100 Years Of School Lunches Taste Test

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Were schools serving up lettuce sandwiches in the 1940's or 1920's? Rhett and Link try to slide their way to victory while sampling 100 Years Of School Lunches GMM #1371
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4-Sen, 2018



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Allen Jay
Allen Jay 6 oy oldin
Chase literally defied the laws of gravity when Link hits the trays at the end 😂
Tristan Doughty
Allen Jay this is true
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 2 oy oldin
Allen Jay yup
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 2 oy oldin
maybe you should study up on thee laws of gravity :D
Chungus the daily gamer
Allen Jay u
hoi its me
hoi its me 2 oy oldin
13:30 REPLAY!!!
Björn Trier
Björn Trier Kun oldin
as a german...neither of your attempts to sound out wiener is right xD but not hate here just funny
luke briggs
luke briggs Kun oldin
13:38 everybody was kung fu fighting..
ST3ALTHNINJA16 2 kun oldin
Link is always way too excited
CommanderZeek 2 kun oldin
"Just the tip" Rhett: *hehehehe" 😂
BeccaRaptor94 3 kun oldin
Awww no 90's?
jammanastic 4 kun oldin
11:38 plot twist this particular liver was actually cooked in the 30’s
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 5 kun oldin
Rhett definitely likes wood
Nicholas Ovel
Nicholas Ovel 5 kun oldin
I spent 47 days in county once. What BLEW my mind was that every meal, every day was better than any school food!
Trace 123
Trace 123 6 kun oldin
B00ST10 6 kun oldin
It’s Ricottage cheese
Satchel Sogn
Satchel Sogn 6 kun oldin
What kind of microphone do you guys use?
esthermphelps 6 kun oldin
The food waste
Fix the Fernback
Fix the Fernback 7 kun oldin
Damn, I wish you wouldn't have divulged the time period so that we could play along.
Kobedie 8 kun oldin
Porch Fyre
Porch Fyre 8 kun oldin
How old are you guys? You look young but talking about your childhood in the 80s. Asking for a friend.
Mohammed H
Mohammed H 12 kun oldin
13:43 Ancient furry footage leaked by CIA
T.B O.E 12 kun oldin
Damn why does this food challenge gotta be so wasteful though? 😓
Dennis Hillberg
Dennis Hillberg 13 kun oldin
1:45 looks like he's saying please help me i dont want to be here. end my suffering
chetgto 14 kun oldin
Rett likes wood guys
Soterion Coil
Soterion Coil 15 kun oldin
The 60's lunch is exactly like what I ate at school growing up in Iowa in the 70's and 80's.
Soterion Coil
Soterion Coil 15 kun oldin
Lettuce sandwich sounds good to me right now.
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 16 kun oldin
Whitest show on the planet!!
zombiedeath 23
zombiedeath 23 16 kun oldin
Low key link pulls that button up off.
Omar Amin
Omar Amin 17 kun oldin
'Wood' in UK slang is a 'Penis' so when Rhett said he loves i was like... woah
jiya lal
jiya lal 17 kun oldin
I just love good mythical morning. Link n Rhett r both cool 😂😂
Duel Masters
Duel Masters 19 kun oldin
0:40 I really like wood lolololol
Mary Waters
Mary Waters 19 kun oldin
I'm so hungry why am I watching food videos
Ian Nicely
Ian Nicely 19 kun oldin
A Vi-enna sausage?... wtf.. you speak phonetically?
AWESOME Tasha 20 kun oldin
At my school all they serve are nasty slices of pizza and sad chicken sandwiches
Joseph Harvey
Joseph Harvey 20 kun oldin
These puns are a dit dull
Waxxy 20 kun oldin
Why shane in here??
Adventure Media YT
Adventure Media YT 21 kun oldin
That 1960's lunch was also popular when I was in Army BASIC training in 2002.
FoxLover50 21 kun oldin
its peanut butter pound cake time its peanut butter pound cake time
xHideousFoxx 22 kun oldin
noo don't waste the peanut butter cake! eat that stuff!
josh8944 22 kun oldin
Would you rather fight 50 duck size horses or 1 horse size duck?
Jadeybugz 22 kun oldin
That beef goulash meal looks SO good 😍😍im hungry man
Kelli Kocha
Kelli Kocha 23 kun oldin
I kinda wish the answer wasn’t on the screen.
Overclaw Boss
Overclaw Boss 23 kun oldin
That name killed me YEAR EYE WITH STRAIGHT GUYS🤣🤣🤣😂
Rishabh Seepersad
Rishabh Seepersad 23 kun oldin
I love you guys but It hurt how much food was wasted
Qui 23 kun oldin
14:23 yeah thats Odessa alright
im golfilicious
im golfilicious 23 kun oldin
I love how chase is just standing there the whole time, holding that spatula 😂
DeLanie Mooney
DeLanie Mooney 24 kun oldin
I saw the kid in the back 🤣
Sarah CP
Sarah CP 24 kun oldin
Now our school lunches have cheeseburgers with gray meat thats chewy and with “pickles” that taste like pure vinegar
Hiroaki 24 kun oldin
Her voice is starting to annoy me.
Anthony Losego
Anthony Losego 27 kun oldin
What?! No 70s?!?
Eve2009 27 kun oldin
Is it just me or is chase just weirdly funny when he burps internally burps??
Austin Franklin
Austin Franklin 27 kun oldin
The school lunches there eating was probably for inmates back in the 50's
Austin Franklin
Austin Franklin 27 kun oldin
I don't eat the lunch at my school except the salads and the fruits because most of the lunches over there are too cold and the lunch meat looks raw
Strong Gamers United
"would you like to see my wood" -rhett2018
Brinkley Whiteman
Brinkley Whiteman 28 kun oldin
Link and Rhett have ate a lot of things on this show we would never eat. Most of these meals people wouldn’t want to eat in general but Link being the guy he is says.... “ew coconuty”.......
Matthew Saari
Matthew Saari 29 kun oldin
I believe Chase can fly....
Katelin Johnson
Katelin Johnson 29 kun oldin
I would of drink tf out that milk😂😂😂
Yeet with Jeets
Yeet with Jeets 29 kun oldin
“I like wood” Rhett McGlouflin or whatever
its ne!
its ne! Oy oldin
A Scottish person like myself will tell u aye u do have ginger oan Ur plate its in Ur gless pmsl X
realeques Oy oldin
never in my life have i heard of lettuce sandwich
Nas Guden
Nas Guden Oy oldin
Sorry but your merch is just trash
LoneWolf-Z Oy oldin
at first i thought link was short but when i googled it he was actually pretty tall at 6'1 rhett is just a freak😂😂
David Raga
David Raga Oy oldin
They're straight?
Serena M.
Serena M. Oy oldin
"Viener" lol
Andy Pham
Andy Pham Oy oldin
14:29 the kid in the background "ooo ye its that powered donuts'
Andy Pham
Andy Pham Oy oldin
1:43 chase looks depressed like he is saying why am i even here"
Reina candycane
I LOVE this segment!
VoltageLoganGames !
General Tso Chicken is the best meal at my school. 2nd place nachos
Ali AlRassam
Ali AlRassam Oy oldin
Why Americans drink milk with everything, that's just stupid lol
Fan Vixtion
Fan Vixtion Oy oldin
0:55 heh heh morning wood heh heh heh
TYGA-tee Campbell
What salad dressing was it
steve stevens
steve stevens Oy oldin
They like horses and wood -- two straight guys? C'mon, keep it real...nobody's judging.
Hannah Markmann
i don't know why lunch lady chase was there but i appreciated it
xKittyKylo Studios
I thought it would have been safe to assume the lettuce sandwich would have been during The Great Depression
Odesa TX = Cocaine
patrick puah
patrick puah Oy oldin
Why u
They waste a shit ton of food on this show
The Bit Gamer 2
The lettuce sandwich made me chuckle.
Zack Oy oldin
lol I laughed so hard when I first saw "lunch lady chase" I would totally want him as my lunch lady
Brian Lin
Brian Lin Oy oldin
school lunches worsened over the century... #evolutionofhumans
Stop At Nothing
eat 100,000 years of school lunch.
PizzYT Oy oldin
Army Alpaca
Army Alpaca Oy oldin
My school eats Little Caesars Pizza, Garlic Bread, and oranges
Trolling233 Oy oldin
the question that I'm thinking of is....how is the glasses not tipped over when they slide it? I did that one and the glass just tipped over and I got upset but....how?!?
Irma Oy oldin
They glued them down like they always do in these episodes...
Nate Brooks
Nate Brooks Oy oldin
You're right, the glasses WOULD normally tip over haha. To answer your question, they said toward the beginning of the show that the glasses are glued down.
xXSAKE29Xx Oy oldin
Schools back in my day use to give out strawberry milk cartons
Karlie Tumey
Karlie Tumey Oy oldin
Kids at my school snort koolaid powder
Ryan 1
Ryan 1 Oy oldin
The female announcers voice is so calming
Proninja365 Gaming
yes there was ; ]
One of Many More_Youtube
M..M..M... *Mystery Meat* ...
Janners Oy oldin
I still love a peanut butter sandwich along side my chili from the 80s lunches. In middle school i ate chili cheese corn chips and a choc/vanilla shake every day.
Tegan Vargas
Tegan Vargas Oy oldin
At 13:43-47 did anyone else see chase jump
Peter Fogwell
Peter Fogwell Oy oldin
links sandwhich was still on da board
Pac-Man Jones
Pac-Man Jones Oy oldin
I like how link doesn't get a knife n cuts his cutlet with a spoon 😂
Thornbush Vlogs and gaming
Lol now it’s a grey burger in a stale bun with a juice box and that’s £3 gone
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin Oy oldin
All of that food is HORRIBLE, and so is the school lunch now, I haven’t gotten school lunch one time in my whole life
Alex Rhino
Alex Rhino Oy oldin
They served good stuff at HC???
Dats pretty sweet bruh
Rhett REAALLY likes wood ^_°
Prestige Playz
Arange coconut custard 😂😂
Gabriel Depalma
Rhett and link must be the best dads ever
Ernie Threefarts
I'd say more like 75℅ of a straight guy combined total.
agiuggio1 Oy oldin
why give the dates immediately....
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Oy oldin
"The winner will get a nice modern day school square pizza" "And the lose gets to write I will learn my lunches on a chalkboard 100 times" Ladies and Gentlemen this is what we call a lose-lose situation.
xXHerrZockXx Oy oldin
Use shuffleboard pucks ffs! Didn't your parents teach you NOT TO WASTE FOOD? the format is fun, but this food going to waste really is unnecessary. How old you think your audience is? And if, why not lead by example? Please change this...
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