100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut
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6-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 6 575
Spoon -
Spoon - 15 daqiqa oldin
How does a person survive on 16k a year WTF
Customizegamer 15
Customizegamer 15 26 daqiqa oldin
I don't rlly care if you know how much money I make like what are you going to do brag or be jelious bc I know I'm not going to be embarrassed 😂
Arneshia Jenkins
Arneshia Jenkins Soat oldin
The last lady 😂
Ms Audy
Ms Audy Soat oldin
Willing to bet at least 80% of people not sharing their income lie to collect government benefits. The last chick though is a prostitute lmfao
athyrhanifa Soat oldin
In what city is that teacher making 75 K? And I call myself being happy that our district finally gave us a raise that made me a little above the 40K bracket. Lol
SAIYAN SLAYER 23 Soat oldin
I thought that was Auntie Fee in the thumbnail.
gabi ponce
gabi ponce 2 soat oldin
i wanna make 35,000 for making sandwiches
Charzilla 2 soat oldin
Bruh I’m 14 and make more than some of these people
E H16
E H16 2 soat oldin
Is no one gonna talk about the guy that said 3:40 “a quarter of a million would be sufficient” 🤣 that’s $250k that’s well over sufficient
lucifer 2 soat oldin
2:40 this the vice north Korea dude?
Jocelin Silva
Jocelin Silva 3 soat oldin
so fucking annoying how they ask them in the beginning how much they made but they act like they don't know what they are there for.
Atomic brando
Atomic brando 4 soat oldin
“Combination of unemployment and child support “ ....... Nah sis just unemployment
Amity Brain
Amity Brain 4 soat oldin
The Dancer at 2:30 is also the lead singer of Enamity! :)
Mia Brown
Mia Brown 4 soat oldin
I don’t really get why it’s personal?
Ezequiel Galeano
Ezequiel Galeano 5 soat oldin
It’s funny when the more they make the more people say how much they make
Sweswio 5 soat oldin
Hip hop streaming service dude seems cool and makes good money boys
Ashley Serrano
Ashley Serrano 5 soat oldin
Yo i need to know where this daycare provider works cause i dont even make half of that
Scarlett Verity
Scarlett Verity 5 soat oldin
We all earn the same amount of money Not enough..
STEPBACK GOD 5 soat oldin
All the broke people say it’s private lmaooo my nigga d’arron would walk in that bish and be like “a cool 16 mill”
Brit Ferguson
Brit Ferguson 5 soat oldin
Wait...wow $16,000. I know the cost of living in the US is significantly cheaper than here in Canada but damn.
KING SIZE 5 soat oldin
My dad make 4.2 million a year Jk
Lil Cred
Lil Cred 6 soat oldin
The people that get $0 complain less then the people who get $60k
ModBase 6 soat oldin
How much money do you make? $36k / year. What do you do? I'm an entrepreneur. I lol'd
Zane Zinn
Zane Zinn 6 soat oldin
Why do people care so much about saying how much they make???
Nikola Bogdanovic
Nikola Bogdanovic 7 soat oldin
The guy who makes 400,000 probably gets mad if his son spends $20 on something that matters to him ngl
Emma Pauline
Emma Pauline 7 soat oldin
I’ve never understood why people are so uncomfortable with talking about money. We talk more about our sex lives than our pay checks.
Cherrie 5 soat oldin
Emma Pauline not speaking openly about your income is not something to be guilt-tripped about, it’s perfectly reasonable.
Emma Pauline
Emma Pauline 5 soat oldin
Cherrie talking about money is not about having a high salary. Society has made it taboo to talk about our income. Gaby Dunn talks about this a lot in her book “Bad with Money”. It’s perpetually separating America into different classes based on income when there needs to not be.
Cherrie 6 soat oldin
Emma Pauline Every human can have sex, but not every human can have a high salary.
Angelo Cantin
Angelo Cantin 7 soat oldin
400k income a year I always want more lmfao😂
Cherrie 5 soat oldin
Angelo Cantin -400k in humility.
sonifyy 10 soat oldin
4:39 this nigga rich yo
Ruth Noemi
Ruth Noemi 10 soat oldin
I make $15 an hour full time job as a daycare teacher I’m pretty happy with it but at times is very overwhelming. Money doesn’t make anyone or nothing is silly how ppl get offended not saying how much they make I mean it’s just a paper when you die it won’t go with you
Whosmansisthis? 11 soat oldin
I make around 47,000 I’m about to turn 23
Maria G
Maria G 11 soat oldin
"not including money from....the daddy's" lmaooooooooooooooooo
Justin McKnight
Justin McKnight 11 soat oldin
mostly women??? is this the $0.73 on a dollar? I think all of these people MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES to earn what they earn...am I off base?
Adeyeye Samuel
Adeyeye Samuel 12 soat oldin
People in my country make less than $1200 and feed their Fannie family.
Samantha H
Samantha H 12 soat oldin
Shit I need to start sellin some software or something
gustavinhosouza16 13 soat oldin
Where are the rich people????
Lolli Pop
Lolli Pop 13 soat oldin
I don‘t know why people are so uncomfortable with telling how much money they make..
WonderGirl 15 soat oldin
I've never understood why it is a bad thing to share your income. Maybe if you are loaded I get it, but I think it's a great thing to share income. It gives more power to the employees
Devin Casila
Devin Casila 15 soat oldin
Broke bois
Altair Ibn La-Ahad
Altair Ibn La-Ahad 16 soat oldin
A lot
scarlett blaze
scarlett blaze 17 soat oldin
1:45 totally me when they ask me any question😂💔
Raven Willis
Raven Willis 17 soat oldin
“Stay at home mom”...that line kills me😭. (Here goes the people who will be offended)
Music Overdose
Music Overdose 18 soat oldin
1:23 if you are yoga teacher, I am alien
T. H.
T. H. 19 soat oldin
I’m a truck driver I make 150k-250k a year and the majority of these people are losers I’m 27 years old and about to purchase my second home
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 20 soat oldin
My parents make roughly around 180k a year most of it from my dad who is a lawyer but I guess if your single 10k a year is fine
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 20 soat oldin
My mum makes 20k but my dad makes around 300k a year. In AUS $
Avtar Mandaher
Avtar Mandaher 21 soat oldin
1:40 How is she getting 33k a year from child support and unemployment wtf
So Alayna!
So Alayna! 22 soat oldin
2:37 MOOD😂
Julian Kun oldin
I only make $10,000 a year...
Juicy Alex
Juicy Alex Kun oldin
I just realized how fortunate I am now
Kimmy Kōhai
Kimmy Kōhai Kun oldin
These people are more willing to tell us about their sex lives than their income. When you talk about how much you earn openly, it makes it harder for discrimination to slip under the radar. There's no reason money needs to be private.... we all struggle. except the people making all the dollars but they're honest anyway.
BingeFest1 Kun oldin
4:49 definitely on welfare there’s no way she is employed
Luke Roberts
Luke Roberts Kun oldin
When you are unemployed but still make 20K a year
AJ Mullin
AJ Mullin Kun oldin
I can’t tell if the guy at 3:15 is a guy or girl
Tony L
Tony L Kun oldin
I made about 150k last year and I’m not happy about it. I think I’m worth 200k so I’m being underpaid:(
Sean Seiler
Sean Seiler Kun oldin
:/ i’m 19 n make more then most these people what are they doing with there lives
AirMover49 Kun oldin
Goddamn. I’m starting a job as a materials engineer starting 65k/yr. amazing to see how much older some people are and how much less they make. Makes me realize how amazingly lucky i got
big boi
big boi Kun oldin
Who's the woman at 4:28?
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Kun oldin
Just looking at the way the wealthier people hold themselves I could have guessed it.
___DeXoRzz ___
___DeXoRzz ___ Kun oldin
I feel like y'all should as these people if this stuff is personal first, so you'll get an answer right then and there. Having all the ones that said it was personal was just a waste of time.
Shaun Michael
Shaun Michael Kun oldin
What electrical work are you doing to pull in 100k a year?
Marissa Alvarez
Marissa Alvarez Kun oldin
Hearing some of the people say they were Paralegals got me interested. I’m a junior in high school and am wondering what kind of job I should get after college, thank you Cut!
Marissa Alvarez
Marissa Alvarez Kun oldin
This was SUPPOSED to be on the income video 😂
♡aeriya ♡
♡aeriya ♡ Kun oldin
mr krabs.
Just Yaz
Just Yaz Kun oldin
I’m sorry but even if you work a 10 dollar job (minimum wage) you can make up to at least 20,000 a year depending on how many hours you put in so what’s going on? I’m still a high school student and I make more than that so I don’t see why adults don’t aim to get jobs that pay way more than that.
itsz me
itsz me Kun oldin
“I’m not really comfortable telling you anything.” Me: *then why did you come*
Nate Hardesty
Nate Hardesty Kun oldin
i was waiting for the “I’m a crack dealer” response
Veronica M.
Veronica M. Kun oldin
In Italy 20k a year is a good salary! You can live comfortably with that
Vtheorem Kun oldin
Hi (sorry for my english)
Zeras1 Kun oldin
2:21 this man really been chewing on some rocks
Osama Bin Llama
Osama Bin Llama Kun oldin
400k a year? My house...
Onzah Soat oldin
Osama Bin Llama that’s nothing. It’s all about perspective. To you that’s an immense amount of money. But in the perspective of the owner of whatever company he works for, he makes chump change. Even 25 million a year is a lot but Is NOT NEARLY CONSIDERED “RICH”. Jeff Bezos the current richest man makes an approximate 82 BILLION a year. That’s almost 7 Billion a month. See? It’s all perspective. To Jeff Bezos 100 million a year is nothing.
Susie English
Susie English Kun oldin
Money is an illusion if you have it. Money is real when the rent is due
Petros K
Petros K Kun oldin
Garbage video
AFBI Itzyaboyben
I make 10k a month
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia Kun oldin
Alanna Bishop
Alanna Bishop Kun oldin
Dang I thought my dad didn’t make that much but compared to these people I am very thankful for that amount of money he makes
Lady Davis
Lady Davis Kun oldin
Lmfao. If course its all gov money on this entitled channel.
Kuhoo Not Kuhu
Kuhoo Not Kuhu Kun oldin
100k + = All white
Burger Nuggets
Burger Nuggets Kun oldin
1:29 tree trunks from adventure time lmao
2K Doctor
2K Doctor Kun oldin
In countries such as Argentina that is not a personal question, but golly I think $40,000 a year for a middle aged person is more than enough.
Cecilia Martin
Cecilia Martin Kun oldin
How does that guy make $60,000 as a server!? Who is he serving? Beyonce? Oprah?
big juicy wigless toe
Holy Jesus why do these people make only like 10,000 a year. My moms yearly salary is 200,000 and that’s not even that much for us.
crazygirlfun1 Kun oldin
100k for electrician!!? I wasted my life and money on criminal justice.
Sherlock Watson Holmes
Holly moly ... i can’t even eat some days 😂
Pigeon Kun oldin
wait, how does a daycare provider make 60k?? I'm a daycare provider and make 30k!!
Eli In The Sky
Eli In The Sky Kun oldin
100 people make money. There I saved you time.
CrazyLegsMcGee Kun oldin
I think we should talk about it more. Some people are underpaid and it's a great way to make sure you aren't getting low balled.
GXXFY Kun oldin
0:57 she sounds like rico nasty...
Chan Mcfattyton
Chan Mcfattyton Kun oldin
dremid445 Kun oldin
Omg some of these people are way too damn touchy! I feel like the "don't talk about politics/religion/salary" rule has kind of faded away w/ the 20th century. Anyhow, only ones who made sense to me were the dude who said "250k would be enough", and the 160k girl who said "I don't need to make more"; 150k really is the point where it start feeling kind of irrelevant. Ionno how people survive in any major city w/ sub-50k salary. My rent is nearly that, fuk...
GlowStory Lion
GlowStory Lion Kun oldin
Omg All of these People is poor as fuck!!! I live in Denmark and make around 1000$ af month in a supermarked like 20 hours a week haha
brogoku Kun oldin
America: " i make around -$ trillion of dollars in student loan debt a year". china: "you still owe us bitch"
brogoku Kun oldin
College students: " i make around -$40000 in debt a year
brogoku Kun oldin
Day traders be like. " i make $5200 daily , now go buy my books and dvds".
Mayep Kun oldin
broke ass
Subscribe for more hentai O
Bit life irl
Poo Tub
Poo Tub Kun oldin
"I'm living off savings" Yeah right. She probably doing some illegal job
Joel B
Joel B Kun oldin
People who don't say are either broke or evading taxes...
Graciela Solis
Graciela Solis Kun oldin
60000 as a server ? Where
Archie James
Archie James Kun oldin
U dont do your taxes dummy u let irs keep all there money stupid
Maddie Kun oldin
Me: Hears joke and doesn't laugh Also Me (after hearing random lady in background cracking up): Crying laughing gasping for air while constantly beating hand on table
immortal Kun oldin
Most of these people are a *failure*