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8-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 11 019
Max Justice
Max Justice 3 soat oldin
Ruadhan Morgan
Ruadhan Morgan 3 soat oldin
Hey guys remember steam train
IkoGrande 5 soat oldin
Azzi2166 5 soat oldin
So is 'Free Slot' on Fridays means no GG episode/special in the afternoon????
Sarah H
Sarah H 7 soat oldin
you guys work so hard, and I appreciate the effort you all (all unseen grumps crew included) put into making this content for viewers I hope 2019 will be a more restful year for you guys
BEASTINNATIVE 7 soat oldin
These guys should play video games
septic jack
septic jack 7 soat oldin
To those 714 people... feck you.
Bluetone 8 soat oldin
You guys get to relax more and the content keeps coming even if slightly less? Sounds great to me TY!
JC Angel
JC Angel 9 soat oldin
This is the weirdest power hour yet..😂
Spreadshot Gaming
Spreadshot Gaming 10 soat oldin
I love u guys i hope to be watching game grumps till ur both crusty old men
Iain Smith
Iain Smith 13 soat oldin
I appreciate you watching this too, Arin. I want you and Danny to be a Honda Civic as well, lifted with 77” rims and a bangin subwoofer in the trunk guaranteed to light your pants on fire at LEAST once a day.
Shinku Quickman
Shinku Quickman 14 soat oldin
Stop hiring people for the love of fuck
Johnnie Gresko
Johnnie Gresko 15 soat oldin
I just got a lecture and a boner at the same time.
Nadroj31 16 soat oldin
Been trying to jump back into grumps cause I did stop watching and missed you guys. Good to see you taking care yourself and stepping back when you need to. Looks like the streams is where i needs to goes for what i missed from you guys.
Will x
Will x 19 soat oldin
Svensk Hund
Svensk Hund 20 soat oldin
Good god i can see the bags under arins eyes. Let my babies sleep!
lord Machado
lord Machado 23 soat oldin
I've been with you guys for the changing of the guard me and my buddy watch you multiple times. We loved stream train. I'm really happy your being transparent with everything I'm also really happy your slowing your role to. I was worried you guys where biting off more then you could chew with all the stuff you where doing on the side. I hope you go at your own pace and try not to burn yourselves out trying to make us happy. Best of luck with all your dreams grump crew.
Nick Portier
Nick Portier Kun oldin
Honestly, I haven’t watched game grumps in ages just cause there was always so much content I found it overwhelming and that I could never keep up. I’m really excited about this cause it makes it more manageable as a fan. Also, take care of yourselves. Nothing is more important than mental health
Adrian Baldwin
Adrian Baldwin Kun oldin
We love you
Secap Vanilla
Secap Vanilla Kun oldin
Let's go I have been thinking of starbomb 3 for 2 years I believe
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Kun oldin
God bless you guys Take as much time as you need!
Vordaq Kun oldin
Honestly as soon as you started streaming you coulda cut back on regular episodes, as they kinda replaced our long form game episodes. With all those donos your streams get I can imagine they're more lucrative than everything else anyway.
TheBlackDeath Kun oldin
Less uploads is ok, I love y’all’s channel but I only ever watch like 2
deathwish1987 Kun oldin
Take care of yourselves guys, you're like the nicest people on the planet and you've helped plenty of people through some really dark and depressing times just through your videos, myself included, so take as much time as you need to keep sane in a crazy world.
thecalmbro Kun oldin
Oh my God what am I going to do! Only 8 billion game grumps videos a year instead of 12 billion? This is absurd. Unsubscribed and sued
Sedric Kun oldin
I dont usually comment on your videos so I'm the silent type I guess but just wanted to say I hope this works out for you. You guys and your friends deserve it. I'll keep watching you guys till the end.
Kixstri Kun oldin
Love you guys!
Stephsaguudefan Kun oldin
Guys you know your lovelies would much rather have just one episode per MONTH of you two having fun and being hilarious than 50 episodes per day of you guys being miserable. Honestly, I don't know how you've managed to continuously upload as much content as you have for as long as you have, but you do whatever you need to do in order to keep the job you both seem to love. You don't have to do ANY of this for us, and I don't know about anyone else, but I couldn't be more grateful.
саша палмер
you're so awesome, guys. keep up the good work and i wish you all the best
DavidSFromThe216 2 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, I'm on the boat of people who miss long series. But I do understand that there are things out of your control and I want y'all to be able to keep making content.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 kun oldin
You guys do you. Take time for yourselves, get some rest, and the quiet majority will have your back. I hope you all can feel revitalized after this and can keep making videos. We love the whole Game Grumps community and I respect yall for slowing down to save yourselves. Keep moving forward, Danny and Arin, as fast or as slow as you need to.
Timbobway 2 kun oldin
"we don't want the content to suffer" *ends with Arin beatboxing*
Timbobway 2 kun oldin
Will this be the year that GameGrumps finally finishes Sonic '06? Probably not, but a man can dream, can't he?
Curatrix Excubiarum
Thanks dads. Never forget we care about YOU just as much as you caste about us!
Jackie Beaupre
Jackie Beaupre 2 kun oldin
Not a fan of the schedule so far. One minute animation today? A lot of us don’t even watch the streams and the regular video is a playthrough some people don’t watch. I miss game grumps.
EasyBreezy 2 kun oldin
Late to the game, I'll miss two episodes a day but its worth it for what will come out of that extra time
spectrevampire 2 kun oldin
I think you should bring back Grumpcade and/or Steam Train. It'd give you guys a break (well, at least one of you, depending on who's doing the LP) and it'd give the rest of your friends on the channel some exposure.
Sir Ticket
Sir Ticket 2 kun oldin
love you bois
BSK 2 kun oldin
Love the new schedule. And honestly UZvid burnout is a thing for everyone, both creators and audiences. I get busy and fall behind on grumps eps all the time since they’re uploaded so frequently. So this change in schedule sounds awesome. Finishing series on stream isn’t something I’m a fan of, since I never have the time to sit down and watch a stream for 2-3 hours, but if it’s the best for you guys and some other lovelies, then it’s cool. You guys are awesome.
BartTheTreeGuy 2 kun oldin
There was 3, then 2, npw just 1. Grumps is dying. Slowly but dying. SAD!
Mr. Marshmallow
Mr. Marshmallow 2 kun oldin
Im sure this won’t be seen but I think it would be neat for some of the Fridays to be just sit down talks like this and it would prob be easier on schedules
Lexi 3 kun oldin
Well, I know a lot of people say "They're a business so they don't need one," but there _is_ always the idea of Patreon if it ever comes to it. If nothing else it helps ease the bite of UZvid doing weird things with their algorithms.
missxvincent 3 kun oldin
TL;DR - "We're going to keep uploading every day. We're sorry." You good good boys.
tastymedleys 3 kun oldin
Ok but why do they both look so damn good in this video?? More than usual I mean
Naomi Hammond
Naomi Hammond 3 kun oldin
"And then we have to fire our friends."
Prof Verstrooid
Prof Verstrooid 3 kun oldin
Arin's dressed like my mom and it's adorable.
Vita Jansen
Vita Jansen 3 kun oldin
I'll always be a part of this! Love you guys :)
Zac Iorfida-Costanzo
This new change honestly sounds fun
The Ikeris
The Ikeris 3 kun oldin
Arin: No! Grumps isn't ever going to end. I will die on screen. That's all I can think of lol
Corey Steed
Corey Steed 3 kun oldin
on your side boys, always. As internet friends, your health is the most important thing
Zamora Whitaker
Zamora Whitaker 3 kun oldin
I love you guys!!!! ❤❤❤
Reiza 4 kun oldin
imagine how many more subs you'd have if jon was still a host
SlapHappyPants 4 kun oldin
My boys out here trying to gently tell me there will be a minute change of schedule like they think im about to run off when i would willingly place my life in their hands at the drop of a dime
The Catacombs
The Catacombs 4 kun oldin
Yea boi, as we grow older with u we get it a lot more. Take the rest u need big bois, I've been watching u guys forever and I wouldn't expect u to keep up the heavy demand when I'm going through college and can't binge every single video anymore. This more open transparency with what's going on is really cool, luv u guys.
Carrie Padgett
Carrie Padgett 4 kun oldin
I watched a ton until a couple years ago...I just started watching again and it's HARD...overwhelming I guess? I miss how it used to be...I understand you're under youtube's thumb though and that can be tough
Maskyboi 4 kun oldin
The dislikes are 699
Skywalker_ 175
Skywalker_ 175 4 kun oldin
this is so wholesome
blindlobster 4 kun oldin
Be honest Grumps...The aim of your streams is to "fill your pockets." You don't create your own GG animated, you merely steal them from animators. Also you probably don't need the number of employees that you have. Do you remember when Game Grumps was edited by Jon while he was also being a Grump, then we had Barry editing then Kevin when Barry left. These are single people, thus one person editing. If we include secretaries and such, how many employees do you need? I'd say about 5 at most (if the Grumps themselves do nothing). You are welcome to change your plans but for God's sake, don't lie to your fans about your intentions. After everything your fans do for you, it is the least that you can do... Also I noticed that you conveniently forgot to mention that you plan on creating the "Gameoverse" with the newly available time
Sara Penn
Sara Penn 4 kun oldin
I support all the changes you guys need to make to have a more balanced work/life schedule. Be healthy and happy guys!
Rower93 4 kun oldin
Arngrimur Bergmann Orrason
I'm fine with this schedule, keep up the great work!
Mattheo Gianni
Mattheo Gianni 4 kun oldin
As much as I love game grumps and every format they are doing (damn I miss table flip), I'm happy to see that they know when to take a step back and reduce the amount of workload. They ensure their well being and we can enjoy content for a longer time. Take care you two!
Victoria Turner
Victoria Turner 4 kun oldin
Please finish Majoras Mask? Stream or episodes whatever you want dudes.
TalkingLlama 4 kun oldin
You do what you gotta do we got you
Michael 4 kun oldin
I cant stop looking at Dannys thumbs. Those things are fucking crazy.
Made this for Restricted videos
Ok but like, punch out wii?
Perin 4 kun oldin
That new starbomb album HAS to have a cover of That god awful sonic and the secret rings background song in it. You promised us
Vx Phoenix vX
Vx Phoenix vX 5 kun oldin
I love you guys so much.
Maniac Mog
Maniac Mog 5 kun oldin
This is an awesome schedule shift. It's super important to manage your time wisely, and burn out is a show killer, so it's really encouraging to see you guys handle this so cleanly.
Allison Smith
Allison Smith 5 kun oldin
I think we are all happy that you guys know when to stop. I love your videos and streams keep doing what your doing. You brighten my days and I’ve never met a more comforting community.
Mini Mini
Mini Mini 5 kun oldin
Is Jon comming back?
Raven Snow
Raven Snow 5 kun oldin
Game grumps has always been the one channel I can consistently watch, and it's been that way for at least 6 years now. No matter if I get sidetracked into baking shows, or get stuck down the animations hole, I will always watch game grumps alongside whatever hyperfixation I have. For years you guys have been the video before bed or the one I watch while getting ready for work because it honestly feels like watching your friends being dorks and having fun, so I'm incredibly glad that you guys have a schedule that allows you more time for yourselves and to have some breathing room. You've given us nothing but A++ efforts, even when it was hard, so I love you guys and the entire crew that helps make it possible, and Dan....I can't believe you don't have a second car.
mjc0961 5 kun oldin
"The thing that happened with Ghoul Grumps" was that you and Dan did nothing wrong, and a bunch of immature cunts acted like the immature cunts that they are.
Luigiinferno 5 kun oldin
maybe like a vlog thing would be interesting for friday, like they can chill but also have something for that day
Waffle 5 kun oldin
Thank you for being so open and communicating with us. Will always support and recommend you. Also as a Honda Civic owner, I appreciated that comment lol
Mephistopheles Faust
make a new series with oney and jon and call it the ex-grumps
low budget masturbation
How about you fire everyone. Keep Barry, and just upload regular old fashion gamegrumps twice a day
CrazyCactuar42 5 kun oldin
Barry left Game Grumps a while ago dude.
DaBayleef 5 kun oldin
YOu guys are wonderful and thank you for all the hard work and care you put into grumps
roland gerard cure
roland gerard cure 5 kun oldin
March is gonna be a kick-ass month 🤘
XxGreninja GamingxX
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 5 kun oldin
So does this mean they might finish a series instead of walking away after a few episodes? Probably not something actually interesting I mean more consistent uploads are great but 25 episodes of guys and glory a game that came out 3 years ago and was played to hell and back not really interesting or engaging content
iokcs 5 kun oldin
I appreciate the honesty. I personally unsubscribed cause I got tired of all the filler. I still check in a few times a month because I love watching your complete series. When are you finishing deadly premonition? I did comment like three years ago that you were doing too much, anyways, I'll check back in in a few weeks stay safe boys
Captain Blankets
Captain Blankets 5 kun oldin
No u.
Kai Porter
Kai Porter 5 kun oldin
Arin looks so good!!!
chris roberts
chris roberts 5 kun oldin
Before watching this video I was genuinely scared that it was going to be bad news like the super best friends breakup all over again. Damn SBF giving me PTSD.
Jackson Wright Music
I've been watching Game Grumps since my freshmen year of college (the Jon era), and I have loved so many of the things you guys have done and improved upon! UZvid-wise, these Power Hour videos are the highlight of my week- it's great seeing you guys on screen, having fun. a nice change of pace from watching the gameplay, which I also still love. I think you guys totally deserve a more relaxed schedule. To be honest, as the years passed, I had become more and more choosy about what I would watch because you would release so much content! I think this new schedule will prove to be just right! I'm excited to watch some new, less-stressed content from my lovely boys. Keep loving what you're doing! We love it too!
Honeycomb Avenue
Honeycomb Avenue 6 kun oldin
Uploading so much was hard for me to keep up with. Always found my self scrolling pretty far to find out where I left off. This change should be good!
hibbsification 6 kun oldin
Was kind of annoyed because I didn't have the stream to watch this weekend but I get it now I'll be watching this weeks next weekend, hope you guys continue the hard work , in witch I mean playing video games.
Gutz____ 6 kun oldin
I typed "game grumps cucks" and this was the first thing to appear. Coincidence??????????
Ari Max
Ari Max 6 kun oldin
Self-care, my babies. Self-care.
Author Undercover
Author Undercover 6 kun oldin
You all are so precious and incredible and I cannot wait to share this year with you. Here's to 5M, guys :)
Pete Songsaeng
Pete Songsaeng 6 kun oldin
MidKnight Reign
MidKnight Reign 6 kun oldin
Can't wait to see NSP in Hawaii!
WaffleIron 73
WaffleIron 73 6 kun oldin
How do they not have more subscribers yet
Blue Rse
Blue Rse 6 kun oldin
Why is Dan slowly evolving into Weird Al?
Zachzap99 6 kun oldin
I can't stop looking at Dan's god damned Thumbs
SevenSilhouette 6 kun oldin
I appreciate the transparency with your thought process. Personally I prefer the GameGrumps Let's Plays, but making sure all the content gets the proper attention it deserves will benefit the channel as a whole. Including everyone's preferred content. Stay cool.
Joanna Duchannes
Joanna Duchannes 6 kun oldin
Arin looks like he's about to cry... Guys, you know we love you and of course, we absolutely support you. Take time off, look after yourselves, do whatever you have to do to stay sane and stay passionate about what you do. Congrats on the almost 5 million subs, you 100% deserve it
LukiexPookie 6 kun oldin
Tabe8 8
Tabe8 8 6 kun oldin
3:43 “we are fearful for our friends” we don’t want them to lose a job. Hence, we put out less stuff. Why don’t people see the bullshit?
10 kun oldin