2019 Tesla Model 3 - Review & Road Test

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Is there a more polarizing car company or car than the Tesla Model 3? Maybe, maybe not, but whatever you think, there is much to be said about the disruption happening at Tesla. Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio is never one to shy away from a little controversy, and he takes an in-depth look here at the car that a guy whose name starts with an Elo... believes would change everything.
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10-Yan, 2019

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Harambo 9 soat oldin
Piece of junk like all Tesla cars. Audi and Porsche will show them how it's done.
Kainthemain 21 soat oldin
Still prefer my audi q7 2012
Mk 23 soat oldin
If you want to disengage autopilot you tap on the brake. Its not only overtaking control of the wheel
sexy korean girl
theres no transmission?
nonchalantd Kun oldin
10:03 walking the car?
nonchalantd Kun oldin
1:08 Mr. Meseeks?
Trae Chancy
Trae Chancy Kun oldin
That white looks amazing
Georan Churchill
I’ll keep my 40 mpg Jetta 🙂
Emese Szorenyi
Emese Szorenyi Kun oldin
You left all the great things about the Model 3 for the last 10 seconds. That's just nonsense stupid. I hope you will ever have the privilege to own a Tesla.
Refaldooloo Kun oldin
FACT CHECK: Your charging stats are WAY off. Not sure what is wrong with your power supply, but I get about 4-5MPH on 110VAC and about 30-32MPH on 220VAC with a NEMA 14-50 plug.
Johny1220 Kun oldin
Lmao did not know you guys had a UZvid channel, also I really want a white Tesla model 3 because omg that thing is so sexy holy shit 😍😍😍😍
ketnipz Kun oldin
omg I want a tesla soooooo much
David Nganga
David Nganga Kun oldin
is it me or is it always the little kids asking to break the speed limit?
King-of-Hero Kun oldin
I really appreciate the way you did your intro
Juairt Kun oldin
Tide pods .... ok
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews Kun oldin
Alright so old white people are buying this luxury car. Doesn't make it mass market nor affordable.
Janno Jens
Janno Jens Kun oldin
This review... The shots of the car are amazing!
RawLu Kun oldin
American Crap.
Wulfgang Stern
Wulfgang Stern Kun oldin
I’ve had mine for 6 months and already over 15,000 miles. I added lights to it in my last video.
Dean Churchman
Dean Churchman Kun oldin
I was looking at one but the "everything in a screen" is a massive turn off; I like having redundancy in place (analogue dials and switches), and the ergonomics of physical buttons that I dont have to take my eyes off the road to use.
frammis Kun oldin
@Dean Churchman You might want to try renting one for a few days on a service like Turo, or even getting a loaner from the dealer (ours let us take a Model S for a weekend). We did a rental with Turo, and my concerns about the one-screen interface melted away after a day or so. It really is easy to use and super responsive when combined with the steering wheel buttons. There is a lot of intuitive stuff built in, like if you want to adjust the wipers, you tap the washer stalk briefly to get a single swipe, then the screen brings up the wiper controls automatically.
Michael Rojas
Michael Rojas Kun oldin
Lexus ES >>>
Grover Williams
Grover Williams Kun oldin
Cool... Ill stick with Lexus
redstone craft guy
What about that flamethrower thing? Top 10 anime cliffhanger.
Phil Chao
Phil Chao Kun oldin
you guys forgot to talk about the poor build quality and uneven gaps
Jj W
Jj W 2 kun oldin
Wanna cause a huge car pile-up? Sure thing!
Tsar 2 kun oldin
Damn it looks sleek as hell
Princess Poppy
Princess Poppy 2 kun oldin
Snow ✅ Tesla ✅ Elon needs to make a Rainbow 🌈 One.... #JustSayin 🙃
J L 2 kun oldin
Cheapest Tesla in my country is $80,000 😩 and that’s for a 2014 😟
TeChExPo 2 kun oldin
Micah muzio is a damn good car reviewer!
gothops154 2 kun oldin
Damn Model 3 owners have to pay to supercharge?? Sucks to be the proletariat
Epic Benjo
Epic Benjo 2 kun oldin
Noooobody else noticed the Toyota 86 GTS (aka Scion FRS), drawn in Initial D manga-style, t-shirt??? Only me? ... Ok
JOliver TV
JOliver TV 2 kun oldin
1:36 am I watching fast n furious
thestigDMC 2 kun oldin
Did I hear a Mr Meseeks?
D Nice
D Nice 2 kun oldin
Electric cars are a gimmick
OutcomeAgent 2 kun oldin
Love the humor and clear info. Also that whole area looks suspiciously like my old Town Irvine
sully 2 kun oldin
For the money I would rather have the IPace, they have a list of options a mile long where as Tesla has few and if you have seen one model 3 you have seen them all. not to mention its a Jaguar and the cool factor is much greater than Tesla.
Wind Junkie
Wind Junkie 2 kun oldin
This guys accent screams mid west
Splassshhh1234 2 kun oldin
Great acceleration....and STIFF suspension .... sorry, I’ll pass
David McNally
David McNally 2 kun oldin
And now the long wait begins! Wish listed! Thanks, Brian!
CC CC 2 kun oldin
I actually can wait for this. I want more competition before I decide. 2030 here I come
7 2 kun oldin
T S 2 kun oldin
Truth be told, if you have driven a model 3 for a while, you will agree that no review does it justice. However, this video is a great introduction - well done! TM3 feels like a car that was transported through time at least a decade or two. Also, we do need to bring the politics back into the picture. Without Tesla, nobody would be innovating at any significant level. Last year, I was comparing my 10 year old Audi to a new model, and there was barely any difference. Switching to TW3 was like warping into the future. While Tesla was innovating, a lot of other car manufacturers were cheating on the emissions and working hard at covering the tracks. Thankfully, they got caught. Buying an electric car, and Tesla specifically, is not just a vote for a superior car, it's saying NO to fraud, deceit and environmental destruction.
ciliaris2 2 kun oldin
You need to mention that the Tesla doen't need US service men and women meddling for oil in the Middle East And all the good things that come from that.
Nikerocker23 2 kun oldin
This dude looks like the guy who plays Robin hood
chookalana 2 kun oldin
I love, love, love my Dual Motor Model 3! Best car I have ever owned.
Devil's Hand
Devil's Hand 2 kun oldin
Damm i Need to make Money, and this fast
killarly klinton
killarly klinton 2 kun oldin
Hey Jim, what time will you be over? Sometime around noon tomorrow....my car isn't fully charged, so I can't make it over yet........ RIP.....
Rykahnz 2 kun oldin
Didn't expect much from KBB but this guy is actually a good and entertaining reviewer plus he steps on it and not just in the straights.
The Rideshare Guy
The Rideshare Guy 2 kun oldin
Low blow at 3:24 but great review 😂
Hammylovesyou 3 kun oldin
Since the day I got my Model 3 I've loved it
WiZe1972 3 kun oldin
Very cool review! Can’t wait for my M3P to come to Switzerland 🇨🇭
uploadthis10 3 kun oldin
everyone comparing hybrids to a TESLA,,, its like comparing apples to oranges.... yes they're both fruits BUT one is RED and one is ORANGE!!!!!!!
Douglas York II
Douglas York II 3 kun oldin
8:08 I agree with all others who have commented about your charging stats. The numbers listed about about 1/2 what you should be getting. I'd check on why you are being limited with those poor values.
Jairo L.
Jairo L. 3 kun oldin
That's not a car is just a big toy
ert 3 kun oldin
Hareem Zain
Hareem Zain 3 kun oldin
I’ve been waiting so long for this
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz 3 kun oldin
Dislike this hypothetical pricing thing. Just state the price that one would need to pay in cash without the credits or gas savings.
Robert Drayton
Robert Drayton 3 kun oldin
Ghost ride the whip!😂🤣 I feel old saying do they still do that?!😤😎
TBK_Jorg 3 kun oldin
Tesla need to breath little
Cloxxki 3 kun oldin
When was this shot? The USA rich people new car giveaway program already halved going into 2019.
Forgd 3 kun oldin
A 110 outlet will charge at 5/mi hour once warmed up.
Trump the Fraud Jr
Trump the Fraud Jr 3 kun oldin
Who eles is here cause you know you're poor ???
Jank Paul
Jank Paul 3 kun oldin
I can’t wait to see all these cars fall apart in 5 years. But if you got money to blow on a Tesla, odds are you get a new car every 5 years anyways. The i3 is a proven EV that lasts.
ClaudioPerez42 3 kun oldin
Waiting for the base model, trading in my civic :)
inflatable2 3 kun oldin
In white with those wheels it looks really cool..
dog shiber
dog shiber 3 kun oldin
Electrics are going to ruin us car lovers.
BigCooter.com 3 kun oldin
8:35 200 miles cost $14 ?? that is about the same as what gasoline costs now!! .. but would be a savings when gas prices swing back high. SuperCharger rates are like 2X the local electric rates, must be a cash cow deal for Tesla .. which might eventually be seen as price gouging or monopolistic .. people are rather sensitive when it comes to fair pricing for essential energy needs.
mark tyson
mark tyson 3 kun oldin
Overpriced for what it us. Sorry but the interior looks cheap and the big screen is more of a distraction . The body build is,frankly speaking terrible . I'm seeing lots of complaints about body paint issues which seem to be happening more than it should. There are also serious issues with doors and body panels not set up correctly . Repairs take much longer than most other cars. Sure its a fun car to drive but a car needs to be reliable and repairable within a reasonable time . The body construction is needlessly complex and trouble prone. Its also far to expensive when you add on anything above the base model . Tesla prices their cars in the BMW,Benz range but one look at the interior should warn people that this is not a luxury car and not even close . Reminds me of the time I looked at the interiors of the two GM electric cars(Bolt and Volt) . I found myself looking at a price tag north of $ 50,000 canadian and looking at interiors that not only looked cheap but were cheap. Not even a power seat unless you coughed up several thousand more . No wonder GM has poor sales ! They all handel very well but the Tesla does give you a luxury car ride. Not even close. Anyone with a brain can see all the electrics cost way too much for what they are . Its a shame but I have hopes that the builders will smarten up.
BTraine Ztraine
BTraine Ztraine 3 kun oldin
KBB has just lost all credibility with this Fanboy review
picknngrinnin 3 kun oldin
“Robot noises”, it’s an electric motor, dork!
Jean-Pierre White
Jean-Pierre White 3 kun oldin
My home 240v charging unit adds 29 mph not just 14 like the one used in this review. My unit isn't the quickest available out there either.
Jean-Pierre White
Jean-Pierre White 3 kun oldin
I like the way you describe the acceleration not just as instantaneous, but relentless. That is what differentiates the Tesla vehicles from many other EV's. It just keeps on accelerating at the same insane rate.
campfirehicks 3 kun oldin
Regarding the home charging, we use the standard charger plugged to a 240v line in the garage and the charge is 32A and we get 30~32 miles of charge per hour. For cost of charging, we've had the Model 3 since July and have spent less than $35 on electricity to charge as of December 2018.
Car Fli
Car Fli 3 kun oldin
That screen is distracting!
Leveraged 3 kun oldin
It’s a tablet that happens to have a steering wheel.
93455Driver 3 kun oldin
I like the Model 3 tech, but listening to Sandy Munro on Autoline, there are some design and build issues that they need to fix (and may do when they go big in China). The Tesla 3 motors are amazing, looking forward to seeing what Porsche has done for the Taycan motors.
Edvard 3 kun oldin
Hey, what's savagegeese doing in the backseat at 07:08??
Justin Crediblename
is the steering wheel louder than the performance motors?
Hopper1985 Lucky
Hopper1985 Lucky 4 kun oldin
It has no face!!!!
Halacron 4 kun oldin
I charge at home on 120V and get 5 mi/hour rate. Each night I can charge about 75 miles total between the time i get off work and have to go back the next day and my drive to work one way is 4 miles. So I drive 16-30 miles a day, 120V works perfectly for me.
26humor26 4 kun oldin
This video taught me one thing, don’t buy a used TESLA! Many people like the host are going to blast their acceleration which is bad for the single or dual motors. I’ll take a new one please!
Big Dream
Big Dream 3 kun oldin
+26humor26 The Model S taxi fleets out there are still doing well after several hundred thousand miles, so I'm not worried about Tesla or their batteries in general. (Of course, it's possible an issue could pop up with the Model 3 specifically, but that's true with any new car model.)
26humor26 3 kun oldin
+Matthew Jenkinson Time will only tell. Tesla is in its infancy. As Tesla ages, we will see how well they hold.
Matthew Jenkinson
Matthew Jenkinson 3 kun oldin
Doesn't seem like it's been an issue for the guy on Tesla Racing Channel, who drag races a stripped P100D.
Carlito 4 kun oldin
The tide pods joke should’ve been juul pods i was really hoping he’d say that lol
Scott 4 kun oldin
$65,000? Ill go buy the loaded 2019 Kia 900 and laugh at you as I drive past you 'charging' at some crap charging hub.
93455Driver 3 kun oldin
J. Kevin McNary And then pulled over by the cops. Why not say, you will be smiling when the price of gas goes up, or that the K900 does not handle as good as your 3.
J. Kevin McNary
J. Kevin McNary 4 kun oldin
Scott But I will blow right by you in my Model 3 back on the road.
Robert Lee James Welch
Yeah....14.04 for 200 miles added range at 40 miles a gallon is almost $3 a gallon, plus the Model 3 is 2 to 3 times the price of cars both gas and electric in the compact segment doesn't make any sense. Its a great car I am sure, but the average person doesn't have the luxury of buying at that price. As competition emerges, less expensive alternatives will pop up. Nio. Atlis and Rivian will jump into the market.
David Jao
David Jao 4 kun oldin
The charging costs in the review are vastly overstated. They are for supercharging, which is the most expensive way to charge. Home charging is about one third the cost.
model3life 4 kun oldin
Thanks for the review. White looks great however we have "BLUE". No one can compete with Tesla! They may try but are years behind, and when they catch up Tesla will be even more refined.
model3life 2 kun oldin
There is no extra cost for "black". We are not aware of a "jet black" option. Check out Tesla.com
Mac Viking
Mac Viking 2 kun oldin
Does black or jet black color cost more for some reason?
Travel and Food
Travel and Food 4 kun oldin
Steering adjustment part was the best :D
stormbob 4 kun oldin
OK, but how does it hold up in cold climates and when will it be available outside California?
Gregory Tabor
Gregory Tabor 4 kun oldin
They're already available everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and Europe shipments are supposed to start this quarter. (Tesla doesn't make "compliance cars" that are only available in California). I own one here in Colorado - it holds up great in cold weather. The AWD is great in the snow; I rate it the second best handling AWD vehicle I've ever owned, right behind my old Subaru (ahead of Ford Explorer, Mazda CX-9 and Nissan Armada). You do lose some range when it's cold, up to 20%-30%, but not enough to matter for typical around-town driving. The electric heater warms it up FAST, and it's also nice to warm it up remotely using the cellphone app - even with the garage door closed (no emissions)!
davids76 4 kun oldin
Those Tesla seats are not comfortable!
Big Dream
Big Dream 2 kun oldin
The front seats are. My understanding from owner reviews is that the back seats are comfortable for kids, but may be uncomfortable for adults on long road trips. (The first rear seats made in 2017 were worse, but Tesla has made improvements since then.)
William Lake
William Lake 4 kun oldin
He's trying way too hard to funny, and "hip with the kids".
- JPL -
- JPL - 4 kun oldin
I really like the Model 3 but Tesla really needs to get on that $35K version. Even then, it's a good chunk of money. Can't imagine paying up to $65K+ for a compact/mid-size sedan. That money is getting you into full-size luxury car territory.
Eshaan Sharma
Eshaan Sharma 4 kun oldin
the "madel 3" is pretty good and I love mine so far
Mark Mayer
Mark Mayer 4 kun oldin
A couple of corrections: with a 120 V 15 Amp circuit at home we got 5 miles per hour range when charging. After we installed 240 V circuit we get 35 hours range per hour. Superchargers are only needed on long distance (> 200 mile) trips.
Rykahnz 2 kun oldin
Yeah it ain't no 1 mi/hr that's absolutely nonsense.
James William
James William 4 kun oldin
Sure would be nice if these car companies could put some R&D into new materials for seats and trim so we don’t have to sit on the skin of a dead animal - seems like such an old and obsolete way to do things.
Big Dream
Big Dream 3 kun oldin
Tesla's seats aren't leather. In fact, they seem superior to leather -- easier to clean, better longevity -- while still being quite comfortable.
Happy Guy
Happy Guy 3 kun oldin
It's Vegan Leather so you are NOT sitting on dead animal skin!
jeff powell
jeff powell 4 kun oldin
Model 3 does not have leather seats. Plastics are getting so good now it is very hard to tell.
NO_EYES_ON_ME 4 kun oldin
LOL...$65K and you gotta pay to charge it??? Go get a fully loaded Accord and Camry with tons of money left over. And it'll last 20 years compared to these Tesla which can't last 5 years.
David Jao
David Jao 3 kun oldin
+93455Driver Interpretation is everything. Here's mine. Back order filling is not a big driver of current sales. 75% of Model 3 sales are to new buyers without reservations. If back orders were a big sales driver then we would have seen competing brands' sales crater in 2016 and 2017 as the backlog developed. We didn't see that. What we really saw was competing brands' sales cratering in 2018, as Model 3 orders were filled. Now, the fact that overall sedan sales are down so much in 2018 indicates that there is a big unfilled backlog for the base Model 3. As long as a supply bottleneck exists, EV sales will not rise fast enough to make up for lost ICE sales as people wait for EVs. So that's my take on why sedan sales are crashing so hard even though EV sales remain miniscule. People are waiting for the base model and can't get them. Am I giving Tesla too much credit here? We'll find out. But I find my scenario much more plausible than some mysterious collapse in consumer demand for sedans in 2018 (but not 2017, or 2016, or 2015, or 2014, or ...)
93455Driver 3 kun oldin
David Jao Sales are good, 4th place overall for sedan sales (all segments, I think that either Nov or Dec in the US). That said, 4th place in a fast shrinking marketing compared to SUVs, plus a lot of back order filling. The back order filling will continue to help as will being able to offer the full trim range.
David Jao
David Jao 3 kun oldin
+93455Driver My point is that people already buy $65k gasoline cars, and cross-shopping between a $65k gasoline car and a $65k EV is a perfectly valid thing to do. You seem to believe that cross-shopping the Model 3 never makes sense. Of course it does, sometimes. It depends on which market you're in. And by the way the Model 3 is absolutely killing it against its $65k ICE car competition.
93455Driver 3 kun oldin
David Jao What is your point? The original comment points to the fact that you can get a loaded XYZ, and have plenty of $ for petrol and maintenance using the $65k threshold. A better response is to say that once Tesla sells $35k models, this will make cross shopping between a best selling sedan and the 3 a real decision.
David Jao
David Jao 4 kun oldin
News flash, people pay $65k for gasoline cars, and yes they have to pay to refuel it.
UrLocalBoss 4 kun oldin
Great review, better than Top Gear and me
Eric S
Eric S 4 kun oldin
Affordable TM3 = Vaporware
Lawrence Tider
Lawrence Tider 4 kun oldin
Still got no money.
Joseph Zagorski
Joseph Zagorski 4 kun oldin
You can't say "accessibly priced" at the end of the video when you just told us that the cheapest one is NOT being built.
Eden Roth
Eden Roth 4 kun oldin
In my country if I park this car in front of my house at night, the car wont be stolen but the control screen in the car will be stolen because people think it's an ipad. So they will break the window in and detach the screen :))
Eden Roth
Eden Roth 3 kun oldin
+David Jao I'm not influent by any negative comments here. I believe that Tesla is a good car, it's just too expensive to buy now. Hopefully in the future, they can make it as cheap as a Prius if they really want to save the environment. I only made my comment as a joke on my country's security. The screen is flimsy or not, I don't know, i never own one nor touch it in real life. But I know Thief has their own way to detach it easily if they want to.
93455Driver 3 kun oldin
Eden Roth Unless they know how to disassemble the screen, they will most likely break it. You are right though, initially they will try and cause damage in the meantime. Eventually as these screens become the norm, they will give in. Floating screens in Mercs, Hyundais etc. may present similar risks but the robbers (I bet) by now have worked out they are not standalone units. That new Volvo screen looks IPad like, but more built in, not floating.
David Jao
David Jao 3 kun oldin
But that's the thing, every single negative comment you see here is from someone who doesn't own the car. People who actually have the car universally tell you that the positives far outweigh the negatives.
Eden Roth
Eden Roth 3 kun oldin
David Jao ok ok you just need to say that you own one. Of course i don have one since i’m poor.
David Jao
David Jao 4 kun oldin
I'd like to see them try. People who haven't owned one think the screen is flimsily attached. People who have owned one know that the screen attachment is literally strong enough to survive crashing into a truck.