10 Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow That Prove He's Lost His Mind

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10 strict rules Kim Kardashian must follow.
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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most talked-about celebrity couples. This famous Hollywood couple gets followed around just about anywhere. People love to gossip, but what they love to do even more is gossip about Kanye and the rules he makes for Kim! While some of these are standard couple-related rules, others just simply prove he’s lost his mind. From dictating her fashion sense and having strange temperatures inside the house, to having a say in just about anything Kim does and banning her from talking or hanging out with her exes, here are the 10 rules Kanye makes Kim follow that prove he’s lost his mind!
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14-Apr, 2018

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Melissa Van Rooyen
Melissa Van Rooyen 2 kun oldin
Starts of the video say they hope the 1st rules isn't true... Then proceed to say it's not a bad thing and they don't blame him???
Xxi 3 kun oldin
I’m confused. Can someone tell me where the Talko gets there information from?
Wade Cahill
Wade Cahill 6 kun oldin
they are one screwed up couple, he is a looney tune and she is a narcissist that can't see past her nose
Archi Singh
Archi Singh 6 kun oldin
Is he crazy 🤔🤔😲😲😵😵😰
Mya Babies
Mya Babies 8 kun oldin
Boy my boy kanya is not stupit
Aditee Mishra
Aditee Mishra 8 kun oldin
Lesson learned. Go to a Kanye concert, get a front row position and NOT LISTEN TO OR PAY ATTENTION to a single word he sings.
busisiwe maphanga
busisiwe maphanga 9 kun oldin
Leave Kanye alone.hisa great guy.m
My Dreams
My Dreams 10 kun oldin
I want to know what is the real reason Kim follow his rules. Ain't nobody control me. My parents was enough
Fortnite Baddess
Fortnite Baddess 11 kun oldin
The ‘boy or a girl’ one is fake! I know because on The Ellen Show, Kim slipped out she was having a baby girl so im calling bs on that one
donex7 snow
donex7 snow 11 kun oldin
kanye west weird!!!!
Clara Shoe
Clara Shoe 12 kun oldin
These rules seem fine to me, but then again, I am 57.
M 12 kun oldin
That's why he ain't with Amber anymore... she didn't put up with that shit... he was telling her what she could and couldn't wear
Judy Gaines
Judy Gaines 13 kun oldin
I wont even watch this. Bullshit!..if hat. Dumb buh goes along with it... thats total bls b.s. in evey way youll ever get with. me bruh, inmmm. Owiied b.bb
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Ian cruz
Ian cruz 13 kun oldin
This is not a real man. This is like an teenage boy thats so insecure about himself that he needs these rules. If you trust your wife, You trust that she'll make the right decisions. Rules should come from both sides.
Shayleigh Scott
Shayleigh Scott 13 kun oldin
Controlling much??
Bae Goals
Bae Goals 13 kun oldin
She has rules for him also...They’re being one sided...
Bae Goals
Bae Goals 13 kun oldin
What’s wrong with these rules?Understandable...
Blue Braun
Blue Braun 15 kun oldin
Kuburat Jimoh
Kuburat Jimoh 15 kun oldin
Funny, this guy is cursed. Just leave them alone.
A A 15 kun oldin
Some are actually respectful. Unless by crazy you mean committed ! 😉
George Glenn
George Glenn 16 kun oldin
What does he see in her?
Jen B
Jen B 16 kun oldin
Eyes on me at all times. OK. Freak.
claire bigelow
claire bigelow 18 kun oldin
If she had half a brain cell...she;d grab the kids and run for the hills. Kanye is a controlling abusive man.. and this is how women and children get abused and killed..... he needs to take his meds and intense therapy
Captain Deathsquirrel
I expected much worse. These weren't so bad.
Shontae Spencer
Shontae Spencer 19 kun oldin
So normal shit people do makes them crazy gtfoh
Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows
Some of these make sense, No Phones at the table for example. No AC is perhaps just a preference. But I don't understand why he has to have a final say in every single thing that Kim does, that comes off as a bit controlling. Kim is a grown woman and make her own decisions, and Kanye doesn't really have to Know and approve of every single person she goes out with or how long she'll be out or when she'll go out. 😂There are these things called healthy boundaries...He should get on that Keeping her eyes on the stage and looking mesmerized at all times? I like Kanye's music but he kind of seems like a narcissist😂😂😂
reyn walus
reyn walus 20 kun oldin
The gender reaveal is real my mom tought i was a girl and i wore girls clothes until 3 years old
Don Barzini
Don Barzini 20 kun oldin
SWSimpson 25 kun oldin
Gail Frank
Gail Frank 25 kun oldin
They deserve each other
SrirachaNyourEyes 25 kun oldin
No AC?? Divorce!
John Doe
John Doe 26 kun oldin
C Jones
C Jones 26 kun oldin
She was dressing bummy before she married him tho
Pauline Carrion
Pauline Carrion 27 kun oldin
Out of all the crazy things Kanye has said and done I don't think those rules are bad at all.. There actually not bad at all. I'd agree with him on all of them.
Alice Melody
Alice Melody 28 kun oldin
*I get some but some are just controlling*
Mayela Lopez
Mayela Lopez 29 kun oldin
Another stupid FAMILY!
caramel2l Oy oldin
He's under mk ultra.. There's many different types.. Look it up..
shifa nabukeera
He lost his mind a long time ago.
Chad Michael
Chad Michael Oy oldin
Wait a second, because he lays it boundries, he’s crazy? I’m so sick of this feminist jargon y’all drop at every turn.
I'ts me
I'ts me Oy oldin
Oh yeah he cuckoo.....I ain't talkin bout for Cocoa Puffs either!
Lorie Postlewaite
I would never let any mthrfkr tell me what I can and can’t do I’m too independent for that shit
TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan
I think number one is the most sane thing on the list
Kayda Barley
Kayda Barley Oy oldin
kanya just has such a big fuckin ego I believe and hates to see Kim in any sort of spot light
ray star
ray star Oy oldin
Well this channel is perhaps organized by the Kardashian s
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Oy oldin
So we dog him out cause he's mentally unstable? Supposedly. Is this how we treat people. I think Dr Ford is mentally ill and delusional for not having evidence or corroborating witnesses against Kavanagh, but how come she wasn't crucified? Double standard.
The no phones I get totally get but the rest come on hes controlling especially the no ac tf is wrong with this dude what about his kids like wtf
Yellow Synth
Yellow Synth Oy oldin
Sounds like a father that loves his family to me
katy donawether
Kanye is mentally simple 😂 and all people on phones are mentally also 😂 The kardashians is not reality show its all and acts all fake its junk
Dashia James
Dashia James Oy oldin
Kanye definitely is ruling her....life !! It's like he's the parent and she's the child !! She is soooo stupid and dumb to even allow him to tell her what to do. And he's so selfish, egotistical & crazy. What kinda of marriage is that !!
Mimi Mimisorr
Mimi Mimisorr Oy oldin
I never use my phone in public, alawys it's in my bag and I only answer to phone when somebody call me ..sorry for my English it's not my fisrt language. Peace all ♡♡♡
honey honey
honey honey Oy oldin
rule 1 let no1 control u ever in a relationship cos it will turn ugly or deadly.
Sarah waters
Sarah waters Oy oldin
How come he never told her to stop going naked on instagram?
Aviaja Mortensen
This is not a healthy relationship. He's not her dad.
Anna Alonso
Anna Alonso Oy oldin
Wdym when u say *we really hope that number one isn’t true* like what I’m confused!?!?
Thanya Wells
Thanya Wells Oy oldin
Kanye seems really controlling
Dats Funny
Dats Funny Oy oldin
There is literally only 1 y’all said that isn’t normal! 😤
Bball_Boyz Oy oldin
these rules aint nothing crayz at all besides the AC
jocelyn lopez
jocelyn lopez Oy oldin
This is to much bro😂too controlling
Irena Martz
Irena Martz Oy oldin
Not having a phone at the table it's only good manners.
Muslimbaconlovers Killallmusluma
Kim's a whore
monika borbelyova
Loose he’s mind ? That’s joke just because he doesn’t want let her use her phone on dinner table good I agree with Kanye today people doesn’t know how to spend time on dinner or anywhere without phone
Denise Kinzle
Denise Kinzle Oy oldin
I still wonder after all the men she's gone thru is Kanye West the best she could do ?
vonwolly2 Oy oldin
I'm not that controlling. Not into Kim Kardashian. I think Courtney's a lot better looking she looks real.Not into the Kardashian family.
Diane Harris
Diane Harris Oy oldin
Your house must smell from sweat, musty, moldy!
A reason why men love white girls
Allie Novack
Allie Novack Oy oldin
Is kim kardashians safety a concern with kanye west bipolar mood swings and unexpected goals of moving to chicago? Will he pull a psycho. The shining "its johnny" move on kim if she doesn't comply with his latest idea?
Chalamgtf123 Mohammed
He didn't lose his mind woman in Hollywood they need to be in their place
LupiitaF. Fulbright
They all suck. Faker than a 3 dollar bill. Throw them all in the trash.
Ashley A
Ashley A 2 oy oldin
This sucks lmao
Zahara tinwala
Zahara tinwala 2 oy oldin
These rules don't even feel like rules to me,tbh I casually follow all this & it doesn't even feel like "rules" to me & in my opinion, Kanye is just setting really good examples for his children & teaching them discipline & respecting his wife & children & Yeah I didn't get the AC one cause it was way too WEIRD but- This was truly & honestly MY OPINION. You may disagree but don't come hating at me
Jovaan Mills
Jovaan Mills 2 oy oldin
Kanye kim there mama sisters all of them are fuckin Loco
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1 Peter 3: 8 Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.
Black Bee
Black Bee 2 oy oldin
Talĸ вoυт вeιng daмn protectivr
Kush Yadav
Kush Yadav 2 oy oldin
Slave kim 😂
keyboardbeats 2 oy oldin
Besides rule #1 and no ex rule, this guy is nuts....
bombpapi i
bombpapi i 2 oy oldin
these aren't really brazy rules, sounds normal to me
Nolwazi Cele
Nolwazi Cele 2 oy oldin
Kayne is a horrible man
kat georgia the perfectionist
Banned in america
benja torres
benja torres 2 oy oldin
Laundry one I understand
Jybran B
Jybran B 2 oy oldin
Kim is a big time slut, he deserves much better,
Ginna kilong
Ginna kilong 2 oy oldin
All the rules set for Kim is for slave....... Kanye is treating her like a slave. I don't like it.
Justine Gauthier
Justine Gauthier 2 oy oldin
I got a rule for him... please.. DONT try to sing like Freddie mercury if you cant even sing..
hafieza jumali
hafieza jumali 2 oy oldin
beast02 Cortez
beast02 Cortez 2 oy oldin
This nigga kanye ugly af howd he pull kim she bomb af
Quannay Burgos
Quannay Burgos 2 oy oldin
SMH nigga please
Carlos Rangel
Carlos Rangel 2 oy oldin
More like 10 rules that make him a normal husband
κανέλα Gutierrez
N CARGa 2 oy oldin
woohh that bam bam ...aeyyyeehhh... light a figher show up midde fingeer.
prussianroyalty 2 oy oldin
her get -up and style before she got married.. she is known for her own, unique style.. I truly wish Kim or anybody who cares for her would see how abused and unappreciated she is.. she could have gotten more successful if not for a megalomaniac and unsupportive husband.. Nobody owns nobody.. Value only those who value and truly respect and love you, Kim.. Do that for yourself so you can be there for yourself whatever happens.. kind and sweet people attract controlling and manipulative partners.. That is why there is such a thing as “NARCISSISTIC ABUSE” please check what it is all about.. Dont live in fear.. Be strong.
Kk San
Kk San 2 oy oldin
Priscilla Hall
Priscilla Hall 2 oy oldin
Kanaye is a psychotic weirdo
LaShaunda J
LaShaunda J 2 oy oldin
The laundry rule is a normal rule for 98° of African American households. The man of the houses closthes are simply washed separately.
Neil Cage
Neil Cage 2 oy oldin
This is bs
Colleen Canonigo
Colleen Canonigo 2 oy oldin
How do you know these things?
big popaa
big popaa 2 oy oldin
Richest whore...
Deejay Showme
Deejay Showme 2 oy oldin
Judy Abdelaziz
Judy Abdelaziz 2 oy oldin
He is a crazy man how does that kim jerk married this man he should go to An insane hospital she was completely a jerk when she married him😡
Khian Blake
Khian Blake 2 oy oldin
Kayne What's The taste of dick ex boyfriend of Kim
M's mylife
M's mylife 2 oy oldin
No air in the house 😱😱