21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food

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Fun cocktails tried by 21 year olds.
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21 year olds try fun cocktails. Watch to see their reactions.
Reactors featured:
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People vs Food #148 - 21 Year Olds Try Drinks For The First Time | People Vs. Food




8-Noy, 2018

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Adrion Francois
New react 21+ reactors react to Caribbean rum
Xx11.Maria.11xX ._.
Mika Smi
Mika Smi 2 oy oldin
Eric again? wtf -_-
salim ziane
salim ziane 2 oy oldin
or don't drink
neggispringfeild 2 oy oldin
So I order really fruity drinks and totally get judged by friends until they try and love it.......Also when Im not drinking out I drink Absinth and Id love to see some people react to it and there is a lot of interesting lore behind it as well as "The Most Powerdul Cocktail in the world" Aunt Ruberta
Patrick Lintag
In the Philippines, kids already start drinking as early as 10 years old.
Ciinex-iwnl- Oy oldin
In Germany u can drink at age 16
Ciinex-iwnl- Oy oldin
DokkanTomas True 😂
DokkanTomas Oy oldin
In mother russia the drink drinks you
Wlad Mix
Wlad Mix Oy oldin
try a drink of the "trago melvin"
CRAZY Jade Oy oldin
6:32 😂me.and 6:34
Angry Donut
Angry Donut Oy oldin
part 2 please
Harry Larsson
Harry Larsson Oy oldin
Lol you can drink in Denmark at age 16
Harry Larsson
Harry Larsson Oy oldin
Så basically you can drink much earlier in Europe
Katharina Burgstaller
and in austria
Paul Graham
Paul Graham Oy oldin
You can also drink at 16 in germany
Harry Larsson
Harry Larsson Oy oldin
Animalystic DenTomas ok, i think they have similar laws in Italy
Animalystic DenTomas
in belgium you can drink like light alcochol when you are 16 but like storng alcochol is 18
xd itzPyrox
xd itzPyrox Oy oldin
9:27 yeah and the next day Is my birthday.
Richard Paddey
I've been drinking since 16 holy crap. 21 wow
Laura Oy oldin
It‘s strange watching this as an european whos legally drinking since the age of 16
Ferry vanDregt
Well some countries in europe the drinking age is 18 :/
flowing lava
flowing lava Oy oldin
+たこ焼きが大好きJason yes dude
its weird to hear that here in philippines if ure 10 u can drink alchohol and buy yet no one bats an eye
Darnell Thomas
Just 7 more years, Just 7 more years
juutota Oy oldin
Kyllä ihan 18 vuotiaana voi juoda laillisesti perkele
Unto Silvennoinen
kyllä tämä suomi on
MeDraNiQ Oy oldin
Mumitrold 93
Mumitrold 93 Oy oldin
In Denmark we are allowed to drink at the age og 16
Next video idea: adults try Spirytus Rektyfikowany.
Annisa Frey
Annisa Frey Oy oldin
How y’all not giving them pickle backs or a skittles shot lmao
Annisa Frey
Annisa Frey Oy oldin
Ah I love Malibu bay breeze
Hallie Rogers
Hallie Rogers Oy oldin
The devil of all alcolhols is absinthe
Satsa Mardoza
Satsa Mardoza Oy oldin
omg these guys are younger then me but im looks like 16 to them because im asian
Charlena Hill
Charlena Hill Oy oldin
They must have been feeling something after that
Charlena Hill
Charlena Hill Oy oldin
I turn 21 next year can’t wait to try these
Shay45 Oy oldin
I'm 25 and I have never drank I took tiny sips of 1 thing and found it disgusting
John Taylor Ward
Funny is that my phone was at 21 the hole video
Shania Hepi
Shania Hepi Oy oldin
Lmao, you can drink as soon as your 18 where I'm from
Popits Popits
Popits Popits Oy oldin
Drinking milk since birth. 😎
Shania Hepi
Shania Hepi Oy oldin
+Mo Jones I've also heard that. They also allow their kids to have a glass of wine every dinner that way they can handle the alcohol as they grow up
Mo Jones
Mo Jones Oy oldin
I heard in italy that they water down wine and give it to toddlers. As they get older, the parents/guardians water it down less and less until they're adults.
Shania Hepi
Shania Hepi Oy oldin
+Morgen Kröte Same here. Some start at 12 sometimes. But as long as there's supervision
Morgen Kröte
Morgen Kröte Oy oldin
14 with parental supervision where i come from
Ethan Tasef
Ethan Tasef Oy oldin
That martini looks amazing
rx7dude2006 Oy oldin
Funny the best alcohol is the kind that doesn't taste like alcohol how ironic;)
Pablo Brown
Pablo Brown Oy oldin
not true lol
Nancy BunnyBou
yeahhhhhhhh, I had a few....... nvm
Peter Kehoe
Peter Kehoe Oy oldin
I was 13 at the time. I was in Italy, and I was offered a beer.
Black Girl Magic
When you can’t taste the alcohol I feel like those are the kinds that trick you. Can’t taste it so you forget just how much alcohol is in it. Like jungle juice, cause Lord.
Black Girl Magic
Doctour Two skull no. I’ve had jungle juice and had to keep reminding myself it’s alcohol when I drank it. Even if I did take it from the video. Why you so pressed?
Doctour Two skull
Black Girl Magic pretty sure you took that from the video
Nicksin Oy oldin
Lmao just drink mouthwash
Adina Oy oldin
matt weachter 😂😂
Cloud :3
Cloud :3 Oy oldin
Ohh you need to be 21 to drink.....well I’m Latino soooooo 😬😂 nvm
TheTime Zone
TheTime Zone Oy oldin
9:27 My birthday....
Pikagirl 187
Pikagirl 187 Oy oldin
I'm gonna be 21 in February :)
Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek Oy oldin
+Pikagirl 187 omg my birthday also 19/2 And i will be 21 too !! I was born 19/2/1998 .
Pikagirl 187
Pikagirl 187 Oy oldin
Nice! What day? My birthday is on the 19th.
Deavon Scalf
Deavon Scalf Oy oldin
Pikagirl 187 me too!!!
Parb Oy oldin
“OO! It HaS wHiP cReAm On It” *Whole fricken mood*
hugo bundock
hugo bundock Oy oldin
You need some Aussies on the show
Hellrasier235 Oy oldin
I agree with this Statement
hugo bundock
hugo bundock Oy oldin
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen agreed
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Aussies and Germans
Marlu Cresencia
Try emeparador. Thank me later
Peter Rosenthal
It's ok to order a fruity drink no one is judging... Yes we are
about 30 ninjas
Finally! Something that Ethan likes
Akeruz Oy oldin
Ollcohol ...
Willows Meadow
*ERIC IS 21?* *NO...* *ALREADY?*
Hugh Williamson
Lmao we get to drink when we’re 18 here in Australia
Of course im not saying it's legally allowed but people just don't care
Memester Chan
Memester Chan Oy oldin
WeirdGlow where the hell do you live
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
In the US we arent responsible enough to drink at 18
Igor Gomes
Igor Gomes Oy oldin
Same in Brazil
King DeZign
King DeZign Oy oldin
I'm just across the ditch from you and I've been drinking since I was 14, my parents didn't trust me enough to start at a younger age.
Miscellaneous Mind
These guys are 21?
TheOrangeOne Oy oldin
Logan Henderson
Man those drinks that “don’t taste like alcohol” are the ones that black you out real quick 😂
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
If you live in easter Europe age dosen't matter 😂😂
Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek Oy oldin
LMAO 😂😂💔🍸
Aywar Oy oldin
+Kenan Hadzic vutra od 16, rakija od 15, ostalo me ne zanima hahaha, sad sam 20 i polako smanjujem sa cugom
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
+Kenan Hadzic To brate 😂😂
Kenan Hadzic
Kenan Hadzic Oy oldin
brate ima nas svugdje,ja tebra napunio 18 prije 4 mjeseca pusim vutru vec preko 2 godine a cigare tucem ima nekih 16 mjeseci vukao spid gutao bobe pa boktejebo kod nas je normalno vidjeti kidaru od 12-13 godina mrtvu pijanu negdje u kanalu.. pozdravi sviju kod kuce rodjeni
Re Gear
Re Gear Oy oldin
Try mocktail tea, I've tried it myself and I love it (I'm not yet 21)
Re Gear
Re Gear Oy oldin
+jake paul not really
jake paul
jake paul Oy oldin
+Re Gear do you whant to go out
Re Gear
Re Gear Oy oldin
+jake paul indonesia, i'm Indonesian
jake paul
jake paul Oy oldin
+Re Gear whad you say
Re Gear
Re Gear Oy oldin
Sorry Indonesia
pro fortnite and other stuff
guess who gets to drink at 18 britain
Actually you get to drink from the age of five in the UK. You have to be 18 to buy alcohol.
Al Coholic
Al Coholic Oy oldin
0 in dk ahahhaha
geochan92 Oy oldin
18 in norway
Gatzon Oy oldin
+what ever nah you can drink with 16 if your parents are alright with it
what ever
what ever Oy oldin
+Biconicbitch only beer haha
Konradkbh Oy oldin
Dustin 10 years later 6:29
lissette barranco
Konradkbh seriously tho😭😭😂
mike limon
mike limon Oy oldin
Bourbon and egg nog
kbj1 Oy oldin
7:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mal M.
Mal M. Oy oldin
Mad meeeeen
Xerus Oy oldin
Im 21 and i still drink milk instead
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Me too. Alcohol just isnt for me
Erik Akerboom
Erik Akerboom Oy oldin
21? isn't it 18?
Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek Oy oldin
+Rossty 18 in Egypt too
Rossty Oy oldin
18 is the UK or just britain
Xerus Oy oldin
21 in USA my guy
karan singh
karan singh Oy oldin
CinderElla Pups
+karan singh lol I'd be concerned if she ever drank acetone but I think she was implying that the smell of acetone is equivalent to the cocktail's taste
karan singh
karan singh Oy oldin
I know what it is. Has she tasted it because she is saying it likes acetone
CinderElla Pups
Nail polish remover
Moritz Thaden
Moritz Thaden Oy oldin
so many straws used ...
cheese is real and your god is just an illusion
Тупые американские дети! !!
Tommy Kopp
Tommy Kopp Oy oldin
They're not kids by the way since they are 21.
berty barto
berty barto Oy oldin
Here in England were already alcoholics by the time we get to 21😂
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
In the US we are alcoholics by the time we are 18. Underage drinking is a huge problem
Owen Istace
Owen Istace Oy oldin
Lol im a 15 and next year i can drink
BombasticTVSW Oy oldin
Do you live in germany?
Miri F.
Miri F. Oy oldin
I just had my 18th birtday (3 weeks ago) and now I can legally drink here in Germany. Wohooo 🎉
ShisuiLp Oy oldin
+Miri F. A german who doesn't like beer? The heck :0
comment nazi
comment nazi Oy oldin
don’t you have to be 16 to drink in Germany 🤔
3kR Oy oldin
+Miri F. Fair point ;D
Miri F.
Miri F. Oy oldin
+3kR I know haha. But the point is that I'm not really a big fan of wine and beer. I just meant that I don't have to hide anymore when I want to drink liqueur and all that stuff 😅
3kR Oy oldin
But you could have gotten drunk on beer and wine already. It's not like you have to be 18 to buy something at all. It's just spirits that are 18+
Francisco Oy oldin
Why not absinthe?
Isko Isko
Isko Isko Oy oldin
Im thinking of throwing up when I drink a sip of them bloody drinks
Andrey thy beast
Here in Russia vodka is out water no matter age
yes Oy oldin
Andrey thy beast Андрей красава
Galazio M
Galazio M Oy oldin
Chance Jones
Chance Jones Oy oldin
Deception XII
Deception XII Oy oldin
Chance Jones that’s not how drinks work kid
Nami Jen
Nami Jen Oy oldin
I drink when i was 3
yara samhat
yara samhat Oy oldin
Nami Jen 😂😂😂😂
_ Nyantah _
_ Nyantah _ Oy oldin
Deception XII yeah I drank when I was in the womb Jk Jk 😂
Deception XII
Deception XII Oy oldin
Nami Jen yeah sure bro i drank when i was 2
David Williams
What dose Achool taste like
Joey Eisenhower
David Williams anus
chien chung Y
chien chung Y Oy oldin
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Oy oldin
bless you
chien chung Y
chien chung Y Oy oldin
U should drink jollyshandy. Lemonade with beer. It's nice
NL nope
NL nope Oy oldin
+Foggy Mythsshut the f up much?
audrcher897 HUL
Hahahahahahah we only have to be 19! Sorry no offence.
Erik Akerboom
Erik Akerboom Oy oldin
12 if you have a WOKE daddy <3+Unknown
Unknown Oy oldin
I don’t think that’s offensive
audrcher897 HUL
RamaGhabbour Oy oldin
16 in germany :D
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman Oy oldin
audrcher897 HUL hahaha we have to be 18
High5 Guy
High5 Guy Oy oldin
Are these guys Unicorns?! Good for them.
Regan Moss
Regan Moss Oy oldin
Ethan reminds me of my older brother....his name is Ethan yea coincidence Ik
Sharp Harpoon
Sharp Harpoon Oy oldin
Regan Moss and are you sure he is not your brother
SpeedySnake Oy oldin
Cries in American
jimin's cute crooked tooth
Breaths in Italian
_ Nyantah _
_ Nyantah _ Oy oldin
Wakandas in Twi
SoA is better than TWD
Drinks alcohol in Serbia
Bolita Oy oldin
Shrieks in French
audrcher897 HUL
Dabs in Australian
Tide Gaming
Tide Gaming Oy oldin
Drink me I'm better
_Optimist_ Oy oldin
Come over to England and you can have any alcohol under supervision between 12-18! You can then not under supervision drink whatever you want from 18+!
_Optimist_ Oy oldin
Nancy BunnyBou yup
Nancy BunnyBou
Trash Person
Trash Person Oy oldin
_Optimist_ You know I’m good
Yoram Heymans
Yoram Heymans Oy oldin
Over here in belgium beer = 16 spirits = 18 i like the video guys good work
imicca Oy oldin
in USA you try drinks from 21, in USSR you stop drinking at that age
Marcus Oy oldin
The USSR doesn´t exist any more since 1991 ...STOP DRINKING... ;-)
_ Nyantah _
_ Nyantah _ Oy oldin
imicca Oy oldin
+s6ef4enko yep
s6ef4enko Oy oldin
*in Eastern Europe.
Tide Gaming
Tide Gaming Oy oldin
imicca wATTTTT
Bryan Kalina
Bryan Kalina Oy oldin
Ok I call lie in Leah's age. Is she 21 or a teen because in the snapchat do they know it u had TEENS react to 2000s music. So what's up
Favio Artea
Favio Artea Oy oldin
2:02 what is that laugh ?
Destruction For seeker
She’s saying ol ca hool
moods Oy oldin
*she already drunk*
Alejandro Acosta
Licor 43 dreamscicle. 1part milk, 1 part Licor 43, 2 parts orange juice. Mix it in a gallon and freeze it until slushy. Fruit cocktail is optional.
Alejandro Acosta
Midouri with pineapple juice on the rocks.
Q The Game Lover
Kaguya Oy oldin
They didn't like the old fashioned?
Zninja 1162
Zninja 1162 Oy oldin
Everyone: "It's a martini!" Ethan: "It looks like foggy water with an olive in it."
Karen lizzy
Karen lizzy Oy oldin
Yall should do Mexican food/Latin food
I think they are drunk
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey 2 oy oldin
LOL I feel the drunkness!
Bri Tollefson
Bri Tollefson 2 oy oldin
The girl in the purple, I CAN'T!!!!
Yr Eryr Wen
Yr Eryr Wen 2 oy oldin
I was expecting more Ales and beers! Guess Europe is different
Benjamin Ellis
Benjamin Ellis 2 oy oldin
I'm 29 and would never drink these drinks. I would say "Nope, I don't drink."
frgtrsd 2 oy oldin
Time To Get Drunk!
Jennie Engvall
Jennie Engvall 2 oy oldin
Old fashioned is one of my favorite drinks 🥃🙌
Noah and Elizabeth’s Life
his ears r very strange
Noah Hilt Lidal
Noah Hilt Lidal 2 oy oldin
I’m just casually scrolling through the comments and see so many people saying that they drink underage, like, I haven’t even touched an energy drink (Red bull and such) I’m 15😅
ItsHeater Oy oldin
I stan, I used to drink underage, I’m still underage but I just stopped drinking alcohol. And honestly nothing good has come out of drinking. There’s more cons than pros, especially when ppl are underage. I wish I was like you and didn’t drink when I was 15
ItsHeater Oy oldin
britney the pig b carful sis you are still very young and your brain isn’t fully developed. Also be careful of alcohol poisoning, plus be aware that becoming addicted is a possibility. And please don’t peer pressure people to drink
Noah Hilt Lidal
Thanks for your kind words of wisdom Mr. A friendly guy in(?) the internet😅
SoA is better than TWD
My friend don't hear at these naive kids. Yes alcohol is awesome, but it is also very dangerous. Especially for young people, who aren't fully grown. Don't feel any pressure or anxiety bc of that. Your Time will come Sincerely A friendly guy in the internet
britney the pig
lmao i’m barley 12 you’re missing out 💀
Michael McGaming
Michael McGaming 2 oy oldin
I drank jack daniels (honey and normal) from time to time, tried jager bombs and by 16 i started drinking johnny walker black label & double. And you gave them those cocktails. (not bragging & i don't drink to get drunk, it's a gateway for good conversations with friends and family) Can we get a reaction of real hardcore drinks ? the preferred strong ones :)
Michael McGaming
+Ansley Whitlock Yeh, the fact you based it on an internet profile picture as a statement of how i commented. I wonder why you got the opposite energy. Or the fact that why ralsie is a drinker. Either which.
Ansley Whitlock
Thats the opposite energy of your profile picture
Sophie Kerst
Sophie Kerst 2 oy oldin
No alcohol under 21? One of the reasons I would never move to the USA. 😂
Sophie Kerst most people drink under 21 anyway so it really doesn’t matter
Commander Waddles
Everyone here drinks under 21 anyways lol
ObeyFelix 12
ObeyFelix 12 2 oy oldin
6:36 that line made me laugh so hard 😂🤣
LaidBack Reviews
LaidBack Reviews 2 oy oldin
Im 23 and old fashions are my favs
Yellow Talon
Yellow Talon 2 oy oldin
3:55 *PEMDAS*
John Smith
John Smith 2 oy oldin
So in the state you can't drink until 21, but yet can get your licence 5 years before that🤔🤔🤔🤔
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott Oy oldin
Well it wouldnt be a good idea to have a 16 year old driver able to drink legally. Ever heard of drunk driving? GTFO
CAL Oy oldin
Because in the states there was a drink driving problem so they raised the drinking age so young people where drink driving. Not from the states myself here we don't have a drinking age
Derek hi
Derek hi 2 oy oldin
Kind of poor-tasted comparison tbh. Not at all persuasive to me, apples and oranges.
John Smith
John Smith 2 oy oldin
Eye of Sauron am saying if you will give a 16 year old child a licence to drive why not let them start drink at 16........ This is sarcasm by the way. Why wait 5 year to let them drink, like a 16 year old should be given a key to a car and in the state you can't even rent a car or an Harley Davidson until your 25 years old, so my question is why give a child a licence to drive?
Eye of Sauron
Eye of Sauron 2 oy oldin
John Smith so what?
John Smith
John Smith 2 oy oldin
When I was 21, 12 years ago, gosh am old I wasn't a big drink, at 33 year old am still not a big a drink, but with my friends I occasionally have either, a beer, vodka 🍸, brandy, vodka lemonade, rum or a whiskey. And let not forget yega bombs.
beautiful Sin
beautiful Sin 2 oy oldin
One more year and I'm ordering that AMF 👀👀
Stephan Roy
Stephan Roy 2 oy oldin
Same thing but with different strains of weed.
Commander Waddles
Perktube1 2 oy oldin
Shoulda had them try Grand Marnier.