10 Things You Didn't Know About GORDON RAMSAY

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10 Facts you most probably didn't know about famous chef Gordon Ramsay.
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Gordon Ramsay has built a massive empire centered around his love for all things culinary-related. He has starred in various television shows, including “Hell’s Kitchen,” "MasterChef," and “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.” He has restaurants all over the globe, and he even launched his own line of tableware. We’ve all seen him blow a gasket on national television, but there’s much more to this celebrity chef than his short temper. Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay.
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19-Iyn, 2017



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Jean-Ian Simard
Jean-Ian Simard 15 soat oldin
Not leaving his estate to his children is probably the biggest present he could give them.
Manish Paudel
Manish Paudel Kun oldin
When i saw the thumbnail,"what matilda does not have boobs?"
Leaf 2 kun oldin
Imagine having parents worth almost 200 million dollars but they are not going to leave you anything because they don't want to spoil them that's fucked up. just 1 million dollars and I could live the rest of my life happy and would never have to stress again about not having enough money, and I could finally pursue my dreams instead of slaving away just to exist.
Ryan K
Ryan K 2 kun oldin
"whipping up some delicious mills..." sigh i can't stand the way some girls talk. kinda like, "thiinks!" for thanks ;)
ConcreteAngelx3 2 kun oldin
I'm not sure how much of this I believe. He's not going to give his kids an inheritance? And he doesn't let his kids eat in any of his restaurants? Why not? And Matilda ate in Hell's Kitchen and that's one of his restaurants so it actually isn't true.
ConcreteAngelx3 2 kun oldin
You can't be identical twins if you are different sexes. Come on Talko, that's common knowledge.
Mira Reynolds
Mira Reynolds 3 kun oldin
2:56 Gordon Ramsay and slightly shorter Gordon Ramsay
keith barthe
keith barthe 3 kun oldin
Wont leave his kids a dime??? What a dk!!!
Lana Alzoubi
Lana Alzoubi 5 kun oldin
Gordan Ramsay works in masterchef junior
Tenzin D
Tenzin D 6 kun oldin
Has he gone Vegan ? Really ... I hope I heard it right .... Good for him and Ofcourse Hope to see People like him bring a good change ..
A_YT 3 kun oldin
Tenzin D bruh
webbit2012 7 kun oldin
Now that they're divorced you can tell almost all the critiques about Gordon and his wife being loving and great together was all lies.
Beymasters 7 kun oldin
In a twitter post he commented british airline makes better butter chicken than india
Srirup Ganguly
Srirup Ganguly 8 kun oldin
Whatever . . . He is not Gorden but God :) With love and respect
WhiteHazeGruntz 9 kun oldin
Ur a idiot. U talk about his son jack n kinda say by joining his country's service he isnt fallowing hia dads foot steps. I knew like all this already with out looking for info. Jack is fallowing his dads footsteps by joining the royal Marines. I believe he was a marine or something. Forgot what but he has trained with the royal Marines i believe. But how could u not mention gordan serverd n his son is still fallowing his footsteps by trying to enlist for royal. If u wanna fallow in someone's foot steps truely. Then u need to take the same path n not just skip to the future. His daughter isnt fallowing in his path. She skipped to his current path but skipped the service. Sad i gotta correct u. Its like u knew a lil bit n made a video with out doing any research. Which means ur incompatent n need a new job cause u r to dumb to just wing it
Wendy F
Wendy F 9 kun oldin
He's Scottish not British
Crystal Chen
Crystal Chen 10 kun oldin
Oh shoot I ride Singapore airlines pretty often!
Ray Turner
Ray Turner 10 kun oldin
Why do so many American women have a nasal problem when they speak!
{Pigeon kingdom Hall}
Maybe we do know things about Gordon ramsay.
Bonnita Claus
Bonnita Claus 11 kun oldin
I have a recent salmon I cooked up over an open fire. I love cooking over an open fire. Right now I have lots of pecan and hickory wood. My strength in cooking is campfire cooking. I do not have a Twitter account.
pipe 007
pipe 007 11 kun oldin
Ate breakfast at his Las Vegas restaurant.... worst 45 dollar bacon and eggs I've ever eaten.
Tindra Brink 8C Korsavadsskolan 7-9
best moment 5:46 - 5:58 Jensen's smile is atrue blessing
HonestlyCrayz 11 kun oldin
Jack has an identical twin sister... hummmm okay let’s think about that one for a sec...
loverbite1 12 kun oldin
What I love about this British celebrity chef is that he s face is like Popeye😂😂😂😂
wow youre retarded
wow youre retarded 12 kun oldin
He is scotish
Mr Film
Mr Film 12 kun oldin
SINOFPRIDE 0 12 kun oldin
Most of this is false INFO
sebas l
sebas l 12 kun oldin
My favorite exercise 💦👉👌
bert andrews
bert andrews 13 kun oldin
thumbs down for the ads that interupt the footage
EthanDoezWhatever. 13 kun oldin
He’s not British. He’s Scottish!
samtyification 14 kun oldin
identical twin sister?
sherifah khaled
sherifah khaled 14 kun oldin
0:08 he is scotish...
Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali 14 kun oldin
So Gordon has an Identical Brother-In-Insult which is Simon Cowell
XxPurple sparklesxX
XxPurple sparklesxX 14 kun oldin
Cant believe Simon and Gordon are actually friends xD i knew it
Ashmin_ AR10
Ashmin_ AR10 15 kun oldin
Ashmin_ AR10
Ashmin_ AR10 15 kun oldin
Hehe top 3 words Used by Gordon Ramsay! 1.its fucking RAW! 2.Fucking idiot
0_ Doyle
0_ Doyle 15 kun oldin
He is not british he is scottish
edgar gallardo
edgar gallardo 15 kun oldin
Gavri Benson
Gavri Benson 15 kun oldin
0:11 He's not British he's Scottish
XPink _cookieX
XPink _cookieX 13 kun oldin
He’s both
Jack Films
Jack Films 16 kun oldin
he is not a strict parent he is a good parent
NamesThat change
NamesThat change 17 kun oldin
He’s Scottish not British 😕😒😕😒😒😕😒😕😔
Marie Foxx
Marie Foxx 18 kun oldin
I'm surprised there was nothing about the big scandal with Ramsay's cheating on his wife!! Or that he was a football player before he even got into Food!
KJ Setser
KJ Setser 18 kun oldin
4:15 OH, COME ON, MAN!!😠😆
KJ Setser
KJ Setser 18 kun oldin
1:00 That's really sad, man.😟
Samiya Shehab
Samiya Shehab 19 kun oldin
he isn't strict Matilda said that he is a softy and runs around the house naked
Galvarino 20 kun oldin
Tana or Taina make your mind women
woozyarun60661 21 kun oldin
Matilda Ramsay goes to my school mums life
cousinzbandmack 21 kun oldin
I could see Matilda still getting his money when he dies. She seems close to him and is becoming a chef herself. Someone will have to take over the restaurants
charles mendoza
charles mendoza 23 kun oldin
Too many ads
Eggsquisitely Dank
Eggsquisitely Dank 26 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that he has 16 michelin stars
Mychal Simpson
Mychal Simpson 27 kun oldin
My favorite type of workout is Yoga, kickboxing and walking. I was surprised by the fact that Chef Gordon Ramsay will comment on your food that was surprising but not surprising at the same time. But I will never eat airplane food. Gordon Ramsay is awesome and I agree with the way he is with his children. I would be the same way and I also agree with the relationship he has with his wife that explains why he and Mrs. Ramsay have been married for so long I like that and respect that. Cook on Chef Gordon Ramsay I love ya!😀😄😊😍🇬🇧😎
LaSopRAWna 27 kun oldin
FALSE. Jack and Holly Ramsay may be twins....but they are not "identical" twins - www.quora.com/Can-a-brother-and-sister-be-identical-twins - They may be "identical twins" to each respective parent...but not to each other! Jack is uncannily his father's doppelganger with blond hair, blue eyes, his father's exact facial shape, eyebrows, and build. (It's hard to tell what his height is. Mother, Tana Ramsay, is quite petite). Jack's twin, Holly, looks so much like her mother it is striking, both brunette with brown eyes, same eye brows and facial structure. Holly appears to be a little taller than her mom and a little plumper.
Matt Muor
Matt Muor 28 kun oldin
*The thumbnail I knew*
Jessie Eminson
Jessie Eminson 29 kun oldin
Ummm a boy can't have an identical twin sister....
Denise Eggert
Denise Eggert 29 kun oldin
Twins who are male and female, can't be identical. Only twins of the same sex can be identical. Twins who are male and female, are fraternal twins.
Linda Bauske
Linda Bauske Oy oldin
Hell I worked putting food on an airplane, its not that bad, yeah I know where it goes and what its stored in ,I cleaned the storage containers they were kept in
Crazy Straw
Crazy Straw Oy oldin
Identical twin sister hmmMM
Morgan Hammen
Morgan Hammen Oy oldin
Jack has an "identical" twin sister? Not... not quite.
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn Oy oldin
You cannot be identical boy and girl twins.
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn Oy oldin
Love your channel. Never a boring story. Thank you.
James Mullett
James Mullett Oy oldin
I hope she can open more then him
kaylee xo
kaylee xo Oy oldin
You pronounce his wife’s name differently every time.
Dark Star
Dark Star Oy oldin
Not at the birth of his kids?! Saw his wife once a week?! What a freak.
precious gem
precious gem Oy oldin
I always see Simon as Gordon and Gordon as Simon.
Michelle Ruggiero-Barbier
Ummm jack does NOT have an “identical twin sister “ girl/boy twins are FRATERNAL
Emma O123
Emma O123 Oy oldin
"He's a strict parent" nOOO NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED!
Thefrog Man
Thefrog Man Oy oldin
7:49 it’s Ramsay’s*** not Ramsey’s
livingLif3 1DAAT
Identicle twin sister eh. That's not gineticly possible. Identicle twins must be the same gender. They would be fraternal twins!
Nicole Pham
Nicole Pham Oy oldin
Gordon Ramsey's favorite pose is crossing his arms apparently
Pauline Naisubi
How can someone have an identical twin thats the opposite sex?
IknowwhoseIAM 1
2:36 my favourite form of exercise is hands to burger, burger to mouth.
Austin Combs
Austin Combs Oy oldin
Yup you talk the entire video you fucking moron. We need to be able to block videos from channels like this.
Austin Combs
Austin Combs Oy oldin
Gonna go ahead and dislike this video before it even starts.
NialteA xcx
NialteA xcx Oy oldin
Chad Claude
Chad Claude Oy oldin
I hate computer voices piss off.
Crystal Chen
Crystal Chen Oy oldin
Finally , there is a man with clear mind saying no to labour process. I tried to keep my husband and my mom out of the room so that I didn't have to hear them crying even louder than I did. Unfortunately, it wasn't a success. Also, it seemed unfair to ban them from watching his daughter and her granddaughter to be born. Then, I had to tell the nurse to please shut them up right before I pushed cause it was very distracting and I couldn't focus on pushing.
Cloudy Shanez
Cloudy Shanez Oy oldin
I thought he was scotish not english..
USA Numba One
USA Numba One Oy oldin
Whyd you make the thumbnail look like gordon had sex with his daughter
IDarkIMatrixI Oy oldin
he wont leave his money for his kids when he dies sly
IDarkIMatrixI Oy oldin
wait his kids cant go in 1st class
Dennis Dang
Dennis Dang Oy oldin
Who really cares??
dire12343 Oy oldin
My favorite form of exercise is putting my prick in my woman and pumping her brains out..
micah grubb
micah grubb Oy oldin
Man it would suck . How greedy can ya be .. the kids love him and idolize him.id share tat wealth with my kids when I died reguardless
Vivian Huang
Vivian Huang Oy oldin
I want to see Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell locked in a room
Pijus Pečeliūnas
is Gordon ramsay is right handed or left??
the boring channel
Identical twin sister .... lol. That isn't how it works.
Rizzo Basiliere
He wont let his kids eat in any of his restaurants? Then why do they eat at Hells Kitchen in so many seasons?
Kippernicus17 Oy oldin
Lmao, "Identical" twin sister!! Boys and girls can't be identical.......yet
Maegan Diagostino
I don't believe this
Brayden Blomquist
Jack looks like Christian McCaffrey 😂
Doug Beatty
Doug Beatty Oy oldin
identical twins can't be male and female.
Niti Oy oldin
Did she say Gordon is British
Test the wild UK
why all the damn ads!
Julie Adriano
Julie Adriano Oy oldin
I love the way he doesn't spoil his kids
cameron johnson
Weight lifting
Cami L
Cami L Oy oldin
You can not have IDENTICAL Twin's of different Sexes.
LifeInPink999 Oy oldin
Why built an empire if you leave nothing to your legacy?
y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
Tbh, he looked *much better* with those wrinkles
Beauty on a Barn Budget
R u retarded? Different gender twins can NOT be identical!!!!
Efficiency _
Efficiency _ Oy oldin
Why is a tire company turn into a culinary dream
Vania’s Life
It’s Ramsays get it right 😂 7:50
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