21 Savage & Metro Boomin - X ft Future (Official Music Video)

21 Savage
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21 Savage & Metro Boomin deliver a visual for their platinum selling record, "X" featuring Future from their July 2016 EP, 'Savage Mode.' A Vincent Lou Film. Check out the BTS on TIDAL: TIDAL.com/21Savage
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25-Dek, 2016



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Fikrlar 31 195
zikaloco11 6 soat oldin
21 is FIRE
Yufei Qiu
Yufei Qiu 14 soat oldin
Send the British troops here
undecided official
But... you don't lick fruit roll ups.
Kuper Gaming
Kuper Gaming Kun oldin
I never heard a rap song like this
Big Me
Big Me Kun oldin
Future top on point
Jacob Tunnison
Jacob Tunnison Kun oldin
Ethan Austen-Davies
Them diamonds on me dancin'
Gerald Sanders
Gerald Sanders Kun oldin
Yo 21 savage is a beast... His music is making money like Snoop... Off his voice.. Banging
Swifty Kun oldin
free this dude
pritam bhuson
pritam bhuson 2 kun oldin
I ain’t scrating bout dat biss hella -FUTURE
lmfd7373 2 kun oldin
Bet after hearing A Lot folks feeling him now ...
Kevin Francois
Kevin Francois 2 kun oldin
That beat drop is hard
Cauã justino
Cauã justino 2 kun oldin
Free 21
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar 2 kun oldin
21 LONBRASIL 🔊🎶🍁🔥🇧🇷🔥
Seymur Aliyev
Seymur Aliyev 2 kun oldin
21 the type, that if he see this comment, he'd deport the English ppl to me
João Feldmann
João Feldmann 2 kun oldin
Nadia Oliver
Nadia Oliver 2 kun oldin
2019? yeah
R.H.F M.A.D 3 kun oldin
this song is really dope
Spud Hentz
Spud Hentz 3 kun oldin
Bryant Taylor
Bryant Taylor 4 kun oldin
What's the name of the song playing before the video
kha Oug
kha Oug 4 kun oldin
My favourite british rapper for sure!
Life of Fox
Life of Fox 4 kun oldin
21 "tea and crumpets" Savage
Anus Maximus
Anus Maximus 5 kun oldin
Seth Wiseman
Seth Wiseman 5 kun oldin
Katherine Wentworth
21 wife more Savage wow 😂
Kevin Ongaki
Kevin Ongaki 5 kun oldin
This guy is a real beast
sanchobob 7 kun oldin
eternal banger
Big shit
Arianna Lenaè
Arianna Lenaè 8 kun oldin
Who's here because of Sevryn Street?
Анатолий Вейберов
Ну русские должны то быть
Rome Bullock
Rome Bullock 9 kun oldin
Next thing we know x is still on the couch.
Elizabeth McKown
Elizabeth McKown 9 kun oldin
funny that he made this on my bday and i play this song trying to get rid of my step dad who sucks
Tory Redmond
Tory Redmond 9 kun oldin
Go Hard
Tory Redmond
Tory Redmond 9 kun oldin
My Nigga Future
Tory Redmond
Tory Redmond 9 kun oldin
Stuntin on my ex
Nia Asia
Nia Asia 9 kun oldin
Who’s the darkskin guy in this video
Nia Asia
Nia Asia 6 kun oldin
Skyla Novea 2:36
Nia Asia
Nia Asia 6 kun oldin
Skyla Novea I mean the one with glasses and the short dreads 🥴🤦🏽‍♀️
Skyla Novea
Skyla Novea 8 kun oldin
are you fuckin jokin? HAHAHHAHAHHA
Kash 45
Kash 45 9 kun oldin
OK if we hit this women they would be telling da opps 👮
Lil svamp Moh
Lil svamp Moh 9 kun oldin
2019! Anyone?😂
Life of Fox
Life of Fox 9 kun oldin
The immigration line aged well
Phill Blake
Phill Blake 9 kun oldin
FBI - 9 kun oldin
21 the type of guy who will shoot towards the ground and pick up the bullet fragment and then throw it at you
Popsxd 10 kun oldin
Quavo=Future kçkçkçkç
ilja lushkin
ilja lushkin 10 kun oldin
Go ro dzintari latvija
hollywood '
hollywood ' 11 kun oldin
Shane Mitchell
Shane Mitchell 11 kun oldin
ange killer 2.0
ange killer 2.0 11 kun oldin
Who listen this music in 2019
Michael Ernsderger
Michael Ernsderger 12 kun oldin
Lol I love this song
Kilee Lawson
Kilee Lawson 12 kun oldin
Kilee Lawson
Kilee Lawson 12 kun oldin
jose david choque cabero
21 savage te escucho desde Bolivia chapare donde hacer coca es natural :V
Luis miguel Concepcion de la cruz
UFFFF ardiente 👑🍃♣️♠️🚀🚀🚀
Bryan Peebles
Bryan Peebles 12 kun oldin
How many of ya'll women came in like that while you playing 2k?😂😂
Reginald Morton
Reginald Morton 13 kun oldin
Dis shit is deep..........really really deep. I hope I can live this song some day in my future.. this shit is an instant classic..... ATL all day long.... some ponce de leon ave, shit..... only ATL
David Jasmin
David Jasmin 13 kun oldin
Zane 13 kun oldin
21 savage is my favorite grime artist
Patrick Orear
Patrick Orear 14 kun oldin
I'm glad he free
Evelyn 14 kun oldin
Lol here from CUT when that white guy was rapping
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa 14 kun oldin
The video plays backwards in the beginning hinting already that he was fr the UK. The cars are going the opposite direction. Illuminati confirmed!
Mykia Davis
Mykia Davis 14 kun oldin
A B 14 kun oldin
Future said " bitches on me, Immigration" who knew that line would have meaning like it does now after 21 was arrested. lmao
Daren Reese
Daren Reese 15 kun oldin
moses unic
moses unic 15 kun oldin
nxt thing we know future actually from pluto
Trauma 15 kun oldin
Want Some More Music
Who is here from 2019 ?
Nate Turner
Nate Turner 16 kun oldin
2 years already? Damn
Thirsty Carlos
Thirsty Carlos 16 kun oldin
"10 bad bitches in a mansion"
Madison Davis
Madison Davis 16 kun oldin
6k moms dislike this
Joel Garrison
Joel Garrison 17 kun oldin
Peak of new-age trap
Herman _
Herman _ 17 kun oldin
Bull3t Ho3LZ
Bull3t Ho3LZ 17 kun oldin
Who was the bitch at the beginning
Emre Ayhan
Emre Ayhan 17 kun oldin
En sevdim şarkıcı
Denis Croft
Denis Croft 18 kun oldin
Who still here?
Hlalala Maluleke
Hlalala Maluleke 18 kun oldin
*who has been here before he was arrested*
Ali Eliasse 976
Ali Eliasse 976 18 kun oldin
Sabina Glan
Sabina Glan 18 kun oldin
leyton d
leyton d 19 kun oldin
Future Looks Like The Off Brand Version Of SnoopDogg???🤔
Mandisa G
Mandisa G 19 kun oldin
Swear shoulda known he was from the UK. Something in the water. They have the best music
Goat Brook
Goat Brook 19 kun oldin
Who had to comeback cuz the recommendations 🔥💯😂
Tony Nunez
Tony Nunez 19 kun oldin
$2019$ 🙏
Yeudi perez
Yeudi perez 19 kun oldin
I showed this song to my bro Now he is my sister
L Bukem
L Bukem 20 kun oldin
Mumble rapping at its finest. Stringing random words together, slang, made up slang and overall fuck all interesting to say. Zero fucking talent.
Notorious Lee
Notorious Lee 20 kun oldin
Wtf cardi b is that you 1:33 or like a look a like
Nosivo N
Nosivo N 20 kun oldin
I ain't from USA, hold up'
BurritoMan123 20 kun oldin
sir savage why you trappin so hard
daddy andy
daddy andy 20 kun oldin
best UK rapper I know soo far
Novo Chewy
Novo Chewy 21 kun oldin
Showed this to my migit cousin He still a migit but he grew an inch
ΧΡΣ 21 kun oldin
Why couldn't you just let the man play some NBA ffs
SSJ4 VLOGS 21 kun oldin
21 savage one dream to see you 🙂 and autograph ✌️👍
Genesis Joseph
Genesis Joseph 22 kun oldin
2019 still fire
Black Man Officiel
Black Man Officiel 22 kun oldin
free 21 :'(
FEDEX_POLO FLACKO 22 kun oldin
Emmanuel Siouxbob
Emmanuel Siouxbob 23 kun oldin
It's. Ok if he not from the ATL still has that fire
Kyan Glass
Kyan Glass 23 kun oldin
Yes Ik im late just saw it
Allen Iverson Singh
Allen Iverson Singh 23 kun oldin
Sir savage the 21st
Althebeast12 23 kun oldin
0:37 at least he plays Xbox
godfather404 23 kun oldin
This man always in a gas station all white wife beater. 21 fa life.
josue jaja
josue jaja 23 kun oldin
Malachi St. Juste
Malachi St. Juste 24 kun oldin
They use the same girl😤😤😤
luka mitic
luka mitic 24 kun oldin
anyone see Gunna on 02:35???
godfather404 24 kun oldin
Did he just said bitches on me immigration future told the future. Hold up.
Maicon Gabriel
Maicon Gabriel 24 kun oldin
Algum BR aqui?
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