3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
Story 3 : Michael Soria
Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.




28-Iyl, 2018



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not lilpcupp
not lilpcupp Soat oldin
Who else on a road trip watching this?
Leah 5 soat oldin
This scares me because we go on a 18 hour drive every year to Florida and I get paranoid when I go into a store like at 3:00 AM and no ones there at all.
becky ward
becky ward 9 soat oldin
1 story i go to west virginia all the time so uh now i’m terrified 😂
Ronnel Echavez
Ronnel Echavez Kun oldin
Story 1. Why bother not telling that personal stuff when you are to be made anonymous in the story anyway? I have an idea of what it is though. You're seeing another man other than your son's dad and the kid knew it.
Some Guy
Some Guy Kun oldin
Bruh the roads in Mexico at night are fucking terrifying
v Honest
v Honest Kun oldin
Wendys isnt 24hr service ever period. Exposed fake stories
poppy gis
poppy gis Kun oldin
TheThriceIsRight 2 kun oldin
What in the unholy FUCK is a drump? I've heard some unbelievable stories but these three take the cake The first story is literally just a retelling of the 'ooh spoopy guy hide in backseat and scary driver flash headlight'
Tavis Wallace
Tavis Wallace 2 kun oldin
Wait he said girlfriends right
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen
Everyone here talking about the stories and I'm just triggered by the first video of a guy on the Autobahn totally hogging the passing lane.
Da Boz
Da Boz 4 kun oldin
1. I thought millennial parenting was bad but DAMN.
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman 5 kun oldin
Me: this doesn't look scary Watches: holy cow
How did the truck driver know to say "that isn't your son"? Did I miss something? I was pretty stoned while listening.
issac marks
issac marks 6 kun oldin
fuckin tom man
refreszsho 6 kun oldin
Me: gulps before he even starts talking
kempkedanielle 6 kun oldin
That dude with the 9 year old doesn't deserve kids.
Ender Wolf
Ender Wolf 4 kun oldin
Yeah maybe before he left the restroom place he should've looked back at Tom.....
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 6 kun oldin
Meet the yandere. 👱🏻‍♀️ 🔪 👘 👠 She says hello
olny12 6 kun oldin
That first story reminds me of scream queens
Rebecca's Crazy Life
Are these real stories
TPS-Dragon Mangos Mangos
Never trust a stranger
lexi2008 8 kun oldin
I love u Mr nightmare.
momaceita 9 kun oldin
Thanks for the ride mister....
Bobby 9 kun oldin
This made me realize how terrifying and evil people really are.
Kiara Hendershot
Kiara Hendershot 9 kun oldin
He left his son at the rest stop omg 😭😭😭☹️
devilz gaming
devilz gaming 9 kun oldin
Last one was scary AF
Cait X
Cait X 9 kun oldin
Most exciting road trip I’ve ever had is I saw a naked man running along the road sining Highschool musical
Kendall Perry
Kendall Perry 10 kun oldin
Not related at all, but if a driver has to flash their high beams because you’re going slow in the left lane (like he thought was happening in the 1st story) they’re not being aggressive, you’re being a dumbass slow driver which is dangerous. Completely unrelated but always and important psa.
😶 👖 This is Pac man.... 1 like=1 ghost eaten
flight wing
flight wing 10 kun oldin
I can’t believe these stories r true
NekoGamerGirl 10 kun oldin
Ok Idk if anyone will read this but this happen while I was watching this. I was already on story 2 while watching this and I was drawing while listening then I heard a scream outside. I assume it was the video but I realized it wasn't after I watch this before (this is before the scream in the video as well). I pause the video to make sure and sure enough it was a real scream. I was soo fighting after that. I really wanna call 911 at that point, I check with my parents, my dad believe what i said and my mom was too busy on the phone. My dad check and said he heard nothing but still believe me. I post it on Snapchat hoping of anyone that i know heard this a well. After I post it one of my neighbor's already call the cops. Which they came pretty fast even tho the hospital (police car are there to) is near where I am. Idk what happen but I'll try to keep updated if any info comes in. I'm still shaking after this because of my anxiety. Hope this doesn't scared anyone while watching Edit: English isn't my first language so sorry about grammar.
SilverShadowWing 11 kun oldin
I think Tom got a bag of crisps and dident come out... BLOODY LEGEND👌👌👌
Andres Lucero
Andres Lucero 11 kun oldin
When u stoped at wendys u should have got me bacon fries
Hi Avocado burger
Hi Avocado burger 11 kun oldin
6 hours!!!! I’m driving 14 hours right now!!!!
Luis G
Luis G 11 kun oldin
1st storie seemed fake af idk
Bridge over fluoridated water
1st story is the father of the year eh? I mean this hero makes his kid go to a rest stop bathroom alone at night and at the end of the story doesn't say "I don't know what would have happened to my child that I left alone and drove off" but says "I'm glad I didn't look at the dude, who knows what would have happened to ((ME)) if he saw me notice him"... who's the real creep in this story ffs?
A_ DaDDy4409
A_ DaDDy4409 12 kun oldin
I’m home alone R.I.P
SelfAwarePedant 12 kun oldin
1st story is basically an old urban legend with s weird oc bit on the front
engrtun 13 kun oldin
Where do you get these video clips from?
Luke Dearey
Luke Dearey 13 kun oldin
2nd story: 1. Who stuffs their face while driving? 2. Who thinks eating and driving will get you to your destination sooner? 3. Who finishes off their food before stopping? 4. Who picks up a woman in the middle of nowhere?(besides soft-assed libtards, of course) 5. Who ignores a psychopath giving her the opportunity to flee the scene? 6. Who assumes a mentally unstable bitch who tried to kill you is no threat?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 13 kun oldin
It's 3 am, I'm cuddled in my blankets with a tub of ice cream in my lap and air pods. I'm 12. Wish me luck.
leah rose
leah rose 14 kun oldin
Someone who wasn’t your son got in your car and it took a guy in a truck on the road to point it out to you? How stupid are you? Seriously.
Carson O. Schnelz
Carson O. Schnelz 14 kun oldin
ok this is scary and all but like when the woman starting banging against the car window and screaming i thought of that one vine with the lady outside the bus lmao
jahseh is my dad
jahseh is my dad 13 kun oldin
Carson O. Schnelz sksksksks same
Jaime R
Jaime R 14 kun oldin
I love this channel, but the stories are so incredibly fake.
Sister Hailis
Sister Hailis 14 kun oldin
I live in West Virginia 👏🏻😂
Jacob Wong
Jacob Wong 14 kun oldin
How old is Tom in story 1
Jefferson Keo
Jefferson Keo 15 kun oldin
Next time.. let your girlfriend feed you while driving.. you might even hit a home run sooner than later. However, car breaks down and we'll hear another story. 😅
haleycayanne 15 kun oldin
“I didn’t want to roll down the window” “I opened the door a crack” okay lol
ellis g
ellis g 16 kun oldin
First one sounds like an urban legend I've heard before
WikkidPiggy666 16 kun oldin
Why do people give rides to strangers? I’ve been asked a few times for a ride by strangers and my answer has always been a firm “no”. I’ll offer to call somebody for them if they’re stuck, but I’m not letting someone I don’t know get in my car. Period. If you’re out in the rain with no way home, that’s your problem. Don’t try and make it my problem.
YO BOI 16 kun oldin
Whos watchin in 3021
irene janith
irene janith 16 kun oldin
If my boyfriend ever picked up a hitch hiker while I’m in the car I’d lose my shit.
Jd Sexton
Jd Sexton 16 kun oldin
The climax is short on story one
Marcus Patrick
Marcus Patrick 16 kun oldin
0:18 *Gasp!* _Country rooooaaaads, and take me hoooome..._
despicablemonster 16 kun oldin
lmaooo how personal can u get with a 9 year old that you can't say what it was about??? lol
James Goodale II
James Goodale II 17 kun oldin
These are fake right?
jahseh is my dad
jahseh is my dad 13 kun oldin
James Goodale II no
Caehlan Tavenier
Caehlan Tavenier 18 kun oldin
The first one was creepy af
Nat Dog
Nat Dog 18 kun oldin
Mr nightmare is the best
Cameron Bouie
Cameron Bouie 18 kun oldin
Follow my modeling Instagram account @kxd.cameron
love me
love me 18 kun oldin
Rules number 1 : lock your freakin door Rules number 2 : when you heard ur door being open , look behind Rules number : good luck
White Shadow320
White Shadow320 19 kun oldin
I know this is super late but are we really not going to address the fact that in the third story they marked the spike trap with cones. If they wanted u to run over it they would have just put it on the road. Sketchy story or stupid criminals.
Megan Holian
Megan Holian 20 kun oldin
The first story is a rip off of an urban legend
ebo hiekha
ebo hiekha 20 kun oldin
Anyone watching from 2019
Crazy German Bar Tender
The second story made my heart race
Xander Lowe
Xander Lowe 21 kun oldin
Spoiler Alert: That pick-up driver... Is my new hero.
sarah skinner
sarah skinner 21 kun oldin
Me *is leaving on a road trip tomorrow. Also me *watches this video
3lana kind
3lana kind 21 kun oldin
I love stores 😯😏
Zhao Han
Zhao Han 22 kun oldin
Katharine Brickman
Katharine Brickman 22 kun oldin
The first one has been an urban legend I heard almost twenty years ago for the first time. Usually it’s a guy riding alone, stops at a gas station and when he pulls back out is followed by a creepy guy that was at the station too. He’s too scared to stop because he thinks the guy is the threat but he follows him for miles flashing his lights every few seconds. When he finally stops the guy tells him he saw someone with a knife get in his car while he was in the station and every time he’d seen the crazy guy rise up from the back seat he’d flashed his lights. Yeah, this is definitely NOT a true story!!!
Faint Dreamz
Faint Dreamz 23 kun oldin
Tom probably was like “du fuck”
Humanoid Mediocrity
Humanoid Mediocrity 23 kun oldin
That first story sent CHILLS down my spine... can you imagine???
Fishing freaks
Fishing freaks 23 kun oldin
West Virginia mountain mama
I_Wanna_Kms69 23 kun oldin
the first story is literally an old urban legend my mom used to tell me
Theodd1sout Fan
Theodd1sout Fan 23 kun oldin
My mom said if I watch these videos again she’ll slam my head on the keyboard Never mind I guess she was just heheheueguegehwhshahajjshwhhwhsshsk
GET READY TO RUMBLE 24 kun oldin
You know he not black he would have gave him a cup and said pee
David Nunez
David Nunez 24 kun oldin
These seem too fucking scary to be true...but then again who knows what's out there😨
faeop 24 kun oldin
Brooke_Emma_Nicole 24 kun oldin
I haven’t watched you in 6 months because UZvid doesn’t recommend your videos to me, even though I’m subscribed, but I have 15 videos to catch up on. Best day ever.
Daniel DESI
Daniel DESI 24 kun oldin
Why are there always big trucks in rest areas
007agentjmgames 25 kun oldin
98% people wont read this but for the 2% reading this I hope you become successful in life with everything you dream of and accomplish more than you imagined and have a nice day! and remember to stay positive and dont forget to smile stay awesome 😁 from a small youtuber my I would love any support 🙏 thank you!💓 guys!
007agentjmgames 25 kun oldin
98% people wont read this but for the 2% reading this I hope you become successful in life with everything you dream of and accomplish more than you imagined and I wouldnt mind a sub! I'm a small ytr
gndisluv 25 kun oldin
MeAndFood GT
MeAndFood GT 25 kun oldin
i live in west virginia lol
Ink Baby
Ink Baby 26 kun oldin
first of all you looking in the rear view the whole. time and don't see this random stranger in the car hell naw lol
King Potates
King Potates 26 kun oldin
Almost heaven.
Robert Elias
Robert Elias 26 kun oldin
The driver in the first story is a fucking idiot.
Wacko 26 kun oldin
i dont understand the ending of that first one lmao. what would they have done? tf?
The atomic bomber
The atomic bomber 26 kun oldin
She a viral in dying light lol
FieryWolfDancer 27 kun oldin
Want to hear a scary story? I have a calc test tomorrow that I haven't studied for
Melanie Ortiz
Melanie Ortiz 27 kun oldin
First one is a urban legend.
Myron D'souza
Myron D'souza 27 kun oldin
11:36 what he said ..three what?
Boxtodian unboxing
Boxtodian unboxing 27 kun oldin
0:18 West Virginiaaaaaaa Mountain MaMaaaaaa TaKe Me HoMe CoUnTrY RoAdS
LJN04 THEGOAT888 27 kun oldin
I’m in atl ga
Liam Barrington
Liam Barrington 27 kun oldin
Mr nightmare sounds so sexy!
Tristan Reardigan
Tristan Reardigan 27 kun oldin
Exibit a on why everybody should be able to purchase a firearm. People be dangerous...ghost stories aint even scary these days bruh..like have you ever encountered a hungry crackhead at a 7/11 trying to convince the clerk they have a winning lottery ticket.
yeetoe 27 kun oldin
welcome the the safe room enjoy some coffee and some mini cakes ☕🍰 its okay we all get a little spooked sometimes but in here you can have a little chat with others
Mr Tumnus
Mr Tumnus 27 kun oldin
Does anyone else listen to these while doing homework lmao
Genesis Cachay
Genesis Cachay 27 kun oldin
My road trip horror story: Me: HEY CAN WE STOP FOR FOOD My Mom: No
Alexandria Frost
Alexandria Frost 28 kun oldin
Alexandria Frost
Alexandria Frost 28 kun oldin
Imagine him narrating a recipe 😹😅 can't even finish it. I'm loss for words
Liam Tarpey
Liam Tarpey 28 kun oldin
Father of the year to the first guy
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