10 Rules Kanye Makes Kim Follow That Prove He's Lost His Mind

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10 strict rules Kim Kardashian must follow.
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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the most talked-about celebrity couples. This famous Hollywood couple gets followed around just about anywhere. People love to gossip, but what they love to do even more is gossip about Kanye and the rules he makes for Kim! While some of these are standard couple-related rules, others just simply prove he’s lost his mind. From dictating her fashion sense and having strange temperatures inside the house, to having a say in just about anything Kim does and banning her from talking or hanging out with her exes, here are the 10 rules Kanye makes Kim follow that prove he’s lost his mind!
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14-Apr, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 093
LupiitaF. Fulbright
They all suck. Faker than a 3 dollar bill. Throw them all in the trash.
Ashley A
Ashley A 2 kun oldin
This sucks lmao
Zahara tinwala
Zahara tinwala 2 kun oldin
These rules don't even feel like rules to me,tbh I casually follow all this & it doesn't even feel like "rules" to me & in my opinion, Kanye is just setting really good examples for his children & teaching them discipline & respecting his wife & children & Yeah I didn't get the AC one cause it was way too WEIRD but- This was truly & honestly MY OPINION. You may disagree but don't come hating at me
Jovaan Mills
Jovaan Mills 3 kun oldin
Kanye kim there mama sisters all of them are fuckin Loco
Member information
Member information 3 kun oldin
1 Peter 3: 8 Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.
Black Bee
Black Bee 5 kun oldin
Talĸ вoυт вeιng daмn protectivr
Kush Yadav
Kush Yadav 6 kun oldin
Slave kim 😂
keyboardbeats 7 kun oldin
Besides rule #1 and no ex rule, this guy is nuts....
bombpapi i
bombpapi i 7 kun oldin
these aren't really brazy rules, sounds normal to me
Nolwazi Cele
Nolwazi Cele 7 kun oldin
Kayne is a horrible man
kat georgia the perfectionist
Banned in america
benja torres
benja torres 8 kun oldin
Laundry one I understand
Jybran B
Jybran B 8 kun oldin
Kim is a big time slut, he deserves much better,
Ginna kilong
Ginna kilong 8 kun oldin
All the rules set for Kim is for slave....... Kanye is treating her like a slave. I don't like it.
Justine Gauthier
Justine Gauthier 9 kun oldin
I got a rule for him... please.. DONT try to sing like Freddie mercury if you cant even sing..
hafieza jumali
hafieza jumali 10 kun oldin
beast02 Cortez
beast02 Cortez 11 kun oldin
This nigga kanye ugly af howd he pull kim she bomb af
Quannay Burgos
Quannay Burgos 13 kun oldin
SMH nigga please
Carlos Rangel
Carlos Rangel 13 kun oldin
More like 10 rules that make him a normal husband
Yazmee Gutierrez
Yazmee Gutierrez 13 kun oldin
N CARGa 14 kun oldin
woohh that bam bam ...aeyyyeehhh... light a figher show up midde fingeer.
prussianroyalty 16 kun oldin
her get -up and style before she got married.. she is known for her own, unique style.. I truly wish Kim or anybody who cares for her would see how abused and unappreciated she is.. she could have gotten more successful if not for a megalomaniac and unsupportive husband.. Nobody owns nobody.. Value only those who value and truly respect and love you, Kim.. Do that for yourself so you can be there for yourself whatever happens.. kind and sweet people attract controlling and manipulative partners.. That is why there is such a thing as “NARCISSISTIC ABUSE” please check what it is all about.. Dont live in fear.. Be strong.
Kk San
Kk San 17 kun oldin
Priscilla Hall
Priscilla Hall 18 kun oldin
Kanaye is a psychotic weirdo
LaShaunda J
LaShaunda J 18 kun oldin
The laundry rule is a normal rule for 98° of African American households. The man of the houses closthes are simply washed separately.
Neil Cage
Neil Cage 19 kun oldin
This is bs
Media Pedia
Media Pedia 20 kun oldin
Like wondering wtf!
Colleen Canonigo
Colleen Canonigo 21 kun oldin
How do you know these things?
big popaa
big popaa 21 kun oldin
Richest whore...
Deejay Showme
Deejay Showme 22 kun oldin
Judy Abdelaziz
Judy Abdelaziz 22 kun oldin
He is a crazy man how does that kim jerk married this man he should go to An insane hospital she was completely a jerk when she married him😡
Khian Blake
Khian Blake 22 kun oldin
Kayne What's The taste of dick ex boyfriend of Kim
M's mylife
M's mylife 23 kun oldin
No air in the house 😱😱
Dadu Phineasa
Dadu Phineasa 24 kun oldin
He tipical male wants to control women instead of being equal
Yooshie Gorge
Yooshie Gorge 24 kun oldin
Not wonting your clothes washed with others clothes isn't weird I have that same "rule" in my house I will not use my towels that has been washed with someone else clothes. If my clothes is mixed with others I'd have to rewash mine 2-4 times after. Germs🤢
tchkadua m
tchkadua m 24 kun oldin
you ain't got the answers
KEVIN anderson
KEVIN anderson 24 kun oldin
shit skin tv!!
Sharron Heuer
Sharron Heuer 25 kun oldin
He would have to follow the sleep in the bed by YO SELF rule.
Mr 25 kun oldin
"When she becomes a rebellious teen 🤔. I will unsubcribe ..your level of think ing is fucked.
Nelissa Fred
Nelissa Fred 25 kun oldin
Kim style of dressing has gone crazy. nothing she wear anymore is nice . Kanye style
Deborah Etheridge
Deborah Etheridge 26 kun oldin
He sounds controlling.
proudmileven 26 kun oldin
Omg... North West😂
Sara Meira Gootblatt
Lol. My husband lost his mind too cuZ he has almost all the same rules. lol
Elizabeth Dalgleish
Elizabeth Dalgleish 29 kun oldin
It's a girl
Piper 1027
Piper 1027 Oy oldin
I agree with the no phones at the table.. My family does that while eating at the table.. Shows respect..
Colleen Thomson
My eye wouldn’t be oan him at a concert cause I would never be at any of his concerts
mark garcia
mark garcia Oy oldin
Kardashian’s ain’t even pretty. All plastic and gross. Kanye sucks. And always will suck. With the exception of gold digger.
Kamal-Eldin Abou-Elhamd
He likes kim for kim not because she's a star or so And having a real person is little nowadays
Kamal-Eldin Abou-Elhamd
He is the best dad and the best husband in Hollywood
doll maleficent
why no AC WTF is wrong with them
doll maleficent
what's Kanye rules about Kim leaving his kid at hotels alone and Kim leaving her behind
Nation 0f Israel 4ever
Remember this all of ISRAEL who snuggle up to the enemies....God will use those same enemies to bring you down...watch your back!! Return back to your God
OoFf Oy oldin
Waaaaaaaaaiaiaiiiiit and minute How do u know these shit?????
Brock Makishima
Most of the things this channel says is false
Akeyla Johnson
Why she no lef him
Melik Walker
Melik Walker Oy oldin
Kanye West sounds controlling
Ji Kang
Ji Kang Oy oldin
All those rules are really reasonable... except for the AC, but that's a personal choice.
Fay E
Fay E Oy oldin
KMDT sound like Kanye is fill with jealousy to set some of these rules
Judy Thomas
Judy Thomas Oy oldin
His music of that watch you call it sucks like him!!!!!
shay geange
shay geange Oy oldin
i'm so glad i'm not filthy rich,"more money more problems"
FizzGigg4 Oy oldin
I LOVE Kanye and I actually agree with these rules he has for his family, wife and children. Most of them are common sense and then understandable. If anyone has any problems with these, I'm wondering how their relationship is. Your spouse should be your best friend and ultimately the only one you want to be with. Nothing wrong with picking their clothes for certain occasions. AND If I was a music artist "What's a star if his most important fan is missing?" Hell yeah, keep your eyes on stage, what would that look like if not even your wife was into your music. No phones at the table is a rule I see trying to be implemented even in commercials, so that's not crazy either. I have always been a Kanye West fan for his mind and music, so I totally relate and understand a lot from him. Oh, and lastly if you follow the West family, any woman should appreciate a man who is in love with you and embrace your weight during your pregnancy. His love for Kim is so obvious, nowadays men don't act like they have a protective bone in their body. You're supposed to be protective over your family and the head of your household!!!
Cynthia Kendrick
No AC no Deal...
Maria O'Leary
Maria O'Leary Oy oldin
A man that permanently pout 99.9% of his life...
Anescia Walker
They do not have a healthy relationship because he doesn't trust her and he is controlling her an everything she does
Ej Zzz
Ej Zzz Oy oldin
Ummmm how do they know these rules are true it’s not like they actually live with them or something
CVTMR Oy oldin
Sounds like someone has control issues.
SecondChances Smokey&TheAbandon
A lot of Kanye rules are logical and fair...Kim is use to doing as she pleases ....she needed someone to rein her in....I don't agree with all ....but he's a good dad and that all that should matter....
Poopy Oy oldin
*citation needed*
Raquel García
“10 rules that show Kanye lost his mind” Rule #1: No phones at table ....if he’s lost his mind then so have my parents. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule that most households have🤦🏽‍♀️
Cindy allday Long
Well he better keep up with what's she's doing. Remember he married a hoe
Shaeily Kinnunen
“We love you like Kanye loves Kanye” lmaoooo
Destiny Kemp
Destiny Kemp Oy oldin
So he's an abusive controlling dick what a surprise 😒
Phoebe Turner
Phoebe Turner Oy oldin
When they said you can’t spot Kanye without a hoodie ( or something like that ) he didn’t have a hoodie on for any of the clips after that In the entire vid
Si Bi
Si Bi Oy oldin
I think Kanye is pretty normal after watching this....
Deborah Field
Deborah Field Oy oldin
They are both Psycho
Twice Velvet
Twice Velvet Oy oldin
erinc Oy oldin
how is a reasonable act like no phones at the table or trying to provide a normal life for his kids proves that he's lost his mind, you scams ?
Amanda begg
Amanda begg Oy oldin
Apart for the laundry rule, the rest seem fair enough.
Lisa Macfarlane
acoustic cover of kanye west's only one uzvid.com/video/video-15UrMkgUS74.html
Zeppie Oy oldin
He is so ugly. They deserve each other.
Urban Nomad
Urban Nomad Oy oldin
I don't like it when I hang out with friends and they are always on their phone . so I agree with him
Jaleesa Tate
Jaleesa Tate Oy oldin
Well where the rule about posting half naked pictures on Instagram? There’s a rule for everything else
Harley Swift
Harley Swift Oy oldin
Everyone loves reality tv? Uh what...?
Marie Baca
Marie Baca Oy oldin
If she wants to have mother & daughter time she doesn't need his approval. That's too ridiculous. & eyes on stage at all times that's dumb he needs to focus on the fans that are paying for the show.
Spencer Henderson
this whole video should be used during the trial of everybody involved in the making of this video, to prove delusion beyond repair and an inability to respect basic privacy. this is psychological abuse and propaganda and you should know that when the babyboomers go, those left behind who are involved in this kind of invasion of privacy are going to have to explain themselves to their peers, peers who choose not to punch a paycheck in lieu of respecting basic kindergarten lvl rules of decorum. the world is changing and the era of allowing nosy bottom feeders like you people to harass and browbeat others into accepting your fucked up views on the world is coming to a righteous end. karma is real my friends.
aj girl my channl
Kanye do to much😠
yasmine Oy oldin
Guys. This is theTalko. They may talk, but how do we know it’s *real?*
marie dun
marie dun Oy oldin
If this true i wouldn't live with an controlling dude like that screw that. Phone at table understand
artistducktapemichelle F
Kim doesn't have to do anything the husband is way too controlling he needs to stay back let Kim be a woman !! It's so pathetic
BVAAE Selmanaj
We all know Kanye has a big ego. I think he only does that in front of cameras and people
Léticia Oy oldin
Where do you guys get this info from?!?!! Omg
JJ Reyes
JJ Reyes Oy oldin
why am i watching this? what am i doing with my life?
tara bellmon
tara bellmon Oy oldin
No that's not having rules that's called being controlling
Little Killer.
I hope most of this rules are utter lies.
Randy ThirdSun
He must have a fetish for rubber... look at her.
Avonell Kewley
What a life smh
Kailen-James Morrison
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad Oy oldin
No phone's at a table is just being well mannered durh
Folake Ashiru-Balogun
This video made me hate Kanye what a bum
Princess Tt 219