30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

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18-Noy, 2018



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Jubilee 4 oy oldin
Hey everyone - thanks for watching this episode of Versus 1 where we explore modern dating culture and bring dating apps to real life. The girl's version is coming soon! Be sure to subscribe for more from us, and follow us on Instagram for video announcements and for a callout to be in our videos! Our Instagram: 👉instagram.com/jubileemedia/ 👈
Lafayette 5 kun oldin
I love this
Narko Man
Narko Man 5 kun oldin
We want moreeee
Grunts2Gurus Purple Heart edition
Jubilee i want to do this
Mr Black
Mr Black 11 kun oldin
In the first I know you are Choose this beautiful girl 👏😍
Haylee Hall
Haylee Hall 25 kun oldin
But like on tinder you have a bio and tell a little bit about yourself
TheKawaiiGamer 2 soat oldin
Imagine how awkward that would be
Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus 2 soat oldin
If this girl doesn't look like Madeleine Stowe, she doesn't look like anyone. :)
Je m’en fou
Je m’en fou 3 soat oldin
I knew it!!!the moment I saw her
Direito dos Mano
Direito dos Mano 4 soat oldin
4:38 Eu tbm escolhi essa mina vim pelo Nerd Sedutor
Essence Terrell
Essence Terrell 6 soat oldin
He has such perfect teeth. They’re nice ☺️
Nikhil Kabba
Nikhil Kabba 6 soat oldin
Can someone setup this experiment with me . But only I am allowed to swipe not girls!!😂
Nikhil Kabba
Nikhil Kabba 6 soat oldin
He's more into Asians lol
Devin Nichols
Devin Nichols 9 soat oldin
Dude I would have been so nervous lmfaooo, I’d definitely have to smoke before this 😂😂😂
sofia peña
sofia peña 9 soat oldin
Allen A
Allen A 11 soat oldin
Dawg how you gonna swipe left at 1:44, I just want to bury my head in those boobs, and she's beautiful
Kuro 11 soat oldin
I'm the one feeling awkward here wth 😂😂
Elice I am
Elice I am 11 soat oldin
He kinda looks like Noah Centineo actually
Harmeet Bhatia
Harmeet Bhatia 12 soat oldin
How do I participate in this ?
Nazrul Tk727
Nazrul Tk727 12 soat oldin
Aw i hope this come true
MAKEOUTHILL 15 soat oldin
No one like's indian guy they stinks
SniperKing316 16 soat oldin
Dave Franco is that you
Carson Jones
Carson Jones 17 soat oldin
What’s with all the Asians 😂😂😂😂😭
Ci Guy
Ci Guy 18 soat oldin
He swiped away most of the pretty ones 🤦‍♂️
Ethan Senatore
Ethan Senatore Kun oldin
This guy is smoking
ღ丅ᗴᗩ ᔕᑭᎥᒪᒪღ
I see a pattern all the girls he swipped had bad hair
Joe O’b
Joe O’b Kun oldin
Imagine if they all left
Block Kingdom
Block Kingdom Kun oldin
I would swipe right or left based on what their feet look like
Holy Duck
Holy Duck Kun oldin
All I got to say about 2:36 is big ouffffff
freddy1214 Kun oldin
india are one of the most racist countries
Cole Paradis
Cole Paradis Kun oldin
I knew it was her from the start because they look similar, both have thick eyebrows lol.
Jessica Merrill
Jessica Merrill Kun oldin
This was actually really neat.
Journey Chaser
Journey Chaser Kun oldin
I was rooting for her from the beginning!
Eden Blair
Eden Blair Kun oldin
i am confused as to why only six women stayed with this guy? i am a gay guy but i would have swipe right on him.
icetox z
icetox z Kun oldin
Ugly guy!
Wang Wen
Wang Wen Kun oldin
The final suggestion was so pretty the lady
cas ly
cas ly Kun oldin
I have the feeling in the first place that he will pick her
Ahmad Muslim
Ahmad Muslim Kun oldin
3:13 sweet
Kimmy wimmy
Kimmy wimmy Kun oldin
I could feel their chemistry from here 👍
Nicholas Peckham
His picks were nasty what the duck lmao
foxylee 2 kun oldin
Wow, the last woman in the line was really gorgeous. The one he end up picking. I condone his taste.
Ana García
Ana García 2 kun oldin
I think I fell for him lol
C. R
C. R 2 kun oldin
Some one, teach this man what "a couple" means
shamefully broken
shamefully broken 2 kun oldin
Their foundation doesn't match💀
zlota rybka
zlota rybka 2 kun oldin
*NiCe tO MeEt yOU*
Jonas Kainz
Jonas Kainz 2 kun oldin
What is wrong with europe USA is the worst country in the world beacuse you are scared of european union beacuse we have more powerful army than you and your goverment is making anti european propaganda
raw ukas
raw ukas 2 kun oldin
Weird feeling
Viviyan Dantas
Viviyan Dantas 2 kun oldin
Kathryn is pretty 😊
Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg 2 kun oldin
Seems rigged
Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg 2 kun oldin
Did he choose the ugly ones on purpose?
Keenan Thompson
Keenan Thompson 2 kun oldin
To everyone who said he has a thing for Asian girls: Well, 12 of 30 girls were Asian...
Love Facesss
Love Facesss 2 kun oldin
Well he has a type Asian and black lol
Chicago Fights
Chicago Fights 3 kun oldin
how do you not feel bad for rejecting all those females
Warrior2000Pro 3 kun oldin
1:28 who she
Chicago Fights
Chicago Fights 3 kun oldin
Sid the sloth
rupert meneses
rupert meneses 3 kun oldin
I got it right haha they look good together
Gwendolyn Snarr
Gwendolyn Snarr 3 kun oldin
Anshuls a cutie
akshat jain
akshat jain 3 kun oldin
benchod chutiya
Ellen !
Ellen ! 3 kun oldin
aaaah i would never go there im so sensitive and would probaly cry if i got rejected but i know i would bc im so ugly
Megan Finland
Megan Finland 3 kun oldin
He liled Chinese women
lKryptonl 3 kun oldin
Anthony Gaibor
Anthony Gaibor 3 kun oldin
No entendí ni verga no se ingles:v
Дмитрий Козлов
Слава охуеет, когда узнает чем ты занимаешься, Джуб...
Henry Yau
Henry Yau 3 kun oldin
This is how Tinder works, deal with it
JONAS OG LUKAS 3 kun oldin
Aaaaaw so sweet
Christoph Lintner
Christoph Lintner 3 kun oldin
3:18 I live in Europe so shoot me to the freakin Moon! 💶🤓👨🏼‍🚀
Keiran George
Keiran George 3 kun oldin
The biggest question here is his taste.
itsyaya ehsan
itsyaya ehsan 3 kun oldin
Damn he really likes asian girls
So this is basically the bachelor in 5 min
Nero 089
Nero 089 3 kun oldin
Asian fedish
uttacka 3 kun oldin
*Asian fetish intensifies*
Z C Y X ツ
Z C Y X ツ 3 kun oldin
He really left tht baddie
Goutam sahis
Goutam sahis 3 kun oldin
The chemistry works
Andrew 3 kun oldin
1:29 that face tho... rejection hit her hard
Subham Mandal
Subham Mandal 3 kun oldin
Kathrine is fine😍
Isaiah Wright
Isaiah Wright 4 kun oldin
girl at 1:28 is bad asf idk wht he is on
Raidencody 4 kun oldin
In another video, were the girl had to swipe right and left, the boys went into the room while talking. Here it was completely quiet xD
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman 4 kun oldin
Personally I would’ve picked the fair lady at 2:00 She doth shine with a radiance found rarely on such a mortal plane as this
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Put me in @Jubilee
Scarlett Valentino
Scarlett Valentino 4 kun oldin
God the cringe
Force 4 kun oldin
That last... Uhhh
gameboy 10k
gameboy 10k 4 kun oldin
Asian,tall or small blond to black.
forkandknife 4 kun oldin
This dude just dove into the buffet and came up empty.
I AM BTS TRASH 4 kun oldin
They would have some pretty babies😍
Jack O'Doherty
Jack O'Doherty 4 kun oldin
He’s so into Asians
Yo Boi
Yo Boi 4 kun oldin
Dude he lowkey hates asains
multifandom kpopstan
Sry, but he looks like an asian hunter. He like the most of the asian women.
Bless Blissey
Bless Blissey 4 kun oldin
THAT GIRL YOOOOO! You know which girl im talking about!!! HE FELL FOR THAT GIRL INSTANTLY! At first smile!! LOL
vikrant Sharma
vikrant Sharma 4 kun oldin
I want that last girl's instagram
Maggie Ponce
Maggie Ponce 4 kun oldin
This is so arranged. It's like an United Colours of Benetton advert. Don't worry. In the end he chooses the white generic one to make it seem more realistic.
Mak Chung
Mak Chung Soat oldin
Maggie Ponce no, and it's not because "not all men" will do it. It's because people have preferences, your preferences on looking for a partner will differ on the same way I will look for a potential partner. As you can see in the video he clearly swiped "right" those who smiled back at him or looked like they connected with him positively. Again, nice try finding and making up hidden agendas in the video where it doesn't. People aren't as thirsty as how you assume them to be. If your attention span is focused on reading short sentences, I'm now doubting if you ever watched the video because you haven't even noticed the minute details of it? Don't start praising my observations sarcastically when you lack them.
Maggie Ponce
Maggie Ponce 5 soat oldin
+Mak Chung Wow, what a long unnecessary come back. I don't think you understand what I'm saying at all. Good job at your off twisting attempt, though. Most of the girls here are asians? He is Asian? Good eye for ethnicity. Good eye for irony and all you pretty things. To be honest, the realistic version would be the guy swipping right for all and every single one of them, cos that's how it works normally.
Mak Chung
Mak Chung 9 soat oldin
Maggie Ponce i don't understand why you're dismissing it now. You first assumed the lady is a white person and when you're told otherwise you're saying that it's intentionally done to make it suitable for viewers and that the nationality/ethnicity of the woman chosen by the guy doesn't matter anymore. Maybe because the person is Asian, so most of the women in the group are Asians that have been profiled for this specific video or possibly the area where these people volunteered in OR the majority of people who lives in the area this was filmed are Asians? Why does everything have to have an agenda for representation? XD Look, I live in the Philippines. So if there is ever a video similar to this that would be made. I'd expect most of the women that will show up are Filipinas, unless they were gathered around Makati where foreigners mostly stay or in tourist destinations where you'd expect foreigners to be there. So maybe let's try to think of those factors first before concluding this is about representation of all women? Also, this is a dating experiment video. It's supposed to reflect how the online dating apps work if it's made in a real setting, so "profiles" of possible matches will definitely vary, unless of course the settings or specific preferences were made and it's not ruled out in the video what the guy's specific preferences physically in women are. (._.")>
Maggie Ponce
Maggie Ponce 9 soat oldin
+Mak Chung You know that doesn't really matter, right? The whole point is that this video has been arranged to try please everybody so nobody gets offended, which takes away the realism it'd have otherwise.
Mak Chung
Mak Chung 10 soat oldin
Maggie Ponce Maggie Ponce she doesn't specifically look like nordic white. She's either a Latina, a Middle Eastern lady or her ancestry is around the Mediterranean. So definitely not "white generic one" like you're saying.
Terrence Morrison
Terrence Morrison 4 kun oldin
That's so embarrassing for everyone. Being a girl and being swiped left AND THEN getting swiped left by TEN women at the same time??? I would rather be single the rest of my life then go through that
Supreme Bohnenstange
Thats reality of dating .... as a men you only get matched 2 percent of the time
lawson Elijah
lawson Elijah 2 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 damnnn.
Zedoal 21
Zedoal 21 4 kun oldin
Wierd teast
Dibyendu Sarkar
Dibyendu Sarkar 4 kun oldin
I knew he's gonna choose that girl
Ibrahim Hojeij
Ibrahim Hojeij 3 kun oldin
How do you know?
Ketsui 4 kun oldin
so where's the part they f?
Adam Perez
Adam Perez 4 kun oldin
30 vs 1 is misleading I thought the girls were gonna fight him 2/10
Lil daux Adan
Lil daux Adan 4 kun oldin
did i just saw him chose the worst out of the best
Moe Nasri
Moe Nasri 4 kun oldin
KAY-09 Gaming
KAY-09 Gaming 4 kun oldin
2:12 he really would chose her at the last whether they talk or not because he did something special for her other than just swiping left. Dude had a crush 😂😂
The Mythical Gamer
The Mythical Gamer 4 kun oldin
Wow “ i love indian food “ 🤦🏽‍♂️
Prism - Rocket League & More
Bet he has a foot fetish 😂
Joshy Tut
Joshy Tut 4 kun oldin
Kathrain ❤️
Hamza 4 kun oldin
Aaa benim istediğimi seçti diğer kahpelerde hemen gidiyorlar sola kaydırıyorlar mk zombi dombikleri
Hamza 4 kun oldin
2:27 gözlüklünün solundaki en güzelleri
Hamza 4 kun oldin
Hep dombikleri yada çirkinleri secmişler aq
30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life
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