2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

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JBoxPlays Soat oldin
Maybe they should call there new iPhones iPhone pro!
Marko 5 soat oldin
Good video man
Johannes Rauh
Johannes Rauh 5 soat oldin
5G Mobile Internet. Would love to have that. In Germany it’s so hard to get even 4G everywhere 🤣🤣🤣. Even 3G is not available everywhere 🤣🤣🤣. I hate Germany for fucked up Internet
HeyArcher 13 soat oldin
What blows my mind is, the XR feels like a plastic toy. The 7 and 8 feet like a more expensive phone than that. That’s why none of us are upgrading.
mirte 13 soat oldin
I wish they made one that is cheaper phones, they dont have to be like the new ones lol
Raviteja Enaganti
Raviteja Enaganti 13 soat oldin
Looking at the statistics and lack of innovation in the upcoming iphones, it is inevitable that iphone will suffer the same fate as Nokia unless it provide some value for money being paid to its products
Gary Gary
Gary Gary 18 soat oldin
That’s what happens when a company rolls with the same design for 4 years.
Mackenzie Jess
Mackenzie Jess 18 soat oldin
I personally think if they started the new year every year with a new phone and keep it completely secret until then they would be going a bit better with sales.
Army [blink,once,wannable]
Plot twist... it’s a iPhone 4 remodel
Michael Conner
Michael Conner Kun oldin
Yeah give me a new SE. I don’t need a large screen on my phone because I have a tablet.
• abby•
• abby• Kun oldin
I don't care about the new iPhones that'll be comin out, all I need is my iPhone 8 and I'm good.
UMM Kun oldin
Everyone wants the product Not the fruit :(
Ordinary Gamer
Ordinary Gamer Kun oldin
Those phones look bad ass.
So Kawaii 25
So Kawaii 25 Kun oldin
All these new phones are getting weaker in drop test but damn there beautiful and expensive
the thing apple should do is drop the prices and people will for sure buy it ......... like if u agree
topside2 Kun oldin
This is cool but let’s talk about the Sony a7siii rumors 😁
saffron Kun oldin
honestly i hate that weird square-ish shape that iphone makes, like the iphone SE. i prefer the shape like the iphone x and 8
Martin Goff
Martin Goff Kun oldin
Where I live IPhones *_were literally €20_*
Man Tube
Man Tube Kun oldin
Everything apple pro. You are like an Apple back bencher. The sales have dwindled because of China and Japan. The market there for phones is too diverse. They choose huawei because they are cheaper and affordable. Not so much the design. They choose practicality over aesthetics. I find that in your videos you behave like the disgruntled Apple employee who wants to leave his job therefore talks his job now.
Monica Towns
Monica Towns Kun oldin
I get puffy face a lot because of allergies and a health condition. Would facial recognition still work for me? Currently loving my 6S
Gaspard LFBVR
Gaspard LFBVR Kun oldin
Apple has to release a iPhone SE-like phone, there should be an option for people who won't want massive phones and/or don't want to pay around 800$..
Hana Jafari
Hana Jafari Kun oldin
i personally think that people, like me, are skeptical to make the switch to a home button-less life with no touch id. it's a great change, don't get me wrong, but it's more of a comfort and adaptability thing. habits are hard to break.
RailFanning & Stuff
ditch the notch and front camera by utilizing a small OLED screen on the back of the phone for selfies you can turn on self mode from the camera app flip the phone over and use the main camera with the rear screen. NFC and wireless charging will work through the OLED on the back
Appple phones arrre soo heavy in Mooney
josue mujica
josue mujica Kun oldin
Apple is doom 😪😪man I love apple but the same think nope I’m done apple 😪😪
Phil Jones
Phil Jones 2 kun oldin
I'll wait for the iPhone X to be under $300 , until then my iPhone 6 will be fine
Annelise barbee
Annelise barbee 2 kun oldin
Andrew Steel
Andrew Steel 2 kun oldin
Hope they do a SE size phone with 90° edges like the SE and 5s. But with full screen bezel -less front. One hand phone. Full screen real estate punch out camera like Samsung.
Emy Pena
Emy Pena 2 kun oldin
Lately the only great thing about iPhone is the price.
Elizabeth Bradley
Elizabeth Bradley 2 kun oldin
Who remember when the new iPhone 6 was the shit lol
blud work
blud work 2 kun oldin
lol these arent' leaks. it's speculation. show me the leak
Bhavesh Patel
Bhavesh Patel 2 kun oldin
What will iPhone 1000 look like???
Silverstar 5016
Silverstar 5016 2 kun oldin
Apple is done with phones, remember?
Kelsey Larson
Kelsey Larson 2 kun oldin
I want the iPhone X so bad!!!!
AVERY BEANS 2 kun oldin
Personally I don’t care what my phone looks like I care about how well it works to my lifestyle. They just want to release something every year. For example their was NO DIFFERENCE between the iPhone 7 and 8
integra 2 kun oldin
Have you heard about 5G being unhealthy ??
Milos Urban
Milos Urban 2 kun oldin
The Apple Watch Never changes
Pristine Turene
Pristine Turene 2 kun oldin
I’m just a little confused why the iPhone 11 looks like an iPhone SE they’re literally going backwards I might even change my phone for an Samsung because there going forward ..I would rather have a thin phone then an thick phone plus it’s gonna be like 2,300 dollars idk who has the money to buy that
Demetria Porterfield
Apple need to lower there prices and bring back the home button also the need to put the 8plus camera on there new phones
Riley Victoria
Riley Victoria 2 kun oldin
I will sub to everyone that’s subs me from this comment
lifeaskk k
lifeaskk k 2 kun oldin
2019 anyone ??
Jerry Kress
Jerry Kress 2 kun oldin
A notch is bigger but separate cutouts will look so much messier
Imacat 17
Imacat 17 2 kun oldin
Yael Sharphy
Yael Sharphy 2 kun oldin
Verry soon iPhone like 20 will b like £1000000000000,000000000,00000000000000
Kennedy Mitchell
Kennedy Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Soon there’s will be the iPhone 20 🤣
John Perez
John Perez 2 kun oldin
comment section is aids
John Perez
John Perez 2 kun oldin
glad to be apart of it
єlιѕα 3 kun oldin
I hope i finally upgrade this year 🥶 but this phone sucks
Catherine Gjelsvik
Catherine Gjelsvik 3 kun oldin
They should just bring down the price
The Born Flipper
The Born Flipper 3 kun oldin
I bet you that if you they lower the prices apple sales will grow immensely 6.5: 999 6.1: 699 5.8: 899 or 849
Cupcakezrul 3 kun oldin
I remember watching an iPhone X leak video in 2017 and rumors saying it was flexible..... So I’m feeling a bit..... sketchy... towards these 2019 leaks Btw I’m watching on an iPhone X and as you knew it’s not flexible lol
Chamz :p
Chamz :p 3 kun oldin
I think that if they stopped coming out with a new Iphone every year everyone would be more excited. Also the price is ridiculous. Truth is if you break your iPhone ONCE it will NEVER return to how it was before you broke it. Also the head jack? What was the point in removing that? A better charger too? 🥺 Just my thoughts tho. Still amusing to see.
It’s Roselyn21
It’s Roselyn21 3 kun oldin
Wait omg you posted it in my birthday!
Haleema Bangura
Haleema Bangura 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who just loves the two iphones sitting in the back round casually?
MicroToaster [AsexualWeirdo]
Just spent 20000 bucks on the iPhone 1111. Only has 80 cameras.
dead people
dead people 3 kun oldin
3000 lowest price garentee
cjack202003 3 kun oldin
Apple should do a price correction every year to find out what people are willing to pay, then stick with those prices. So, for the 2019 phones, they can start with 599 (11), 699 (XI), and 799 (XI Max). Use this whole year to see what these sales are like. If that doesn't work, 2020 phones will be 499, 599, 699. I feel both brackets are decent prices for the iPhones. People who think iPhones should be 300-400 are delusional. Stop trying to get something for nothing. There are plenty of other phones in your price range that are just as good and/or better. Sure, if they charged 300-400, I would jump on it. However, that's not realistic pricing. Especially in today's market. Apple will make money again when they charge $499-799 for their phones.
Jose The watermelon
I just got my iPhone Xr bitch slowed tf down apple 😩😩😩😩😩😩🤤
Ulises Maradiaga
Ulises Maradiaga 3 kun oldin
Ijeoma 3 kun oldin
Steve jobs would hate for there being an apple pencil for an iphone
B 2
B 2 3 kun oldin
You are killing Appleinsider. I can listen to your talk without crap music. Good advice. The notch, No jack, No structural strength, broke the Apple spell . Face scanning is spy ware ...period. Just call it iPhone by the year. Or as BMW does with their cars. IOS security 5 stars. Note 9 is brilliant but Bixby has killed it for me. So 2019 is the last time I consider Apple anything.
Andrew tran
Andrew tran 3 kun oldin
I want headphones jack
Taehyung's little Witch
new iphones are ugly
Average Unic0rn
Average Unic0rn 3 kun oldin
I’d love a newer iPhone (I have an iPhone 7) but I can’t pay $1,500 for them.
David Thomas
David Thomas 3 kun oldin
i just listened to you repeat yourself for 11 minutes!
Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner 3 kun oldin
They are to expensive and they keep forcing you to get rid of things we love
How To Lego
How To Lego 3 kun oldin
Noooo!!! I like the notch.
Keiya Smith
Keiya Smith 3 kun oldin
The iPhone 11 back camera look stupid as hell 🤦🏽‍♀️ and it’s getting more expensive go ahead when you revive 2 sales 🤦🏽‍♀️
Evveae 3 kun oldin
Oh god I already know in 3030 there’s gonna be teleportation, no more cars
A loser
A loser 3 kun oldin
I got a Sony advertisement....
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane 3 kun oldin
So no iPhone se 2 ? 🤔😞
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Laura Fabian
Laura Fabian 3 kun oldin
vai chegar no brasil em 2022 e o preço vai ser 20.099,00
Coco Bird Remastered
Apple has to slow down, they need time to get their cons off and get the pros on. They’re rushing it like Sega rushing Sonic The Hedgehog
Mirlaine Barden
Mirlaine Barden 3 kun oldin
Apple needs to make foldable iphones
Brookie *-* *Happy holidays*
Bruh I just got my iPhone XR! apple, TAKE A BREAK!
Crater Face
Crater Face 3 kun oldin
I really like the hole with the sensors in the center..
italia pagaja adrianna
Apples stocks have been going down because it’s to expensive..... like where you gonna pull out $1000 before the new iPhone comes out..... and people aren’t updating because the updates work perfectly on their phones... or they still work and aren’t slow... like my iPod 5.......
SigZA 3 kun oldin
I don’t get all this drama over a f..ing notch. I don’t give a damn. Couldn’t care less.
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
When it’s really not that big of a deal
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
People just bitch at apple for not making more oled acreens
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Realize how stupid that sounds
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
They’re doing what Steve Jobs would have wanted not making and iPhone just because someone wants them too
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
Apples not gonna give people attention man
Jordan Luckett
Jordan Luckett 3 kun oldin
That’s not funny lying about Tim Cook messaging you just because you got a stick up ur ass about another iPhone, I’m pretty sure apple doesn’t care only about software updates right now and sales not another stupid iPhone
Astrid Peel
Astrid Peel 3 kun oldin
Well it’s obvious that Samsung is going to take over apple if this is happening as an apple lover I’m sad 😔 I have the iPhone XS and I love it
Roemer Sijmonsbergen
I think that te notch just looks cool🤷🏼‍♂️
The Dollar Guy
The Dollar Guy 3 kun oldin
Need to make the 3rd camera (if the low pixel B/W) for enhanced low light photography to allow IR to pass through. That with a IR LED in the flash LED cluster would give you IR nightvision.
hawa hawai
hawa hawai 3 kun oldin
Dear apple pls first of all lower the prices..ur prices r not match ur quality and service..there r much better phns than ur iphn in market..2nd is ur battery life come on..there r 4000 mah in market and ur most expensive phn is only about 2600/2900 mah maybe..in this price??? And u stop that rose gold color why?? As example xr is not at all a flagship or lower price phn its still really really reallllllyyyyuu expensive bt still u guys didnt add best screen and potrait camera only human?? Kidding?? ..u think ur customers r fool thats why they show u, ur worth...pls release one phn at least 2yrs and decrease ur price.. I mean low..u know na what low means?? Coz xr is not lower price phn at all..and pls increase ur battery life and ur storage..add great cameras like goggle pixels..and dont stop create small phns..they r so many people who love small and light phns..and pls make good color choices not crazy like xr yellow orange sky blue..we can covers if we want this..ur xs gold is awesome..make shakura pink and so many amazing colors..and decrease phn prices...i hope if u do this then ur apple market will be top again..
Salt n Peppa
Salt n Peppa 3 kun oldin
There are sooo many directions Apple could be going with new models that they just aren't. They've pretty much been releasing the exact same phone since the iphone6.
Paulina Rosales
Paulina Rosales 3 kun oldin
What do yall use android or iphone ~ comment if you use android ~ like if you use iphone
Roidnelius Mastertren
triple lens cameras, double selfie cameras? Really, are you fking kidding me? Please tell me how thats useful for anything, last time I checked professional photographers don't use phones to take pictures so why tf would the ordinary Joe need 50 megapixels on a phone. Please go on Instagram and tell me if you can actually tell and differentiate on who's taking pictures with iPhone X's, 8 Plus's, Samsung phones, etc. You can't, hell you can even take a picture with a 4s and post it on social media and no one will know you used a "stoneage" phone.
Roidnelius Mastertren
Btw, people are not hard to please, its just that we don't need a new damn phone every year regardless if it has some kind of magical new invention added to it. All people really do is message, phonecalls, social media, so why tf do I care if it has a 50 megapixel camera or an I7 processor.
Roidnelius Mastertren
Please no stylus or pencil, thats so ridiculous this isn't 2007
Ibrahim 3 kun oldin
Everything that comes into existence in this world has expiry date. Apple is committing suicide and they are dying because people are not buying anymore. Why? Its "Customer Fatigue" "No More Quality and Services" "No Innovation" "Expensive Technology more than its real value" "Apple Customer Exploitation Polity" is the final nail in the coffin. Its has t happen and its bound to happen and it will happen.........................
Bibash Katel
Bibash Katel 3 kun oldin
Bro, I think its time for you to change the name of channel 😂😂😂
FIGO ZHANG 4 kun oldin
Those look niceee