2018 Best Worst and Blandest (Zero Punctuation)

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This week Yahtzee reviews the most notable games of 2018.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Pap Kun oldin
It was the 7 Hour CHORE, Yahtzee.
Kartik Punna
Kartik Punna 2 kun oldin
Also, Detroit: Become Human being on the WORST list... I’m sorry, that’s just wrong. The game was WAY better than what you described it to be. Actually, you hardly described the game in this video OR in your review of the game. Bias much? Fucking hell, kill your hate boner and look at the game for what it’s able to do.
Kartik Punna
Kartik Punna 2 kun oldin
How tf is Watch Dogs 2’s world “bland”? Like fucking hell, put GTA as well then You snob.
eli goldman
eli goldman 3 kun oldin
Honestly I only agree with your best game of the year list.
Hamza Nadir
Hamza Nadir 4 kun oldin
Unavowed was great, but putting it on the legendary top 5 list is very pretentious of you Yatz
Chad Beezy
Chad Beezy 7 kun oldin
Lost me at 3:25 when you explain your reasoning for not including AAA titles in your top 5. If you’re literally creating your videos around being a hipster at least hide it from the viewers it’s super off putting.
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss 10 kun oldin
The fact that HDTF was even released in the unfinished-pre-alpha-beta-version- state it wss in is beyond any human comprehension.
Paul tar
Paul tar 28 kun oldin
3 games ive heard of
Paul tar
Paul tar 28 kun oldin
Maybe 4 lol
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem 29 kun oldin
Spider-Man would have been perfect if they’d left out the parts where you don’t play as Spider-Man.
Logan Runion
Logan Runion Oy oldin
Anyone else look up if “Spicy Parmesan” was real?
sammythorn Oy oldin
Survive was leagues better than 76...
lucas tramannoni
what is the game of the monster in the video photo?
Reese Winkel
Reese Winkel Oy oldin
Damn you did not sugarcoat the intro to the 5rh worst. I respect it
DeepFriedSalt Oy oldin
"Blimey that dude had a big nose."
The Pancake Mann
Perch my perineum on a pole might be the best thing I've ever heard Yahtzee utter.
Shiv3r Cubesolver
Can you do one on Celeste at some point?
Why Name?
Why Name? Oy oldin
Holy shit, Hunt Down the Freeman is still on steam? What the fuck is going on there? Also the fact that that games reviews are at around 30-35% shows you just how skewed the scale is.
VIRGIN Oy oldin
Damn. I actually liked Detroit. 😔
Lancer Lord
Lancer Lord Oy oldin
You should review darkest dungeon, it’s main concept is fucking you in the ass and you needing to deal with it It’s also another indie rougelike that was massively kickstarted
king of clubs
king of clubs Oy oldin
I get the problem with red dead, but why is it bad for that game to be detail oriented, but good for the Witcher 3? I mean, youre the one who encouraged that kinda game. They even stole the having to shave for a fancy mission cuz you highlighted it in your review.
Noname Nobody
Noname Nobody Oy oldin
The only thing this list proves is that Mr. Croshaw did not play *Tetris Effect* (yet); if he had, it would be SOMEWHERE on this list....
Omio9999 Oy oldin
6:53-7:03 - the most "fuck" anyone but his wife should hope to ever expect from Ben in the span of ten seconds.
joshua armstrong
shadow of the tomb raider can fuck off, thats not lara, its her daughter, lara croft is a badass, not a whimpering bitch child, she got out of training bras ages ago, and they put her back as a whining baby? fuck off! you killed lara croft you bastards! shes no longer a witty, badass with dry british humor, shes an overgrown baby, you killed her! and ruined her signature look! shes so generic that i HAD to imagine it being her daughter instead of lara, its been long enough that lara should have retired by now, i refuse to believe lara is still doing tomb raiding, and instead her daughter decides that she wants to take up the family business and goes on adventures of her own, fuck the "reboots" they arent real, and i refuse to believe they are, fuck the assholes who keep rebooting lara, its over! let her retire and be happy, not drag her around in the deep mud, sullying her good name, shes a mary sue character and no one likes that, my god what a bunch of jerks! let lara retire and enjoy her wealth, her daughter can take up the mantle now...now fuck off! i once saw jim sterling review it on jimpressions, and had to ask "is that supposed to be lara croft, are they really trying to pass off that chick as lara? thats not her, thats got to be her daughter, she looks too generic to be lara!" stop curb stomping her till shes no longer recognizable, five seconds into the video with jim and i didnt recognize that bitch as lara, i thought "who the hell is that! are they really going to try and convince us that thats lara??" fuck no! thats a bland bitch, a wimp to boot, as in she needs a boot up her ass, or those that made that game, shes no longer a badass, and it sucks, i refuse to acknowledge the reboots, they killed lara! -_-
Joseph Sharkey
Yup, I think Yahtzee is now too edgelordy. Its been a long time coming but the curmudgeonness has now reached eye rolling levels
12ealDeal Oy oldin
Did no one play Lost in Vivo?
antichicken Oy oldin
Really phoning it in huh?
Max Caplan
Max Caplan Oy oldin
You must have no joy in your life. who hurt you??
lazyjosh47 Oy oldin
That bit about surviving in subnautica purely out of spite is so true. Seriously, nothing is more satisfying than constantly being blocked off from an area for a while, and than later crafting a stasis rifle and making the wildlife your bitch. Feels good man
DanSollaccio Oy oldin
I wonder if he played Celeste last year. Dunno if it would have made it to the top 5 but it’s pretty great
Rafael Oy oldin
Well, at least Black Mesa is a thing that also has Valve's approval.
C C Oy oldin
almost forgot about this Wonderfull Cunt...
LuMnOsITi Oy oldin
Should have named it 15 blandest games of 2018, but honestly there's nothing to differentiate most modern games now so it would be a 1000-way-tie
Frank Cilantro
Wait you complained Odyssey took too long to kill stuff? I was complaining that I was 1 hitting everything on hard mode and got bored of it.
Tribdinosaur Oy oldin
[cheering from the 5th row] Yay Unavowed!
Rocco Wagner
Rocco Wagner Oy oldin
odissey is the only assasin's creed that has had me actually considering getting it... go figure
Wyatt Tyson
Wyatt Tyson Oy oldin
At least Battlefield V wasn't on the worst or bland list. I guess he probably never played it (this is the first time this channel has popped up in my UZvid recommendations feed) but despite all the controversy around it Battlefield V came out alright.
Michael Ommundson
Piss in your balls?
Cole MacGrath
Cole MacGrath Oy oldin
Dead Cells. Best game. That is all!
Greg Wells
Greg Wells Oy oldin
I love you Yahtzee... but... piss doesn't come from your balls. The piss you talk of comes from you mouth good sir... and wind
nu Oy oldin
this guy is basically akindalewar
Rob K
Rob K Oy oldin
What the fffuuuuuuu, you don't like Firefly?!?
Matthew Hlady
Matthew Hlady Oy oldin
Definitely agree with "Moonlighter." Reviewed it myself and thought it was rather dull. Great idea, but underdeveloped.
Jared d'Voiles
I'm surprised he didn't make a Dead Cells video. That was GOTY 2018!
Major Abdullah
I loved this video, except the worst title card. Was kind of disgusting.
Faolin Siannodel
Watch out yahtzee, you'll piss off the browncoats with your vocally disliking Firefly, and they aim to misbehave.
Kura Oshino
Kura Oshino Oy oldin
I actually beat MG Survive despite the shitty ass checkpoint system.....I made it to the end because I refused to let it win xD! I did like it but it could've been much more better than what it was. The checkpoint system they used in this game sucked, in any other gsme it would've been fine but it didn't feel like it worked at all in this one. I know it's a spin-off of the main game, but even MGSV did the checkpoint system better to where it was fair enough (Except for when you fast travel by a box because it doesn't count as a CP). Like seriously! I love MGSV for the gameplay alone and it was fun, MG Survive made surviving seem boring and annoying with that robot AI up your ass. It did grow on me but it still was annoying until I got use to it. If you play this game here's my advice: DO NOT EXPLORE AROUND ALL AT ONCE WITHOUT GOING BACK TO BASE TO SAVE! You'll thank me later when after you explore everything and die to falling off a rock having to do it all over again.
Delayed Critique
I like Detroit: Become Human. It was a lot of fun and much better than his previous work. Not saying your wrong for your opinion, as this is your list, not mine
Spartan Dumpster
So many of these games are making me think "Oh shit, that came out this year?!" Or I guess I should say last year. Mainly Subnautica, Conan, and Metal Gear Survive. I forget if and when Conan had early access beta stuff, but I do remember Subnautica having those since a while back so I most likely just have it muddled together in my mind the early, unreleased version and the full release game, which is why I thought Subnautica came out in 2017. I think I figured Metal Gear Survive came out in 2017 because Konami has done so little since then, they've done nothing while others are upstaging him. Death Stranding and Blood Stained are both showing a lot of potential, P.T. was just completely remade by fans, and Konami's been so silent since Survive that I can hardly tell if it's been 1 year or 10 years since that shitty game came out.
Spartan Dumpster
I'm surprised by the big mix of reviews AC Odyssey has gotten. I hear a lot of people say it's terrible, a good amount of people say it's great, I've even seen it on some game of the year lists from other youtubers, and pretty high up too, then there are people who are just like "meh". This range isn't very common, usually a game stays at one end of the review scales, maybe with some being a bit harder or softer on it. RDR2 is a good example of it where there are tons of reviews giving it 9/10 and 10/10, with a handful of people being like "it's not THAT great 7/10 maybe even 6/10". It seems more rare to see a game with review scores ranging from like 3-9.
Spartan Dumpster
I haven't played Odyssey for a couple reasons, one being that I don't have money to waste buying all the new games, so I try to ration out some money to buy the games with good reviews and seem fun. I also saw that it had pay walls and RPG elements, so if I haven't bought an AC game since 4, I'm not going to buy one that won't let me perform stealth kills that are assured kills. Assassin's Creed shouldn't have RPG elements like this, especially when that entails needing to be a certain level, have certain equipment, have certain stats, so you can perform stealth kills. Also, I shouldn't be wasting $60 on a game anyways, so I'm not going to buy a game that I can expect to hit a pay wall in, so I'll need to spend more money in order to level up.
ungeschaut Oy oldin
Q Oy oldin
Still waiting for a Pong review
Bolshie Colt
Bolshie Colt Oy oldin
The shit sounds sorta ruin the video for me personally.
Tohfu Oy oldin
Intro song?
Aaron Dostie
Aaron Dostie Oy oldin
Ace Combat 7 my guy
Eric Moors
Eric Moors Oy oldin
Smash Bros. is good.
Balnazzardi Oy oldin
And no one cares, except Smash fans.....Some of us just dont care about that game/franchise, no matter how much you try to convince everyone how good it is. Fighting games are not for everyone and Smash Bros even less so.
Eui no Ew
Eui no Ew Oy oldin
I agree mostly, but I adore DBH
Phil Kozla
Phil Kozla Oy oldin
We the happy few is worse than fallout 76 ?? That is insanity .
Jakewray Oy oldin
Please don't use poop noises. I feel triggered
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon Oy oldin
How is Subnautica a 2018 game. I feel like it came out at least 2 years ago
GucciGinger Oy oldin
+Jack Young Actually he mainly meant that for those people who would complain so and so game wasnt on the list, its still year based, if he reveiwed a great game from 2015 it would be able to make his list (the only exception being Deadrising 4 but he made that exception because of how shit dr4 is)
Jack Young
Jack Young Oy oldin
He mentioned in a prior Best/Worst/Blandest countdown that he goes by the year in which he reviewed the game.
feh meh
feh meh 2 oy oldin
Star Control 2.
Piss is stored in the bladder not the bells yahtzee
ArtificialDjDAGX 2 oy oldin
I'm a bit disappointed in Yahtzee for not looking into the controversies surrounding FO76, he'd have placed it higher than MGS for sure if he knew. (False advertising, Refusing refunds, Banning modders, Leaking personal information and credit card information of their customers that opted for getting an actual canvas bag, since what you got from the $200 pre-order was a cheap nylon bag, The Nuka-cola rum was just a regular "beer bottle" with really cheap rum, inside of a hollow plastic case that looked like it could be a cool bottle, Implementing false discounts in their in-game store, Continuing the push for micro-transactions in the game, etc.) Also, Hunt Down The Freeman has supposedly gotten a lot better thanks to it's updates, as can be seen on the steam store.
ArtificialDjDAGX 2 oy oldin
That potential Top 5 that Yahtzee was talking about, I think "Osu!" might get nr 1, unless there's a game that's more clicky and epileptic than that rhythm game.
Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton
1:16 Yahtzee confirms piss is stored in balls?!?
HOkayson 2 oy oldin
I want that Best games song so I can listen to it on repeat for an hour, and then never want to hear it ever again in my entire life.
Connaire McLoone
Connaire McLoone 2 oy oldin
Indie shill.
Ben 2 oy oldin
I kill jews accidentally
A Wild Moose
A Wild Moose 2 oy oldin
This was one of the best years for games in ages. What are you on about.
Blitzball Ace
Blitzball Ace 2 oy oldin
Dam, I loved Detroid: Become Human. Campy overtly melodramatic narrative social experimentive point and click adventures is exactly my thing.
davernrush 2 oy oldin
I don't know why but this video really ruined my appetite.
Trustworthy Guy
Trustworthy Guy 2 oy oldin
Ah, yes. Assassins Creed. My first real game I ever played and a long time my favourite game series, until Ubisoft eventually decided to kill it and shit on it's grave... just like they did to their brand...
Mitt Romney XIIV
Mitt Romney XIIV 2 oy oldin
Man, Super Mario Bros 3 got all five Best Games spots again
thomas and harry
thomas and harry 2 oy oldin
ft: James face on a mug
muckymucks 2 oy oldin
Resident Evil 2 Remake Cyberpunk 2077 The Last of Us 2 2019 looks alright.
Death Stranding.
Ragnar 2 oy oldin
For someone who loves shitting on AAA games and sucking Indie dick, I’m gobsmacked that you never even reviewed Celeste
letterizer 2 oy oldin
6:20 to 6:24 I'd like to see that happening just once though
BjornIn1979 2 oy oldin
Does Yahtzee even try these days? I remember this guy being funnier and more creative with his metaphors in describing how good or bad a game was.. Now all I got from this video is nausea, and enough use of the word "Shit" Fuck" to last me a week, with an extra bonus of constant literal visual representations of human shit to boot! ... !?! I donno anymore...
Imagine putting Spiderman in top 5 best but not red dead
GucciGinger Oy oldin
Imagine not enjoying a game just because everyone else claims its oh so great
HughMann 2 oy oldin
Yahtzee I really could've gone without having to think about or remember metal gear survive again.
RO-337 2 oy oldin
New Gundam Breaker deserves the worse category
Elliott Coombes
Elliott Coombes 2 oy oldin
Compilation of Yahtzee saying DAYVID CAYGE please
Alexander Shea
Alexander Shea 2 oy oldin
Don't worry Yahtzee we have a new Mortal Kombat game coming out that builds upon the successes of MKX and Injustice 2 looks truly awesome although you are still going to tear a new one.
vineheart01 2 oy oldin
yeah i have no idea what conan exiles was trying to do. It wasnt...bad...it just..sucked and utterly failed to hold interest. It felt little more than just "Roam this world!" for a game mechanic.
MCrewDude 2 oy oldin
I'm a little surprised and disappointed that he never played The Quiet Man.
John Bues
John Bues 2 oy oldin
What's the music for the Best and Blandest entries?
Worthless Faggot
Worthless Faggot 2 oy oldin
I can't understand why Subnautica isn't first place.
Shade's Insane Chamber
Star Control, Subnautica and Unavowed were my Favorites of this list! Top 10 of 2018 for sure!~
Travis McNasty
Travis McNasty 2 oy oldin
Yahtzee is a terrible game.
GreenSnickers 2 oy oldin
Man this guy has shit taste. Unsubscribed.
Balnazzardi Oy oldin
@GreenSnickers Because he likes to piss on triple A games and suck indie cock? I mean atleast you cant blame Yahtzee for picking the same darn winners as every other gaming site out there....(be that either God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2) I dont personally care about indie games, but good for him that he has been able to find some gems that he has really liked among them.
Presumably you joined within the past year then. Goodbye.
whatevr99 2 oy oldin
You will be missed. (Rolls eyes)
pebi 2 oy oldin
well good for you, go circlejerk somewhere else.
James Rumsey
James Rumsey 2 oy oldin
Mate A Way Out and Detroit are 2 of my favourite games of all time and Spider-Man would definitely be somewhere on my blandest games list
James Rumsey Well okay.
James Rumsey
James Rumsey Oy oldin
+CraftyProuductions Yeah I thought the begining of the year was incredible with Dark Souls Remastered, onrush, detroit and A Way Out but thought that the 2nd half of the year was pretty boring except for black ops 4
James Rumsey Detroit is one of your favorites and Spider-Man is of your blandest? That’s interesting.
Zachary Robbins
Zachary Robbins 2 oy oldin
You should review new soup mario bros. Wii u deluxe, it will win top blandest game 2019 in a heartbeat!
valcaryon3 2 oy oldin
The only one I disagree with is Detroit: Become Human. I thought it was beautifully designed and had a really engaging story with thousands of different possibilities.
Jonathan Dee
Jonathan Dee 2 oy oldin
Bloodsaberxy 2 oy oldin
What is this stupid hipster crap? Obviously AAA companies can speak for themselves, but to say that some subpar indie game is comparably better than an epic adventure with significantly better graphics and optimization is kind of insane. Obra Dinn was an awesome game, but that's a single playthrough 4-5 hour game that has all the aesthetics of a DOS reboot and all the creativity of importing 3D stills onto a map. Subnautica is boring, end of story. Spiderman was pretty good even though it was basically Spiderman 2. Unavowed is probably the only worthy game on that list of being called Best. Maybe just make a list for AAA games only if indie games are such furry innocent animals that you have to protect with all your might. Can't let those big companies get away with making better games! This is why steam reviews are the most reliable source now.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 2 oy oldin
*FUCK!*, good way to sum up gaming in general.
Cyril Figgis
Cyril Figgis 2 oy oldin
The poop noises scared me. :(
idk2000 2 oy oldin
am i the only one who thought some fire trap beat was gonna go off when i heard the farts?
Evil Jon Clone 666
Monster hunter world
TheEverFreeKing 2 oy oldin
Man his taste isn't very good is it? I mean a way out was fantastic, a masterpiece even. If you think that's boring than your opinions are discarded in my book.
Its Metacritic score from both critics and users is good at best. I think we can excuse an opinion from someone that was it bland as a game.
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh 2 oy oldin
Did you have to show poop?
Calean Sixes
Calean Sixes 2 oy oldin
Just to point out Star Control Origins has been removed from Steam alas so anyone trying to look for it, like I did wanting to add it to my wishlist for the 6th time, it's gone. www.pcgamer.com/star-control-origins-removed-from-steam-after-dmca-takedown-notice/
Hunt Down The Freeman (Zero Punctuation)
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Fallout 76 (Zero Punctuation)
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SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (Zero Punctuation)
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Subnautica (Zero Punctuation)
Ko‘rishlar soni 1 100 000
The Hot Coffee Controversy (Zero Punctuation)
Star Fox Zero (Zero Punctuation)
Ko‘rishlar soni 902 000
WEBCOMICS (Zero Punctuation)
Ko‘rishlar soni 1 300 000
For Honor (Zero Punctuation)
Ko‘rishlar soni 1 200 000
FIFA 13 (Zero Punctuation)
Ko‘rishlar soni 1 000 000
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