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Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video using 2018 makeup products that I hated... aka did not work for me! Leave me a comment down below what were your product flops for 2018!! Don't forget to subscribe xo!
**this is all light hearted fun, I appreciate and love every brand mentioned. just because a product doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't for you**
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6-Yan, 2019

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Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson 11 soat oldin
why is there so much hate in the comments section lmao
shimeam anderson
I love how passionate you are about having functioning products I want that shit too
Samantha Rausch
Samantha Rausch 2 kun oldin
Jena Carter
Jena Carter 2 kun oldin
Love you. Please stop supporting Milk and the unethical, bullshitty and shady practices they built their business on.
Lori Ashley
Lori Ashley 2 kun oldin
I strongly agree with the whole metallic thing ... Ewwww!
Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 2 kun oldin
finished look is THE xenon look. You are xenon. Beautiful yes perfect girl
Jennifer Ruttle
Jennifer Ruttle 3 kun oldin
Love this video so much. you made my day!
Kay Kay’s V-logs
Kay Kay’s V-logs 3 kun oldin
nicol! the porefessional primer you dont need to use it all over the face! lol 😝 you should use it all over the T zone area only!
NuclearTOILET 3 kun oldin
man her jawline could cut a bitch
AshleyLynn918 3 kun oldin
Girl, preach about the metallic lips! 🙏🏽
makeupby Maass
makeupby Maass 4 kun oldin
Pretty sure this was my favorite Nicol Concilio to date 😂😂 Roast. Roast. Roast.
grgloi 4 kun oldin
I use the fenty beauty eye primer and I put like half of what you put on and use my finger to rub it around gently. It dries down if you don't put so much on 😘 lol
Farheen Lala
Farheen Lala 4 kun oldin
Am I crazy... i dont love the smell of the UD all nighter makeup setting spray... 🤷‍♀️
miri feldstein
miri feldstein 4 kun oldin
man, there are so many negative comments... it's just a funny video, everyone calm down! Love you Nicol!!!
Kyra Gabriella
Kyra Gabriella 4 kun oldin
You’re giving me serious 2019 vibes I love it ❤️
Amber Jimenez
Amber Jimenez 4 kun oldin
nooo that palette was my fav in the vault😭 i haven’t tried it yet but i LOVE the colors in it. i hate that it has so many bad reviews. :(
Meghan Towns
Meghan Towns 4 kun oldin
I wear metallic lips almost daily 🤷‍♀️
gleefulmusings 5 kun oldin
She truly doesn’t give a shit and I’m here for it. That’s real beauty.
Dee Shells
Dee Shells 5 kun oldin
That’s the best eyeshadow palette ever !!! That’s wild that you’re doing this even to Jaclyn People just wanna hate on Jaclyn and morphe so bad
Dee Shells
Dee Shells 5 kun oldin
Damn I just finished the whole video and damn it seemed like she went crazy wanting to go off on every product 😳 like honey what is you doing
Lindsey Johns
Lindsey Johns 5 kun oldin
Patch city bitch, patch patch city bitch 😂😂
Melissa DeFelice
Melissa DeFelice 5 kun oldin
My Dark Magic Pallete by Jacklin and mine was great blended awesome..I think There where good ones and bad ones...mine was awesome so weird.
Brianna M
Brianna M 5 kun oldin
Please review the fenty!!!!
logan brown
logan brown 6 kun oldin
totally agree with the whole metallic rant
Marissa Nunooruk
Marissa Nunooruk 6 kun oldin
Hahaha I love you
Destiny McFarland
Destiny McFarland 6 kun oldin
Your rant on the metallic/iridescent/piece of shit lipsticks speaks to me and made me and my bf laugh so damn hard!!! GIIIRRRRLLLL I CAN NOT 😂🤣! I swear I watched that rant like 100 times and I’m still laughing. Too damn good!
1738 Remy
1738 Remy 7 kun oldin
You should me a makeup comedian. Absolutely hilarious. And you did that bad makeup looks cute.
Aylin 7 kun oldin
girl its greasy and heavy bc you put it on like its concealer... an eye primer is supposed to be tapped on maybe three times on the eyelid and then blended out 🙄
jackson krecioch4everr
So she basically donated all of the bad makeup..great
Rylie Joelner
Rylie Joelner 7 kun oldin
With the fenty primer put 2 little lines on your lids and blend it out that’s how I use it when I do and it works great
sierraac 7 kun oldin
Here for the honesty girl
Melina Rodriguez
Melina Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Isabella Phelps
Isabella Phelps 7 kun oldin
“I’m gonna bake” **uses powder that she’s allergic to**
Caryn Wilhelm
Caryn Wilhelm 7 kun oldin
I just appreciate that your voice doesn't make me wanna cut my ears off. I mean seriously how do people listen to Laura lee. It hurts
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward 7 kun oldin
Thank you for your honesty. That means a lot
connie puebla
connie puebla 8 kun oldin
I was honestly so disappointed with the vault of Jaclyn hill! I was so hyped about it and I got it and none of the shadows would work! Worst waste of 49$. Still love Jaclyn but the first pallet was so much better!
karlanorrisbeauty 8 kun oldin
What you think beach? WHAT YOU THINK BEACH? 😂😂😂
Courtney Love
Courtney Love 8 kun oldin
Does her lip filler bother anyone else??
Susana Soto
Susana Soto 8 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 take calm girl, you're going to suffer a heart attack. You look beautiful no matter what you put. 😉
T Marie
T Marie 8 kun oldin
girl, blonde doesn't suit u..dark would look BOMB
Djamila Z
Djamila Z 8 kun oldin
I just found you on YT. Finally a UZvidr that also has dry skin! I can't stand porefessional. Too expensive for what it does - which is hardly anything and it dried out my skin. After testing over 20 primers I finally found one I like when it comes to pores:. The Ordinary pore primer. While it has silicone I don't break out from it, my skin felt soft and my foundation lasted for hours. Maybe it'll be for you too. Plus, The Ordinary is so affordable and never has crap in it. I'm thinking of trying out their foundations too.
crkvlogs 8 kun oldin
I thought you couldn’t donate used makeup to a shelter?
Cheryl Knox
Cheryl Knox 7 kun oldin
Certain products can be sanitized.
PumpkinsnBlackcats 8 kun oldin
I'd like a Fenty powder and concealer video!
PumpkinsnBlackcats 8 kun oldin
Oooff 10 to 15 minutes blending that shadow. Your poor eye lids!!! They must of been raw lol. That's what happens to me if I blend that long.
Emily Simpson
Emily Simpson 8 kun oldin
Those matte shadows sucks but that shimmer is 😍😍😍
Karyn Grinstead
Karyn Grinstead 8 kun oldin
Yes! That Fenty eye primer is awful! It’s sticks and grabs eyeshadow even when I set it with powder. I HATE it!! I tried the Nars Climax and with several layers I couldn’t even see it on my lashes. Disappointing.
Christy Loves you all
Hey Nicol idon't want to sound like a begger but I just started my youtube channel and if there's anything you can send me to follow my passion for makeup. I will literally be forever grateful to you. If you can't I totally understand. Still your loyal supporter no matter what. Love ya 💜💜💜💜
DaniellaSwag 8 kun oldin
Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have left the chat
LIVIN DA VIDA LOCA 8 kun oldin
13:35 I don't understand...if a foundation dries down quickly or not, what does that have to do with how drying a foundation formula is on dry skin? I just mean...wouldn't u want ur foundation to dry down eventually (whether matte or dewy)?? Is Nicol saying there's a correlation between the two? 🤔🤔🤔
wonderful life
wonderful life 8 kun oldin
I can't get past her weird jawline
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul 8 kun oldin
Spend less money on lip filler and more on hair care. You're welcome. You're not an orchestra, tone down the brass.
partyisheree 8 kun oldin
I need to know what mac concealer she's talking about cause i was thinking about getting one!!!!
Carly Anne
Carly Anne 8 kun oldin
nicol- “IM OVER METALLIC LIPSTICKS AND GLOSSES!” also nicol with kylie holiday- “wow these are the most beautiful glosses and metallics i’ll definelty be wearing this shade”
Britney Evans
Britney Evans 8 kun oldin
I’m so sick and tired of highlighters in general!!!!! Just stopppp how many do we actually need?!?!?
liza tawaf
liza tawaf 8 kun oldin
Seriously you donate BAD and SHIT makeup to women in shelters, well good on you 5:02 Seriously you should be ashamed
Giova nna
Giova nna 8 kun oldin
*puts ten pounds of product* “My eyelids instantly feel like they’re about ten pounds heavier” Girl... do the math
Melissa Casillas
Melissa Casillas 8 kun oldin
The Jaclyn hill eyeshadows don’t even look bad.
zoezoe200406 8 kun oldin
Should have at least used Kat Von Diphtheria's eyeliner at least . Lol
Deanna Hammitt
Deanna Hammitt 8 kun oldin
I still enjoy the Jaclyn hill vault, but I always use another palette with it
Camila Cauley
Camila Cauley 8 kun oldin
if u knew that the foundation dried really fast why would you dot it all over your face and then blend rather than working in sections. I feel like with some of the products u didn't use them in the right way to give them a good shot
Marissa Kurtz
Marissa Kurtz 8 kun oldin
Camille Caron
Camille Caron 9 kun oldin
There is something special with your voice. Very young, you sound like a little boy. This is so cute xxx 😂
kelly naz
kelly naz 9 kun oldin
kelly naz
kelly naz 9 kun oldin
wet mascara transfers. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!? bitch chill
Cloe Stein Muñoz
Cloe Stein Muñoz 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one kinda annoyed that she donates what she calls “bad makeup” to women’s shelters?? That’s really shitty. I donate things that are useful and that I like, not trash.
courtney bella
courtney bella 8 kun oldin
well, what doesn't work for her, may work for someone else.
Latoya Bembry
Latoya Bembry 9 kun oldin
I would watch this girl just for her personality.
Becca Melrath
Becca Melrath 9 kun oldin
I LOVE your honesty!
Tara Mershon
Tara Mershon 9 kun oldin
Omg you are too funny!! I’m so happy that your video was recommended. Now I’ll spend hours binge watching 😂
Bianka 9 kun oldin
Hating make-up because it looks cheap ? That is so stupid...
Lilly White
Lilly White 9 kun oldin
Loved this video just for the bit about the metallic and 'holo' lipsticks. Agree with you 100%
Jana Cake11
Jana Cake11 9 kun oldin
Nicole , my brother read your name and said “Nicole Concealer”😂😂
Sara Dorris
Sara Dorris 9 kun oldin
I bought that lemonade palette when everyone was talking about how great it was, then I get it and it’s super powdery and not pigmented then it made my eyes red itchy and watery. Tested it on multiple occasions. I don’t get the hype either
Jaie Rose
Jaie Rose 9 kun oldin
Very 2007... just saying
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 9 kun oldin
I’m so disgusted I bought that Jaclyn Hill palette. Super super patchy 😩😩😩 god I could’ve gotten a good palette but I was like man I could get a ton more colors for half the price. 🤬🤬🤬 I should’ve just splurged! Fuck!
Veronica 9 kun oldin
She sounds just like Cardi
Taylor Snead
Taylor Snead 9 kun oldin
I thought the lip looked cool😶..
Shore Sam
Shore Sam 9 kun oldin
noo loved the tarte brow gel
Vivian Lui
Vivian Lui 9 kun oldin
tarte shape tape hydrating one sits amazing on my skin 😆
Isabel Rose Vargas
Isabel Rose Vargas 9 kun oldin
only truth in this vid
Debbie 9 kun oldin
Your hilarious I can’t 🤣 I love your personality and the way you make your videos! So glad I found your channel and subscribed 💕💕
Melissa Huff
Melissa Huff 9 kun oldin
I loveeee the bad gal bang. It’s the only mascara that really separates and lengthens my lashes.
samantha sandoval
samantha sandoval 9 kun oldin
Girl your hair...it's orange, you should get it more natural looking.
meena Wilson
meena Wilson 9 kun oldin
Bitch shut up
Csilla Tusán
Csilla Tusán 9 kun oldin
I actually love metallic lipglosses... :( They look good on me cause of my cool tones
Danielle Catherine
Danielle Catherine 10 kun oldin
Why would you get surgery on your voice
Kacey Morrow
Kacey Morrow 10 kun oldin
I love you but GIRLLLL, your background looks like an 80s school portrait background 😂😂
liizzarrdd 10 kun oldin
maybe the fenty primer is greasy and heavy cause you put it all over you put it directly all over your lid as if it was a full coverage concealer instead of like 2 dots and blend it out
Raina Ledbetter
Raina Ledbetter 10 kun oldin
the tarte busy gal brows is the best thing ever
autumn johnson
autumn johnson 10 kun oldin
You were talking about mascara I was like please please please don’t say the bad girl bang 😂 I’ve gone through 3 tubes, I know that everyone’s preference is different so I completely understand lol I just thought it was funny. For instance everyone loves the roller lash from benefit but I can’t get down with it, it’s not the worst but it’s not my favorite. So I completely get what your saying everyone likes different things
Bri Stone
Bri Stone 10 kun oldin
Hey hangries! It's your favorite snack! Check out my latest funny vlog! Thanks guys!! :)
Kiss Sprinkles
Kiss Sprinkles 10 kun oldin
Damn hon, I don't know if it's my crappy laptop screen or what but that foundation made you look ashy as hell. I see why you don't like it. And thank you for the vid! Love knowing about hit and miss products before buying. Keep doing you!
Mara Zelaya
Mara Zelaya 10 kun oldin
Aren't you supposed to smooth out the primer either with your finger or brush?
Masiyah German
Masiyah German 10 kun oldin
patch city bithhhhh ctfu
Rebecca Christoph
Rebecca Christoph 10 kun oldin
Since when does a primer needs to have colour? 😏
Lol why would you want to put something on your face if you’re allergic to it ?? Don’t hurt yourself for the views ! I like the video :) just don’t harm yourself
Diana L
Diana L 10 kun oldin
Low key I like the Lancome macaroon blush on you! ❤
Chelsea Betz
Chelsea Betz 10 kun oldin
I think you had your heart in the right place to donate to the Women's shelter but I wouldn't recommended donating used products.
Samantha Renaud
Samantha Renaud 10 kun oldin
I feel like I am the only person who liked my armed and gorgeous palette
Thresea Singh
Thresea Singh 10 kun oldin
Lol... when you put that blush on your cheeks in that Circle I snorted coffee out of my nose. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life! Ahhh your hilarious!😂💜
Vanessa Spencer
Vanessa Spencer 10 kun oldin
I'm gettin school picture day vibes
Kitty Kea
Kitty Kea 10 kun oldin
Can you do a "makeup *trends* I hated in 2018" video??