2018 Best Worst and Blandest (Zero Punctuation)

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This week Yahtzee reviews the most notable games of 2018.
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9-Yan, 2019

a way outagonyAssassin's Creed Odysseyconan exilesdetroithunt the freemanmetal gear survivemoonlighterreturn of the obra dinnShadow of the Tomb Raiderspider-manstar controlsubnauticaunavowedwe happy fewescapistescapist magazinezpyahtzee



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muckymucks 36 daqiqa oldin
Resident Evil 2 Remake Cyberpunk 2077 The Last of Us 2 2019 looks alright.
Ragnar 4 soat oldin
For someone who loves shitting on AAA games and sucking Indie dick, I’m gobsmacked that you never even reviewed Celeste
letterizer 5 soat oldin
6:20 to 6:24 I'd like to see that happening just once though
BjornIn1979 11 soat oldin
Does Yahtzee even try these days? I remember this guy being funnier and more creative with his metaphors in describing how good or bad a game was.. Now all I got from this video is nausea, and enough use of the word "Shit" Fuck" to last me a week, with an extra bonus of constant literal visual representations of human shit to boot! ... !?! I donno anymore...
JacksonDuncanDesigns 13 soat oldin
Imagine putting Spiderman in top 5 best but not red dead
Jack Cavanagh
Jack Cavanagh 15 soat oldin
Yahtzee I really could've gone without having to think about or remember metal gear survive again.
RO-337 17 soat oldin
New Gundam Breaker deserves the worse category
Elliott Coombes
Elliott Coombes 21 soat oldin
Compilation of Yahtzee saying DAYVID CAYGE please
Alexander Shea
Alexander Shea 22 soat oldin
Don't worry Yahtzee we have a new Mortal Kombat game coming out that builds upon the successes of MKX and Injustice 2 looks truly awesome although you are still going to tear a new one.
vineheart01 Kun oldin
yeah i have no idea what conan exiles was trying to do. It wasnt...bad...it just..sucked and utterly failed to hold interest. It felt little more than just "Roam this world!" for a game mechanic.
MCrewDude Kun oldin
I'm a little surprised and disappointed that he never played The Quiet Man.
John Bues
John Bues Kun oldin
What's the music for the Best and Blandest entries?
Worthless Faggot
I can't understand why Subnautica isn't first place.
Shade's Insane Chamber
Star Control, Subnautica and Unavowed were my Favorites of this list! Top 10 of 2018 for sure!~
Travis McNasty
Travis McNasty Kun oldin
Yahtzee is a terrible game.
GreenSnickers Kun oldin
Man this guy has shit taste. Unsubscribed.
whatevr99 20 soat oldin
You will be missed. (Rolls eyes)
pebi Kun oldin
well good for you, go circlejerk somewhere else.
James Rumsey
James Rumsey Kun oldin
Mate A Way Out and Detroit are 2 of my favourite games of all time and Spider-Man would definitely be somewhere on my blandest games list
Zachary Robbins
Zachary Robbins 2 kun oldin
You should review new soup mario bros. Wii u deluxe, it will win top blandest game 2019 in a heartbeat!
valcaryon3 2 kun oldin
The only one I disagree with is Detroit: Become Human. I thought it was beautifully designed and had a really engaging story with thousands of different possibilities.
Jonathan Dee
Jonathan Dee Kun oldin
Bloodsaberxy 2 kun oldin
What is this stupid hipster crap? Obviously AAA companies can speak for themselves, but to say that some subpar indie game is comparably better than an epic adventure with significantly better graphics and optimization is kind of insane. Obra Dinn was an awesome game, but that's a single playthrough 4-5 hour game that has all the aesthetics of a DOS reboot and all the creativity of importing 3D stills onto a map. Subnautica is boring, end of story. Spiderman was pretty good even though it was basically Spiderman 2. Unavowed is probably the only worthy game on that list of being called Best. Maybe just make a list for AAA games only if indie games are such furry innocent animals that you have to protect with all your might. Can't let those big companies get away with making better games! This is why steam reviews are the most reliable source now.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler 2 kun oldin
*FUCK!*, good way to sum up gaming in general.
Cyril Figgis
Cyril Figgis 2 kun oldin
The poop noises scared me. :(
idk2000 2 kun oldin
am i the only one who thought some fire trap beat was gonna go off when i heard the farts?
Evil Jon Clone 666
Evil Jon Clone 666 2 kun oldin
Monster hunter world
TheEverFreeKing 2 kun oldin
Man his taste isn't very good is it? I mean a way out was fantastic, a masterpiece even. If you think that's boring than your opinions are discarded in my book.
SicParvisMagna123 2 kun oldin
Its Metacritic score from both critics and users is good at best. I think we can excuse an opinion from someone that was it bland as a game.
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh 2 kun oldin
Did you have to show poop?
Calean Sixes
Calean Sixes 3 kun oldin
Just to point out Star Control Origins has been removed from Steam alas so anyone trying to look for it, like I did wanting to add it to my wishlist for the 6th time, it's gone. www.pcgamer.com/star-control-origins-removed-from-steam-after-dmca-takedown-notice/
Squim 3 kun oldin
David Cage is good
Manored 3 kun oldin
I like to think Subnautica was somehow inspired by that one freaky eel from Mario 64. It certainly inspires the same kind of terror.
Jacob Pontoni
Jacob Pontoni 3 kun oldin
Hey yahtzee, you know you want to do a review for destroy all humans. We all know how much you hate humanity, go ahead, indulge yourself.
Colleywoodstudios 3 kun oldin
The fart noises made me laugh harder than I'm proud to admit
British Menace
British Menace 3 kun oldin
Fangirl I may be, but I am genuinely surprised that he didn't even mention Frostpunk, considering it's been plastered pretty much everywhere since April.
Playlister 3 kun oldin
i mean, I LiKeD dEtRoiT bEcoMe hUmaN but whatever lol
legion999 3 kun oldin
MG Survive is here? Yahtzee gave it lukewarm praise and now it's 3rd worst?
SicParvisMagna123 3 kun oldin
He said in the review that at best it's "occasionally not boring". That still sounds negative enough to be 3rd worst to me.
Charlie Raspin
Charlie Raspin 3 kun oldin
"It was a struggle to pick a whole five good games from this year!" Celeste Dragonball FighterZ Monster Hunter World A Way Out God of War 4 Banner Saga 3 Death's Gambit Guacamelee 2 Hero Academia: One's Justice The Messenger Life is Strange 2 Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 Owlboy Into the Breach Return of the Obra Dinn Vermintide 2 Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Yakuza 6 Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Onrush Octopath Traveler Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cultist Simulator Yoku's Island Express Frostpunk Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Soul Calibur 6 Deltarune Tetris Effect Hades The Forest Deracine Hitman 2
SicParvisMagna123 3 kun oldin
Except he only includes games that he's actually reviewed...
Greg Morris
Greg Morris 3 kun oldin
HEY FIrefly is amazing, I can understand if it's not for you but that comparison... makes me sad on the inside ) ' : also watch Serenity, it's actually a worthy followup
Dark Zentai
Dark Zentai 3 kun oldin
Preferred god of war to Spider-Man myself.
LordofBays 3 kun oldin
Okay, that last line was worth it.
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar 3 kun oldin
Don't think anybody here even heard of Hunt or Conan outside of Yahtzee or browsing steam upcoming games you'll never play. Really surprised Yahtzee put Spider-man on the "best" list after shitting all over it for it being [duh] just an arkham game with webslinging, more QTE, and shinier graphics for casual scumbags who don't care to play anything unique...
Ducky Man
Ducky Man 3 kun oldin
Was DayZ standalone a 2018 title?
M7MD _G 3 kun oldin
there are limits of creativity ....don't you know??
Fuzzy Duo
Fuzzy Duo 3 kun oldin
You put Detroit on the worst list!? Well your opinion is officially worthless now.
Jonathan Dee
Jonathan Dee Kun oldin
Detroit is only good if you never question the story points and when you do question them, the story becomes a mess of clichés ripped from cyberpunk fiction.
John Boyer
John Boyer 3 kun oldin
For The Past Few Years I've Known About You, I Used To Truly Enjoy Your Consistency && The Amount Of Bluntness You Use. Now You Really Just Sounds Like A Fucking Neckbeard Who Hates Basically Every Popular Game. Oh But On The Contrary, Spider-Man Made It On Your Best List? Fuck Off You Shit Shoveler. Never Unsubscribed So Fast
Blair Johnson
Blair Johnson 3 kun oldin
Subnautica has been in the general top 15 best games of the year list for the last, like, three years... And here's to this year
Jacob Slater
Jacob Slater 3 kun oldin
Yahtzee you should review GRIS, it is a great game that you are sure to love.
HopOnTheHype 4 kun oldin
The hell you talking about? 2018 was stacked with stuff like Yakuza 6 and Kiwami, Ni no Kuni 2, Vampyr, The Banner Saga 3, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Crossing Souls, Overcooked 2, Sprint Vector, Astro Bot, Bow to Blood, The Persistance, etc etc. Detroit: Become Human was pretty solid, not sure how you went with that with the genuine trash this year.
HopOnTheHype 3 kun oldin
+SicParvisMagna123 Then he shouldn't complain about the year and go "I haven't played many good games that came out this year"
SicParvisMagna123 3 kun oldin
Yeah but he only includes games he's actually reviewed.
lealdoandrade 4 kun oldin
How come Celeste wasn't reviewed??
alaster boneman
alaster boneman 4 kun oldin
gods metal gear surive came out in 2018 holy balls how is it a year feels like it lasts several
ma3lstr0m5t0rm 4 kun oldin
Honestly surprised that Star Control is on here considering it's been DMCA'd and likely won't ever be put up for sale again.
Yung Children
Yung Children 4 kun oldin
0:37 dsaf3?
cannonfodder4000 4 kun oldin
The retarded subtitles give away the games before he says them
Enrico Marelli
Enrico Marelli 4 kun oldin
Why does Yahtzee always put "r"s after "a"s? Like at 2.54, when he says "ideaR"? Am I the only one who notices it?
Głïtčhęd x 3d
Głïtčhęd x 3d 4 kun oldin
Maybe if you included more pictures of dicks, vaginas, and literal shit with fart noises it would be appealing to immature teenagers?
Głïtčhęd x 3d
Głïtčhęd x 3d 4 kun oldin
Your content is just as garbage filled as your animations.
L N/A 4 kun oldin
Why the fuck was i unsubscribed to the escapist
2DANK2SPANK 4 kun oldin
Smash is bad but not for all the reasons you listed. Too many flashy lights and requires tight controls? Shit I bet you'd really hate any other fighter.
Felix the Fox
Felix the Fox 4 kun oldin
As soon you said David Cage I started screaming no, because I love DBH.
Jareth Fake
Jareth Fake 4 kun oldin
I just looked at amazon and then saw your new book at 16. Way to go Yahtzee!
Garrett Shmerett
Garrett Shmerett 5 kun oldin
Fuck yeah Obra Dinn #1! Celeste is my #2 though.
DroTheHater 5 kun oldin
At least theres Crackdown 3 maybe Cyberpunk and the latest same game of COD announcement
PJbottoms 5 kun oldin
Spider-Man sucks. There, someone said it. It's a super generic open-world game that has been done 1,000 times before with an added swinging mechanic. Know what might have made it good? Actually being able to fight Spider-man villains instead of some made up one with the same generic masked henchman throughout 90% of the game as you repeat the same missions over and over. Let's not get started on those god awful Mary Jane missions. Also Yahtzee apparently never played Crying is Not Enough. At least Freeman functioned as a game somewhat.
SicParvisMagna123 3 kun oldin
Mr. Negative was created in 2007 you know...
Joe McGregor
Joe McGregor 5 kun oldin
I’m a little surprised that Attack on Titan 2 or Ghost of a Tale weren’t number 5 on the best list. Also, we happy few is really bad, but I thought for sure that the impatient was going to take that spot...
LinkEX Dentetsu
LinkEX Dentetsu 5 kun oldin
What's worst HDTF or E.T:? It's Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight.
Dee Jaay
Dee Jaay 5 kun oldin
how hard he tries to bring up games nobody cares about
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams 5 kun oldin
4:47 I'm willing to bet that a good proportion of those dislikes are from angry Firefly fans, who have been pissed off about its cancellation for over 15 years now and are constantly looking for any available outlet to vent their rage about this. I say this as a Firefly fan who is glad it didn't get the opportunity to become completely shit as most TV shows eventually end up after too many seasons of relentless corporate milking.
KaptenN 5 kun oldin
I haven't been watching Zero Punctuation in a long time, but it makes me happy that the intro hasn't changed at all. :)
Griff 5 kun oldin
I like how he mentioned building animal houses in Conan Exiles because that's a relatively new thing you can do. It implies that Yahtzee still plays it from time to time.
RussianGuyovich 5 kun oldin
Review Lisa if you liked Undertail
Felix Newhouse
Felix Newhouse 5 kun oldin
Kevin Dodd
Kevin Dodd 5 kun oldin
1:17 in your *what*? You might want to see a doctor about that.
John Ryan
John Ryan 5 kun oldin
Your videos are great. But good lord. FUCK THAT INTRO.
NoPenguinsOnKharak 5 kun oldin
Thank youtube for recommendations. I wish there was a way to subscribe just to zp, but since it's impossible I'm not subscribed at all.
NoPenguinsOnKharak 3 kun oldin
+SicParvisMagna123 Thanks for the advice.
SicParvisMagna123 3 kun oldin
Just watch them a week earlier on the Escapist website. Plus you get a funny end credits sequence.
Goat?Goat. 5 kun oldin
While i can comprehend presented feces while eating a snickers as at least the texture fits, i do feel uncomfortable eating mini corn sticks as my subconsciousness tells me something went wrong with the linked digestion system.
Ezequiel Acosta
Ezequiel Acosta 5 kun oldin
MGS is slightly more fun than Fallout, plus Bethesda lied about its product and fucked up left and right on its "apologies"
Will Lannin
Will Lannin 5 kun oldin
"Fuck man, what else is there to say?" Bojack Horseman reference from yahtzee maybe ?
Uberdog 5 kun oldin
How is a way out, a game that is based entirely around split screen, using it to the fullest extent, bland? Every streamer I watched said it made for one of the most unique gaming experience, and given how rare the concept is, that's not aurprising, makng the placement here completely unfounded.
Carl 5 kun oldin
Shit down the piss shit.
Giovanni Magnus
Giovanni Magnus 5 kun oldin
Hunt Down the Freeman was most definitely the worst game of the year, because it made Yahtzee question his life choices and get introspective. No game before has done that.
Spynmaster 5 kun oldin
*shamelessly puts Moonlighter on wish list*
Kratos Olympuslayer
It's kind of funny that even the new god of war is not in any of these lists, it is still everywhere in this video. I guess Yahtzee must have a complex feeling about this game, since he doesn't like this game personally ( so of course it is not in his best list), but it is not in the worst or blandest list either. If Yahtzee really hate this game so much, I think that he can just not mention the new god of war in this video at all. Plus, I actually like how Yahtzee uses the new god of war as the typical example of a triple-A game, because it is good AND TYPICAL. Like the very first god of war, the new god of war is a good game indeed, but the big difference is that it has less designs and ideas that coming from SM studio itself or groundbreaking to the game market, comparing with gow 1. Despite its quality and its legacy that inherited from old franchise, when playing new god of war, we can see lots of designs that have already been used in many other triple-A games before and proved to be successful and popular; I think that's why Yahtzee uses the picture of god of war when he mentions triple-A games. Nothing wrong about that, though, since the new God of war is still a good game, and I, for one, have witnessed the struggle and pressure that god of war franchise and SM studio went through in the past few years. Under such circumstance, it is smart to reboot god of war with a safe approach. It's just a little shameful that you can no longer simply being you; god of war has to sacrifice and compromise to survive. Still, god of war franchise is lucky, since it does reboot successfully due to most reviews and sale number (unlike some other old and classic franchises which suffer or even simply die. For example, Heroes of Might and Magic), and it has so much legacy from the old works to help itself. I just wish that Cory Barlog, reviewers and gamers stop describing the new god of war as having brand new design, revolutionary, sth that never seen before, having much better plot than the old games, or perfect, because the new god of war is none of these. The new god of war has some issues (camera view being one of its biggest problems, as already mentioned by Yahtzee), is far from revolutionary on game design and to current game market, and still needs tons of work to do if the new stories try to surpass the old ones --------- it always bother me that people keep misunderstanding or even ignoring how good the old gows' plot is, and exaggerate the new gow's father-son adventure as the best game plot even, etc. Yes, the method and camera view that new god of war uses to display the story is refreshing (at least comparing to the old gow's), but it's different from and not enough to judge how good the plot actually is. Anyone who has deeply involved into the old gows would be able to know that Kratos' story, as well as his character, is so much, so much more than the laughable stereotype of a piece of muscle wielding two chain blades.
BladeBlur 6 kun oldin
Indie Hipster Ahoy!
flashclynes 6 kun oldin
Downthumb for the toilet visual.
Antesha V.
Antesha V. 6 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful work
Dard 151
Dard 151 6 kun oldin
The will bring Sekiro and that is good (still dont preorder though)
Jacob 6 kun oldin
Metal Gear Survive was a ton of fun :(
Carlos Escudero
Carlos Escudero 6 kun oldin
Lol, metal gear survive, as a game, was solid. These reviewers cant put politics and emotions aside.
Robert R
Robert R 6 kun oldin
How is shitting in a toilet worse than shitting around it?
Linda Niemkiewicz
Linda Niemkiewicz 6 kun oldin
Is this guy still doing this ??
Darth1Marik 6 kun oldin
I take it he doesn't like Super Smash Bros? To which isn't Smash Bros Ultimate a 2018 game?
Roggi 6 kun oldin
Wow man, how can you not like Firefly?
Neon The Gym Brony
Neon The Gym Brony 6 kun oldin
I always like these...
Jeanette Hansen
Jeanette Hansen 6 kun oldin
I'm just glad I'm not alone in thinking Smash is overrated..... I genuinely do not see the appeal of a fighter with LITERALLY EVERYONE in and it's not even all of the *good* characters from a franchise...
StaticShock42 5 kun oldin
It's really simple. People will always be upset that someone gets cut in the next game so bringing everyone back means everyone's favorite characters will return since pretty much everyone likes at least 1 character.
BigHailFan 6 kun oldin
yahtzee dislikes smash, octopath, RdR2, and GoW? And people say he's a contrarian.~
SicParvisMagna123 6 kun oldin
He doesn't outright dislike them.
Shrek's Cringe Compilation
You now realize there are people out there that think asscreed is a great game You now realize somehow yahtzee is still buying and playing asscreed in 2018 serious question yahtzee. how? Asscreed ONE made me straight up CRY as a child I hated it so much. It looked so cool and good and yet was an abysmal game. I was 12. How can a grown man play it?
Dan 6 kun oldin
Wow, UZvid just auto-played into an episode of Zero Punctuation, I've been a fan of Yahtzee's for years, well done UZvid. (Y)
Æxitium 6 kun oldin
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs 6 kun oldin
I mean... At least Detroit: Become Human isn't #1 worst... And at least Subnautica is 2nd best...
Misaki Grim
Misaki Grim 6 kun oldin
Yahtzee should write a book
Lars0n 6 kun oldin
Thanks to Yahtzee, Return of the Obra Dinn is now on my wishlist!
Lars0n 6 kun oldin
+SicParvisMagna123 I can get a pretty good idea of what it's like based on Steam store's description and trailer. I personally enjoy story-driven and logic-based adventure games, I just haven't played that many of them...
SicParvisMagna123 6 kun oldin
Do you know what it's like? I'm not saying it's bad, but the whole premise just doesn't appeal to me personally.
Buggy Bugson
Buggy Bugson 6 kun oldin
I like Quantic Dream games.