2019 College Basketball #1 Duke vs Wake Forest Full Game Highlights

Victors Valiant
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9-Yan, 2019

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Andy Gillis
Andy Gillis 10 soat oldin
Can't stand the play by play guys not talking about the play right in front of them...rather they're yapping about future games and stuff... The Zion Williamson behind the back dribble move at around 3:17 needed noticed by the dam play by play guys...wow was it incredible.
Eduardo Miler Luz dos Santos
I want to Jaylen Hoard in th Miami Heat. Could be a great sf/pf in south beach 🔥🔥
Bama Nation!!!🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Y’all say Zion can’t shoot
Thomas Vorm
Thomas Vorm 12 kun oldin
I love these RJ ball hog comments. I get it everyone wants to see the ball in zion's hand so he can dunk but calling RJ a ballhog is just lies lol. RJ is the second most apg on the team at 4.1 and had 7 in this game. Ineffecient? Sure. Ballhog? Not by a long shot
Jeff And Tashaun
Jeff And Tashaun 10 kun oldin
Thomas Vorm my bad I thought u said “first”
Thomas Vorm
Thomas Vorm 10 kun oldin
+Jeff And Tashaun ya tre leads the team in apg
Jeff And Tashaun
Jeff And Tashaun 10 kun oldin
Thomas Vorm you sure it’s not tre?
L318BLACKSHEEP 12 kun oldin
Duke games are 3x better than any NBA game
AJ THE BEAST 11 kun oldin
noland Sims Jr
noland Sims Jr 12 kun oldin
A bunch of great young men...I hope they all do well.
Piers Toone
Piers Toone 13 kun oldin
It’s a shame about Reddish. He’s wasted at Duke. RJ is a ball hog. Zion is a beast and you need to give him the ball. His passing has come on so much and he’s so dominant. Reddish doesn’t look like he’s got confidence and could’ve gone to another college and been a star
Twan Pac
Twan Pac 12 kun oldin
Shut your pussy ass up
Akin Okusami
Akin Okusami 12 kun oldin
He'll be good next year when RJ and Zion are gone, cos I don't think he'll declare for the draft. Being the star player potentially with a championship and more experience will increase his stock for 2020. Only thing is Coach K is doing the one and done thing now and the 3rd ranked high school player has committed to Duke & they've signed another 4 star recruit.
Steriker Brackebusch
But also think how much better he is getting playing agains the best competition during practice every day
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
He was the first to commit to Duke he recruited everyone else, he wants a championship.
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
Not even you obviously only watch highlights because RJ has been passing like no other ever since the Gonzaga game, cam is in a shooter slump it happens to players, Brandon Ingram went through it for a lil his frosh year Grayson did his junior year Luke did his frosh year, and Gary Trent did last year until Midway of conference play, it happens chill.
Jahfari Francois
Jahfari Francois 13 kun oldin
@ 8:21 it’s a 3on1 fast break and rj does a tough layup instead of passing it. He needs to pass more
Cameron Peltier
Cameron Peltier 11 kun oldin
LeAndre Arnold naaahh bro I understand what your saying but a 3 on 1 fast break like that you slip the ball behind the defender.
L318BLACKSHEEP 12 kun oldin
Absolute ball hog.
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
He was feeling it so it's like shooting when you wanna heat check.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 13 kun oldin
Duke has to get better defensively in the paint. these close games they will come up short in Tournament
L318BLACKSHEEP 12 kun oldin
You sir have no film clue about what you are talking about but your 1 min of fame has been accounted for
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
DUKE is the only team in the nation that's in the top 5 for offense and defense efficiency, they'll be fine, an the ACC is the best conference in the nation so don't be shocked if they lose a few games.
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
It has been their two first ACC games, Clemson will be a 4-6 seed in the tourney an wake forest is dukes rival so they play Duke hard at home every year, Duke has won their first ACC game by 19 then this one by 22, an you obviously didn't see how much of defensive battle it was between to top 5 defensive teams Texas Tech and DUKE.
Regel Lastimoso
Regel Lastimoso 13 kun oldin
Zion is the best
noypi alakwenta
noypi alakwenta 13 kun oldin
Ball hog barrett
noypi alakwenta
noypi alakwenta 12 kun oldin
Change name to "hoggy" or hoggie
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
+Ragnar Almighty he was feeling it so he wanted to heat check, an since Gonzaga he's been passing the ball like no other, an has been setting his teammates up they either make it or miss, him Zion an cam are the best players on the team so they'll always take the most shots.
Ragnar Almighty
Ragnar Almighty 13 kun oldin
+Elz Robinson he is still kind of a ball hog perfect example on the 3 on 1 and the only defender is on him he takes it himself while 2 teammates are wide open and airballs a layup
Elz Robinson
Elz Robinson 13 kun oldin
7 ast
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 13 kun oldin
I Swear
Andrew Tremud
Andrew Tremud 13 kun oldin
Boggles my mind that Brian actually led the league last season in cracked screens
Michael Roberson
Michael Roberson 11 kun oldin
Andrew Tremud 🤣🤣🤣
Christian Rodgers- Smith
Aris Young
Aris Young 13 kun oldin
1 & DONE needs to END! Williamson is gonna get EXPOSED in the NBA if he doesn't develop a Post Game or work on his Below average Shooting!!!
Wyndamn 12 kun oldin
Akin Okusami
Akin Okusami 12 kun oldin
"....get exposed in the NBA...." 😂😂 if Ayton can make it Zion can!!
Kai JONESY 13 kun oldin
rick mason lmfaoooo im using that joke
Sal Nal
Sal Nal 13 kun oldin
So you want to take away his right to live his life how he chooses.
Tommy Strong
Tommy Strong 13 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..you dont know ball
Tina Williams
Tina Williams 13 kun oldin
Happy birthday Tre and good game all
James D Harris
James D Harris 13 kun oldin
Thank you! I love your channel. Keep up the good work!
Aims TA
Aims TA 13 kun oldin
Duke, 2019 National Champions!
Aims TA
Aims TA 12 kun oldin
Sal Nal says who?
Sal Nal
Sal Nal 13 kun oldin
Won't make it to the championship game.
Jimmy eatz Pizza
Jimmy eatz Pizza 13 kun oldin
Thank you for putting time into these videos there always fun to watch and I was wondering if you could highlights of the South Carolina vs #14 Mississippi state
Victors Valiant
Victors Valiant 13 kun oldin
Yes I will if not tonight it will be up tomorrow its definitely on my list
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson 13 kun oldin
Probably my best collegiate game
Joey Sheffield
Joey Sheffield 12 kun oldin
+LeAndre Arnold oh lets just play along and see how far he takes it lol.
LeAndre Arnold
LeAndre Arnold 12 kun oldin
+Joey Sheffield this isn't the real Zion lol
Joey Sheffield
Joey Sheffield 13 kun oldin
Rafter man zion , i cant wait to see you throw down on them turd heels.
Tjay Duncan
Tjay Duncan 13 kun oldin
good game get back on defense a liitle better
Wyndamn 13 kun oldin
+Victors Valiant last few games is different than doing it for the whole season, don't get me wrong I'm a Duke fan and love having him on campus , come tournament time you have to be just a little bit better.