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What would you do if one day your life was turned completely upside down and your reality was totally shaken. When one day you found yourself in the right place …... but at the wrong time. You would would have experienced a glitch in time or what is more commonly known as a timeslip. The following stories will have you wondering whether we do indeed exist in a matrix and occasionally that matrix has a temporary hiccup and you might be caught right in the middle of it.
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uzvid.com/u-results?search_query=strange but true s02e02
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6-Yan, 2018

time traveltime slipstoriestime slipstime travel storiestime slip stories



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Jim Koval
Jim Koval 4 soat oldin
In the 1st story why is the driver on the right side if it is an old American car with Louisiana plates?
Susan Stocks
Susan Stocks 7 soat oldin
Fucking idiots.
48some Kun oldin
How many of these stories are real or a hoax
Alpha Sheen
Alpha Sheen Kun oldin
When I sleep at night, suddenly I wake up in morning isn't it a time slip?
Reginald Bigley
Reginald Bigley 2 kun oldin
This is a tomato🍅
lyman fischer
lyman fischer 4 kun oldin
I got in a time slip about 40 years ago married this beautiful blond looked like. Farah Fawset woke up this morn and we are both old gotta go back....!!!!!!!!!! .
lyman fischer
lyman fischer 4 kun oldin
Sometimes i want to stay in the other dimension but they wont let me
Dinesh Thedarkprince
What is the soundtrack of middle story??
Sharon Carlisle
Sharon Carlisle 8 kun oldin
"Bold Street" in Liverpool,England is renowned for "Time Slips"It's explained in "Tom Slemen's" books.Very interesting.I love this video.👌😎
I am no weeb
I am no weeb 8 kun oldin
OMG The voice~~
Emerson Ramirez
Emerson Ramirez 9 kun oldin
ZuluDaddy 36
ZuluDaddy 36 9 kun oldin
Something mysterious happened to me. I took my family to Disneyland and all of a sudden all of my money disappeared
Eyema Duhmass
Eyema Duhmass 10 kun oldin
I have time slips all the time. Whenever my alarm goes off, I just turn it off and close my eyes. Then, a few moments later, I suddenly jump up and realize I’m 2 hours into the future and am now late for school or work. Has this ever happened to anyone?
The Mask
The Mask 11 kun oldin
Searched for an hour ?.
Tez diz
Tez diz 11 kun oldin
What a load of shit can't believe I have just sat through that
Phil Tevlin
Phil Tevlin 11 kun oldin
The only problem I have with story #3 is how did they manage to get the hotel owner/manager to accept modern currency/coin? Something doesn't ring right here.
Ronald Williamson
Ronald Williamson 13 kun oldin
Ambrose Bierce was good at this. He would throw in a lot of detail to make it seem real.
MELA 13 kun oldin
All people who died are among us. Some of them suddenly can be visible. But is just for a split of seconds. It is proof that we don,t die but live for ever.
Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
Wow there are a lot of wacky and nutty people out there with a gifted imagination and lots of time in their hands!.
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul 15 kun oldin
This is more paranormal than anything else. I doubt time travel is real. If you can change time, you'd enter into a different universe with the outcome of the time change. I would still exist in this timeline but in your timeline things would be different.
REPVILE 15 kun oldin
If time travel were ever possible we would only be able to travel forward. Travel into the past could not ever happen. The paradox caused by traveling into the past would prevent the event from even happening.
NeilC Cross
NeilC Cross 15 kun oldin
So if time travel is possible it wont be developed till some time in future so why would they have 1st generation cell phones with them.
Ion busseey
Ion busseey 18 kun oldin
One day i was walking down a street a city when i saw a drive way that had open door so i said to my self that if i had my skat board i could skate down it so i jump and got in the position as if i was skating and suddenly the door to the drive way closed
watcher john randy maidment
we should talk really!!!!!
jose garza
jose garza 23 kun oldin
w c
w c 23 kun oldin
wankers with imagination
christine evans
christine evans 24 kun oldin
Your Friend was coming to say goodbye and thank you for being her friend,I have to say this has happened to me twice over the years and some say it's a load of rubbish but I say each to THEIRE own ....
glenn valence
glenn valence 26 kun oldin
Agree with Photoshop or... Something strange who manipulating the stories
glenn valence
glenn valence 26 kun oldin
Agree with Photoshop or... Something strange who manipulating the stories
Escapism 28 kun oldin
we all love our earth but it can have the biggest fuck ups.
David McGlashan
David McGlashan 29 kun oldin
Thomas Munson
Thomas Munson Oy oldin
i seen ghosts atlantians time travelers spiritual beings the earth is made up of diff freqs meditate and learn to see them all if you need assistiance contact me thomas leslie munson i will be there to show you how i am not from another planet iam from earth there was a real missiah but his name was yahshua not jesus truth is being hidden seek the truth and it will be shown be well all
Hector Alers
Hector Alers Oy oldin
Cool stories!
Rocky Frankham
The French story was fake as well if you believe any of this you’re not right in the head
Rocky Frankham
I think the first story was fake
Sean Uptown
Sean Uptown Oy oldin
Did you get click bait gypped? I did
Mark Henstridge
Well I remember yesterday clearly I was 14 years old came home from school & started my homework an hour later I paused to have dinner with the family. After dinner, I completed my homework then watched TV and at 9 PM off to bed and fell straight to sleep. I woke up this morning in a recliner chair in front of a big wide screen television and a show was on about naked people dating!!!, I'm now in my late 50's as I appear after looking in a mirror, at first I panicked but then I calmed down and realized I must be temporarily stuck in a time slip, lol, those bloody tricky little time slips will get you every now and then.
dnaldwfry Oy oldin
Nice fiction. Much of this does not add up. If people showed up in the late 19th century France dressed in modern clothing, they would have had an immediate problem. Also, modern French money and old French money would not even look the same, and so would be rejected. But it was fun for the imagination,
Akshay Masane
Akshay Masane Oy oldin
Dreams is also time sleep.we see ourself in unknown place! In fact we also appere in that world & that world's people also see us but we suddenly disappeared from that world when we wake up!
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste Oy oldin
When you travel in time, what you see is not what they see. Their minds are programmed to not see an anomaly in their own time period and you the one being out of place notice it, but you are to busy trying to Make sense of everything and my the time you start to figure it out, you are back in real time. This is caused by a warp in time. Where time passes when the earth circles the sun. What if the earth revolving the sun bends ever so slightly to put a person in a certain spot to go in a certain time zone. The reason the people in that time frame sees you at regular because their mind is programmed to see it as regular. Like for instance, sometimes we write a paper and when you're done, you read it over like five times and you can't find not one spelling mistake. Another person reads it and instantly finds 3 spelling mistakes. That's because your mind saw it as normal because your brain has snap shots of how a word ou s supposed to be spelled. You are not seeing the current word on the paper. What you are seeing is a snap shot from your brain of how the word is supposed to be spelled. I don't believe in forward time travel, because the event has not taken place yet and the inventions have not taken place yet. But traveling back in time I am inclined to believe it might be possible for the reasons I've stated.
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill Oy oldin
It saddens me that all the websites that used to mention this stuff are long gone now or Google is censoring them not sure which but 5 years ago you could get websites that don't ever show up anymore.
Sj W
Sj W Oy oldin
Stories. You called them exactly what they are. Pure fantasy.
omprakash singh
Sure government of every country will search for me if I got that technology to trade that technology for quadrillion pounds🤑🤑🤑😂
omprakash singh
Y any time Traveller hasn't revealed The technology they where using 🤔 I believe it's hoax 😅
Bonnie  Urso
Bonnie Urso Oy oldin
I would start over
Cheska Levisque
mrzack1520 Oy oldin
this is because it ran off the road in the high weeds
so....no proof..just stories of liars or people taking too many drugs
Mia & Selvina
Mia & Selvina Oy oldin
Linda Taghon
Linda Taghon Oy oldin
steff serpent
steff serpent Oy oldin
I had a dream one night wen i was 17..i dreamt and heard the entire melbourne cup race..and yes i placed the bet and yes kiwi won it..7 years later met a kiwi lady got married moved to kiwi land and had 2 kiwi kids
Adel Kamal
Adel Kamal Oy oldin
Christ appeared to me in real incident I believe it's my duty to mention it. April 2016, I got up from my sleep rare to happen for some reason the case with me saw something that no one believe and I'm being an Arab from Qatar, but I say the right word what I saw on the ceiling of my room clearly and for a period just a few seconds and I am sure it is the Image of Jesus Christ feature as I remember the face shape just a little long, white close to an Arab or middle east Caucasian people the eyes beautiful the face beard is light and head hair lay almost on his shoulders a bit and the color of beard and head hair not much dark I think I hinted his hands back room with little light in the beginning I thought he looks to some degree to the one of my friends but inspiration jump to my mind he is the Christ and what I astonished of the image it is clarity .why me have this experience I do not know but did happen and this is the ultimate truth ( this is not my real name due to personal reasons) Since 2001 till now I see drawings / images /writing also creatures close to human and animals running also show events some of them occurred and others not I see writing Arabic and English as well as shapes , lines which is similar to old language all of these appear on the ceiling /wall .I saw clearly a shiny body in the form of a cigar up to a meter long inside my room for seconds it was clear to the extent of my astonishment and how he entered the room?. attaching Arabic text translation using Google. نعم كتبتها بمواقع كثيرة انها الحادثة الذي ابهرني انها واقعة حصلت مع اني صاحب تعليم وثقافة ولو كنت بشك. لما دونت حرف واحد نعم امر لا اعرف التفسير لكن حصل وانا بكامل حواسي ومستيقظ وصاحي. في النصف الثاني لشهر ابريل 2016م كنت نائم فجاءة نهضت لسبب نادر حصوله لي رأيت شيء وانا مواطن قطري لكن أقول كلمة الحق ماذا شاهدت على سقف غرفتي بصورة واضحة ولمده لا اعرف ممكن ثواني لكنها كافية من الذي شفته نعم صورة السيد المسيح الوجه واضح وكأني لمحت ان يديه الى الخلف ومظهرة طبيعي جدا بدون وجود أشياء خارجه عن المألوف وجهه شكله طويل قليلا اللحية خفيفة وشعر الرأس يتدلى على كتفيه تقريبا ولونهما بين غامق قليلا وفاتح بعض الشيء وعيون بها جمال ونظرات وملامح رائعة وابيض اللون و شكله يشبه العرب او من شعوب الشرق الأوسط و الغرفة بها اضاءة خفيفة وقد اعتقدت بداية انه يشبه احد الأصدقاء بدرجة بسيطة لكن بسرعة احسست او ألهام راودني هذا هو المسيح والذي ابهرني الوضوح التام للصورة هذه شهادة واوصل كلمتي وهي امانة احس لابد من قولها لا اسعى ولا ابغي الأموال او الشهرة هناك من لن يصدق واعذرهم لكن المهم انها الحقيقة النهائية بعد هذا الذي حصل لماذا شفت ومررت بالتجربة لا اعرف لكنها حدثت هذا ليس اسمي الحقيقي لأسباب خاصة .من 2001م والى الان اشوف كتابات رسومات صور مخلوقات تشبه نوع ما الانسان تمر وحيوانات تعدو ومنها أمور مستقبلية وأحداث حصلت وغيرها لا كلها تكون على السقف والجدران وهي تظهر قليلا بالنهار لكن اغلبها بالليل كما ان شكل الكلمات عربي انجليزي وكذلك خطوط واشكال . وكأنها لغة من الأف السنين وشاهدت بوضوح جسم لامع على هيئة سيجار طوله بحدود متر بداخل غرفتي لمدة ثواني و كان واضح لدرجة والى اليوم افكر ما هو وكيف دخل الغرفة لا اعرف ؟
Roger Hector
Roger Hector Oy oldin
town deadly quiet My type of place
Roger Hector
Roger Hector Oy oldin
commonly known as The Twilight Zone
Mitchell Lopate
On May 29, 2004, I went on a reunion date with an old flame (we were both in our 40s) to New Hope, PA. We walked around for several hours (by our estimate), and then checked our watches. Only 20 minutes had elapsed. My friend was a very conservative-thinking executive administrator who worked in Manhattan; she was not at all the kind of person who would think of something strange in her life that could happen like that. We BOTH agreed we had been visiting shops for at least 2.5 hours--but we couldn't deny what our watches said. When we checked in a store, it was obvious: 20 minutes was the correct time from our arrival. We went back the next day--and it happened again! Time shifted, and what was SUPPOSED to be several hours of adventure had turned into 20 minutes. We later got married and talked about it for years.
google / you tube
Yeah not bad for a,,, make up story,,,,,, people can make up stories to sell $$$$$$$$ desperate for money HMMM
Gordon Shumway
The Earth is not stationary. It is flying through space along with the solar system and the galaxy. If you went even a few minutes forward or backwards in time, you'd be floating around in outer space.
alex dahn
alex dahn 2 oy oldin
There are portals everywhere and advanced Christians these days are going around the universe and to and from past and present. Some people disappear and reappear without realising.
Genius Canyon
Genius Canyon 2 oy oldin
"I see DUMB people!"
Michelle Gonzales
Really entertaining. But sadly its fake
nobody Uknow
nobody Uknow 2 oy oldin
Just watched something on the Mandela effect. There is a theory that people experiencing it have slipped into parallel world. So how do these people know that they didn't just "slip" into a parallel world where things were just similar to their own worlds past? Not that I believe it, myself, just like throwing a Monkey Wrench into the works.😜
Aayat Khan
Aayat Khan 2 oy oldin
Have you also gone with him in the time table, which he brought with his video and put it on UZvid?
paul flanagan
paul flanagan 2 oy oldin
The first story you have the driver on the right. Left hand drive in the USA. Crap artists.
peter vincent
peter vincent 2 oy oldin
some think like this hapend to me and my fam
ERIC CRAPTON 2 oy oldin
Ana Morrawska
Ana Morrawska 2 oy oldin
I was leaving my house, took my sun glasses from the kitchen table. They dissolved in my hand. Vanished. I found them later in my bedroom in my nightstand positioned as I had them a few days before.
giovanni shirit
giovanni shirit 2 oy oldin
What really strange is paying French people with the wrong money and not getting attitude
Frederick Smarr
Frederick Smarr 2 oy oldin
Funny that the driver side is on the wrong side of the photo in story three. American cars have the steering wheel on the opposite side.
del trotts
del trotts 2 oy oldin
Bedtime stories........
Guy The Artist
Guy The Artist 2 oy oldin
I’ve been living in this dimension since January 2017, I’ve only noticed 3 differences but otherwise my double and I lived similar lives.
Andrew Tongue
Andrew Tongue 2 oy oldin
I'd consider the final story the most compelling - not one - but four witnesses, to boot. What is more incongruous, is the fact that the two couples could pay their bill in modern currency. That's one hell of a time slip !! Fantastic stuff !! :D
James DiGeorgia
James DiGeorgia 2 oy oldin
The woman is driving the car on the wrong side of the car!
somsanouk saensombat
............stop, shit myth now!
muriel tainter
muriel tainter 2 oy oldin
what a bunch of bologna...............
Yvonne Bales
Yvonne Bales 2 oy oldin
Would I get younger in a time slip ..or would I still be old me...no one would recognise me..it would be quiet useless going backwards
LP P 3 oy oldin
How'd they pay for the meal?
Solipsism Solipsism
Utter bunkum lol.
Michelle Post
Michelle Post 3 oy oldin
If I were driving on a street and a vintage car was in my sight, I'd assume the driver was going to or from an antique car show, most states have them.If the driver and anyone else in the car dressed of the car's era, that'd be a different matter...If someone really had a gadget to travel back in time, why don't they plan it, and get clothes of the era they go to? Being discreet is the thing.I wouldn't want attention.
nur-ali joe
nur-ali joe 3 oy oldin
no dash cam LOL
Mike Becket
Mike Becket 3 oy oldin
No it's three bulkshi.......t tall tales, just blithering idiots acting important or at least getting their name in lights for a few seconds can you say Bullshi........ p
Sarah Rasmussen
Sarah Rasmussen 3 oy oldin
How very weird! The couples had either made up this story or they really had experienced a time glitch.......
John James
John James 3 oy oldin
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margus kiis
margus kiis 3 oy oldin
People havea good fantasy.
Andrew Nicolaou
Andrew Nicolaou 3 oy oldin
Number One and Two were basically just retold from a UK series called 'Strange But True?' (s2 e2) that aired in the early 90's.
Marion Pettersson
I wish I could experience a time slip.
Stallon Wolfster
Stallon Wolfster 3 oy oldin
The 3rd one: Friendly ghost/spirit which likes to help humans.
Haggai Lyema
Haggai Lyema 3 oy oldin
The first story gets me numbfounded and can't tell if its really a slip or ghost haunt
Freesurfer688 3 oy oldin
The best kept village in 1976 wasn't Bampton in Oxon, but Longstowe in Cambs. That's not to say that strange phenomena do or do not happen.
BrothaAshyknees 3 oy oldin
Cognac 🥃 and coffee ☕... I'll buy that
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 3 oy oldin
Funny...i DON'T think we drove on the LEFT side in Louisiana in the '40s..😂🇺🇸
franco morcos
franco morcos 3 oy oldin
Perhaps it has something to do with the disappearance of the ships in the Bermuda Triangle
10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video
I had a time slip, and I saw the lottery numbers, but I was only able to memorise 3 numbers and win £10.
R K SaMoO 3 oy oldin
Im comiting from 1993 my birth date lOl
Chris Fontenot
Chris Fontenot 3 oy oldin
On story #3, why was a location in Arkansas shown for the story that supposedly occurred in Louisiana?
I have a theroy on the couple who went to the restarunt!.It was there past life they had both gone too thats why the people didnt see them in the 20 centry cloths they had both gone too thats why the people didnt see them in the 20 centry clothes they were in their clothes from their past lives.They received it
Terry Bessey
Terry Bessey 3 oy oldin
This is all bull crap
richard425 3 oy oldin
Seriously where do people come up with this crap.
Becky Reynolds
Becky Reynolds 4 oy oldin
When I was younger, my family and I were driving to my aunts house. It was night time, probably around 9pm or so. And this car came up behind us pretty fast for being on a dirt road. The road takes a 90 degree turn right. We all said that guy is going to go off the road! We take the turn and look behind us to watch the car either turn at the last second or ram through the trees immediately in front of that turn. There was nothing! We didnt see anything! My dad figured we just didnt see it happen so he stopped the car and turned around to go help these people off that obviously ran off the road since there were no driveways or outlets. Trees surrounded the road. There was nothing.
Amal Abdulrahman
Amal Abdulrahman 4 oy oldin
the first story pertains to Ghost that haunts that area.