
Congrats , your videos are awesome 👌🤘👍😁💯💯💯
Jords_105 Kun oldin
I mean I just wanna know what those sunglasses are they’re dope..
MR LEX Kun oldin
i was 14 a decade ago
Just remember I was watching you when you only had 9.9999 mil subs
Monoperty Kun oldin
Congrats Casey 👍
Batlos 2 kun oldin
I was 6 wth Casey..
Laugh 2 kun oldin
Wouldn't be a little funny if everyone unsubscribed.
Rider_on_ CBR250R
Rider_on_ CBR250R 2 kun oldin
Josh 2 kun oldin
how old were you? like 6? yes I was
Blarezey 2 kun oldin
I was 6 😂 and now I just realized that I found your channel when I was 8 or 9 wth
senal weerasekara
senal weerasekara 2 kun oldin
2:41 8 years old
好棒棒HOWBUMBUM 2 kun oldin
best youtuber
Mr Mike Hilliard
Mr Mike Hilliard 2 kun oldin
You got to 10 Mill and still set up your own balloons. You are a champion and inspiration to the world. Cheers
Joe S
Joe S 2 kun oldin
How did you know I was six a decade ago??
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 2 kun oldin
Jake Memes
Jake Memes 3 kun oldin
Just posted a super cool video go check it out !
Jeff 3 kun oldin
Sicky Popp
Sicky Popp 3 kun oldin
nuthin but love for you man...
RKB05 3 kun oldin
I'd rather watch this than the Logans , KSI and likes . . .
Werner Holtzhausen
Werner Holtzhausen 3 kun oldin
Thanks for the inspiration! - Just did my very first Vlog thanks to you dude
Gina Mazzola
Gina Mazzola 3 kun oldin
Congrats CASEY! !!
Adam Rose
Adam Rose 3 kun oldin
whether or not you wanted it to be... this was inspiring. hit 10K not too long ago, it was a grind. now on to 100K
Vandelex 3 kun oldin
A decade ago I was 11 thank you very much
SKYBlue01 CCFC 3 kun oldin
Harry & Dann
Harry & Dann 3 kun oldin
This is so true! Most people react to big numbers, they only see your content as worth watching if you have a big following!
Nikil Kumar
Nikil Kumar 3 kun oldin
Damn he's right abt my age a decade ago... Way to go Casey! I can't tell you how much of a fan I am (like 10 million others). Thanks a ton for your great videos on UZvid, and thanks for changing this platform for everyone, in a good way.
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. 3 kun oldin
I remember the days when you were unter 1 Mil and now it's 10 Mil.. Amazing man! Congrats!
job vrolijk
job vrolijk 3 kun oldin
Damnn, I wanted to buy the shirt but the shipping cost to the Netherlands is another 30 dollars...
ABC DEF 3 kun oldin
I've been watching you since you have 2Mil subs casey! :)
MB Art
MB Art 3 kun oldin
Hunter 3 kun oldin
Lol Casey you're like 40 and just reaching 10 mill subs. Look at KSI fouseytube, Jake Paul, Smosh.chill the fuck out you took forever to get here
kw34ok 3 kun oldin
Really love your videos Casey and congratulations on getting 10M subs - that is pretty outstanding but well deserved ! So agree with patience - stated my channel a few years back and now have 12K subs. Absolutely love UZvid and the people you meet on it. Take it easy my friend !
KorneliuZ Channel
KorneliuZ Channel 3 kun oldin
Unboxing diamond playbuton
Twig Gamer
Twig Gamer 3 kun oldin
so who was brave enough to subscribe and allow this video to happen? I know I was
Duane Brown
Duane Brown 4 kun oldin
You are the best Casey. Thanks.
Megan Edmondson
Megan Edmondson 4 kun oldin
Very random question, but do you recycle all that packaging!
Sam Sinclair
Sam Sinclair 4 kun oldin
Congrats casey you’re so inspiring💪🏼
Sam Sinclair
Sam Sinclair 4 kun oldin
Casey Neistat - YOU’RE THE MAN!!! Your videos are so inspiring to me with all your amazing cinematic videos and has therefore inspired me to start a UZvid Channel a make amazing videos like you of Nature, sport and travel! I have a DJI Mavic Air I will be using to make these brilliant videos! I would really appreciate it if all the fans could help me out with my channel! I am asking you as you enjoy this content so therefore you will enjoy mine! Thanks loads Casey and the fans!!! I can’t wait to get into the UZvid industry!
HILDA HILDA 4 kun oldin
That is so amazing! I am amazed by your videos, they are so good, and good quality!!!!!
Lea French
Lea French 4 kun oldin
Congratulations Casey! In celebration I wanted to mention one of my favourite vlogs of yours is 281 (she's leaving). I was introduced to your channel around vlog 200, and ended up going back and binge watching all of your episodes whilst recovering from my operation. I loved that episode so much, can't really explain why, but it's one I go back to watch from time to time! I'd love it if anyone else could comment their favourite vlog below!!
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 4 kun oldin
Good job Casey for hitting ten million and the diamond plate
Kamran Jahan
Kamran Jahan 4 kun oldin
I was actually 8 a decade ago, thank you very much.
Max Helps
Max Helps 4 kun oldin
Been watching since 500k and your videos are insane
Up North
Up North 4 kun oldin
Yeah, just 9.999.872 to go 🙃 ✌️
Ben Bertram
Ben Bertram 4 kun oldin
CAN WE HIT 10,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON THE VIDEO?!?!!!???!???!????!!?!?!?!?!
AychJayBee 4 kun oldin
Actually, ten years ago I was 17, not 6. Congrats on 10 million!
NExToY 5 kun oldin
Can you give me just the number of your dislikes on one of my videos 🙂🙃😅
fishfan28 5 kun oldin
Mazal Tov! You deserve every one of us Casey.
Harvith TV
Harvith TV 5 kun oldin
Congratulations! - Korean VLOG fan -
travelvidscom 5 kun oldin
Congrats Casey!
John Duong
John Duong 5 kun oldin
I’m sixteen now and I felt like he was talking directly at me
Oskar Elvebakk Skalegård
I love u man(no homo)
David Le
David Le 5 kun oldin
Congrats Mate
Martvel 5 kun oldin
Noah Hewson Media
Noah Hewson Media 5 kun oldin
i was 6 a decade ago
GoodGuyJimbo :]
GoodGuyJimbo :] 5 kun oldin
Lol i have 76
RO OM 5 kun oldin
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JRS TV HD 5 kun oldin
I was 6 a decade ago 😂
egger2500 5 kun oldin
David Ridlespriger
David Ridlespriger 5 kun oldin
So be it.
Wallace Louie
Wallace Louie 5 kun oldin
I from Malaysia and I really love your vlog we love that ❤
Kiel Enrique
Kiel Enrique 5 kun oldin
ok, that's kinda creepy and cool. I was literally six years old a decade ago and I haven't been uploading much since I don't have time to edit but yea I was six and now I'm actually starting out my YT channel
Tomas Blazukas
Tomas Blazukas 6 kun oldin
Rock’n’Roll brother!
PeReC - KLygeR
PeReC - KLygeR 6 kun oldin
Joshua D.
Joshua D. 6 kun oldin
The king of filler.
Joshua D.
Joshua D. 6 kun oldin
Man u sure can talk. I hate the UZvid keeps suggesting your videos to me. You are like a virus.
iWixer 6 kun oldin
I wondered who is your first subscriber
The Best Of The Best
you are the best
KB Y 6 kun oldin
rachael james
rachael james 6 kun oldin
Congratulations!! But I’m sorry, I won’t watch your Logan Paul interview-i don’t feel comfortable with ANYONE profiting from Logan’s ignorant, insensitive, ridiculousness. I don’t want to hear what he has to say-thought you would be the same Casey-considering what he did?
THE DAF FAMILY 6 kun oldin
Congrats casey it took you 10 yrs to get to this point. I still have hopes. I been in you tube for a yr. Now and one day I'm waiting for my channel to be seeing by that many viewers. Once again congratulations and keep it up.
Paul Quirimit
Paul Quirimit 6 kun oldin
Congrats casey😅❤️
F1sh 6 kun oldin
You Finally Did It Casey, Congrats Man. I Have Followed You From 3mill And It Has Ben Super Fun. Thx For All Casey
olivier van esch
olivier van esch 6 kun oldin
nice work casey
PlasmicVoid25 6 kun oldin
Robloxgamer YT
Robloxgamer YT 6 kun oldin
Millions Million Millio Milli Mill Mil Mi M Mi Mil Mill Milli Millio Million !!!!!!
Martin marty
Martin marty 6 kun oldin
Matthew Krebs
Matthew Krebs 6 kun oldin
Actually, Casey, you're right. Ten years ago I was six! Who else here is 16?
Pinoy Baboy
Pinoy Baboy 6 kun oldin
I cant even reach 1K
My Road Tours
My Road Tours 6 kun oldin
Congratulations dude! That is straight up amazing! I can't even imagine the hard work and patients that you put into reaching that amount. It took me a year just to get 100 subs and about 3 years to get 500+. You're story and success is inspiring for us all. Thanks for what you do, keep it up!
Vote Your Conscience
How do you build an audience?
Maddy_Playzz 6 kun oldin
I just hit 25 and I’m sooo happy ♥️
I'd rather watch flies fuck!
Kim 7 kun oldin
Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh 7 kun oldin
No sir I was 10.... yeah... sure showed you 😎
Pyers LKWD
Pyers LKWD 7 kun oldin
Love the new Oakley's, looking fresh 🔥
My Kid and Me
4 yil oldin
Her Water Broke
3 yil oldin
i have a problem
10 oy oldin
Trump won
Yil oldin