3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
Story 3 : Michael Soria
Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.




28-Iyl, 2018

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Achilles Olomua
Achilles Olomua 53 daqiqa oldin
I would kill myself if I was there
GarudoGaron 2 soat oldin
Story 1’s name is take me home
Holly Chadwick
Holly Chadwick 14 soat oldin
\/\/ ( ) \/\/
Paiggge Knowthename
Paiggge Knowthename 23 soat oldin
The last story did you call the cops
mikia evans
mikia evans Kun oldin
I feel sorry the woman in story number two. Sounds like she has a mental illness
Nekoetta Kun oldin
True story: I walked into my room to see... homework piled up on my night stand
Caden Gibson
Caden Gibson Kun oldin
0:17 I live in wv
Natasha Schorran
Tell me the pick up driver in the last story called the police and made them aware there’s 3 people putting traffic cones planing a attack of some sort before someone with less common sense buys into it...
Drift vlogs
Drift vlogs Kun oldin
0:58 along with the shriek of my "girlfriend(S)"😎😎😎😎😎
Street Baller
Street Baller Kun oldin
Good stories
Kapil tiwari
Kapil tiwari Kun oldin
Shes a crank (maze runner)
Johnny The potato
I have a really scary road trip story. But I warn you it might be too scary. My family was taking a trip to Disney world. (It was close cause I live in Georgia) We had stopped at a gas station were my mom had bought my sis and I some snacks. Then like 17 minutes later I HAD RUN OUT OF SLIM JIM!!!!!! And I was hungry. Now that is a scary story.
Ron Norman
Ron Norman Kun oldin
3.30 AM leaving Chicago. dan Ryan exp . driving a 75 grand prix me my brother and best friend we seen the grim reaper. we all said did u see that yes we all replied. 25 years later the phone rings my brother called we had both thought of it at the same time . my friend would ask me out of the blue you know what im thinking. i would reply the dan Ryan grim reaper.
Jordan Sweet
Jordan Sweet Kun oldin
Here is a horror story Devinart
Gianna Is Gret
Gianna Is Gret Kun oldin
Thanks for giving me nightmares
wig snatched
wig snatched Kun oldin
All of these are soo much scarier that you put sound affects.....
idek idk
idek idk 2 kun oldin
Citrus 2 kun oldin
I am watching this while on a road trip
Frank Ostorga
Frank Ostorga 2 kun oldin
I am scared 😨
Noah Jr
Noah Jr 2 kun oldin
Eww the last story here reminds me of “Wrong Turn”! Never ever would I drive in red neck roads; especially at night!
Potato Cloud
Potato Cloud 2 kun oldin
Taking a road trip in the desert tomorrow
Susan Talerico
Susan Talerico 2 kun oldin
🤡 👘 👖
Ben Costanzo
Ben Costanzo 2 kun oldin
Ben Costanzo
Ben Costanzo 2 kun oldin
😐 👕 👖 👞
Malcolm Wilder
Malcolm Wilder 3 kun oldin
Who else keeps on. Getting ads about postmates
Malik 3 kun oldin
On a 8 hour road trip with my dad right now. How ironic
Mariano Ortiz
Mariano Ortiz 3 kun oldin
1:08 i know about that place you talking about
DancingMadman 3 kun oldin
This world is full of deranged killers. But I guess that’s just them keeping the world from over populating.
Paxton Rudd
Paxton Rudd 3 kun oldin
This guy tells good storys Like if you agree
Just an Ordinary N
Just an Ordinary N 3 kun oldin
Eli Conner
Eli Conner 4 kun oldin
thakiddoingthings SA
White people + picking up strangers = Best Friends 😂😂
Kayla O'Brien
Kayla O'Brien 5 kun oldin
Story 3: Finale someone is smart
The Random idiot
The Random idiot 5 kun oldin
1:40 was it the wrong guy? Edit: oh, i was right lol.
Kristine Linn
Kristine Linn 5 kun oldin
Worlds worst parent goes tooooo: dumbass in story 1!
Luis D.
Luis D. 5 kun oldin
Hearing road stories like these makes me glad I drive with a loaded gun in my glove compartment.
Potu Chakradhar
Potu Chakradhar 5 kun oldin
Please keep in Telugu
Potu Chakradhar
Potu Chakradhar 5 kun oldin
But it was very nice
Bro Inc 499
Bro Inc 499 5 kun oldin
Tom's a bitch
Robyn May
Robyn May 5 kun oldin
Random Person
Random Person 5 kun oldin
It was early June 2017 and I was taking my 9 y/o son to *West Virginia* "My mind":WEST VIRGINIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Leslie Duran
Leslie Duran 6 kun oldin
I love scary storys
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 6 kun oldin
My memes is dead. Thats way more scarier 😱
SigGuy 320
SigGuy 320 6 kun oldin
Who let's their 9 year old use a rest stop bathroom alone?
LEGEND Kun oldin
SigGuy 320 at night
James Corcoran
James Corcoran 6 kun oldin
Why do I always watch this shit at like 1 AM on a weeknight and then get too creeped out to sleep? Hahaha I love it, but why do I do this to myself? Hahaha
Jus Rarsh
Jus Rarsh 7 kun oldin
You can tell some of these stories are GASSED up a little bit. WTF
Shardul Kakirde
Shardul Kakirde 7 kun oldin
Good stories plus the music,,,
Mohammad Abolghasem
That's why you always keep a cup in the car
TheGeek00 7 kun oldin
Best part of the video comes at 0:18
viewer 1
viewer 1 7 kun oldin
Story one: No offense, but who let's a nine year old go into a dark, creepy rest stop bathroom alone at night? Story two: The woman was screaming "Please, Please!!! Let me back into your car so I can kill you and have my own transportation/tiny house! Story three: What sense does it make to put cones or drums in front of the police spikes? Wouldn't that stop the person from hitting the spikes, blowing out their tires, and becoming stranded/ trapped? Wouldn't they simply be able to back up, or drive away like you did? That's a story for America's dumbest criminals.
Tameka P
Tameka P 7 kun oldin
how do you complain about having to go to the bathroom ? if they have to go thy have to go .
Camaelyonz M.
Camaelyonz M. 8 kun oldin
Wait, arguing, silent treatment, don't know what to say to A NINE YEAR OLD? WTF! I don't even allow my nine year old to go to a public restroom by himself in the day.
Sam Phantom
Sam Phantom 8 kun oldin
But how did the guy know it wasn’t their kid
Brooke Summer
Brooke Summer 8 kun oldin
👱🏽‍♀️ 👚 👖 This is Patty she has no friends every like gives her another friend 😀
YT OBNinjaa
YT OBNinjaa 8 kun oldin
This guy can make a kitten sound scary 🔪
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 kun oldin
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 kun oldin
Just the thought of something watching you. Waiting to do something
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 kun oldin
I can handle everything except for being stalked/ watched
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 8 kun oldin
Why did I create a playlist of the scariest sounding ones and start binging at 3 am fml
BR8_Jad 8 kun oldin
every like equals 1 less traffic drump
Cheatqing -Minecraft
Mom: Come down its dinner Me: I want to die
mike hanley
mike hanley 8 kun oldin
Just think, of all the killers still out there..be aware people.
pujo28 8 kun oldin
I was the 9 yr old kid in story 1. I still haven’t forgiven my dad for leaving me in a dirty rest stop bathroom. The guy that jumped in the back seat was a crazy liberal
Vivian Pough
Vivian Pough 8 kun oldin
Out of the three stories I believed none of them.
UmbreonErick 8 kun oldin
Creepy!! Mr. Nightmare What type or music did you use in the background?
MjGo-_-Crazy 8 kun oldin
If these are true soo much crazy shit happens in your life dang
joaquin rodriguez
joaquin rodriguez 9 kun oldin
all these videos fake how are u gonna have this much suspicious encounters
Elvia Martinez
Elvia Martinez 9 kun oldin
This is tom 😑 👕 👖 👟
Darrin F.
Darrin F. 9 kun oldin
These might be fake but truth is they can actually happen. Always be aware of your surroundings while traveling.
Emma Lay
Emma Lay 9 kun oldin
Bro who doesn't look at his 9 year old son when he gets into the car
TheMigratingCar 9 kun oldin
I love mr. Nighmare 💞❤✨💕😊
Katie x x Xox
Katie x x Xox 9 kun oldin
I’m here sat in my bathroom with the door locked
JWiLLfoReaL 9 kun oldin
1st story was weird.
Domcraf 9 kun oldin
The lady who strangled the man is weird as hell
Domcraf 9 kun oldin
Was Tom in the back???
Domcraf 9 kun oldin
God it scared me when I found out that there was a guy in the back
Yes I was right
I don’t think that was Tom
B Wade
B Wade 9 kun oldin
... My GPS was taking me down some country ass side roads!.... Funny shit right there
khalid hasan
khalid hasan 9 kun oldin
Story 1: dad 👈🏽 blind fucker Story 2: boyfriend 👈🏽 dumb fucker Story 3: driver 👈🏽 curious fucker ::sips tea::
The Beast
The Beast 9 kun oldin
The Beast
The Beast 9 kun oldin
Son- “Dad I have to pee” Dad- “hold it!!” Son- “no now!!!” Dad- “this is why your mom left”
William Garcia
William Garcia 9 kun oldin
I like your vids
roopee veyola
roopee veyola 10 kun oldin
L Lo Lol Lo L Pleas like this teik 3h
Mr Forrest
Mr Forrest 10 kun oldin
These are mostly well-written and fun but shouldn't be labeled as "true"
The Support Godfather
Toya Wimley
Toya Wimley 10 kun oldin
Stories 2 & 3 could've got ambush. Who still pick up strangers or hitchhikers? We know so many people got murder from picking up these people?
Toya Wimley
Toya Wimley 10 kun oldin
People should go inside public restrooms with their children you never know what pedophile is in there. Especially if your child is under 15.
Lolohets 10 kun oldin
yoda gram
yoda gram 10 kun oldin
Here is a scary story You are going on a road trip and you notice you forgot to get your favourite snacks noooooooooooo
Tech 111
Tech 111 10 kun oldin
This made my day but ruined my night
Roberto Nocturno
Roberto Nocturno 10 kun oldin
Very interesting stories I'm high right now buggin out😮
Ceceb24 C
Ceceb24 C 10 kun oldin
Don't ever get out ur vehicle ppl....
Alfonso Armendariz
Alfonso Armendariz 11 kun oldin
Arguing with a 9 yr old then letting him go to a rest stop bath room alone awesome parenting
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 11 kun oldin
Imagine how much creepy stuff cops have to investigate on a daily night, even with a weapon id be scared
IAmDrewSauce 11 kun oldin
The last guy actually has common sense.
Dustin Gatzke
Dustin Gatzke 11 kun oldin
your girl friend is road kill know that's scary
Wolf Man
Wolf Man 11 kun oldin
To be honest, for story 3, I would have stomped that woman to death. That guy was nice enough to give her a ride and she attacks him. Definitely asking for a deadly beating.
hatednyc 11 kun oldin
West Virginiaaa is where my daddy lay he was a wartime hero...
chill tube
chill tube 11 kun oldin
3:21my heart dropped wen I heard his kid was missing
Austin Wohlmuth
Austin Wohlmuth 11 kun oldin
No that's just crazy
Graham 11 kun oldin
u should do hospital stories