2019 Tesla Model 3 - Review & Road Test

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Is there a more polarizing car company or car than the Tesla Model 3? Maybe, maybe not, but whatever you think, there is much to be said about the disruption happening at Tesla. Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio is never one to shy away from a little controversy, and he takes an in-depth look here at the car that a guy whose name starts with an Elo... believes would change everything.
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10-Yan, 2019



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Anthony Coffey
Anthony Coffey 8 soat oldin
The new Teslas are amazing! They leave more fuel for my SS Camaro to quench its thirst 😎
00crashtest Kun oldin
So much for Elon Musk's affordability goals, more like lies. $35K is still expensive for a midsize sedan. The $35K Model 3 is not "mass market", the $23K Camry and Accord are. Tesla is overpriced like Apple. Tesla SUCKS!
00crashtest 11 soat oldin
+Whispered Metsutan Exactly! Teslas have tons of panel gaps, bubbling paint, and water leakage issues.
Whispered Metsutan
Wouldn't buy a Tesla anyways. Their build quality is horrible and takes a month to fix any problems. Most of the Teslas I see are on tow truck flatbeds.
manifest 73
manifest 73 Kun oldin
Of course they gave you the performance to review, the one most people can't afford or not willing to pay.
wdwMusic Kun oldin
People complaining about $14 for a mid-trip charge... do, you know, how much gas costs?
rEYz FRey
rEYz FRey Kun oldin
great review guys! keep up the good work!!
Amtrak 2523
Amtrak 2523 3 kun oldin
And it’s ugly🤪👍
Dennis Korol
Dennis Korol 3 kun oldin
Filmed right here in Irvine. By my house
kid ker
kid ker 4 kun oldin
cAaAn dDdoOo😂 the mr. meeseeks reference
Marlene Roseboom
Marlene Roseboom 6 kun oldin
I love my Tesla 3, but wish the windshield wipers were more sensitive! Not bad for a biggest beef :)
Doug Palmer
Doug Palmer 7 kun oldin
Al tesla owners pay now.and your wrong its 301 miles and the price out the door is 27.000
Orlino Jr. Llauderes
get yours while it still hot.....these American company maybe will also close when japanese manufacturers will go ev to compete with tesla
chewchew74 7 kun oldin
Berry Lee
Berry Lee 7 kun oldin
UPDATE: 220 Mile range for starting price of 35,000 USD
ky zman
ky zman 7 kun oldin
Now this model is 43,000 I’m down 😍
fr8hauler 7 kun oldin
If Tesla ever advertises, they should use the parts with your little girl's amazement. Priceless!
Sunil Malkani
Sunil Malkani 7 kun oldin
I have a Tesla model 3
Azazel 7 kun oldin
whAy you tAlking like AA KwAker ? =D
Steven Chappell
Steven Chappell 8 kun oldin
Now I don’t normally comment on videos but I have to say finally a review that’s real for the REAL MAN. You drive just like me and you have sold the Tesla to me. Now I know how it performs whacking around bends and having a bit of fun in it. Great video many thanks. Only downside is we still don’t have them in the UK and when we do and after taxes and virtually zero government incentives it will probably cost about a million pounds!!!!!!!
scott columbo
scott columbo 8 kun oldin
I just don’t see full electrics taking over. Who the heck can go on a road trip and make at least an hour stop to charge up? Hell if the gas line is too long at one gas station i move on to the next, i’m not taking more than 5 minutes to gas up or charge up! $47,000 lol when those batteries are dead in 5 years come talk to me. Oh and Tesla is non-existent or you start needing repairs/parts. Silly buyers who just needed to be the first to get the new driving iPad. Oh and my gas Honda is almost on mark with the charging cost per gallon, at least at CA. Electric prices.
Whispered Metsutan
All what these people buy them for is because they are quick. Dodge Demon gets up to 200mph while the fastest Tesla is around 150. Electric cars are hype, they won't last when the batteries degrade.
sub786sub 8 kun oldin
Why u want to park in tight spot it will cost you dings from other car anyway
Richard McKrell
Richard McKrell 8 kun oldin
$14 for 200 miles of range is about the same or even more than most gas sedans. Tesla needs to get the charging station costs down for the Model 3 to be competitive with gas vehicles.
KingProne 7 kun oldin
+Richard McKrell also a usa problem because of the 110 volt only. saying that, you guys have it relatively cheap to add a 2 or 3 phase outlet or high voltage outlet.
Richard McKrell
Richard McKrell 7 kun oldin
Yeah I agree, and then you have the added problem of the 14 miles per hour charge at 220 when home charging. That's just unacceptable.
KingProne 7 kun oldin
i did the maths before with a Model S vs a 2L Diesel sedan and the diesel is definitely cheaper on long range trips. It's just a combination of fuel being incredibly cheap in the USA and even though electricity is very cheap at home it is relatively expensive at a supercharger. (Unlike in europe where the difference isn't that significant)
Richard McKrell
Richard McKrell 8 kun oldin
14 miles an hour charge at 220V means it takes 23 hrs to get a full 325 mile charge. Is Tesla kidding?
Richard McKrell
Richard McKrell 6 kun oldin
The new Gen 2 Tesla Home Charger is only 25mph not 45, better than 14 mph but still requires 10 hours for a full home charge.
Richard McKrell
Richard McKrell 6 kun oldin
that's good 14 mph was too slow
I Salman
I Salman 6 kun oldin
That was incorrect, its 35mph on 240v and there's a faster home charger available for $500 that gets you 45mph.
Matheau Michalak
Matheau Michalak 8 kun oldin
240 volt charger provides 30miles/hour replenishment. Not sure what the deal is with yours shown in this video.
Peter Goeke
Peter Goeke 8 kun oldin
What if the added something to make the engine noise if you want it
Dream Big
Dream Big 8 kun oldin
Yeah I had the same reaction to the super charger cost. now you want customers to wait, then pay for it, then be penalized if they stay at the station for too long? It’s kinda use the super charger or nothing else at that point. If something isn’t working probably and it’s a busy day for the chargers your trip is fucked... your trapped.
Dream Big
Dream Big 8 kun oldin
I’d rather pay $10 more for the convenience and I get more range then 275 miles...
Mowcowbell 9 kun oldin
That smile on your 3 year old says it all... What an awesome vehicle!
Altec Lansing
Altec Lansing 9 kun oldin
Still expensive. Price needs to come down to $25,000 before average person start thinking about buying Tesla.
Land Hooman
Land Hooman 9 kun oldin
tfue's mum is spoiled
paul Smith
paul Smith 9 kun oldin
OPEC is about to become irrelevant. All of that vast oil wealth over the past 70 years has been squandered by Arab princes and kings on private Boing 747 and palm shaped islands. When the electric car revolution makes the internal combustion engine obsolete, and nobody wants their black sludge anymore, they will have absolutely nothing to trade.
katy donawether
katy donawether 9 kun oldin
All this cars are waste of electric you know lithium comes from Afghanistan and making this battery pollutes more then any car, We need carbon monoxide if we dont have carbon monoxide the trees will die and the human race will follow all this electric cars can be hacked and accessed by the governments traced and more the have hidden mic's cameras inside this cars people are so idiotic
Whispered Metsutan
Lithium ion batteries are toxic fire prone junk. I don't want this electric b.s. too much electronics on cars these days electric cars are overkill.
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
Will buy when it’s lighter and a Mercedes in 2025 👍
Spencer Colburn
Spencer Colburn 10 kun oldin
What does insurance costs look like? Does it offset fuel savings?
striderOO7 10 kun oldin
This guy drives like a stupid teenager or a kid in his parents sports car.
Richard Race
Richard Race 10 kun oldin
$14 to fill up on electric? :(
Andrew Valdez
Andrew Valdez 11 kun oldin
I like how they wait until the end of the review to tell you that this one is the.... 55K version. -_-
rrace2 11 kun oldin
Did you mention how safe it is? With no front engine it has a huge crumble zone. This is the biggest factor in safety. It also has the lowest center of gravity and a better balanced platform with weight from the batteries distributed evenly. Oh and not only is it safe it is low maintenance, it doesnt have a transmission. The average drivetrain has 3000 parts while the model s has about 30. Instant torque also means you have better traction control because revs can change much more quickly.
Photo Booth Start Up
great review Micah is very entertaining !
scrubl0rd 11 kun oldin
200 mi of range in my honda civic costs $12 in gas. Tesla Fail.
Io 8 kun oldin
scrubl0rd wait like 2 3 more y3ars and you will realise which one ill fail. Also in europe gas price is really high that you cant even compare it with an electric car
Marco Panzanni
Marco Panzanni 11 kun oldin
Hey u guys should revise this video when u get ur hands on a Model3 Base Plus (most people will buy this cause of the excellent features that come with it, i know i will) since it is now available on purchase as of feb28. There's no engine noise.... who gives a rats ass about engine noise, i got an mp3 for my noise. And why would i want to park my new tesla in a tight spot, so that some brain dead airhead would just smash his junkers door into it without a second thought.
Voice IT
Voice IT 12 kun oldin
So how are you operating the touch screen on a bad bouncy road? I can hit my physical buttons with closed eyes.
Carl Beatrice
Carl Beatrice 12 kun oldin
this guy sounds like stephen crowder
Harry Roger
Harry Roger 12 kun oldin
Looks so cheap. Reminds me of those plastic Saturn cars.
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi 12 kun oldin
Irvine ftw lol. Tap gear stalk up once to disable AP, wrestling not required!
Paul Schlaffer
Paul Schlaffer 12 kun oldin
With all that tech, it doesn't have XM Satellite like every car. Telsa really needs to fix this...
Paul Schlaffer
Paul Schlaffer 9 kun oldin
+MMBTUS That's not the same. I've used it via streaming before when the antenna required replacement. The quality is inferior, you're subjected to mobile dead spots, and the usability when driving is poor. Tesla needs to add the normal Sirius/XM receiver and antenna, or at least make it an option. The Model 3 is off my buy list specifically for this reason.
MMBTUS 9 kun oldin
Sure it does, right through my iPhone. Nothing extra required.
Middlestep [official]
2:40 gotcha! :)
Luka Magic
Luka Magic 13 kun oldin
For a KBB video I really liked it and this dude
Evemix 13 kun oldin
so charging takes an hour?
MULTIXD 13 kun oldin
Tesla cars are the only ones that look good that I have seen at least.
Doug Jessee
Doug Jessee 13 kun oldin
Now available for $35k!
Travis Stratton
Travis Stratton 13 kun oldin
Was thinking of getting a Model 3 until I called my insurance company. right now I have a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 which is $950 a year to insure. Dropping that and adding a Tesla Model 3 would ADD $850. So The yearly total is about $1800. This eliminates completely any savings by not using gas.
Travis Stratton
Travis Stratton 23 soat oldin
Whispered Metsutan the only problem with that is all my friends with Tesla’s say it’s the best car they have ever had. Some owning 3+ years with zero problems. So I’m on the fence. If you have solar on your house it really makes sense. Why let pg&e take all your extra power and give you nothing for it.
Whispered Metsutan
Electric cars are overpriced junk anyway. Less moving parts, lack of places to charge them/too long to charge makes gas vehicles better. Oh also in cold temps EVs are junk. Anyone driving an EV doesn't care about the problems or the cost because if their EV won't run they still have their gas vehicle or Uber. For the rest of us daily commuters we need a cheap gas vehicle to get us to point A to B. Buy a Honda or Toyota with minimal maintence for 30 years will cost less than an EV when you need to call a tow because the battery failed.
titanman2789 12 kun oldin
You must not drive a lot. Assuming a $40 fill up every week you would still save roughly $1000 by driving the Model 3, and that is just in not paying for gas (this not counting the cost of electricity). Add in other gas vehicle maintenance like oil changes and I think you would be saving money. Is it enough to justify buying one of these? Eh, maybe not
Drivertilldeath 14 kun oldin
Rivian > Tesla
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang 14 kun oldin
Who's here after the 35K Model 3 announcement?!
chickenceiling 14 kun oldin
if someone smashed the touchscreen, you wouldn't be able to drive the car
chickenceiling 12 kun oldin
+Eric Dunne a thief?
Eric Dunne
Eric Dunne 12 kun oldin
chickenceiling okay but.. why would you do that?
daljinder bhullar
daljinder bhullar 14 kun oldin
MrChad97Z 14 kun oldin
I dont like having 2 buttons for "everything". What if I want to turn the music up or down, tilt the steering wheel up and bounce out of then car? What if I go out for a run, and leave the car, I have to carry a heavy cell phone with me or carry a big card? Whats that all about? why not a keypad? Or a small remote that fits into your pocket? And do I have to turn on the car to tilt up the steering wheel? My Acura TL has a manual lever for the steering wheel lock. I see Telsa really cut corners to reduce a lot of costs by making everything electronic. So, why does it cost so much? I dont understand. It's a bare car. Sounds over priced to me. And with all those reductions, it still weights 3700 to 4100 pounds. amazingly heavy.
Corentin Harbelot
Corentin Harbelot 14 kun oldin
I’ll have one!
Jay K
Jay K 14 kun oldin
2:20 youre welcome
polla2256 14 kun oldin
Does it have Android auto ?
Mind you he is driving a 50 thousand dollar car. You get a much better car for that price. That’s a lot of money for a girly looking car. Get a used model S
Ömer Faruk BATAN
Ömer Faruk BATAN 15 kun oldin
Micah's joy and energy brings a smile to my face more than the car!! Great review!
Glen Stewart
Glen Stewart 15 kun oldin
An entertaining review
Morvii 15 kun oldin
It looks very cheap
Ghost227 15 kun oldin
I would love to have a Tesla, but nothing about it is practical for me and my life. Gas is already super cheap for me. A full tank in my new civic is only $24. Vs a fill up in the model 3 being about that too. Not to mention, I can fill up in 2 minutes in my civic. Vs charging your car for more than an hour. And my car was cheaper with more features
Angelo Gucciard
Angelo Gucciard 15 kun oldin
So basically if I want a better grade model 3 , the car goes up to 65k ? And basically it won't be profitable for Tesla to make the plain Jane model. So the upgrades where the American consumers are used to with gas cars , this video says is 30 thousand $$$ more . Fuck you Tesla
Dueng Design
Dueng Design 15 kun oldin
Is Tesla supercharge not free?
Ghost227 15 kun oldin
not anymore
Area 11
Area 11 15 kun oldin
I'll stick with big oil for now
Carlo de Guzman
Carlo de Guzman 15 kun oldin
Lol mike and i said, 'u said probe" at the same time 😂
Dino Pappous
Dino Pappous 15 kun oldin
Announcing the $65 K $35 K EV ~~~
BR_Impulse 15 kun oldin
And now, the standard range model RWD is available for $36k after destination charge and such. This now makes the Leaf, Kona Electric, and i3 all so overpriced and underwhelming compared with this, and the i-PACE is so much more expensive. Well done Tesla! Just wish they'd fix all the panel gaps and quality control issues...
M H 15 kun oldin
Im all about the blue with white interior, performance mode. Mine is on order today!! 20 inch wheels. Full auto pilot
BeAn BeAn
BeAn BeAn 15 kun oldin
Is that the performance version? If not, how’d you get the red brake calipers?
Dave Blane
Dave Blane 15 kun oldin
BioHazard ?
BioHazard ? 15 kun oldin
35k that is laid
Eskimopride07 15 kun oldin
I like the exterior but that dash is ugly. I’d much rather have a Model S for more of a traditional dash
myk 15 kun oldin
You don’t need to steer the wheel to turn off AP. Just click the stock up once. Not a huge deal.
mamus4 15 kun oldin
So you get a klunky poorly built car for over 45K , when I can get a Honda Civic / Ford Fusion / Nissan Altima for 20k that looks better is ten times more reliable and gets 40mpg, why are these poeple pushing these junk cars
Whispered Metsutan
Whispered Metsutan 22 soat oldin
mamus4 no kidding. These are overpriced throwaway cars. They're far more wasteful than any combustion engine. I don't even want a car that uses a battery to power everything.
mamus4 22 soat oldin
+Whispered Metsutan It wont last ten years Tesla is junk, once warranty is out Tesla turns their back on you, these cars breakdown all the time
Whispered Metsutan
Ghost227 I been seeing a lot of 80s Caddys on the road in Chicago area recently.
Ghost227 Kun oldin
Whispered Metsutan I don’t know if many 40 year old cars on the road
Whispered Metsutan
It's because they want disposable cars that only lasts 10 years before being junked. EVs are a scam to get people the mentality of replacing their cars too often when they released gasoline engines, properly taken care of can last over 40 yearsm
GbZaid 16 kun oldin
Seitu Shallowe
Seitu Shallowe 16 kun oldin
I can't wait for the first action movie involving a Model 3 car chase! Btw this idea has been patented...
harry camper
harry camper 16 kun oldin
$35K model out now!!
harry camper
harry camper 13 kun oldin
+Reezus Didnt your inbred mother tell you never to assume?
harry camper
harry camper 14 kun oldin
+Immortalkalashnikov You should be able fit more guns and red neck gear into your tacoma.
Immortalkalashnikov 14 kun oldin
Not cheap enough to be driving one of these Liberal things. With 35K, I’d buy a decent base model 4x4 Tacoma instead.
Dave Blane
Dave Blane 15 kun oldin
Samiam 666
Samiam 666 16 kun oldin
I suspect that Tesla will die as more and more manufacturers beat Tesla at their own game. I give them 5 years. Either that or they will be bought out by Volkswagen.
Samiam 666
Samiam 666 6 kun oldin
+Mike Silverii This is exactly what I'm talking about. Other manufacturers are going to beat Tesla at their own game. uzvid.com/video/video-M06FKnMqn2E.html
Samiam 666
Samiam 666 15 kun oldin
+Mike Silverii "and is easily the most popular EV in America BY FAR." Teslas aren't particularly well designed or manufactured. Already we are seeing cars that equal Tesla in terms of range. There are also cheaper alternatives. The problem is that unless they step up they will get beaten at their own game. I'm a big fan of what it is Tesla is trying to do, but I suspect they won't last on their own. People will soon see that other manufacturers will have a wide variety of fully electric vehicles, and will then have much more choice.
Mike Silverii
Mike Silverii 15 kun oldin
Dave Blane not a chance. Tesla has the largest infrastructure of charging stations BY FAR and is easily the most popular EV in America BY FAR. There’s nothing stopping or slowing them down
Dave Blane
Dave Blane 15 kun oldin
less than a year
Promiscuous Crab
Promiscuous Crab 16 kun oldin
$14.04 for 200 miles is $1/14.25 miles. 1 gallon of regular is about $2 give or take depending on area. So $2 gets you 28.5 miles of range in the tesla. If your car gets 28.5mpg or better then you won’t save on fuel costs by getting this Tesla. Non hybrid cars in this size class typically get 28+ city/35-40 highway.
Whispered Metsutan
A Challenger with the V6 option if your easy on the gas can get around 34mpg. There really isn't much savings with driving a Tesla. They like to boast savings but if your hard on the throttle it doesn't really matter EV or gas. And all the other EVs on the market is trash, but Teslas are not much better. You can buy a Honda or Toyota and save more money on everything from insurance to the overall cost of having to replace your vehicle down the road.
christdragon 17 kun oldin
I'm always glad to see another Tesla in my city. So far I've only seen a handful of model 3's.
Abhi - D
Abhi - D 19 kun oldin
Tesla Maaadel 3 😂😂
macoy321 19 kun oldin
If only Tesla production line is in Japan, the car would be flawless.
24emerald 19 kun oldin
Yeah, cool electric car ... Can you comfortably sleep in it? ... if not then no thanks
Exotic World Channel
What a review. Driving response is not the only matter that count. Screen response spare tyre boot space recognition of trafic lights and signs will make an autopilot to be called auto pilot and not following the street marking.
Khalid Abdulla
Khalid Abdulla 20 kun oldin
When are they making the $35K version?
EdiownedU 20 kun oldin
Tiedpods fam
order9066 20 kun oldin
So it's an electron guzzler?
Carl Peeples
Carl Peeples 22 kun oldin
2:00 randomly cracked me up 😂
Jerry Stillwell
Jerry Stillwell 22 kun oldin
you forgot to mention the seats hurt like hell.. there stiff... they hug you in your outter thighs if your a bigeer person it hurts you have to be on eof these milenial 20 somethings that is under 180lbs to drive one.. not a comfortable car..
Thanh Truong
Thanh Truong 22 kun oldin
What? 1-2 miles per hour on a 120 volt charger, you are definitely doing something wrong. At 120v and a conservative 15 amp fuse, you'll get 1800 watts per hour. The model 3 average is less than 350 watt-hour per mile. You should be getting 6 miles per hour of charge from a 120 volt outlet. Here in Alberta, Canada electricity is dirt cheap.
TeeWin 22 kun oldin
You actually get 4 mi/hr on 120V. Just wait a little for the computer to calculate.
okleydokley 23 kun oldin
I trust any car assembled in tents in hurry by thousands of temporary workers laid off the next month. What could go wrong.
Whispered Metsutan
Just look at their actual reliability. The model 3 is horrible that it was removed by Consumer Reports.
Jeremy's Vlog
Jeremy's Vlog 23 kun oldin
You can over the autopilot. When in autopilot just press on the gas to increase your speed pass the set limit and then take your foot of the pedal to decrease you speed back to the set autopilot speed. You can also cancel autopilot just by touching the brake or a hard steer on the steering wheel.
Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas 24 kun oldin
I’d think I’ve become obsessed with this vehicle. I’m definitely planning to but this car in the future or other Tesla’s vehicles. This was a nice and entertaining review
Anonymous 25 kun oldin
I really want to buy a model 3.
evo lve
evo lve 25 kun oldin
Great review! Funny and kept me interested throughout, while touching on all the important bits. Well done 👍🏼
MrRandomTV1000 26 kun oldin
Yeah $14 may be cheaper than standard gas but what they don’t mention is what you’re doing while waiting an hour for your car to charge? Are you sitting in your car doing nothing? No, most likely you’re at some restaurant or some place wasting time and SPENDING MONEY when you wouldn’t be spending it otherwise with an ICE car. So basically unless you’re just sitting out there doing nothing for an hour, most likely you’re spending money somewhere else. Saving money? No, just distributing money to different areas. Think about that.
Whispered Metsutan
That's all it really is. For me id rather keep spending $200 here and there on car repairs than to give it to a $6 cheeseburger joint.
Daniel Brice
Daniel Brice 26 kun oldin
Door panels worse line up than a $16k KIA .... 👌
Adithya Ramachandran
It's always best to charge your vehicle up to 75% at a supercharger, since the charging rate will slow down significantly after that. So about 220 miles is the highest I'd recommend unless you really need the full range to your next stop.
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