3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
Story 3 : Michael Soria
Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.




28-Iyl, 2018

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Josh Holman
Josh Holman 14 daqiqa oldin
None of this stuff would happen to me bc I got a 600 hp car no one is catching up to me
Danielle L Ludwig
Danielle L Ludwig 2 soat oldin
Post moreeeee
Cistan 58
Cistan 58 3 soat oldin
"West Virgina" hahhahahaha it makes me laugh evry time i hear that
America 3 soat oldin
West Virginia mountain momma
Cynthia Torrence
Cynthia Torrence 3 soat oldin
Finally a girls long nails come in handy. I’m usually against the idea of false nails because I’m afraid I’ll scratch myself but maybe I’ll get some just to save my boyfriend if this ever happens lol.
Bree People
Bree People 3 soat oldin
I.... Live in west Virginia...
Bran's Chaos
Bran's Chaos 5 soat oldin
I’m confused did these things happen to him or is he reading a story... please help me
Katzuma 5 soat oldin
Thank heavens for that guy in the white pickup, if he hadn't of stopped him, who knows what could of happened
TFX Warrior
TFX Warrior 6 soat oldin
Daddy upload daily
Paige 7 soat oldin
West virginiaaaaaaa mountain mamaaaa take me homeee down country roads🎶💛💙
Bootleg Supreme
Bootleg Supreme 11 soat oldin
these videos set the scene😨
Coribec 11 soat oldin
True stories? How stupid do you think your audience is?
. 12 soat oldin
Home alone stories are something you should do more often!! Only a suggestion, but I’ve always really enjoyed the creepy home alone stories.
Goth-Vlogs 19 soat oldin
yay you're back with another video
Creepy Kaizer
Creepy Kaizer 19 soat oldin
Mr.Nightmare's videos are amazing. I love the horror genre, and when nothing good is on the T.V. I just shut off the lights and click on one of these videos. Keep doing your thing Mr.Nightmare.
Fiery Warrior
Fiery Warrior 22 soat oldin
You should do another collab with corpse husband
PopulationMusic 23 soat oldin
I love Mr. Nightmare's videos
Veteran Brother Podcast
I would love to have you on my podcast, please let me know if you are interested.
Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser Kun oldin
i love you, man
waimariekimura hi
i like theas vids
Seth S.
Seth S. Kun oldin
That pickup driver was probably some guardian angel
Panda Boi
Panda Boi Kun oldin
I feel like I’ve seen this video before
Donovan Vachon
Donovan Vachon 3 soat oldin
FIRE PENGUIN DISCO PANDA and start being original
Donovan Vachon
Donovan Vachon 3 soat oldin
FIRE PENGUIN DISCO PANDA stop shit posting and spamming please
Why are you getting your panties in a knot over a comment
Donovan Vachon
Donovan Vachon 3 soat oldin
FIRE PENGUIN DISCO PANDA I GET IT!!! you said you had a story, but then you started screaming a song!!!! SOOOOOO FUNNY HAHA FUNNY XD SO FUNNY. Start being funny please.
Gabe Talbot
Gabe Talbot Kun oldin
Wth i have to drive to idaho in like 6 days 😂😂
Capps lock
Capps lock Kun oldin
Why am I watching this home alone? Oh yeah, because Mr Nightmare is lit af 😂 And because I'm idiotic :|
Cyds Kun oldin
That last guy should've called the police.
the krew is here the krew is here
Hector Magallames
He tells the best storys
Vic Kun oldin
5:50 yes
Chanyeol Parked
Chanyeol Parked Kun oldin
him: “What was i gonna do, tell her “no” in these conditions?” me: since you didn’t know her.. i’m guessing yes?
Climaxtermalha Kun oldin
I got a horror story for ya! The teacher told me to right something on the board, I had a boner :D
34matt3 Kun oldin
Phant4sm Kun oldin
Mr /r/ NoSleep
Quinn Lee-Newbury
2nd's girlfriend is a badass. Straight up clawing a bitch, damn
Earthly Brown
Earthly Brown Kun oldin
Dirtroad D
Dirtroad D Kun oldin
The rest area superhero in the white truck sits and waits on trouble
Lord Moldy Butt
Lord Moldy Butt Kun oldin
I stopped watching cause the stories got repetitive but I'm glad i tuned back in
BADD1ONE Kun oldin
Your narrated vids rock.
TrySurvivalist Kun oldin
Her scream sounds like a retarded wolf howling at the sun
TXG Kun oldin
The music in the background makes these videos so much worse
Mark Andrei
Mark Andrei Kun oldin
Watching this at 12:14 AM alone in my room with the door shut and it's dark, the only thing that lights up the surroundings is my phone shit I'm scared. Fuck.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Kun oldin
"My car didn't have working AC at the time..." So buy a can of refrigerant and be done with it.
Jay Pena
Jay Pena Kun oldin
Great stories
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith Kun oldin
Always is
Katie Smith
Katie Smith Kun oldin
So glad I moved away from West Virginia! Lol
Alex_Playz 2 kun oldin
I still don't know why I can't stop watching these videos😸
AgendaCompleteBliss !!
Ok call me whatever names you want but what kind of freaking weird ass relationship can a father have with a son that he can't even speak to the 9 yr old after an argument?? He is freaking 9!!!! What in the hell?? He doesn't even know how to do the whole silent treatment thing properly I guess you could say. I don't don't what personal shit you are going through. Buck the hell up and be a father and speak. Damn
Tom Stamos
Tom Stamos 2 kun oldin
Yer a kidnapper and HE is sketchy?
Skuba Steve
Skuba Steve 2 kun oldin
The last has to be a lie bruh everyone know you take i-75 all the way down who needs a gps
GottaGo 2Moes
GottaGo 2Moes 2 kun oldin
Chloe Luther
Chloe Luther 2 kun oldin
Skuba Steve
Skuba Steve 2 kun oldin
14hours from penn to Georgia? It takes me that long to Georgia from Michigan
Luke Parrish
Luke Parrish 2 kun oldin
6:30 lol
Chromberries シ Yee
lmao dude gets mad at his young son for complaining about having to sit in a hot ass car all day and having to pee.
I Cooked You
I Cooked You 2 kun oldin
For the person of story 2 your girlfriend is a keeper
Layne Gross
Layne Gross 2 kun oldin
I can't watch these at night
After Math
After Math 2 kun oldin
Old Gen Richtofen
Old Gen Richtofen 2 kun oldin
Bro, why is Sal Khan doing story times? He should be adding a playlist on aerospace engineering on Khan Academy.
After Math
After Math 2 kun oldin
I am a new subscriber love ur videos 🖤 black is my favorite i love ur scary stories
Your 2nd Grade Teacher
*Lol I’m on a road trip rn; well good luck to me.*
Glorious Kaiser
Glorious Kaiser 2 kun oldin
I have a scary story No I don't
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen 2 kun oldin
Why am I watching this? I'm going on the Road Trip tomorrow... Rip
XxtoXic _TylerXx
XxtoXic _TylerXx 2 kun oldin
Me too
Wesley Baker
Wesley Baker 2 kun oldin
This might be the scariest creepy pasta I ever heard. It's up there with Mr nightmare. uzvid.com/video/video-RS6NBhUZGA0.html
A. J.
A. J. 2 kun oldin
Scary Hanukkah stories
jae noodle
jae noodle 2 kun oldin
Sponsored by Wendy's
A. J.
A. J. 2 kun oldin
Scary Chinese New Year Stories.
A. J.
A. J. 2 kun oldin
Scary Amusement Park/Disney World stories!
A. J.
A. J. 2 kun oldin
Can you do one on elevator stories?
YouTube Drama
YouTube Drama 2 kun oldin
Bruh is he dead or some shit where is he?
jenavieve hansen
jenavieve hansen 2 kun oldin
Mr nightmare you never let me down you story's are bone chilling
Iamaprolol Videos
Iamaprolol Videos 2 kun oldin
I have a scary story School is starting in 2 weeks
Iamaprolol Videos
Iamaprolol Videos 2 kun oldin
You know whats really scary? School is starting in 2 weeks 😭
Gracie Moore
Gracie Moore 2 kun oldin
Ouija stories!!
Senpai Kaösu
Senpai Kaösu 2 kun oldin
where are u? its been a week
Xtreme salamander
Xtreme salamander 2 kun oldin
I have a story Get rekt
21 Stoner
21 Stoner 2 kun oldin
Id like to report a missing person last seen 2 weeks ago. Goes by Mr. Nightmare.
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson 2 kun oldin
post scary toilet stories so I can watch while on the toilet
Karina sl
Karina sl 2 kun oldin
Love your vids
Ali Malik
Ali Malik 2 kun oldin
Ebony Govender
Ebony Govender 2 kun oldin
Here’s a true horror story of mine One day me and my friend Isabella were at ballet were their from 10am to 7pm so we always get lunch when we’re there. We were walking down the road to get some sushi when a man stopped us and asked for directions to the liquor store were only 11 but we told him any ways on the way back from lunch we saw the man he look like he was following us with in a few seconds he caught up and grabbed Isabella by the neck i called out help and our front desk lady came and punched him when we got inside she called the cops and we haven’t herd what happened to him
ndndrunk 2 kun oldin
Turkey samitche's in the cooler
Sk2k52 2 kun oldin
Dude to many damn ads on your videos now days. I like listening to creepy stuff as I fall asleep and every story another ad? The others don't have this many!
Not a Jew
Not a Jew 2 kun oldin
The real nightmare is his upload schedule
Donovan Jackson
Donovan Jackson 2 kun oldin
I have a scary story I ran outta data
Ryze 2 kun oldin
do a scary garlic bread story.
Genius 2 kun oldin
Idk why I’m watching this while I’m on my way to Colorado 😂
RD M 2 kun oldin
3 scary hiking stories
Aaron Camilleri
Aaron Camilleri 2 kun oldin
Gage Lidstone
Gage Lidstone 2 kun oldin
It's been 2 weeks wheres our video? Hope you're all good
Jay Saucy
Jay Saucy 2 kun oldin
Great but these be too short like only 3 stories come on
Sebastian Paredes
Sebastian Paredes 2 kun oldin
Story 3: The next Wrong Turn movie
true facts
true facts 2 kun oldin
Since he’s been posting recently I check EVERDAY if he posted ( I don’t use notifications) cmon please post 😩😩😁😁
Kawasaki 250R
Kawasaki 250R 2 kun oldin
Mr. Nightmare I Really Love Your Videos I Was Wondering When Your Gonna Upload Another One
Anderson Schilpp
Anderson Schilpp 3 kun oldin
There is nothing under the bed
Jamie McDonnell
Jamie McDonnell 3 kun oldin
NoahTheHipster 3 kun oldin
I need a new video!🙀
#TrueNorth Native
#TrueNorth Native 3 kun oldin
Do facebook horror stories friend requests
UR BOIS 3 kun oldin
Don’t do it... Read more
David Deloera
David Deloera 3 kun oldin
Next video???
B-Nice Last
B-Nice Last 3 kun oldin
Oooooo nooooo
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