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We teased the idea of doing 100 layers of deep fried pizza, but never actually considered it until today... see how many layers we can actually get!!
We couldn't have done this without you!!
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3-Iyn, 2018

100 layerspizza100 layers of pizzadeep fried pizzafried pizzadiy deep fried pizza



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HellthyJunkFood 2 oy oldin
Download Fortnite here! pixly.go2cloud.org/SHdj
Willie Brown
Willie Brown 25 kun oldin
Kaylee Hunt
Kaylee Hunt Oy oldin
HellthyJunkFood do another video like thus but a 100 layers!!!!
Kamari Lipscomb
HellthyJunkFood fortnite is not on Android
bryces vlogs
bryces vlogs Oy oldin
HellthyJunkFood its actually 95
AlisterYeetBoi 9 soat oldin
Uhhhh 100
CnG outdoors
CnG outdoors 20 soat oldin
Selim Monir
Selim Monir Kun oldin
I was gonna make a joke about the logo in the first few seconds on the video looking like the epic games logo but when I kept watching fortnite epic games actually sponsored this vid 😝
Isaac Smye-rumsby
slime expert maker
slime expert maker 2 kun oldin
Yeah jp she ate 1
FaTaL Firke
FaTaL Firke 3 kun oldin
BlackSparrowYT 3 kun oldin
Yo dude what’s yo gamer tag
Tabitha Ritchie
Tabitha Ritchie 3 kun oldin
Deepfried chocolate
Tabitha Ritchie
Tabitha Ritchie 3 kun oldin
Deepfry snickers icecream bar
GLADYS BRAKO 5 kun oldin
7 layers or 9
Owen Robb
Owen Robb 6 kun oldin
lowkey doesnt even look that good
kingonsavger playsroblox
no your not ninja 1v1 him the real ninja then
Irish Jester
Irish Jester 6 kun oldin
Fuck fortnite PUBG for life
kimora grant
kimora grant 6 kun oldin
Can u make a giant taco
Tommy Sanderson
Tommy Sanderson 7 kun oldin
IRISH GARCIA 7 kun oldin
pls do a fortnite Llama
tazrin ahmed
tazrin ahmed 8 kun oldin
Fortnites like the most popular game why need to sponsor no offense epic games I love Fortnite I have it
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 9 kun oldin
I wans sooo vlose
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 9 kun oldin
Omg only 1 layer
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 9 kun oldin
23 layers
Bryden Hudson
Bryden Hudson 9 kun oldin
Nathan Fumerola
Nathan Fumerola 10 kun oldin
What is your xbox name
PJ_ FAN4LIFE 11 kun oldin
How to get diebitihes in one meal... please don’t eat it in one meal
Lewis Griffin-law
Lewis Griffin-law 12 kun oldin
Yo sick vid healthy junk food do a diy giant Krispy Kreme donut
Amity Ollson
Amity Ollson 12 kun oldin
Can you do the sponser stuff atthe end or very beginning? Its really annoying in the middleof a video
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez 12 kun oldin
Who is part of the group who gave a thumbs-down!!!!
Yummy Waffles
Yummy Waffles 13 kun oldin
Yeah... Fortnite is 100% free (if you want to be known as the no skin)
Jose Rivasbojorquez
Jose Rivasbojorquez 13 kun oldin
Jp I play fortnite and I'm good at it to :D
Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson 13 kun oldin
They lied it’s not 100 layers it 22😒😡😡😡😡😡😡
Jeff star
Jeff star 14 kun oldin
I have carotid arteries now
Nxck GFX
Nxck GFX 14 kun oldin
You spelled "'#90" Wrong its says #19 XD
Kanye Jackson
Kanye Jackson 16 kun oldin
You guys should do giant pancake with whip cream and strawberries
Blitz_Salty 16 kun oldin
700million layers
Nikola Karanovic
Nikola Karanovic 16 kun oldin
Big Mac inside a pizza inside an Hansbrough inside a pizza!!!! 🍔🍕🍠🍕
KennyFeng Gaming Channel
Why not PUBG
Rayray Fos
Rayray Fos 17 kun oldin
Hey i am a Florida girl as well julia and for us girls it gets hot in Florida so since emojis are AWESOME!!!!! So can you please make the laughing crying emoji 😂 plzz!!! Oh and read this on camera and tell JP i said hello, peace✌
Jill G
Jill G 18 kun oldin
Can I play duos with u
destyne walker
destyne walker 18 kun oldin
Can you please make Monstarella donuts please😫🙏🙏💓
Officially ._. Carson
I think 12 is the amount of layers
FoxeyPlays 18 kun oldin
Its actually not on android and it only works with iphone 7-10
Annie Smith
Annie Smith 18 kun oldin
How have state fair not sold this!!!!!!!!
Space Cat
Space Cat 19 kun oldin
i miss the old hellthyjunkfood
Alice Duff
Alice Duff 19 kun oldin
In the still when they took a picture of each layer. Is there a guy just sitting there for 5 hours? Or is it a very realistic picture of a restuarant with a guy sitting there? Either way I'm questioning the designer of the restaurant and the man.
Carter Tatum
Carter Tatum 20 kun oldin
23 layers
Ethan Forde
Ethan Forde 20 kun oldin
I play on Xbox too what is your username I can play with you mine is ETHXN207
Music Fang 007 Tea Lover 6
26 layers
Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward 21 kun oldin
Why is it called 100 when there's only 22
Fiona Leamy
Fiona Leamy 22 kun oldin
purps ONRBLX
purps ONRBLX 22 kun oldin
Vbugg MSP
Vbugg MSP 24 kun oldin
this could kill people. still love it tho lol
Birdbat's Studio
Birdbat's Studio 25 kun oldin
Im betting around 50
[RazorJGG ]
[RazorJGG ] 25 kun oldin
Plz answer meeeee
[RazorJGG ]
[RazorJGG ] 25 kun oldin
Hey jp what’s your xbox name? Plz I wanna play with u so bad i love your vids
Riley Ney
Riley Ney 25 kun oldin
Who doesn’t know about fort nite yet?
adnanmurtaza 26 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does the stir company's logo look like Epic Games's?
Haven fun
Haven fun 26 kun oldin
Make the biggest pancake
Steve Markson
Steve Markson 26 kun oldin
What a troll. 100 layers? No. The only reason i watched this vid was because of that. If i dip my finger in wax, its not 2 layers, its 1. The Gew girl with the ugly face and the zipper lied to all to troll views but realistically, they did under 20. They didnt even bave there oun fasilities. Dont bee fooled viewers. A lie is a lie
Steve Markson
Steve Markson 26 kun oldin
Who brought the gew chick? Im sure shes in charge of his finaces!
Teena Swan
Teena Swan 27 kun oldin
You tried
Dương Duy Khương
the title is clickbait edit:if the title is clickbait then the video is also a clickbait which means that Jp and Julia are clickbaiters
Ryan Abraham
Ryan Abraham 28 kun oldin
Who doesn’t know Fortnite
Allen Family
Allen Family 28 kun oldin
0.1 layers of pizza
DuperDupy 123
DuperDupy 123 29 kun oldin
96 layers lol
Jonathan Cruzz
Jonathan Cruzz 29 kun oldin
Jp are u on xbox if so what's your gamer tag
Luke McNicholas
We care about the inside , not just the outside . Clearly u don’t !!!!!!
Tanae’ Bethel
Martin Tube
Martin Tube Oy oldin
In the thumbnail I thought that they making wood until I red the title!
Elizabeth Scott
Plz do 1million layers of deep fried pizza
Niaya Drawring
You should Fry a burger 100 times 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔
benji Oy oldin
14 layers
Encrypted Aqua
Epic games false banned my 400$ account
Ella O'Toole
Ella O'Toole Oy oldin
my mum wasn't lying when she said Americans deep fry everthing
Doda Dado
Doda Dado Oy oldin
Now this is disgusting !! Food is not a toy, stop playing with it! This channel is getting ridiculous, okay making everything giant but THAT? It is too much and plain disgusting!
Elizabeth Filing
U actually did 132 because u did 22 layers then u times it by two then times it by 3 because u did sauce cheese and pepperoni so that makes 132
Justin Borchert
addie gasaway
addie gasaway Oy oldin
What your username??
addie gasaway
addie gasaway Oy oldin
Aden Getachew
Aden Getachew Oy oldin
I know fortnite
April Juarez
April Juarez Oy oldin
Pedro Tellez
Pedro Tellez Oy oldin
Epic 🐐🐐
Caleb Wulff
Caleb Wulff Oy oldin
Fortnite suck
Randy Patterson
Mention fortnight thumbs down unfollow
Mauricio Garcia
I thought the thumbnail was wood
Nymphadora Weasley
Less then a 100 layers maybe
fayla the fox
fayla the fox Oy oldin
42 lagers
Wooty Sanchez
Wooty Sanchez Oy oldin
joana oshie
joana oshie Oy oldin
No offense but the thumbnail... It looks like its molding
that was gross
Annalise Klope
petunia lavender
Miz Jewell
Miz Jewell Oy oldin
Pubg is better.
Luis Zapata
Luis Zapata Oy oldin
Gacha -chan
Gacha -chan Oy oldin
i think 97
coby le
coby le Oy oldin
I can't play fortnight (I have Android)
FleakDomino 5
FleakDomino 5 Oy oldin
27 levels
Jré Eastbeat
Jré Eastbeat Oy oldin
I was surprised you got past layer 20
Romi Oy oldin
20 layers L
Yil oldin