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Golden Globe® nominated comedy series SMILF returns, continuing to redefine what it means to be a young single mom. This season finds Bridgette Bird, a 20-something from South Boston, striving to learn from her messy past and focus on the future. Check out a new season of SMILF, Sundays beginning January 20, Only on #Showtime. uzvid.com/video/video-IDJWpjh7-Ms.html
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100 Single Parents Describe the First Time They Saw Their Child | Keep it 100 | Cut
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9-Yan, 2019

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camelvids10 Soat oldin
That’s the girl from bms sammis sister
Blahblahbye 278
Blahblahbye 278 2 soat oldin
Why does the first lady look like Rosie o donell to me
Samantha Shelley
Samantha Shelley 2 soat oldin
Was that roseanne wtf
Jessica maia
Jessica maia 2 soat oldin
that one girl is from Blue Mountain State
Radiant Edits
Radiant Edits 5 soat oldin
“Describe the first time you saw your child” *she looked like a little yellow rat* SKSKSKS
Your a Snowflake
Your a Snowflake 6 soat oldin
They do like 500 questions per group too make 100 vids a month
Isys Harrison
Isys Harrison 6 soat oldin
Rosie Odonald orrr
Fran Fran
Fran Fran 10 soat oldin
Fama Niang
Fama Niang 11 soat oldin
*he looked like my FATHER!!!*
Alani P
Alani P 12 soat oldin
Joey Down
Joey Down 18 soat oldin
Took me a moment to realize who was in the intro...
LiamDaLemon 18 soat oldin
Wish I wasn't gay for this reason 😞
zekety888 18 soat oldin
0:00 *Donald Trump has left the chat*
Bo Loner
Bo Loner 22 soat oldin
Is that Mary Jo from blue mountain state?
Maria Meneses
Maria Meneses Kun oldin
“Am I gonna be enough” well damn here come the tears
Ellie Tanner
Ellie Tanner Kun oldin
is that the bitch from the fosters
Katie Lajune
Katie Lajune Kun oldin
So sweet. I’ve had four beautiful babies 💕💕💕 such a precious thing.
Mariah Ferro
Mariah Ferro Kun oldin
"I saw her turn pink from her heart" that has to be the most beautiful thing
Matt Brotherson
Matt Brotherson Kun oldin
Rosie O’Donnell
Damon Morgan
Damon Morgan Kun oldin
I knew Mary Jo had a child of Alex Moran
E. A
E. A Kun oldin
5.55 that’s me right there. Never heard anyone say those words before. It means so much to know that I’m not alone.
Amanda Franco
Amanda Franco Kun oldin
the last guy “It still hasn’t” like bro my heart
Trytoxania Kun oldin
1:38 Shayla from Mr Robot? Whaaaaaat
Kalei Rainwater
Kalei Rainwater 2 kun oldin
Is that First Lady Rosie O’Donnell (Rita) from the fosters??
Russell Fitzgerald
Russell Fitzgerald 2 kun oldin
Ana Omura
Ana Omura 2 kun oldin
girl from BMS!!!
paladin wolfhard
paladin wolfhard 2 kun oldin
Bugy.BangyBFH 2 kun oldin
Olha o chentric 3:04
Noel Allen
Noel Allen 2 kun oldin
Was that Rosie O'Donnell 😂
Tess Gille
Tess Gille 2 kun oldin
Was the lady that was first on the fosters????
HeyMiaa 2 kun oldin
4:18 4:25
my mom broke my fidget spinner now im sad
Smilf is Amazing
Simran Rodh
Simran Rodh 2 kun oldin
this is the best video i’ve seen from cut.
Whīţë ňøïšě
22 yo still a vergin lol but this video made me happy
Alex Sprin
Alex Sprin 2 kun oldin
is it just me or does the first woman look like Rosie O'Donnell?
branton alexander
branton alexander 2 kun oldin
3:00 i screamed lmaoo
Crunchy Cereal
Crunchy Cereal 2 kun oldin
PermanentHigh 2 kun oldin
2:57 How fucking weak. Found the cuck. Girl is cheating and you stay with her? How fucking stupid.
PermanentHigh 2 kun oldin
1:42 That's that dude's sister from Blue Mountain State!!
Earth Wanderess
Earth Wanderess 3 kun oldin
I love how it just went to and away from the women who said “He looked like my father” LOL
Larissa 3 kun oldin
Is that Frankie Shaw? From Mr. Robot? haha
Rainy Day
Rainy Day 3 kun oldin
Fonzeyy 3 kun oldin
0:20 Blue Mountain State anyone?
Erick The King
Erick The King 3 kun oldin
0:37 What lol
Get this channel to 10,000 subs With no videos
The 2 to last person looks like molly Eskams mom
Dillon Hurles
Dillon Hurles 3 kun oldin
Tell me the brunette isn’t from blue mountain state lmao
ABeautyConnection 3 kun oldin
Bitch I am CRYin
Matteo Wiener
Matteo Wiener 3 kun oldin
Please tell me that girl from the thumbnail is Frankie Shawn..
Leann Cirignano
Leann Cirignano 4 kun oldin
Send help! Who is that First Lady?!?!?!!! She’s so familiar
Cigarette Dreams
Cigarette Dreams 4 kun oldin
Does anyone else remember her from blue mountain state??
Smallz _
Smallz _ 4 kun oldin
Blue Mountain State baby!!!!
Brittany Mercer
Brittany Mercer 4 kun oldin
So that was rosie o donnell....unexpected...cool
Matthew Elwell
Matthew Elwell 4 kun oldin
my dad cried of sadness
Ella Marie Wallace
Ella Marie Wallace 4 kun oldin
Don't blink, you might miss me ;) Hahahaha
Ella Marie Wallace
Ella Marie Wallace 4 kun oldin
Madeleine Voth
Madeleine Voth 4 kun oldin
i’m sobbing. i’m 15 years old, no kids, and i’m sobbing
C. Rider
C. Rider 4 kun oldin
Is that the girl from BMS lol
Nikki 4 kun oldin
"They said the baby looked like me, I was happy because she was cheating so" I thought he was gonna say sum like cause I'm pretty hot and then he jus I'M-
Kayla96 4 kun oldin
was that Rosie o Donnel in the beginning??
HurricaneStarang 4 kun oldin
Growing up I always saw myself having kids young... I sit here at 28 watching this; Realizing there are still so many feelings in life I haven't come close to experiencing.. I hope I get to have kids one day.
dp smith
dp smith 5 kun oldin
"He looked like my father" im ded 4:24
Bettyboohoo Boo
Bettyboohoo Boo 5 kun oldin
Rosie O'Donnell looks so much better with age.
oscar howe
oscar howe 5 kun oldin
Is that the girlfriend/drug dealer from Mr. Robot?
This Is me
This Is me 5 kun oldin
Isn’t that girl from the fosters
Madeline Grace
Madeline Grace 5 kun oldin
is the first lady is from the fosters bahahha
Johnny Avalos
Johnny Avalos 5 kun oldin
YourGirlSudanny 5 kun oldin
So beautiful to see & hear their stories...
Vtheorem 5 kun oldin
“Well... time to put this child up for adoption.”
amelia kay
amelia kay 5 kun oldin
im confused do they shoot a bunch of videos the same day or does that one women just wear the same shirt in every video
livewithintention 5 kun oldin
0:20 Has she been on Cut before? Which video? Cos I reaaaaally recognise her and it's bugging me haha
Liv97050 5 kun oldin
I think the dads are the cutest
peaches 5 kun oldin
All these people are not virgins woah!
Liv97050 5 kun oldin
“She looked like a wrinkly ballsack but it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Hmmmm well ok then
BlinkxArmy 5 kun oldin
All of these people look so beautiful omg 💕
Hi 5 kun oldin
*she looked like a wrinkly ballsack*
ImLukas 5 kun oldin
Glad to see some people are honest. All babies are fucking ugly and gross when they are born.
Rupert Quijano
Rupert Quijano 5 kun oldin
A 22 year old gay here, and this is making me cry
Dare 5 kun oldin
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 6 kun oldin
1:39 maryjo?
Applehead's Love
Applehead's Love 6 kun oldin
Ariel 3 kun oldin
If you watch more she sings Michael Jackson too
Allison Menard
Allison Menard 6 kun oldin
First Lady reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell
Little Louise
Little Louise 6 kun oldin
Either that's Rosie O'Donnell and y'all don't know a legend when you see one or my prescription needs to be updated asap 😂😂
Jenelle Josias
Jenelle Josias 6 kun oldin
the first person you see is rita from the fosters!!!!!!!
Kace face
Kace face 6 kun oldin
I had a complete placenta previa... i spent a almost all of my pregnancy hemorrhaging off and on. Eventually they told me I had to stay in the hospital until I had him. We all knew he’d come early. They thought they were going to have to give me my c-section around 22 weeks and told me he may not make it. I was moved to the labor and delivery room. I had nothing left in me but at the same time had so much hope. The bleeding stopped. I lasted until 32 weeks and it was a miracle. I was bleeding out and going into labor at the same time, which is extremely dangerous for the condition I had. It was 3 am. My doctor got there and I they ran with me to the surgery room and cut me open and got my son out in less than 5 minutes because he was drowning and choking on my blood. When they finally pulled him out and I heard him cry and knew he was alive, I finally let go and put my stress in someone else’s hands for once since the last few months. I passed out from the blood loss and woke up later. My memories aren’t clear from when I had my son. All I know is they said “he’s breathing!” And it’s like my soul was okay. I was so sick I couldn’t meet or hold my son until 3 days after I had him. The first time I got to see my baby truly was in a picture that someone showed me from the nicu. I forced the nurses to let me go down and see him. I was in so much pain but I made it there and got to see him, he was so tiny. A little 3 pound miracle. I named him Liam not for aesthetics but because it stands for “strong willed warrior.” And that’s what he was. And still is. He’s the light in my life. I love my son and even tho I’m a single mom and his father has absolutely nothing to do with him, he saved me. God I love my boy.
Mark V
Mark V 6 kun oldin
Mascots sister from Blue Mountain State??
Kristy Mas
Kristy Mas 6 kun oldin
💙 I just cried this entire video
Kai Haynes
Kai Haynes 6 kun oldin
Could you do this with parents who adopted?? And maybe the adopted kids seeing their parents for the first time???
Bailey Olivia
Bailey Olivia 6 kun oldin
so we just aren’t gonna talk about how the first woman is from the fosters. alright
geo garg
geo garg 6 kun oldin
And some women want abortion
Concrete Board
Concrete Board 6 kun oldin
0:33 WHATS HER @ guys help me, shes so beautiful
Sisters *Quake
Sisters *Quake 6 kun oldin
“she smelt like maple syrup” *oh she must be canadian*
Janine Pillay
Janine Pillay 6 kun oldin
Rosie O Donell?!?! What the heck is she doing at cut? Kinda looking a bit like a hot mess
Lexie Torres
Lexie Torres 6 kun oldin
Wait is the... first person..... wait
Paris Daniels
Paris Daniels 6 kun oldin
In literally in my bed with my dog. Lights off... balling my eyes out right now
Lemon26 6 kun oldin
The First Lady is from the fosters tv show really good show btw
Narges Ghaedi
Narges Ghaedi 6 kun oldin
I wish we could see them with their children at the end of the video.
pimpa's paradise
pimpa's paradise 6 kun oldin
"Covered in nasty shit.."😂😂😂😂
Lucy Ellis
Lucy Ellis 6 kun oldin
Do one for adopted kids
; emily
; emily 6 kun oldin
Mary Jo???
Dara Udom
Dara Udom 6 kun oldin
Anyone else realize the First Lady is Rosie O’Donnell
wanderback 6 kun oldin
I can't remember--do we like rosie o'donnell?