100 Years Of School Lunches Taste Test

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Were schools serving up lettuce sandwiches in the 1940's or 1920's? Rhett and Link try to slide their way to victory while sampling 100 Years Of School Lunches GMM #1371
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4-Sen, 2018

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Allen Jay
Allen Jay 4 oy oldin
Chase literally defied the laws of gravity when Link hits the trays at the end 😂
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 5 kun oldin
Allen Jay yup
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 8 kun oldin
maybe you should study up on thee laws of gravity :D
Jyn Rentero
Jyn Rentero 15 kun oldin
Allen Jay u
Kayden Bickel
Kayden Bickel 19 kun oldin
13:30 REPLAY!!!
fantdm hero
fantdm hero 22 kun oldin
Allen Jay bless links grandma for the pound cake
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice 7 soat oldin
They should have lunch lines that work like subway, to order anything between some vegan bread.
coleton marshall
coleton marshall 8 soat oldin
It sounded like cheubacca at slow mo
Keto Lisa
Keto Lisa 17 soat oldin
You guys have the best hair! Love the clothes too
Koop 23 soat oldin
1980s lunch seemed pretty great.
Prestige Productions
Rhett is literally a more optimistic and happy Ron Swanson from parks and rec
Benjamin Farias
Benjamin Farias Kun oldin
I thought school lunches were gross growing up but they look grosser as they go back each decade. Ugggh
SnicklesTV If Pickles and Snickers had a baby!!
Wood you show us your own school lunch
Nora Aracely Covarrubias
Bbq sandwich at my school was actually really good. I missed it
Rey Fabros
Rey Fabros 2 kun oldin
He was using his inhaler
Stephen Lee Henderson
Stop filling around and eat jeez
Stacie Diaz
Stacie Diaz 2 kun oldin
I love watching the fan videos at the end. I graduated from Odessa, Texas. Permian high school class of 2010.
darkySp 2 kun oldin
How cruel would it be to arrive at a funeral and just say: "Goooood Mythical Mourning!"
Parkdum 2 kun oldin
Sunaina Garimella
Sunaina Garimella 2 kun oldin
Link had HAD to do some research before this
Crystal Water Wolf
Crystal Water Wolf 3 kun oldin
its sad that these lunches are better then elementary school lunches K-6 (not middle school 7-8)
Switch The Shepsky
Switch The Shepsky 3 kun oldin
all these are better than my school lunches we have pizza in a bag, it's gross
syd da cow
syd da cow 3 kun oldin
"There was a kid in the background *snorting* something-- I'm just saying watch it back"
Dragonstorm1557 GAMING
who else was raised calling it vee an uh sausage.
CuteAdorableCatLover 3334
Link: we are gonna sample the lunch Rhett: I'm hungry lol
Burbi 4 kun oldin
we get dounuts and soda at my school
Wah 4 kun oldin
Burbi ok I’m jealous
Kaitlyn Wang
Kaitlyn Wang 4 kun oldin
I haven't watched good mythical morning in so long, that my mind went crazy when i saw the new intro
ElementInfinity Wolf
The female narrator's voice is so good!!!
Wendyann Thomas
Wendyann Thomas 4 kun oldin
The chef is like i donk care
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 4 kun oldin
who says "VYE enna" sausage?
King Steven
King Steven 5 kun oldin
I would rather have that food then what they are giving us today
D4RKxF0X 5 kun oldin
That is SO Odessa, TX at the end. 😂 That town is outta control.
JAlly Farms
JAlly Farms 5 kun oldin
a lot of that stuff they still have it in schools
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 5 kun oldin
You know what everyone is doing these days in 2019 is checking out AEW
Anna Satterfield
Anna Satterfield 6 kun oldin
Y'all got drinks other than water and milk?
I probably won't Like you.
I bet the kid in the background was snorting smarties... Its actually happens a lot where I live.... They also smoke smarties
Euan 6 kun oldin
Yhese aare better than my lunches
ZooAy ‘
ZooAy ‘ 7 kun oldin
[--------- look! You have been gnomed.
MissAquaGamer 7 kun oldin
I don’t like this version lol. It’s kind of unfair and also very messy 😂😂 Creative tho 🤷‍♀️ Also in high school 2010-2014 our lunches were pretty amazing. Sorry to those whose lunches sucked lol
Its Genos
Its Genos 7 kun oldin
0:47 would like to see my wood
I bim German
I bim German 7 kun oldin
You say it like... Winner just say the "i" a bit longer
I bim German
I bim German 7 kun oldin
Jordan 7 kun oldin
I can get behind the 1930's and 1960's Thats my kine of food
IceMan 143
IceMan 143 7 kun oldin
Of how they do this is so clever and funny great way to do this guys.
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson 8 kun oldin
Been here since 3 k
Russell from Up
Russell from Up 8 kun oldin
Wait what did u call the girl from up?
CC Butcher
CC Butcher 8 kun oldin
is anyone else reminded of ron swanson with all the wood stuff
NinjaC008 -
NinjaC008 - 8 kun oldin
Most of these lunches look better than what I get at school
Bryce Clark
Bryce Clark 8 kun oldin
I like wood, Rhett 2019
jasmine silchuk
jasmine silchuk 8 kun oldin
How come school lunches have gotten worse overtime?
Zacitus Omegatros
Zacitus Omegatros 8 kun oldin
Trinity 2019
Trinity 2019 8 kun oldin
If only my school lunches looked like that -_-
Aiden cat
Aiden cat 8 kun oldin
How there was a great depression
Michael Tukuafu
Michael Tukuafu 8 kun oldin
I love how he knows that it is liver
VegaCentari 8 kun oldin
0:40 I like wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 8 kun oldin
I wish you would not have told us the year until after so we too could guess
Gaming Nerd
Gaming Nerd 9 kun oldin
At my a book we still have the bedroom with the cake and that stuff
Gaming Nerd
Gaming Nerd 9 kun oldin
Rodrigo Chavez
Rodrigo Chavez 9 kun oldin
Odessa TX 🔥🔥
Michael Spence
Michael Spence 9 kun oldin
Greem Cream Beams lol
y s
y s 9 kun oldin
During segregation people of color had different school lunches.
Molly Loebe
Molly Loebe 9 kun oldin
I kinda feel bad for chase. He’s just over there in a dirty dress awkwardly..
Brock Barr
Brock Barr 10 kun oldin
Why does Rhett look like the guy from the Sling TV commercials
Jaxtyn Jacobson
Jaxtyn Jacobson 11 kun oldin
“I really like wood.” -Rhett 2018
Billy Fusco Jr.
Billy Fusco Jr. 11 kun oldin
2000's lunch is decent, 2010's lunch, (especially late 2010's,) on the other hand...
Alayna Kincannon
Alayna Kincannon 11 kun oldin
0:02 Rhett just had a mini neck seizure 😂😂
Kay ishungry
Kay ishungry 11 kun oldin
I wonder if they secretly can’t stand each other
Dj_Woomy 2005
Dj_Woomy 2005 11 kun oldin
Texas bois
the Pink Kitty
the Pink Kitty 11 kun oldin
I'm so hungry
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link 12 kun oldin
Link was right. That kid REALLY did look like he was snorting something. Not sure what else he could have been doing lol
Rusty Dusty
Rusty Dusty 12 kun oldin
Please stop wasting the food some of it looks and I know tastes good please lol
AubrieT13 fortnite
AubrieT13 fortnite 12 kun oldin
How old is link
Ayee Fatboy
Ayee Fatboy 12 kun oldin
I’ve noticed link has a slight part of gray hair
jan moat
jan moat 12 kun oldin
any 2019ers
Sabrina Torgerson
Sabrina Torgerson 13 kun oldin
So a PB and cottage cheese and salad dressing sandwich, um what kind of salad dressing? I think it's kind of important to know what kind of salad dressing it is. Because Italian is far different then Ranch, or is it blue cheese or a vinaigrette? What kind of salad dressing is it?
Braedon Belair
Braedon Belair 13 kun oldin
it’s a lettuce sandwich!! Why?! 🤣
Kristers Feldmanis
Kristers Feldmanis 13 kun oldin
OYSTER SOUP IN THE 1920s?!?!?!
Taylor Daley
Taylor Daley 14 kun oldin
I LOOOVE the color f wood and i love wood!
Mona Gordoa
Mona Gordoa 14 kun oldin
You 2 are not funny and are very wasteful.
jackson reyes
jackson reyes 14 kun oldin
U could call those socks Woodstock(inns)
Dom Priddle
Dom Priddle 14 kun oldin
To me rigt now good mithacul night
Stop Looking
Stop Looking 14 kun oldin
I'm hungry now ._.
Double A R&B
Double A R&B 14 kun oldin
2:15 they begin
Mikael Rubin
Mikael Rubin 14 kun oldin
Link looks so mad when Chase burps. Looks almost like he wanna fire him :o
high quality hun stuff
0:39 lol thats what she said
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG 14 kun oldin
Yeah, should be TWO SEPARATE BOARDS, or remove the first trey
Rad9024 Sareyah
Rad9024 Sareyah 14 kun oldin
Jade is my step sister😂that’s her
81coollambo 14 kun oldin
Bad idea throwing food.. People still going hungry in America especially California
z. 14 kun oldin
link's hair now is personally much better than it was before
Jotaro Frosto
Jotaro Frosto 14 kun oldin
Technically rhett wouldn’t win because he almost got it right, but really since link guessed right, the fact that rhett got a point isn’t fair.
Temuulen Bayasgalan
Temuulen Bayasgalan 14 kun oldin
The lettuce sandwich is definitely during the Great Depression.
Max King
Max King 15 kun oldin
most clickbait youtubers: lets guess the decade rhett and link: LETS PLAY MOTHER FREAKING SHUFFLEBOARD
ToadYoshiOofs 15 kun oldin
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Random Avocado
Random Avocado 15 kun oldin
1980s: have a good day at school honey, be sure to eat your vegetables! 2019: ok honey I will just drop off some McDonald’s or something
Meela Phouayvongsa
Meela Phouayvongsa 15 kun oldin
Better than our lunch today (kinda)
Eriya Gaming
Eriya Gaming 15 kun oldin
12:29 - 12:40 had me weeeaaaakkk😂
JayJay Jewel
JayJay Jewel 15 kun oldin
I’m Jade
JayJay Jewel
JayJay Jewel 15 kun oldin
Noelle Gosnell
Noelle Gosnell 15 kun oldin
school lunch is already 100 years old at my school. might as well feed me a alien ear
Minjan 54
Minjan 54 15 kun oldin
We love a good wood shirt
Nathan Osborne
Nathan Osborne 16 kun oldin
Hold up link has grey hair
Demon Slayer Kaizen
Demon Slayer Kaizen 16 kun oldin
Wood n farm Jacob n essau
Mr Dog
Mr Dog 16 kun oldin
Better than my 2018 school food
Chase Elrod
Chase Elrod 16 kun oldin
I live near Odessa
Sleepy Turtlez
Sleepy Turtlez 16 kun oldin
I thought rhett couldn’t have milk
Adelissa Hunsley
Adelissa Hunsley 16 kun oldin
When I was going to school we had these amazing brownies with powdered sugar on top, and we were only allowed to have chocolate milk on Fridays so it was a major deal. I took my lunch most of the time because I was a picky eater but if there were pigs in a blanket I bought cuz those were awesome and not the cheater kind with the crescent rolls but they were completely encased, and then I bought lunch every friday which was usually spaghetti or pizza. I also remember fondly the ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes. Sometimes a class was chosen to serve lunch and that was my favorite thing putting an ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes on the tray. Went to have lunch with my niece the other day and everything is in a plastic container. They don't actually cook things anymore, it is all airplane food blah.