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Produced by Jambeatz
Music Video:
Script by Shaho Casado
Directed by Shaho Casado:
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28-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 17 133
Aydan Jennings
Aydan Jennings 6 daqiqa oldin
if only it was in english
TheCityma 10 daqiqa oldin
nike werbung hoch10 tfouuu
Paw el
Paw el Soat oldin
...... ale zajebiscie sie tego slucha , sodoma hahahahaha kurwa Oo.......
TomEffect 2 soat oldin
Genau so will ich euch Jungs, Gangsterrap steht keinem besseren!
Saussan Bise
Saussan Bise 2 soat oldin
Was für ein Dreck
Koschin 536
Koschin 536 2 soat oldin
Sammel ein paar Eindrücke während ich ihn rein drücke🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
J_iGamer 2 soat oldin
at all here there are not German, the group is rapping about helping kids in Africa with giving them Shoes...
DE GL 2 soat oldin
Immer noch von Jambeatz produziert, ich kann nicht fassen wie gut ihr technisch geworden seid.
Muli 300
Muli 300 3 soat oldin
The rap in Germany right now is just too fake and whack as fuck y’all need to Listen real ones
Angel Saucedo
Angel Saucedo 3 soat oldin
This fools are so stupid wow
187ist beste Leben
187ist beste Leben 3 soat oldin
Der beste Song von 187 krass gecuttet wenn man sich etwas damit auskennt weiß man wie schwer das ist
wellwh0 3 soat oldin
Broke my tongue :D and I know a bit of German:) greetings from croatia
NoahTre 3 soat oldin
Respect from Texas, USA.
Random Knaki
Random Knaki 4 soat oldin
187 Strassenschande
ABDO Abeid
ABDO Abeid 5 soat oldin
مطعم الامير الدمشقى اتعمله اعلان ببلاش!!😂😂
Clint Sumalpong
Clint Sumalpong 5 soat oldin
It's days like this that I thank Gott that I speak German. Danke Schön, Trending...
wielbladkleemann 5 soat oldin
Respect from Fordon
Okan Ak
Okan Ak 5 soat oldin
Digga mehr Amis als Deutsche 💯
# gg
# gg 6 soat oldin
9560 nervengift(kärnten) hört dich auch ich fress dich auf du Lauch denn ich erstick an meiner Schulmaus
DanielWhaaaa 6 soat oldin
Brits swear they’re hard
TheGhost 321
TheGhost 321 6 soat oldin
Besser stehst du auf wenn ich komme hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 187? Also laut meines Wissens sind da in Germany ohne USA Gesetze ;)! Near klar feiern WESEN diese Menschen da sie in den USA kein3 Eier hätten xD!
Imagine 7
Imagine 7 6 soat oldin
Gzuz Part ist anders geil
Fake name Fake name
Fake name Fake name 6 soat oldin
Is this German or English?
BRN 65
BRN 65 6 soat oldin
lX macht shokmusikk nach HAHAHA
Anand Tihul
Anand Tihul 6 soat oldin
I thought this was a movie trailer
Der exsl 95 Liebhaber
Bockt 🤙
Dean Nestle
Dean Nestle 6 soat oldin
World star 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
_Kein Name_
_Kein Name_ 7 soat oldin
Wenn Raf noch in der Hook wär Puhhhhh ist jetzt schon eine bombe aber mit raf noch heftiger
Texho 7 soat oldin
Der Track und die Schuhe sind einfach nur hammer
Jonathan KS.
Jonathan KS. 7 soat oldin
_German very savage language_
Jonathan KS.
Jonathan KS. 7 soat oldin
Dees is kapot hard
DeTix Hd
DeTix Hd 7 soat oldin
Kick aufs Pedal brandneuen Nike TNs🤙🏻
Zvijer X
Zvijer X 7 soat oldin
Hidkn Bdujdb
Hidkn Bdujdb 7 soat oldin
Was nen Brett da geht nichts mehr
Emi 7 soat oldin
Wtf is this. English comment passing by
the king
the king 7 soat oldin
Echt cool 😀
Vany Verrückt
Vany Verrückt 7 soat oldin
Sa4, die neue deutsche Quelle hahaha bester Mann 😍😍😍
RayFive 7 soat oldin
Muß sagen ballert hätte ich nicht erwartet nach dem Autotune dreck !
Michael Huegli
Michael Huegli 7 soat oldin
187 Strasenschande
1_.marixa._2 B
1_.marixa._2 B 7 soat oldin
dre stone
dre stone 8 soat oldin
Gzuz part unnormal stabil👌😎
jjbroski fcz
jjbroski fcz 8 soat oldin
der part von maxwell ist mit abstand der krasseste
Der Wahre Grund Für dein Aufgeben
OmG Mit Beats Kopfhörer Und noch Bass an machen Ende...! Nee Spaß alter es fickt ja alles Alter
AmnesiaValley 8 soat oldin
Are they Russian
Yeet_Gaming 8 soat oldin
bei unsere schule wurde 187 grafiti gemacht XDDD heute
Jackson 51
Jackson 51 8 soat oldin
SA4 richtiger Ohrfeigenfall
Balazi Xhavit
Balazi Xhavit 8 soat oldin
Früher ward ihr nummer 1 jetzt nicht mehr
denniasz 8 soat oldin
der beaaaat
iviayas 8 soat oldin
spicky 21
spicky 21 8 soat oldin
Sprainer Tv
Sprainer Tv 8 soat oldin
Wer hat den besten part?
The Luex
The Luex 9 soat oldin
Wer findet das Stück von 2:02 bis 2:35 auch so geil?!
Giacomo lol
Giacomo lol 9 soat oldin
Non ce se po dire nulla
David C
David C 9 soat oldin
Wunderwaffe bratwurst
187 sharokh
187 sharokh 9 soat oldin
hau mir sucuk in die pfanne
aeral 9 soat oldin
Bboy MEsbah
Bboy MEsbah 9 soat oldin
Yeah yeah machweiter bruder du bist the best bro!♡♡
Maxwell DerBaba
Maxwell DerBaba 9 soat oldin
Bonez wie immer guter Part
Cem Erden
Cem Erden 9 soat oldin
Gzuz Part Ist Killer
Nick S
Nick S 9 soat oldin
Video gets a dislike for the Trump ad.
BoomBrus 10 soat oldin
Gzuz is rapping about how Dangerous Drugs Are!
Mary Opemiyan
Mary Opemiyan 10 soat oldin
This bangs
Kleiner sonnst Calvin :P
187 Ohne Bonez MC ist nix,aber echt
Fortnite daily Dose
Fortnite daily Dose 10 soat oldin
YOU AND YOUR MOMMA HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY UZvid CHANNEL NOW! ❤️🥰 uzvid.com/video/video-pFl5yU1TcUY.html
Saruma 10 soat oldin
Was das für ein Anzug denn GZUZ an hat?
Pedro Dru
Pedro Dru 10 soat oldin
Fett sponsiert
XX__Gamekiller_ Boss_xx_pvp_hd
Sam Samsam
Sam Samsam 10 soat oldin
Ad Victoriam
Ad Victoriam 10 soat oldin
Bonez rasiert
Google Nutzer
Google Nutzer 10 soat oldin
Fury of the Film Fan
Fury of the Film Fan 10 soat oldin
Fury of the Film Fan
Fury of the Film Fan 10 soat oldin
I'm making a music video, bring your mask... yeah...THAT mask.
ZajOnc 21
ZajOnc 21 10 soat oldin
Deine Mutter HD
Deine Mutter HD 10 soat oldin
Mal wieder ein Mega gelungenes Brett Amk
mbt suchti 9000
mbt suchti 9000 10 soat oldin
Ich hasse d Rap 😭
Neorax 10 soat oldin
For those who can't understand what he is saying :) Please like so everyone in the US can stop commenting I don't understand anything of this lmao :O [Part 1: Gzuz] Fresh sneakers, yes, thats how it goes Hanging out at home smoking only going out to "push"[distributing drugs] He does reavealing statements, wait for what? I'll come over and beat him once Everything I wanted was a mercedes in my entrance No everything I really wanted was an entrance Who has so much? Who gets so much money in my Age? We get the hottest women just by passing by Swiping off the dirt from my Nikes, every one recognizes us Bitches shout: "We like this motherfucker" The "Makarov"[Russian Pistol] hangs loose and my "register"[at the police] has no ending Because my hole crew makes their money with "encros"[prob. some drug I don't really know] [Part 2: LX] I wear the Nike-Suit and the Haifisch[Special Nike shoes] aswell Weighs exactly one thousand grams and I seal it One drive trough the night with the rims shining The load will be delivered in an older Toyota Fast with the moped some cocaine At every corner there is someone that makes their money with "Fruits"[synonym for Drugs since (Obststand)] You will recognize the sound whem im coming [could be ment in a sexuall way i don't really know] You better stand up when im coming Some day my ass is hanging out an an yacht Look my Mercedes and my Rolex is paid I only wear "TNs"[Nike tuned shoes] over 160 pairs And everything goes perfectly can't get to sleep because im laughing [Part 3: Sa4] I come and show presence wide tires mercedes benz Pushing the pedal with my brand new Nike "tns"[Nike tuned shoes] Time is money, driving some rounds with houndred grams The customers are calling every ten seconds Making money, big stacks in our pockets Risking everything every time like at the poker games "Zivilverfahren"[like a litigation], crooked road, snorting cocaine In front of the door, civil police making photos They want to prosecute me and spy on my phones Because deals are getting done like bandages [this is a german rhyme so you can't really translate it that good] 600-watt-lamps, planting weed Goldchains, Goldplates, "Jhonnys"[synonym for Joints] thick like pincecones [Part 4: Maxwell] 187, better remember that number You see me on the stage and think "hes not normal"[should mean that hes a little crazy] Always full speed with 200 on the speedometer [200km/h = 124 mp/h] Buying twenty grams of "gelato"[a special strain of weed also known as Larry Bird] that I smoke while driving 20.000[€] in my pocket we are stars Rap about motherfucking getting into the charts "Digga"[german slang for dude] german rap is dead but we dance on its grave Cooking "Sucuk"[turkish sausage] in my pan, everything is alright Look the Rolex that I wear is not made out of steel for a long time (full golden) One hole room in my House only for "Haifisch-Nikes"[special nike shoes] And the "Obst"[synonym for Drugs] is getting sealed again, you know it [Part 5: Bonez MC] When I eat some pieces of Meat at the "Steindamm"[one of the biggest streets in Hamburg] Be sure I wear fresh "Haifische"[special nike shoes] Parents both rich and she lives in "Eimsbüttel"[part of Hamburg with many big Houses] Take some impressions, while I put it in [not really saying it but he means his dick] Suddenly an international Star Im just thinking "yeah my child dream is coming true" And if I would be you I would always be there for me [again pretty hard to translate because of german rhyme] Lazy bitch make some sport and get your butt into an ass [he wants her to train her small ass into a large one] Bonez, Air Max, whos millionaire now? Still out of the west of Hamburg, who wants stress? We'll clear it [if someone wants to fight they will fight] Call the police but if we shoot you'll keep lying on the floor Its one eight to the seven because we love "Haifische"[special nike shoes] Can't guarantee that everything is correctly spelled or translated but I gave my best Altho my english is not the yellow from the egg ;)
Eiswolf 10 soat oldin
Bruder was sucht das Video in den US Trends ??? :D
Noah CoC
Noah CoC 11 soat oldin
this is fire even tho i don’t understand a thing
cvrtiis 2910
cvrtiis 2910 11 soat oldin
Gzuz ist der beste auf dem Beat sheeeesh
Homik50054 11 soat oldin
greetings from Poland ;)
ρονιοκανελ 04
Pleurat Thaci
Pleurat Thaci 11 soat oldin
no fucking idea what the fuck they are sayin but it goes hard man
SrkJebach 11 soat oldin
I dont understand the single word they said but this song lit!
Mr.ISFA 11 soat oldin
Can you believe this shit german rappers. This shit started with poor blacks in the ghettos of New York City & was hated but made it & it is making 100's of millions if not more & it has enriched the world over in asia Africa europe middle east latin america Caribbean pacific island Australia making a lot of poor people rich the rich richer of all ethnicities & nationalities & the Black man & Black woman still hated? Wtf. How can you love someones culture & hate them. I love bruce Lee & kung fu but I hate chinese people? I guess you can ever since Christians can hate jews but worship one & nobody say shit about that. It's weird & it's sad. I see a lot of people happy & profiting. Hip hop has done wonders for all & is some grass root shit that can get you rich from nothing else except whats in your heart & mind. The only education you need is your life. Black people should be loved for we do so much for the world.
fogmaN7331 11 soat oldin
you dont identify music with a race nowadays. go back to the 80s were you come from.
Maryam Maja
Maryam Maja 11 soat oldin
Wallah krasseste Auto Kes 😮
Lennox 12 soat oldin
187=Ein Sack Zwiebeln
Boooyyy Alda
Boooyyy Alda 12 soat oldin
Richtig geiles Vide
300x TO3
300x TO3 12 soat oldin
I really don’t know why I thought this was a movie trailer until he started rapping
Ov_CxPy 12 soat oldin
Günther Hoppe
Günther Hoppe 12 soat oldin
Capi ist besser als du HUND🚬🚬🚬
Praeferenz Dekadenz
Praeferenz Dekadenz 11 soat oldin
Das hier ist kein Video von Fler
ENERGY BRATAN 12 soat oldin
Mit dem Song habt ihr ein neues level vom sound her ereicht das ist mies geill
Vloger Mirco
Vloger Mirco 12 soat oldin
Wie immer ein auf Gangstar machen.
GZUZ -Topic
GZUZ -Topic 12 soat oldin
Even i dont understand what ya'll sayin i still admire what music you have 😁 Goodbeat makes me feel a gangsta make me going to the point that i wanna punch who ever i crossing with HAHAHA GZUZ OG 🇩🇪 From PHILIPPINES HERE 🇵🇭
Marcel Kautz
Marcel Kautz 12 soat oldin
Marcel Kautz
Marcel Kautz 12 soat oldin
Höre 187 seit 2 Jahren
Mo Tyson
Mo Tyson 12 soat oldin
Gesponsert von Nike
VL CoMeDy 13 soat oldin
Junge seit 3Wochen non stop Trends
Ehrenwertigkeit 13 soat oldin
Das geilste Musikvideo der Deutsch rap Szene ! JUNGE DAS IST DEUTSCH RAP!
Emi Baby
Emi Baby 13 soat oldin
marija tomic
marija tomic 13 soat oldin
Dad lied ist scheise
paras 26
paras 26 13 soat oldin
weis jemand was für ein anzug gzuz trägt
Kraku 13 soat oldin
Das Video Fetzt Gute Leistung Shaho Casado
7 oy oldin
4 oy oldin
Geht Los!
7 oy oldin
7 oy oldin
7 oy oldin
8 oy oldin
Kalter Norden
4 oy oldin