2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

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The 2019 iPhone 11.. What We Know Now. Smaller Notch, Triple Lens Camera, Face ID Gen-2, No 3D Touch? The Leaks & Rumors.
iPhone XI Concept: uzvid.com/video/video-Ve02tqgUIV0.html

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7-Noy, 2018



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Henry Coats
Henry Coats Soat oldin
Just got the new iPhone XR from t-mobile. Free. Before they came out with the advertisement. My first new iPhone in 4 years. So far I like it. We’ll see in the long run.
ALI AL KHAZRAJI 10 soat oldin
Agree with you for the change
Gaming Hawk27
Gaming Hawk27 14 soat oldin
I don't understand, IPhone Users say Android are trash with no proof, but then by a £1000 Iphone when they can get many phones (Such as Samsung Galaxy A7 2018) with three cameras.
alberto garduño
alberto garduño 16 soat oldin
You love samsung,!!!!! Not fooled after your past videos and comments
Nathan Murphy
Nathan Murphy 17 soat oldin
Its the ios operating system the old phones do same as new ones
PJC 20 soat oldin
When they do away with notch , I will upgrade from XR.
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Checkerzzz gaming Hi 22 soat oldin
Washington DC saw all codes cracked in NewYork even all shelters
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Checkerzzz gaming Hi 22 soat oldin
All messed up because people are higher up them FBI and CIA I know
Razorshot5698 23 soat oldin
SE 2!!!!!
Alle Kun oldin
Didn’t their stock drop like 25% last year?
Earla Weese
Earla Weese Kun oldin
*VOTE FOR ANDREW YANG 2020!!! He wants to give every American $1,000 a month for Universal Basic Income!! Everyone spread the word!!!*
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Kun oldin
iphone se2
mintico snout
mintico snout Kun oldin
Apple might have 3000ish level battery. But the way the phone utilizes them are way better than lets say an android phone with bigger battery capacity. So capacity for me is not as important as the real battery life. Big capacity are not that useful if the OS cannot manage the battery life. What apple need to give is quick charge 3.0 support or maybe 4.0 support in the future. That way we can super juice our phone from 0% to 50% in lessser time
mintico snout
mintico snout Kun oldin
Apple might have 3000ish level battery. But the way the phone utilizes them are way better than lets say an android phone with bigger battery capacity. So capacity for me is not as important as the real battery life. Big capacity are not that useful if the OS cannot manage the battery life. What apple need to give is quick charge 3.0 support or maybe 4.0 support in the future. That way we can super juice our phone from 0% to 50% in lessser time
Anderson Tibbetts
Yes I am Supporting the USA 🇺🇸 and Apple 🍏 forever and ever 🇺🇸🍏🇺🇸🍏
H H Kun oldin
Standing in the dust
Mini Main Dawg
Mini Main Dawg 2 kun oldin
The notch is probably going to disappear, so as the rim on the front. The whole front will be glass with no rim and everything is going under it, including the cameras and fingerprint sensors. The third camera though, is dedicated for AR and they may also be having 4 cameras in total, for wide angle shots and also triple zoom. The front camera too, will be doubled. One for Face ID, one just a camera.
Mini Main Dawg
Mini Main Dawg 2 kun oldin
I don’t think that anyone noticed but... X is Roman numerals for 10, and XI is eleven. Fun fact, lol.
oli collins
oli collins 2 kun oldin
Mini Main Dawg no shit sherlock
aliens from other galaxies
If apple make the iphone price cheap like chinese brand phones, many people will buy it!! if you want to compete with other brands , Please make it cheaper, tim cook screwed up the apple company, if steve jobs still alive, he won't let this happen, he will make the iphone price cheap
barney the troll
barney the troll 3 kun oldin
barney the troll
barney the troll 3 kun oldin
Tapatio Borracho
Tapatio Borracho 3 kun oldin
It was between an iPhone XR or feeding my family . . . . . Apple convinced me. Now I’m a iPhone XR 128g owner and never looking back.
Michael M
Michael M 3 kun oldin
A joke! Just another way to squeeze more money out of you!
P.S.A Savages
P.S.A Savages 3 kun oldin
Who else is trading there iPhone ??
Galaxy Panda
Galaxy Panda 3 kun oldin
mady bali
mady bali 3 kun oldin
I like iPhone because compact en beatifull design, that aple logo nobody cant beat, its eye catcher
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan 5 kun oldin
Man the adverts!! Too many
L.A_ GHXST17 5 kun oldin
how typical of apple to go back to their old iPhone designs
Dhruba Jyoti Boro
Dhruba Jyoti Boro 5 kun oldin
Not iphone 11, it'll be 9 with $500 more than Xs
Silently Banshee
Silently Banshee 6 kun oldin
They are too expensive and not doing any major change on their phones.
Eshu Lade
Eshu Lade 6 kun oldin
Ppl forget that it’s the small working ppl that made apple what it is today we make you we break you remember we’re you come from
Eshu Lade
Eshu Lade 6 kun oldin
Ppl are hard to please you hear this guy he’s lucky I’m watching this video 😂
Mark Cruz
Mark Cruz 6 kun oldin
I stopped buying iphones when the notch started LOL
IamSanthoshh 4 kun oldin
Which mob u using now?
Ariana Navarrete
Ariana Navarrete 6 kun oldin
My mom had Ipone 4 and now she has Iphone XS, I told her why don't you buy the Iphone XS MAX, she said: na It's 2 big!!
emma jeffers
emma jeffers 6 kun oldin
Apples gonna have their cameras in the middle next, like Samsung smh💀they should have stopped at iPhone XS Max
mychan 6 kun oldin
At first I thought it was just me until I started talking to people and realized everyone’s tired of the big phones. A iPhone XS mini needs to come out. Go back to the old days when a phone can actually fit in your pocket without being an big bulky eye sore or the phone sticking halfway out.... a small size like iPhone 3 use to be. Apple would gain a lot more customers with this option.... especially for all the guys because women have pouches so that can hold BIGGER phones!!! LoL
Zohaib Butt
Zohaib Butt 6 kun oldin
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 6 kun oldin
Here at Apple we believe in leading the world by believing that man and women are both equal. We are so happy to introduce our new iPhone. Starting only at $1768!
Shonda Shonda
Shonda Shonda 7 kun oldin
It’s to much money that’s why
john dyer
john dyer 7 kun oldin
We want a iPhone 5$e2 size phone
Curtis Hesth
Curtis Hesth 7 kun oldin
Shuky Arije
Shuky Arije 7 kun oldin
Damn shame i was thinking’s the 11 was going to be something. Damn im stuck with apple because i have too many apple products 😭
Amr Sharfuddin
Amr Sharfuddin 7 kun oldin
I think apple needs Elon Musk
ilyas muhammad
ilyas muhammad 7 kun oldin
I am so sorry apple 🍌
Jose Cabrera
Jose Cabrera 7 kun oldin
This guys all over apples dick. Iphone sucks get the s10
Amrit._. Moga
Amrit._. Moga 8 kun oldin
I know why apple is going down the freaking prices apple look at us do we look rich to you like damm a 1k dollar phone like clam done
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt 8 kun oldin
I've seen one iPhone 10 in person and......yeah the notch is huge
jacob dominik
jacob dominik 8 kun oldin
The only reason I stick with iPhone is the feel of it, the software and style is so elegant and smooth but a price drop is needed these phones are cheap to produce and they den definitely drop the price down 200$
sinead Power
sinead Power 8 kun oldin
The a13 bionic will be more powerful than the a12x. Wow
Ma Boi
Ma Boi 7 kun oldin
a z
a z 9 kun oldin
Watching on my iphone6...🙂
Quran Peppers
Quran Peppers 9 kun oldin
Out of all my phones 6 7 and 10 my 7 is the fastest and has the longest battery well in between the 6 and 7 they both have the best battery iPhone X has the worst battery life I only like the camera on it 😂
Jason Poage
Jason Poage 9 kun oldin
Apple Pencil or pencil like device... if Apple brings that function and I can’t use my new Apple Pencil on it... oh man is that shitty.
TheGamingWave 9 kun oldin
iPhone 11: slightly better camera, thinner, “more durable” (even though you know it won’t be) *_$500 more_*
Crisbell Roblox Gaming and More!
Ok so androids copied iphone in face id, finger id, full screen, upside camara, and airpods what ELSE? So now Iphone ran out of ideas! And now they are trying to get new ideas to blow more minds thats simply it and IOS needs to lower the price cause it to dam expensive like for real! 🙂
Crisbell Roblox Gaming and More!
+Maria Campos and get your bada* grammar outta here!
Crisbell Roblox Gaming and More!
+Maria Campos bet i know more than u stupid a*
Crisbell Roblox Gaming and More!
+Maria Campos shut up b*
Maria Campos
Maria Campos 8 kun oldin
You clearly know nothing about tecnolagy. Go back to your roblox videos.
xx.gracie. xx
xx.gracie. xx 9 kun oldin
Can apple bring back the home button 😭😭😭😭
*-Dancer Katherine-*
My parents won’t even buy be a phone because they are too expensive. 😂😂
Hi How Are You
Hi How Are You 9 kun oldin
I love IPhone dude, bettervthan nothing, thanks Steve johns
World of geometry Gang
It will be x1r or rx1
潘居宸 10 kun oldin
Maybe a new generation of CEO ?
Xg Abrar
Xg Abrar 10 kun oldin
Receive an Iphone X viral481.com/srv.html?id=5472295&pub=912986
Dee N
Dee N 10 kun oldin
The issue is that APPLE IS NOT LISTENING to their consumer base!!! They need to invest on the cameras and it’s sensor as well as the editing software it has. No sharpening, no noise reduction, no perspective editing and it’s terrible under low light conditions. Also we need a waterproof device! Also the screen is hard to see when it’s bright outside even with True Tone on.... These are basic must haves. Most people could care less about everything else!
Spider Jeep
Spider Jeep 10 kun oldin
Who else like the Notch 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Clementa Flowers
Clementa Flowers 10 kun oldin
My life goal was iphone 8 plus and I achieved it. Like if 8 plus is the best yet
Earla Weese
Earla Weese Kun oldin
*VOTE FOR ANDREW YANG 2020!!! He wants to give every American $1,000 a month for Universal Basic Income!! Everyone spread the word!!!*
Mister Eurasia
Mister Eurasia 5 kun oldin
Clementa Flowers yeah am using 8plus and i loved it
Iitjobfox 10 kun oldin
What if apple goes with a triple battery 🔋??
Eithan Lion
Eithan Lion 10 kun oldin
They need the fingerprint and the Face ID on the iphones
rolly roy123
rolly roy123 10 kun oldin
technology goes too far😲😲
Juan Garcia Guerra
Juan Garcia Guerra 10 kun oldin
I don’t mind them being in the 1,000 or 2,000 dollar range, as long as they make them better, not like putting the iPhone X back as the iPhone XS which are exactly the same., but more expensive
Andyy8606 10 kun oldin
The iPhone 11 should have AirPods in them :3
Earla Weese
Earla Weese Kun oldin
*VOTE FOR ANDREW YANG 2020!!! He wants to give every American $1,000 a month for Universal Basic Income!! Everyone spread the word!!!*
Melbourne Rodriguez
Melbourne Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Make it like the iPhone 4 and make it thinner and bigger maybe 6".7"
Nadime Belabbess
Nadime Belabbess 10 kun oldin
im buying a phone this week and I have 2 choices: S10 or iphone xs, what do you recommend me?
Oana C. Nedelcu
Oana C. Nedelcu 6 kun oldin
Nadime Belabbess xs
Alexander West
Alexander West 11 kun oldin
Why do I love the notch?? I don't get it!
Hassan Salah
Hassan Salah 11 kun oldin
*That's how much the phone cost for u* *⤵️*
kawaii kiwi
kawaii kiwi 11 kun oldin
personally i dont mind te notch it looks rlly cool
Arab dude
Arab dude 11 kun oldin
Wtf Bring back the headphone jack
Just a beginning !
Just a beginning ! 12 kun oldin
If Apple make an "Apple i-note series" with iPEN and offer full customization what ever Galaxy / Android do i bet Samsung will die!
Bernie McFarland
Bernie McFarland 12 kun oldin
watching this video when you just got the iphone xr be like
StraightUpDooDoo 11 kun oldin
Bernie McFarland what do you mean
Jacob Witmer
Jacob Witmer 12 kun oldin
I think Apple should revamp the original iPhone from 2007 and give it some modern features, as well as keeping most of its original features including the headphone jack, and call it the iPhone Classic!
Paroxysmal 12 kun oldin
tucker markisha
tucker markisha 12 kun oldin
I have the iPhone 6th I want the iPhone 8 plus and than a couple years later I will get the iPhone max and that will be the last phone I get.....
Janine Silver
Janine Silver 12 kun oldin
Great Design ❤️
Coyote Eats
Coyote Eats 12 kun oldin
Same thing. If agree. Like this.
Jackie Ryan
Jackie Ryan 13 kun oldin
Lower the price and bring back the damn headphone jack!!!
Subin B S Chickle
Subin B S Chickle 13 kun oldin
From where can I get those wallpaper ..?
Devil0027 13 kun oldin
All these renders make me wonder if they are actually going to be bigger/bezel-less iPhone 4. Because any leak or render I’ve seen that’s what it looks like. The price is killing apple sales now
just khaled
just khaled 13 kun oldin
Apple is dying 😔
Lomesh karmankar
Lomesh karmankar 13 kun oldin
keep two sim...✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Scooby Miranda
Scooby Miranda 13 kun oldin
Bro, all Apple can do is copy Samsung 🤣
MANOJ PILLAI 13 kun oldin
Who is bothered !!!
ShadowX011 14 kun oldin
I'm still rocking a dinosaur IPhone 5. In a couple of Months I will have enough money to grab a 10XS Max but I figure heck I've gone this long why not just wait a little longer and wait for the IPhone 11 to come out. As much as I want a new IPhone right now I will be waiting for the IPhone 11.
sherin raj
sherin raj 14 kun oldin
Is it a crime that I still using iPhone 6 📱😬 Why I need another phone It’s working just fine for me What’s wrong with me ?
Xx_MLGZead_xX 13 kun oldin
sherin raj theres nothing wrong with you just because its old doesnt mean its bad 😁
Meir Atias
Meir Atias 14 kun oldin
An Israeli Company will create an Home Kit flying bloon Killer Patent. Or Apple that is Better for 250,000$ in killer Patent for Apple.
Meir Atias
Meir Atias 14 kun oldin
iPhone will have Animation for AirPower for Full Battery even Apple Watch in Killer Patent. Even for AirPods on iPhone and Apple watch on The Apple Watch with A Sound from the iPhone in A Patent.
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett 14 kun oldin
U can tell hes an apple fanboy. He talks about how airpods are revolutionary, but there have LITERALLY been wireless earbuds.
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett 14 kun oldin
Literally the same phone as the 2018 models. BORING
Fionn O’ Neill
Fionn O’ Neill 14 kun oldin
Still hoping for se2...
Johnny Taylor Jr
Johnny Taylor Jr 14 kun oldin
It is 2019 boyyyyy
Misael Yacelga
Misael Yacelga 14 kun oldin
Apple will just copy Samsung and increase the price
Marc Xu
Marc Xu 14 kun oldin
Why do people want to spend more money on a phone of $1000, $300 phone is ok for daily use, same as cars chevy, Ford are ok for daily use if you have more money, you can buy BMW, Mercedes, fancy cars!
pagal panti
pagal panti 14 kun oldin
I love iPhones
pagal panti
pagal panti 14 kun oldin
Osm phone
immortalbol75 14 kun oldin
If the iPhone 11 is as you describe, I’m definitely purchasing it... Any idea of the release?
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