100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut
#Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge




6-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 8 533
Airaia 7 soat oldin
what hip hop streaming service does he run
Thatkidinthecorner 101
Why are they like uhhhuhhhhhuhhh I don’t get how it’s personal or my own problem
Monika Maria Pawlak
Monika Maria Pawlak 16 soat oldin
I think them orally pressuring them to say their salary and showing their face is really rude and inconsiderate.... there are many reasons why we shouldn't or even can't discuss our salary. One is that your workplace could actually fire you if they saw this video if not revealing your salary were in your contract. Second is that for some people it makes them feel very uncomfortable for whatever reason. Third is that there actually really bad, manipulative golddiggers, mafia, etc. who could make you a target if they hear you make a lot of money..There are so many reasons. You should at least not pressure people into telling, come on.
Tiffany Perron
Tiffany Perron 16 soat oldin
1:51 My teacher: did you do your homework Me:ummmm m
Lindo Avila
Lindo Avila 20 soat oldin
The guy asking sounds like a dick
Ye ti
Ye ti 21 soat oldin
Not trying go be rude of offensive but, what’s that on his head? 2:00
O.J 14 soat oldin
Ye ti it’s a hair pick to make hair straight for African Americans
I'll have tae with suga and a kookie please
Meanwhile i dont have a single dollar in my pocket
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin Kun oldin
2:50 trippie Redd's mom
Brianna McCullough
I love how these same people made 'O' faces and said talked about drug use, but $$$, "WAY too personal." " I don't want my co-workers to see this." : P
Tina Mvin
Tina Mvin Kun oldin
I’m a first year teacher and I make exactly $33,570 a year before taxes and $28,500ish after taxes.
OFB Kun oldin
1:40 Child support isnt salary, get of your ass and get a job
Frost Byte
Frost Byte 2 kun oldin
Why are people so afraid of stating their income?no one cares of you make 20k because like half the planet makes under that amount and if you make more..good for you?
Sophia’s Trash
Sophia’s Trash 2 kun oldin
The girl who makes $27,000 a year has a MJ SHIRT ON AND MJ BUTTONS YASSSS GURL
Cold- Bath-time
Cold- Bath-time 2 kun oldin
Is the girl at 00:00 the dragon dildo girl?
I have a question
I have a question 2 kun oldin
suga glider ;-;
suga glider ;-; 2 kun oldin
Good thing they did that in America XD it's very very rude to ask someone this here in England XD
Hana Mack
Hana Mack 2 kun oldin
60 thousand being a server! Damn
Connor Morgan
Connor Morgan 3 kun oldin
People be claiming unemployment benefits and earning more than me at a full time job. I- 💀
little miss
little miss 3 kun oldin
Woman in the thumbnail legit looks like one of my teachers
Tytrix tv
Tytrix tv 3 kun oldin
The woman who said money is an illusion wants to say 80-90 % of the money is virtuell so it inly exists in our heads
Naseem R
Naseem R 3 kun oldin
my dad makes 101k a year lol
Vance Campbell HD
Vance Campbell HD 3 kun oldin
Last ones a prostitute
Sascha muck nicht
Sascha muck nicht 3 kun oldin
4:27 pls what?! 0.o
MixOfNaija 4 kun oldin
1:50 “You didn’t do your taxes?!” I can’t bruh 🤣🤣
carter groh
carter groh 4 kun oldin
melenials are poor
marcus bettles
marcus bettles 4 kun oldin
How much money you got? A lot
Karen Carnovale
Karen Carnovale 5 kun oldin
Let’s be real I’m 14 and I get paid $17 an hour
l 4 soat oldin
Karen Carnovale i- where what country and where do you work!!!?
Natoshia Ostrander
Natoshia Ostrander 5 kun oldin
It’s crazy to me how personal people think their income is because me and my friends are so open about it idk lol
Paul Schuldesz
Paul Schuldesz 5 kun oldin
It's common question in my state
Danielle Shank
Danielle Shank 5 kun oldin
It’s crazy how most people make under 50k it’s like the system is set up to keep most of us struggling
Secily Evans
Secily Evans 5 kun oldin
3:15 🤣
Live Laugh learn
Live Laugh learn 5 kun oldin
“I’m a yoga teacher” 😂😂😂😂😂
TN_ Jolly
TN_ Jolly 5 kun oldin
Man make 400 grand and he wants more money wtf
blewyd 5 kun oldin
meh 5 kun oldin
I dont make any cause I’m only a year6
Febii Ven
Febii Ven 5 kun oldin
Guy at 2:11 : I'm an entrepreneur *guy makes 36k a year* Wtf
Emperor Turtle boi
Emperor Turtle boi 5 kun oldin
Dude at 2:54 she looks like the fuckin potato off of toy story
Jermey Avelar
Jermey Avelar 5 kun oldin
You guys should do real estate investing
Stephanie 101
Stephanie 101 5 kun oldin
This makes me feel poor😂😂
alexyaboi 6 kun oldin
I dont get why people are so uncomfortable talking about money. Its money. Its essential. It's like not talking about eating or sleeping.
3.4 Million
3.4 Million 6 kun oldin
In iceland everyone in this video is poor
Hana Waleed
Hana Waleed 6 kun oldin
1dollar = 18 egp And 18egp can buy you Small bottle of water = 3egp Coca-Cola = 5egp Noodles = 5egp Ice cream = 5egp IF YOU WERE IN EGYPT YOU WILL BE THE MOST RICH MAN EVER as Egyptians we can live with 50egp a day
NoStyle11 6 kun oldin
I never understood why people don’t like to say how much they earn I make about $5800 a month as an electrician in Switzerland.
raceface_m 6 kun oldin
The chick with food stamps wearing North Face 🤔
Jacinta Mowatt
Jacinta Mowatt 6 kun oldin
“Weed and drinking”. Well I mean at least he’s honest lol
ROSA CASTANEDA 6 kun oldin
4:15 shes so pretty
Brayan M
Brayan M 6 kun oldin
Im 16 but my dad makes 119k a year and all 5 of my family members (including him and me) live good off that.
Ani Naderi
Ani Naderi 6 kun oldin
Why do the people who say “none of your business” even come to the show ?? Retards
Ani Naderi
Ani Naderi 6 kun oldin
“I will make more” i LOVE that attitude hell yeah!!!
Hayley Xx
Hayley Xx 6 kun oldin
This is a genuine question, why does no one like to talk about how much they earn? I think it’s a good thing to discuss especially to make sure you’re getting paid enough for what you do
Taisha Ang.
Taisha Ang. 6 kun oldin
300 000 to 400.000 a year ... The taxes they must be taking away.. lord.my.heart
Cathal Murphy
Cathal Murphy 6 kun oldin
Americans are retards hahaha
Mesha _girl
Mesha _girl 7 kun oldin
People are so private about this. Whats the big deal
brennan hamel
brennan hamel 7 kun oldin
The truly rich don’t have time to come on a show like this
Olivia McCormick
Olivia McCormick 7 kun oldin
it makes me upset that the person who doesn’t have a job and collects employment gets more money than people who at least tried to get a job lol.
Jakefromgeico 7 kun oldin
You’re asking a bunch of lazy liberals how much they make a year what do you expect
Alexia H
Alexia H 7 kun oldin
Wtf everyone who is over 40k Thats so much money, people are rich in America
Alexia H
Alexia H 7 kun oldin
+Alexandros Moraitis Well idk, Ive been to canada and everything was cheaper than in France for example. Idk about taxes but we have to pay a lot here, yet the median salary is 1600/month
Alexandros Moraitis
Dependa on where u live. Here in Canada 40k yearlyis not much to live a real comfy life with all the taxes and other expenses to pay.
Santa SB
Santa SB 7 kun oldin
Her best night was a grand? That’s sad
Season1_Tryhard 7 kun oldin
Moral of the story.... Software...think about it
TheFlowMind 8 kun oldin
We should discuss salaries so companies would not fuck with people.
Arkthus 9 kun oldin
Are Americans better paid? 100k for an electrician? I work in a computing company and I make only 23k a year, and it's in €.... electricians here often don't make that much... (Sometimes they do but it's rare)
TheFlowMind 8 kun oldin
Arkthus I thinks she’s an electric engineer
Bul Water
Bul Water 9 kun oldin
1:52 lookin like big zeke from surfs up
Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan 9 kun oldin
some of these guys are degenerates
Youghurt Show
Youghurt Show 9 kun oldin
4:13 instagram please)
Arash Mrf
Arash Mrf 10 kun oldin
where is the N word women on the thumbnail
ren 10 kun oldin
Bruh in my country minimum wage is 120 bucks a month. I worked at a retail store and got only 110 a month, deadass surprised people be getting 10 dollars an hour
Jaclyn Overgaauw
Jaclyn Overgaauw 10 kun oldin
Bruh that lady on unemployment makes more than I make working 40 hour weeks wtf
Cosmic Coniferous
Cosmic Coniferous 10 kun oldin
"$160,000... Money's an illusion..." 😃
nawidthegamer jeff
nawidthegamer jeff 10 kun oldin
that last person was so annoying
Daily Random
Daily Random 10 kun oldin
I make about $500 a year just because birthday and Christmas
Frost Explosion
Frost Explosion 10 kun oldin
I MAKE 7000000000000000000000000000 A YEAR CAUSE IM BILL GATES
Nicola Sartain
Nicola Sartain 10 kun oldin
That is crazy the woman who's on unemployment and child support makes £33k a year and the woman who's on disability only gets £8,800 a year. Sounds like disability is treated just like the UK.
Rinkubear 10 kun oldin
Airaia 7 soat oldin
Rinkubear I just wish I knew what streaming service he was talking about
Liquid Phap
Liquid Phap 10 kun oldin
I make no money
Alyssa Stevens
Alyssa Stevens 11 kun oldin
More people were open about when they masturbated and in detail when and where but "my salary is private"
Maggie Cheng
Maggie Cheng 11 kun oldin
As a child, I make $340 a year
Alexandru Popescu
Alexandru Popescu 11 kun oldin
Do you know why you have to work for food like a slave? Parents!
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 11 kun oldin
I make a whopping €0 a year!
Butthurt Bait
Butthurt Bait 12 kun oldin
only poor people are ashamed of revealing their income
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 11 kun oldin
What if you try to evade taxes?
Blue Bandit
Blue Bandit 12 kun oldin
Are these people in freaking los angeles or something? I feel like these amounts are somehow adjusted maybe for the cost of living. $50,000 in california is not the same as $50,000 in south carolina
UnitedWEstand?? 12 kun oldin
I make $200,000 a year, I work for myself and I do whatever I want whenever I want. Some of these people I feel sorry for because I literally spend their yearly salary on a fucking vacation lol
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 11 kun oldin
Thats nice to hear, but you probably work hard dont you?
Jim Boland
Jim Boland 12 kun oldin
I have two bachelors degrees and my last bachelors degree was from 2004. I earn $40,000 a year for full time work. It’s middle class.
Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons 12 kun oldin
"im a daaaaannccceeerrr" so a stripper...k
01042453 12 kun oldin
1:38 Useless fat slob makes 30k a year DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stealing your tax dollars and the poor guy he scammed
Deanne Smallcanyon
Deanne Smallcanyon 11 kun oldin
Unemployment. Look things up before you spout out meaningless nonsense.
OzoneGamerStation 12 kun oldin
I don’t understand why money is a taboo thing to talk about. It’s literally a number. Everyone wants to have money but barely anybody wants to talk about it.
LCSMusic 13 kun oldin
I don't understand why people people are so insecure about income. Lol
Shabunda 13 kun oldin
im so glad im into computers, im thinking of being a technician or something software salesmen sounding nice now
Manuel Ortuno
Manuel Ortuno 13 kun oldin
5 pennies a year
Nemesiz 13 kun oldin
Ok so.. i make 500 thousand (Toman - Iran currency) a Month. Which is 50 dollar. It's decent for me. HERE but overall, pretty low
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan 13 kun oldin
$61,000 for a day care provider..shit im moving to America
LazyGoth Gaming
LazyGoth Gaming 13 kun oldin
I make $7,800 a year. I work part time. That doesn't include tips but I get between $40 and $70 in tips per month
NorNor CornCrystal
NorNor CornCrystal 14 kun oldin
My dad make 79,400 a year when he’s only a postcard dealer -_-
''im a dancer'' hahahah more like a striper
Letrice Lynch
Letrice Lynch 14 kun oldin
Only one person had it down with no hesitation how much do u make his response $41,600
mohamad rifqi
mohamad rifqi 14 kun oldin
Fuck i only make 45k per year
Nobody 15 kun oldin
$20,000 a year is a HUGE amount of money if you'll convert it into peso, divided into 12 months so it's $1666.66666667 so let us say it's $1700, still a HUGE amount of money if you'll convert it into peso
Mona xx
Mona xx 15 kun oldin
How you make 33k unemployed
Nangs 15 kun oldin
Wow so people are really broke
Space Coast Sports Cards
All liberals
Sir Weedholm
Sir Weedholm 15 kun oldin
This just shows how fucked up Americas job system is lmao
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