10 Products Only CRAZY Cat People Would Get!

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10 Absurd Products Used Only By The Laziest People! ➡ uzvid.com/video/video-Z_e4JlEdUi4.html
We're back with a new (and potentially stranger than usual) episode! Let's be real... We all know at least one crazy cat person who seems to be more attached to their cats than other humans... and TODAY we're unboxing the weirdest cat products we could find that we think only the most INTENSE cat people would buy! Prepare yourself for some hilarious and cringy moments 🙂
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8-Fev, 2019



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Payton’s World
Payton’s World 2 soat oldin
Angel Villon
Angel Villon 4 soat oldin
"Røze with a z"
Taco Plays
Taco Plays 4 soat oldin
When Mathias looses his voice he sounds like the voice of whinnie the Pooh in “Christopher Robin”
Taco Plays
Taco Plays 4 soat oldin
The word “Hi” is a very big insult to Tanner, if you ever see him in real life please don’t say “Hi” to him...
Victor Shpatrov
Victor Shpatrov 5 soat oldin
Rose with VA zl
Haleigh Webb
Haleigh Webb 9 soat oldin
RØZEwith a Z
anji Zoe
anji Zoe 10 soat oldin
i would use the hoodie pouch for food
Nature Adventurers
Nature Adventurers 10 soat oldin
Roze with a z
Nate Muzac
Nate Muzac 14 soat oldin
RØZE with a z
Lynda Conway
Lynda Conway 15 soat oldin
Roze with a z
Sami . Bear
Sami . Bear 16 soat oldin
11:27 😔
SoulSisters Golden
SoulSisters Golden 16 soat oldin
Røze with a z 😂
Janet Katko
Janet Katko 17 soat oldin
Roze with a z
Katrina Helmick
Katrina Helmick 19 soat oldin
I have 8 cats
Tyee White Eagle Dodson
ROZE with a Z
Irene Ronan
Irene Ronan 20 soat oldin
IKEA is an Irish home depot
Stacey Franks
Stacey Franks 20 soat oldin
My dog won't fit
Arianna House
Arianna House Kun oldin
Rose with a Z 1👍= Mathias's voice back
Trash Panda Gaming
RØZE with a Z
Blanca Reyzin
Blanca Reyzin Kun oldin
Joe 2008
Joe 2008 Kun oldin
“Røze with a z”
Juicy Orange -Read Bio-
Røze with a z Yeeee
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall Kun oldin
RøZE with a z
Papa Caya
Papa Caya Kun oldin
Rose with a z
Michelle Bell
Michelle Bell Kun oldin
Rose with the Z
Iyanna Jefferson
RØZE with a Z
Lefty Laylo
Lefty Laylo Kun oldin
That hoodie is too cool for school. Way dope!
green motor
green motor Kun oldin
you sound like your from a serious action movie
Aiden czap
Aiden czap Kun oldin
JA Ja Kun oldin
Taner fox likes it meaw🐈🐇🐇🐇🐺🐺🐺🐻🐻🐻🍸🍸🍹🍹🍻🍻🍷🍷🍺🍺🍼🍼🍵🍵☕☕
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Kun oldin
guess what my name is kathryn and my nickname is kat!!!
Wolfie Draws
Wolfie Draws Kun oldin
Røze with a z
Melissa Johns
Melissa Johns Kun oldin
Rose with a z
Erin Hirons
Erin Hirons Kun oldin
R0se with a r
Rose Brittingham
Roze With A Z
Jana Magdy
Jana Magdy Kun oldin
Roze with A z
sam mack
sam mack 2 kun oldin
Roze is a cat cat
AULIS A.O.T 2 kun oldin
1:07 uuh?
Alyssa Goodel
Alyssa Goodel 2 kun oldin
Crazy cat people represent!!! 🙌
Drago The Dragon/Wolf hybrid
I would not put my pet in there because my pet is too big for it
Freda Bolling
Freda Bolling 2 kun oldin
Curvacious27 2 kun oldin
roze with a z
Robert Maher
Robert Maher 2 kun oldin
Rose with a z !
2 kun oldin
Røze with A Z
GamerA6 Mania
GamerA6 Mania 2 kun oldin
18:15 The Niko Bellic Sound
Denys ùwú
Denys ùwú 2 kun oldin
It’s kinda weird that Mat and I lost our voices at the same time lol
DEBRA 3 kun oldin
Shujmations 3 kun oldin
ROSE!!! Wheres the black guy
sonic the
sonic the 3 kun oldin
Røze with a z
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 3 kun oldin
"Roze with a Z"
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 3 kun oldin
The best parts are the ones where Matt says a short word and his voice goes full Mickey, like Tanner asking "want me to do this one?" and Matt just squeaks " NO! " in response
Erica Heffner
Erica Heffner 3 kun oldin
Mia Le Panda
Mia Le Panda 3 kun oldin
Feel like they watched gabes video and got inspired
Tammy Drusendahl
Tammy Drusendahl 3 kun oldin
Roze with a z
Leilany Soto
Leilany Soto 3 kun oldin
No one: 5 yr old me: 5:49
IcyMegaTurtle Xbox
IcyMegaTurtle Xbox 3 kun oldin
Her name is not rose
_kawaiidrawing _
_kawaiidrawing _ 3 kun oldin
The only reason I would put my pet in the backpack is because I have a tiny bird
Fayth Knipp
Fayth Knipp 3 kun oldin
Rose with a z
Kohana Uchimiya
Kohana Uchimiya 3 kun oldin
Roze with a z
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman 3 kun oldin
Just saying, the cat computer name is SUCK UK (United Kingdom)!!!
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman 3 kun oldin
RØZE with a ‘z’
Carson Akridge
Carson Akridge 3 kun oldin
Røze with a z
Betty Anderson
Betty Anderson 3 kun oldin
The cat from cats and dogs name isn’t fluffy it’s mr. tinkles lol
gh0st 3 kun oldin
we need a whole episode of russian accented matt
The666VampireGirl 3 kun oldin
Matt is DEAD
oprd playz
oprd playz 3 kun oldin
Brayden Brown
Brayden Brown 4 kun oldin
I feel bad for Matt
Winters Light
Winters Light 4 kun oldin
When RØZE said its like drugs for cats who else pictured a cat in a dark alley way wearing a trech coat dealing catnip lol or only me?
chardy vlogs
chardy vlogs 4 kun oldin
Røze with a z
Dobby Hogwarts
Dobby Hogwarts 4 kun oldin
“Roze with a z” love you guys hope you get your voice back Matthias.
Shuzo Yamanaka
Shuzo Yamanaka 4 kun oldin
Matt sounds like a old man🤣🤣🤣
Warwick Hoy
Warwick Hoy 4 kun oldin
roze with a z
Nathan Ferguson
Nathan Ferguson 4 kun oldin
coolcat Ali
coolcat Ali 4 kun oldin
how is that woman a singer with that annoying voice is beyond me
REAPER 4 kun oldin
3:42 *America evades hi5 studios*
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 4 kun oldin
Matthiss: Nooaooeoo
nut craker
nut craker 4 kun oldin
Røze with a z
shankar shrestha
shankar shrestha 4 kun oldin
Ro Roze with a Z
Darci Washausen
Darci Washausen 4 kun oldin
I have 3 cats and my little brother thinks they are tigers and he will trap them under a laundry basket with toys and a towel to lay on😿
Fantastic Zero
Fantastic Zero 4 kun oldin
Is it only me who finds roze really cute
Gacha_Midnight 4 kun oldin
I watched the Cats and Dogs Movie a lot as a kid, it was very good but not as great as the many movies we have today.
Lavinia Lustin
Lavinia Lustin 4 kun oldin
Roze with a z
Jaime Avalanche
Jaime Avalanche 5 kun oldin
Røze with a z
Frankie Cedeno
Frankie Cedeno 5 kun oldin
Finally someone who understands my childhood. Thanks Matthias. Cause Evolution!
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 5 kun oldin
AlphaRose UWU
AlphaRose UWU 5 kun oldin
Røze with a Z
m14srv 5 kun oldin
matt's voice = police accademy
Backyard Biologist
Backyard Biologist 5 kun oldin
Like for Shennelle.
Ava Rools!
Ava Rools! 5 kun oldin
10:13 Tanner: never *NEVER*
Ava Rools!
Ava Rools! 5 kun oldin
Ege Kuzu
Ege Kuzu 5 kun oldin
The "No, just a sip" 😭😭😂😂
Jeev Ramlagun
Jeev Ramlagun 5 kun oldin
1 like 4 Tanner the cat
Jeev Ramlagun
Jeev Ramlagun 5 kun oldin
Rose with an S
Dillen Kingwill
Dillen Kingwill 5 kun oldin
RØZE with a z
Banana Balloon
Banana Balloon 6 kun oldin
Like to save Matt’s life
Anderw Reyes
Anderw Reyes 6 kun oldin
Hey cat
Whatsawhodado 6 kun oldin
essential oils are actually bad for cats
Brynn Haver
Brynn Haver 6 kun oldin
Rose with a z
Ethan The man
Ethan The man 6 kun oldin
Roze with a z
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