10 Strict Rules Will Smith's Kids MUST Follow

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Inside the world of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith.
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It’s no secret that famous siblings Willow and Jaden Smith march to the beat of their own drums. The children of parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have some interesting parenting philosophies that not everyone agrees with. From their views on punishments, to encouraging their kids to be themselves, we’ll let you know some of the strict rules their kids are expected to follow. Although some may disagree with their unorthodox methods, Will and Jada desperately want the best for their kids, and believe that is achieved by encouraging them to be themselves. Do you agree with their unusual parenting strategies, or do you think that they’ve gone too far despite their good intentions? Let us know what your opinions are in the comment section below, and then click on the subscribe button to get more videos from TheTalko.
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3-Iyn, 2018

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popstarprincess123 17 soat oldin
This video is repetitive
Ahmad Killer
Ahmad Killer 23 soat oldin
I think they were sarcastic about the"strict rules"thing
Resident evil Hyfujh
It's very clear he s Gay 😿🤢 😑
Josh Orozco
Josh Orozco Kun oldin
Will and Jada.... Jaden and Willow... mind blown
gg12yeah 3 kun oldin
1:07 wow just cuz she a girl she doesn’t get the same freedom as her bother
Mr Henderson
Mr Henderson 5 kun oldin
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison 6 kun oldin
Forgot about Jayden not spitting jiz on the furniture!
Ybn Genesis
Ybn Genesis 6 kun oldin
Tyler da creator has a strick rule about jaden Smith We already know what that is
Aneshia Dixon
Aneshia Dixon 9 kun oldin
The title lied
Jonah T Beats
Jonah T Beats 10 kun oldin
nenagang223 11 kun oldin
I think it Is terrible because sometimes you need to be very strict if u don't try become spoild brats
Infinite Gamez
Infinite Gamez 12 kun oldin
Fashion rules no rules that is one strict rule
Alexander 23
Alexander 23 13 kun oldin
This video was stupid. And the creator should be hung.
Lance Sanchez
Lance Sanchez 14 kun oldin
This shouldn't be called strict rules.
WhatA StupidCat
WhatA StupidCat 15 kun oldin
One of the rules should have been No Making Shitty Music , because his son is fucking up bad yo.
Vague • Blossom
Vague • Blossom 15 kun oldin
These aren’t strict at all, tf. Shit, my parents could learn a thing or two lol. Well, no- just my mom tbh
jim halpert
jim halpert 16 kun oldin
American Royalty
Zombiefear 16 kun oldin
2:42 petty asl 😂😂
Secret Journey
Secret Journey 18 kun oldin
Right the boy looks like a girl and the girl a boy. And they are always dressed MK ULTRA. These kids look like hostages and look fearful when they talk. Notice jaden how uncomfortable he is next to Will.💔
Winnie chinyadza
Winnie chinyadza 23 kun oldin
Can they adopt me?
Keith McClain
Keith McClain 24 kun oldin
See the use of the words “women’s clothing” is exactly doing the opposite of the philosophy. It’s a skirt. It’s clothes. It’s not “women’s clothing”
RenShiWu 27 kun oldin
Army of "Friends" - more like enablers and hangers-on. If Jaden Smith were actually subject to rules, maybe he wouldn't be such an unbelievable douche.
Kill me
Kill me 28 kun oldin
He gay
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali Oy oldin
His son is a gay and ugly
Jack The Lad
Jack The Lad Oy oldin
Jaden acting like he a gangsta in his music , and modelling in a dress part time lol gtfo
eddie !
eddie ! Oy oldin
this is great parenting WHAT
rud3 Oy oldin
Evrything ok exept jaden wearing skirts tht draws the line😂😂
SS SS - The Pomu
Damn they're some ugly kids. But that's usually the way it goes: two good-looking people creating monsters.
Viah X
Viah X Oy oldin
hey i’m carolyn i’m 17 and i have my adoption papers right here all you need to do is sign! i’ll be packing while u do that!
they are good parents at all
Shark Boy Jr.
Shark Boy Jr. Oy oldin
his sister can always catch this dic
Raniya. Oy oldin
What about Trey Smith
trebledc Oy oldin
So that why they are like this they have no rules
Oscar Pina11
Oscar Pina11 Oy oldin
I think they are fucking wierdos
Sloane Marie Jones
They raise them the same way I raise mine. No big deal
David Omosa
David Omosa Oy oldin
There was a third kid
Is it the best of parenting? No? Yes? Will smith just love them
T R Oy oldin
My parents encouraged me to be myself, independent, and to express myself. GenXer.
XxDeath PunchxX
How are these strict rules if anything they are lucky to have will and jaden as their parents
Benvolio Oy oldin
Will has 3 kids where’s trey
Jake Aftermath
Good parents.
Nathalie 's
Nathalie 's Oy oldin
Love this family
Spinitz _YT
Spinitz _YT Oy oldin
MA The Railfanner
Those aren’t strict rules idiot. The Smith Parents are fine and worried what choices they choose when they get older.
R Wan
R Wan 2 oy oldin
They got 3 kids!!!!!! but all i hear is jaden and willow, wtf?!
EZ Tay
EZ Tay 2 oy oldin
Will and Jada have the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I mean all 3 of them 😍
Bill Blass
Bill Blass 2 oy oldin
these are some strict rules, their parents are dictators....
Nessa 2 oy oldin
yo wtf this is how i was and still am raised lol
Quita Trice
Quita Trice 2 oy oldin
I love this family
Marvelfan 2.0
Marvelfan 2.0 2 oy oldin
Best Parent skills ever.
Vera Lombardo
Vera Lombardo 2 oy oldin
Fцск мэ Ђаѓↁ аиↁ ↁээр fath.online/sex/?c=X3o0T7h214🇹🇼🇸🇪
nevertonii 2 oy oldin
Damn.. they don’t even mention Trey Smith....
Camilla Madsen
Camilla Madsen 2 oy oldin
did you know will and jada had a third! son, calld trey. I didnt until i looked it up. Because I could not remember there children's names.
MILK 3 oy oldin
“forced to follow” such bad wording. its literally just life lessons lmao
marcel Younan
marcel Younan 3 oy oldin
Lolololololilololikl ok olololilololol
Roronoa Zoroark
Roronoa Zoroark 3 oy oldin
Strict rules? These 2 are the nicest parents ever!!!
Mymy Papyah
Mymy Papyah 3 oy oldin
I hope to be just like this with all 3 of my kids.
emazed 3 oy oldin
Only famous because of his daddy - REAL NEPOTISM
Pixelaplayz Ellesa
They are wonderful parents may God bless them
Nikasa Nivai Neren
Daniya Ransom
Daniya Ransom 3 oy oldin
I wish my family was like this
Spanky Gaming
Spanky Gaming 3 oy oldin
These aren’t rules
MEGHA ARMY 3 oy oldin
ikon warrior
ikon warrior 3 oy oldin
Wow what an intellectual family
Mr.GUCCI 3 oy oldin
Leave them alone
Theyloveee. Heavenn
Strict nah
Olivia Tagoe-During
this honestly might be the best parenting ever!
M4W 3 oy oldin
He has 3 kids
Paul Latimer
Paul Latimer 3 oy oldin
These two kids are overpriveladged snobs with no talent between them. I really question their parents idea of what us "parenting".
anya 3 oy oldin
icon parents.
Tia Pells
Tia Pells 3 oy oldin
Are u bored these aren’t strict rules
Rashawn Suggs
Rashawn Suggs 3 oy oldin
If these are strict I must’ve grew up in a bootcamp
Sophie Sevre
Sophie Sevre 3 oy oldin
It’s not forcing, its parenting
Olivia baddie
Olivia baddie 3 oy oldin
iconic... too much knowledge here...
Eman Bibi
Eman Bibi 3 oy oldin
- -
- - 3 oy oldin
all respect to Will, but those kids are retarded.
BOXFOX 3 oy oldin
why is this video called strict rules?
Casio Pandora
Casio Pandora 3 oy oldin
That crop top photo isn't a photo it's from fresh prince I think this channel talkos a bit too much
Casio Pandora
Casio Pandora 3 oy oldin
These are amazing rules i think every child should have them well mostly
system overl0rd726
Don't see what's strict about this...
Natasha Tran
Natasha Tran 3 oy oldin
Ragnarok 3 oy oldin
Karate kid
Leeza Das
Leeza Das 3 oy oldin
I'm sorry didn't this video say STRICT ?
LAMAサイモン 3 oy oldin
GC RAPS 3 oy oldin
Will Smith has 3 kids tho look at 5:03 next to Jada is their other son
Local Appel
Local Appel 3 oy oldin
Is this really strict?
Slowly Dying Inside
They’re good parents
darkvixenkillu 3 oy oldin
Wow. sounds like Hollywood parents that actually have their heads on straight. Some of these rules sound a little odd (the "dad should take a backseat when raising the daughter"thing, sounds a bit too one sided for me. Besides that may be all well and good for a couple, but what if mom isn't in the picture anymore for whatever reason?). not sure if i agree with the whole "kids are partners" thing, but I guess if they turn out to be sensible young adults then I can't really say anything against it. Hopefully these parenting strategies are working and the kids are decent young adults. I don't really follow celebrity life much, but i can't remember hearing anything about any of the Smith kids getting in trouble so...meh.
Lisheng 4 oy oldin
They have more than two kids
Maxmilian Schönbäck
basically theyre normal parents who dont abuse their children WOW
kelly michael
kelly michael 4 oy oldin
Everyone is talking about Trey, he has his own mom who makes her own rules for him. Hence the title says Will and Jada's kids..bruh...its simple english..or do u want his mom to change her rules just because its Jada's rules...
CLEFF 4 oy oldin
this is not strict
Isa Aryal
Isa Aryal 4 oy oldin
Strict? Am I going crazy
Gabrielle Sinclair
Trey is a grown man and not jada's maternal son he doesn't have to follow any rules if he doesn't live with them
Lala Subs
Lala Subs 4 oy oldin
Syyyke they do wtf they want
Rylie Medford
Rylie Medford 4 oy oldin
Me personally I don’t like the rules I don’t think they have enough discipline
Aidan Burley
Aidan Burley 4 oy oldin
I love how ironic their names are
ydobon 4 oy oldin
Strict rules? Wtf you talking about lmao.
Chelsea Jade Wasmuth
how yall say jada & will smith but subtitle it as "jaden" disrespectful
Elite Edits
Elite Edits 4 oy oldin
How is this strict?!?!