2018 US Open Press Conference: Naomi Osaka

US Open Tennis Championships
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Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams in 2018 US Open Championship
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9-Sen, 2018

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ANR2319 6 soat oldin
Now this is a role model for woman. She shows beauty and grace.
Rebekah W
Rebekah W 8 soat oldin
She's not not confident. She's comfortable in her own skin. And just because she's not into the same gossip don't mean this girl's ain't got it.
Rebekah W
Rebekah W 8 soat oldin
I love how the lack of answering that question about her last name is really her saying that it's okay to not have your fathers last name. And also dodging that question
Lin Engming
Lin Engming 10 soat oldin
Salute Naomi. You are my idol now😍😍. I want to be like you.
Kristine Galant
Kristine Galant 13 soat oldin
She is so pretty but she really needs to open her mouth to talk. She just keeps her teeth together which i have never seen before when people talk. These reporters did interview Serena, go see her interview. Anyways, job well done Naomi!! xo
kishi t
kishi t 12 soat oldin
lilly rose
lilly rose 16 soat oldin
Sooo Humble. A Genuine Star!!! 100%
lilly rose
lilly rose 16 soat oldin
Thywordistruth Thywordistruth
Power statement from Naomi ,I quote "when I step on the tennis court for me its about Tennis" ,take notes Serena
Say Gux
Say Gux Kun oldin
You shouldn't idolize people.
arimbi320 Kun oldin
Hope she'll never be like her idol.
Say Gux
Say Gux Kun oldin
A lot good comments about her from people. I read God's word to Put your confidence in the Lord not man.
Gloria Chang
Gloria Chang Kun oldin
Naomi is so humble. She had every right to be angry and bitter since her glory moment that she had worked her whole life for was stolen from her. But she chose to apologize and acknowledge Serena as an amazing player. NAOMI ERA IS STARTING AND SHE HAS MANY FANS!!!
Franciscan Media
Sweet young athlete. I hope she has a long successful career. I'll be rooting for her!!
xavi xavi
xavi xavi Kun oldin
Naomi linda y humilde me encantó
dnlybuff Kun oldin
She's pretty poised for a 20 year old ..
Andrew Make
Andrew Make Kun oldin
She told a cool joke about someone an know one got it
noel alingeg
noel alingeg Kun oldin
A true Champ in every sense of the word! Congratulations Naomi Osaka! Greetings fr the Philippines.
inesef Kun oldin
Best moment of the conference 07:50 !!!!!:-):-):-)
Tak O
Tak O Kun oldin
Naomi you handled this most unfortunate situation with a grace and humbleness.THIS WAS HER DREAM TO PLAY HER IDOL SERENA AT THE US OPEN FINAL. Sadly, Serena, the crowd and the disgraceful comment by Katrina Adams "Perhaps this was not the finish we were looking for today". utterly spoiled Naomi's moment. Can you imagine? Naomi just achieved her dream and she should have been celebrated, not booed. Even with all those insulting comments and bad behavior by Serena, the crowd and Katrina Adams, Naomi apologized for winning because she knew if she were in the stand she would've been rooting for Serena. I am glad to see so many Americans and non-Americans applauding for Naomi's grace. So THANK YOU! Can someone please tell me name(s) of Grand Slam champions from the past who won unexpectedly against the crowd's favorite player and ended up being treated this poorly and yet somehow managed to be so humble and still respectful towards the crowd and the sore loser? Serena is one of the players known to have bad temper on court. She used the F word towards one of the line's people at the US open 2009, and got fined for that. This umpire called her for verbal abuse because Serena kept berating him and wouldn't let go. No, Serena didn't use curse words but it was how Serena kept verbally abusing the umpire "You owe me an apology" " Say you are sorry" " You will never work on one of matches". I don't think I was only one who was cringing as Serena acted like a bully. When it was all said and done at the press conference, Serena had turned this into gender inequality issue. Serena, if you act even remotely like how classy Chris Evert was, situations like this would never happen in the first place. You are a legend and little kids look up to you so please practice self restrain a little.I'm Japanese and we were taught to be humble and gracious from childhood. Her mother clearly kept the tradition. Naomi even thanked the crowd for watching and thanked Serena for playing and took a bow. HOW SO JAPANESE OF HER! BTW: Naomi completely outplayed Serena, just saying.
Al Mahdi
Al Mahdi Kun oldin
I just love her! She is so adorable! Love from Bangladesh.
Gbemisola Olaore
Naomi is so gracious and real. I love her!
Jill Sorbera
Jill Sorbera Kun oldin
A true Child of God. She brought tears to my eyes with her honesty, humility and love❤️
Rachelle Tanzil
Rachelle Tanzil Kun oldin
She have a graceful attitude
Djelari Ghana
Djelari Ghana 2 kun oldin
She looks like a Mona Lisa beaver........cute not not hot..........
Chucfg 2 kun oldin
This kid is well grounded mature beyond her age. Congratulations! Now I am tennis fan.
Lee Pink
Lee Pink 2 kun oldin
So humble in a room or ravenous lions.
Sarah Bella
Sarah Bella 2 kun oldin
She is very Kobe Bryant-Esk with her answers.
Dwayne Wade
Dwayne Wade 2 kun oldin
Did she just say play video games I'm in love
1818JoseRizal1898 2 kun oldin
What a beautiful woman, inside and out! Now she is a product of good parenting. I would hate to see her end up like brittany spears, miley cyrus or one of those bad girls gone wild all drunk.
Bteii Ralte
Bteii Ralte 2 kun oldin
She is so sweet, humble, and smart...very respectable
Evelyn b
Evelyn b 2 kun oldin
love her
Don't we all just love this lovely lady?
Melissa J.
Melissa J. 2 kun oldin
Im not sure if people in the comments are aware that she is Haitian and Japanese.
kader kaderiano
kader kaderiano 2 kun oldin
i like her japon's education .. she deserve a titlle and she beat sereena twice this year
Wicky Small
Wicky Small 2 kun oldin
What a refreshment to see such a humble and talented 20 years old :)
Oleg A
Oleg A 2 kun oldin
She is so awesome and kind and frank!
Amar Mehta
Amar Mehta 2 kun oldin
Oh man! One will be very lucky to marry such a wonderful person
snarbush 2 kun oldin
The proud winner! and should be having to deal with a whiner across the net. She handled these clowns well. Congratulations!
cllllp 2 kun oldin
HUNG MIN 2 kun oldin
Naomi 5' 11" pretty tall for a woman tennis player, she can move pretty fast on the court. Naomi will be the next tennis champ for a few years to come. Serena might retire soon because the older you get, the slower you get.
M E 2 kun oldin
Good job Naomi. Sorry for the embarrassing behavior, you are a good person.
C B 2 kun oldin
She could feel the voracious energy in that room...and handled it like a champ...just like she handled Serena. But her face at the end of the press conference said it all.. She was ready to get out of there.
justin medenilla
justin medenilla 2 kun oldin
She just won the championship and goes home and casually plays video games lol
George Cardin
George Cardin 2 kun oldin
Great job Naomi! I cannot count how many times these fake news madia outlets have tried to deprive you of your Haitian background. You are such a very smart young lady the way you always seem to throw it right back in their faces with a smile. These people have a western colonial mindset with deep hatred towards Haiti for being the first black country in the Western Hemisphere to be independent. I have never met a Haitian person that was not proud to be Haitian. Go ask France about Haiti, go ask the so called great General Napoleon Bonapart about Haiti. Most Haitians speak 3 different languages and also hard working people. I speak Creol, French, Spanish & English. How many languages do YOU speak?
Crystal Janelle TV
Crystal Janelle TV 2 kun oldin
Toddler t
Toddler t 3 kun oldin
"I felt like a kid again"..... wow! That hits deep.
Lite Escri:
Lite Escri: 3 kun oldin
🔴🌴🔵 My Dad is Haitian...... REPRESENT😀✌🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🔴
hasan sakiz
hasan sakiz 3 kun oldin
What a delightful young woman, is there a mother or father anywhere who would not be happy for this gem of a young woman to be a role model for their children?, God bless her.
so koku
so koku 3 kun oldin
What happened to her at 3:41?
hyacinth brown
hyacinth brown 3 kun oldin
Bless her, smart girl 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Phil MaCrack
Phil MaCrack 3 kun oldin
She is a lovely young lady. look forward to seeing her win again. Very sweet and classy
bhanuka ranathunga
bhanuka ranathunga 3 kun oldin
so humble 💖💖
bst4r TV
bst4r TV 3 kun oldin
GoPro Naomi Daddy !
xCx-_-CriP Gaming
xCx-_-CriP Gaming 3 kun oldin
Terry Thiessen
Terry Thiessen 3 kun oldin
Is there any thing more stupid then reporters.
John Manee
John Manee 3 kun oldin
about time to have Naomi who tall, strong who was able to make Serena ran from side to side to made Serena tire because most of tennis prayer not strong enough
JDWHIT$ 3 kun oldin
JDWHIT$ Kun oldin
+KeTal It just bothers me that the media does not recognize her Haitian heritage.
JDWHIT$ Kun oldin
+Alquimista Boi That makes sense.
Alquimista Boi
Alquimista Boi 2 kun oldin
She is born in Japan, and even her father speaks fluent japanese, so eventhough raised in the US, they have more common with Japan than Haiti or the US. They are like immigrant asians who also keep their cultural heritage.
KeTal 3 kun oldin
Although Naomi was raised in the US, her Japanese mother gave birth to her in Japan. Therefore she has dual citizenship and allowed to play for either country but her, yes, Haitian father chose to register Naomi to play for Japan
august ken
august ken 3 kun oldin
her um is so cute
voltronek 3 kun oldin
Notes to Serena: "I felt like I shouldn't let myself be overcome by nerves, and I should just really focus on playing tennis because thats what gotten me to this point."
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 3 kun oldin
Jeff Sol
Jeff Sol 3 kun oldin
she shouldn't apologize for winning ever
Annapurna McQueen
Annapurna McQueen 3 kun oldin
Keith Arnei
Keith Arnei 3 kun oldin
Amerian crowd and Serena ruined the game and ITO should ban US Open or take off from the Grand Slam list. I really feel sorry for Osaka and hope she will go all the way and crash all the dreadful players like Serena.
Jeewani Rathnayaka
Jeewani Rathnayaka 3 kun oldin
I wanna cry with u. U are great human being...
ian philip
ian philip 3 kun oldin
wow the douche-iness didn’t stop with these reports either.
Mareem Ringlen
Mareem Ringlen 3 kun oldin
She is better than serena.....She has a long way to go.....Go go go..Osaka....
JahIssa Waganda
JahIssa Waganda 3 kun oldin
Congratulations Naomi Osaka you are a gorgeous champion and you deserve to celebrate
Ann ocampo
Ann ocampo 3 kun oldin
Beautiful. Classy. Humble. Love her!
NauticalStrings 3 kun oldin
Just another dude cheater.
Feyisola Favour
Feyisola Favour 3 kun oldin
She is like a new born... So sweet. Big congratulations to her
Pete Edwin
Pete Edwin 3 kun oldin
Humble and graceful champion. Nice sense of humor too.
Mike12522 3 kun oldin
Reporter: " Naomi, can you sum up your thoughts about Serena's outburst, maybe in one word ? " Naomi ( speaking slowly, in Japanese ): " Aaaaaaaahhhhhh - ssssssooollllle. "
tyrone loki
tyrone loki 3 kun oldin
so thats why she keeps those wristbands on press conferences, its to wipe those tears. such a good soul. she must be protected
chuckk dees
chuckk dees 3 kun oldin
It won't be long before they throw her under the bus for not throwing shade on Serena......definitely when another great white hope comes along
FBicoolshaman 3 kun oldin
you know that old saying never meet your hero but this woman met her hero and destroyer her I feel the force is strong with this one this woman is going to give us some incredible games in the future of tennis.
S. M. Mukit Chowdhury
I can listen to her talking all day long! Such a beautiful personality.
Nick B
Nick B 3 kun oldin
It’s funny because she just won the US Open but she looks and sounds asleep. Not much enthusiasm. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, there’s no doubt. I just wish she seemed more happy or... alive.
Alquimista Boi
Alquimista Boi 2 kun oldin
She just won the US Open, she didnt had a moment rest and went straight to the press room, OFCOURSE she is tired!
Gary White
Gary White 3 kun oldin
PEOPLE! you just had a major upset, the GREATEST WOMAN TENNIS PLAYER IN HISTORY. SERENA was defeated by a up start, I follow her this year, saw her in a match this year in tears and she wanted to quit.Her coach SASHA, who was the hitting coach for SERENA talked her out of it. The one thing she has lack was confidence. SERENA HAS ONLY HERSELF TO BLAME FOR WHAT HAPPENED. GOD BLESS.
Julia T
Julia T 3 kun oldin
She has a good sense of humour :)
Ginna Fraser
Ginna Fraser 3 kun oldin
I just love her she is a champion.
JohnTamad96 3 kun oldin
Let me be blunt and honest. Tennis is not a black sports. And so is ice skating (is also not). The hard truth is this is not just the skill. You kinda have the good looking physique to be kinda get good acceptance in the tennis community. The sports itself all around the tennis community is full of sexism and racism. Did it not occur to you that Annna Kournikova did not even have to win a single game and yet the tennis community adored her? This is part of the sexism that a black tennis player more so without the good looking physique will experience in this sports. Racism, let me give you an example that Serena mentioned 'tennis men brake rackets yet make a career out of it'. If a sexual predator in the past would it be that he would be allowed to be an expert of/commentator about predatory sex? I'm just comparing but that is what John McEnroe is allowed to be a expert of/commentator about Tennis 'Road Rage when he himself in the past committed tennis 'Road Rage'. Booing crowds of New Yourk Arthur Ashe Stadium - This is not the first time that a crowd booed, jeered a foreign looking player. They did the same thing to Pete Sampras. The internet community only remembers the performance night of Tennis Championship game which was supposed to be a gala or a pageant night marred by a raging mind who has been a victim for many times of the Tennis community including the organization, fans, players systemic or maybe even Darwinian sexism and racism. Carlos Ramos sounded foreign too. Looks like everybody try to crucify him and wanted him to 'pay for the wall'. But he followed and within the rules. In the past Serena already built this madness against umpirewoman like saying 'I'll shove this tennis ball in your throat'. Perhaps there is already an animosity built in the past. If you think Ramos was strict yet still he was within the rules. Let me just say a photocamera on a traffic intersection will enforce rules without leniency. I dont think Ramos thinks this way. Yes racism, sexism, favoritism or whatever 'ism' exists in Tennis sports. And maybe systemic and Darwinian. Don't add anymore ugly behaviour like tennis 'road rage' in the tennis championship gala event.
Tammy Slade
Tammy Slade 3 kun oldin
Exactly the white people were the only ones making a big deal....you people are totally devils the end👹
Bil Y
Bil Y 3 kun oldin
She's class
Brandi Williams
Brandi Williams 3 kun oldin
She is so sweet !! I love her .
Phyllis Simon
Phyllis Simon 3 kun oldin
She is such a sweetie. She comes across as a nice humble person and that's really refreshing. I wish her well.
Malena Tully
Malena Tully 3 kun oldin
Who cares! Osaka is the WINNER!!!!!
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 kun oldin
Congratulations! The best of the best!
Ousmane Diop
Ousmane Diop 3 kun oldin
That old white reporter with the green hat tho....smh
Vj Gurung
Vj Gurung 3 kun oldin
wow congralution on your first title and wishing many more to come on your side...all the best n we love you..with love from india asia
Ian Fernando
Ian Fernando 3 kun oldin
Cuteness overload.
Fernando Ceja
Fernando Ceja 4 kun oldin
these reporters sound like the trash one hears at the white house press conferences. i have no clue what it takes to win such a tournament but this poor girls win should be the focus not the rant of a black spoiled athlete.
Lindsey Keyte
Lindsey Keyte 4 kun oldin
Congratulations Naomi!!
sdflyr 4 kun oldin
Congratulations on a well earned victory
anwion 4 kun oldin
That joke is amazing lol
Sreethar R
Sreethar R 4 kun oldin
Lovely and very heart touching interview 👍💪👏
GDeliuta 4 kun oldin
Shameful invasive questions to bring her to the point of yet again tears. Did not feel like a celebration of her.
Bev Armstrong
Bev Armstrong 4 kun oldin
You are such an adorable, grounded, kind, and likable champion...a breath of fresh air!
Thor The Blink
Thor The Blink 4 kun oldin
From this day i'm your greatest fan💞
kerri b
kerri b 4 kun oldin
Proud of this girl. She is not some liberal thug that is owed and entitled. She earned it. The liberal community is violent whack.
Abigail Garcia
Abigail Garcia 4 kun oldin
When they asked her if she had ever had a dream, she answered so innocently. She’s so sweet! Who’s not gonna lover her after this!??