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We are here with a plenty easy trick to make cooking eggs a bit easier. There is no need to miss a breakfast anymore.
We are ready to help you to cook perfect eggs by sharing genius lifehacks how to prepare eggs by dropping them into boiling water, the best way to cook fried eggs and the easiest way to peel eggs. Moreover, we share the reasons why you should never throw away eggshells.
How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Boiled? Check out the quick recipe for perfect eggs! Learn the easiest way to poach eggs is in the microwave. Fill a cup with 1/2 cup of hot water, add vinegar and salt. Crack 1 egg into the cup and microwave for 1 minute. Voila!
Here is an ultimate collection of eggs recipes and hacks:
- Repurpose eggshells into cute candles. Place a wick inside each egg and add the melted wax to the eggshell. If you want color candles, use a wax crayon as a pigment. Voila!
- Find out unusual uses for eggshells instead of throwing them away! Use eggshells and salt to clean a burnt cooking pot
- Eggshells are excellent pots for seedlings. When your plants outgrow their temporary homes, place them in eggshells into the soil
- We share with the most effective and easy ways to organize your drawers using egg trays.
- How to determine an egg’s freshness
- And how to get that perfectly peeled egg each time?! Place your eggs in boiling water and cook for a certain amount of time. Then place your eggs into an ice bath and leave them there for about 10 - 15 minutes. After that peeling, the egg is very easy

00:50 How to cook perfect eggs
01:52 Easy way to clean a burnt cooking pot
02:15 Candles from eggshells
05:11 Planting grass
06:00 Unexpected ways to use egg trays

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26-Noy, 2018

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Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar 4 kun oldin
Imagery Uhcab
Imagery Uhcab 12 kun oldin
I tried poaching the egg in the microwave and it exploded. Do 1 minute instead of 2 and it works
Oda Mizu
Oda Mizu 13 kun oldin
Ronald Wheeler
Ronald Wheeler 13 kun oldin
5-minute crafts 7:40 “after several months”
Henrique Menezes
Henrique Menezes 14 kun oldin
Jasmine Rodriguez
Jasmine Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
A hhh I love eggs
The Jump Journal
The Jump Journal 14 kun oldin
Xander Rodriguez
Xander Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
I wish I could make money this easily :/
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Why is this on my recommended?
Froop Loots
Froop Loots 15 kun oldin
How are any of these going to make my life better
Agressive pillOw
Agressive pillOw 15 kun oldin
Of course I want a glowing egg on my phone
Can we get 500 subscribers with no videos
Those hacks were egg-xalent
Elbow Pucket
Elbow Pucket 15 kun oldin
Keyword “smart”
Lxi :
Lxi : 15 kun oldin
Imagine the amount of eggs they had to buy
Purple623_AJ 15 kun oldin
what even was the point of the first one?
Michael Mclellan
Michael Mclellan 15 kun oldin
A nice easy 5 minute craft by leaving an egg in vinegar for 24 hours...
Candy 15 kun oldin
*Michelle Obama has balls as smooth as eggs!* uzvid.com/video/video-QctApz7wXu8.html
Sofia Banuelos
Sofia Banuelos 15 kun oldin
Hugh bear Boris
Hugh bear Boris 15 kun oldin
0:41 this is five minute crafts not 24 hours
cursed knight
cursed knight 15 kun oldin
i remember back in the old days before the stove was invented, we used to have to use android flashlights to cook eggs all the time
cursed knight
cursed knight 15 kun oldin
im watching this cause of how funny this awful tricks are
Ethan O'Neill
Ethan O'Neill 15 kun oldin
like for jarvis
Rion Shellooe
Rion Shellooe 15 kun oldin
Literally none of these are smart
hunter gatherer
hunter gatherer 15 kun oldin
I swear to God I'll like this comment. You swore to GOD.
Quinn Danks
Quinn Danks 15 kun oldin
Your a fake money making channel! Get out of UZvid you cheap life hacker! You make me sick! The tablet is not going to stand up on a light egg try it's just going to fall because it's heavy! I'm so angry at you!
Quinn Danks
Quinn Danks 15 kun oldin
Mercury Gaming
Mercury Gaming 15 kun oldin
More "Life Hacks" About eggs again . . Oh, boy Egg-citing
Ninja Wolf
Ninja Wolf 15 kun oldin
Just delete this horrible cringe channel
Cbags 420
Cbags 420 15 kun oldin
I lost brain cells watching this
ItsLordSky 15 kun oldin
Duck Rapoport
Duck Rapoport 15 kun oldin
It has been 378 hours since I have had any human interaction, I've been sitting in my room watching every five minute craft video. Not a single one has been good, it's all a dumpster fire but I can stop please send help
Fernanda Aburto
Fernanda Aburto 15 kun oldin
Fernanda Aburto
Fernanda Aburto 15 kun oldin
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Malia May
Malia May 15 kun oldin
Would you like butter with a side of eggs ?
Black & White
Black & White 15 kun oldin
It is one cool vidio !👍👍👍👍
Tech Junior
Tech Junior 15 kun oldin
How to basic would be happy with this
EsmeTheKitty 262
EsmeTheKitty 262 15 kun oldin
Who else is confused why they would want to put all those eggs on there wall and why they have so many egg cartons 😂
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 15 kun oldin
Remind me why I'd do this again 🤔
ayesha khan
ayesha khan 15 kun oldin
😂 who watch always but never try ? 😂
Priyanka Patra
Priyanka Patra 15 kun oldin
Amazing egg tricks
Theodore Vegh
Theodore Vegh 15 kun oldin
Who knew? -Theodore A. Vegh
RayDay 15 kun oldin
This channel should be deleted.
idontknowwhat toputasmyname
11:06 those look disgusting
TheHillbillie8989 15 kun oldin
Those scrambled eggs looked overcooked. 🙈
Adr Tre
Adr Tre 16 kun oldin
I’m in that weird part of UZvid again
Clint Shackson
Clint Shackson 16 kun oldin
Make a homunculus
Glory be unto God the Most High
So cool! Will have to try. Eggs can also be used to give you the perfect pout. Check it out here uzvid.com/video/video-uoHnQ04pS-o.html. Ladies and gents, you are truly beautiful.
*uwu intensifies*
*uwu intensifies* 16 kun oldin
3:26 *man the new chia pets are looking great*
MARINA ALVAREZ 16 kun oldin
How is this on trending lol
Angel M.
Angel M. 16 kun oldin
What do we do with this information
Don’t Sub to me
Don’t Sub to me 16 kun oldin
Was this an egg video or a tattoo show
galaktikpotato aka scrub man
"5 minute crafts" *shows something that takes a hour or two*
AAKP. Simeon
AAKP. Simeon 16 kun oldin
White people weird
TheNameIsSubZ3R0 16 kun oldin
Don’t try these it doesn’t help and it wastes your time
Chris Payne
Chris Payne 16 kun oldin
charlie wolff
charlie wolff 16 kun oldin
This dumb who cares about this
Marissa Autry
Marissa Autry 16 kun oldin
Using an egg as a candle...? Could you imagine walking into someone’s home and seeing egg candles?
YuNeka Vondetta
YuNeka Vondetta 16 kun oldin
Why do you have church music?
mr. stark i don’t feel so good
okay cool... but... why?
energy phocused
energy phocused 16 kun oldin
Who still uses microwaves...... uh yea, i want something to eat with the main course as radiatio..
Aaron Mendez
Aaron Mendez 16 kun oldin
Eva Bear
Eva Bear 16 kun oldin
Who just has eggshells laying around😂
Killed 16 kun oldin
RickAstley #1-FR3
RickAstley #1-FR3 16 kun oldin
This channel is a disgrace
free joles
free joles 16 kun oldin
Why is this on my recommend
Maynard Vannatta
Maynard Vannatta 16 kun oldin
I cant believe that you make money just with tons of clickbait
Potato ._.
Potato ._. 16 kun oldin
*How to basic is quaking*
Liam Moriarty
Liam Moriarty 16 kun oldin
Why didn’t they just post this on Easter?
Blitz Legend
Blitz Legend 15 kun oldin
Because they are running out of ideas
Get off my recommended...
*BOLD GOLD* 16 kun oldin
I stopped watching 5 minute crafts for a year and came back so I wouldn’t see repeats 😐
Blitz Legend
Blitz Legend 15 kun oldin
Why did you come back?
GooberVlogs 16 kun oldin
Got to 3 minutes and I stopped watching lol
Professor Biggy
Professor Biggy 16 kun oldin
Five minute craps
So Fi
So Fi 16 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video! 💕 I've been looking long and hard 😣 for the PERFECT how to get salmonella tutorial 😷 Keep up the AMAZING work!!! 😘
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 16 kun oldin
Hello, Humans. Spongebob: Patrick, you’re a genius! Patrick: Yeah, I get called that a lot. Spongebob: What? A genius? Patrick: No, Patrick. ~Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star TERRANCE OUT
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꧁Slay Queen꧂ 16 kun oldin
The trending list is broken again
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click my picture 16 kun oldin
I really needed to know this
Crazyhorse AZ
Crazyhorse AZ 16 kun oldin
Herbivorous Cyborg
Herbivorous Cyborg 16 kun oldin
Most people probably wouldn't upvote the use of eggs for such trivial things if they understood the horrible conditions that most egg laying hens are raised in. Even "free range" hens only need 4 square feet per bird and don't even need to be provided the ability to physically walk outside. Most egg laying hens are crammed inside wire cages with other birds, so tightly packed that they can't even move around.
Cobra 16 kun oldin
This is not helpful
Andrew MemeLord
Andrew MemeLord 16 kun oldin
Top egg life hacks that no one will use
uh oh whoops
uh oh whoops 16 kun oldin
Gabby B
Gabby B 16 kun oldin
42 million subscribers???? Shut up! How?!
Snorty McGout
Snorty McGout 16 kun oldin
At 0:29 they mixed up the “Shaken” and “Unshaken”
ZzTingZz Xbox1username
Phil The Computer
Phil The Computer 16 kun oldin
**smashes egg on phone** *”I did it”*
Gr8Beat 16 kun oldin
*impressive tricks*
RD JOKER 16 kun oldin
Ehouse33 16 kun oldin
this video is one big...."DUH?!?"
Xmortis _
Xmortis _ 16 kun oldin
This video is a joke
10,000 Subcribers With Just One Video?
Imagine having to explain this 6:54
FlaxenSubset746 16 kun oldin
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle sike
Hellosusan .f
Hellosusan .f 16 kun oldin
This is eggcellent :o
Tbone 30
Tbone 30 16 kun oldin
i’d rather have t series be number one subscribed than this channel
SNOWMAN LIGHT 16 kun oldin
I killed my hamster, do you have any life hacks to bring it back alive? 🤔
Wolkify 16 kun oldin
people are so caught up in the pewdiepie vs. t-series battle, they dont even see that this channel is making HUGE gains as well!! it will soon be 4th place worldwide!!
AllyOPaly 16 kun oldin
A channel like this has 41 million subscribers i unironically want to die
The Fat Melts Away
The Fat Melts Away 16 kun oldin
I usually just boil mine
How come 700 k people have no life enough to watch egg hacks boii
10 Egg Tricks
Yil oldin