3 Easy Chip Dips - You Suck at Cooking (episode 86)

You Suck At Cooking
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One cool thing about dipping chips is how they taste.
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Making these chip dips may seem simple, but that's just because of the way they are: easy. I'm never sure if I'm using a colon properly, but I'm pretty sure I'm using my colon properly. Luckily it's one of those things that's on automatic pilot so it doesn't require much fuss or effort.
Onion Soup Dip
16oz or 500ml sour cream
1 packet onion soup mix
Combine them with good intentions then eat it
Salt and Vinegar Dip
½ cup mayo
½ cup sour cream
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
½ teaspoon salt or a bit more
Combine them with bad intentions then eat it
Dill Dip
½ cup mayo
½ cup sour cream
2 teaspoons dried dill
Combine it with indifferent intentions
Tape hands to counter for 20 minutes until the dill becomes fresh
Eat it

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12-Mar, 2019



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You Suck At Cooking
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Beaver Noodles
Beaver Noodles 4 kun oldin
Have you been busy? I love this channel and the content you make. I miss the frequent uploads
EcksPhyvWun 5 kun oldin
I discovered your channel 3 days ago and have now watched everything... What do I do with my life now?! Much love
Levi Webb
Levi Webb 7 kun oldin
Dip it! Pull it. Twist it
JacobSR 7 kun oldin
You should really put these songs on Spotify or SoundCloud
kirbyfan 12
kirbyfan 12 2 soat oldin
Youre cool I subbed
Julian Seabury
Julian Seabury 5 soat oldin
This guy reminds me of the mighty boosh
Lusterburn 5 soat oldin
I used your base, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup mayo,1tsp mustard and I used 1tsp Worcestershire sauce, grated parmesan cheese and a squirt of lime.
Austin Xu
Austin Xu 6 soat oldin
Beet dip ripoff
Bright Fire
Bright Fire 10 soat oldin
Instructions were not clear. Now my cat is a toaster
T-LARC 13 soat oldin
I appreciate that you didn't trip on a single quip in your 3 easy chip dips clip.
robert juker
robert juker Kun oldin
dammmmmmmm that guitar rif was amazing
Daniel Sherkins
Daniel Sherkins Kun oldin
Me over here putting flavoring in popcorn
Jack Joop
Jack Joop Kun oldin
What about the times the dip-carrying mechanism falls within the dip?
How many cats and dogs u got
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
Did u play that bridge? Amazzzeballs! That was mighty good . Thanks 4 the chortle Mel.
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
Cute dog!!!! A Terri doo??? W a cat friend.
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
A secret pkt- Ha!
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
Use yogurt and save loads of fat n calories and baked chips. Onion soup mix is hi salt Mel.
Reyes Grace
Reyes Grace Kun oldin
You babys know you what some of grandma's dip
Reyes Grace
Reyes Grace Kun oldin
I love this dramatic intro
Woodywoodmc Kun oldin
That is a really good doggo give’em a pat for me
Jestune Barknuckles
Made yr dip and payed for it when I dropped a quarter 2 bits then bit the dipped 2 bits which chipped the tip of my tooths. I'm a dipshit, Jestune Barknuckles
PeachVinegar Kun oldin
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Kun oldin
I dont know how i feel about this
Edellea Kun oldin
i was thinking these days how i just wan't an epic cheap day where i can eat a whole packet of cookies and milk, a whole packet of chips and dip, a whole damn pizza and whatever else i wan't without the regret i'd have as an adult now, without thinking of calories... so that intro really hit home
deadly 12 guns
deadly 12 guns 2 kun oldin
What song did he parody?
Silver Something960
Oh my cod that cat is so cute!
Cheryl Berry
Cheryl Berry 2 kun oldin
I thumbs up because I love your teddy bear dog and sweet cat.
Linguisiclion26 Lion
If u put that song on spotify I will download it immediately
Papa Bless
Papa Bless 2 kun oldin
I wonder what he looks like
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
What do u care u perv?
Andreev Gleb
Andreev Gleb 2 kun oldin
Чувствую как смешно, но не понимаю((
Alexander Estes
Alexander Estes 2 kun oldin
Here at 666k views. Appropriate.
Fabi Blakk
Fabi Blakk 2 kun oldin
Just wanted to say that the Salt and Vinegar Dip is very mayo-ie (?) even if you only use about two thirds of the mayo. If you´re a fan of that, great, me not so much. Still tastes nice though, and it goes really well with egg toast. Love your vids!
Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie 2 kun oldin
DaMn ThAs A gUd ChIp DiP...
Giacomo Malandruccolo
Psychologists suggest watching THIS MAN's videos to DESTROY depression!
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon 3 kun oldin
Ah, I hear that the Bean Dip Song got another sibling!
Hello Meow
Hello Meow 3 kun oldin
Beet Dip (Chip Dip Redux)
Angel Acuna
Angel Acuna 3 kun oldin
Bad tasting chip dip Yuh Causes limp d*ck Yuh
Gabriel Valenzuela
Gabriel Valenzuela 3 kun oldin
That guitar solo scared the fck out of me lol.
Clair De Lune
Clair De Lune 3 kun oldin
nice tele
Look at my nosehole
Will my cum count as a dip?
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 3 kun oldin
Tape a pair of double dipping scissors with good grip to the lip so they won’t slip and the bacteria drenched tips of the chips can be snipped real quick and add a thick rip resistant drip strip so you don’t end up with a dip slick on your thick picnic stick.
Freddy 3 kun oldin
Does no one notice the potato slice getting “hard” after seeing the whole potatoes
Plastic Cyborg
Plastic Cyborg 3 kun oldin
After throwing random stuff together, I found a pretty good chip dip that's good for people who like pretzel crisps. Equal parts mayo and sour cream, a squirt of Dijon mustard, some cayenne, creole, and pepper. Has a good mixture between the mustard and the mayo, and the spices have a good kick. Good with potato chips, even better with pretzels.
YoshiDBoo 3 kun oldin
beet dip
Midget Clone
Midget Clone 3 kun oldin
Is that a Insane Clown Posse reference at 5:42
You Suck At Cooking
IR3ACTIONZzI I 3 kun oldin
Chips and tapatio are α Mexicans favorite
Nerdygurl25 3 kun oldin
I have gone back and refolded all the bags of chips in my cabinets the way you did XD
Idiotic Mastermind
Idiotic Mastermind 3 kun oldin
Finally a sequel to the beet dip song my favorite song!
funnyman540 3 kun oldin
I was not expecting that guitar solo. Very nice.
Kimberly Campbell
Kimberly Campbell 3 kun oldin
This looks delicious. Thanks for this great video!
Avantika Arvind
Avantika Arvind 3 kun oldin
The last song is my jammmm
Story time with Belle
I love that God damn cat
You Suck At Cooking
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart 3 kun oldin
Dude, how many pets do you have?
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
He muSt be a pet sitter.
Umb 3 kun oldin
i was so waiting for "the twentyfirst night of september"
c f
c f 3 kun oldin
that cat better be inside! or i'm going to send the chiphitman and you'll never see your delicious chips & dip ever again!
me me meme
me me meme 3 kun oldin
i swear he just tweaked the lyrics to the beet dip song
mopododo 3 kun oldin
Omg. How many dogs do you have? Share with the rest us FFS
Dana Laptopcharger
Dana Laptopcharger 3 kun oldin
best song ever
Mattson Claybrook
Mattson Claybrook 3 kun oldin
im so hungry now why must you do this to me >:O
Martin Vévoda
Martin Vévoda 3 kun oldin
Where do I like this the second time
namX 3 kun oldin
The song at the end sounded a lot like the bean dip song
Xander 3 kun oldin
324 people are lactose intolerant (i.e. the sour cream)
Dawn Moore
Dawn Moore 4 kun oldin
Omg the beet dip song was my favorite song and now I know it’s actually the dip theme. My brain.
Bullz Eye
Bullz Eye 4 kun oldin
i feel fucking offended you didn't do peanut butter cookies
jonh hawk
jonh hawk 4 kun oldin
Why the song at the end is so fimilar...
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger 4 kun oldin
3:45 - Excessive rhyming always makes me think of BoJack Horseman.
LMJee 4 kun oldin
1:00 okay, this is genius.
B a n a n a
B a n a n a 4 kun oldin
10/10 good chips dips I liked the cat
Morgan Burt
Morgan Burt 4 kun oldin
Return of the dip!!!!
Bryce Scott
Bryce Scott 4 kun oldin
TALENT. we stan
April .P
April .P 4 kun oldin
I got all nostalgic and then dude was like “yah me neither” like dude.
Death 4 kun oldin
1:00 *dam that chips getting hard*
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Secret Chip pocket 😂😂😂
TheAverage Blitzer
TheAverage Blitzer 4 kun oldin
This mans voice makes me orgasm
TheMeekWarrior 4 kun oldin
Bless you and you random rhymes and happy animals
Teri Scallon
Teri Scallon 4 kun oldin
the dog in all its silliness with the oh so serious kitty.
Ale A
Ale A 4 kun oldin
you play guitar too..?
Harrison von Bose
Harrison von Bose 4 kun oldin
I like when you are here.
I’m not You tuber
A chip dip that I was raised on was Worcestershire sauce and sour cream and crazy salt. Ps it has to be crazy salt if you don’t know what that is/ don’t have any get some nothing else will work. Don’t worry about measurements the recipe is generally eyeballed so go crazy. It’s always different do to nobody’s taste buds being the same
Gazpacho 4 kun oldin
I'm disappointed that gregg didn't make an appearance.
f heynoob
f heynoob 4 kun oldin
I wanna see your face but at the same time i dont
robopig3000 4 kun oldin
Snarky remark, quip dip Knows Morse? Blip dip Turned into a drink? Now you can sip dip
Aeiou Ness
Aeiou Ness 4 kun oldin
Do these actually taste good? (not with pesticide)
Bob Y
Bob Y 4 kun oldin
Where has this channel been all my life?? Usually cooking channels are all annoyingly bright and cheery and just overall unrealistic. This guy keeps it real, and does it entertaining.
Beaver Noodles
Beaver Noodles 4 kun oldin
Have you been busy? I really love this channel and the content you make. I miss the frequent uploads
Samantha 4 kun oldin
Sour cream + cream cheese + ranch powder + zesty Italian seasoning for a pita chip dip
2019 Boi
2019 Boi 4 kun oldin
4:15 Damn that guitar solo tho.. 5:11 he's using a telecaster btw
That cat? Very nice
Doppsgaming 4 kun oldin
Ketchup, mayo and pickle relish and you got mac saaaaaaauuuuuuuse
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
Or thou isle dressing.
David Raymond Brown
1:00 *flimsy chip spots potatoes (boobs)* *Puts out of camera veiw* *pulls back in camera view* *chip is hard* Oh..
Inder Arya
Inder Arya 4 kun oldin
Sir DipChip what breed of dog is that it’s really cute
Shilow Dawn
Shilow Dawn Kun oldin
A poodle mix. Part Terrier I would guess. I love it when he goes out to play with a dog or 2.
7 Productions
7 Productions 5 kun oldin
First vid I’ve watched of him.... addicted
BeastAmongst Humansheep666
Chips and dip are for lard asses.
Dinnerdash2 5 kun oldin
TheGammaKat 5 kun oldin
That cat in the snow looks very majestic. let that cat know how majestic it is for me please.
brv002 5 kun oldin
This would have been great just before the Superbowl.... But even better after a bowl of frosty flowers hahaha! 🌬️💨💨💨
Gabrielle Johnson
Gabrielle Johnson 5 kun oldin
This is my new favorite channel
pineapple ish
pineapple ish 5 kun oldin
I like my chips with dry rub
Fabricio Rodriguez
Fabricio Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
So funny!
Amy H
Amy H 5 kun oldin
This is the best channel on UZvid
Tamed Potato
Tamed Potato 5 kun oldin
1:00 that slice of potato got hard, or it simply symbolizes having a boner by seeing somethin
Cora Moore
Cora Moore 5 kun oldin
When will we see your face
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