14 Spoilers Fans Missed At The Start Of Superhero Movies

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These superhero movies spoiled major plot points without us even realizing! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
The makers of superhero movies know their characters better than anyone. That’s why they are so amazing at sneaking in spoilers that fans might never even pick up on until the second or third rewatch. Moments like, when we finally figure out what that orange substance was in the collars in X Men: Days of Future Past, or that Pepper Potts would totally end up saving the day in Iron Man 3! Bruce Wayne mentions that he would like to see Wayne Manor torn down in Batman Begins, and the League of Shadows do him a big favor later on. Maria lets us know that Fury will be back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a blinking light lets us know that Star Lord might not be totally human in Guardians of the Galaxy, and the World’s Greatest Grandma mug is a total hint about what will happen to Scott later on in Ant Man and The Wasp! Dash basically gives away Syndrome’s whole plan in The Incredibles, Lex Luthor uses handshakes to size up his enemies when they first meet in Batman V Superman, Thor wears The Hulk’s colours on Earth to hint that the two will meet up again later in Thor: Ragnarok, Clark Kent’s childhood trauma helps him defeat Zod in Man of Steel, Magneto hints at wanting to kill Shaw in a pretty specific way in X Men: First Class, Sir Patrick lets us know that he’s more than he seems in Wonder Woman, and Peter Parker really needs to learn to lock his door in Spider-Man: Homecoming!
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Saanu Bhardwaj
Saanu Bhardwaj 27 kun oldin
At the start of thor 3. Thor tells an asgardian to lock up surturs head in a vault 'so that it doesn't turn into a big monster and blow the city up' but that's exactly what happens at the end
Anwar Adnan
Anwar Adnan Oy oldin
this video is a mess
Alexander Inget
You kind of forgot to mention that Tony directed his Iron Man suit to Pepper when the building started to collaps, he knew that he "might" be able to save her and Maya, if he was in the suit, but he did not wish to gamble on Peppers safety, so he put the suit on her instead. And at this point Jarvis still existed and had the abilty to controll the suits, so it's debatable of how much work Pepper actually did.
Alexander Inget
Not to mention that Loki being a Frost giant is shown when he is touched by a frost giant on Jotenheim and isn't affected by the cold.
Meme boxx
Meme boxx Oy oldin
Everybody needs to stop sending hate
unicorn dorito
The mutant camps JUST LIKE IN DEADPOOL 2
Jackdoesstuff Oy oldin
Or you could just, y’know watch the trailers
fnkybunchmstr Oy oldin
That Guardians scene is actually from a TV spot; you don’t see them being scanned when they arrive at the prison in the movie.
King Willex
King Willex Oy oldin
5:02 pause it there... Did you say interrupted by 2 frost giant's? I counted 3....
ParaVet Oy oldin
Y'all don't know what spoiler means do you. All you have to do is retitle and change the word to forshadowing. Spoiler means that information spoils (ruins) a key part of the movie.
BB Gun
BB Gun Oy oldin
0:16 don't you mean HAWK-eyed!
John Garion
John Garion Oy oldin
What is the openning music¿
Sophie Toon
Sophie Toon 2 oy oldin
Connor Vestal
Connor Vestal 2 oy oldin
I like the Forshadowing in infinite war when Black Panther said you will have nothing but blood and DUST
Hendrix Lynch
Hendrix Lynch 2 oy oldin
I think the moderator doesn’t understand foreshadowing and spoilers aren’t the same thing. Especially with Lex, Bruce and Clark.
Decahederon Sheppard
I don’t know why no one understands time travel movies they’re simple
BJ Hollings
BJ Hollings 2 oy oldin
Anyone else still curious about why starlord almost died holding a infinity stone however Thanos handled them just fine as he put them in their spot on the infinity gauntlet
Madison Leggett
Madison Leggett 2 oy oldin
I see Loki I click
Bihong Kollogov
Bihong Kollogov 2 oy oldin
These are definitely NOT spoilers!
Nick Slaby
Nick Slaby 2 oy oldin
1:01 that "orange" color youre talking about is clearly yellow. like basic highlighter yellow
Rahi Yousuf
Rahi Yousuf 2 oy oldin
What is the name of the movie at 0:22
Stephen M-D
Stephen M-D 2 oy oldin
Ice Giant Loki looks like Grand Admiral Thrawn.
S dot Again Philly
How do I prevent this channel from showing up on my timeline
S dot Again Philly
What proof do you have that it was the same formula?
Gêröń PR
Gêröń PR 2 oy oldin
Also DCEUs Lex Luthor is actually demented
Gêröń PR
Gêröń PR 2 oy oldin
Doesn't the name "Syndrome" ring any bells?
It's good to be a kid of the '90s
How about the whole beginnig of Ragnarok is forshadowing the the end of the movie? Or how Thor says to Strange "Don't mess with my hair"?
Jace Holgate
Jace Holgate 2 oy oldin
This was boring, and you should feel bad.
The Boulster
The Boulster 2 oy oldin
Pretty sure #10 is what we call “a coincidence”
Ana Blake
Ana Blake 2 oy oldin
More like "forshadowing" than "spoilers"...
Zack Engelhart
Zack Engelhart 2 oy oldin
The colors are also in deadpool
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson 2 oy oldin
These guys don’t grasp the concept of spoilers.
Train Wreck
Train Wreck 2 oy oldin
Super easy beaely an inconvenience
Kuala_Kool _Guy
Kuala_Kool _Guy 2 oy oldin
Ever heard of the word 'Foreshadowing' ?
Slim A Lynch
Slim A Lynch 2 oy oldin
You do know that Foreshadowing and Tie-Ins aren't the same as Spoilers right?....
TFEXY 2 oy oldin
Seriously the only good vids screen rant makes are pitch meetings, everything else is looper leveled bs
Scifisam 2 oy oldin
Did he just say. . .tortally?
Paul Mahon
Paul Mahon 2 oy oldin
This is weak.
the mustache ninja
Doesn't the antman suit being INSIDE the grandma trophy count as foreshadowing
Kyle Abbott
Kyle Abbott 2 oy oldin
This video is a joke
Don't Fall
Don't Fall 2 oy oldin
That spiderman ad about aqua man killed me. I never realized that.
Weston Brevik
Weston Brevik 2 oy oldin
I knew about the bvs foreshadowing right away
Andrew I. Crocker
Do you know what the difference between a spoiler and foreshadowing is? I don't think you do
RÅMPÅGË KING 2 oy oldin
Call them easter eggs huh
RÅMPÅGË KING 2 oy oldin
These are not spoilers buddy
Keeper 2 oy oldin
My favorite foreshadowing for Lupin is in "Prisoner Of Azkaban": when it's lesson about boggarts and when Lupin saves Harry from boggart we can see a full moon in the wardrobe for a brief moment.
Han Solo62
Han Solo62 2 oy oldin
Movies are movies... That's it.
Brendan Burman-Bellenger
Do you know what a spoiler is? Seriously?
Zach Hamell
Zach Hamell 2 oy oldin
Loki is a Awoken. Lol😂😋
Stephen Mcneil
Stephen Mcneil 2 oy oldin
a lot of these arent even "spoilers" and just really big stretches
KingOne 2 oy oldin
What the hell was all that hyping up of that Pepper damsell in distress woman ?
Drew Peters
Drew Peters 2 oy oldin
no loki is son of dad!!!
Zero Ripley
Zero Ripley 2 oy oldin
i really have to stop to click on your videos... there is so much wrong and kinda made up. bruce "I'll put the damn thing down" and later Ras burns it.... i am shocked that i didn't see that coming =O and most of the other stuff makes as much sense as that... weak.
Manny Bank
Manny Bank 2 oy oldin
Manny Bank
Manny Bank 2 oy oldin
Bruhh, the title already called BATMAN VS SUPERMAN... well that's a major spoiler //(=.=")\\
Kevin Messner
Kevin Messner 2 oy oldin
Nr. 9! Dude this movies name is batman v superman.. I think anyone knows they are going to fight
John C.
John C. 2 oy oldin
Lazy writing.
North-Road Caveman
3:00 they should've done this with Cranston in Godzilla 2014
Dr blacksmith 26
Dr blacksmith 26 2 oy oldin
3 frost giants!!
Harley Laufeyson
Harley Laufeyson 2 oy oldin
Roll the tape Johnny!
Dio Falkner
Dio Falkner 2 oy oldin
Mayve Loki is a Chiss.
lisa hansen
lisa hansen 2 oy oldin
Silva.C.Fazbear Productions
Oh and they are just forshadowing
Silva.C.Fazbear Productions
there is a scene with Aqaman when he was a kid that kind of showed up again to be important at the climax.
Darth Watson
Darth Watson 2 oy oldin
These aren’t spoilers but they are moments of foreshadowing
Sunrise Alex
Sunrise Alex 2 oy oldin
Did you know that Loki is actually a Chiss? :D :P
Old Man
Old Man 2 oy oldin
anytime Sam Jackson dies in a movie is a good movie.
Floe Davila
Floe Davila 2 oy oldin
This video sucked. How did it get so many thumbs up?
Bag Man
Bag Man 2 oy oldin
10:48 he looks like the presence
Satisfying Ice Eating Asmr
Lmao wtf was thor wearing a spoiler🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Kal-El fan 49
Kal-El fan 49 2 oy oldin
Most of these were pretty obvious
Max Contreras
Max Contreras 2 oy oldin
I was going to scold them for not knowing what a spoiler is, and for reaching on much. But I scrolled down and saw my job was done for me. Good job UZvid!
Sham Hafiz
Sham Hafiz 2 oy oldin
I donno if this counts but the big reveal in Avatar the last Airbender tv series Avatar Ang uses his bending abilities to take the fire lords firebending away. Earlier on in season 3 Ang suggests that he should use 'glue' bending to take the FireLords bending away
Sleepy Hero
Sleepy Hero 2 oy oldin
The thing that always bugged me about Iron Man 3 Is when people say Pepper defeated the big baddy. When someone does 95% of the work, getting the last hit does not count as being the one to save the day.
Rhiannon Myers
Rhiannon Myers 2 oy oldin
These are more like foreshadowing
Canadius The Chinese
Spoiler alert? maybe?
Obsolete386 2 oy oldin
Foreshadowing does not equal spoilers
M Dlo
M Dlo 2 oy oldin
I have no idea how you guys have 5 mil subscribers
Stormcastle 2 oy oldin
"Spoilers"? Do you even words, bruh?
DK x Mace
DK x Mace 2 oy oldin
Loki looks like Thrawn.
Fade 2 oy oldin
Spoiler your gonna read this comment and like it
Zkids Parrish
Zkids Parrish 2 oy oldin
Spider sin
Spider sin 2 oy oldin
Is loki immortal cause I'm done believing he dead
D1rtyDuck 2 oy oldin
These aren't spoilers. It is intended foreshadowing. Nobody missed these. SR typically does good work but this is lazy
Rene Vasquez
Rene Vasquez 2 oy oldin
Dislike for Loki stretch.
PewDiePie The Holy One
Y does every f**king UZvid video have a Harry Potter references... I hate that shite
IPAM MUHAMMAD 2 oy oldin
ned is telling that "we're all gonna die" in the bus from infinity war
Mr Purple
Mr Purple 2 oy oldin
You mean there's foreshadowing batman will fight superman in batman v superman? I never would've expected that!
Shotokan44 2 oy oldin
Im pretty sure the word is called foreshadowing
matrixshizhizle 2 oy oldin
after that grandma one i stopped watchig
Dae-Young Kang
Dae-Young Kang 2 oy oldin
f this vid
I never caught that Xavier thing. They made him look like a junkie. He could have easily found an easier way to put that cure in him than shooting it like heroine.
b kam
b kam 2 oy oldin
Holy ads...
Willosophy 2 oy oldin
Side comment: I think B.v.S. aged well. I watched it again recently; it's not as bad as I remember.
navajas rs
navajas rs 2 oy oldin
Wow. What drivel. Is there anything at all worthwhile on this channel besides Pitch Meetings?
Ebube Okoye
Ebube Okoye 2 oy oldin
i just came for loki
debkamal mullick
debkamal mullick 2 oy oldin
The silliest spoiler I have seen is in The Dark Knight Rises when alfred said about his dream of seeing him in a coffee shop smiling. It was very dull of Nolan to actually make it the last scene when you can totally predict that that will be the last scene. No doubt that movie was Nolan's laziest work
Nat Mikhailov
Nat Mikhailov 2 oy oldin
Who's here for Loki?
Shay1313 2 oy oldin
Kinda stretching it a bit too far, aren't we?
Eric Rose
Eric Rose 2 oy oldin
Grandparents in Law
roselyn colas
roselyn colas 2 oy oldin
I just came for Loki
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