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In Todays 24 hour Box Fort video papa Jake build the worlds biggest Box Fort prison and try to escape it through an underwater prison tunnel! This under water box fort was so cool! In this video we build a box fort prison and do an epic prison escape room! I had to survive in it for 24 hours in the box fort prison but decided a prison escape would be better! This funny box fort challenge vlog was hard! We had to build the worlds biggest box fort prison and survive the 24 hour challenge. we made this box fort build awesome with a working jail cell for the prison along with box fort bars and even a bed and toilet. the prison was located in a secret arctic base and I had to use all my skills and spy gadgets to get out! Be sure to like for more family friendly content with no swears ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐Ÿป
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3-Iyn, 2018

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Papa Jake
Papa Jake 14 kun oldin
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Brenda Weeks
Brenda Weeks 12 soat oldin
Papa Jake jsjzjakzkao!ao!a
Brenda Weeks
Brenda Weeks 12 soat oldin
Papa Jake kayben
Iโ€™yanna Alexus
Iโ€™yanna Alexus 18 soat oldin
Papa Jake p
Iโ€™yanna Alexus
Iโ€™yanna Alexus 18 soat oldin
Iโ€™yanna Alexus
Iโ€™yanna Alexus 18 soat oldin
Papa Jake You said that you would put me in one of your videos
Slurp Smoothie
Slurp Smoothie 12 soat oldin
You should buy a stretch armstrong
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat 21 soat oldin
This is sad because I have watched papa jake in a month because of school and vacation and I even though Iโ€™m in vacation Iโ€™ll try and watch these
Crystal Sanders
Crystal Sanders Kun oldin
I heard something in the video
MLC Gaming,Stop Motion Und Mehr
I think the vids are too Short
Lucimara Regina
Lucimara Regina Kun oldin
Papa Ken nรฃo te entendo
Priyadarshini Prabhakaran
Papa jack why donโ€™t you build a marshmallow boxfort ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฆ
Lenard Brix Guillermo
I like your box fort videos and awasome nerf box fortโ˜บand please shout out for me awesome box fort
Ashley Cat51
Ashley Cat51 2 kun oldin
Guys! It's a make believe vid!!
Thered Deadriser
Thered Deadriser 2 kun oldin
BioShock cards
Miles Trius
Miles Trius 3 kun oldin
Oh my god Iโ€™m stuck in a paper based structure underwater!๐Ÿ˜ฑ When he kidnapped me he undressed me, and put me in a striped uniform. But remember there are no pockets in prison uniforms so why the hell would that magicarp lookin at dude steal a fat 30 year old man, redress him, hand cuff him, and then give him a camera? Thanks papa jake
Just a Birb
Just a Birb 3 kun oldin
That tape was actually from astronaut training. They train underwater because it has a similar weightless effect as on the ISS.
William Red
William Red 3 kun oldin
William Red
William Red 3 kun oldin
Delirium Demon
Delirium Demon 4 kun oldin
He only used the right side of the keyboard
Delirium Demon
Delirium Demon 4 kun oldin
He used the city from bioshock..........
Aiden Ferretti
Aiden Ferretti 4 kun oldin
Continue series please
Spirt Wolf
Spirt Wolf 4 kun oldin
The underwater city is from Bioshock
music.lyz101 Queen101
jmarc TV
jmarc TV 4 kun oldin
roast. cahd
Lilly Burrows
Lilly Burrows 4 kun oldin
what the heck is wrong with his eyebrow
Tyson Lear
Tyson Lear 4 kun oldin
Papa Jake needs to play Madden 18
janelle Paddack
janelle Paddack 5 kun oldin
Make a hospital box for
Let's Fail Games
Let's Fail Games 5 kun oldin
this isn't a bad video...But I'm wondering how it got on trending...?
Dis Boi has no idea wat he is talking about
MGS 10
MGS 10 5 kun oldin
Can you pls number the episodes
Heaven Lisette
Heaven Lisette 6 kun oldin
This makes me happy. ๐Ÿ˜
Mr MarshmallowRBLX
Mr MarshmallowRBLX 6 kun oldin
This is u papa jake u get out of jail then back then out then BACK INjALL then u get out of jail dude I luv it
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 6 kun oldin
I will try to get people to check your videos and get them to subscribe and like your videos
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 6 kun oldin
Hi I love your videos my name is Austin and I am a big fan of your videos
Austin Simpson
Austin Simpson 6 kun oldin
I have been watching your videos for years now you are the best UZvidr I just made a UZvid channel please check it out
Marcos Jose
Marcos Jose 6 kun oldin
You are the best assistant kicking box fort master at motherfuking box forts ever pop a jack
Ansel T
Ansel T 6 kun oldin
They are just jealous they canโ€™t build awesome box forts like you.
Ansel T
Ansel T 6 kun oldin
The video is awesome papa Jake donโ€™t listen to the other guys.
Ansel T
Ansel T 6 kun oldin
You guys have no sense of creativity or imagination.And its sad. Very sad.
Soldier Main
Soldier Main 6 kun oldin
did they use a megatron helmet
Soldier Main
Soldier Main 6 kun oldin
light up the world 171
His prison uniform had 666 on it
Brizuly 6 kun oldin
Bruh so clickbate
Katina Collins
Katina Collins 6 kun oldin
I love your meoc .ly
THE ITALIAN Tobias 7 kun oldin
All these videos are cool to watch and they have great content
Brian Gonzalez
Brian Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Beast night is right
Mystical Soda
Mystical Soda 7 kun oldin
GUYS. This guy is just doing this for fun, just to entertain people. Come on. We all know it's fake (Sorry kids), so why does everyone need to criticize it? Let the guy do his thing.
Jackson Nederhouser
Justice Midkiff
Justice Midkiff 7 kun oldin
What the hell did I just watch
Titan Fighter
Titan Fighter 7 kun oldin
Madison McCullom
Madison McCullom 7 kun oldin
Donโ€™t mean to be rude but it is 100 percent fake
mary Dion
mary Dion 7 kun oldin
Can you make a video for a small fort without any tape at all?
Jack Feldman
Jack Feldman 7 kun oldin
coming soon to theaters. in a world where Jake Pauls of different universes come together to take over
noah schu
noah schu 7 kun oldin
Love your videos and I sound exactly like you
Victor A.
Victor A. 7 kun oldin
If you think this is cringe, read the description lmao
Roblox Benedict
Roblox Benedict 7 kun oldin
Wow build papa jake
a j
a j 8 kun oldin
I can't believe this is on here.
Sacredservants 8 kun oldin
well now I know if i ever get kidnapped to just keep feeding stuff though holes.. seems like a universal problem solve
Dopey Lyn
Dopey Lyn 8 kun oldin
This is fucken stupid
Caleb Bennett-Harper
SNAP! This oneโ€™s going in my cringe compilation lolol
Levi Lavallee
Levi Lavallee 8 kun oldin
nathan hardy lukman
If you are in under water it means your miles away from the surface you cant swim there because the pressureis very strong you will be squished
nathan hardy lukman
Thats preasure
Kevin Mcc
Kevin Mcc 8 kun oldin
araceli perez
araceli perez 8 kun oldin
I know ur watching this person. That i know
RG 100
RG 100 8 kun oldin
RG 100
RG 100 8 kun oldin
Too much breathing
De'Ormand Bent
De'Ormand Bent 8 kun oldin
This so lame
Josh Mayro
Josh Mayro 8 kun oldin
More dislikes THAN likes this canโ€™t be happening!๐Ÿ˜ญ
CupterzGame GT
CupterzGame GT 8 kun oldin
I think i know this place that was on the post card.. its the city Raptor from Bio shock.. I recommend to play Bio shock but its kinda horror zombie game
kevin dunn
kevin dunn 8 kun oldin
โ€œMaybe I can use this LIFE RAFT to BREAK DOWN THE WALLโ€ ima just let that sink in
Ethan Brand
Ethan Brand 8 kun oldin
Vids About stuff
Vids About stuff 8 kun oldin
U could just push the wall
CorgiGamer 8 kun oldin
Were is logan
The Centurion
The Centurion 8 kun oldin
DerpCookie1096 8 kun oldin
Lol 25 min ago
Pony Head
Pony Head 8 kun oldin
Hay papa jake I love your box fort and can you shot out my name and i am a boy I do have a youtube chenul but i have no vedos and my youtube name is x-man byp the way
Creamchiz5OnYT 8 kun oldin
Act Like your freaking age
Dude75 i am cool
Dude75 i am cool 8 kun oldin
This guy doesnโ€™t even appreciate his fans one time I saw a comment who wanted a box fort prison then a guy 10 minutes later said the same thing and they were next to each other and he hearted the copied comment
Even know it's only 50 on trending but congratulations you made it on
dabingRaPidZ00 xbox life
The picture is bio shock
Sheeba Ganesh
Sheeba Ganesh 9 kun oldin
can you make for me
Beast Knight
Beast Knight 9 kun oldin
Guys, if you hate this video so much then just click off of his page. Heโ€™s just doing this for entertainment. He put a lot of work into this
Juju22sab 22
Juju22sab 22 7 kun oldin
Beast Knight thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
RatDiaries 9 kun oldin
I love this. It's my childhood dreams come true.
Odd Erling Reppen
Odd Erling Reppen 9 kun oldin
Creative and unique
vernier moon
vernier moon 9 kun oldin
Man this takes me back me and my cousin used to dig tunnels in the backyard when we were kids we would pretend we're fighting mole people and stuff like that it was all great until my dad came looking for us and accidentally claps the tunnel I was near the exit but my cousin was caved in Good Times
Ravil RM
Ravil RM 9 kun oldin
He made this video for kids donโ€™t hate on this video
Gabe Ward
Gabe Ward 9 kun oldin
Um if he has a phone and he's under water the box will get wet start to break and use data call cops๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi 9 kun oldin
OK this is really ridiculous
Beatz 9 kun oldin
So the under water poster was from bioshock I think
ACE 9 kun oldin
BioShock lol
Greg_252 9 kun oldin
Sponge bob Imagination episode ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith 9 kun oldin
Iโ€™m on that weird part of UZvid again
kevinmad 9 kun oldin
Wtf are these cancer vids
Alert 49
Alert 49 9 kun oldin
U mean depression chAMber?
Super Sam
Super Sam 9 kun oldin
Birbs r gewd 2
Birbs r gewd 2 9 kun oldin
Adam Nequent
Adam Nequent 9 kun oldin
So much work to make something stupid. I feel less intelligent after watching 30 seconds of this. Please stop making videos for children. Your a fn idiot.
TylerSmith 9 kun oldin
bro, just spit on the walls...
Tangible Jay
Tangible Jay 9 kun oldin
If I was a little child, I can totally understand where the enjoyment is coming from.
Louthedestroyer 9 kun oldin
That's bio shock
Cody Pinyan
Cody Pinyan 9 kun oldin
That scene is from the movie armagedon
Ronald Tribble
Ronald Tribble 9 kun oldin
I like your box Fort
Alissa Heart
Alissa Heart 9 kun oldin
OMG ur in trending
Zack Stump
Zack Stump 9 kun oldin
Thatโ€™s a reference to BioShock
cristobal ramos
cristobal ramos 9 kun oldin
hu else found this on trending
22 kun oldin