30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

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Help us caption & translate this video!




18-Noy, 2018

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Jubilee 2 oy oldin
Hey everyone - thanks for watching this episode of Versus 1 where we explore modern dating culture and bring dating apps to real life. The girl's version is coming soon! Be sure to subscribe for more from us, and follow us on Instagram for video announcements and for a callout to be in our videos! Our Instagram: 👉instagram.com/jubileemedia/ 👈
Kevin Kwoss
Kevin Kwoss 3 kun oldin
Make your date smile with a BadEgo avatar. Thank me later.
Weaboo Trash
Weaboo Trash 16 kun oldin
Jubilee can there be a lesbian version of this
Yesica Amaya
Yesica Amaya 17 kun oldin
Want to tary
Nataly ?
Nataly ? 18 kun oldin
tf is bumble?
Miloš 18 kun oldin
You should have the girls close their eyes and only step back when they decide whether they would swipe no on him. That way you would get rid of the hive mentality and get proper results.
Riley Joyce
Riley Joyce Soat oldin
i was hoping he chose that girl
PurelyAfrican 3 soat oldin
Pleasantly surprised he picked the best by far! This girl looked like an actress-like a prettier Anne Hathaway!
Multimegamander 3 soat oldin
1942 Auschwitz colorized
Mira Rose
Mira Rose 4 soat oldin
Is it just me, or did several girls' foundation not match their face? I was wondering if some of them were wearing sunscreen...
Compete Trash
Compete Trash 5 soat oldin
is it just me or is the one who he chose looked super uncomfortable the whole time
Blocc Space
Blocc Space 7 soat oldin
Zy ro
Zy ro 8 soat oldin
We have Miley Cyrus here..
Natalya Afonina
Natalya Afonina 9 soat oldin
why I knew it from the beginning!!!
Callum  Reed
Callum Reed 10 soat oldin
Definetly the hottest
Just a potato
Just a potato 10 soat oldin
His taste is so bad
Theos 11 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Mickey D,s
Mickey D,s 11 soat oldin
He like Chinese girls
_Zaida Armenta_
_Zaida Armenta_ 12 soat oldin
He likes the ones who were smiling
PurelyAfrican 3 soat oldin
exactly the blk girl he rejected was v.pretty but she stone faced!
Most Epic Movie Trailers
Virtual reality dating app like this will take over the market.
guitarman376 13 soat oldin
I generally agree with ppls initial swipes, but he missed some winners right off the bat.
David Young
David Young 14 soat oldin
Black mirror episode.
Logan Sinks
Logan Sinks 14 soat oldin
I would of chosen the blonde
Sofia XO
Sofia XO 19 soat oldin
Why are they barefoot
da da
da da 19 soat oldin
OOOOH MAN.That girl he matched is charming.
Rudy G
Rudy G 20 soat oldin
Enchilada???? Really? It doesn’t even sound like that fam
Steward Motari
Steward Motari 20 soat oldin
Id choose her too
Nathaniel Paxton
Nathaniel Paxton 20 soat oldin
message me on fb nathan paxton im wearing a hat that says boss on it
Nathaniel Paxton
Nathaniel Paxton 20 soat oldin
if you guys would do somthing like this for me that would be dope af
nash al- nash
nash al- nash 21 soat oldin
Believe or not the last one the prettiest
Judith Broman
Judith Broman Kun oldin
I knew he was going to choose her
Sandrine Côté
Sandrine Côté Kun oldin
Oh this is kind of sad. I feel bad for the girls "he don't want"
SLY_ART Kun oldin
Oh it’s so stressful and cringe I wouldn’t be able to do this
Citlaly Martinez
*spoiler alert* we could all tell he’d choose her 2:12
Galaxy___Wolfgirl ___lover
I knew he was gonna pick Katherine or Catherine cause she's the prettiest of them all tbh
Megan Hopkins
Megan Hopkins Kun oldin
Turns out he actually already has a girlfriend
Lorena Beltran
Lorena Beltran Kun oldin
ewwwwww the girl he chose was really ugly no offense tho but sorry she was ugly NO OFFENSE
Kristen555 Kun oldin
Katherine is gorgeous!! I hope Anshul and her stay together!
aiueo nanana
aiueo nanana Kun oldin
Well that's what is a destiny of love
Suri Potato
Suri Potato Kun oldin
I knew he was going to pick her, XD she caught my eye straight away.
Emma Dey
Emma Dey Kun oldin
Exactly who I picked for him
Thirishavacado Kun oldin
i knew it ahh
Berkay Ertuğrul
eww his beauty standards are bad
Greta Csoka
Greta Csoka Kun oldin
Nurul Vlogs
Nurul Vlogs Kun oldin
Who else got an Ad of MATTHEW HUSSEY??!?💀😹 tf??
Andrew Hector
Andrew Hector Kun oldin
All the women are so attractive...I would've swiped all right
Shahannah Castillo
How did they end up?
Sadaqat Ali
Sadaqat Ali Kun oldin
He was confused just following the pattern two right two left , and done
Potato Kun oldin
RÁheem Kun oldin
So basically he swiped left to all the big boobie girls😂
roll the music
roll the music Kun oldin
Ohh fuk.
I need a virgin.. *all left the room* *u have been banned*
Atsillac A
Atsillac A Kun oldin
i knew he would end up w her its like theres this chemistry also their faces look alike and match as a couple lol
Dumbcell Kun oldin
I knew she will get picked
acheronXcomplex Kun oldin
Last girl is cute but needs to work on her completion. Pinching pimples does a number on your facial skin.
acheronXcomplex Kun oldin
Hope you like 'em THICC
Fleek Boy
Fleek Boy Kun oldin
The one he chose looks just like Rachel mcadams
Fleek Boy
Fleek Boy Kun oldin
1:42 she Asian asf
Fleek Boy
Fleek Boy Kun oldin
The one he chose is pretty asf 🍑
Fleek Boy
Fleek Boy Kun oldin
They would be such a cute couple
Fleek Boy
Fleek Boy Kun oldin
I can relate to this guy so much
dirka dirkadirka
This tinder experiment based in china
LoveMe,com 2 kun oldin
When he swiped his hand to the left feels like directly rejecting someone without knowing her firsts. I feel so sorry and bit awkward for him. It's better to do this than using some apps.
Brian May Official
Brian May Official 2 kun oldin
It’s depressing when ten girls leave because they would say no! Lol Rip
prettybrowneyes02 2 kun oldin
It's all about the looks not about the personality
Lone Xlien
Lone Xlien 2 kun oldin
Are they Androids sent by Cyberlife, some of those girls looks lifeless lol
Saunexs 2 kun oldin
Genuinely interesting...interested to see how it would play out in a repeat
dolcey opoku ware
dolcey opoku ware 2 kun oldin
He cute
Kaylee Milligan
Kaylee Milligan 2 kun oldin
I knew ittttttttttttttt
Reactive MUCH
Reactive MUCH 2 kun oldin
I swear when he swept right the girl he chose in the end, I said "She's the one he's gonna pick." 😁
T. Huang
T. Huang 2 kun oldin
the comments saying "hE hAs BaD tAStes are honestly so moronic. You cant say someone has bad taste because everyone has different taste. Thats like saying someone has a "bad" fingerprint" Everyone has it different and it literally means nothing, thus not being "judgable"
Brianna Mar
Brianna Mar 2 kun oldin
Why do they not were shoes
Swishy 2 kun oldin
that blue hair girl is always there
TheChosenOne 2 kun oldin
The girl he picked is so hot. I love how shes shy its so adorable hahah
Rahmat Go
Rahmat Go 2 kun oldin
indian try bob vagene
KHOKH 69 2 kun oldin
We have the same taste
Madnejc 2 kun oldin
2:09 she is cutest one
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk 2 kun oldin
How did he not swipe right the girl at 1:31 and 1:59?
Dontay Cox
Dontay Cox 2 kun oldin
Whats the point to this besides showing how shallow humans are
Violeta Moncada
Violeta Moncada 2 kun oldin
4:48 they do a great couple
125Addicted 2 kun oldin
She just choosed the hottest one lol
Nriku8 2 kun oldin
1:59 No waaay 3:56 MEME
Paul Mayfield
Paul Mayfield 2 kun oldin
My man was good at the face to face conversation.
iulian hirlesteanu
iulian hirlesteanu 2 kun oldin
Interesting videos - i like it
JeySie Official
JeySie Official 2 kun oldin
*_that smile on _**_4:47_**_😍_*
A J's Makury
A J's Makury 2 kun oldin
Oh no from the beginning itself my target was on that girl which he chosen. I'm jealous.
Genny Who
Genny Who 2 kun oldin
Someone like that Asian kitty
klippensteinchen .mp3
He likes asian girls obviously
Ninjitzu22 2 kun oldin
weird. He chose maybe the only cute girl out of all of them. Didn't see that coming.
Vasu Ja
Vasu Ja 2 kun oldin
worst job it is.. all that women are beautiful in their self. don't split anyway
Yılana Serdara
Yılana Serdara 2 kun oldin
Adam zevkine sokama
inhaled kiss
inhaled kiss 2 kun oldin
I avoid facebook because I find it socially uncomfortable to not stay in touch with people and I don't want people able to know I'm online and not contacting them. I feel the anxiety bubbling in me in the first 30 seconds to the point I'm not going to watch this video. I just can't imagine standing in front of people and being that brutally honest on their value to me based on only surface traits.
PlayStation Gamer
PlayStation Gamer 2 kun oldin
1:26 Sexiest girl there by far, hows he or swiping right for her
topi cruz
topi cruz 2 kun oldin
Always the gorgeous girls is in the back
Kaizoku 2 kun oldin
4:54 that's how i imagine my wife
ImAfaq YurakZyy
ImAfaq YurakZyy 2 kun oldin
knew it. when u saw her. she was the one
Corzani Ilaria
Corzani Ilaria 2 kun oldin
We want to know how it ended!
Kaliesha Bennett
Kaliesha Bennett 2 kun oldin
Yesssss !!!!! Catherine was my pick!!!!
ZookaPlays 3 kun oldin
1970: By 2002 we will be extinct Now: Are we still here, just to *suffer*
LJS 3 kun oldin
He was very frank and his choice was also awesome her smile is beautiful....
Amy Clark
Amy Clark 3 kun oldin
I bet he spent the whole time trying to figure out what they would look like with out makeup.... jeez😳
YumsTheWord !
YumsTheWord ! 3 kun oldin
I cant tell what his taste is lol
Ur mom Gey
Ur mom Gey 3 kun oldin
I find small talk so cringe sorry I’m out
Dank Memez
Dank Memez 3 kun oldin
2:10 she cute
Miranda Guzman
Miranda Guzman 3 kun oldin
I’d totally date him