3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
Story 3 : Michael Soria
Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.




28-Iyl, 2018

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Chronic Loze
Chronic Loze 11 soat oldin
These videos so good while sleeping in class
The Lunacy Machine
Another reason why I enjoy coming back to this channel. I use your stories as motivation when I do my horror audio stories. They are slightly different but if you ever get a chance to drop by I'd be honored!
Normal Guy
Normal Guy Kun oldin
You still want that tote??
E. C. Sherman
E. C. Sherman 2 kun oldin
Good Guy Pickup Driver. I like him.
Aidan Eastman
Aidan Eastman 2 kun oldin
I'm from West Virginia
Meme Machine Fixed
Meme Machine Fixed
Nazi. Person
Nazi. Person Kun oldin
Yeah so am I
FyreOnix Kun oldin
i am too
K-Pop Freak
K-Pop Freak 2 kun oldin
"Slashed at her face with her long nails" Holy shit she's a keeper
Bob Beeb
Bob Beeb 3 kun oldin
Why would anyone put traffic cones in front of the spikes
*C O U N T R Y R O A D S*
*T A K E M E H O M E*
valjbw Kun oldin
Justyn Beloti
Justyn Beloti 3 kun oldin
This man let his 9 year old son go to the bathroom by himself?
Philk K
Philk K 3 kun oldin
Classic stories modernized for internet culture...
Stacia Kurns
Stacia Kurns 3 kun oldin
At 4:57 Me:" The last thing u would want in your Wendy's burger is Burger King Foot Letus
Greatman Okonkwo
Greatman Okonkwo 3 kun oldin
Who tf doesn’t go with ur child
Ali-A 3 kun oldin
It's Madi Louise
It's Madi Louise 4 kun oldin
Caleb B
Caleb B 4 kun oldin
"Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him..." Shia Labeouf
Awesome Jc5
Awesome Jc5 4 kun oldin
Etasha Boo
Etasha Boo 5 kun oldin
Too many adds...
oh dang
oh dang 5 kun oldin
Debra Grall
Debra Grall 5 kun oldin
Does anyone else live in the Mountain State?
It is MehChannel
It is MehChannel 5 kun oldin
😎 🔳 🔻🔻
jewleetube 5 kun oldin
White people be dumb as fuck....
Celice 6 kun oldin
I shouldn't listen to these while being high, I'm scared as shit
OneforPaul PaulforOne
If you asked me to go with you on a road trip for 6 hours without A/C there will be more than tension i tell you.
Mr scientist V2
Mr scientist V2 7 kun oldin
U dont live in ca
RaNdOm Gamer 2004
RaNdOm Gamer 2004 7 kun oldin
My mum drove off even when my sister wasnt in the car because she had just shut the door after putting her bag in the car and went atround the otherside of the car and my mum thought that she got in the car
Tell The Tale
Tell The Tale 7 kun oldin
Homie didn’t see a grown ass man get in his car💀💀
BULL WRINKLE 8 kun oldin
I was on a road trip and while driving late at night I began to feel vibrations in the car. I determined it wasn't the cars fault it wasn't my fault it was the asphalt
Real Sunny Rosario
Real Sunny Rosario 8 kun oldin
I would never ever ever let my 9YO go into a rest stop bathroom at night.
Lisa Hyde
Lisa Hyde 8 kun oldin
Wow! You don’t even check to make sure your 9 year old kid, who you let go in a rest area bathroom alone, was in your car before you leave????????????
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson 8 kun oldin
1st one is like that urban legend
cody neely
cody neely 9 kun oldin
I have a scary story, my check engine light just came on.
Bon Shut
Bon Shut 9 kun oldin
ID go to rest stops because of this exact incident
John Popa
John Popa 9 kun oldin
Great stuff my friend
MoonRule 9 kun oldin
He yeeted that bitch out of the car
Haziq Rehman
Haziq Rehman 9 kun oldin
if you do the animation too that would be awesome.
ward savacool
ward savacool 10 kun oldin
This guy is full of shit!!!
JIJ 63007
JIJ 63007 10 kun oldin
I got out of my truck with a baseball bat😂😂
Danni Rabbit
Danni Rabbit 10 kun oldin
What if that lady was possessed.
Jasmine Covert
Jasmine Covert 10 kun oldin
I live in West Virginia
gaz 100
gaz 100 10 kun oldin
Made up stories
DerpyPlebs Cookiedough :3
The most frightening stuff is... Low battery😱
yolo 1234
yolo 1234 11 kun oldin
“”heard a ‘bang’ at the window”” **audio of ‘knocking’ on window**
BonnuPotitoee 11 kun oldin
bloody hell
Adam Harith
Adam Harith 11 kun oldin
🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming!
Arthur 11 kun oldin
The guy in the white pickup truck is a good guy. We need more people like him. We *need* more people like him.
Slime master
Slime master 11 kun oldin
So your reading someone els3s story and adding a bunch of adds and mak8ng a killing you greedy cunt. Hopefully you get yours
isabell noble
isabell noble 12 kun oldin
When they said it was 11:30 it just hit 11:30 pm
PAX 12 kun oldin
Such a bullshit story
Crazydude1109 Talynor76
I have a scary road trip horror story My dad was in a highway and I needed to use the restroom
MR CREEPY GUY 12 kun oldin
The guy in the Story Number 3 should called the cops and informed them About the suspicious individual
Jeric James Joseph
Jeric James Joseph 13 kun oldin
Btch I'd rather let my son pee in a bottle inside the car instead of letting him go alone at a creepy bathroom at the darkest of nights.
Firstasfasfa Lastasfasfas
hahaha people funny
PNWfox 13 kun oldin
What? "Stay calm Tom" doesn't look in the mirror....Maybe I'm a creep, I always look at my passengers when talking.
Kitten Gorden
Kitten Gorden 14 kun oldin
This is why Texas closed all the rest stop restrooms. Only picnic areas now. Just gotta pee behind a tree now.
SchmiSi 14 kun oldin
Im going Full screen wish me luck boisss
TheRed Ghostman
TheRed Ghostman 14 kun oldin
Michael Myers was in the back hitching a rider
TheRed Ghostman
TheRed Ghostman 14 kun oldin
Michael Myers was in the back hitching a rider
Hothunter 095
Hothunter 095 15 kun oldin
*Sees traffic cones* "Better grab my base ball bat incase these inanimate objects attack me
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar 15 kun oldin
This is bullshit.what the hell is wrong with you does stories aret even scary.
Rodolfo Mariano
Rodolfo Mariano 15 kun oldin
i acdenttilly threwed up
msp kitty
msp kitty 15 kun oldin
Why did I watch this at night don’t think I’m gonna be driving for the next few days
VoodooDoll 15 kun oldin
i can read comments now HNNG
mortalsgrief mortalcross
the screaming woman in the rain on the road is some one who wants to solve a unsolved case she wont rest until some one helps her finish her unfinished business
Matt Hasten
Matt Hasten 16 kun oldin
I love you mr nightmare
Breton E.
Breton E. 16 kun oldin
I bet that little kid was freaking out when he came out of the bathroom, and didn’t see his dad. I would’ve been like dang, shouldn’t have said anything about the air conditioner.
jewlz 17 kun oldin
bless the pickup truck driver, legend of the century.. i feel bad for him
Fatal 17 kun oldin
The last one sounds like it was a robbery.
Soda Nobunaga
Soda Nobunaga 17 kun oldin
White pickup truck guy is an MVP yo
Robbie Hernandez
Robbie Hernandez 17 kun oldin
Arguing with your 9yo? What??
Demi Behrens
Demi Behrens 17 kun oldin
Man thank fuck for the truck driver!! 😱😱😱
Phoebe Xo
Phoebe Xo 18 kun oldin
These stories always end in “I don’t know what would have happened if....” or “it still scares me to this day”
Marble Girl
Marble Girl 18 kun oldin
I heard if you say a UZvidrs name 3 times he will pin you Mr.Nightmare Mr.Nightmare Mr.Nightmare
TheSavageRobloxer 2017
What’s up with these dumb ass mammals going into the forest at night... What the hell do you do there?
Rob Lee
Rob Lee 19 kun oldin
6:35 id tell her to get out there and then
XxExtreme xX
XxExtreme xX 19 kun oldin
That scream scared the sh*t out of me lol
brechelle pierce
brechelle pierce 19 kun oldin
brechelle pierce
brechelle pierce 19 kun oldin
That is so stupid
AKSHAY 19 kun oldin
Okay i get it about the NINE year boy! But, why nobody is talking about the sick girlfriend? I can feel those looks she was giving him 🥺🥺
Rou Reynolds
Rou Reynolds 19 kun oldin
Being a shitty parent 101.
RedFlamee 20 kun oldin
Who else looked behind their back while watching this?
ibnolikot1231 ibnolikot
Notice us mr nightmare!
Marcie Salkowski
Marcie Salkowski 20 kun oldin
We are good at giving instinctual looks
Mogwai Gremlin
Mogwai Gremlin 21 kun oldin
Only American's would need to stop for food after only three hours. Haha, they're all so fat!
matilde bergano
matilde bergano 21 kun oldin
11:06 ...Shia Laboeuf
Leafblader Project zorgo
The frick’in guy in story one how and nightmare how was he the same height weight and length your son
Matt Henry
Matt Henry 22 kun oldin
god these stories are soooo fake
Mikey James
Mikey James 22 kun oldin
wicked fake ass story cut with lots of " I dont wanna get into personal information on the internet" bullshit to make it seem legit. der.
Andy Felix
Andy Felix 22 kun oldin
👸 👗 👢 everyone say hello to princess Consuela falange
Living Dead Girl
Living Dead Girl 22 kun oldin
Traffic drums those are traffic cones
Pro gAMER1390 Us
Pro gAMER1390 Us 23 kun oldin
christy hernandez
christy hernandez 23 kun oldin
So I guess fuck calling the police on that last story huh? I guess fuck the next person going through that road too....
Miss Anne
Miss Anne 23 kun oldin
Yeah I don’t care how old they are, 9, or 59, I would NEVER allow my child/friend/sibling/parent to go into a rest area stall alone, day or night. Holy shit
ggleo 23 kun oldin
hey! guy in story 3 thanks for the tip: if someone shouts help! shout back whats wrong! tysm for that.
Dalven Davidson
Dalven Davidson 23 kun oldin
If it was me, I would have told my son to pee in a bottle 😂
Allie DiP
Allie DiP 23 kun oldin
Have NONE of these people watched your hitchhiker videos to know never to pick one up?!
BOTFrosty 23 kun oldin
One day i was driving and then country roads just started playing, is that bad?
Allie DiP
Allie DiP 23 kun oldin
Seriously what a fucking idiot who leaves without his 9 year old son. What a piece of shit father
Audrey Lyn
Audrey Lyn 23 kun oldin
Jeez I’m on a road trip now...
Dummy Account
Dummy Account 23 kun oldin
Everytime when I watch/rewatch your vids there would be a %75 I'm getting a Bible ad
Music Track
Music Track 24 kun oldin
This dude was smart af