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2016 NFC Championship Game Atlanta Falcons Vs Green Bay Packers NFL Full Game

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The Atlanta Falcons Take On The Green Bay Packers in The NFC Championship Game.




25-Iyn, 2018



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Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 5 kun oldin
10:25 41:29 1:03:30 1:14:23 1:38:14 2:00:45
Musicrecords10 10 kun oldin
It sucks watching them being so happy and then the superbowl happened.. and not like bitch boy Brady didn't go to the superbowl the next year and the next year.. god I hate the Patriots
Gonzalo Aleman
Gonzalo Aleman 18 kun oldin
I'm crying watching this....we should have gone down in history for the best offensive year ever. :( Ill never get over it.
Baschel 19 kun oldin
Can see it again and again - still love it!!! Saw the Game back then. Greetings from a German Falcons Fan since 91
Fire Flame
Fire Flame 24 kun oldin
45:43 that should have been a foul
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22
f1r3m4nN1nj4 22 27 kun oldin
I remember how bitter-sweet this was. The Packers are one of my favorite teams, and to see them get blown out was tough, but I was also happy because the Patriots looked beatable.
That One Guy
That One Guy 28 kun oldin
Honestly, Dallas was lucky they didn’t qualify lmao. If they had, they would’ve been shit on by the falcons easily. No way they would stand a chance even if the game was in there home stadium, falcons are to good
The Mind Is A Powerful Thing
Goddamn Aaron Fraudgers SUCKS!!!!! It's EMBARRASSING as a pats fan since birth (1986 born in Brockton MA) to even joke that this guy is comparable to the G.O.A.T!! Just stop!
DaB STabS Oy oldin
I never thought I'd say this but Tony Romo should call every nfl game. Joe buck is the dan deirdorf of the 21st century, Troy looks like hes going to have a heart attack at any moment, and Al Michaels puts me to sleep. Great game for the Falcons but as a Patriots fan since conception, every team should know by now that you don't slow up against the pats.
mjsref Oy oldin
Damn i remember that game mah sisters went to hamilton and i cried the rest of the night
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker Oy oldin
Upload the full game of super bowl 51
2:28:56 Um yeah about that lmao
Eden yeet
Eden yeet Oy oldin
The dislikes are the packers fans
Chad Smith
Chad Smith Oy oldin
Did y'all see how Robert gave Aaron Rodgers. Sinister smile of enjoyment when his helmet got ripped off
Even though they choked , I sitll enjoy them raping Aaron Rogers. Hate that dude with a passion
Super-SPLUURJ 390
Super-SPLUURJ 390 5 kun oldin
Don't hate just dislike him
Ann Murdock
Ann Murdock Oy oldin
My FALCONS closed out the Georgia Dome in grand style!!!
Chad Smith
Chad Smith Oy oldin
Wow JJ is not human #1 wr
NBT_ Kris
NBT_ Kris 2 oy oldin
I’m gay full homo
Patrick Bohn
Patrick Bohn 2 oy oldin
This was the best game in Falcons history. Bummer they couldn't close out the SB. But an amazing year
JC 2 oy oldin
great game
J Law
J Law 2 oy oldin
I have watched this game 20 times, and Green Bay looses every time. You would think they would learn from their mistakes and win.
Nicholas Quinones
Joe buck jinx mason crosby and number 51 when he said he always been healthy
Julia Bayne
Julia Bayne 2 oy oldin
Hi I’m from the future. Somehow, Joe Buck still has a job.
Sick Touch Of The Incendiary
Mr. Big Chest
Mr. Big Chest 11 kun oldin
No Matt will choke who's house
sound wave6
sound wave6 2 oy oldin
Iced Maiden
Iced Maiden 2 oy oldin
As a die hard Falcons fan since 1978, I don't know what's more disheartening......losing the SB the way we did or after two years removed from SB 51 ending the 2018 season 7-9????? DQ has made the necessary changes so far in just one day after the last game. He WILL right the ship and get us back in contention again. We just had too many critical injuries to overcome that we thought we could and hope the offense could carry it....thanks to the now former OC Sark, we never regained our form from 2016. The thing is, he was really in over his head and never properly utilized the talent we had on offense to make us successful. Also, if we're honest with ourselves, he was only hired bc Shanahan left for SF. I tell people we got beat by one Shanahan in Super Bowl XXXIII and lost bc of another Shanahan in Super Bowl LI lol We will be back....I have no doubt...just would've been sweet to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in our own backyard is all.
Michael Moultrie
Michael Moultrie 2 oy oldin
impimo 3 oy oldin
Cody_1804 3 oy oldin
Worst game ever being a packer fan
Alonso Gamon
Alonso Gamon 3 oy oldin
Falcons choked in the super bowl 51
Ivaylo Kostov
Ivaylo Kostov 3 oy oldin
nazovi me po ime
17th Luv
17th Luv 3 oy oldin
cd3224 _
cd3224 _ 3 oy oldin
I’m gonna miss that season. Atlanta should’ve had an even better team this season but injuries killed us
I-10 Veteran
I-10 Veteran 3 oy oldin
Damn it just hit me .......I see why Aaron Rodgers has only been to 1 Super Bowl ?? He done lost a lot of NFC championship games!
wizzdom100 3 oy oldin
Easy completion my azz
andri irawan
andri irawan 3 oy oldin
asuu bangsat kontol
xxsavage508 Gucci panada
I went to sleep listening to music and i woke up listing to a football game...
Frank Daniels
Frank Daniels 3 oy oldin
F in the chat for jordy
Mr doge Is back
Mr doge Is back 3 oy oldin
I found this in the basketball topic
Unicorn Sisters
Unicorn Sisters 3 oy oldin
They won’t be dancing after that game ☺️
Boyz Clan
Boyz Clan 3 oy oldin
58:15 thaT Ball was up there for about a half an hour
WavyzYT 3 oy oldin
A q@vaVvqaqaAaaAAaaqQQQaq? Hnje I
Bob Wick
Bob Wick 3 oy oldin
Anyone notice the NFC not NFL
Roy Hobbs
Roy Hobbs 3 oy oldin
Rodgers to start 3rd quarter 0-6-1 0 yards...nice
M Chaney
M Chaney 3 oy oldin
If u can't beat the patriots, the saints, or the chiefs, u have no business even showing up to a playoff game .
Cathy Fleming
Cathy Fleming 3 oy oldin
JMPStudios 3 oy oldin
I'm so sad we lost the super bowl
Sutton Tillery
"Got him locked up" "Moving the chains" ya'll some slave-ownin' mothafoakas.
KMurdock1974 3 oy oldin
It's like watchin ketchup vs mustard
KMurdock1974 2 oy oldin
On a tablet especially lol
Æron VonAllen
Æron VonAllen 3 oy oldin
People say Rodgers was handicapped on offense with injured WRs. Brady didn’t have Gronk and was throwing to white dudes no one wanted yet he came back and won on a bigger stage
Jose vlogs and reactions
I hated the packers that year man wtf dude the cowboys could have been in that game
Just N/A
Just N/A 3 oy oldin
Ryan Leaf can make better football smoothie than Rodgers
Drew 3 oy oldin
man the dislikes. Must be either packer fans or just the rest of the nfl mocking the falcons for blowing the lead in the super bowl
Joshua Rayborn
Joshua Rayborn 3 oy oldin
The packers completely shit the bed
WeStream TV
WeStream TV 3 oy oldin
Trevain Achusky
Trevain Achusky 3 oy oldin
Wish we still had micah hyde rn man such a good ballhawkin player period!!!
Trevain Achusky
Trevain Achusky 3 oy oldin
This loss hurt me real bad as a packers fan but not worse than the seahawk game nfc championship 😝😫😑 shii both of those years our defense was banged up and not even top10 sucks mayunn 💯💯💯🙆‍♂️
BEN S ADAMS 3 oy oldin
Mr. Big Chest
Mr. Big Chest 11 kun oldin
Sorry for your losses
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty 4 oy oldin
I'm a Bears fan and was on the Falcons bandwagon that year. This was explosive especially after the heartbreak in Dallas. If only discraceful coaching in the big game didn't kill the Falcons. 😑
Faith Oghenekaro
Faith Oghenekaro 4 oy oldin
They lost super bowl but still was the best
YoDaBash 4 oy oldin
why did all of our player get injured man
YoDaBash 4 oy oldin
okay i know us falcons fans have it bad and all with the SB loss but at least we dont have arguably the best QB to ever play and have a crap team surrounding him. poor aaron
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty 4 oy oldin
YoDaBash I don't feel sorry for the highest paid QB in the sport. He could be on a good team with a good system if he wanted, but he needs to be the center of attention.
Invidious 4 oy oldin
Cain Maynard
Cain Maynard 4 oy oldin
."..Q .
Micheal Kuerschen
this was a good game
Hilon Calvert
Hilon Calvert 4 oy oldin
Do you get it Michael Myers
Hilon Calvert
Hilon Calvert 4 oy oldin
Chris Myers
GoSaints9421 4 oy oldin
Only reason they went to the sb that year was because the nfc was weak asf. Lol imagine if the nfc was this weak in 2011. The saints woulda easily won the bowl that year. Instead they were 13-3 along with 49ers who were 13-3 and packers who were 15-1. Hell if the nfc was this weak this year and last year we woulda been in the superbowl too. But nope Atlanta has to rely on other teams sucking to get to the superbowl and they didnt even do shit with it 😂😂😂. Sorry ass team and sorry ass fans
The Mind Is A Powerful Thing
Funny, the Falcons smack the shit of the wannabe “goat” (Fraudgers) then get their hearts ripped out by the real GOAT Tom Brady!!!
Justin-Jesie Bair
Let the Youlllpl You still working today but please lol lpl
Fusilli Jerry
Fusilli Jerry 4 oy oldin
Aaron Rodgers the GOAT hahahaha
The Mind Is A Powerful Thing
Fusilli Jerry Fraudgers constantly shits his pants when it matters the most, certainly doesn’t play very GOAT like when the chips are all in!! But hey you can’t convince Fraudgers jock sniffers that he isn’t the best even when it’s true!!
Dyvon Nash
Dyvon Nash 4 oy oldin
Green Bay whole damn defense been traded away
Vladimir Fabian
Vladimir Fabian 4 oy oldin
Greenbay is the bestteam in the history
Enfraa 4 oy oldin
Brenden Holmes
Brenden Holmes 4 oy oldin
Should have been Dallas in this game, would wiped these dirty birds out and taken the rock from brady and his bunch of fucks.
asad bandari
asad bandari 4 oy oldin
Who watched all of the video
Twerriki Bayulmik
So green bay only had one receiver playing and one with broken ribs..???....why did rogers keep passing to jody???..and after a couple of misses why not give the other players a chance??...
Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell 4 oy oldin
Like who? www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/gnb/2016_injuries.htm
SportsPost 4 oy oldin
10:34 Mohamed Sanu 2 yd TD 28:47 Matt Bryant 28 yd FG 41:40 Matt Ryan 14 yd TD 1:03:36 Julio Jones 11 yd TD 1:14:29 Julio Jones 27 yd TD 1:27:11 Davante Adams 2 yd TD 1:38:18 Devonta Freeman 4 yd TD 1:52:47 Jordy Nelson 3 yd TD 2:00:37 Tevin Coleman 2 yd TD 2:16:39 Jared Cook 1 yd TD
The Green Pill Mindset
How the fuck is Rodgers in the GOAT conversation with performances like this in high leverage games???
grant spruill
grant spruill 4 oy oldin
good game
Pravda 4 oy oldin
gladly watched the falcons getting torched in 4th quarters two weeks later. Then never recovering after that loss just like the seahawks after they choked on the last play.
Venus Gammon
Venus Gammon 4 oy oldin
[fricksquad] Random Entertainment
Katie Caddle
Katie Caddle 19 kun oldin
Packers only made it vs falcons cause of the refs lol Dez caught that pass lol GB gets away with the most penalties ever
shawn figueroa
shawn figueroa 4 oy oldin
Little did they know the horror they'd soon face at the super bowl. Thought they we're gonna stomp the GOAT cause they beat the only man who comes close only to forget how to play football 3/4s into the Superbowl.
Ann Murdock
Ann Murdock 4 oy oldin
I was so happy that night and went to HOUSTON and got my heart broken!!!
Graysen Roberts
Graysen Roberts 4 oy oldin
Ugly ahhhhhhh
AGS music
AGS music 4 oy oldin
Graysen Roberts by
Medijine Time
Medijine Time 4 oy oldin
3 - 28, 3rd Qtr, 2:08 are the numbers Falcon fans will never forget.
MILO BROWN 4 oy oldin
Fuck Notlanta
Georgina Ortiz
Georgina Ortiz 4 oy oldin
lets go falcons
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 4 oy oldin
I just time traveled back to the past I repeat falcons blew a 25 pt lead in sb 52
Mr. Big Chest
Mr. Big Chest 11 kun oldin
It was 51
Mr. Big Chest
Mr. Big Chest 11 kun oldin
+Katie Caddle 28-3 25 point lead bitch
Katie Caddle
Katie Caddle 19 kun oldin
It was a 28 point lead dumbfuck lol learn to count
Max Olsen
Max Olsen 4 oy oldin
Tom Brady beat Matt Ryan who beat Aaron Rodgers, therefore Tom Brady > Aaron Rodgers.
mistalion1 4 oy oldin
Its name is Foolball but they play it with hand.
Renee Bishop
Renee Bishop 4 oy oldin
Go Falcons!!!!
BigMac40 Bird
BigMac40 Bird 4 oy oldin
Let’s go alt
Big Wood
Big Wood 4 oy oldin
Goldberg Vs Hogan happened there in July 1998!
snowcone305 4 oy oldin
Josh Lopez
Josh Lopez 5 oy oldin
Packers shouldn’t have even been in this game. DEZ CAUGHT IT!!!
david wenzel
david wenzel 5 oy oldin
green bay was outmatched and outplayed in every aspect.
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
Another Aaron Rodgers Championship Game where he sucks for 3 quarters and puts himself in a hole that he can't dig himself out of. 21 points against prevent defense most of the game - Rodgers is definitely the GOAT against the Prevent. Brady = 8 > Rodgers = 1
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