100 Single Parents Describe the First Time They Saw Their Child | Keep it 100 | Cut

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Golden Globe® nominated comedy series SMILF returns, continuing to redefine what it means to be a young single mom. This season finds Bridgette Bird, a 20-something from South Boston, striving to learn from her messy past and focus on the future. Check out a new season of SMILF, Sundays beginning January 20, Only on #Showtime. uzvid.com/video/video-IDJWpjh7-Ms.html
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100 Single Parents Describe the First Time They Saw Their Child | Keep it 100 | Cut
#Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge




9-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 2 164
Zeena Greene
Zeena Greene Kun oldin
Was that first woman Roseanne?
Derickakash 2 kun oldin
Baxter Paschal
Baxter Paschal 2 kun oldin
Who else clicked cause of Blue mountain state
Esperanza Serrano
Esperanza Serrano 2 kun oldin
“She was cheatin” dangg number 1 dad for goin to the birth lol
Lainey Tattershall
Lainey Tattershall 3 kun oldin
why is Rosie O'Donnell literally the first person on here?????
Neil Devnani
Neil Devnani 4 kun oldin
Isn't that the girl from bms ?
Kobe Bean
Kobe Bean 4 kun oldin
Was that rosanne?
Ludi Geodet
Ludi Geodet 5 kun oldin
Monae Slaughter
Monae Slaughter 5 kun oldin
I never pictured myself having kids. I deeply appreciate this video though. It’s so beautiful and I’m glad that they shared their first experiences of something more than amazing, with all of us.
Jonathan Underwood
Jonathan Underwood 6 kun oldin
There should have been a disclaimer in the title that Rosie O’Donnell would be the first person I would see. You’ve got to prepare people for that kind of shock.
ViolinChick 8 kun oldin
"like that moment when everything in Wizard of Oz comes to color and I didn't know my life was black and white" awwwwwwwww!!!
Blader Krazy
Blader Krazy 8 kun oldin
En den id was lak.. kabom
Aryana Shanai
Aryana Shanai 9 kun oldin
rosie o donell
Blue Bandit
Blue Bandit 9 kun oldin
I feel like the men are very much underrepresented in this video - can we get some gender equality up in here
Infires man
Infires man 10 kun oldin
5:16 lol she looks really dissapointed
ORKED STORIES 11 kun oldin
THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN :').. I love my mom and dad super so much but i feel embarrassed to share those feelings with them..sorry my english not so good..
vesa basha
vesa basha 11 kun oldin
I'm not crying ur crying
Rae Zaps
Rae Zaps 11 kun oldin
Is that fucking Rosie O’Donnel??
chloe 12 kun oldin
the first lady.... isn’t she on the fosters?!
FS Edits
FS Edits 13 kun oldin
Is that marry joe from BMS
jdm kid
jdm kid 15 kun oldin
One of my football coach is on.here
1GoldRunner 15 kun oldin
Spacehyun 17 kun oldin
I feel like laughing and crying at the same time
Diego Castro Avellaneda
Covered with nasty shit
Laura Espinoza Moreno
My mom was a single mother when she had my older brother. To this day, she's never mentioned anything about what it was like carrying my brothers and I or her first time seeing us but I can only imagine how scary it must've been for her. I'm glad we can be the ones to take care of her now.
MyMindMagnified 17 kun oldin
the second the video started without the woman talking, i was like wow she REALLY looks like Rita from the fosters... then i caught on
Gae Elle
Gae Elle 17 kun oldin
0:03 Is that Rosie O’Donell?
M Sagri
M Sagri 18 kun oldin
Marry first, have sex later
Jinx The 26th
Jinx The 26th 18 kun oldin
wtf the first lady is from the fosters
Jazz Sophia
Jazz Sophia 18 kun oldin
I was too high on painkillers and I’m prone to dissociation because of anxiety, so I didn’t even react when they passed my daughter to me, I held her for a while and then slept for hours and when I woke up they told me that she had a small hole in her heart so we’d have to stay at the hospital for a few more days. Since that moment I snapped out of my dissociation and couldn’t stop staring at her and holding her little hand and holding her. I didn’t know I could love another person to such an extent until I had her 💛
Ameris Ameris
Ameris Ameris 19 kun oldin
Isn’t the First Lady from the fosters she led the group home that kali was in
Jessica Mansfield
Jessica Mansfield 19 kun oldin
Babies really do look like they have more then 10 fingers & 10 toes 😂
Nate Perello
Nate Perello 19 kun oldin
You know, call me crazy, but after hearing these stories of when they saw their child for the first time, it made me realize and even gave me more of a reason to hopefully find a woman that doesn't have any kids. I like to compare it to smoking weed for the first time (from my experience); that first high is one of the best and you will never be able to reach that high ever again.
Clay Fluks
Clay Fluks 19 kun oldin
She look like a wrinkly ball sack......
Simplycoburn 20 kun oldin
Alright 1:38, Sammy’s sister from blue mountain state. Nobody else recognize her?
Ben Robles
Ben Robles 21 kun oldin
Did they throw a filter on at 2:26???
Mark Mata
Mark Mata 22 kun oldin
4:24 Has me dying lol 😂
Sofia Hash
Sofia Hash 22 kun oldin
0:20 didn't this girl play in Blue Mountain State
Victor Licon
Victor Licon 22 kun oldin
My daughter came out crying but when she heard my voice she stop crying... and I thought to my self did she stop because I was a dick to my wife when she was pregnant and she recognize my voice from yelling at my wife..... and silent my daughter was for 2 minutes.. from me talking ... my wife quit... and when my wife spoke my daughter turned her head towards my wife from that day forward I new I had to change .... for use
Robin Jansen
Robin Jansen 23 kun oldin
0:20 single? How
Gwen A. Peralta
Gwen A. Peralta 23 kun oldin
Oh hey, Rosie O’Donnell
Mishanna Pagaduan
Mishanna Pagaduan 23 kun oldin
4:26 had me cracking up
Mishanna Pagaduan
Mishanna Pagaduan 23 kun oldin
1:20 its the yoga teacher
Miss Melody Spencer
Miss Melody Spencer 23 kun oldin
This made me cry because i did it all by myself with my two kids. I still the same way.#mixedfeelings
MissPiggy 24 kun oldin
5:34 she literally wears the same shirt every single video, no hate, she looks really pretty.
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau 24 kun oldin
Covered with nasty shit. Huhuhuh. That’s my kid!
Tyrone e
Tyrone e 24 kun oldin
I better not be the only person wondering if that’s the girl from blue mountain state.
Madi Paige
Madi Paige 25 kun oldin
This is beautiful
Erka Bur
Erka Bur 25 kun oldin
It's okay if the first moment seeing your child isn't full of love. Sometimes it takes a while to get to know them.
Erka Bur
Erka Bur 25 kun oldin
I like that they added a few people who were confused when the baby was born. I didn't have an immediate connection with my son. I was nervous, scared, tired, in pain. But I love him to death.
Erka Bur
Erka Bur 25 kun oldin
Props to the single dad parents!!!! Awesome men.
Erka Bur
Erka Bur 25 kun oldin
The first lady in the video describing the birth of her son was beautiful.
Yahani Castro López
This gave a whole new depth to having a baby, i cried A LOT..
Faith S.
Faith S. 26 kun oldin
Beautiful ! Being a parent is a huge blessing 🙏🏽
Mabel Granath
Mabel Granath 26 kun oldin
The woman in the thumbnail, isn’t that the chick from mr robot?
Gabby Velasquez
Gabby Velasquez 26 kun oldin
was the first lady in the video Rita Hendricks from the Fosters?
Georgia Dixson
Georgia Dixson 26 kun oldin
I’m kind of confused because there was a women who said she thought it was gonna be a chocolate baby but like didn’t she give birth to him/her or like is she lesbian and the sperm that was given to her from a white man?
Gwyn B
Gwyn B 26 kun oldin
is that frankie shaw???
Kylie Brown
Kylie Brown 26 kun oldin
Am I fucking crazy??? Is that Rosie O’Donell??😂
Palak Singh
Palak Singh 26 kun oldin
Does nobody identify 1:39 as the actress who played Shayla in Mr. Robot?
manny lucchesi
manny lucchesi 26 kun oldin
I love all your videos keep making them please but you guys should make a video of 100 step parents and adopted parents describing the first time they met their child no matter what age they met them. Just from a perspective of someone who is a trans father and cannot have biological kids my step kids are the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me and I know there is more people out there who can’t have kids or wanna adopt or just fell in love with someone with kids and now loves the kids like their own I think it would be beautiful to have both videos because they’re both just different sides to the same beautiful coin.
dtiydr 26 kun oldin
0:20 Holy sweet jesus..
Let’s Dive Right In!
Anyone remember Rosie O’Donnell from Harriet the spy?
elizabeth sharp
elizabeth sharp 26 kun oldin
4:43 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
E michael
E michael 27 kun oldin
Holy shit, was that Rosie O Donnell
smile savi
smile savi 27 kun oldin
“balls, balls, BALLS”
Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
Is that Rosie O'Donnell? 04:12
Christina 27 kun oldin
5:06 it still looks like too many but you know... 😂😂😂
kyrsten collins
kyrsten collins 27 kun oldin
I wouldn’t trade my dogs or life right now for anything , but to one day be a mom I’d give the whole world.
Ace Tan
Ace Tan 27 kun oldin
Haha, "I can't even handle a plant"
Hailie Garcia
Hailie Garcia 27 kun oldin
The First Lady is from the fosters
01:27 28 kun oldin
5:33 she’s in this outfit every video
01:27 28 kun oldin
these are the same people in every video hhhkgk
SmileySisters NS
SmileySisters NS 28 kun oldin
The first person is Rita from the fosters
CLICKBAIT 100 subs pls
Every one was like it will stick with me for the rest of my life and then this girl was like she looked like a gray rinkly ball sack
aashotosh sk
aashotosh sk 28 kun oldin
The girl in the thumbnail is an actress. She was in USA's Mr. Robot.
Linz 29 kun oldin
Well I cannot wait until this moment in life. Man oh man
Rave Baba
Rave Baba Oy oldin
ItsRaiii __
ItsRaiii __ Oy oldin
Ila Willis
Ila Willis Oy oldin
I’m crying fuck
Amber Ambriz
Amber Ambriz Oy oldin
Hey that’s the girl from Blue Mountain State
Emma Garbin
Emma Garbin Oy oldin
Am I insane or is the girl at 2:40 Shayla from Mr. Robot?
Name Name
Name Name Oy oldin
Balls balls balls 😂😂😂😂😂
Im Human
Im Human Oy oldin
is that Rosie o donnell
samirah allen
samirah allen Oy oldin
Anicia malik
Anicia malik 27 kun oldin
samirah allen right
Ultimate Prowler
Why are some of these women impressed with themselves over having a baby its not like ever since the dawn of man kind they have been doing it you have hundreds of thousands years in your dna guiding you not to mention a full staffed hospital. While women back in the 1800’s popped 10 out like a peice of cake bitches be complaining and being proud of them selves over 1 😂😂😂
Diana Toro
Diana Toro Oy oldin
3:01 has me dead 😂😂😂😂
Vance Donnelly
Did anyone else see the lady from the fosters that ran the group home or am I the only one?
Jaden Taylor
Jaden Taylor Oy oldin
Shayla from Mr Robot?
Jasmine Mayhew
Someone tell me but doesn't the first women look like Rosie O'conell (Harriet the Spy) ....
Finnegan Bluemle
One chick is from Blue Mountain State
Zac Miller
Zac Miller Oy oldin
Holy shit it’s Mary Jo
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright Oy oldin
I remember. She's only 2 now. But the day she was born, the doctor held her up after pushing her out after 36 hrs of labor. Her hair was black, curly, and everywhere. Her eyes were HUGE and looked super surprised. And she was super tall already. My heart felt like it was going to explode because I never loved anyone so much up until that point.
Lola Fly
Lola Fly Oy oldin
I thought mine were ugly
Elena Elizabeth
literally it was so beautiful i was already crying at 1:20
Vkookie Oy oldin
“smelled like maple syrup” ... me as a mom
Mousey KADIEM Oy oldin
6:14 is just me 😂
Ellery Official
My mom is single atm. Her 1st single vday since a long time. My step dad cheated if you wanted to know.
Chapara O
Chapara O Oy oldin
So no one is gonna talk ab the First Lady from the fosters
live14 hard
live14 hard Oy oldin
Being a single mom is the most difficult thing but I regret nothing. Cried and felt so blessed. Absolutely blessed. Hes all Mine.
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