21 Savage & Metro Boomin - X ft Future (Official Music Video)

21 Savage
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21 Savage & Metro Boomin deliver a visual for their platinum selling record, "X" featuring Future from their July 2016 EP, 'Savage Mode.' A Vincent Lou Film. Check out the BTS on TIDAL: TIDAL.com/21Savage
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25-Dek, 2016

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Giorgio Pullaar
Giorgio Pullaar 15 soat oldin
What is the girl in the red name
Reese Duty
Reese Duty 17 soat oldin
2019 anyone?
Haggai Nkini
Haggai Nkini 20 soat oldin
kalin morrow
kalin morrow 22 soat oldin
Fere Epsilon
Fere Epsilon 23 soat oldin
6ix9ine 3:07
Carlos Hatem
Carlos Hatem Kun oldin
The bass in this damn song is so epic
Felipe Carrera
Felipe Carrera Kun oldin
That's how I be playing fortnite when my mom gets me in trouble
Sebastian stalin
Lefteri Tahiraj
Lefteri Tahiraj Kun oldin
My car loves this one...still..
Tykko 2 kun oldin
Yooooo ce beat là est trop fort !
Lennard Bernet
Lennard Bernet 2 kun oldin
21 savage the type of rapper you can't get enough from
abdulmecit kahraman
man who is that guy sleepin in the middle of fight
Кирилл Ровный Тип
Rae Sremmurd ft . 21 Savage- My x fucking bitch ! 😂😂😂
Khalil Fendii
Khalil Fendii 2 kun oldin
TheZuduft v:
TheZuduft v: 2 kun oldin
Showed this to 2018 now is 2019
Anthony Joefield
Good one
Pablo José Bravo
Pablo José Bravo 2 kun oldin
These were gooood times...
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Daam 21 you got 21.dowsand hatters
amombi florence
amombi florence 2 kun oldin
metro boomin is everywhere 21 savage is at
mike jones
mike jones 2 kun oldin
21 savage rap is like wearing mouth piece while reading old text book history😂😂😂..future is like reading while eating lillipop😂
Eija Ortseid
Eija Ortseid 3 kun oldin
any one 2019 flexin' on your b*tch?
Ryan Weiss
Ryan Weiss 3 kun oldin
Alpha Balde
Alpha Balde 3 kun oldin
Pharaon IS black
Alpha Balde
Alpha Balde 3 kun oldin
21 you IS fuliane i.am fuliane i.like you
ZRA Exercises Motivation Music
Future : I dont give a fuck about no ring
Guilherme Fernandes
Whats the name of the music in the final? -- 5:08
Mc_stevie_gang_boi 2 kun oldin
Guilherme Fernandes red opps
Tz Guyy'
Tz Guyy' 4 kun oldin
ღყიselin Auroraღ
I love your music🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎧🎤
Hunter Spell
Hunter Spell 4 kun oldin
Nathan Clemons
Nathan Clemons 4 kun oldin
21 the type of dude to turn down a job offer he went on 6 interviews to get
gerald carter
gerald carter 4 kun oldin
21 savage the type of guy who would rob a bank without a weapon
Mouhamed 99
Mouhamed 99 4 kun oldin
Showed this to my pet now it's turning savage
VtheVaccine 4 kun oldin
Marcus Vincius
Marcus Vincius 4 kun oldin
Música foda
MIGOS Gang 4 kun oldin
Who still bumping this 2019??
DabyFortOfficiel 4 kun oldin
pedo medo
pedo medo 5 kun oldin
I like the dude just sleeping on the couch in the intro, just not giving a fuck about them arguing
TheManNoHot78 5 kun oldin
It's not 21 who dies , it's the death who 21
Grace l
Grace l 2 kun oldin
TheManNoHot78 what does this mean!?
Music Maker
Music Maker 5 kun oldin
Brydget Burke
Brydget Burke 5 kun oldin
I love you 21
CrizCrox HD
CrizCrox HD 5 kun oldin
Who’s still listening in 2019?
Courtney Napier
Courtney Napier 5 kun oldin
21 the type to hate all the other numbers
Chad Richboy
Chad Richboy 5 kun oldin
Yaya frexin on dat bitch
Adam Walt
Adam Walt 6 kun oldin
Anyone notice the dude slumped out on the couch?
skrt skrt
skrt skrt 6 kun oldin
Steven Fox
Steven Fox 6 kun oldin
I got into a car wreck listening to this about 2weeks ago
Mearew Spencer
Mearew Spencer 6 kun oldin
Flexing on mr. crab mattres
kingkillers 14
kingkillers 14 6 kun oldin
2:32-2:50 always come back for this
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf 6 kun oldin
did i get you? Read More
Boosted Papier
Boosted Papier 6 kun oldin
She said ,,you never go on big shit" I think she didnt noticed his bank account yet😂
Nonchalant 6 kun oldin
Aditya Rajput
Aditya Rajput 7 kun oldin
Has 2019 started fucking?
ima mess
ima mess 7 kun oldin
showed this to my friend *HOLD UP* *I HAVE NO FRIENDS :(*
ima mess
ima mess 7 kun oldin
this song makes me to comeback to my ex bitch....
Mercedes Chávez
Mercedes Chávez 7 kun oldin
22 savage vs 21 savage??
SADDLER games 7 kun oldin
Ace Beats
Ace Beats 7 kun oldin
shit go hard af in 2019
hector martinez
hector martinez 7 kun oldin
Leo 7 kun oldin
If young Metro doesn't trust you I will shot you
Dat guy with 10hp
Dat guy with 10hp 8 kun oldin
21 savage the type of dude who will call fire department because his music fire af
kevin kitchell
kevin kitchell 8 kun oldin
Wheres my 2019 gang at? 👊🔥💪
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 8 kun oldin
middle finger you need it we use .
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 8 kun oldin
si pinche negra gorda se parese a jessica . daniel y janet que
Freedom Halbert
Freedom Halbert 8 kun oldin
All you need is a killer track
Eric Morales
Eric Morales 8 kun oldin
2019 anyone
acmcbride86 8 kun oldin
I'm stunting on my ex bitch like 21.
Ben Joseph Fain
Ben Joseph Fain 8 kun oldin
This shit still fire in 2019🔥🔥
William Nguyen
William Nguyen 8 kun oldin
This song makes me wanna beat my meat to some straight porn
Dani&Erick 8 kun oldin
I showed this to my cabbage 🥬 and it turned into savage mode
Bboy STRESS 8 kun oldin
My pashmz
david torres
david torres 8 kun oldin
This hard af. Who bumping this in 2019?
none none
none none 8 kun oldin
My baby boy yoo I lost dat ring from gang tell lil hoe go get it
Yousef Qudah
Yousef Qudah 8 kun oldin
Swervo 9 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
LootableCorpse 9 kun oldin
my last name savage and ya know im not randy
575 Finest
575 Finest 9 kun oldin
Lmao they just left there boy asleep on the couch 😂😂😂
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas 9 kun oldin
It’s supposed to say last name savage no I’m not randy at the end what happened
River Watts
River Watts 9 kun oldin
Nike Cz
Nike Cz 9 kun oldin
DeanK 9 kun oldin
that guy on the couch is dead or what?
Wilson Vinas
Wilson Vinas 9 kun oldin
Who else thinks of Quintin Miller when this song plays? Just me? Okay.
Fumando 420
Fumando 420 9 kun oldin
2019??? 🔥🔥🔥💸💎
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall 10 kun oldin
Who still here in 2019?
BBK Cyclone
BBK Cyclone 10 kun oldin
0:46 hentai haven
Kyle Prescod
Kyle Prescod 10 kun oldin
TOASTY GOD 10 kun oldin
0:47 reaply
Ahmed Bossman
Ahmed Bossman 10 kun oldin
2:45. Thats where ksi got his bandanna obsession from.
Lil Cut
Lil Cut 10 kun oldin
21 The type who talk bout how he down to do drive by but when it comes down to it he loads blanks🤣
Daja Moore
Daja Moore 10 kun oldin
2019 Like
B Z V Music
B Z V Music 10 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 - 21 FOREVER !!!
Mattia Alesi
Mattia Alesi 10 kun oldin
21 Savage is the type of guy who crash and then fastens his seat belt
Elephant 10 kun oldin
No one luckier than the camera man
Khaya Shedi
Khaya Shedi 11 kun oldin
21 savage the type of nigga to jump a nigga then claim it was self defense
Jemini Blactindo
Jemini Blactindo 11 kun oldin
I showed this video to my walls, if only these walls could talk however, they didn't respond.
Kash Nasty
Kash Nasty 11 kun oldin
Who bumping this on gta5 at the red light in 2019
Alan Moser
Alan Moser 11 kun oldin
U dat nigga sav
Vic T
Vic T 11 kun oldin
Did anyone else see Gunna at 4:48
alex jennings
alex jennings 11 kun oldin
Tio dos Doritos
Tio dos Doritos 11 kun oldin
Drxke 999
Drxke 999 11 kun oldin
2019 still lit with 21
9 kun oldin
Migos  - Cocoon
2 yil oldin