30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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30-Noy, 2018



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Kanity - One Piece Chill Channel
1:52 whyyy he is the cutest of them all!
DUMANDAR 5 soat oldin
Satish Ambhure
Satish Ambhure 5 soat oldin
The only role Johnny sins was left to do 1:58
Emerald May
Emerald May 10 soat oldin
Tbh probably would have picked 4:05
Filipino Uniter
Filipino Uniter 10 soat oldin
The tan guy is so handsome
William Singleton
William Singleton 14 soat oldin
Hmm funny how its always 6 people left??
Rolando Nino
Rolando Nino 17 soat oldin
Legend has it she's still single 😬
Tianna Christie
Tianna Christie 18 soat oldin
She picked no one 😂
Spaceseals 8
Spaceseals 8 19 soat oldin
the secret is smiling
mais t'es pas net baptiste
1:52 guys call me you ´re freaking adorable
eva moss
eva moss 21 soat oldin
o değilde türkçe çeviri yapan arkadaşa teşekkür ederim epey güldüm gerçekten :)
AÖ. 22 soat oldin
Alt yaziya koptum 😂
comeberza 23 soat oldin
I have watched both and this fits perfectly with my experience through life. The girl is much more selective and she literally had half of the matches of the boy and got 20% of the leavers in the second round but they both ended having the same final matches. Sometimes we hear about the standards that men have on women, but in the real wordl, they don't have them
MrFlyingSourcer Kun oldin
Ngl the girl wasn't that good looking
Dylan Tobias
Dylan Tobias Kun oldin
I wouldn't have it in me to swipe no
January Prince
January Prince Kun oldin
Lol IDK why but I don't like her She's so anti-symphatic to me
Pres Kun oldin
This girl and I literally have the same personality 😂
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Yikes. ‘He’s too tall’. And they say guys are shallow.
Lilly Rock
Lilly Rock Kun oldin
This is terrible. Having to dismiss them like that to their face.
cwxzeng Kun oldin
im like a solid 4, i'd swipe left on her.
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Kun oldin
I didn't know Johnny Sins was looking for women in a dating app
Spencer Flare
Spencer Flare Kun oldin
Her little "sup dudes" at the beginning was cute as heck
Jennifer Morales
Am I the only one that noticed that none of them have there shoes on💀👀
Aaron Hung
Aaron Hung Kun oldin
This is why I never have nor ever will do these apps. Takes away the human element and everyone is just a profile now. Every single girlfriend of mine were all met in real life first people. It’s possible. Just put in the time and effort and don’t be a creep. Won’t win them all but if you’re expecting that then you’ll be miserable forever.
Luis JR
Luis JR Kun oldin
I'm a boy but I would have chosen the black guy. He looks cool
Efe Tireli
Efe Tireli 2 kun oldin
Türkçe altyazıyı kim yaptı amk hahahaha
Momin Alam
Momin Alam 2 kun oldin
This is disheartening for short guys
thenamesna 2 kun oldin
Arda Yılmaz
Arda Yılmaz 2 kun oldin
Evva GJ
Evva GJ 2 kun oldin
1:53 Tyler??
Marcello Gonçalves
1:00 sorry... I just have a dirty mind
Alicia Casey
Alicia Casey 2 kun oldin
The one that said he is in the the military he LOOK like mr CLEAN
Elton Gbollie
Elton Gbollie 2 kun oldin
Why are there so many Chinese people
DocZero 2 kun oldin
The first guy told her she has beautiful eyes but then rejected her lmao.
Taha Marghni
Taha Marghni 2 kun oldin
DocZero lmao lkr I think he just didn’t wanna be rejected
Marc de Fluiter
Marc de Fluiter 2 kun oldin
Man, she's stunning
Gerron Marquel
Gerron Marquel 2 kun oldin
she and most females will be ALONE WITH (9) cats
Mel Crisp
Mel Crisp 3 kun oldin
99% of people with glasses she said no to
Elio L.
Elio L. 3 kun oldin
Ma dude looking like a JoJo's character lmao
onim26 Kun oldin
which one
franklin pickle
franklin pickle 3 kun oldin
Lol I'd swipe left on this used up girl
Sarah Lynn Sovilla
Sarah Lynn Sovilla 3 kun oldin
This would be fun lol
P0ison AppLE
P0ison AppLE 3 kun oldin
I would laugh my ass off if all the guy just leave after when they ask if they would say no
Isaiah Terrones
Isaiah Terrones 3 kun oldin
Noticed how it was all height based, basic
Weird Places and things
Did they just pick nerd looking guys or is it just me
Icy Five
Icy Five 3 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the 1:25 guy he was like smiling like super happily and she swipes left 😓
Icy Five
Icy Five 48 daqiqa oldin
Sage exactly
谢昭辉 4 soat oldin
He leave with this emoji👉😂
Sage 15 soat oldin
Its okay these people aren't gay they said no homo, move along.
Icy Five
Icy Five Kun oldin
No homo
Icy Five
Icy Five Kun oldin
Ya he is but no hono
Lycan Steel
Lycan Steel 3 kun oldin
She gotta nice butt shape
Fiona G
Fiona G 3 kun oldin
Anyone else notice she's barefoot?
Andy Noot Noot
Andy Noot Noot 3 kun oldin
nick is like dave grohl
saumya singh
saumya singh 3 kun oldin
This girl is really shallow man... She just chose all the good looking ones.
Kimberly Daley
Kimberly Daley 4 kun oldin
Do we start immediately? 😂😂
RedRose7997 4 kun oldin
I thought she was going to pick the cute, tall black guy 😫
manikaaa 4 kun oldin
1:52 was kinda cute!! why was he swiped left
TheOfficalGrimm Vlogs
Yo why was there and black dude you racist and she said "To tall " what you gonna do if you need someone to get the top shelter for you
SLW 4 kun oldin
JD and Internet posting don't mix.
Josh Moody
Josh Moody 4 kun oldin
Why is she bearfoot 🤔
SLW 4 kun oldin
They looked human enough to me.
Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry 4 kun oldin
I just realized they're not wearing shoes
Hydra Kun oldin
Nice observation 🧐
lulu 3 kun oldin
Jordan Berry lol yeah. But why???
RedRose7997 4 kun oldin
It's weird
ilovecheese 4 kun oldin
How tall is that tall dudd
ilovecheese 4 kun oldin
Hi I’m ok
Hi I’m ok 4 kun oldin
1:48 that’s the only boy I liked and felt attracted lol
Rose 4 kun oldin
No ones going to talk about her legs in the thumbnail ?
Bts_slays_my_life 4 kun oldin
The tall guy where can I find him? He’s just so beautiful
alfesh zuber
alfesh zuber 5 kun oldin
Why she is here wasted
Fleapto Fleapt
Fleapto Fleapt 5 kun oldin
Cringe asf
KerTheGreat 5 kun oldin
1:24 **Sad Violin**
kellyjessielisa 5 kun oldin
Is she barefoot
AsianAlexander 5 kun oldin
that was brutal
Maurice Griffe
Maurice Griffe 5 kun oldin
She is so annoying.. bleh
Jfdas 123
Jfdas 123 5 kun oldin
The guy @ 1:25 smiled with the passion of a thousand suns. Looks like a human panda, I like him
Riddler 5
Riddler 5 5 kun oldin
I was mad she swiped left on him.
SassySamNova 5 kun oldin
She did a honey badger only Aussies would understand
Brainy Lass
Brainy Lass 5 kun oldin
The look on the faces of the swipe left guys are saying "this is just like high school all over again"
H K1
H K1 4 kun oldin
Pretty much the rest of most folks life fuckin high school.
Ducky Life
Ducky Life 5 kun oldin
Who else heard “chicken pie” in the music
Chelsie Nieves
Chelsie Nieves 5 kun oldin
Why black version of the guy from tatbilb?
LAKI ! 5 kun oldin
Many asians
réda Ait Hammou
réda Ait Hammou 5 kun oldin
99% of the guys had socks on that's how you know most guys are insecure about their feet xDD
Martimos 5 kun oldin
Choosing only best. What to expect from women these days...
Gravega 5 kun oldin
Why would anyone not choose only the best? Do you go out of your way to make your life better or worse?
JwadeProductions7 5 kun oldin
Why did they bring her like 27 ugly guys?!
A A 6 kun oldin
You just have to be tall then?
sıla 6 kun oldin
Who did the turkish subtite? :D troll
Condyland 6 kun oldin
Lol! She’s heightist! The string of shorter guys at 1:48 just start to expect what’s to come. Lol
RedRose7997 4 kun oldin
To be honest, very few guys in Themis group were good-looking. She was too cute for most of them.
Carlos GC
Carlos GC 6 kun oldin
No one peed on her to mark their territory... something is off here... hmm.
Lena Thomas
Lena Thomas 6 kun oldin
He knew already lol He swiped left on himself 1:48
Makeup With Smidge
T Vitanov
T Vitanov Kun oldin
im ded, this so funny
muhammet kale
muhammet kale 6 kun oldin
türkçe altyazı okurken gülmekten karnım ağrıdı mk :):):)
Surgus OfTheBlack
Surgus OfTheBlack 7 kun oldin
Jeez no offence, but she's hella choosy. I, for one, and that's just my opinion, think that her face is a huge turn-off
Pranjali Sonawane
Pranjali Sonawane 7 kun oldin
30 vs 0
cynric ng
cynric ng 7 kun oldin
Barbara: I didn't feel a connection, im out
I’m from Ohio too Ps it seems like all of them are lying.. “OHHH ME TOO!!! *mumbles* oof not really”
jossalynne W
jossalynne W 4 kun oldin
GIANNA BEARFIELD I’m from Ohio too!!!!!
Ryan Zad
Ryan Zad 7 kun oldin
can dating get any more shallow
Riddler 5
Riddler 5 5 kun oldin
We're far from the shallow now.
Kool Kid101
Kool Kid101 7 kun oldin
1:37 my man had to look up to a 5ft 7 girl 😭😭😭
Ali Khalifa
Ali Khalifa 5 kun oldin
Hahahahaha so true
Eda 8 kun oldin
3:50 boy you can date me --
kiora unny
kiora unny 8 soat oldin
Cheo 3027 id watch these just for this guy oh my god could you tell me the videos that's he is on pls? or anyone know his ig? im dyinggggggg
Cheo 3027
Cheo 3027 2 kun oldin
He has get rejected so many times in the other videos as well and it’s probably because he talks about himself a lot 😂
lulu 3 kun oldin
Eda same
ll L E X ll
ll L E X ll 8 kun oldin
No shoes? 😂
Spirit Eye Stride
Spirit Eye Stride 9 kun oldin
@ 4:06 "What is your top 3 movies?" "UHHHHH Network, Independence Day, & Lion King"... "they are very connected" WTF IM DEAD..😭😭😭 What kind of drugs does this guy use before watching movies...
cherries & wine
cherries & wine 4 kun oldin
Nicole apostol
Nicole apostol 10 kun oldin
Tyler = Noah centineo with darker skin
AliciaTheIconic Kid
AliciaTheIconic Kid 10 kun oldin
I want the tall black dude. We would be perfect
Oh Gee 143
Oh Gee 143 10 kun oldin
I feel kinda bad for the chubby Asian guy with a big smile
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 10 kun oldin
I just realised how picky I am...I'd swipe right only on like 2 of them...probably why I'm still single 😂😭
Maasai Warrior
Maasai Warrior 10 kun oldin
How can she don't get one man from thirty men??.
Samuel Galicia
Samuel Galicia 10 kun oldin
1:25 he was number 1 true champ 👊🏽😢
Jemsx Dallas
Jemsx Dallas 11 kun oldin
The guys that she swiped left on looked like they already knew what was gonna happen 😢
Guayaquil Independiente
I’m Catholic, I think it’s pretty weird just to say... “I noticed your cross... I’m church hopping” I mean, wtf?
Bangtan TXT
Bangtan TXT 12 kun oldin
1:48 the name please 😂✌️
Burhan Toprak
Burhan Toprak 12 kun oldin
Alt yazıyı yapan arkadasa selamlar ajsgdhahsggsgagagsgsgaaha
Sharai McIntosh
Sharai McIntosh 13 kun oldin
Why are there so many asian men in the line up? Where are they
Toshi McKenna
Toshi McKenna 13 kun oldin
I have really high standards.... And I'm gay
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