10 Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow That Prove He's Lost His Mind

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10 strict rules Kim Kardashian must follow.
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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most talked-about celebrity couples. This famous Hollywood couple gets followed around just about anywhere. People love to gossip, but what they love to do even more is gossip about Kanye and the rules he makes for Kim! While some of these are standard couple-related rules, others just simply prove he’s lost his mind. From dictating her fashion sense and having strange temperatures inside the house, to having a say in just about anything Kim does and banning her from talking or hanging out with her exes, here are the 10 rules Kanye makes Kim follow that prove he’s lost his mind!
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14-Apr, 2018

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Claudia Vlahović
Claudia Vlahović 2 soat oldin
Emma Schaffran
Emma Schaffran 6 soat oldin
The no phones at the table isn’t a crazy rule. It’s a rule in our family and I love it
Shelby Carbin
Shelby Carbin 11 soat oldin
This doesn’t seem crazy to me lol am I crazy then most of these rules r pretty logical and when ur that famous
Technicolor-mom 19 soat oldin
*Where did they go to verify these rules? 🤪*
Project God
Project God 21 soat oldin
Those rules aren’t insane. He has a right to set rules and she has a right to either follow them or not. Obviously she chooses to follow them as she should respect his wishes. I am sure there are rules she sets that he does his best to take into consideration to show his respect for her. The only thing that I’m surprised she lets him control is the A/C.
Zeynep Dagci
Zeynep Dagci Kun oldin
The Talko; what's your problem with the Kardashians?
Blue Feathered Bird
very controling man
MarcAndre Craig Frederick-Wilson
This guy has clearly lost it
Sam Lunoza
Sam Lunoza Kun oldin
I don't believe most of these rules!
Jenay S
Jenay S Kun oldin
Most of these things are normal... stop trying to make Kanye seem so controlling when he isn’t
Malik Grady
Malik Grady 2 kun oldin
All this is basically saying is that Kanye doesn’t trust Kim
Danielle Daniel
Danielle Daniel 2 kun oldin
Valkyrie Heals
Valkyrie Heals 2 kun oldin
Kanye is a fucking clown......
baek the hyun
baek the hyun 2 kun oldin
Geanina Florentina
Geanina Florentina 2 kun oldin
These rules are so wrong
ROBLOX SYDNEY 3 kun oldin
It is Kim life so why is he trying to control it. These rule are pathetic
Bebe Zieggy
Bebe Zieggy 3 kun oldin
Just dump him for god sake
Bebe Zieggy
Bebe Zieggy 3 kun oldin
He seriously needs to get a grip Kim is a independent women and can do what she wants?
Nik C
Nik C 3 kun oldin
Anyone that watches KUWTK knows Kim can't handle the heat. When she vacationed with her family and ex husband Chris Humphries on the show, she literally had an anxiety attack because the air conditioning in their room wasn't on. Chris had thought she was a spoiled brat for overreacting to the heat. So this video is horse shit 😂😂
Mae Standley
Mae Standley 3 kun oldin
Most of theses are okay. But the “must know what you are doing at all times” , “no friends outside the marriage” and “keep your eyes on stage and look mesmerised” are a little insane. And seem a little controlling
Nesreen Denyse
Nesreen Denyse 3 kun oldin
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these rules at all.. Especially for a trick like her :) She needs approval since she doesn't know how to act. He's a MAN and he's doing his job as a protector and Father
will ben oni
will ben oni 4 kun oldin
Did Kim tell you about this whole damn rule herself??? I don't think so
Leila Haskell
Leila Haskell 4 kun oldin
I love kim Kardashian
R A 4 kun oldin
Damn hes controlling as hell
Livnarix 5 kun oldin
It dosent mean hes crazy
Leah Scruggs
Leah Scruggs 5 kun oldin
That's Just Sad
jenae turner
jenae turner 5 kun oldin
Kaitlyn 5 kun oldin
These aren’t crazy tbh
Paige The Gymnast
Paige The Gymnast 5 kun oldin
3:35 it’s not funnest it’s the most fun
Paige The Gymnast
Paige The Gymnast 5 kun oldin
This is all fake every last one
somer king
somer king 5 kun oldin
no.AC??? really..noway they jus sit around and sweat in 100* weather all day.. Noway!! I don't believe it...
Sophie Clifton
Sophie Clifton 5 kun oldin
Okay but if I was performing and my bf was on his phone I'd be sad too
Margaret Mosca
Margaret Mosca 5 kun oldin
He needs help!
quest215 6 kun oldin
If their happy together what does it matter
sang rasConnie
sang rasConnie 7 kun oldin
BTS Namjoon
BTS Namjoon 7 kun oldin
These aren’t rlly insane and I understand if both of them don’t want the ac on I would want it on but it’s their life not mine right?
Alma Prieto
Alma Prieto 8 kun oldin
Smart business lady, how can she deal with those crazy things like no AC what????? I hope is not true!
Kyoko LOYA-HARDIN 8 kun oldin
I know the brother has came cross Extreme over the years, but to down play him as a husband and father fowl and another example of the BS people do to destroy families. Kim isn’t divorcing him over it and frankly even if she nags about it she hasn’t left him over it. Plus she keep having children with him. The crazy thing is his “rules” could be the one thing holding their marriage and family together. Unlike most people.
chiosocc8 Sanchez
chiosocc8 Sanchez 8 kun oldin
How you gonna take picture of your food if you have already finished it and what if you didn't finish the food you just gonna take picture of the bites you gave it makes no sense 😂
kim alonzo
kim alonzo 8 kun oldin
So what exactly is crazy about these rules? Anyone who thinks these rules are crazy never had a dad or husband in their lives.
E Collins
E Collins 8 kun oldin
ON A.C. NOW do not lush to him at all!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
ninjablk007able 8 kun oldin
I don't play bout my laundry either Fk that
beverly a
beverly a 8 kun oldin
so what is kim's rules for kanye
Jacky Ortega
Jacky Ortega 9 kun oldin
exotic turners
exotic turners 9 kun oldin
Kim get rid of that schmuck Kanye cos honestly his just bad for your brand come and marry me instead
XAVIAN BROWN 9 kun oldin
omg really that's my Brad Pitt rolling out now
XAVIAN BROWN 9 kun oldin
Sibahle Mtana
Sibahle Mtana 10 kun oldin
I don't believe that half of these rules are true. Yall just lying
Arianne Wallace
Arianne Wallace 10 kun oldin
Yeeaa he tripping if he think I’m not about to turn on the damn ac
Raelynn Teal
Raelynn Teal 10 kun oldin
This isnt crazy rules this is husband stuff.. Like this is normal!!!
dope ass savage
dope ass savage 10 kun oldin
Man I wish I could walk up to kanye and say to his face " man u high or something. You're supposed to be her man, her soul mate not her dad. GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT MAN. Jeez." Or I could just kick his balls. (If he had any)😒😏
fatima cubias
fatima cubias 10 kun oldin
He not trippin. Thats just looking out for his female. He knows what he doin
Persian Princess
Persian Princess 11 kun oldin
This video doesn't show hard facts. It's hearsay.
babycraystal21 Diamond
You need to pack your bags and leave you need that air condition man you going to be hot in your house because of a man that's like having your dad at your house you should be able to take your daughter any wish you want to you should be able to do whatever you want to you don't need a man or woman or or zombie or or a poop head or anything
Blaise Payne
Blaise Payne 11 kun oldin
His a insane and totally abusive. This makes me actually feel sorry for kim.
ILUV BTS 12 kun oldin
At least have ac in your room 🤧😩
Hailey Baker
Hailey Baker 12 kun oldin
Ok having to know who Kim spends time with and needing approval to take North out when Kim is the mother is absolutely ridiculous. The rest are not that ridiculous.
Juli stole your Man
Juli stole your Man 12 kun oldin
This isn’t so crazy
Candace Larweh-Martey
None of this seems that weird or extreme........ Maybe some of you need to get in touch with other cultures.....
MRS. LYON 12 kun oldin
Kanye needs to have his brain reprogrammed again.
Struggle Bus
Struggle Bus 13 kun oldin
Watch me talk about Kanye’s shenanigans on my page!!!
Sexy ass diva
Sexy ass diva 13 kun oldin
Kayne doesn't approve anything he is 200%disloyal and 478%over protective
Sexy ass diva
Sexy ass diva 13 kun oldin
Kayne is crazy and to over protective like he is to strict
Dallasweimorts 13 kun oldin
Kanye is amazing
Sharon Lefebvre
Sharon Lefebvre 13 kun oldin
Kim, don't allow your man to rule you. You are an independent woman and you don't have to be bossed around. Stuff it Man he, your a ZERO.
It might be Kaxsky
It might be Kaxsky 13 kun oldin
:25 is where they actually get to the video
Mya R.Caballero
Mya R.Caballero 14 kun oldin
Continue the legacy of the Kardashians?? OH HELL NO 😲
Zain Casey
Zain Casey 14 kun oldin
The amount of disrespect towards Kanye, is disgusting.
trinity wilson
trinity wilson 14 kun oldin
Native such consensus czepdq though database live coffee show side free will cause overlook
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 15 kun oldin
He sounds too controlling
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles 15 kun oldin
No AC?? He is beyond mental. A hospital with padded rooms is where he needs to be.
Lesa 15 kun oldin
Well Kanye provesss that he's the man offf the house ,cause the Kardashians are not to mess with they could ruin you😐😁
Paola SLPLSSINAL 15 kun oldin
This guy is a Joke! 😂 👎🏻
Cherif Iness
Cherif Iness 15 kun oldin
Kanye loves Kim and Kim loves Kanye and they are the perfect pair . These are just generic family rules that all of us knows and no wonder they are living their life and are happy together . I love how their relationship is going and cute as always
Jacob Fulcher
Jacob Fulcher 16 kun oldin
Wow finally people with money that doesn't believe in AC! If you wanted to be cold move north
Serena Shugars
Serena Shugars 16 kun oldin
A real man dont make the rules for the girl she does not him
Mrs Darcy
Mrs Darcy 16 kun oldin
I dont See why any of those rules should prove that Kanye lost his mind. Some of them are a bit weird and some of them make sense. But thats all. Dislike not because of the video,but because of the title!
Donna Hudson
Donna Hudson 16 kun oldin
The house being hot. No AC. That just proves they are lizard people. Mastery solved
Thomas McCullough
Thomas McCullough 17 kun oldin
She's a gold digger just like Trumps wife, they knew what the HELL they were getting into marrying these stupid mother fuckers!
Ta Neesha Jackson
Ta Neesha Jackson 17 kun oldin
Honesty none of these rules are crazy, no phones seems like a good idea, not mixing laundry seems like a good idea and should make it easier for the maid, no exes seems cool, helping her embrace her pregnant body is what a husband should do, not knowing the gender is what some couples do, knowing where his daughter & wife are & what they’re doing (especially after the Paris instead) seems perfectly fine for their situation, knowing your wife’s friends and who she hangs out with (let’s be honest ladies, sometimes are friends are sneaky and we can’t see past that but someone else, like your husband, can) I’m sure Kim wants to know who he spends his time with & who he call friends...all of these rules seem normal for a married couple. Only absurd ones are having to keep all eyes on him during a performance but he’s an artist 🤷🏽‍♀️...& please turn on the AC lol everything else? Perfectly fine.
Sunset RedWolf
Sunset RedWolf 17 kun oldin
“10 Videos The Talko Has Made That Proves They Have No Original Ideas”
A lightinthedarkness
Omg not having a phone at table is not weird or crazy!!!
Arianna Galante
Arianna Galante 17 kun oldin
he’s so controlling and full of himself it’s sickening.
Fake Name
Fake Name 17 kun oldin
1.If rule number 1 is not controlling and there's nothing wrong with it then why is it on the list 2. The second one is a rule for North 3. They needed that rule when they (Kardashian sisters) we're supposed to be giving a moment of silence but instead they were on the phone 4. Ever nigga got a rule about the AC and the heat mind ya damn business 5. Y'all all up in they laundry for what 6. Everybody has there relationship problems about going out with yo friends guy or girl again mind ya business 7. Y'all just admitted that neither of them wanted to Kno the gender so wtf is it on the list 8. So he giving tips on what she wears I'm pretty wear whatever Tf she wants she may take his advice tho 9. So if it's a rule that universe couples go through then why is it on the list 10. Mind ya business All in all Kim gonna do what she wants and if she doesn't want to die the things Kanye suggest then she won't it's they relationship mind ya business
jeaniebird 17 kun oldin
It's not at all surprising that he's super controlling, he is a narcissist, after all. ALL narcissists insist on controlling as much as they possibly can and won't have partners in their life that won't allow them to do that. Narcissists are the worst type of disorder, including psychopaths and sociopaths. There's no hope for narcissists.
Marina Colon-Velez
Marina Colon-Velez 17 kun oldin
My question is how do they know all of these are try I understand the ones where it tells you but some of the seem like there being pulled out of a cloud.
Raoul Is My Husband
Raoul Is My Husband 18 kun oldin
So fucking toxc
Serena Pretzel
Serena Pretzel 18 kun oldin
The only insane rule is no AC like that’s on a different level
flow.3r 19 kun oldin
5:26 why are they with Taylor Swift thought they had a bad relationship👀👀👀?
Sweetness 101
Sweetness 101 19 kun oldin
Is Kayne crazy, stupid, dum or f***ing retardit.....if I was Kim boy o boy.......
Baddest Bitch
Baddest Bitch 19 kun oldin
Feel like some of these are lies lmao
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 19 kun oldin
Kim is his handler and he has been mind f'd😈
queenbee 20 kun oldin
This isn’t healthy
Blunts DGC
Blunts DGC 20 kun oldin
Kanye west just a depressed bi polar goof
Diabetic Kitty
Diabetic Kitty 21 kun oldin
This is also one of the reasons I don’t listen to his music or go to any concerts it’s all crap IN MY OPINION
Mati Duarte
Mati Duarte 21 kun oldin
Tbh none of the rules are crazy,its normal and actually really good
Johanny Sanes
Johanny Sanes 21 kun oldin
no phones at the table happens in my house
Monique Cruickson
Monique Cruickson 21 kun oldin
Uh is this real
James Nelson Jr
James Nelson Jr 21 kun oldin
He's just a crazy f***er!
Tina Braun
Tina Braun 22 kun oldin
The no A.C. rule is nuts