10 ways Android is just better

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9-Fev, 2019



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Vandy 004
Vandy 004 11 soat oldin
4:21 That quick spit though...
Curt Williams
Curt Williams 13 soat oldin
kronos 19 soat oldin
COMPANY: Apple Apple hardware: iphone, ipad, MacBooks, and many other products Apple Software: iOS, MacOS... Apple web apps: ... COMPANY: Google Main hardware: Pixel, Chromebook, Chromecast, and not many others Google software: I mean, it's a long list, but the one of this subject: ANDROID that's very versatile Google web apps: Google, UZvid, Gmail... let's sum it up by the Google Alphabet Initiative My point is that at the end of the day, I am an apple hardware fan, and prefer it's infrastructure, however, I enjoy using all of google's applications because of it's versatility. Heck, I use google chrome on all my apple hardware even thought it's super heavy on it. I don't believe one is superior to another, it's just a phone, very expensive ones. As Middleware engineer at home, I have a 3 windows laptops, a Macbook for everyday use and Linux server. weirdly enough because it's cheaper to have them and build than a phone and I enjoy using all of em for all my home ecosystem. now let's discuss things that really matters: Cereal before or after pouring the milk?
Darken Kun oldin
All the reasons to buy an iphone are invalid
Trainz Geek
Trainz Geek Kun oldin
My a7 2018 costs £250 has not oled but Amoled display same amount of ram as base iPhone xs 4gb and a better camera Also iPhone xr users have to watch videos in 720p
Lukáš Provazník
What really pisses me off is that many of the apps that are free on android you have to buy on IOS Appstore. Play store is more user friendly...appstore just wants me to pay for every sh** I download. Also without USA market would be Apple totally screwed. In the US is not a lot of choices what phone to choose, like we have in Europe, so everybody sheepishly buys an Iphone. I kinda get it ...it is like common thing there to get an Iphone. Nobody thinks about the choice.
Luke Gecan
Luke Gecan Kun oldin
Android is so much better
Luke Gecan
Luke Gecan Kun oldin
Good job
GamingBox Kun oldin
in apple they also use android twitter via android☺️
random kid
random kid Kun oldin
I genuinely don't care if I have a useless folder on my phone.
youluvana Kun oldin
I suspect random battery drain is caused by the location services. Ever since I started keeping it off when I don't need it, I haven't had unexpected drain.
jordan Balaam
jordan Balaam Kun oldin
my phone is an alcatel u5 and it has face id defently cheaper then the iphoneX
Bradly 105
Bradly 105 2 kun oldin
@everyone uzvid.com/video/video-q8VFBMPA_y8.html
Good Sloth
Good Sloth 2 kun oldin
Loved the BttF reference
Keith Kekezwa
Keith Kekezwa 2 kun oldin
I came back for the intro.😂
vlad1 2 kun oldin
We make simple things... Harder... - Apple
meme scams
meme scams 2 kun oldin
Do they really not have enough ideas to make fun of Iphone so they just make fun of "all the useless apps" Isn't more apps better?
Trainz Geek
Trainz Geek Kun oldin
He means how you can't get rid of the apps on the home screen and have them on an apps page
meme scams
meme scams 2 kun oldin
Is this guy so out of touch with reality that he thinks Android is better that Iphone.
Trainz Geek
Trainz Geek Kun oldin
You point being
kxvinruiz 2 kun oldin
Apple is not better than Android, it is better than at least 80% of all android phones, I don’t know about the others, but of course, as an IPhone user I can tell you, I’ve never experienced a single bug, and I’ve used android before and it’s completely different. iPhone is expensive as fuck, but to me, it’s worth it, plus people buy it because of the brand not because of the stats that nobody cares about, so what, it’s a clean phone, it’s worth it, never seen lag, never seen apps open in 20 seconds(cough cough, Snapchat had to make an android version of their app because it was slow on those devices)
W0Y4K 2 kun oldin
“HUAWEI SPIES FOR CHINA” Yeah, and Apple spies for the USA. What else is new?
Sting Cobra
Sting Cobra 2 kun oldin
*5.1K iPhone users spotted.* 😂
fatih nararya
fatih nararya 3 kun oldin
I would never believe an anarchist that uses apple product since they are hypocrites.
Dennis V
Dennis V 3 kun oldin
Don’t care honestly It just depends on which you prefer
Ryan Singrossi
Ryan Singrossi 3 kun oldin
We live in an Android world.
VirtualFunction 3 kun oldin
100 second advert.... fuck me...
Artzie Music
Artzie Music 3 kun oldin
freedom on how you use your device is everything
Bradley D Smeltzer
Bradley D Smeltzer 3 kun oldin
Every apple user would tell me "It's my first phone and I've gotten use to it". Same with me, and yet, without comparing it to other phones, I still took a hammer to it.
Dennis Vashkulat
Dennis Vashkulat 4 kun oldin
I've been using Android for my whole life, except for the time the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came out, the plus caught my attention and decided to give it a try. Three weeks later, I returned it and got a Pixel XL instead, and I still have it but upgraded to a Pixel 3 since. I couldn't use half the apps I use on Android, file managing DIDN'T EVEN EXIST on iOS 10, the iTunes stuff blew my mind on how stupid and useless it was, and just the inflexibility of it. My friends gave me a TON of crap when I returned it and got a Pixel XL, but I can't switch to iOS for all of those reasons I mentioned. If Apple adds a bunch of functionality to iOS soon I might consider getting another iPhone, but for now, my Pixel 3 is a gem and I don't see myself ever getting rid of the thing!
Ian Gillmore
Ian Gillmore 4 kun oldin
My 2012 Galaxy S3 has am OLED screen😂😂
MX5 Yee
MX5 Yee 4 kun oldin
Only electric device I use is my Samsung smart fridge
The USSR 4 kun oldin
In iOS it's not called the launcher, its called the springboard
exo haxor
exo haxor 4 kun oldin
why apple is more secure? you cant even access your files or use the phone properly
lucky monitor
lucky monitor 14 soat oldin
They just don't have a antivirus so they lock you from doing anything
Nomarik Gaming /other
11:10 that voice crack though
IMadeYouReadThis 4 kun oldin
1. Specs 2. Specs 3. Specs 5. Specs 6. Specs 7. Specs 8. Specs 9. Specs 10. Specs
Sodoo Gadal
Sodoo Gadal 5 kun oldin
Grown man hits puberty twice while talking about android phones 11:10
Juan Melendez
Juan Melendez 5 kun oldin
4:21 he spit
SOHEIL raei 5 kun oldin
Tux 5 kun oldin
Thank you Linus, thank you for putting your vids in full screen! The Moto G6 gang thanks you.
Ivan Hooper
Ivan Hooper 6 kun oldin
I'm using a Mist Blue Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
NightPotato 4 kun oldin
+Ivan Hooper lol
Ivan Hooper
Ivan Hooper 4 kun oldin
+NightPotato Niiice!! It's a good phone, except the keyboard. Lol
NightPotato 4 kun oldin
I have a black a5
IV-IV4N-VI 6 kun oldin
apple: everyone likes us cause they like to eat apples samsung: everyone likes samsung because sam-sung and everyone likes sams singing
{cactus }
{cactus } 6 kun oldin
Well I have an app drawer
B3ast 6 kun oldin
4:21 Linus u spat xd
Mark Herbert
Mark Herbert 6 kun oldin
can you just tell us which one is better
Brahiem Azahriw
Brahiem Azahriw 6 kun oldin
Number 8 unlock your potential Gohan fans
ExoticButters_ BOI420
Nobody: Apple fanboys: *lAgDrOiD!11! lOl pOoR pEoPlE!1!*
ilai bitan
ilai bitan 6 kun oldin
I use an IPhone and these are all true /:
Buttermilk Chicken
Buttermilk Chicken 7 kun oldin
This is the content that makes sense
Rayan Mirza
Rayan Mirza 7 kun oldin
1 year later I will get a android tablet
Rayan Mirza
Rayan Mirza 3 kun oldin
LOL I would but ya I might get a phone later like idk
exo haxor
exo haxor 4 kun oldin
just buy a phone better battery life
DogCat Dude
DogCat Dude 7 kun oldin
Android’s shitty fucking phones have 8-16 GB but my iphone SE has 64 SOOO, you can go and FUCK YOURSELF
Jens de Fries
Jens de Fries 7 kun oldin
Im an iphone user’ fight me😂 Android users preaching with their laggy android phones and full of virus😂
Grønlandshvalen ̊08
I have two phones, a poco f1 and a huawei p smart 2019, and the poco has a flagship snapdragon 845, and the p smart a kirin 710, and the p smart has 3gb of ram, and the poco 6gb, are you fucking bonkers, calling a 11 year phone more powerful?
Jens de Fries
Jens de Fries 2 kun oldin
iPhone 3G and i pretty sure its faster than your phone 👌🏼😂
Grønlandshvalen ̊08
Well my dude, what iphone do you have?
Jens de Fries
Jens de Fries 7 kun oldin
Grønlandshvalen ̊08 just admit it, your old android phone gets laggy over time🤨😂
Grønlandshvalen ̊08
i'm using a pc, and lag is no problem for me on the huawei p smart 2019.
HIRUNGMR 7 kun oldin
The worst thing on I phone are the price There are super cheap Android phones which do Soo much more than a iPhone x
Gerald Resurreccion
iOS 9 was the first version to add iPad split-view/slideover.
LaughTrack 8 kun oldin
The funny thing is that I actually have a folder called "useless garbage" on my old iphone and ipod, from before ever watching this video.
jackr218 8 kun oldin
this was just 10 bad things about iphone, not 10 good things about android
Luke Millard
Luke Millard 8 kun oldin
My man Microsoft launcher is half decent... Kinda
Ur mom
Ur mom 9 kun oldin
Android trash
Ur mom
Ur mom 9 kun oldin
Tizen yup
Tizen 9 kun oldin
'Ur mom' trash
Quazar 9 kun oldin
I use the multitasking feature to do homework everyday. I use one tab to do research while the other to type on my doc or slides. Super useful for students and even work.
Devin Boles
Devin Boles 9 kun oldin
What sucks is as a high schooler, I do not get to do things with my friends phone wise due to apple's lack of crossover, it's like every one under the age of 18 has an iPhone, out of the people I have communicated with through phone, about 75% of them have iPhones, then the most popular phone after that is the Samsung brand including me, then LG, then the lower popularity phones.
Mike Hurt
Mike Hurt 9 kun oldin
Iphones can't bluetooth pictures to other phones, even FLIPPHONES can do that so something that takes seconds and simple becomes a big hassle
Dev L
Dev L 9 kun oldin
I honestly used to love Apple, then Steve Jobs died and everything changed. He MADE that company what was, literally.
Piyush Palawat
Piyush Palawat 9 kun oldin
Is nobody going to notice the NipplesXD at 2:13?
RandomPerson 10 kun oldin
this video got less dislikes than the iphone one
TexasTbolt1003 10 kun oldin
Apple - unorganized home screen Android - the most organized phone ever (for OCD people) (me)
NightPotato 4 kun oldin
so true
J. P
J. P 10 kun oldin
WhOa iS tHaT tHe MiCrOsOfT lAuNcHeR? Yeah, guy.
Melkofficial 10 kun oldin
Last pass.. what a waste. Android can already do that.
Zaid Hasan
Zaid Hasan 10 kun oldin
does it have imessage tho
Space Dude
Space Dude 10 kun oldin
Here are some of my reasons: *Android* has thousands of different awesome apps and games. *Apple* has probably just a couple of hundred that aren't even good. For example there's no good video editor apps. On *Android* everything is really easy to find On *Apple* it takes me about 1 hour to find anything. On *Android* if you wanna hide an app, you can easily do that. On *Apple* it's impossible to do so... And these were just the main resons. There's way more things I could think of. Basically... ... Android is much better. But you know, it's just my opinion. You can plug in those TicTacs in your ears and pretend you don't hear me -_-
KingProRoby 10 kun oldin
that thing coming out of his mouth XD 4:21
TheKrcko 10 kun oldin
Kind of expected more from Linus than advertising a NON-open source password saver. I don't care if it's secure or not, I'll never use it, just that it doesn't fit Linus chanell.
GlobalistEnemy01 11 kun oldin
I use iPhones because I use a MacBook Pro, but my MacBook is old and dying, and I can’t really afford a new one, so I may be switching platforms.
Gismo TB
Gismo TB 11 kun oldin
Just as you now. The Samsung Phone cost $500 more then the new iPhone 10. If you want a Macbook it cost you $1000. atlest if you get the Air. That is good enof for most work on a laptop. If you getting a Lenovo Tinkpad (that is as good as a MacBook), you have to pay more then $1000. Maybe $500-$1000 more. Just saying … Its a myte that Apple produkts are more expensive. Check the prices your self. Don't listen to the fanboys that love to hate on Apple. They lie alot. You no the diffrens betwen a Windows/Androide fanboy and a Apple Fanboy? - The Win/Androide fanboys like to lie and trash all apple produkts … And are mostly kids that get cheep and 2.hand produkts from there parents. And they compere the price on a 2-5year old produkt, with a new Apple produkt, that is made for business and work. Of course it's more expensive. because it's made to take a harder workload, and more durable. All Pro Equipment are like that. Even thos computers you have to buy Windows, to get a OS. Do you really think that Intel and Nivida and so on, sell there produkt cheeper to Asus, Dell and the others, then they do to Apple. - The Apple Fanboys talks about the good things about Apple produkts …
Gismo TB
Gismo TB 11 kun oldin
You better hire a person who can use iOS, OSX and other Apple produkts. Stop the bashing of things you don't now noting about. and trashing the devices because you don't know the features. - Changing to new iPhone: Just put in the Apple-ID, and the Phone is like the old phone, when it starts up. If you have turned of the saving of pitures on your iCloud. You probably use Google Photo, and all your pitures are there. That also mean its in you Google acount on any device. Having the option to install random games and apps, are like … No no no … I don't want keyloggers, hakkers and idiots to get in to my data. Thats why I buy an iPhone, and not a Androide. You have apps you dont use - Easy, delete them. I have had my iPhone 6S about 3 years, I think. Maybe longer. Don't have no one of this problems you talk about. I think you can stop using iTunes on iPhone 5S. I don't remember that fare back. You really need to learn who the Apple products work. You are like a beginner and a novice.
Smash 9 kun oldin
You never used a Android, huh? Stop being such a fanboy
jay Venom
jay Venom 11 kun oldin
Well apple has iCloud so you could just sign into her iCloud and have all your pictures back :)
UselessDood 10 kun oldin
Google accounts also do that.
PotatoRune 11 kun oldin
Basically, playing god. Also, I often use split-screen whilst using Gacha Studio, GachaVerse and Gacha Life. I usually use it for references when recreating a character/outfit/hairstyle I like. I love Android. Btw my phone is the Nokia 3 OwO
XxD3C0D34xX 12 kun oldin
Great for LastPass... I imagine if you forget your LastPass password for your LastPass account
Joe Duvus
Joe Duvus 12 kun oldin
There working on switching the lightning to usb c
Tizen 8 kun oldin
USB Implementers Forum has announced thunderbolt will be in usb 4.0 techcrunch.com/2019/03/04/with-usb-4-thunderbolt-and-usb-will-converge/
UselessDood 8 kun oldin
+Tizen what?
Tizen 9 kun oldin
dude thats usb 4.0
UselessDood 10 kun oldin
"Working on it" like it's hard?
Joe Duvus
Joe Duvus 12 kun oldin
With apple we don’t need last pass because we have iCloud built into our phones for FREE
UselessDood 10 kun oldin
Google also does that...
w02m08w 12 kun oldin
Coming up next: "10 reasons why I'm sticking with my iPhone"
Luke 12 kun oldin
2 things I really want as an iPhone user. Split screen sounds really good and usb-c for everything please!
exo haxor
exo haxor 4 kun oldin
dont you want customizable ui? or just being able to open most video audio formats
Headboom 12 kun oldin
Did you see that on 4:23 ?
Randall George
Randall George 12 kun oldin
Never mind the lack of timely OS software updates, UI inconsistency, no native messaging with encryption, less software optimization and fluidity. I'll take no customization on my iPhone over these things. After all, it just works.
Tha CameraGod
Tha CameraGod 12 kun oldin
Android: New Advanced Features New Style Low Price range compatible with 90% of modern technology today. Apple : Same Phone as last year No New Features Overhyped product Expensive Pricerange.
Sir Shabaz
Sir Shabaz 12 kun oldin
dude android is SOOOOOO MUCH better! we want phones that cheap AF not just expensive AF!
Kayla 6 kun oldin
Sir Shabaz androids suck
memesaday000 13 kun oldin
Ios touch ID is slow and takes a slight delay to scan, unlike most androids, like mine, take like a milisec to scan lol.
UselessDood 10 kun oldin
Mine scans almost instantly, and gives me a correct or incorrect vibration, but takes a second or so to wake the screen after.
tron707 13 kun oldin
I’ve installed many apps from places other than the App Store
Kate Rin
Kate Rin 13 kun oldin
This video is kind of ironic becouse in my android i have 10+ defalt google apps that i cant uninstall, only deactivate :'D.
Sharko 13 kun oldin
Not YaBoiJack
Not YaBoiJack 13 kun oldin
The Honor 10 uses gestures
Reuben Cherian
Reuben Cherian 13 kun oldin
Very valid points and I definitely love rocking custom ROMs but the reachability of the back button shouldn't be an issue cause swiping from the left edge of the screen works.
nurd on a computer
nurd on a computer 13 kun oldin
Like:Android Comment:Android. EXACTLY
iF2ix 13 kun oldin
Better then what?
FBI 14 kun oldin
Wow when I use to have a iPhone I just put on garbage in one folder and put it on it's own screen page
greywolf IV
greywolf IV 14 kun oldin
Loved the beginning 😂 and very end. Iphone bashing is my favorite
izoyt 14 kun oldin
ios is crap, no other word for it.
RaceGod SRT
RaceGod SRT 14 kun oldin
4:22 that was some big ball of spit
Robert Cartier
Robert Cartier 14 kun oldin
Apple was going to create a God Mode... But when Jobs wanted to call it STEVE, they scrapped it and told him they couldn't do it.
metty 214
metty 214 14 kun oldin
Awnser: it isn’t
L I F E 13 kun oldin
It is
Miklos de Rijk
Miklos de Rijk 14 kun oldin
But, by the time you're done customizing your android phone the way you want to, a newer model has been released to replace yours.
Vijay Padmakumar
Vijay Padmakumar 14 kun oldin
FMA Amyar
FMA Amyar 15 kun oldin
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